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Zombie Dice

“Take that, you undead freak!” I yelled, lobbing a brick down at the scantily clad stripper-zombie below, nailing her on the shoulder. The brick hit with a wet pop, dislocating the bone to the point of nearly severing her entire arm.

“Right on target,” Tina said, grinning.

“Your turn,” I said, grinning back.

We’d been at this long enough that the crowd of zombies on the street was steadily growing, increasing our potential target pool. Tina picked up the dice and shook them in her small, cupped hands. The red one landed on a one, and the white on a four.

“What is a four this time?” She asked.

“That would be the garden tile,” I answered.

“Right, she said, hefting a tile up and positioning it near the edge. “How did you even get these, anyways?”

“They were up here, actually,” I said with a shrug. Go figure.”

We looked around us again, taking in the filthy roof, nothing but ventilation shafts to be seen. And yet there had been garden tiles. How strange.

I watched her take aim at the newest zombie to push itself forward in the ranks, a lanky, unidentifiable thing, and held my breath as she dropped it. The tile fell quickly, almost missing its mark, but the thing stepped sideways just in time to be hit squarely on the head. The sound was disgusting, like wet shoes through thick mud, sticky and squelching, but also not unlike ripe fruit being smashed with something heavy.

Tina and I high fived each other. It was a good one. The zombie, now headless, collapsed on top of another destroyed freak, bits of its brain and flesh sliding down the side of the wall, and painting the zombies around him.

“We are so messed up,” Tina said with a laugh.

“We are,” I said, laughing too. “But with no TV and no power, how else are we going to let off steam? Run?”
“We could read,” She suggested, unable to suppress her laughter.

“Reading is fun, but it doesn’t destroy any flesh eating zombie freaks,”

“True. It’s your turn, by the way.” 

I rolled a one on red, and a six on white. Aah, six, just the one I wanted. I smiled evilly to myself. 

“Wait,” Tina said, grabbing my arm before I could wrap my fingers around It. “Can’t we finish off the other stuff first?”

“Be my guest,” I said, indicating the few remaining projectiles.

I helped her drop several cinder blocks over the side, taking off the arms of two zombies at once, and she quickly followed up with the last of the bricks and the last garden tile. Even more zombies were coming in, drawn by the sounds of death and the crashing of our dropped objects. Perfect.

The scent of the lit match tickled my nose, making me feel like I was going to sneeze, and soon a soft hissing followed.

“Bombs away,” I said, casting the explosive into the hord of the undead.

We retreated to the center of the roof just in time to avoid the worst of the splatter. Zombie juice and chunks were everywhere. I cannot begin to describe the smell. Rotted flesh and sun baked outhouses are sweet scents compared to the vile stench that came up with the rain of guts and flesh and hair that covered us as we fell on hands and knees, gagging.

“We’re throwing it further out next time,” I coughed.

“You suck,” Tina wheezed.

Zombie Dice

Two friends have fun during the zombie apocalypse by playing a game called 'zombie dice'

  • Author: Amber White
  • Published: 2016-03-23 03:20:05
  • Words: 581
Zombie Dice Zombie Dice