Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse

by K. P. Walker

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Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie is a Haitian voodoo (W. African) belief that a corpse can be reanimated by witchcraft to walk amongst the living. Apocalypse is from Greek meaning an unveiling. This booklet will unveil zombies amongst the living.

Real zombies look no different than the living because the infection that has killed them is neither viral nor bacterial; rather it’s spiritual. It’s so virulent that it kills the spirit the moment a baby leaves the womb. There are billions of these spiritual zombies inhabiting this planet. If you don’t believe me, then believe Jesus, yes, THAT Jesus. The Apostle Paul called him the Lord of the living and the dead. A student of Jesus wanted to bury his father, Jesus told him ‘Let the dead entomb their own dead.’ He was saying that there are zombies amongst us. Paul was himself infected. He said, “I am a wretched human; who will rescue me from this body of death?” Paul recognized that he was one of the walking dead.

What is this infection and how did humanity become infected? The infection can be explained by likening it to being unplugged. When an electronic device is unplugged it is dead, or running on batteries. When plugged into the socket the device works as designed and batteries are superfluous. In humanity being spiritually unplugged is to be separated from God, the source of life power. This produces spiritual death, although the body is running on non-rechargeable batteries. Being plugged in is like being connected to God who fills humanity with his Spirit of life. The wire with plug represents faith. When faith is unplugged or plugged into the wrong outlet that is called sin and it produces death. Sin is therefore simply a disconnection from the source of life.

This came about a long time ago. Adam and Eve were the first to disconnect. Now every baby is born into sin, already disconnected from God meaning it begins its existence running on internal batteries but is spiritually dead (a zombie). As it grows up it must recognize its condition (as Paul eventually did) and repent (turn and plug into Jesus the proper power source) or continue on its course of spiritual death until the internal batteries of the physical body die. Because of various pressures (physical, emotional, institutional, societal, and mental) most people don’t recognize the dire condition in which they exist. They simply continue with their friends and family on the broad path to destruction not realizing that their spiritual batteries are an inadequate substitute for life-giving power from the spiritual grid of the Living God.

A word of caution, being a zombie is not as simple as existing until you die physically and then slip into black oblivion. There is a complication. There is no oblivion. Our spirits are eternal, as eternal as the God that made us. If we are not plugged into him during our physical existence we cannot be with him for eternity because life begins while we are here on this earth. We have to be alive and in him when our bodies die or we will be separated from him forever. The good news is that it’s a free choice. God says essentially, I set before all zombies life with me forever (Heaven) or death, an existence without me forever (Hell). Understand this, God who made us loves us all. He wants us with him forever. But he won’t simply take us all. He will only take those that want to be with him. The important thing to understand here is that this God of love will honor the choice of each individual. Choose wisely! You have the ability to reject God and authorize your own spiritual abortion or you can have life eternal. This is the scary part of being a zombie. You have the power over your own forever.

There are more complications. As long as you exist using your failing batteries everything is flipped upside down because this is the normal state of things for those that are separated from God. Right becomes wrong, good becomes bad, “self” is elevated in your psyche to the place reserved for God while God is relegated to the garbage can. The complication to this is that it is God who will judge our choice and pronounce sentence. It is written, “Either make the tree ideal and the fruit of it ideal or make the tree rotten and the fruit of it rotten, for a tree is known by its fruit.” God will judge every careless word you have ever uttered, for by your words you will be justified or condemned.

You might ask how do you make your fruit ideal? By having God’s Spirit. It is the Spirit that gives life (like a steady flow of electricity to an electric appliance). But there’s something else that the zombie needs to be justified in God’s sight. God can’t reconcile us with himself (his good nature) unless we pay the price of sin – which is death of the body. Here is where God’s love for all the zombies is shown and demonstrated. God himself became a human, albeit one that was uncorrupted by sin. This enabled him to pay the price we owe. He offered his body for us, his life for our death, his death for our life. Jesus has paid the debt each of us owes! To obtain this credit all zombies have to do is turn to Jesus in faith, that is, plug in, and not unplug again.

At this point complications begin. Zombies with their upside down morality and ethics actually hate God, Jesus, righteousness, truth, love, justice, and all God’s people (former zombies). Zombie society is upside down also. Jesus and his people are shunned, mocked and hated because Jesus tells the zombie world that its works are evil. Zombies all think they are righteous. Their internal computer is also upside down. Instead of all computations ending in life, they end in death. Therefore a zombie world can only offer death. So in all instances death and hatred are the de facto forms of higher zombie expression. Examine those people that hate and kill. There are religions that preach this, universities that teach this, politicians that espouse this, and individual zombies that carry out these expressions. What’s more is that zombies never take blame for what they do. To them it’s always the fault of those that have ceased to be zombies. This upside down zombie society makes it very difficult for the walking dead to repent.

Disregarding the obstacles God calls all zombies to have life with him. Despite following the broad path of this fallen world, obeying the prince of this world (Satan), and following the desires of the zombie body/mind God wants there to be a great zombie resurrection. Turn away from your wicked ways and turn to the God revealed in the Bible. All who respond to this call will be taught by God and all who learn from him will turn in faith to Jesus who will give them the Holy Spirit and life. Though dead because of sin you will be made alive in Christ. By God’s grace (unmerited favor) you will be saved not by your own effort or qualities, but as a gift of God.

When you turn you will be made alive, transformed in heart, mind and spirit. You will become a new creation in Christ. You will become a disciple of Christ and be guided by the Holy Spirit as a son of God. If this sounds good to you read the four book series by K. P. Walker called The Way to Life. The first book of the series is Plan for Life. It offers a lot more about zombies, their present circumstances and their future, and it introduces God’s great Plan for Life while providing an apocalypse of Christ in the Old Testament. It also presents the apocalypse of a map used by all repentant people to travel to the Promised Land. This book along with the other three books of the Way to Life series is very interesting and will prove very helpful. It’s a matter of life and death so don’t be afraid to read them.

Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies are not fiction, and I can prove it. Don't laugh. You are undoubtedly already infected with their malady and not even aware of it. This free booklet presents the real zombie apocalypse. It is a matter of life and death. Read it - if you're not afraid.

  • ISBN: 9781310339585
  • Author: K. P. Walker
  • Published: 2015-12-02 12:06:17
  • Words: 1426
Zombie Apocalypse Zombie Apocalypse