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It used to be that doing accounting was a major frustration for business owners. But with new cloud accounting software that is simpler and more capable than ever, you can keep your books organized without breaking a sweat. You’ll usually find a few common features in accounting software, including tools for invoicing, project tracking, time tracking, and expense tracking. And if you’re using a cloud or web-based software, you can access your data anytime, anywhere, and from any device.


Do you need a way to get paid faster?

The invoicing tool in accounting software can automate and even speed up your invoicing process. The smoother your invoicing process, the faster you get paid. Just create an invoice for completed work and hit “Send.” The email you sent will allow your client to access their invoice from a link in their inbox. If that isn’t simple enough, make it even easier for clients to pay by offering them multiple payment options. When they’ve chosen a way to pay that best suits them, they can pay the amount right from their invoice—and you get paid faster. An efficient system for invoicing can be used over and over again, saving you time and cutting down payment discrepancies and delay.


Do you need a way to manage projects and communicate to a team?

There are common tools available to help you track the project work you do before you bill for it. Within your accounting software, you can track who worked on a project, what was completed, and when that work was completed. If you need to allow more than one person to access and edit project information, you can add team members to your account. Give those team members permissions according to their position in the company. You’ll find it’s easy to delegate tasks and projects to them. Team members can also track their own hours using a time tracker. Tools like these give you a clear picture of what needs to be done, when, and by whom. And when it’s clear to you that a project is moving forward, you spend more time thinking about your company’s next big move.


So if you’ve been hunting down accounting software that gets you on the cloud and makes you competitive, look no further. ZipBooks is one accounting software that offers users free access to the tools we’ve mentioned. Sign up for ZipBooks with just your email, and you’ll have unlimited access to professional accounting software that gets you paid.



ZipBooks is an online invoicing software application that lets you send estimates and invoices to you potential customers and existing clients. Track your time, product, and expenses as projects or ad hoc line items. When it is time to invoice clients. we auto detect unbilled activity and prompt you to include any or all of the information. Because we make money when client use our optional payment services, ZipBooks is 100% free, forever.

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  • Published: 2015-10-28 07:50:06
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