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Zimmerman Watch

Zimmerman Watch

Copyright © 2016 by Mixy Boothroyd

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Gevo “Tex” Thompson

The acids within my burly leucistic timber wolf stomach boiled angrily

and vigorously with increasingly ravenous hunger as I opened nearly

every bread drawer and pantry in the entire kitchen of the house and was

mystified to not even find a single mouse crumb; or let alone, not even a

single mouse for that matter at all in sight. I sighed heavily with total

anguish in defeat. “Leslie, I thought you said that brother of ours would

be back from the Exxon and all two hours ago; considering he for damn

sure likes his eats as well. Here it is damn near eight forty in the evening

and he’s still dragging his feet like he suddenly don’t even know what

day it is.” “Well, I mean, he did happen to have Donna tag along with

him, and if anybody knows a thing or two about her, it’s that that

cheetah has a stomach on her that’s bigger than all the rest of us in this

entire crew. Hell, possibly even four. So, it could just be highly likely

that they both made a pit stop at Deli Town or something before or after

hitting up the Safeway on the way back.” “Yeah. Just try and tell that to

Bucky here.” I scoffed as my stomach continued to let out yet another

full on spastic symphony of emptiness in response to my sister’s last two

predictions. Leslie comically rolled her eyes sadistically. “Oh, will the

two of just quit your balling. I’m sure it can’t be all that bad. Besides,

the prime time Bucks game is just about that start that everyone’s

waiting for. Maybe that’ll end up taking both your mind and your

stomach off of food for a pretty good while.” “Whatever you say, Isa.” I

chuckled with a dismissive wave of my paw as I stuck to her like a bottle

of Gorilla Glue on her tail as we padded slow and steadily into living

room area. I took a graceful seat next to my good hippo pal, Tawret and

was just beginning to whoop and holler right along with her every time

our home team got the rebound or scored an eight pointer quite a few

rounds during the all-star game before the sudden jingling of keys

sounded from the locked front door outside and in burst Donna, looking

so damn red in the face it was nearly matching the nearly skin tight crop

top and matching jeans she wore rather lovingly around her equally

plump and thickset cheetah body. “Shit. Heads up, fellow panthers.” She

began, slamming shut the open door behind her. “Looks like we’re

gonna have to hold off on those bags of skittles and Lipton Iki were

supposedly bringing back for the big game. He’s been murdered by a

savage. Everyone’s favorite wannabe neighborhood watchman,

Ignacious Zimmerman.”

Zimmerman Watch

  • ISBN: 9781370086870
  • Author: Mixy Boothroyd
  • Published: 2016-07-29 10:35:05
  • Words: 543
Zimmerman Watch Zimmerman Watch