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Your Best Year Ever

“The future depends on

What you do today.”

-Mahatma Gandhi





Oh the joy of the beginning of a new year. It’s like the thrill of a brand new box of crayons. All those vivid colors, standing at attention. Every bright cone-shaped tip with the same exact little flat spot at the end. Each little cylinder of paper-wrapped wax itching to make a masterpiece. Yet pristine and unblemished they stand together for the very last time before they serve their purpose. Creative minds will cover refrigerators with their sacrificial expressions. Every colorful line ripped from their little paraffin souls until all the paper wrapping is gone, and they huddle together at the bottom of a bucket or toybox, their time at an end. Will they be used for works of art that those very children will one day as adults unearth from drawers and boxes as they sort the treasures their parents could not part with in their lifetimes? Or will they be used to tattoo Barbie, decorate the ‘ceiling’ of the under-bed fort, or be the dreaded cause of a ruined load of laundry as they melt away, forgotten in a tiny pocket?

For you, 2017 is very much like that new box of crayons for a child. Will you use it to create amazing things, will you spend it and wonder where it all went, or will you neglect it and cause waste or destruction? Did you know that 80% of people NEVER set goals? 16% set goals but NEVER write them down. Only 3% of people write down their goals. But only 1% of all people in the world both write down their goals and regularly review them- and those are the most productive people in the world.

In 2017, YOU can be in that 1% of highest achievers worldwide. And you have here in your hands all the tools you’ll need to be certain that you will. Beyond these tools, you’ll need two more things to ensure you will succeed. First, you’ll need to actually want to achieve. If you’re not really interested in creating or reaching for goals, you won’t have the resolve to overcome the very first hiccup. Second, you’ll need support. And to get support you’ll have to be willing to seek and accept it. If you can’t stand to hear anyone else’s opinions, you might as well find an island you enjoy. But if you’re willing to give and take, we’re here for you. Lots of us. Your friends and family will help you. Your local community will help you. And the team at IncredibleAdvantage.com will help you. Just be open to relationships.

Your best year ever starts with understanding how you can grow quickly and powerfully. And that starts with understanding your personal qualities. So we’ll cover those qualities (and how to use them) in the next chapter. Once you’ve got your qualities down, you’ll know how you can grow quickly and powerfully. Then you’ll want to consider your resources. Your resources are the tools you have and will use to make things happen. We’ll look at those in chapter three. Then in chapter four, we’ll put that stuff together with your dreams to cast vision for the coming year, and create your ideal goals. And as we do, we’ll look at the design of the rest of this planner, and how it will help you reach those goals. We’ll finish chapter four with your support system – the final and most important piece of your goals. Are you excited yet? You should be. Because using this tool, you’re going to set and achieve goals this year in a way you’ve never done before. It’s going to be epic!

If you like to read, and you learn and understand things easily by reading, read on. But if reading isn’t so easy for you, or if you learn more easily through visual experience, check out our free companion program designed to go with this planner at member.incredibleadvantage.com. You’ll find an up-to-date digital copy of this planner there, as well as our Freemium membership program that will walk you through your qualities, resources and goals as well as introduce you to Incredible Advantage and the many ways we can help you become amazing. Check it out now at member.IncredibleAdvantage.com








Your Qualities


“There is no passion to be found playing small.

-In settling for a life that is less

than you are capable of living.”

-Nelson Mandela





NOTE: This chapter is an abbreviation of the video training available in part 2 of our Freemium membership program. You can access that program for free right now at member.IncredibleAdvantage.com.





You’re a big deal. Stop playing yourself small. Marianne Williamson’s wise words about playing small cut me like a knife the first time I read them:


“[_ Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we’re liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” -Marianne Williamson _]


For decades, I seriously underestimated my own value. I wanted to be powerful. I wanted to help other people. I wanted to change the world. I just didn’t think I could. But as it turns out, achievement really is as simple as Henry Ford once explained it, “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

I’ll bet you’d like to be powerful, too. I believe you would like to help people as well. And throughout the rest of this book, I’m going to show you how you can. After decades of playing small and waiting for something to happen, I realized that nothing amazing was going to happen to me, unless I chose to make it happen for me. But once I made the choice to make things happen, and I began to act on that choice, my world began to change.

You may feel inadequate now. You may be struggling just to keep the lights on. You may be living in a van down by the river. Or worse yet, you might just be living an average life, with an average income, an average home in the suburbs, average debt, and average days experienced one after the other at an average pace, all while you’re waiting for something to happen.

But I’m telling you I know you can empower lots of people to gain far more in their lives, starting with yourself. And if you’ll believe that, too, nothing will keep you from it. There are four qualities you already have that will ensure your success if you align them to work for you every day. You already have these qualities. Everyone does. You just need to understand how to use them to make your life powerful.

So let’s go through these four qualities inside you one at a time. Then we’ll put them together to see how powerful they can become. And finally, we’ll learn how to use them for maximum results.

The first powerful quality everyone has and almost no one uses to their full advantage is similarity. People are all the same. Sure, we have differences but we have far more similarities. Across all time and cultures, people are pretty much all the same. We all fit within a specific range of height, weight, age, gender, skin tone, strength, and thousands of other factors. We all share genetic, molecular, and elemental factors. We’re all the same. Similarity can give us incredible power when we embrace it.

The second quality may seem to contradict the first, but it really doesn’t. The second quality is our uniqueness. Everyone is different. Everyone is unique. These may seem to oppose, but they don’t. We’re all very similar – by thousands, maybe millions of standards. But every similarity is unfixed, more of a range than a point. So we all fit somewhere within all those ranges (like height and IQ) but we all have a slightly different combination of points on those ranges. While we’re all the same (we all fit into the same ranges of features and ability), we’re also all unique. We all have a different combination of strengths and weaknesses within those ranges. Within our tight range of similarity, each of us represents a unique combination of features. Even though we are all tightly connected by thousands of parallels, each of us has a completely unique combination of those characteristics.

The third quality is change. Everyone is constantly in a state of change. We’re always changing. It has been wisely observed that change is the one thing that remains consistent. At every moment of every day, everyone is in the process of change. Physically, we grow and then we degrade. Our cells die out and new ones are created and grown. Our senses constantly scan our environment. Our minds continuously process information and contemplate possibilities. We learn and then we forget. We go all day and sleep all night – and yet even when we sleep we’re changing. Our bodies are a never-ending whirlwind of activity on the inside – regenerating, analyzing, listening, smelling. A body at rest is circulating five liters of blood throughout its entirety every minute. Does that seem restful?

The fourth quality is choice. This is the lynchpin quality. This is where the magic can begin, but it often doesn’t. At every moment of every day, everyone has choice. This fourth quality is by far the most important. We all have an incredible amount of control over our situations because of this quality.

Choice is the key quality that unlocks the power of all the other qualities. What sets Oprah Winfrey, Sir Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, or J.K. Rowling apart from average people? What allows certain people to gain tremendous successes while others struggle through every day? The answer is in how they have harnessed the power of choice throughout their lives. The power of choice is like the powers of gravity or inertia. It works for you if you embrace it, and against you if you don’t. Like gravity or inertia, we can take advantage and use this power of choice for our personal gain, or ignore its potential and get hurt by it. If we ignore the power of gravity, we can be hurt by falling or dropping something. If we ignore the power of inertia we can be hurt by underestimating a corner and wrecking our car. If we ignore the power of choice we can be hurt by underestimating our potential and squandering our lives. The power of choice is the greatest power mankind has ever had. And each of us has an equal portion of it.

Every moment of every day holds a choice for everyone. How often do you hear the words “I have to” or “I can’t”? Every once in a while those words actually refer to truth. (Personally, I can’t slam dunk a basketball without a ladder. And a helper. And at least three tries.) But most of the time they’re lies we tell ourselves and everyone else to keep from facing the reality that our stagnation and failure are our own fault. For example: “I can’t learn Spanish.” or “I have to keep this crappy job.” Truthfully, even my basketball claim could be changed if I were willing to put some effort and practice into it. However, I don’t want to be good at basketball enough to put the effort into practicing it. That’s very different from “I can’t”.

Do you believe in prophecy? When we say “I can’t” or “I have to” we’re prophesying or predicting our future. There isn’t any truth or reality in most of these statements. But they do predict our future because we believe them. And because we believe them, we don’t desire or pursue overcoming them. Every moment of every day everyone has a choice. This quality of choice that everyone always has is immeasurably powerful for two reasons:

First, because of the third quality, change. Choice, this fourth quality, is incredibly powerful because of the third quality. In every moment of every day we’re changing anyway. If we’re not intentionally changing for the better we’re likely changing in some other, less desirable way.

Second, because we can manipulate change in our favor. When we choose intentionally and wisely, we have an opportunity to direct our personal change in any direction we want to go. Choice empowers change. We have the power of choice every moment of every day of our lives because every moment of our lives is a moment of change.

Change happens. It doesn’t matter what we want or think or intend. When we manipulate change in our favor, we take charge of our future and become better both immediately and over time. We improve immediately because the very act of choosing intentionally is both empowering and encouraging. When we choose to grow, we feel great about that choice. And we also improve over time as we constantly correct our course through bad and good circumstances.

Circumstances are what happens to you, and choice is what you do about it. But when we choose to face our circumstances knowing that we have the power of choice, our circumstances decrease in power while the power of our choices is strengthened. And over time, through choice after choice, most of our circumstances are created as the results of our choices.

When we don’t intentionally make choices that empower us, we can feel like our circumstances are overwhelming and insurmountable. And that leads us to continue to make unintentional choices while believing we’re not choosing at all. But when we intentionally choose every moment of every day, there is an immediate benefit of feeling empowered that encourages us through every circumstance we face. And over time our intentional choices lead us in directions that minimize bad circumstances and create good circumstances.

We can’t control all of our circumstances through our choice. But we can control most of them. And when people who choose to direct their constant change and live in empowerment do face occasional hard circumstances, the empowerment they feel consistently helps them continue to make positive, intentional choices through those circumstances. This means that almost everyone who chooses to control their continuous change will have a far better lifelong experience than those who don’t, regardless of the uncontrollable circumstances we all face. They will enjoy their lives better and accomplish more because they minimize negative circumstances, develop positive circumstances, and withstand the negative circumstances they can’t avoid with greater confidence and stability than those who do not simply choose intentionally day by day, and moment by moment.

So if we harness the power of choice, we direct most of our change. But if we don’t harness the power of choice, then that change directs us. Change is going to happen. But you can develop a huge degree of control over your life and our world by taking advantage of the power of choice and guiding that change.

Every moment brings change. We’ll change for the better or for the worse. We’ll grow or atrophy. We’ll enlarge our influence or shrink it. But in every moment of change, you get to choose. There are forces at work in our world and in our bodies that constantly push us toward stagnation, degeneration, and death. We can’t completely overcome those forces. But we can continuously grow and develop and create in the face of those forces. And people do amazing things in spite of those forces every day by harnessing the power of choice and directing most of the force of constant change in their favor.

Choice is powerful when we control it because it’s available at every moment. Choice is twice as powerful because we’re going to change anyway, and that change is likely to be negative if we don’t choose to direct it. And because choice often reverses the direction of change, it is doubly powerful. If we find a dollar bill, we’ve gained a buck. If we also don’t lose a dollar bill that we would have lost otherwise, we find ourselves two dollars ahead. But the turning point of choice is just the beginning of the power of these four qualities.

Using the power of choice in every moment of every day is the single greatest way to become successful no matter how you define success. Not just because of the fact that we all change anyway, whether we choose to control the process or not, but also because of that second quality we talked about. Choice empowers your change. And choice empowered change develops uniqueness. And developing your uniqueness is like taking the dollar you found and the dollar you didn’t lose and investing them in a winning lottery ticket.

Lottery tickets are a bad investment. The chances of getting winning numbers, especially those that result in any significant payoff are infinitesimally small. But what if, just once in your lifetime you had a genie-in-a-bottle, a magic opportunity to know the numbers that were guaranteed to win? While what I’m suggesting isn’t as simple as writing down a few numbers and collecting cash, it most certainly is your winning ticket. And you are definitely going to win if you are willing to play.

Everyone is unique. Most people try hard to hide their uniqueness and focus on conforming to the standards of groups they like and relate to. And there’s nothing wrong with relating to other people, respecting other people, or even emulating other people to some degree. After all, imitation is the highest form of flattery. But because of this focus on conformity, many of us either don’t explore and experiment with our uniqueness, or do- but only a little. When we focus on being more like everyone else, and less unique, we miss out on incredible power.

When we harness choice in every moment, we immediately gain by creating a sense of empowerment. When we reverse the natural course of our personal change, we double that power. We gain again by intentionally directing the course of our lives. But when we direct that power of choice toward our uniqueness, it’s like investing those two dollars of gain in a winning lottery ticket. We gain a fortune. We gain an exponential and incredibly powerful return. If you’ve never considered this before, stop reading! Think about that. Reread it if it didn’t seem very profound. You’ve just read how you can win life’s lottery, live exceptionally well, and do the most good for the world, all at once. This isn’t how other, special people do that sort of thing. This is about you. YOU!

Once you consistently choose to direct your change, you’ll begin to improve in a third way because you’ll naturally move in the direction of your second quality, your uniqueness. And this third way that intentional choice enables you is by far the most powerful aspect of what your choice can do. You’ll automatically develop your uniqueness when you take control of choice in every moment and manipulate your change. And as you develop your uniqueness, you’ll solve problems, create opportunities, and make discoveries that increase your uniqueness. And that will lead you to greater solutions, bigger opportunities, and better discoveries. As long as you keep choosing to grow, develop, and serve others, you’ll continue to become more unique, more capable, and more powerful. You’ll eventually reach a point where you solve problems, create opportunities, and make discoveries that only you can, because you’re so unique, and uniquely focused and equipped.

Your uniqueness is your personal winning lottery ticket. And most of us make a terrible mistake when we begrudge or underestimate our unique significance. When you harness the power of choice and reverse the power of change in your life you will naturally develop your uniqueness. And as you develop your uniqueness you’ll solve problems and overcome obstacles that everyone faces. No one on earth is just like you. No one on earth will come to the exact same conclusions, or develop identical solutions to the changes you face. Because of your uniqueness, you’re going to solve problems in ways that other people would never think of. You’ll overcome obstacles in ways inconceivable to everyone else in the world. That’s where your greatest power hides. Lots of people will benefit from your unique ideas because they face the same problems you do. So don’t underestimate the value of being different. Embrace your unique experience and your unique perspective. They’ll lead you to create lasting value that will ultimately benefit all of us.

For entrepreneurs, there is nothing more valuable than a strong brand with proprietary information. And as you develop yourself uniquely, you’ll be able to create your own brand with a valuable set of products and services that have no direct competition. Again, this is the natural result of your uniqueness. No one will be able to compete with what you do because no one can do what you do best like you can. And that reality will take you out of the rat-race world of scarcity, commodities, and competition forever.

When you’re the only supplier of your unique brand of products and services, your compensation is determined by the size of the problem you solve or the size of the opportunity you create for the people who appreciate and understand you. When you solve big problems and create big opportunities, you develop big value and demand big rewards. And when you’re the only source of those solutions and opportunities, your income potential becomes practically limitless.

I spent over a decade as a life coach before I started IncredibleAdvantage.com. Marketing was tough because I was competing with a hundred thousand other life coaches out there for every client. Today, my main job is recruiting and training other coaches to meet the ever-growing demand for the clarity and focus that IncredibleAdvantage.com promises and delivers every time. We are the only source in the world for the Four Switches SystemTM. Nobody who wants to understand simple ways to take control of their life and relate to other people ever considers going to a life coach who doesn’t know how the switches work. They wait in line for my coaches to be trained and they’ll pay brand new coaches more than they would pay seasoned coaches because those new coaches can give them control over their switches, and written assurances of success, and most seasoned coaches can’t.

No one else gives their clients a team of coaches all at once. No one else offers money back assurances like we do. And no one else teaches the switches and holds your hand as they guide you into the exponential world, where all real success happens. And while we offer all of this, we rarely ever use the terms ‘coaching’ or ‘life coaching’ because who really understands the benefit of that anyway? My team has no competition because we’ve leveraged our uniqueness. You can do the same.

Remember that first quality we listed – similarity? Everyone is the same. And that means that lots of people will benefit from the solutions, opportunities, and discoveries that you’ll create as you grow into your uniqueness. Other people won’t solve problems, create opportunities or make discoveries in the same way you do, because you are a one of a kind. But they’ll benefit from your insight because you’re one of billions. This doesn’t mean that the problems you solve, the opportunities you create, or the discoveries you make should be for everyone. Some may be, but most won’t be. And even if your stuff has universal appeal, you won’t be able to present it to everyone the same exact way.

Your choice empowers your change, and your empowered change develops your uniqueness. And your developed uniqueness embraces your similarity with others and allows you to create value out of nothing, and solve problems and create opportunities people need in ways that only you can. You’ll find inconceivable success when you harness the power of choice, reverse the power of change, exploit the incredible power of your uniqueness, and embrace the power of similarity. But if you don’t choose who you’ll be and what you’ll do in all those little moments every day, the whole world will miss out on something great: You. The you that you can become if you have the courage to choose to become all your uniqueness holds for you to become. Harnessing choice, manipulating change, developing uniqueness and embracing similarity isn’t just your best path to success. This is your only path to true, lasting success. And the choice is yours, right now.

Chapter 3

Your Resources

“If it scares you,

It might be a good thing to try.”

-Seth Goden





NOTE: This chapter is an abbreviation of the video training available in part 3 of our Freemium membership program. You can access that program for free right now at member.IncredibleAdvantage.com.





There are four resources you have that you can use to create ever increasing levels of success for yourself and others. Everything you have available to you to succeed is found within these four resources. Your resources are: time, energy, potential, and currency.

Time and energy probably don’t need explanation. You know you have them, and you know what they do for you. Potential may not either. Your potential is what you’re capable of, whether you develop it or not. The more you develop your potential, the more valuable a resource it becomes. When I started teaching this, I referred to currency as “money”. But it quickly became apparent that I’d made a terrible mistake. Money is one currency. Stuff is another. But I’ve found that our most valuable currency resource by far is relationships. So currency is all of that – resources outside of yourself. The other three resources are within you; the time, energy, and potential within you live and die within and with you. But your currency resources continue on even when you stop. The money, possessions, and relationships you gain as you go can continue to change the world for generations beyond your lifetime.

The big problem with our resources is that two of them get too much attention, and two of them get too little. And this is because of our constant desire to compare. In order to understand our world – and anything new we encounter – we compare. We compare all the time in all sorts of ways, something I cover in depth with our members. And to compare, we need to measure. To measure we need anchors, solid standards of measurement that stay where we put them, so that we can tell what is more or less, bigger or smaller, faster or slower. And when you try to measure your resources – everything you have – some of them are very easy to measure while others aren’t. You can easily measure time. And you can easily measure your currency – how much money or assets you have. Thanks to Facebook you can now easily measure how many friends you have, sort of. And you use those measurements to compare and decide how you’re doing in the world.

But, while we all feel energized sometimes, and other times we feel completely out of energy – and we can all follow cycles of nutrition and rest to regulate our energy – we can’t really measure it. There’s no way to anchor it. We can judge that so-and-so expresses more energy than me, and some other fellow expresses less. But we can’t tell how much. And we don’t really know our energy limits unless we push against them until they break – something that most people never do, and even those who do don’t do very often.

And your potential? Like energy, you can look at some people’s lives and see they’ve developed and exploited their potential, while other people haven’t. But how much, how often, or what we’re actually capable of – there’s no way of knowing.

So we each have these two resources that are measurable – time and currency – and we each measure them regularly to compare ourselves to others and determine where we fit. And then we each have these two resources that really aren’t measurable – energy and potential – and we know they’re important, but we often really don’t know what to do with them.

We almost always focus on what we can measure, and too often ignore what we can’t measure. Most people trade time for dollars because both are measurable and doing so is normal. We can measure the hourly rate we receive for our time, and the bigger it is the better we feel about ourselves, and the more currency we can accumulate.

But there’s another way to look at these resources. We not only have measurable and unmeasurable resources, we also have scarce resources and abundant resources. Time is a measurable resource. And time is a limited, scarce resource. We can measure it, but we can’t save or accumulate it. We use it or lose it. And once it’s gone, it’s gone. Energy isn’t really measurable, and we also can’t save or accumulate it. We can get fat – but that’s not really saving energy. We spend our energy, then renew it. But if we don’t push as hard or achieve as much as we could have, we don’t get to add that unused energy up anywhere to use after we retire. Time and energy are linear resources. They come and go like the sun, day after day. While time is measurable and energy isn’t, they’re both scarce and limited.

But potential, while impossible to measure like energy, is an unlimited resource. Has anyone ever experienced their full potential? Has anyone really come to the full realization of what they were capable of in their lifetime? The world’s greatest achievers say no. And do we ever reach a maximum currency? Is there a limit to how much money or clothes or cars or even friends one person can have? No. So while currency is measurable, and potential isn’t, they’re both limitless, abundant, or exponential resources.

We have scarce, limited, linear resources – energy and time. And we have abundant, unlimited, exponential resources – potential and currency. And yet, most people spend huge volumes of their scarce, limited time to gain abundant, unlimited currency. That’s crazy. But that’s the way the linear world works. And it works that way because both time and money can be anchored, compared, and measured.

People squander their limited time on limitless money, while often ignoring or minimalizing energy and potential simply because they can’t be anchored, compared, and measured.

Here’s a strange but important fact about these resources you have: When you invest your scarce, linear time and energy in currencies you get a linear return. The only way to gain exponentially from your time or energy is to invest them in your potential. When you invest time or energy in your potential, your return is always exponential. And when you then invest that potential in your currencies, you get an exponential return again. And if you choose to invest your exponential potential or currencies back into your time or energy, you’ll find even more exponential returns.

People who spend their energy and time to gain money by the hour never move from linear to exponential. But people who invest just a little bit in their own potential grow that potential into passive income. They begin to move from linear to exponential.

You won’t become fully exponential until you move from investing your limited time and energy in just enough currency to get you through the linear month, and start investing those limited resources in the exponential return of developing your potential constantly.

If you’ve learned something valuable from this chapter (and I hope you have), no one can ever take that away from you. The time and energy you invested in reading this information once can pay off every moment of every day for the rest of your life as you choose to direct your change to develop your uniqueness and create solutions and opportunities for people who are similar to you – increasing your potential.

You’ve invested in your potential by reading this chapter. And no one can ever take what you’ve learned away from you. For a small one-time investment of your currency, energy, and time, you gained an exponential return of understanding that will serve you for the rest of your life, and could potentially serve humanity for generations to come. And with that increased potential, you can make a lot more currency than you ever would hourly. Not just once, but every day from now on.

Usually, when you invest your time and energy to gain money, you gain just enough money to keep you in the exact linear place you started in. And that means that the next day or week, you’ll have to invest just as much time and energy all over again to simply hold your ground. Sometimes, you may be able to invest your time and energy in gaining more money than you need for the moment. If that happens, you can save the extra or invest it, or you can enjoy an incremental, linear improvement in your lifestyle. And if you are a frugal saver, you may one day come to a point where you can maintain your level of lifestyle while working less or not at all. But you’ll never experience an exponential gain by focusing on money.

Imagine how much you would become capable of if you made a serious effort at investing in your potential and growing your wisdom every day. This planner will help you do that. People who live in the exponential world get paid very, very well, over and over, from their realized potential, not their time and energy. Because at some point, they switched from investing those limited resources in accumulating linear gains, and they started investing in exponential gains. First by growing their potential, and then by reinvesting that potential in their currencies. And when those first gains happened, they doubled their investment over and over, and grew their potential and currencies rapidly and exponentially. Their potential grew their currencies almost automatically. You can live that way, starting right now.

Chapter 4

Your Goals

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost;

that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”

Henry David Thoreau





Whenever I plan with people, I first want to break things down into simple terms and broad strokes. When you consider what you’d like to accomplish over the course of a year, or even of a lifetime, you can unintentionally make the plan really complicated. After all, you want to do it all, right? So when you set out to plan a big chunk of time – like an entire year – it is really easy to try to stuff so much into the plan that it ultimately overwhelms you, exhausts you, and drives you to abandon the whole deal.

So I always want to start by making your planning as simple and basic as possible. You will achieve more by planning to do less. And we’ll do this from two different angles, one after another. So put aside your lofty ambitions and your fears. We’re about to make 2017 your best year yet.


Step 1

First, consider the coming year as if it were your last. Don’t get weighed down by the morbidity or sentiment of this. There isn’t enough time for that. You’re going to die on January 1, 2018. You’ve only got one year left to do everything you want to do in your life. And here’s what makes this both important and effective: It may be true. So as you think about what you want to do with the coming year, start by thinking of it as your last. If you only had 365 days left to do everything you will ever do, what would you do? Suddenly the choice between taking up guitar or learning Spanish isn’t a choice at all. Because with this as your priority, you’ll likely pursue neither. But having the time for the people you love… high priority. Creating a legacy, and maybe legacy income for your family …huge.

From the perspective of 2017 being the last year of your life, choose one to three big goals. These will be the cornerstone of your legacy, the completion of your purpose, the fullness of your existence here on Earth. And that may seem intimidating. But it should also be clarifying. While choosing what qualifies may be a little difficult, choosing what definitely doesn’t will be easy. This will take as long as it takes. But don’t let it overwhelm or debilitate you. We’re just getting started. And the more time you spend deciding, the less you have left for doing. Do not concern yourself with the goals that are important to you that fall outside of this exercise. We will come back to those. Focus on the specifics of this exercise only. This year is your last hurrah. Make it epic.

As I wrote at the beginning of the book, this Kindle version doesn’t contain the planner forms because the Kindle format doesn’t allow them to display, print, or fill in correctly. Stop here and open your annual planner. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you ca do so at http://member.incredibleadvantage.com/p/your-2017-growth-planner-Shakespir. You can use your Adobe .pdf portfolio planner by filling out the forms and saving it on your computer, or you can print out the pages and fill them in by hand. You can also purchase a print version of the planner. Look for the link inside the ‘Extras’ tab on the member site where you downloaded the forms.

Once you decide how you’d like to use your planner (print or digital) go to the first page of your annual planner. This will be the first form you come to in the portfolio. You’ll find a place to list up to three big goals that will complete and fulfill your legacy at the top of the page. Write down up to three goals at the top of page one. You’ll notice there isn’t a lot of room here. That’s because these goals should be short and simple to understand. Don’t be concerned with details and minutia at this point, you’ll break these big goals into manageable pieces later on. For this exercise, the simpler and broader, the better.


Step 2

Next, we’re going to come at 2017 from the exact opposite direction. After all, it is a brand new year. Imagine that 2017 is the start of a brand new life for you. The hopes and dreams you’ve postponed so far… this is the time. This is the year that your life moves to a whole new level. The things you’ve struggled with in the past will be completely overcome this year. As the start of a brand new, far more capable and powerful you, what has to happen first and most? What do you need to change about your health: your eating, sleeping, and exercise habits? What do you need to change about your career or wealth: your money-making, saving, and creative activities? What do you need to change about your place in the world: your confidence, responsibilities, and relationships? Stop waiting for someone to give you permission to become someone who makes things happen and matters in this world. Stop waiting to tell other people how important they are to you and how much you appreciate them. Stop postponing and make time for the relationships and activities that matter to you.

On the first page of your annual planner, list up to three big goals that will open up who you are, and express your full self, your uniqueness, so that the world can experience more of the awesome you’ve been hiding away and holding back. Take your time, and express yourself. But don’t make stuff up that really doesn’t fit or feel right for you. Don’t feel you have to write down three, but if you think of more than three, try to consolidate them into no more than three bigger goals. And if you can’t consolidate, prioritize them and then list only the top three.


Step 3

You now have up to six big goals listed on your annual planner. Look for ways to thematically combine some of them. For instance, a legacy goal committing to a consistent morning routine and a full expression goal to lose weight could be combined into an overall physical health goal, touching on nutrition, exercise and sleep patterns. Or a legacy goal related to time spent with family or loved ones and a full expression goal connected to your sensitivity to your coworkers could become an overall relationship goal to connect and be more present in each day.

Chances are, with a little creativity, you can find a way to combine some of these (up to) six separate goals into bigger, more encompassing goals. Still, don’t be concerned with details. Simply look for ways to combine the legacy and best yet goals you have into fewer but fuller goals. The more separate goals you can fit together logically, the more valuable that larger goal will be to your overall success.

In the third section of page one of your annual planner, list up to four combined goals. And like with your best yet goals, if you can’t combine enough to list four or fewer goals, prioritize your goals and leave the rest off for now. 2018 is coming. And you can set more goals. But if you set too many for 2017, you will become overwhelmed and end up achieving less, not more.

You’ll be making valuable behavior changes over the coming year. And it is vitally important to take on only what is most important, and only as much growth as you can handle. Ideally, you want to end up with two to four significant and meaningful goals. If your goals aren’t significant to you, you won’t have the commitment to work hard to reach them. If they aren’t challenging enough, you won’t feel stretched or improved much by attaining them. On the other hand, if there are too many of them or they are too hard to attain, you may get discouraged and quit. But if they are genuinely important, tied to your strongest desires, connected to who you want to be defined as, and challenging enough to keep you interested, you can make sweeping change in yourself and your life over the coming year.


Step 4

Your annual goal planner is not the place to plan in detail. Here, we’ll be looking at only two things:

The big picture goals, those 2-4 large goals that should ultimately shape your daily activity all year.

The measure of success – what results would spell success related to those big picture goals?

Now that you have combined what you would pursue if this was your very last year on earth (which it could be) and what you would pursue if this was the beginning of the best of your life (which it will be) it’s time to clearly define success related to those 2-4 big-picture goals.

At this point, a goal can be as simple as ‘improve health’ but we need to be able to measure our progress throughout the year and know that we’re on schedule to achieve the goal. (Because, as you know, people need to measure!) On page 2 of your annual planner, carefully divide each of your two to four big goals into up to four separate parts or steps. These will be used to divide the goal up over the four quarters of the year. For some of your goals, you may want to divide evenly, while for others you may want to weight them toward the beginning of the year, doing most or all in the first quarter or two. For others, you may want to get another goal moving smoothly before you begin, so you may want to start that goal in quarter 2, 3 or 4, while some of your goals may be evenly divided across all four quarters of the year to come. This is your planner, made flexible for your situation, so use it in a way that serves your needs.

But do take the time to divide up all of your goals for 2017 so that your work load and habit change is not too heavy in one season, and too light in another. You’ll achieve the most overall when you divide up the details of your goals close to evenly throughout the year. If you’re uncertain about the work involved in one part or another, always lean in the direction of it being harder than you estimate. And as you divide the work of reaching all your goals up across the year, it helps to plan for a little more effort at the beginning. You don’t want to reach every goal by March- if that’s the case, your goals are not nearly big enough. But you don’t want a series of small setbacks to make your plan overwhelming before July, either. By planning a little more effort in the first quarter, you’ll set up a precedent that may allow you to far exceed your goals for the year, or may allow you to overcome unexpected setbacks and still reach all your goals on time. Either is good.


Step 5

Once you’ve completed the two-page annual goal planner, move on to the quarterly planner. You’ll find that this is simply an open page. Here, you’ll take on all of the first quarter or step # 1 portions of your goals, and break those into multiple steps. The more detailed you are with this, the easier the job will be. Start by breaking each of your quarter goals into as many steps or pieces as logic dictates, without being concerned about what step should be done in what month. You will probably want to use a separate sheet of paper for this. Then prioritize all of these separate steps that serve your bigger annual goals. You’ll find that as you prioritize all of these steps, the big goals will start to intermingle. You’ll be doing steps toward one goal and then steps toward another as you go. This is how you’ll fulfill all of the goals within the year, and not completely miss one while you over-do another.

When you set each detailed step in your quarterly planner, list them in priority on your quarterly planner pages. I’ve left plenty of space – three pages to list these steps out for the first quarter. You may only need one page, or you may take all three. If you’re both ambitious and very, very detailed, you may need to use a separate paper as well.


Step 6

Once your prioritized quarterly planner is done, breaking all of those steps up by month will be much easier, because you’ll be able to see the entire workload. You’ll now know how much of it must be done in January to be able to maintain your pace through February and March. Like your annual goals, it’s wise to put in a little more work in January, so that you have margin built into the quarter. That will allow you to either overcome problems that arise, or get ahead on the second quarter, and either is good.

You can choose to plan all three months out at once, or you can take your quarter goals and plan out only January, saving February and March for later. I highly recommend that you plan only January in detail, and focus on knocking this first month out of the park. You can make time in late January to plan out February, and you’ll have more information then to react to the things that slowed you down, or the things that sped you up. The same is true with March, and then with the second quarter. Planning in great detail too far ahead is usually a waste of time. Plans change, stuff happens. Keep your big goals in mind all year, but only make detailed plans for the next four to five weeks. This will make you much more efficient, flexible, and energized.


Step 7 and Beyond

At this point, you do not need detailed instructions to know how or when to plan out each month of the first quarter. Each week should be taken on just like the months, as they come. For each week, you have a one-page planner to break down and expand an appropriate portion of that month’s goals. Then you can immediately transfer these steps or goals to your individual daily planners, setting them as priorities for the day that you can use to then schedule each day the morning of or night before. You can also use these 1 page daily planners to measure your water intake, nutrition, exercise, plan meals, and keep a very basic journal of your progress.

I’ve also included annual, quarterly, and monthly 1-page calendars so that you can use the digital or paper edition of this planner for scheduling appointments and reminders as well if you want to.

I chose to divide the four quarters of 2017 into 4 separate documents in both digital and physical editions, so that users would not be overwhelmed with the sheer volume of pages in a full-year document. I couldn’t see people lugging a 450-500 page 8.5 by 11 inch monster around with them every day, or flipping through 300 or more digital pages to get to where they want to be in the fall of the year. Quarterly editions seem to be the appropriate size to manage and also enough information to keep together. And an unexpected bonus came from this design: the opportunity to revisit and refine the annual goals each quarter while keeping a record of the original version intact has proven to help people improve the process of setting goals from year to year. The second quarter of the planner will be made available long before the first quarter runs out, as the third and fourth will in turn.

Finally, I want you to know that the team at Incredible Advantage is here to help. Goals aren’t set or met in a vacuum. Your goals will have a lot of moving parts, and your energy will ebb and flow throughout the year. I hope you’ll take advantage of our online resources, and connect with me so that I and the whole team can continue to encourage and empower you throughout the year.

If you’ll connect with us, we will encourage and support you in pursuing and achieving your goals all year. But if you don’t connect with us, connect with someone. Find someone you trust who will both encourage you and hold you accountable. Again, I’ll be glad to do that, because it is a vital part of your success. And I want you to live at the level of success you’re capable of.

With just this basic planning and follow up, you’re putting yourself in the top 1% of all achievers throughout all of history, across the entire planet. And that’s why 2017 is going to be your best year yet. I’m honored to be a part of it, and excited to learn what you’re going to do with it. Send me an email right now, and tell me about your big goals for 2017. Happy New Year!


-Todd Sivers

[email protected]



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Your Incredible Advantage Growth Plan 2017: First Quarter Edition Your Incredible Advantage Growth Plan 2017: First Quarter Edition