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Your digital guide and Information booklet on the local area




The owner of this property warmly welcomes you to their home and hopes that you will enjoy your stay here. For the benefit of you and your family, please take note of the following:


Please make sure that all guests are aware of all exits.


If you should require any emergency assistance, the number for Fire, Ambulance and Police is 911


Your Property details was sent to you with your final package details.


If the smoke detectors should go off and you feel that you are at risk, gather your family and leave immediately through the nearest exit. Our first and main concern is the safety of you and your loved ones.


You can contact the management company for emergency purposes 24 hours a day at 941-627-5960. Non emergency calls should be restricted to between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. please.


For your privacy and security, all windows and doors are fitted with locks. Please ensure that when you leave the house, it is locked.


The management company cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injuries in or around the pool and deck area. Children must be supervised at all times and should not be allowed in the pool or pool area unsupervised. NO DIVING PLEASE. Neither the management nor the homeowner will be held responsible for accidents or injuries to guests, nor for the loss of any monies or personal possessions of any kind.


This is a much loved private home and the owners want you to enjoy it as they do and care for it during your stay. They have particularly requested that you do not take indoor furniture outside onto the lanai and that you do not sit on any indoor furniture in wet bathing suits. They have also requested that you use the beach towels provided when using the sun loungers to ensure that the covers are protected from sun screens and perspiration and remain in good condition for other guests.






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Note: Area code for all numbers is (941) unless otherwise noted.



All Areas 411



Emergency (all areas) 911

Charlotte County Fire Rescue (Non-Emergency) 625-4203



Emergency (all areas) 911

Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office (Operator) 639-2101

Charlotte County Englewood Sub Station 474-3233

OR 475-9005



Charlotte County School Board 255-0808



Charlotte Sun-Herald 629-2855

Charlotte Herald-Tribune 627-7550



Englewood Hospital 475-6571

Walk In Medical Center 475-6207

Ask-A-Nurse (Medical Referral) 637-2497

Peace River Regional Medical Center 625-4122

Fawcett Memorial Hospital 629-1181

Charlotte Regional Medical Center 639-3131

Southwest Florida Wound Care Center 764-9300


Public Libraries:

Englewood Charlotte (3450 N. Access Rd) 681-3736

Port Charlotte (2280 Aaron Street) 625-6470

Mid County (2050 Forrest Nelson Blvd) 613-3160


Happy Hibiscus Florida Office 627-5960

3579 S. Access Road, Suite L, Newport Square, Englewood, FL 34224





On arrival, we would love to hear from you in the office just to know that you have arrived and checked in safely to your new home! If after hours, please leave a message on our office recorder.


Should you encounter any problems on arrival, please phone Robert Cattermole, our Property Manager @ (941) 743-3755 and he will be happy to help you. Please keep any LATE night calls for emergencies. We need Robert to be on his toes each day so a good night sleep is vital!



If you had any issued with the house at all that you felt didn’t need reporting to the management company during your stay, please leave a note so we can correct those issues.

Please leave the garage door opener on the kitchen counter and the door keys in the key box and if you were using the golf membership card, please leave them on the kitchen counter or back in the cardholder on the refrigerator.





When you arrive, you’re A/C system will be set at 77˚F and will be on automatic. This means that the system will switch itself on and off as temperature changes occur. When possible leave internal doors open, and/or use the ceiling fans, this will increase the air flow and the efficiency of the air conditioning. Closing the window blinds will also shade the sun, helping keep the temperature down.


Please do not set the temperature control lower than 75˚F. Setting the temperature at a lower level does not cool the house any quicker; it just ices up the system and causes breakdowns.


When the A/C is running, please keep all exterior doors and windows closed so that the cool air is confined to the home and you are not air conditioning the outside areas, otherwise the unit will freeze and cause breakdowns.


If a breakdown occurs – please turn the air-conditioning control to OFF and report this immediately to the Happy Hibiscus Property emergency number, which is (941) 743-3755. The unit will take approximately 6 hours to thaw before it can be switched on again. During this time we suggest you open all windows and switch on all ceiling fans, which will help cool and circulate the air.


If the air is cool outside and you wish to have the doors open to the lanai, remember to turn the air conditioning to OFF before you do so.




YES, WE HAVE ALLIGATORS. There are alligators in all the waterways in and around Rotonda West. They are amazing creatures, fun to watch, but only from a safe distance, preferably within the screened area. The reptiles are surprisingly fast on land clocking over 30 mph over short distances!


Do not wade or paddle or allow young children near the water’s edge. There is no cause for alarm but you must respect their habitat and observing from a distance is definitely the safest choice. It is against Florida State Law to feed the alligators, as it destroys their natural fear of man. If you are caught feeding alligators you will be prosecuted and the alligator will be shot. This is a very unfair act so please do not bring these difficulties on either of you.





From golf to theme parks, from roller skates to museums, from canoes to jet skis, you’ll find it all at your fingertips.


Mote Marine - (1) 800-691-MOTE -6683 Toll Free Number

1600 Ken Thompson Pkwy, Sarasota, FL


Wonderful hands on experience for the whole family. Get up close at Contact Cove – Sea stars, horseshoe crabs, sea urchins and other animals are all within reach. Separate Ray Petting Tank and larger displays with porpoise, sharks, and sea turtles. Many other activities and educating displays.


Peace River Wildlife Center – (941) 637-3830

3400 West Marion Avenue, Punta Gorda, FL 33950


An active wildlife rehabilitation centre with indigenous animals and birds for viewing. Wed – Mon 11 am – 3 pm


Bowland Center – (941) 625-4794

3192 Harbor Boulevard, Port Charlotte, FL 33952. Bowling and restaurant.

[+ www.bowlandcenters.com+]


Treasure Lanes – (941) 625-3930

1059 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 33953. Bowling and snack bar.



Shell Factory – (239) 995-2141

US41, North Fort Myers

Offering over 5,000,000 shells, historical displays, trains and fire trucks and wacky events.



Sarasota Jungle Gardens (941) 355-5305

3701 Bay Shore Road, Sarasota – I-75 Exit 213 University Pkwy, 2 miles South of Sarasota/Bradenton Airport. Just off US 41.



Sun Splash (239) 574-0557

400 Santa Barbara Blvd, Cape Coral, FL 33991

12 Acres of thrilling waterslides & activities for all ages. Sun Splash Family Waterpark is an affordable way to slide into Summer Fun!






These, plus other appliances in the home are very straight forward and easy to operate. If you are unsure of how to use any of the appliances you will find instruction manuals in one of the kitchen drawers or a binder prepared for this purpose by the homeowner. Please ask for help if you still need assistance with any appliance.


When using the dishwasher, we have been instructed by the appliance supplier to run the water in the kitchen sink until it becomes HOT prior to starting the dishwasher. This way, the dishwasher will run with sufficiently heated water to clean the dishes properly. Additionally, use only dishwasher powder or liquid, not liquid meant for hand washing dishes.


When doing your Laundry, it is commonplace here to use Cold wash and Cold rinse as the groundwater temperature is higher than most places. Please always clean the lint trap on the dryer before and after each use to avoid fire hazards and increase efficiency.




All our homes are equipped with a Safety Baby Barrier or sound alarms on the doors and windows to protect small children from falling into the swimming pool. The provision of this strong mesh fence or sound alarms became law in Florida during 2002 for new builds.


The fence is easy to erect and if you need help you can call the office. If you choose to take the fence down, it can be dismantled in minutes.


If you take the decision to remove this fence, you are taking responsibility for any accident a child might sustain in the pool which would otherwise have been prevented had the barrier remained in place.






Charlotte County Stadium is 15 minutes away, located on SR 776 and is the Spring

[+ www.charlottecountyfl.com+]

Training Home of

The Tampa Bay Rays.



From mid-April to September the stadium is the home to the minor league team, the Charlotte Stone Crabs.




Almost all owners provide BBQ’s for the use of their guests. If this runs out during your stay, please call the office, or Robert out of hours for a refill.


The BBQ is provided for your convenience, please clean it before you check out so it is ready for the next guest. Happy Hibiscus or the owner takes NO responsibility for its cleanliness. The easiest way of keeping the BBQ clean is to clean it after each use while the BBQ is still warm, but take care not to burn yourself on any hot metal.


There is a small grease catch pot located underneath the grill’s cooking unit that needs to be emptied with each use. Once cooled, just pour the grease into a plastic bag, empty can or similar and freeze until your next trash collection day.


Splashes from the BBQ will mark the pool deck surface. Your care in ensuring that the floor is protected and not marked would be very much appreciated.






The Gulf Coast is famous for its golden beaches and tranquil blue sea; there are lots of beaches in the area some of which can only be reached by boat. We have highlighted some of the main beaches, all of which are about 10 – 15 minutes drive.


We are sure you will enjoy any of the beaches and would be grateful if you discover any special places, that you let us know so that we can pass details onto future guests.


Take the northern exit out of Rotonda up Sunnybrook. At the lights, turn left and follow this road for about 5 miles to the Beach Road sign (McDonalds on the left) turn left and continue down the road – over the bridge to Manasota Key. First beach facing you at the round-a-bout will be:


Chadwick Park at Englewood Public Beach (941) 627-1628

2100 North Beach Road, Englewood, FL34223

[+ www.charlottecountyfl.com+]

16 Acres of amenities including Pavilion, Boardwalk, BBQ Grills, Picnic Shelters, Playground, Restrooms, Volleyball Courts, Fishing


Blind Pass Beach – (Middle Beach)

[+ www.bestbeaches.org+]Driving north from Chadwick Park and continue out of town past residential properties until you get to a bend with a large car park on one side of the road and the beach opposite. Restrooms and Outdoor showers are available for use by those using the beach. Wide miles of sand stretch as far as the eye can see.


Stump Pass Beach State Recreation Area


Driving south from Chadwick Park – travel a couple of miles to Stump Pass Park and walk along a beautiful stretch of white sand which is washed by the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Inter-coastal waterways of the Stump Pass inlet on the other.


Head south for 8 to 10 minutes from your villa and cross the toll bridge onto Gasparilla Island and the town of Boca Grande. Lovely beaches are open to the public along the Gulf stretches and at the southernmost tip are the beaches opening onto Boca Pass where the two big rivers, the Myakka and the Peace, force their way out into the Gulf of Mexico. A wonderful place to enjoy the views and the sand but swimming is warned as it is highly dangerous for both adults and children.



Gasparilla Island / Long Beach


A long beach trimming the West coastline of Gasparilla Island. Amenities for Sunbathing, Picnic area, Shelling, Restrooms


Gasparilla Island / Lighthouse Beach

[* www.floridastateparks.org*]

A small beach dominated by two restored lighthouses, one is now a fascinating museum. Good place to watch Tarpon Fishing from the land. Water is not safe for swimming for either children or adults.


Head East for 10 to 15 minutes from your villa and cross the bridge into Port Charlotte and enjoy the community beaches here.


Port Charlotte Beach Park (941) 627-1628

4500 Harbor Boulevard, Port Charlotte, FL 33952

[+ www.charlottecountyfl.com+]

Amenities include BBQ Grills, Basketball, Boat Ramps, Bocci, Fishing Pier, Horseshoes, Picnic Shelters, Playground, Restrooms, Heating Swimming Pool, Tennis Courts, Volleyball Courts, Canoe/Kayak, Access, refreshments.


Alternatively, take a boat ride from several local marinas and enjoy a touch of Island beach life!


Don Pedro Island State Recreation Area

[+ www.floridastateparks.org+]

Barrier Island Park – approximately 1 mile of white sandy beaches on the Gulf of Mexico accessible only by boat. Boat docks are located on the bay side via a channel from the Inter-coastal Waterway at green marker No 35. Amenities include Park facilities, picnic pavilion, tables, grills, outdoor showers and restrooms. Sunbathing, Shelling, Fishing

Park fee: $2 per boat.



We have several good day spas and beauty salons in the area. The following is just a sample!


Emmetts Spa & Beauty Center (941) 475-3310

1221 South McCall Road, Englewood, FL


Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Saturdays. Evenings by appointment. Closed Sundays.


Offers: Aesthetic Services, Body Massages, Body Treatments, Hair Services, Hand & Foot Care, Just for Men, Spa Packages, Tanning, Waxing.






There are some good bicycle trails locally. The Cape Haze Pioneer trail (www.charlottecountyfl.com) which is suitable for walking or cycling, opened in 1999. It is built along a segment of the former Charlotte Harbor and Northern Railroad. One of the primary uses of this former rail line was transport of phosphate from Florida’s inland mining district to deep-water ships at Boca Grande.


Today, the corridor provides an enjoyable experience for trail goers of any age. Since the map above was drawn, the trail has been extended south to the Town of Placida. The main trailhead is at the trail’s northern terminus at SR 776 and CR 771. From Port Charlotte, take SR 776 west to the intersection with CR 771. Trail begins just southwest of this intersection.


The trail is open from sunrise to sunset.


You can also cycle around Rotonda and enjoy the level roads! It is recommended that you use cycle helmets at all times. Use of the bicycles at your villa is at your own risk. If you have a problem with the tires, please call our property management team who will be happy to help you.



You can enjoy a few hours or a whole day experiencing a side of Florida which is quite different from anything you’ll have seen yet. Boats offer a fantastic opportunity to see pelicans, ospreys, cormorants and other fish eating birds. You may be lucky and glimpse the shy and humble manatee or enjoy the exuberance of the lively dolphins.


There are plenty of boat trips to give visitors the opportunity of experiencing Florida from the water. It makes for a wonderful trip and one that is ‘not to be missed’. Tours leave plenty of marinas offering ecological tours or trips up and around Charlotte Harbor. Private boat hire is also possible, with or without a skipper but if you are going to drive the boat, be sure that you are confident about handling the boat and reading the charts! Otherwise, it is well worth paying for the services of a local guide who will be able to show you some of the ‘best’ places to visit and will increase your chances of seeing wildlife.


A list of recommended providers follow:


Boca Boat Cruises & Charters (888) 416-2628 / (941) 697-0982

www.bocaboat.com5800 Gasparilla Road, Boca Grande FL 33921

Offers lunchtime and sunset cruises through the inter-coastal waterway, the Gulf Waters and Islands. Private Charters available, all Cruises depart from Uncle Henry’s Marina Resort.


Captain Jackie Bylaska (941) 286-6581

3rd generation Boca Grande Guide


Captain Charlie Coleman (941) 809-8791 (cell)

Boca Grande – Whidden’s Marina (941-964-2878)


Charlie was born and has been raised in Boca Grande with fishing pole in hand – in and on the water since he was old enough to toddle! To say he knows these waters is an understatement! Charlie can offer up quite a day, ½ day or full – whatever you’re hungry for. Enjoyment Guaranteed!


Gasparilla Marina (941) 697-2280 or 800-541-4441

15001 Gasparilla Road, Placida, 33946


A friendly local marina located on the 771 heading towards Boca Grande. You will find it just before the pink condo blocks on the left hand side of the road. Our clients say that this is a very helpful service and good value.


King Fisher Fleet (941) 639-0969

Fisherman’s Village Marina, 1200 West Retta Esplanade, Punta Gorda FL 33950

Fishing charter company offers deep sea and back bay fishing, island sightseeing, sunset cruises and eco-tours. Please call for reservations


Whiddens Marina (941) 964-2878

Our friend Capt Russ offers boat rental, with or without a local guide for half or full day rentals. You are advised to telephone beforehand to ensure availability.




We have also put together quite a nice library at our office located at 3579 South Access Road, Suite L, Newport Square, Englewood. Please come in and help yourself to any of books and dvds we have on hand in addition to brochures and flyers on the many attractions, restaurants, shopping, etc. in the surrounding areas! If you would like to leave books you have read to lighten your luggage, we would be delighted to accept them. We are also regularly adding board games and card games to our library and you are welcome to borrow these, subject to availability.






It would be greatly appreciated if you would please inform the office of any damage, such as tears, burns, stains, or broken household items. We realize that accidents do happen, but it is a lot simpler for everyone if these matters can be dealt with as soon as possible. Please call the office between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday to report any accidents.




You must remember that you are in the tropics and the bugs were here first! Our homes are treated on a quarterly basis to prevent bugs from entering the house, open doors and windows will allow flying insects into the house.


It is essential that you keep the pool screen doors closed AT ALL TIMES. The screens keep almost everything out except ‘no-see-ums’ which appear (!) from time to time. If they have dropped in on you, spray the lanai with ‘Yard Guard’ or burn a Citronella candle. That should keep them away! Other local remedies include spraying diluted lavender oil on your skin and some guests have told us that rubbing ‘bounce’ sheets across your skin has proved an excellent deterrent!


Another major potential problem in Florida is ants. In order to keep the house an ant free zone, please do not leave any food in the open either before or after eating and put the bins out at the end of the drive every Monday or Tuesday morning. (Depending on the trash pick-up day for your home.) Bugs love damp, soiled clothes so please keep them collected and ready for laundering. If you follow this advice, you should have a bug free holiday.




Waste pipes in Florida are narrower than those in most of Europe, and will therefore block very easily causing it to overflow. Please avoid flushing any of the following: Baby wipes, Diapers, Personal Hygiene products, Plastic or Paper products, Bars of Soap. Please note: The cost of calling a plumber due to misuse will be charged to you.

In the event that the toilet overflows, there is a stop valve below each toilet system.




During the winter months, it may at times be necessary to use the central heat system. Florida homes are built and designed to keep cool, therefore the heat systems may not seem as efficient as the one in your own home. We do ask that you use the heat only when needed and with conservation issues in mind. Most visitors are not aware that it costs four times more to heat than to cool a Florida home.


To use the heat, the control should be set to ‘auto’ and the thermostat at 72 degrees during the day and 65 degrees or switched ‘off; during the night, as recommended by Florida Power and Light. Although one room may be hotter than another, please DO NOT close any of the air vents (which are set up and balanced for a/c), as this may be a potential fire hazard.


Chill factors from the wind can make temperatures feel colder than they actually are, wearing a warm fleece sweater and/or jogging suit and socks will keep you much warmer than typical Florida shorts and tee shirt. Energy conservation is a worldwide issue. On behalf of our property owner’s, we thank you for your understanding and cooperation in helping us conserve energy and use wisely.








OFFICE TEL: (941) 627-5960

MANAGEMENT TEL: (941) 743-3755






We hope that you enjoy a trouble free stay with us and found your home well equipped. However, sometimes items do go astray. If you find that there is anything in the house which appears to have ‘taken a walk’, we would appreciate your letting us know.


We can then rectify the situation for you and the next guests who occupy the house. If you become aware of a problem, either with the contents of the home or with any general maintenance, we would welcome a phone call at 941-627-5960 or for Management and Maintenance call 941-743-3755.






Millennium Family Healthcare

2400 South McCall Road

Englewood, FL (941) 474-9314





Drs. Forster, Davis, Roberts & Boeller Advanced Dental Care

2121 S. McCall Road 1148 South McCall Road

Englewood, FL 34224 Englewood, FL 34223

(941) 474-6466 941-548-1422




Emergency Services – Fire/Police/Ambulance 911

Englewood Community Hospital (941) 475-6571




There are just far too many restaurants for us to list them all, we have tried to help you to choose from both our own and some of our visitor’s best experiences.


Locals often eat early here between 5:30 and 6:30 in the evenings and restaurants quiet down later, normally closing at 9pm. Most restaurants do not accept reservations and it is normal to wait between 30 and 45 minutes, especially on a Friday and Saturday night in peak season. In Florida, you ‘wait in line’ and enjoy a drink until your table is ready. Bon Appetit!


For truly gourmet food, you won’t go wrong by visiting Boca Grande/Gasparilla Island to the South and eating in some of the more up-scale restaurants such as the pretty as a picture, Pink Elephant, with outside veranda for lunch and dinner dining, or The Temptation where the locals gather for excellent fish and steaks.


Gasparilla also offers the ‘Loose Caboose’ in the centre of Boca Grande where a basket meal at lunchtime followed by homemade ice cream is a real treat. South Beach on the road out to the Southern most tip of the island is popular and offers a pleasant stop right on the beach.


Sisters 964-2002


Corner of 5th and Railroad in the Railroad Plaza, Boca Grande, Gasparilla Island Italian American restaurant, open for lunch and dinner. Closed Mondays. Reservations accepted. Newly expanded menu.


Loose Caboose 964-0440


The Depot Building, Centre of Boca Grande on Gasparilla Island

Serves light lunches inside and outside, specialty Grouper and/or Shrimp and/or Chicken basket followed by excellent home-made ice cream. Also serves dinner 7 nights a week, Lamb chops, fresh seafood, Asian Duck, Pasta etc.

Pink Elephant – [* 941 964- 0100 *]

Bayou Avenue, Boca Grande, Gasparilla Island

[+ www.the-gasparilla-inn.com+]

Offering excellent food, you will need to book. An almost Austrian style of restaurant where you can eat outside or on the balcony as well as inside. Serves lunch 12:00 to 2:00, Dinner 6:30 – 9:30 and Sunday Brunch 11:30 – 2:00. Closed Mondays and reservations essential. Closed b/t June 4th – mid-October.


PJ’s Seagrille941 964-0806


In the center of Boca Grande, this is a truly good restaurant with pleasant atmosphere and helpful, knowledgeable waitstaff. You are likely to meet more locals than tourists here. They know the quality of the food and service!


South Beach – 941 964-0765

777 Gulf Boulevard (at the south end)


Casual seafood dining on the beach overlooking the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Music at weekends.


The Temptation – 941 964-2610

Another place frequented by locals. More expensive than most, but worth every penny. Excellent wine list & gourmet menu accompanied by extraordinary service.


To the West of Rotonda, there are steak houses and places to eat overlooking the water. In Manasota Key itself, you can find the Gulf View Grill overlooking Englewood Beach and The White Elephant with a tiki bar by the docks!


The White Elephant – 941 475-6801

1855 Gulf Boulevard, Englewood, FL 34223


Eat outside around the small harbor and as the evening draws in, enjoy the fairy lights and soft music. This restaurant does have karaoke nights so be prepared!


Gulf View Grill – 941 475-3500

2095 North Beach Road, Englewood FL 34223


Enjoy a really good menu while enjoying a view of the Gulf of Mexico. This is a more up-market restaurant and fantastic if you can get a table by the window to view the sunset.


The Lock and Key941 474-1517

2045 North Beach Road, Englewood FL 34223

www.lockandkeyrestaurant.comJust completed lovely remodeling! A popular eatery where you get good service and healthy portions of consistently good local food – FRESH seafood as well as the perfect meal for your “meat & potatoes” customers and a favorite with Kids! A good place to end up after watching the sun setting on the lovely beach across the road.


Flounders941 460-8280

1975 Beach Road, Manasota Key, Englewood, FL 34223


Opened in 2011. Great selection of food, great service and plenty of drink selections. You can dine inside or outside at the Tiki Bar in front of the band. You can also dine at the outside picnic tables.


On the 775 to the west heading back towards Gasparilla Island there are plenty of restaurants, including Johnny Leverock’s (if you can find fresher fish, it’s still swimming) and behind Johnny Leverocks, you can catch a ferry to Palm Island to enjoy a meal on the island restaurant. The last boat leaves the island at 9 pm (do check this) so an early meal is recommended! At the most southerly tip of land just before the toll, you will find Fishery Restaurant which is friendly and informal with a good menu and a lovely view!


Café 776 – 941 475-0819

138 N. Indiana Ave (SR 776) in Englewood – just North of Dearborn Street.

Wonderful atmosphere only to be outdone by excellent menu! A Must! The best ‘fish and chips’ bar none.


Howards (941) 473-0171

70 North Indiana Avenue Englewood, Florida 34223


Progressive yet casual, Howards is the perfect place to enjoy high-quality entrees and our award wining salad bar.


Compadre’s941 475-4010

498 W. Dearborn Street, Englewood, FL

Voted Best Mexican Food! Live Entertainment, outdoor seating, excellent food & service. Large portions make it perfect for the hungry customer.

Open 7 days a week – Lunch 11:30am-2:00pm / Dinner 4:30pm-9:00pm



301 W. Dearborn Street, Englewood, FL 34223


Mango Bistro offers a variety of freshly made specialty foods in a fun atmosphere that includes a colorful decor, artful gifts and world music. We love to create foods that are as inventive as they are authentic. We specialize in combining fresh ingredients in flavorful ways, always looking out for optimum taste and freshness. The menu includes grilled paninis, gourmet wraps, authentic French crêpes, heartwarming soups, garden fresh salads, healthy breakfasts, pure fruit smoothies, mouthwatering desserts and baked goods, hand-picked wines and beers and specialty coffee and teas.


Farlow’s on the Water941 474 5343


What a lovely surprise! Indoor & outdoor seating in a lovely atmosphere and excellent dining. Cocktail before (and after!) dinner by the garden. Music on select evenings. Quite a treat.


Fishery Restaurant – 941 697-2451


Gasparilla Sound, Placida, Florida (Where the 775 meets the 771 near the Gasparilla Toll) waterfront location

Famous for ‘walk-ins, boat-ins, swim-ins, float-ins – always welcome’! A lovely blend of old and new Florida. The windows overlook a tangled area of mangroves teaming with wildlife and the Harbor beyond. Serving really good, fresh produce, particularly fish, well worth a visit.


The Hills Golf Course Restaurant941 697-2414

100 Rotonda Circle, Rotonda West, FL 33947


Famous with Rotonda residents. Wednesdays they offer Prime Rib for $11.95 a head and Friday is Grouper and Cod for $10.95 a head. Make sure you book!


Lickity Split941 474-2185

Like stepping back in time to a 1950’s Happy Days Café – they do great ice creams, sandwiches, burgers and milkshakes either to eat in or take out. Situated in Tiffany Square on the 776 heading east from the office.


Nicola’s Italian Kitchen941 474 6195

4343 S McCall Road, Englewood, FL 34224

[+ www.nicolasitaliankitchen.com+]

Many years of Service to local Englewood community and visitors. Authentic Italian preparation of dishes and awesome pizza! A must visit ! ! ! Offers Dine In, Take Out, Lunch and Dinner.



Prime Time – 941 697-7799

5855 Placida Road, Cape Haze. FL


Mix of American and Mexican food with enormous margaritas for the adventurous! Offers a ‘take-out’ facility


Rum Bay Restaurant (Palm Island) – 941 697-0566

7092 Placida Road, Cape Haze FL 33946


Enjoy a ferry boat ride to this restaurant on Palm Island. Catch the ferry from the jetty behind Johnny Leverock’s. Don’t stay too late, the last ferry leaves quite early.


Zydaco Grill941 828-1472

8501 Placida Road, Placida, FL 33946

www.zydecogrille.comThe Louisianan cuisine and selections of beer is excellent. It has a great atmosphere.


If you choose to travel east to Port Charlotte you will be spoiled for choice with ‘Chili’s’, the ‘Red Lobster’, the ‘Olive Garden’ the ‘Outback’, ‘TGI Friday’ and a mass of individual restaurants including some good Italian restaurants.


Carrabba’s Italian Grill – 941 743-5299

1811 North Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 33948


Italian Grill where they are passionate about the flavor of their food. Claim to use only the highest quality products available.


Chili’s Grill & Bar941 255-0058

1471 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, Florida


Offers a distinct, fresh, healthy mix of grilled American favorites prepared in their individual style. With burgers, fajitas, steaks and salads, they are a popular choice with children and adults alike. Try the ‘lettuce leaf wraps’ or the ‘awesome blossom’ for something completely different!


Olive Garden941 625-8807

1341 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 33948


Italian Food served from one of the popular food outlets


Outback Steakhouse – 941 766-7077

1481 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 33948


A food chain offering a wide selection of dishes, including of course, steaks from Midwestern grain fed beef. Both chicken and fish are fresh, never frozen.


Bob Evans Restaurant941 764-6111

1050 El Jobean Rd, Port Charlotte FL 33948 (Outside Port Charlotte Mall)


No visit to America is complete without the full breakfast experience. Nil by mouth from the night before and you are ready to tackle their home-style cooking, bacon, eggs, sausage, pancakes and hash browns with toast and coffee and you might find you don’t need to eat again that day!!


Red Lobster – 941 625-7745

1331 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 33948

www.redlobster.comA fast food chain with the emphasis on seafood. With all these chains, the menu range is wide, but the seafood is their specialty.


If you travel a little further than Port Charlotte and take US41 down to Punta Gorda, there are plenty of good restaurants to choose from.


Captain’s Table (941) 637-1177

Fisherman’s Village, 1200 West Retta Esplanade, Punta Gorda FL 33950


Fine dining on the 2nd level overlooking Charlotte Harbor, the Captain’s Table offers find dining with seafood, steaks and unique specialities leading the list of entrees.


Harpoon Harry’s (941) 637-1177

Fisherman’s Village, 1200 West Retta Esplanade, Punta Gorda FL 33950


A lively eating place with tables overlooking the harbor. When it rains, it’s fun to watch the staff battling to get the plastic rain shields in place! There are also slot machines and games and live music at weekends. This place really comes alive at night at weekends.


Perfect Caper (941) 505-9009


An upscale restaurant with five star dining every night. For that special night out! Seafood, Steaks, unique appetizers & impeccable service. Lovely wine list. Enjoy!


River City Grill941 639-9080


Full & diversified menu for all tastes. Fresh seafood prepared in unique ways, steak, prime rib, veal, pork & chicken. Yum!


Whiskey Creek Steakhouse941 766-0045

2746 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte

www.whiskeycreek.comExcellent steaks, barbecue, sizzling fresh fajitas, and more. A must for the family!


If you are out in a boat and looking for somewhere to eat which can only be reached by boat, two places are worth a visit. Cabbage Key is steeped in history and a ‘must’ for 1^st^ time visitors. More casual and a haunt for local fishermen is Barnacle Phil’s where if you are lucky, you may be paid a visit by the local otters!


Cabbage Key – (239) 283-2278

PO Box 200, Pineland, FL 33945


Reached by water, helicopter or sea-plane. Regular ferries run from Pine island, Captiva Island and Punta Gorda. Famous for its Dollar Bill bar where first time visitors leave behind a dollar bill Serves lunch and dinner.




Fire Ants

Apply ice over the sting site. Remove the stinger by scraping over the area with a dull blade. Apply paste of meat tenderizer, baking soda or aloe sap.


Spiders (Brown Recluse or Black Widow)

Seek medical attention immediately. Carefully kill and bring the spider to the medical facility.



Apply ice over the sting site. Seek medical attention, if a child or someone in poor health has been stung. Apply paste of meat tenderizer, baking soda or aloe sap.


Bee and wasp stings

Ice wrapped in a towel and applied to the sting relieves pain and swelling almost immediately. Use ice once every two hours during the day that you are stung. Apply calamine lotion as needed.



Plunge a minor burn into a container of cold water. Put ice into a small plastic bag and use to cool broken skin. Keep the area clean. Wash with mild soap. Use aloe gel.


If any symptoms persist please consult a Doctor. Phone numbers are listed on Page 28.



Remove victim from the water. Rinse area with sea water. Fix toxin by pouring alcohol, 20% ammonia or vinegar over site of contact. Cover area with shaving cream and scrape off with a dull knife. Wash and apply steroid cream.



Remove victim from the water. Soak injury in hot water (as hot as can be tolerated but be careful with infants or elderly) for 30-90 minutes to neutralize toxin. Seek medical care to ensure removal of all parts of the stinger.



Remove victim from the vicinity of the snake. Seek medical attention. Calm victim and immobilize injured extremity. Do not try to capture live snakes. Remember, dead snakes can still bite.


There are pharmacy counters in all the main grocery and general stores. The pharmacist will be pleased to give advice on minor problems.



Fishing is a popular pastime and many of our clients buy inexpensive rod and line to fish in the canals or off some of the many piers in the area.


There is wonderful local fishing with a wide variety of fish to be caught. Red Fish, Mullet, Grouper, and Sheeps Head can all be caught both from the shore and off boats. The large game fish, Tarpon are caught annually between April and July, particularly in the waters around Boca Grande Pass.


You can fish from a pier or the shore, or you can hire boats for a fishing trip shared with other like-minded souls, or if you prefer, a private hire including rods, bait and licenses.


On the next page are some useful numbers:


Florida’s Saltwater or Freshwater Fishing License Fee Schedule (941) 743-1338

[+ https://license.myfwc.com/Customer/InternetCustomerLookup+]


Licenses available from Walmart in the hunting section at the back corner of the store.


Coral Creek Fishing Pier (941) 627-1628

Placida Road, Placida, FL 33946

Fishing, Restrooms




Collected once a week










All household garbage must be placed in plastic bags and placed in the green cart provided. The cart lid must be firmly closed. Items left which are not in the cart, or for recycling will not be collected. Garbage and recycling are collected all on the same day each week.


The new style carts will help to resist the tipping of garbage by pets and/or wildlife. You are asked to place your GREEN dustbin with the wheels of the cart facing your home. Place your garbage cart at least 5 feet away from mailboxes, parked cars or other obstacles.



All you need to do is place both bins at the end of the driveway the night before, or by 5:00 a.m. in the morning of each pick-up day and bring them back inside the garage when they have been emptied.


When vacating the home, all trash should be in tied bags and left inside the green garbage bin.


As of 2011 you can mix recycle materials in one bin. The recycle bin has a yellow lid. You can place paper, cans and bottles together.




If you are a golfer, don’t leave Florida without playing at least one of our courses. All our homes are built around the 5 Courses on Rotonda and the fairways are clearly visible as you drive around. Young golfers are welcome at most clubs. We can offer special rates on some of the best local courses, so why not call us to check out our rates.


The Happy Hibiscus ‘Golf Scoop’ program is a ‘must’ for golf enthusiasts. Free golf at the Rotonda courses in the summer, you just pay for the golf cart. Please ask us for more details.


The Hills Golf Club (941) 697-2414 (A Golf Scoop participating course)

100 Rotonda Circle, Rotonda West, FL 33947


The Hills is a 18-Hole par 72 championship course in the Oakland Hills community. This course is heavily dotted with well placed water hazards, it is a true test of accuracy and course management skills. The greens are among the best rolling in the area.


The Palms Golf Course (941) 697-8118 (A Golf Scoop participating course)

266 B Rotonda Circle, Rotonda West, FL 33947


The Palms is Rotonda’s second 18-Hole par 72 championship course. Golfers are astounded by its five finishing holes, which include six different water hazards, multi-tiered greens, and two of Florida’s most demanding holes, the 15th & 16th, back to back. This course is well designed with four sets of tees that challenge all skill levels.


Long Marsh Golf Club (941) 698-0918

20 White Marsh Road, Rotonda West FL 33947


Long Marsh’s gently rolling fairways meander through 450 acres of natural Florida scrub. Its fairways and greens invitingly framed by native pines, oaks and palms and is Rotonda’s newest golf courses. This Ted McAnlis-designed course opened in February of 1999, and it’s newest 9 Hole addition in 2007 and all 27 holes are enjoyable for golfers of all levels. At Long Marsh Golf Club in Rotonda West, each hole has its own distinctive character, set amid natural bunkers, lakes and marshes that are haven for wildlife. Four sets of tee boxes provide course distances ranging from 5257 yards to 7120 yards.


The Links Golf Course (941) 697-8877

4055 Cape Haze Drive, Rotonda West, FL 33947

[+ www.rotondagolf.com+]

The Links is Cape Haze’s only golf course. It is an 18-Hole Executive length golf course which meanders throughout the Cape Haze community. Water comprises 35 of the 80 acres of land with an assortment of grassy hollows, pot bunkers, multi-fingered sand traps, and triple tiered greens to force players to use precise club selection and exacting skills. The Links is a par 63 golf course with 9 par three holes and 9 par four holes.


Pinemoor Golf Course – (941) 698-7006

80 Clubhouse Road – Rotonda West

[+ www.rotondagolf.com+]

Pinemoor is Rotonda’s final 80 hole, par 70 Championship course. This semi-private course was designed by MGI, Inc. Golfers will enjoy a championship length front nine, par 37, then a more relaxed back nine, par 33. It is a great golf course for women and beginners to play as well as well. There are hardly any forced carries or an abundance of water.


The Cove Golf Center (941) 697-3900

12455 S. McCall Road, Port Charlotte, FL 33981


Charlotte County ~ Public Course

18 Holes, Par 59

Note: A public golf facility that features a lighted 18 hole executive golf course plus also includes a limited practice range, a golf shop, and club repair services.


Port Charlotte


Bobcat Trail Golf & Country Club (941) 429-0500

1350 Bobcat Trail, North Port, FL 34287


Sarasota County ~ Semi-Private Course

Designed by Bob Tway, Opened 1998 18 Holes, Par 71

Open to the public All Year

Note: It combines tight, tree lined fairways with lots of strategically placed water hazards. The greens at Bobcat are some of the most testing in south west Florida with many hidden undulations which make a good putting stroke essential. This is evident even before you step onto the first green as there is a challenging practice green when you pull into the parking lot.


Heron Creek Golf & Country Club (941) 423-6955

5303 Heron Creek Boulevard, North Port, FL 34287


Sarasota County ~ Semi-Private Course

Designed by Arthur Hills, Opened 1999, 18 Holes, Par 72

Open to the public all year

Note: This recently opened course offers you a variety of challenges within one course. Six tee boxes enable you to play this course from a daunting 7169 yards to a gentle 5141 yards. [_ Heron Creek is renowned for having the highest “hills” in Florida giving the course a links feel to it. The rolling fairways provide many blind shots and there is a lot of trouble on 95% of the holes which is ready to pick up off target shots. This golf course was subject to additional construction in June 2003 as they transformed the shrub area around the course into another nine holes of championship golf which is bound to draw attention when complete. _]


Riverwood Golf Club (941) 764-6661

4100 Riverwood, Port Charlotte, FL 33953


Charlotte County ~ Public Course

Designed by Gene Bates, 18 Holes, Par 72

Open to the public all year

Note: Riverwood is regarded as one of the hardest and longest course in the area with tight fairways and small greens making it a real challenge for all types of golfer. Whether you want to attack the course from the back tees or just enjoy the course from the forward tees it will be enjoyable. Mike Burton the head pro is one of the best teachers in the area if you need your swing tuned he is the man to see about that.




Curves (941) 474-7797

489 S Indiana Ave, Englewood, FL 34223


Offers: 30 Minute workouts, Aerobic and Strength Training, Weights etc.


Second Chance Fitness (941) 627-5509

4300 Schoolhosue Sq Ste A, Port Charlotte, FL 33980



Fitness 1440 (941) 681-2767

2930 South McCall Road, Englewood, FL 34223





There are several good hairdressing salons around, but two of our favorites are:


Shear Majik 3579 S Access Road Suite (right below our office!)



Shear Sailing which has 2 locations, all close to Rotonda.


6800 Placida Road C1, Englewood (941) 697-3959. Located on the Placida Rd which is the west exit from Rotonda. It is located south of the west exit in the Fiddlers Green Complex.


At the top of Sunnybrook just before the road meets the SR776 and opposite Truly Nolan. (941) 475-1855


A Cut Above which has a single location, but also offers beauty treatments.

This salon is located at 167 W Dearnborn St, Englewood, Fl 34223. Tel (941) 475-4592





Branded Heart Stables (941) 474-6773

727 Morningside Dr, Englewood FL 34223 941 474 6773 






All our homes have been built since 2002 and meet hurricane standards. However it is sensible to take extra precautions in the event of a hurricane. Your local teams from Happy Hibiscus and your Management Company will assist you in making the necessary preparations.


Remove all furniture from the lanai. This includes the baby barrier, tables and chairs and these should all be stored in the garage. Your garage door has steel bracing and can withstand winds up to 140 mph. Move your car into the garage and park it gently up against the inside of the garage door for added protection. If you are staying in your home, make sure of the following:


Do you have children?


p<>{color:#000;}. Take in a stock of special diet and baby food

p<>{color:#000;}. Make sure you have stock of diapers and other equipment

p<>{color:#000;}. Have toys, reading and drawing supplies on hand to entertain the children.


Have you got your important things in a safe place?


p<>{color:#000;}. Have you got all your prescriptions and other medicines?

p<>{color:#000;}. Are your hearing aids, eyeglasses, emergency medical certificates, travel insurance, driving license and passports somewhere safe?

p<>{color:#000;}. Do you have plenty of supplies in?

You may find that shops are not open for several days and if you lose power, you will be without cooking facilities and fridge/freezers. Have you got supplies of:


p<>{color:#000;}. Drinking water

p<>{color:#000;}. Canned Foods / Drinks

p<>{color:#000;}. Food that doesn’t need heating

p<>{color:#000;}. Candles and matches

p<>{color:#000;}. Flashlight & Batteries

p<>{color:#000;}. Small battery operated clock / weather radio


If you are leaving the house please inform the management company before you leave. They will:


p<>{color:#000;}. Turn off the water supply

p<>{color:#000;}. Turn off air conditioners

p<>{color:#000;}. Disconnect all electrical appliances except food storage

p<>{color:#000;}. Lock all doors and windows


Don’t be tempted to leave your home at the last minute. You are safer in the house than caught outside in a motor vehicle and roads often become blocked with last minute traffic.


The safest place in the house is likely to be a room within the house, one of the master bedroom walk-in wardrobes would be a safe place. Put a store of food and water in the room together with pillows and blankets and games for children and your first aid kit which is under the kitchen sink.


If there is a portable radio in the house, take this into your secure room and tune in to the local radio station for news updates. If you have a telephone, take this into the secure room with you along with this book with the contact telephone numbers.


Be prepared to stay in the room until the storm has passed. Remember that a hurricane has two parts as it passes over. The first part is followed by the ‘eye’ when everything becomes calm. The second part of the storm has still to arrive.


Once the storm has passed, a member of our team will contact you to ensure that you are safe and to check on any damage which might have been caused.




Many of our homes have high speed wireless internet access. This is a real advantage, you can sit anywhere in the house to catch up on your e-mails or watch your stocks and shares! If the internet has password protection you will get that information in your final package.


If you have any problems with your connection, just try turning off the power at the powerstrip which supplies power to the modem and router. Leave it a couple of minutes, then switch on and try to connect again. 9 times out of 10 this will solve your problem.


For our guests who did not travel with their own website enable devices – below please find the three public library locations where you can access the internet, check your e-mails, print your boarding passes, etc. Be prepared to show them your out of town driver license (with photo) and you will be directed to an open computer for the allotted times offered by each location.



p<>{color:#000;}. Englewood Charlotte Library

3450 North Access Road

Phone: 941-681-3736

Sun & Mon CLOSED

Tues, Wed & Thurs – 10 am – 6 pm

Friday – 10 am – 5 pm

Saturday, 9 am – 2 pm

Need Photo ID – access available in ½ hour increments.


p<>{color:#000;}. Mid County Library

2050 Forrest Nelson Blvd

Phone: 941-613-3160

Mon – Thurs – 10 am to 7 pm

Friday & Sat – 10 am – 5 pm

Sunday – CLOSED

Need photo ID – access available in one hour increments.




p<>{color:#000;}. Port Charlotte Library

2280 Aaron Street

Phone: 941-625-6470


Tues, Wed & Thurs – 10 am – 6 pm

Friday – 10 am – 5 pm

Saturday & Sunday – CLOSED

Need photo ID – access available in 1 hour increments.





Local and national newspapers can be purchased at superstores and gas stations. Most supermarkets including Publix on McCall Road offer a limited selection of foreign newspapers.





The owner of this property and the management company respectfully ask that you remember you are staying in a residential area. Please observe the CHARLOTTE COUNTY NOISE RESTRICTIONS, between the hours of 10:00 p.m. (2200 hours) and 8:00 a.m. (0800 hours)


Your neighbors would greatly appreciate it if you keep the noise to a minimum between these hours – especially if you are using the pool and patio area.




Nudity is against Florida Law. Unlike Europe, “topless” is considered nudity. This law is enforced throughout the whole state, which means all beaches, places of public access and private residence.


Please use discretion.




Charlotte County offers a range of over 70 parks and recreational areas. Why not take a unique wildlife buggy tour through the silent beauty of an untouched cypress swamp.


Babcock Wilderness Adventures

(800) 500-5583

8000 State Road 31, Punta Gorda FL 33982


Ninety minute swamp buggy tour through the 90,000 acre Crescent B Ranch and Telegraph Cypress Swamp, Biking with Bison Tour. This is a chance to meet panthers, bison, birds, and dozens of wild alligators face to face. You might see white tailed deer or wild turkeys. Professional guides conduct the tours and refreshments are available.

Open November – May 9:00am – 3:00 pm -- June – October, mornings only


Bayshore Live Oaks Park


Bayshore Road, Port Charlotte, FL 33980

[+ www.charlottecountyfl.com+]

Bike Trails, Canoe/Kayak, Walking Trails, Picnic Shelter, Playground, Fishing, Restrooms


Cape Haze Pioneer Trail

Rotonda Blvd East / Rt 771, Rotonda, FL 33946

[+ www.charlottecountyfl.com+]

Offers a good bike trail, BBQ grills, nature and walking trail, picnicking and restrooms.


Charlotte Flatwoods Environmental Park

941 627-1628

15801 Tamiami Trail, Punta Gorda, FL 33955

[+ www.charlottecountyfl.com+]

Nature Preserve


Charlotte County Citrus

941 639-4584

28900 Bermont Road, CR74, Punta Gorda FL 33982

Pick your own fruit.


Charlotte Harbor Environment Center

941 575 5435

Alligator Creek, 10941 Burnt Store Road, Punta Gorda, FL 33955


A 20 acre nature centre offering environmental education programs and wildlife exhibits.


East Englewood Park

1120 Sunnydale Avenue, Rotonda, FL

[+ www.charlottecountyfl.com+]

This park features many things for the whole family and is just off Sunnybrook on the north exit from Rotonda. Enjoy basketball, a playground and shuffleboard, horse arena, picnicking, restrooms and BBQ facilities.



Indian Mounds Park

(941) 861 7275

210 Winson Avenue, Englewood FL 34223

[+ www.trailoffloridasindianheritage.org+]

Indian Mound Park is a historic site of the Calusa Indians, who once lived on the shores of Lemon Bay. The Indian mound at the park has been found to have artifacts dating back to 400 B.C. This scenic 10 acre park also has a historic nature trail, pavilion, picnic tables, and a public boat ramp, with parking facilities.


Lemon Bay Park and Environmental Center

(941) 474-3065

570 Bay Park Blvd


Offering 48 acres with a further 156 acres of undeveloped land. The park offers a butterfly garden, environmental classes, fishing, nature trails, picnicking, rest rooms and shelter.


Myakka River State Park

(941) 361-6511

13207 State Road 72, Sarasota, FL USA 34241


This State Park has a lot to offer for any member of the family! Hiking, Biking, Fishing, Canoeing/Kayaking, Birding, Air Boat & Tram, Picnic Areas and an exciting Canopy Walkway. The tall tower on the Canopy Walkway reaches a height of 74 feet with an 85’ long Suspension Bridge leading to a smaller 35’ high tower. The Walkway stretches over all natural fauna & its resident wildlife. Definitely worth planning a day or ½ day with the family.


Ponce de Leon Park

941 575-3324

4000 West Marion Avenue, Punta Gorda, FL 33950


BBQ Grills, Boat Ramps, Environmental Center, (Peace River Wildlife Center), Fishing, Nature Trail / Walking Trail, Picnicking, Picnic Shelters, Restrooms. Also perfect fishing for young and old right from the rocks/shore.




Port Charlotte Beach Park

4500 Harbor Blvd, Port Charlotte, FL

[+ www.charlottecountyfl.com+]

Located on the harbor, this park offers swimming in a pool or in the harbor, fishing, baseball, basketball, tennis, volleyball, horseshoes and a playground. There is a boat ramp, concession stand, shelters and meeting room. The park is located on Harbor Boulevard


Rotonda Park – 941 627-1628

100 Rotonda Boulevard East, Rotonda West, FL 33947

[+ www.charlottecountyfl.com+]

Bike Trails, Multi-purpose fields open space, Nature Preserve, Nature Trails, Picnic area, Picnic Shelters, Tennis Courts.


Tippecanoe Environmental Park – 941 627-1074

SR627, Port Charlotte, FL 33948

[+ www.charlottecountyfl.com+]

Hiking trails and wildlife viewing throughout its 275 acres of scrub and pine flatwoods.


Tringali Recreation Complex (941) 473-1018

3460 McCall Road South, Englewood, FL34244

[+ www.charlottecountyfl.com+]

This local center offers basketball, a gymnasium, tennis courts and restrooms. Most Friday evenings host roller skating or roller blading in the gymnasium with staffed adult supervision. Bring your own skates!




The majority of our homes are strictly no pets. In exceptional circumstances a few owners will accept pets, but this must be by prior agreement with the owner and the guest must provide proof of current inoculations and a reference.


In addition to the standard refundable security deposit, there will also be a $250.00 non-refundable pet deposit.


Please ask our office for more information if required.



All local telephone calls are free; some houses have free calls to Canada and Internationally. If these calls are not free in your house you will require a calling card which can be purchased at most supermarkets or chemists. They are sold in Publix, Winn Dixie, Wal-Mart among others.

The management office is a local number. You will not be billed for any numbers as long as it is a local number.


To telephone Overseas, dial 011 plus the country code and then the area code, minus the 0 from the front of the number you are calling. For example, to phone the UK number 0208 291 3016, you would need to dial the following: 011 44 208 291 3016


Some useful country dialing codes are:


Austria 011 + 43 + Belgium 011 + 32+ Denmark 011 + 45 +

France 011 + 33 + Germany 011 + 49 + Greece 011 + 30 +

Iceland 011 + 354 + Ireland 011 + 353 + Italy 011 + 39 +

Japan 011 + 81 + Norway 011 + 47 + Sweden 011 + 46 +

Switzerland 011 + 41 + Netherlands 011 + 31 + UK 011 + 44 +








Some simple precautions will ensure that your pool stays clear during your stay with us.


p<>{color:#000080;}. Please keep an eye on the water level in your pool. When the house is empty the skimmers are turned off to prevent damage to the pool equipment. During your stay the skimmer will be turned back on, If you feel it is dropping, it will help a great deal if you top it up from the hose provided on the lanai. It is important to maintain the water level to ensure that the heater and pump do not ‘burn out’. Again, your help is appreciated.



p<>{color:#333;}. Please keep pool furniture out of the pool at all times and if your furniture has soft covers, please always keep these out of the rain for your own comfort.


p<>{color:#000;}. You and your guests are specifically asked not to use suntan oil whilst using the pool. This causes major problems with clogging the pool filter system and may render the pool unusable for you and your guests.


p<>{color:#333;}. Please do not touch any of the pool controls. The complete operation of the pool is fully automatic. Should you cause a problem in the operation of the electronics, you may be charged for call out and repair.


p<>{color:#333;}. Servicing of the pool is routinely carried out by our management company weekly. This is a regular weekly service which is carried out on behalf of all our owners and rental guests. Should you have a problem that needs immediate attention, please contact Robert Cattermole at 941-743-3755.


p<>{color:#333;}. If children spend much time playing in the pool, we recommend that they wear ‘water shoes’ which will prevent soreness caused by the slightly abrasive, non-slip surface and their feet softening from prolonged spells in the water.


p<>{color:#333;}. The majority of our pools have electric heating as well as the homes with Jacuzzi’s. In the winter, this pool heat is available at an additional daily rate of $15.00 per day (minimum of 7 consecutive days) and you will be charged for your entire stay. If you would like the heat turned off, we will credit your account back the difference with the return of your damage deposit. If you use pool heat, please be sure to use the night cover which helps to keep the heat in during the cooler periods. Pools heat at approximately 1 degree per hour, so the more heat which is retained overnight, the quicker the temperature gets back to normal the following day.





On the rare occasions when the air temperature drops below 50 degrees, the pool heat will automatically switch off because the heat is drawn from the air temperature. In this event, there is no over-ride available and the management company will not be able to fix it.


We have to wait until the air temperature is above 55 degrees and then the heating system will automatically turn back on. The pool temperature will rise at 1 degree each hour. We are sorry for any inconvenience this might cause, but it is rare to experience these temperatures in Florida and we hope that this will not happen. We are also at the mercy of the elements!


Please always keep the door from the pool to the garden unlocked. Our pool maintenance people who visit regularly to ensure your pool is in good working order and they require daytime access including weekends use this door. Locking the house doors onto the lanai when you are out will provide you with your security.





If you are visiting Florida from another country and would like to send some postcards home, you can post them at the UPS store in the complex where you have the Publix store on McCall Road.


The postage is currently $1.20 for Europe for regular letters, but it is always advisable to check with USPS (United States Postal Service) and they will stamp your cards for you.


Not all our homes have post boxes, but if you have one, you can post your cards in the box and lift the red flag. This tells your postman that there is mail to collect.




Our Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Out of Hours: Emergencies only please


Your holiday home is maintained on a regular basis by our own in-house management team that will ensure that the home is maintained in tip-top condition. No one, other than our representatives will have the authority to call during your stay. Do not allow admission to anyone else.


If you should have any kind of maintenance problems, you must report this to the office immediately. This part of Florida is very safe, but for your own safety and security, exterior doors are fitted with secondary locks, please remember to secure the home before retiring for the evening.


The home you are in is self catering. We only provide household supplies for the first nights stay, which includes: Dish soap, bath soap, laundry detergent, toilet paper, kitchen paper towels and garbage bags.




If you need some alternations whilst staying with us, we use an excellent seamstress who you will find at 3579 S. Access Road, Suite K, Englewood, Fl. Telephone (941) 473-7582.


Her hours at the time of going to print are closed Monday, open Tuesday thru Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.


To find her, take the North exit (Rotonda Blvd North (Sunnybrook) to SR 776 and make a left. At the traffic light at Spinnacer Blvd., make a left and the first right (Access Road). She is in the shopping center with The Fan Lady.




Even the men enjoy shopping in Florida. Bargains await you around every corner and all ages are catered for. From waterfront boutiques and malls, to antique fairs and flea markets, there are shopping opportunities for everybody. There are 6 main shopping areas within easy reach of our homes.



Englewood and Venice


Merchants Crossing of Englewood

1500 Placida Road, Englewood FL 34223


Venice is about the same distance away than Port Charlotte. You’ll have lots to do there. You can combine shopping, beach and restaurants all in one day. This is a quaint, pretty little place, with lots of smaller shops, boutiques, etc.


Port Charlotte


Port Charlotte Town Center Shopping Mall – 941 624-4447


Only 15 minutes away is the Port Charlotte Full service Mall with variety of National and local brand stores such as Dillards, Sears, JC Penny, Macys, etc. Located on US-41 and State Road 776. You will also find smaller shops that sell ‘nick nacks’. A large food court and the local multi-screen cinema are also here.


Sun Flea Market – 941 255-3532

18505 Paulson Drive, Port Charlotte, FL 33954


Indoor, air-conditioned flea market with over 100 vendors, family entertainment centre with three-storey play place (tunnels, ball baths, etc) and food court.


Punta Gorda


Fisherman’s Village (941) 639-8721

1200 West Retta Esplanade, Punta Gorda, FL 33950


Waterfront mall and marina featuring a variety of boutiques, specialty shops and restaurants. Attractions include fishing, sailing, water sports, sightseeing and sunset cruises, live entertainment, special events and gorgeous sunsets.


Sullivan Street Shops – 941 505-5437

331 Sullivan Street, Punta Gorda FL 33950

Variety of gift, craft, and specialty shops. Handcrafted art, furniture, decorative accents and accessories, books, stationery and home décor. Every third Thursday evening features an artist demonstration and musical performance. Gourmet restaurant.




St. Armands Circle


A 45 minute drive back up the 1-75 and follow the signs for St Armands Circle and you will find a fantastic location to spend the day browsing around the numerous shops, eating and drinking in one of the many fine restaurants and coffee shops. Over 50 shops situated in this circle and you can park your car in one of several car parks situated close to the shops, all of which are nearby.



140 University Town Center Dr, Sarasota, FL 34243

 941) 552-7000



Shopping Outlets


Ellenton Outlet Stores


Interstate 75 (North) about 45 minutes drive North from Rotonda.

This is an out of town shopping complex which offers you the chance to buy designer ware at reasonable prices. Amongst many others, you will find Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Adidas, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Levis etc. Over 150 outlets with up to 75% discount available. It is a good idea to head for the Customer Services Counter in the food court and ask for a ‘More’ Discount Card that entitles you to even more discounts in participating shops.


Miromar Outlets (239) 948-3766


I-75, exit 123 (Corkscrew Road) between Naples and Fort Myers.

Store hours, Monday thru Saturday: 10 am to 9 pm Sunday 11 am to 6 pm. Over 100 manufacturers’ outlets featuring top designers and famous brand names. Incredible discounts of up to 70% off retail prices, direct from the manufacturers.


Tanger Outlets (1) 888-471-3939 Toll Free Number

I-75, Exit 131 to Summerlin Rd, Fort Myers, FL


Many of our repeat visitors are sure to set aside time for a trip to this outlet mall. Quite exciting buys, I understand!


There are many, many others which we have not been able to include and which you will find tucked away in the local area.




All Happy Hibiscus Florida Vacation Homes Are Strictly Non Smoking. We Respectfully Request That You Do Not Smoke Indoors. Ashtrays Are Provided Should You Wish To Smoke Outside. This Will Ensure A Clean, Fresh Home For Everyone.

Your Co-operation Is Appreciated. Thank You!







Please remember that the sun in Florida is much stronger than in Europe and that includes the Med. Perhaps the most dangerous days are when it is cloudy – beware, you will still burn even on cloudy days if you are not properly protected. It is recommended that you apply a minimum of Factor 20 sunscreen at all times. You will find a good supply in the local supermarkets and at chain drug stores.

Please also be aware that the cage over the pool area will block out 30% of the suns UV, giving you a false sense of your skins tolerance to the sun.



There are 3 large supermarkets within 5 minutes of your home.



A big supermarket with an excellent selection of fresh produce and a large variety of organic merchandise. It also has a hot deli counter and a sandwich outlet. Within this plaza are a Chinese Takeaway, Sandwich Shop, Walk in Clinic and Liquor Store.


To get there: take the first right on Rotonda Blvd East, turn left at the main road and Publix is just before the traffic lights.



Another large supermarket with an excellent choice of foods. They also do 1 hour film processing.


To get there: Don’t take the Rotonda Blvd East exit out of Rotonda, but continue on around either Rotonda Circle or Boundary Boulevard until you come to the next big intersection with stop signs. Turn right on Rotonda Blvd North, follow this road to the traffic lights and the supermarket is in front of you. Cross straight over the 776 and the supermarket is on your right.



This is a biggest supermarket, and holds everything you should need! They are open 24hrs – 7 days per week (not Christmas day).


To get there: Take SR 776 toward the beach.




Taxi Services are variable in this area, it’s like phoning a friend for a ride who doesn’t answer the phone or doesn’t turn up – so don’t depend on them. The following taxi services are available.




Prompt Limo (941) 697-8888

Port Charlotte, FL 33948


Seabreeze Limos (941) 475 1558

Port Charlotte, FL 33948




We offer either Satellite television or Cable television in all our homes depending on what is available. There is usually an instruction manual available for the particular set in your home. Televisions in other rooms may or may not have either Satellite or Cable, or they may work with antennae picking up local channels only.




Rotonda has its own tennis courts in the centre where you have can enjoy a game of tennis. Just call the community center on (941) 697-6788 to let them know that you would like to use the courts. For the more serious player, we offer the Englewood Tennis Club.


Directions: From Rotonda, head north to the SR776. You will find the Englewood Tennis Club 1.5 miles south on the right hand side of the road.


Club Hours: Mon-Fri 8.00 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. Sat 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

Sun (Advanced Reservation only: Call before noon on Saturday)


Facility: 7 Har-Tru courts (6 lighted), Clubhouse (air conditioned, both men’s and ladies locker rooms and a lounge offering snacks, soda, coffee, beer and wine.


Pro Shop: Master Racquet Technician & certified stringers 24 hour stringing available by request Racquets and demo racquets, Grips, Accessories, shoes and bags.


Court Reservations: Court time may be reserved not more than 48 hours in advance for adult members and 24 hours in advance for juniors and non-members. For night reservations you must reserve by noon of that day. Club may also close early in the case of bad weather.




For visitors to the USA, tipping can be a minefield! In the United States, the hourly wage is very low for people working in a job which provides any form of service, this is particularly evident in the restaurant trade.


20% tipping is commonplace, so expect to tip anyone who provides you with a service. That includes bar and hotel staff, guides on boat trips, taxis etc. Your tip is very important to them and general guidelines here are that you could offer tips as follows:


20% of the bill for above average service

15% of the bill for mediocre service

10% of the bill for horrible service.





We do have storms in this area. They are often quite spectacular to watch, but do stay in a safe place while they pass over. Please keep out of the swimming pool when there is a chance of lightning for your own safety.


Video’s / DVD’s


There is a Redbox machine in Publix where you can use your credit card to rent movies for $1.50 a night. If you have a non US credit card, they will not accept your card. There are also machines in Winn Dixie and Walmart where you can rent movies.


You can rent movies at the Charlotte County Library with the closest branch being the Englewood location. The address is:


3450 North Access Road

Phone: 941-681-3736

Closed Sunday and Monday

Tues, Wed, Thurs – 10am – 6pm

Wednesday, 10am – 6pm

Friday 10am – 5pm

Saturday, 10am – 2pm

Need Photo ID




The waste disposal unit is under the sink and takes waste from the sink. If you want to use it please do not put tea bags, corn cobs or husks, egg shells, onions, potato peels or bones of any kind in the disposal. These systems cannot handle these types of waste.


Please always ensure that the water is running into the unit when it is turned on in order to prevent burn out. Be careful when using the system to ensure that cutlery does not fall into the unit. For your safety please keep your hands away from the operating unit and never put your hands inside the unit.




Please drive carefully and do not feed any of the wildlife that you will see around the home. Not only does this cause danger to the animals concerned, the local community has to deal with animals that get used to being fed and become a nuisance after your departure. Some animals may look cute, but they may have a tendency to attack and/or bite.


Rotonda is set alongside a state park and conservation area and Rotonda itself is considered to be a bird sanctuary.


There is an abundance of wildlife here and we have seen wild hog, raccoons, bobcats, otters, armadillos, foxes, Florida panthers and alligators to name but a few! There is also a wide variety of bird life including the red headed Sandhill crane and off-shore, the rarer white pelican.


Please be extra careful around still lying water (ponds and lakes), these do contain Alligators.








p<>{color:#333;}. Be sure to check all the drawers and wardrobes!

p<>{color:#333;}. Leave the house in a clean condition

p<>{color:#333;}. Turn off all the lights and fans and turn the air conditioning up to 79 degrees.

p<>{color:#333;}. Place all unused food in the refrigerator.

p<>{color:#333;}. Put bins & boxes out for collection on your trash pickup day or leave food and recyclables in black plastic bags and place in large, green, wheeled bins in the garage.

p<>{color:#333;}. Lock all doors with the exception of the front door dead bolt.

p<>{color:#333;}. Please leave the garage remote on the kitchen counter and replace the keys in the outside key box provided.

p<>{color:#000;}. Please don’t accidentally take the key home with you!

p<>{color:#000;}. Please be sure that the golf cards have been returned to the card holder on the refrigerator or left on the kitchen counter. A hand-out is provided along with the cards alerting you to the fact that we will be forced to withhold $75.00 from your security deposit for each card that is not returned prior to your departure.

p<>{color:#F00;}. Should you forget to leave the garage door opener on the day of departure, a fifty dollar ($50.00) charge will be taken from your security deposit to cover the cost of replacement.


If during your trip you find anything that would be helpful to other guests, places to Visit and eat, services you found. Please let us know so we can update this book.





Your digital guide and Information booklet on the local area

Area information and important phone numbers for guests staying with Happy Hibiscus on the South West Gulf Coast of Florida.

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Your digital guide and Information booklet on the local area Your digital guide and Information booklet on the local area