You can beat the flu!


I ask you right now – are you willing to open your mind to the gifts of God? Or will you close your mind and stumble in darkness? The gift of healing will cost you nothing but your skeptical attitude.


My purpose in writing this book is to ensure that all who seek will have the knowledge to apply healing in their lives in the coming tribulations. I’m not going to give you chapter after chapter of backstory, stories of healing, or just plain filler. My goal is to keep this book as short as possible and give you only what you need to know.


I suspect many of you who are reading this have already delved into the works of New Age healing gurus. And spent money too. What’s different about this work is this:

p<>{color:#000;}. It is a free gift from God.

p<>{color:#000;}. This work is simple and to the point. It’s so simple, some of you might say, “That’s it?”

p<>{color:#000;}. There will be no follow-on book, seminar or CD audio set that you have to pay $999.99 in order to get the full “healing.” This is it. Period.


I am not interested in fame or notoriety. What I am interested in is that if you find healing in your life from the following few pages. All I ask is that you give the thanks and praise to God -- for it is He who has given us the light.



Simple? Yes, but that is how you can tell if a message is from God. Because it will be direct, simple and the fruits will be good.


I used to get sick from the flu at least once a year (and yes, I took the flu shot every year). Ever since I applied the Healing method in my life, I have never been sick. Not one day. I am going on 7 years, disease and sickness free. My hope is that same wholeness and health will be the same for you.




STEP 1. Place your focus on the souls of your feet.

Run your fingers lightly over the souls of both your feet. Run it in circles and in three-inch lines. Do this for a minute. Learn the sensation, the pressure, how it feels. Close your eyes and let your attention be directed to your souls.

After a minute, remove your fingers and keep your attention (focus) on your souls. Continue to feel the same sensation of touch on the bottom of your feet even though you are not touching them.

Practice this until you can generate the sensation at will, without touching. This is important, because everything else is just a slight variation of this.


STEP 2: Run your fingers from the souls of your feet, up and over your ankles, up your shins, over your thighs, up your pelvis, abdomen, chest and front of neck.


Place your fingers back on the souls of your feet and repeat the process. Do this for a minute or so, then try to generate the same sensation without using your fingers. This is called the flow of energy. Or flowing energy.


IMPORTANT: Once you reach the neck, do not run the energy back down your body. Just return your attention to the souls of your feet and repeat the process.


Practice this until you can feel the energy flow deep inside your body.


STEP 3: Combine the “flowing of energy” with breathing.


Let your air out, then, breathe in a deep belly breath (through your nose) as you put your attention on the souls of your feet, then run the sensation up your legs, abdomen, chest and throat.


Time it so your “flow of energy” reaches your throat as you are finished taking in the deep breath, then let the breath and the energy out of your open mouth. Return your attention to the souls of your feet and repeat the flow.

Practice this for five minutes. Ensure you pay special attention to the flow of energy as it passes through your thighbones. Feel it deep in the thighbones.


STEP 4: Combine the flowing, breathing with visualization.

As you exhale, with your eyes closed, visualize tiny black particles exiting your mouth.


STEP 5: Thank God for the healing in your life.


Here are four applications of how to flow energy to heal:



At the first sign of achy bones, fever, cough or fatigue, begin running energy from the souls of your feet, up the legs and body and through your mouth – visualizing the black particles exiting into the air. Only flow energy from your feet to your mouth.

Ensure you feel the energy flow strongly through your thighbones. This is important for your immune system.


Do this for 15 minutes. If the symptoms come back, flow the energy again. After you get good at this, you can flow energy anytime you feel the symptoms coming on.


Important note: The earlier you begin flowing energy with the onset of the flu, the easier it will be to beat it. If you wait until the symptoms are fully set in, it will require much more effort to flow energy. Don’t wait!




Like the flu, run energy, but this time ensure you pay special attention to the flow of energy as it passes through your abdomen. Run the energy all the way out of your mouth. Repeat the process until the stomachache dissipates.




Run energy up your body just like the flu, except this time when you exhale, imagine the energy passing through your infected ear. Imagine you are exhaling through your infected ear. Do this until the pain subsides.



Run energy normally like you would for the flu.


These are just four examples, but there are countless ways you can heal your body through the flowing of energy. It will work, every time, if it is God’s will.


My hope is that you will find healing and wholeness in your life. I have been warned that much sickness is coming to the land. Please do not dismiss this gift as it is from God. Your very life may depend on it one day.


God Bless.









You can beat the flu!

  • Author: TJ B
  • Published: 2016-01-23 06:20:06
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You can beat the flu! You can beat the flu!