Yasss Sis! 12 Ways To Become A Better Gay Boy...



Part 1: Yo Bussy The Gateway To Your Soul

Yasssssss gay boys, we all know that sex is the best part of the relationship, you been with that fine ass man for awhile now, you both tested negative, ain’t got no baggage and ready to make HAWWT love!! You make time for him, you invite him over or go on vacation somewhere, you take a douche or two for extra cleanliness, a box of magnums and abuse the lube……the handcuffs an whip cream is a added bonus! Then that moment comes, you lift ya legs to the moon or arch that back, and like a hurricane he blows out ya backs! You screaming for mercy, shaking the bed makin a damn mess…..and then 35 minutes later, you layin on his chest with smiles on ya face, you cling to him like white on rice and nonstop kissing, it’s like that dick touched ya soul! 

When gay boy sees a fine ass boy and rides him like a motorcycle during a one night stand that’s one thing…..but when two men actually make LOVE, as in something true and heartfelt, it more than just another dick appointment, it’s something special!! Just like some girls call their vagina the “forbidden fruit”, the bussy (backdoor, mangina, boy box whatever you wanna call it) is the same thing! As bottoms we are the important half in the gay relationship because we are the receivers, we take it all, every damn inch and do what we can to make our men happy..Which is why it’s important that you not be a loose booty hoe! Your boy box is precious and is not meant for 10 partners but for one only, you hubby, and when he fucks you good it’s like you never wanna let go! And that’s what love is about, making that connection to last a long time….and sex just icing on the cake (or on the face), when he all up inside you YOU FEEL HIM, not only does he spray his nut but he releases his emotions too! 

So when you guys break up or you find out he was the one being a hoe, all that emotion an love flies out the window and the pain settles in! Like you wish you can take back that sloppy you gave him in the parking lot or all the times you ditched work just to get banged like a firecracker on the 4th of July, wasting all those moans and all that lube because you thought he be the one! Which is why gay boys it’s important that you don’t rush the dick, just because your horny doesn’t mean it’s the right time, some gay boys know the penis size before they ask his name! Just like Joan Clayton did on the TV show “Girlfriends” she made up a 3 month rule, 3 months of no type of sex whatsoever and just get to know the person, it’s like background check for fuckboys! Think about it like this, the 3 months is like an internship, an the boy pussy is the benefits after 90 days!!

Part 2: A Douche Is Not Just For Yo Booty (Soul Cleansing)

In the gay world we know that a douche is a very important instrument, because shitty sex is no fun AT ALL! But just like we bottoms need to clear our pipes before we get the pipe, a douche can also be used as analogy too! When we stick it in, it pushes out the nastiness and clears us out, which is what you need to for ya souls! For those of us who enter into a new relationship especially after a few fuckboys, it leaves us emotionally dirty, and it’s time we douche our souls! We can’t bring past shit into a new relationship it makes it even more complicated and messy and baggage is a major relationship killer! Gay boys you need to douche ya souls so you can really experience love at its purest and best, now just like before you douche before you bottom, sometimes once ain’t enough! Same thing with our souls, we gotta keep cleansing ourselves till we feel clear of all our past shit, things such as mistrust, miscommunication, bad sex all those things…….it’s all gone! And once you feel in your spirit that you’re emotionally cleared out, you can step into the waters an try your luck again!

Imma use a personal example, I remember I was working at this job and this PHATTYLICIOUS white boy caught my eye yesss gawd! His name was Manny, and he was so amazing in my eyes, the way he cared about me, and treated me with respect, and all that pound cake!! I remember my heart and my mind was inundated with thought of him, I think about him on the daily so much that it made me happy even when I wasn’t around him! But of course all good must come to an end…..I learned one day that he moved away, I didn’t know where he went but I cried like hell! But after 4 months my heart and mind was still constipated with the thoughts of him, and I had to move on. The point I’m trying to make is that I had douche all emotional shit I accumulated from this man, and in time I felt brand new and I accepted the fact he’s never coming back to me. 

Sometimes emotions are hard to shake off, love is like heroin, especially when it feels REAL GOOD, and when you somehow lose it, you withdrawal and it hurts like hell! Sometimes when you douche, although it feels like it’s all gone, there’s still some shit left and and it may be a small amount, but it’s enough to make the moment unpleasant! Same with love, no matter how many times you douche your emotions there always gonna be some remnants, but you can’t let that get in the way of your new relationship. YOU DESERVE HAPPINESS SIS!! So the next time you fall in love or think you falling in love, make sure it’s right! Because you don’t wanna keep on douching your emotions so much that it’s almost routine, it gets draining after while, the heart is very fragile so don’t be too quick to fill up on love….

Part 3: Down Low = HELL TO THE NO

There comes a time in every gay mans life where he meets a really nice guy….or so he thinks! He kind, he’s loyal, he’s caring, and oh yeah he got that good good! But then you walk in the mall for something and to your shock….HES ALL OVER SOME GIRL! So you confront him and he comes out and says that he has a girlfriend and you are the boy toy that he dabs in every now and then! It shakes you to the core, you’re super upset, and worst of all, his chick is coming for YOUR neck! Down low men are nuisances, especially if you are trying to find TRUE gay love, they give it out on both sides of their legs, playin you, playing her, and most shocking…..most down low men don’t use any type of protection when getting intimate with either one of y’all! It happens a lot especially in black gay circles, black men who know deep down they like the dick are too afraid to reveal it because they know the amount of hate they’ll face from both friends and family. So they keep it under wraps and while the girl (an some instances A CHILD) are in the house thinking he’s at “work” or with his boys, chile he’s with his boys alright and their not at the club or at work, they just fuckin around hoping nobody will find out!

Being in love with a down low man does have its perks, for one THE SEX, and the fact that you put it on him better than his girl or wife gives a gay man somewhat some bragging rights! But then the real issue comes when you both want more that just a dick appointment and you actually develop feelings for each other   and want this to last, this causes things to go south because you thought it was actual relationship and that you were worth more than just a random hookup! The best way to avoid all this mess (an possible disease) is to simply not get mixed up with a down low man to begin with, it’s a lot of baggage that comes with and unwanted drama! Now we gay boys know men are fine, Jesus did his thang when he made them, but before you go any further ask them straight up are they gay for real! If they just say “I’m curious to know what’s it like to be with boys” or “I heard do it better than girls” then boo boo, he ain’t the one!

Down low men are not only affecting unsuspecting gay boys but also the women are the victims too! It’s devastating to know that your man isn’t really attracted you and that he’s keeping secrets, not to mention when man goes in raw in the gay boy, then gives the girl the raw thang too….it’s a deadly combination! More an more cases of HIV an AIDS as well as other STDs are on the rise especially in the black community as a result of down low men spreading the viruses via unprotected sex. Black men are known for their “hypermasculinty” and are scared to live their truth, so this issue will never go away, but for my gay boys…if you with a man and you have your suspicions, confront him, then if it’s true he’s down low, sever the ties with him in a New York minute cause the drama is not worth the dick!

Part 4: Its Okay To Be Fem

When boys grow up, especially in the ghetto, they are automatically placed high masculine expectations, such as play sports, go into the gym an become muscle bound hulks, and always wear conservative “manly” colors such brown or black or red and of course WOMEN! An if a boy does anything outside of those things they are called every name in the book…they are outcasts and shut out by family and some of their peers, even church folk become judgmental and get on your case! But despite the whole world against you….sis you ain’t doin nothing wrong! Being a femboy is actually a wonderful thing, for one all the bad bitches want to be with you since you’re super fabulous, and know a thing or two about beauty an fashion! In the old days if a boy was feminine he was shunned by society and automatically made fun of in school an society, but these days mostly everyone is accepting and in high school all the femboys got a huge circle of friends!

Now there’s two types of femboys, the ones who are public with it don’t give a fuck who is watching and the ones who are kinda private with it such as pretend to be “boyish” in like a hyper masculine setting such as barbershops, but play the hell out of Beyoncé or Britney Spears in their personal time! Me personally I’m kinda feminine in my home like when I’m out in public I try not to be wildly fem even tho its obvious I’m gay asf, but at home I cross my legs, I be twerkin and I spray on my moms Victoria Secret cause I feel beautiful! But many femboys are like that too, although they are confident in their gayness they also know people say mean things and in some cases hate crimes. It’s one thing to be homophobic but when you physically hurt someone just because they are who they are it’s a serious issue, and a risk that gay boys in general have to face!

Actually surprising, but even in the LGBT community there are some gays who look down on femboys and shut them out in clubs and social settings, thinking they automatically loose booty hoes and are known to be messy! It’s actually kinda hard to make gay friends because usually they are known to be messy as hell and spread yo business around town, and it leads to some division in the gay community cause in the clubs the femboys form like a clique and just seem unapproachable! But for you femboys that are genuine and mean no mess, YOU ARE LOVED, despite all the odds stacked against y’all, DONT STOP BEING YOSELVES!! Be that bad ass bitch and be fabulous and if somebody puts you down or family tries to shut you due to homophobia, don’t ever commit suicide!! You’re life is worth something and you’re special, being feminine is not a bad thing but a FABULOUS thing!!

Part 5: How To Be Fab Like Mariah Carey…On a Flea Market Budget

Most gay boys have that one super diva that is so beautiful she could turn you straight, and has a level of fabulosity we aspire to have! For instance miss Mariah Carey, SHE IS A SUPERSTAR chile, with $500+ mill in her bank account she is Uber fabulous! This bitch invented the word fabulous with her 5 digit costing gowns and oversized jewels and ooooh her collection of heels! A lot of gay men look up to her not just for her extensive music but because she is soooooo extra! Like her diva attitude kinda empowers you and makes you feel bougie. But then reality hits you.....you work at a Burger King on the night shift and rides the bus or got a broke down Honda, and unless you shake yo cakes at the club or fuckin an rich sugar daddy, all that fabulosity you wish you had is just that....a wish. But don't despair my gay friend for you can be a lil diva yourself despite the circumstances! Just like Mariah has big gaudy bling on her chest and fingers ($10 million engagement ring) you too can achieve this on less than $200! For example there are lots of cubic zirconia broaches and statement rings on Amazon and you can flaunt it in all those broke bitches faces!

Another thing is your style, we gays know big time divas like Mariah or Beyonce go to these Uber fabulous spas and get the star treatment with a snap of a finger, I mean the hair LAID, the face BEAT and the rest of that body SNATCHED! But you ain’t workin with much and you wish you could get a total makeover and rid of the dirt and stress life throws at you! There are ways to look your best in the most middle class way possible! For example after you get your paycheck, if you have $50 extra leftover even after you paid what’s needed to be paid, you can get a nice mani or pedi at your local nail shop for at least $40 (just be careful cause those Koreans love to upsell) but heres a tip, find a nail salon that’s like on the upper class side of town that way it looks like you have money! Also if your tax refund checks a good amount you can get a rubdown and a facial for a good $250, and make sure the masseuse is a cutie!!

The last thing you can do to look fabulous while broke is that you can go into Macy's or Sears or if you feelin a lil spendy Nordstrom Rack or Neimans Marcus Last Call, and find a real designer look just like Mimi for a steal!! The last two stores I mentioned are basically a clearance for rich folk, they take all the shit that been sittin in the shelves for a couple months and when it's not in style anymore they send it to Rack or Last Call and cut the price sometimes 50-75% off!! A great notifies that's often overlooked is called DSW or Designer Shoe Warehouse, gurl they got all kinds of sales and you can get high class shoes and accessories at a Wal-mart price!! And don't forget Forever 21 an H&M, they have cute stuff for like less than $40! So gays it's okay if you ain't got money like Mariah or Beyonce, it's all about the EFFORT....if you budget properly and look real good for sales you'll be the envy of all the gays in the hood and put some of these bitches to shame.....and still have enough to go to IHOP!!

Part 6: Its Okay To Be Lame

Lots of Gays boys are stereotyped as these club hoppin, booty shakin wild cards that are loud as fuck an suppose to be the life of the party, but despite what tv show you lots of gays aren’t like that! There are some gays that are kinda to themselves (like me) you know super chill and don’t turn up at every pride parade or shake that booty at the club every weekend frontin for the gram! If you a homebody like me or just to yourself a lot, sometimes when we see other gays living it up on social media we feel inferior and like super lame compared to them because we think we should be living life like that all wild an carefree, but honey boo I came to tell you it’s okay to be lame!

You see we are all different and sometimes you just don’t feel like goin no damn where! I mean you have a few friends but they always askin you to hangout at the wrong of time! Truth be told ain’t nothin wrong with being alone sometimes, you need time to rejuvenate and be with yourself, besides you ain’t gotta go out all the time it gets draining after while. For example my straight friends always hounding my phone askin me to come out and hang with them and his other straight friends when I really don’t feel like it! I have bigger things to focus on and plus every time I hang with them I feel sorta left out, like I don’t belong and they always don’t respect my feelings! Many times gay boys who were kinda raised as introverts have a lil trouble being socially fluid because you’re out your comfort zone, and the insecurities start to get to your head, thinking your less of a person or that you’re a lame ass because you’re not a wild card!

You need to learn to have peace within yourself, like my auntie said, there’s a difference between being alone and being lonely! Sometimes we feel lonely cause we feel nobody understands us, or you don’t have anything to offer based off of whatever you going thru! But trust me when I say….YOU ARE AN AMAZING PERSON…..there’s nobody like you in this world and whatever man snags your gay ass they are gonna be so lucky cause your unique personality, you ain’t like these other loose booty messy bottoms at the club, you got some sense and your heart is pure which makes great boyfriend material!! Plus most gay boys who are to themselves a lot are usually very creative, you may seem lame on the outside but when you tell folks about your talents they’ll be amazed and will WANT to be your friend! So don’t pay attention to all the wild carefree gay boys on social media who make it seem like their life is nothing but fun….honey you be surprised at how many of those free spirits be doin it for show when they really ain’t got it like that. And don’t worry if you ain’t got enough money or if you like different kinds of music etc, YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE, AN YOU ARE AMAZING!!

Part 7: Aint Nothin Wrong With A Swiss Miss

Now we Afro American gays know ain’t nothin like a sexy black man! All dipped in dark chocolate or caramel and got a lil hood in him too ooooh YESS, and don’t forget about the best part……that nice length of meat black men got dangling in between their legs! But ain’t nothin wrong with these vanilla boys tho, even tho there’s like this stigma that white boys ain’t got the good thang like black men, that white men are seen as having small penises and don’t have the swag like black men, and the deep racist background the white man has doesn’t really help! But what white boys lack in sex game they make up in personality, most white  boys are so caring an sweet that it like so comforting cause it’s a type of attitude that most black men don’t have! White boys are excellent listeners like you can have deep convos with them and it might form a spark….

Intergaycial love is just as amazing yet comes with some caution, since interracial love had a rough past being that if you were a black an white couple you were HATED ON, gay or straight! But now in 2017 almost everybody is dating outside their race and it’s not as awkward anymore, besides everybody knows coffee needs lil cream….interracial gay couples are so fuckin cute! but there are some things to think about tho. One thing and it’s the most important thing, which is undercover racism.[+ +]The gay community is mostly white, which means that it’s the same prejudice just a different sexual orientation. Although the gay community is seen as an “accepting” environment if you look closely you’ll see the white gays get into cliques and some instances exclude the minority gays! The dating game is where the racism really is shown, for example gay dating apps like Grindr an Tinder have the part in the profile where men state what type of preference they like and I saw some like “no blacks no asians”, “I’m only into white guys!”, “white only please nobody else” and etc! AN ITS USUALLY THE UGLY ASS WHITE GUYS WHO SAY THAT, just totally keeping division alive an another thing is that some white guys see being with a black man as something exotic or some shit like that, like they just want black dick an nothing else, and sometimes you never know if the white boy you dating really loves you for YOU or cuz he had a fetish?

I can tell from experience honey that ain’t nothin like being in love with a white boy!  It’s like a whole different experience cause the two worlds are coming together and you learn so much about each other not just racial wise but the different cultures an background, which I guess that’s why it feels so genuine! My first two loves were white guys, and they treated me so good, I felt these intense emotions when I was with them and some people hated on us but that’s what gays have to deal with sadly! BUT FOR REAL IF YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH A WHITE BOY WHO IS GENUINE AN LIBERAL YESSS, ITS A WONDERFUL FEELING….SO GO GET YO SLICE OF VANILLA OREO!! Now don’t date white guys
as a “rebellion” cause you had bad luck with niggas, that’s self hate, not real love, when make that Swiss miss with somebody that YOU TREASURE.. y’all are ending racism in your own little way! 

Part 8: Straight Folk Go To Hell Too!

We already know LGBT and religion just like oil and water, THEY DONT MIX WELL! Almost every religion from Muslim to Christianity with Judaism an Mormon an Catholics in between, all look down an Condemn us gay boys! If you were brought up in any of these churches (especially the black church) you heard a zillion times that it’s an “abomination” and you goin straight to hell if you look at another man in a sexual way! And they say that God can heal you of your gayness, “pray the gay away”, forcing yourself to be straight, using holy water……but even after all that shit, YOU STILL GAY AS FUCK! It seems that religious people are very one sided, they come down the gays throats for being ourselves while there’s a slew of sin goin on behind closed doors that they don’t really harp on. What some church people tend to forget is that straight folks are not immune to the lake of fire, you have a bunch of out of wedlock children (some by the pastors triflin ass) you have fornicators all up an thru the pews, liars, thieves, and a whole bunch of sins that are hell worthy!

I don't know if you recall but on the 1980s there was a huge aids outbreak and the gay community was the epicenter, and right away the judgment came rolling out the Christians mouths....fast forward to the Pulse nightclub shooting last year, it was a terrible moment and very painful for the gays, but folks who were supposed to be of a "loving" faith were saying all kinds of hateful rhetoric, saying "this is what the gays get!", "god is punishing y'all for all that nastiness", and all kinds of things. The Bible says a lot of things, and it's one thing to know the verses, but it's another thing to know what they mean. And church people be so dramatic cause they act like being gay is like "the ultimate sin", you have so called "Christian" men out here fuckin around with random hoes sometimes with no condom, but because he straight god is going to overlook his nasty ass? Straight men makeup the most deadbeat daddies, abusive husbands and give out more STDs, but because he straight god won't care and will forgive and forget....but yet sends my gay ass on a one way ticket to hell regardless if I have morals , but because I'm gay god somehow just hates me??? DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE! NO THE FUCK IT DONT, but that's how you church people sound tho.....

We are all god’s children regardless of who we are! You have gay guys out there who are trying to be religious and live their lifestyle too, they’re tryna do the right thing and live right…..they just so happen to like other men. So I say fuck what people think, and the next time some bible thumper tries you, YOU PUT THEM IN CHECK AM TELL THEM THAT GOD KNOWS WHAT YOU BE DOIN TOO BOO, SO DONT JUDGE ME FOR HOW IM HAPPILY LIVING MY LIFE, CAUSE SIN IS SIN REGARDLESS…..

Part 9: Lovin Yo Family From A Distance

It’s one of the toughest situations every gay person has to face in their life…having unsupportive family who are very homophobic! It’s one thing to not agree with it but some parents really take their homophobia to the upmost extreme! For many free spirited gays it’s very draining and confing to live with family who put you down for who you are, and no matter how much you try to reason with them they still disagree, calling you a “faggot”, “sissy”, “fruity” and whatever type of borderline derogatory words they throw at you! If the atmosphere gets too much to where the verbal abuse sometimes turns into physical, where parents would get violent or do something completely unnecessary just because you’re gay, if it ever gets to that boiling point then you need to leave or otherwise something will blow and you’ll lose yo damn mind!!

When a parent disowns or just don’t care for thier gay son it hinders the relationship, and makes the child feel as if they are worthless and emotionally damages them for life! Some parents come around after awhile and accept their gay children, but in most conservative an religious homes the chance of them accepting you is very slim. This hits home for me because my parents were very homophobic, both my mom dad was so against it and it cut like a knife because they made me feel like I was “less of a man”, that being gay was disgusting and that you can’t please God by being gay. Many times we had arguments about it and they would be in denial, still coming to me about women knowing damn well I was gay as fuck! I wanted to leave so bad, but my money was never right and I just had to keep it to myself, which was very challenging especially when my dad would watch Fox News….and when they bring up LGBT subjects he just gets so ignorant and sometimes the things that come out his mouth I just can’t take it! An many gays are in situations like mine, they want to leave an establish they freedom but circumstances hold them back and they had to cope with the hate.

When you see other gays have loving accepting parents, especially black ones, it forms this jealousy inside and you want that love so bad, but sometimes you have to love your family from a distance! Now this doesn’t mean you hate your parents but sometimes distance is the best medicine, when you are free to be yourself the anger that you have due to your parent’s ignorance subsides and forgiveness becomes easier! But to all my gay boys don’t let your parents homophobia get to you, AINT NOTHIN WRONG WITH BEING GAY, and for those Bible thumper parents God still loves my gay ass, trust me I know the homophobic atmosphere can be a bit too much at times, but once you out on your own an have nobody to confine you it’s a wonderful fuckin feeling yessss!!

Part 10: Its 2 Dicks…Aint No Girl In The Relationship

I remember being a female co worker one time and she knew I was gay, so I told her about this boy and how fine his ass was, but then she asked me a question “so are you like the girl in the relationship?”……OMG IF I HEAR THIS ONE MORE FUCKIN TIME!!! Whenever a gay couple goes public famous or not there’s always some dumb bitch who asks, “whose the girl?”….knowing damn well ain’t no “girl” anywhere it’s two MEN!! Some curious people ask that question because they see boys who act feminine hooked up with a really manly man so they assume that he’s the “girl” in the relationship since he’s the bottom or cause he takes care of his husband like a girl does. People who are very ignorant with gay culture and the backbone of gay relationships often see a butch lesbian gurl who looks kinda mannish an does things like a man, thus coming to a half ass conclusion that the butch is the “man” in a lesbian relationship or a feminine gay boy is the “girl” in a gay relationship and they connect their heterosexual dots but this is not true at all….

In a gay relationship it’s a Top (usually a masculine husband type man who gives the dick) an a Bottom (a submissive often fruity type of man who bends over for his husband and has female tendencies) Just because the partner is kinda submissive doesn’t mean he’s the girl, he’s still a man just like anybody else he’s just the bottom an likes to pamper his man! Never really understood why they called me a “girl” just because I’m not the alpha type of man, last time I checked I had a penis too! I’m just a bottom so maybe that’s why girls be on me about that, in THIER minds if you take the dick an call yourself a bad bitch then you must be the “girl” , cause that’s what girls do! But the gay community is so complex there’s all types of bottoms out there who are kinda manly an still bend over for daddy…..Those are called “masc bottoms” and in the black community it’s kinda hard to tell who a masc bottom is since most black men are considered these alpha men! Another thing that keeps gay couples separated from other couples is one word…..VERSE!

A verse is a boy who sticks it in….an when he feels like it takes the dick too! A verse is very gender fluid, he can be manly asf, or he can be feminine! A verse can be just as submissive as a bottom, they both can be masculine or they both can be feminine ALL GAYS ARE DIFFERENT!! So the next tome one of these  girls ask that silly ass question…..you check her an get her to understand that just because you a bottom or you feminine that don’t mean you the “girl”….you a gay BOY, and a gay couple consist of two men (unless you transgender) and how you are is HOW YOU ARE! Don’t conform to society and it’s narrow-minded relationship rules straight people made!

Part 11: Fuckboy Alert…TIME TO GO!

For many of us gays the quest to find a decent man is daunting, you see a fine nigga and he asks you out, says all the right things, y’all have a good time dating and the feelings start to stir inside you, then as soon as you say the word “commitment”……right away he changes! He ain’t the same sweet boy you connected with he’s does a 180, he takes you for granted, very shifty bout his whereabouts, y’all argue a lot and then to top it off….YO BESTIE CLAIMS TO HAVE SEEN HIM GET HIS FREAK ON WITH ANOTHER NIGGA!

They’re many names for men like this: creep, cheater, two timer, player, deadbeat….but in 2017 we call them FUCKBOYS! A word made up by young women who encounter men with no home training and trying to take advantage of their love who end up breaking their hearts, tarnishing their trust in men forever! Same with the gay boys, men constantly lie an fuck up a good thing or just want a quick fuck because deep down they are like children, immature an get bored easily, and when a child gets bored easily what happens….they get distracted by something that brings them quick happiness! Straight/gay men no different, They talk a good game but then get bored of you and go out and hook up with some side piece, and then your self esteem takes a dive because you thought you were doin everything right an being a good lover…you douched, you sucked him dry wherever an whenever, you cooked for him gave him clean clothes, supported his dreams (sometimes financially) EVEN MOVED IN WITH HIM! And even after you made all those sacrifices he still found a way to mess things up and emotionally it’s damaging. It’s not that damaging when you had a bunch of exes and sad to say you’re “used to it” but when you had like no baggage before and you were so in love with him…to have a fuckboy hurt you like that cuts like a knife!

So to all my gays it’s okay to be choosy, nowadays you have to cause fuckboys come in all shapes an sizes Even the ugly boys be trippin! When you meet a guy, read him up and down, see his body language ask the difficult questions about his past so you can have a clear view of what you gettin into. Don’t be superficial either, don’t just pay attention to big dick, phat ass, his looks or even his wallet then that makes YOU a fuckboy! Watch how he acts an if you can follow him on social media, see who he follows an make sure he’s not a hoe on the gram. If you already in a relationship and he ain’t doin you right then you need to let him go, don’t try working things out with a fuckboy they never change, now sometimes you might be able to get thru to him an stick it out…but that’s if you only love him that much, but would you be able to fully trust him an be genuinely happy tho? You can’t be with a toxic nigga you won’t gain anything from it but drama an in some cases an incurable disease! An if a fuckboy does break ya heart Remember….you too fabulous and it’s his loss, you still are beautiful, smart and sweet so don’t let him get the best of you!!!

Part 12: Be Yourself!

We stressed so much about relationships, stereotypes, homophobic family and other situations that face gay boys, but one thing that is most important that every gay boy needs to understand is to just be yourself! The world is full of haters and people will say things regardless to bring down your self esteem an make you feel less than just because you’re gay! You don’t focus on that negativity then it’ll bring you down and ruin your spirits! Please understand that being gay is LIT asf! Literally the whole world would be boring as hell if there were no gays! Don’t pay attention to religion, the same people who criticize an hate gays for the way we live our lives are the same ones who have a boatload of issues, hell they can’t even tell you the basic bible stuff! An as for the older bible thumpers, don’t give them any thought, their ignorance never changes so why should you?

The LGBT community itself has so many stupid labels it’s hard to fit in, not every gay guy is this loud out going feminine boy or some muscle built twink that be up in the gay clubs every Friday! Every gay guy is unique and special in THIER own way! I had to learn this the hard way cause I thought I was so lame an boring, I wasn’t super feminine and I didn’t have much muscle, but my very friends told me that I was amazing and that boosted my self esteem! Also don’t worry if you lost In life, you don’t have to have everything figured out, it’s okay to take things slowly an one day at a time, whether you 22 or 55 we all find our true life purpose eventually!

Also gay boys don’t stress just because your still single, men these days are not as compassionate and lack home training! Remember you are waaaay to precious to be used an abused my some nigga! Waiting for that right one may feel like forever but the love you’ll find in the end is worth the journey! So my whole point is this…..IF YOU A BOY WHO LIKE MAKEUP AN DRESSES AN GIRLY THINGS, OWN THAT SHIT!!…..IF YOU A BOY WHO LIKES TO DO DRAG AN BALLERINA, YOU BETTA WORK!!……IF YOU LIKE BRIGHT COLORS LIKE PINK, ORANGE, LAVENDER, FUSCHIA, LIME WHATEVER IT IS, YOU ARE FREE TO EMBRACE THAT…AN IF YO FREINDS AN FAMILY HOMOPHOBIC OR PUT YOU DOWN FOR BEING GAY THEN FUCK THEM!!


Yasss Sis! 12 Ways To Become A Better Gay Boy...

  • ISBN: 9781370119714
  • Author: Ronnie
  • Published: 2017-10-04 10:45:20
  • Words: 6517
Yasss Sis! 12 Ways To Become A Better Gay Boy... Yasss Sis! 12 Ways To Become A Better Gay Boy...