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Xauranian Zodiacs: Rise of the Rustic Exile


From my childhood I had been made familiar with many mythologies and folk tales. Gods, devils, folks and their morals were the main streams of those stories used to enlighten as well as to excite me. Mythical elements in them use to imprint in me a lot. While comparing them I came up with the result that literally what they both deal with is the similarity of victory of good over evils. And these imprints forced me to reincarnate a tale of mine. But what? After thinking for a long time I came up with the idea of writing a love story between demon folk and human including many other folks. And then I wrote a long story on it of about hundred pages but after when I went through it, it felt too stinky to me. So I decided to drop the idea of writing and move over my thought from it. But something didn’t let me drop the idea. So I kept on thinking many new ideas but all went in vain.

Everyday my father use to see his zodiac report in the newspaper so I do. One day while going through them my mind got struck on their symbols. Then an idea came in my mind that these zodiacs can be brought into reality. I decide to try the idea colliding with my old dropped story. The idea seemed very effective and interesting to me. So to confirm I decided to reflect my idea to my few friends and they like it too. They forced me to write the tale. Then I collided the typical folk tale with the typical mythology. I added the fictious name ‘Xauranian’ (which means a group under a person Xauran in the story) and added it with Zodiacs thus making it as ‘Xauranian Zodiacs’.

This mythological folk tale is a complete work of fiction which do not have any relations or intentions with any myths, societies or religions. I’ve tried to insert every damn element which could make the story interesting and unique. Theme of the story is completely a work of fiction based on the mythologies and ancient folk tales of legends. It reflects the fight between the demon community and and humans community followed by the various folks of both Earth and Hell and a group of legends from the history, the Xauranian Zodiacs. There are plots which sides for both good and evils, love and war, mystery and thrill, demons and humans and yeah finally and the main theme of the story is the fictional history of legends of Zodiacs. Style of the tale is quite ancient but I tried my best to make the simplest and most alluring form of it to make it suitable for all generations and age of people. Hope you all will like it. Happy reading.

 Animesh Anand

“Why have you came here, you loser, Rustic Exile”, Dorkins’ King Droka looking into the eyes, crookedly asked Murtang Phenson, who is abandoned by his father and his younger brother, Crevill Phenson on act of evil deed which he imposed against his kingdom, Hendronge which was habituated by the vilse(a humanoid demon folk of Hell). Hearing this everyone present at that court laughs.

Murtang gets angry and cried out, “Silence… Dare you call me with that name.”

“Cool down you dumb head. Its not your kingdom. That we will bare your superiority. Its my reign, my Dorakador, my court and you pile of nutshell standing on my land with my permission. One order and your head will be off your body. So dare watch your tone before you speak.” Droka gets off his throne and coming few steps down pointed his finger toward Murtang and warns him. Whole court came at the state of pin drop silence.

This act of Droka angered Murtang very badly but he kept quite and apologize for his action, “I’m sorry your Highness. But I’ve come here with a deal”

Droka returned to his throne and sit down. “What deal?”

Murtang in low but audible tone spoke, “I’ve heard about you that you have a dream of conquering whole Earth. I’ll help you.”

“You”, Droka making fun of his deal “You will help me. Go, first get help for yourself. Don’t consider me fool to take help from a loser.”

“I think that his Highness is forgetting that few years back when I was just a teenager, made him bow his head in front of my so called father.” Murtang exclaimed.

These words of Murtang angered Droka. Droka ordered guards to throw him out of the kingdom. But when two of guard proceeded to get hold over him he in fraction of second take his sword and kills them. Seeing this all of the guards proceed towards Murtang but he stopped them all, “Wait… Your Highness I don’t think that you will be enjoying it at all. Before few more loses their life I want you to make your decision.”


Medilive, as the name reflects, this empire literally was the greatest Empire of all and also covers whole of the middle earth’s areas. It was huge not only spread all over the land masses but they were also the lord of four great water bodies. Mezirg was the capital of this empire. It was most beautiful and well planned kingdom that from outside nobody could even make if Mezirg is a fortress or the palace. Because it was surround by the huge mountain range from east, west and north with just one opening in the north. Which was constructed to prevent the kingdom from all sorts of danger. In south it was huge ocean which made the main means of trade for Mezirg. Medilive was ruled by Emperor Balthild Stalwarts, who is great warrior and ruler. It was really hard time faced by Emperor Balthild. Few years back his wife faced a mental disorder and his two little kid Prince Alexar and Princess Vanessa who were just five years and three years respectively were made to keep away from their mother. Emperor Balthild though fulfilled all his duty as an emperor as well as a father.7
In that state of tension Monsignor Luborn and his
wife Luna took the custody of the royal kids. Likely four years
passed smoothly.

One day at evening, when moon was just about to get eclipsed, little seven years old Princess Vanessa went into the Royal Temple while playing the game of hide n seek with her brother Prince Alexar. When she went in she only saw Monsignor Luborn in there who was busy locking a small door in west side corner of the temple. Till time Princess gained her conscience she never remember the gate open as it would have been forgotten for many years. She stared at the gate continuously. But suddenly her patience broke into laughter by which Monsignor gets disturb. He looked back and sees Princess there. Her laughter in that complete silence reflected Monsignor as a ghostly guffaws.

Monsignor went to Princess and asked, “Why are you laughing?”

Princess in her cute notorious mesmerizing voice replied, “It is funny to watch you closing that small gate in which I can barely fit with that huge lock about the size of your head.” After hearing that Monsignor too broke into laughter but soon his laughter turns into seriousness.

Monsignor asked seriously but softly, “What are you doing here when it is clearly announced that today there won’t be any storytelling?”

“Oh Monsignor”. Princess replied in her mesmerizing voice, “I am playing hide n seek with my brother so I came for hiding here, because I knows that he is not that smart that he will come finding me here.” And she gave a notorious smile again.

In between their conversation a guard came rushing and informs7
Monsignor that Emperor wants him in the private
meeting room as soon as possible. Monsignor told the guard to leave
as he will get there soon. But guard insisted that Emperor have ask
him to bring him(Monsignor) with him. Monsignor in hurry forgot
that Princess was still there with the key in the lock hanging from
the hook of that small door, left with the guard for the meeting.
Princess proceed towards the door.


Murtang became more volatile and he sets the war against the folks of Earth. He opened the wormhole to the Earth which led demons back to Earth with the catastrophic results. They turned many kingdoms to ashes. They mercilessly killed many innocents. Their evilness caused many damages to the folks of Earth. Murtang, “Let people die for no cause. Let kingdom burnt in the revenge of demons. Make every damn fetus fears to open their eyes out from their mother’s womb. They called me Rustic, now they will face what rusticity causes when it gets wild.”


Leopar, son of Emperor Crevill was the Prince of Hendiag. He was ferocious and belligerent. In spite which he was also benevolent. For him after his family and responsibilities there was a friend for whom he could spare his life happily. His name was Kelan Vare who belong to the community of Enork sorcerer (they weren’t complete sorcerer but each one was born with a special quality of their own). Kelan was a seer, means he can see visions of anyone before the thing takes place. They both were considered as the bestie as even an army was incapable to compete these two fine warriors.

One day in the barrier of Mezirg the tribal found the unconscious injured body of Leopar. They took him to their tribe and treated him. Within two to three weeks Leopar’s wound gets healed up. But still he remained unconscious. One day, Leopar gained his conscience back. Qasik, the leader of the tribe went to see him. But Leopar was so angry and wild that he hurts everyone out there. He continuously kept on shouting, “Where am I? Where is my friend Kelan? Bring him to me.” But soon he got faint again and falls.

Qaisk, “Leave him. He needs rest. It seems he had faced lots of disaster. Or might have lost somebody. He will be alright soon.”

One of his son, Reki asked him, “Father what could have happen to him. And one thing you noticed that he was continuously repeating a name, Kellan. Don’t the name sounds a bit odd.”

Qaisik, “Whatever it may be son. But something very wrong has taken on him. And he isn’t a normal human. His potentiality speaks much of him. But who is him and what happened to him?”


Leo walking around the corridor saw the Princess Vanessa in the rose garden of the Palace. She was now a young beautiful girl with great charming personality. He was so alure by her charm that he stop there. He went to meet her.

Princess was busy practicing with her sword fight. She was so busy7
practicing that she don’t see Leo coming in. But suddenly she stops as the situation was that sword was just about to hit Leo’s head off.

“Can’t you just see and walk. A moment late you might have been dead.” Princess scolded Leo. But Leo kept on smiling as if nothing happened. “Seriously you are mad. Still smiling. Who are you?” Princess seeing Leo smiling interrogated.

“I think you would have heard of the new Captain in the place for Captain Carlton.” Leo replied.

“So you are the one”. Princess exclaimed, “But that a big stupidity from you, I just never expected.”

“I think now you are trying to question my ability,” Leopar asked. “What to question in that? Your stupidity clearly reflects that”.

“If you don’t mind let’s have a duo fight. Let’s see who is actually a stupid or a warrior.”

“I don’t have time for freakish insane.” Saying it Princess returned towards the palace. But she was blocked by Leo’s sword in front of her stomach. This action of Leo angered her and she instantly reacted by pushing Leo’s sword with her’s. She continuously kept on attacking on Leo. And Leo kept on escaping the attack.

Leo smilingly interrogated, “So thats all Mezirg’s Princess knows.”

Princess anger reached its peak. She more ferociously attacked on Leo.

“Fooo… That was cruel. But I must say there’s no beauty like you in whole of this world.” Leo with his notorious smile commented.

“You crook.” Princess became more angry.7“Well that was much much of cruel. But still I’ll say you are most beautiful. Because you are?”

“I can’t believe you are trying to flirt with a seven year old girl.” Princess exclaimed.



Leo was been thrashed like an animal but he does not speaks a word except a smile of relief on his face with tears rolling down his eyes. Soldiers of Mezirg was beating Leo badly with lash. Princess was looking at him with tears in eyes.

“Stop..”. Princess suddenly interrupted, “Unchain him. Let him go. And… Advise him never ever to enter the border of Medilive. And if he ignores or tries to enter the borders better take his head off his body.”


Leopar roaring to his peak voice summoned, “When sun rises it must rise for a fearless earth. If this is our fate. Then be it so. If evil rises, legends will also rise and if a rustic rises with evil dream, Xauranian Zodiacs will rise to his doom. Once again Xauran’s zodiacs rises to empower the freedom to earth from fear and rusticity.”


Main edition of this book will be published on 17th May, 2016

Keywords  Fiction, fantasy, thrill, mystery, folk, ancient, legends, mythic, love, trilogy, zodiacs, epic, saga, Xauran

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Story written and edited by  [_[*Animesh Anand7

Xauranian Zodiacs: Rise of the Rustic Exile

This is a promo edition of my upcoming first eBook which is going to publish on 17th May, 2016. This is the story about a demon named Leopar who escapes from hell with his friend Kelan in order to save them them from ruthlessness of his uncle Murtang who was also popularly known as The Rustic Exile. But tragically loses his friend. He lives a life of disguise in Mezirg, where he prepare his army to fight against the demons of hell. He fails in love with the seven years old princess of Mezirg. Meanwhile nature sets up their fate for the rise of Xauranian Zodiacs.

  • Author: Animesh Anand
  • Published: 2016-04-12 20:20:06
  • Words: 2300
Xauranian Zodiacs: Rise of the Rustic Exile Xauranian Zodiacs: Rise of the Rustic Exile