Wrong-headed Ideas in Social Skills

Wrong-Headed Ideas in Social Skills

By Earnest Long

Copyright 2016 Earnest Long

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Chapter 1, Introduction

The purpose of this book is to give some pointers about wrong-headed ideas that can cause poor social skills. Circumstances could have led you to make mistakes. And when you know where the mistakes come from, you stand a better chance or rectifying them. Alternatively, you just need some more general tips. These are ones you might like if you haven’t already heard all of them before.

People might be given computers who say they are bored with books. And once they have a computer, they may think of doing recreational study, writing a book, either nonfiction or a novel, getting some art software and trying their hand at doing art or using their computer to get more entertainment. As well, they might neglect to do exercise and not even do 20 minutes exercise per day. And they might meet negative others or get into negative situations. Years ago, there was a joke that people could only talk about last night’s TV and whether it was good social skills to talk about it. Now, it seems that people can only talk about their computers. And particularly, they can only talk about computer hobbies. They don’t have time just to daydream and look out the window. The book says that these strategies other than the last one while not entirely the fault of computers might just need some thinking about and some modification to them.

Computers are good in small quantities. And in small quantities, they can actually improve your social skills. They might never have improved any other way. This is also to recognize that you might have genuine problems and a computer can help you with them. Recreational study can improve your mind like when you were back at school and college. And that can help you with your social skills. Writing a book can inform you about how books are written. Otherwise, you might not have known about it. It can also be a good experience. And it is one to do at least once in your life. You could write two types of book, either fiction or non-fiction. And this present book looks at the problems with writing them. Doing computer art can be a joy to some people. They learn about art more than they ever expected to be able to do so. As well, they can produce some fine paintings on digital canvases. And this might be more than they could have ever done with paper and paints. As well, there is a chance to post work online if it is any good. Also, you really could do 20 minutes exercise a day. This is even if you did have computer hobbies. Or it is even if you spent quite some time on computers. Then, why not as well watch the television? You can talk about it. This is when TV is good social skills. And you can look back at books you have. This is if temporarily it seems you have forgotten everything. You can do this if it is only that you got a computer and that was what started all the trouble. But right now, you can change back. This is if you wanted to. Also, it is if today you were motivated enough to do so that you did it. And in the past, you might not just have been up to it that much.

Possibly, if you just took some time to daydream, you went back to bed and listened to music or you looked out the window, then that is not something you should be ashamed of. Instead, after a while, you might forget what you knew about novels. This was when you had become bored with them in the past. So you can read them again now! Also, you might want to see some TV again. So you can go back to your TV! This is just because you might want to and for no other reason. You are motivated to do it again! Then, you can switch it on, sit in front of it and watch. This is when you’d do it with renewed interest. Or you’d not do it at all if you felt it was boring or you had already seen it. And putting your feet up in front of the TV as you had done before might be just the same perhaps as now years ago. This was when before you had reasonable socials skills just watching the TV and reading a bit. Nor did you even really have to think about them. Go back to this! It really could be just like it was years ago. You can talk about things you’ve read or watched on television. Social skills problems solved! This is as well only what you did before and anyone else did the same before as well. And it was successful just to do this. Now you realize there is nothing really better to replace it. There isn’t when people don’t always want to hear about hobbies. And nor do they always want to hear about anything you did on a computer.

Or hobbies are only really a kind of party piece. This is when you can’t go into too much detail. Others would find it boring. And hobbies have only a finite amount you can say about them. As well, this is no matter how long you had been doing them for. What you say about anything has to be interesting to a general audience. Or even when talking to other writers you could bore them if you gave too much detail or repeated similar things such as similar problems you’d had to solve. Also, for good social skills and out of politeness to your audience, you have to try to find a way of saying what you do say about your hobbies that is reasonably short and succinct. And hobbies are only good social skills for a short time to talk about anyway. This is no matter what you could find to say about them or how much you knew to talk about them.

This book is divided into eight sections of,

Getting a Computer Encourages Recreational Study

Writing Non-fiction



Twenty Minutes Exercise per Day

Negative Others and Situations

Is Talking About Last Night’s TV Just a Joke?

Daydreaming and Looking Out the Window


Chapter 2, Summaries

These are summaries of the wrong-headed ideas given in full in Chapter 3.

Getting a Computer Encourages Recreational Study

People need encouragement to do things they do and this is no different with recreational study. Often, it is getting a computer that means people start to do recreational study. Recreational study is studying where you are not on a course that will get you a recognized qualification. It improves your mind and your ability to remember facts. But it can have a health downside with computers and paper. Also, it is poor social skills if you don’t as well catch some TV or read a novel ever. You cannot do recreational study as a qualification to get a job. Nor is it good social skills to talk in depth about an academic subject or about anything. Yet, you can always talk about the TV and almost anyone would think that it was good social skills. And all you have to do is watch TV but you are unlikely to have watched much if on a computer too much or doing recreational study. Also, screen radiation from both televisions and computers affects concentration and can give you poor social skills on their own. It seems that recreational study can help you by giving you a better mind at least temporarily.

What you learned up until the minimum school leaving age was often just general knowledge. Your teachers gave this to you so even if you didn’t go to university you could cope better with practical difficulties after you left school. But, as well, it was to help you with getting entertainment and social skills. Not being able to cope with practical difficulties is not attractive and nor is it attractive if people find that you have poor general knowledge. A good general knowledge can help you with your social skills.

You need to be quite well organized to do any learning on your own. It is easier to learn and faster if you revise what you did at school and college first and don’t embark on new learning. Also, it is a lot better for social skills if you are organized enough to not only just use your computer but you are still able to watch some television in the evening or you are able to keep going the same as before with reading the latest bestsellers and the other reading you might normally have done.

Writing Non-fiction

Most people who write non-fiction books have been to university. Alternatively, they might have experiences professionally but that people would want to know about for their hobby. If you knew about experiences professionally that you are going to write about, then it would be a different investment than for an academic. For example, you would probably only want to write one book on your subject.

Still, many academic subjects are also ordinary subjects that you might see on television. Some things televise well and others don’t. Long arguments don’t normally televise well. But there are things about academic subjects that do televise well. For example, you can follow people around in their jobs, people affected can talk about the social issues and you can show interviews recorded with politicians.

When you have only learned about a subject from television or from recreational study, there is then no good reason to publish. Academics have a head start on you in many ways to write a good book. Sometimes people hear that academics don’t want to write for the general population because it stops people applying for university if potential students have already read their books. So there seems a ‘gap in the market’ some people think. Possibly, though, if you’re going to write non-fiction books from having done recreational study or having watched television documentaries, then you might think that you still don’t want to write about it. This is when you have no good reason to stop people going to university. And this is even if you didn’t go yourself.

If you really wanted to change something in society, you would have to know your stuff. This would be true, as well, if you were writing for people who had jobs in the field. Also, your first book wouldn’t say all you knew about the subject or all you had to say about it. That is unless it is just something such as you were trying not to say the boring bits. And so it only took one book. For a hobby, you could just write a short story or poem or pen an essay on it for fun. This is short enough that there are milestones in your hobby of finishing short stories for example. As well, you can afford to mess around a bit. Yet, even for a hobby, it is a learning process. But possibly, you’d still only do a hobby if it were fun and if it were not at least onerous. As well, it was never, or not for long, some kind of completely unskilled mindless type of drudge.


Some people are full of woes. And they write their woes all down to recycle for their readers. Often, they are people who have enough time to write. As well, they might feel bored with so much time on their hands. Doing a hobby such as writing is something that people may feel is available to them if bored. And it might help reduce their boredom. Also, people often pen short stories and poems when still in school or college.

Indeed, having done a recent course in writing or having done any academic course recently is a major time saver. It also can mean a big reduction of stress compared to going it alone. This is when people find it stressful having forgotten what they did in the courses they did do. They might have done them some time ago now perhaps. Also, they can find it hard to learn again now as well.


Some of this section on art is the same as for the section on creative writing. People have tools with computers that will help them to learn how to do art. Or these tools can even help them to cheat a little. But, really, you might need some talent in art already even to use a computer. As well, you should be a normally trained artist to do any art. This is whether on a computer or not that you were going to do some art. Anyway that you did art, you’d still need to have the same basic art skills, knowledge and preparation. And this is just as you’d always needed to do art. You need to know about something to be able to do it. So you need to know about art to do art as well. And this is no matter even if you were doing it on a computer. Or it is as well even if you only planned ever to use a computer to do art on.

Professional artists don’t all change to digital art. They can read just like anyone else about the downside computers have. This includes digital artists. As well, it is even when the paint they use already is toxic.

With digital art, though, a way out for health worries is offered. This is other than it is better than what you had before with toxic paints. You have the software’s productivity tools. Also, you can follow all health and safety advice generally there is about using computers. This is such as to take breaks and about your posture. Now, you can work quickly and concentrate when you do. So you don’t use a computer so much. This then is healthier. And your art as well is better with the help of a computer.

But what would your biographer say about this type of thing if you did become a digital artist? It might not sound that good! And that was no matter how he wrote it. Another way out for health worries is that you can now have smart TVs. These are a recent phenomenon. Smart TVs mean you are able to see digital canvases you are working on from further away. So there should be less radiation when the screen is not as close to you. But then, everybody could become a digital artist! Still, not everyone does. So why don’t they? There must be some reason for it and they don’t. Still, you can hope to avoid too big a health downside. For example, you can work quickly and take your breaks. As well, you can get better hardware, software and you can get more ergonomic office furniture. Also, this is in the knowledge that you have looked up all possible advice about computers and all possible advice about doing your hobby or pastime. And just working quickly, you think that you might avoid many of the downsides.

In another way of thinking about it, computers are no different from televisions. And some people remember the problems there were with televisions. People in the past were TV bores. They could talk only about the television. Or they couldn’t even find things to say about the TV. Nor could they talk about it even when they’d already said that they’d watched it. And before television, it seems that some people still had poor social skills.

Perhaps, if you are going to do digital art, then you should be a normally trained artist. This is before you started. As well, if you did follow all health and safety advice and as well, you learned how to use the software quickly, there really might be no noticeable downside. And this is particularly if after a few years you were bored with it and didn’t just get another computer. At least, you can hope. And the worst might not come to the worst in the end. Or at least computers are little different from the televisions that came before them. And you just had to switch them off and do something else. This was so you didn’t watch all evening and all weekend that your eyes actually went square shaped. As well, you might be a lot better off than somebody who uses his computer a lot more than even you do.

Twenty Minutes Exercise per Day

If you can’t manage your time to go for a walk for 20 minutes, then you must have serious problems. Suppose there were a test just to make time to do 20 minutes a day of something. People who are coping well probably would be able to make the time to do it. And people not coping wouldn’t be able to do so.

You can use your computer to help you do more exercise. Do this by having a diary, keeping a spreadsheet, editing a plan in a word processor or you could even use a sound recorder or a video recorder. As well, you can look up health advice online. If you did all of these things, then your plan has a chance to work. A computer helps with any plan. So take advantage if you have a computer and know how to use it already.

Negative Others and Situations

Perhaps, if you have poor social skills, you can’t expect to have everything you want. Still, be grateful if you have any friends at all. Also, if you really had no social skills at all, then your friends would probably not keep coming round. And this is no matter if you gave them cigarettes, drink, or anything else. Take some time to yourself if you need it. And tell your friends you’ll see them later. Now, you can just take the time to go to the park and feel the warm sunshine on your face. Then you might realize what you need to do. And this is just from that. Nobody can just tell you.

Daydreaming and Looking Out the Window

It seems that one problem with getting social skills is not that you’re not a talented artist, but it is just that you can’t remember what you watched on television. To help you remember what you have watched on television, you can make notes in front of the television. Then you can take some time to learn them. Don’t worry if you feel that this is a bad use of the education that you had at school or college. It isn’t a bad use of education when it is still in a good cause. And after all, they say that teachers tell their pupils things to help them. This includes things they say to help them with a new life they’ll have as adults once they’ve left school. So, you can take things from school to help you in your own life personally later. There is no harm and nothing wrong about it. You can take advantage of the education you had. And this is why after all they gave it to you.

Still, you don’t want to because you use your education then, as well, to overuse a computer too much. You don’t when there is a downside to using a computer. And this is including in any intellectual ability. It is not perhaps then worth using a computer if you are just feeling bored. And instead, you can just daydream or nap.

Possibly, you might watch television or video on your computer to avoid using some of your computer software too much that is too key heavy. Or it is software that is just a hobby and not good social skills. This is to do or to talk about too much. But make one rule for watching television if you do. As well, you can make it even if it is the only rule you do make. That rule is that you’ll always watch any movies or TV shows from the start to the end of them. And you won’t ever watch shows that are already on and halfway through. This is as well an excellent social skills tip for anyone. Also, if you did try to socialize more, then you would not enjoy it if already bored. This is if already bored with any kind of book or television show. You would not enjoy socializing as you can’t talk only about hobbies or things you are bored with. There are good reasons not to talk about hobbies all the time. Other people might find hobbies boring. But people generally like to hear about things in the news. It might explain when you are already bored with the news and any normal books why social skills haven’t been a top priority. This is despite all your apparent planning to do more interests and not all hobbies. You can’t talk about things you are bored with. So, you actually want to do hobbies. As well, you want to talk about them. Then, you go on your computer to do hobbies and all the things that at other times you say are not good social skills. You do as right then, it is more interesting. As well, right then your social skills can really wait a bit longer.

But, you do this when you know as well that you were bored with the news and other normal subjects and so can’t talk about them anyway if you are going to appear bored with them. That is poor social skills in itself that others can tell you are bored with them. Still, it is poor social skills as well to talk about computers and hobbies all the time. A compromise is just to pay attention properly to or to make some notes to assist your memory about any normal television or books you do actually read. As well, this can be with the intention of improving your social skills and adding it into the conversation even if you do really want as well to talk mainly about your hobbies. It is good social skills just to have a few minutes conversation if not even just 10 minutes or a half hour’s conversation about something else.

Still, there is something good to say at last about all this. Once you have done not much for a while or you’ve done mainly hobbies on your computer, you might have forgotten much of what you used to know. And so you can go back to it. You will have forgotten what the plots of novels are and what it feels like to have a good read. Also, movies might seem new and exciting again. They can entice you to watch as they did years ago. And TV shows might now seem as interesting as they always were. So you can enjoy them again the same as you always used to.

Maybe, you can listen to music on the radio. It might have little downside. And this is just like it was years ago. And it is just like when you used to listen. You can do this just to relax. And you can enjoy the tunes. If you didn’t just use a computer all the time, you might then be all right in many other ways. And you can resume your normal life just as it was beforehand. This was when beforehand you’d enjoyed movies, books and magazines. As well, it was when there was no problem managing your time or there was no problem with your social skills.


Chapter 3, Wrong-headed Ideas

Getting a Computer Encourages Recreational Study

It seems to be a fact that when somebody gets a computer out the box at home, it is an encouragement to do recreational study. Recreational study is studying where you are not on a course that will get you a recognized qualification. You often make up your own course to do from published books or you make up a research project to do. Also, you might just look at the cover of history books, see one that looks interesting and then get it to read. And then, you can pick up other history books from the same period you might also be interested in. But it is often a mistake to do recreational study too much although temporarily it can help you with your social skills.

The way that recreational study can help you temporarily with your social skills is that it improves your mind and your ability to remember facts and to understand things. This could be anything and not just a serious study topic but other things as well. Examples of more common things that it helps you to remember are such as the plot of a film, something that was said about the characters in a novel that you might have missed otherwise when reading it, being able to remember more things you saw in a documentary and other things.

Still, if you do recreational study too much that you overuse a computer, it can have a health downside that is also poor social skills. Some examples of this are that sitting at a desk can increase your girth and eventually using a computer too much might cause a reduction in white and gray matter in your brain. Also, using computers too much can cause senile dementia in old age later on.

If you nonetheless want to do recreational study after reading this, perhaps because notwithstanding you think there are some advantages, then consider the following questions.

Do you really want a qualification to get a job? You will literally need a bright new shiny paper qualification if you are going to get a job in it. They tried it before taking people who said that they knew about a subject but it was disastrous. The quality of the applicants was too variable. Somebody who said they knew about it meant something different from when somebody else said it. And there was no way that they could test them properly without them sitting an exam. And for that, it was cheaper to ask them for a paper qualification that they had already done a college. Also, only young people who are recently qualified will be able to start on the bottom rung for that qualification.

It is not good social skills to talk in depth about a study subject if you do not have a job in it. At least, some people think it is poor social skills and that it sounds wrong or odd. As well, you could literally just talk about last night’s TV and almost anyone would think that it was good social skills. But if you have been studying late into the night, then you are unlikely to have watched much television. At least, you would not have watched enough ordinary television or read something like the latest bestseller that would be more average social skills. As well, you can’t just talk about your studies but have to talk about television as well.

So either you have to be a very organized home student or you can’t do it at all. And you would have learned any lessons about how to do home study by your working on your own at home when you were still at school and college. You might have done a study project in the school holidays. Also, you could have learned from a textbook because you were behind in a subject in class. Or it could have been a more deliberate attempt to learn how to do home study for later benefit. But without these things, you may struggle to succeed at any time you do try to do one in the future.

A way out of this problem is to revise what you’ve already done at school or college and later. Also, if you never learn the same subject again or you had never thought about it again, you could get atrophy in that part of the brain in which the information was stored. So, as well, it is probably best not to add more things into your head that you need more time to revise.

Also, you have the ability to learn much faster things that you have already learned at some time. This is called, ‘learning credit’. And it is a quick way of improving your social skills as well as any satisfaction you get from having the same good mind you had when you left school or college or at some time in the past. This is because you will have a better general knowledge that is good social skills.

It really is better social skills to be able to remember what you did at school when often much of what you learned was just general knowledge and even intended to help you with your social skills once you did leave school. They taught everyone to have a good general knowledge just because not everybody would go to university once he or she left. And people being able to socialize, talk to their friends, consume more media and take an interest in the wonderful world that we live in are things that teachers could give other pupils. Many things are not necessarily open to anybody without an education of some kind.

As well, you will cope better in all kinds of ways if you can remember what you did at school. And it is good social skills to cope as well. It is because worrying reduces the time you can spend on entertainment and improving your social skills. Also, having real practical difficulties in your life mean that you are not attractive to anyone you might know that can see you are really struggling.

Writing Non-fiction

Usually, to write a non-fiction book, you will have to have gone to university. Sometimes you can write a non-fiction book when you haven’t if you have particular experiences of something to write. For example, you might have worked in some particular field and learned on the job something that might be of interest to the general reader. An example of this would be something that people do professionally but also as a hobby. However, if you write from experience you are likely to run out of things to write about fairly soon. So you do not want to invest too much time in learning how to write if your experiences aren’t going to sustain more than one or two books. That means you have to be a bit organized about how you learn to write bearing in mind you want the best book possible that will probably be your only book.

Many quite ordinary subjects, or that people feel at least are quite ordinary, when you look into them more deeply are things people study at university. Sometimes you see documentaries made about social problems and the like but these are in fact university subjects if you want to talk about them more. Still, some people don’t find this out until later and only by chance when they do. They look at a number of documentaries and seeing as well what they know themselves, they try to write their own book. Only when coincidentally they see a more complicated text do they realize that they know only the ‘dumb downed’ version. Alternatively, they know the version that televises well with people involved in some way with the issue. This could be reality shows following social workers doing their job, policemen investigating a case, people talking who are poor and living in deprived areas or anyone with experience of the subject in real life as well as experts who can answer people’s normal questions at least for the length of a television program in common language. But when you want to find out more, you discover there is a large academic tome that explains it. As well, there are thousands more like that you could read also if you were interested in it.

But then, you would only be interested in it if you were a student quite probably. Alternatively, you would have to be prepared to give a large amount of your spare time to do a recreational study. And if you did this, then you would probably never get any better at it than a first year university level. This is as well even if you studied for 20 years that you’d never get better than a first year university student or even much past the first term or even first few weeks.

And if you got your information by recreational study, then there is no good reason to publish anything for anyone. At the very best, you don’t know enough about the subject compared to somebody who had gone to university and studied it. So they would make a better writer. As well, just because somebody is a stuffy academic, it does not mean books aren’t written interestingly and entertainingly for the general market.

This is no matter if you don’t think there is not some theory that in fact academics, graduates and students don’t want to write for the general population and so by default, they have left the market open to you. Academics might not want to write for the general population to encourage more students to apply for university. This is when this is the only way they can find out about a subject that interests them. For example, they might not be only interested in getting a qualification. Then, it seems the way is open for you instead to write for this ‘market’. Possibly, though, you might not really want to do so. You might not do this when you have no reason to discourage people from going to university. As well, your book might be a travesty of writing about the subject. This is even without people knowing what the idea really is. This is the idea that you think is a good reason to write a book but that might not stand up to scrutiny. A much better idea for the average person or for a hobbyist is just to write a short story or poem to post online.

Writing a short story or a poem is still a hobby. One reason it is still a hobby is that each work does not take months to do. So just from this one fact, it is possibly only still a hobby. And it is not some kind of work or a long academic project. This is when a hobby should have milestones, hills, dales and places you can stop to look at the view. For example, a milestone could be finishing a short story or finishing a poem. It is just good social skills to be able to say you have finished something and you did it for fun. Also, with a hobby, you would want to be able to discuss it. There is no point otherwise to doing a hobby. And not everything can take a year or two.

As well, you want to take what you’ve learned and start again with another project. Many hobbies are done by trial and error to a certain extent. Possibly, there is no good reason to do them in a more scientific way. Really, there isn’t. But this would not be true of a longer project.

Nor would it be true there are no consequences for messing around a bit with a project that was supposed to get the writer credit for having new ideas or being up to date. And you would expect people to be more professional if a project had a laudable aim. An aim to change society you would expect to be academically researched. Perhaps you didn’t think of this when you went first in this direction in your writing having had the idea that there was a gap in the market or whatever other idea it was you had. This is even when, before you had started writing yourself, you would have definitely thought it was the case that you needed qualifications to write non-fiction. Also, this was for anything that if people with jobs in it were going to read it that you might expect a writer to be qualified.


There is a saying that writers are full of woes and they then recycle it all for their readers. However, if they are good writers, then it reduces their readers’ anxiety and doesn’t increase it. Otherwise, it probably does increase it. Also, they say that anyone who has enough time to write must be retired, off work or sick. Or they could be a loser that nobody even wants to give a job to. Alternatively, they have an easy job where they don’t work long hours and still get enough money. Or they are so important to their company that their company gives them some time off work to write and relax for about a year every so many years. Also, there are some other free trips like this.

People can often get very bored if they are off work and this is often a reason for people to write. As well, they may also have done already a lot of reading. Boredom causes a type of stress similar to having a high pressured job but through lack of activity rather than over activity. And this stress feeds into someone’s need to write. It does because they have worries on their mind just out of boredom. They mainly imagine these worries. And they wouldn’t normally be worried about them if they weren’t bored and off work. So this combination of things gives rise to a certain way of working where people might write about their worries and anxieties caused by boredom that give them things to write because they have so many words going around in their head that is often just about their worries.

Is this the best way of writing? In one way, if you feel that you are bored, then it might be the only way of writing open to you. This is at least until you stop being bored or you stop worrying that you should be in work or you miss work. However, people who write because of the words going around in their head often, in the end, do feel satisfied they have put everything down onto the page. Then, they have to write differently if they’re going to write at all. Hopefully, they will have some proper writing skills by then. And so it should not be so hard to go back to first principles. Having writing skills is one of the first principles that you need to know. Other than that, you may now need to research your book, the themes, the characters, the settings and everything else more thoroughly. This is when you might not have done much research for your books beforehand. As well, you might want to become more interested in living the web lifestyle if you are posting things online. Also, you might become interested in learning about writers throughout history if you’re going to be one yourself. That is when the only difference now is that you have the World Wide Web.

Another reason to write is that you’re still in school or college or you have done a recent creative writing course. Having done a recent creative writing course would very much reduce the amount of stress and time wasting anyone would have when having to learn writing skills all over again. This is when they could have easily forgotten many of them since they left school or college themselves.

In fact, it is such a major time saver, such a big stress buster and because your writing will be better right from the start that it might even be strongly recommended for anyone if they do want to write to be or have recently been in education or be doing or just finished doing a writing course. Also, it could be recommended to anyone when doing any other creative hobby. And particularly, it could be recommended if thinking of posting work online. It is particularly if they are thinking of posting work online because of quality issues or worries they are writing something strange or odd. For example, they are writing something that is flawed in some unusual way such as it is not factually correct but not in a way that is acceptable for writing fiction. Or it is just that they are wasting their readers’ and everybody else’s time.

You can do a course at a local college as an adult in creative writing. Alternatively, you could study from published books that offer advice on how to write. And perhaps, you really should do this before you put pen to paper. That is unless it was to do some exercises. Also, if you can’t find these books on your bookshelf or in your local library or bookstore, then you will need to order them online. There is no alternative to having had the proper advice, to having revised what you did when you had been taught it before adequately already or to having done a recent course at college.


What can be said about art is a lot of it the same as for creative writing. Do you think art software gives you tools that help you to cheat even just a little bit when your normal creative arts skills are not so hot? Often, art software does have tools that make it easier to paint than it might be otherwise. Still, for centuries artists have in any case cheated. But then, they would have to have been able to afford it when before digital it didn’t come cheap.

For example, usually, only professional artists could afford a Camera Obscura. This projected an image of the sitter, domestic scene or another scene onto a canvas over which the artist would paint the picture. However, the Camera Obscura was very expensive and only highly paid professional artists might have been able to afford one. Today, it is possible to take a photograph and trace over it that is very similar to having a Camera Obscura. And artists in today’s day and age can do this for the cost of a computer and the art software.

As well, there are other tools to help the artist such as predefined shapes that make it easier to draw these shapes, filling in plain areas of color that require less skill than if you had to paint areas of color on a canvas and special effects that would be hard for many artists to do on paper or canvas. Also, you can save digital canvases halfway through and choose a different direction to go with it. Or you can do this even when you have a finished painting and try a different direction in the painting to the one you did the first time. This is whilst keeping the original painting.

Digital art software can help teach art to students. Also, even for people with little talent, it can improve the work of finished paintings enormously. Really, it should be possible to paint excellent pictures if you were a good artist and you had a digital canvas. This is even better than if you had a physical canvas and paints and you were a good artist.

One reason professional artists don’t all change to digital art is that they’ve read about the downside of using computers. And even if previously when they had started doing art as youngsters they had heard about toxins in paints and other downsides to being an artist, they then re-evaluate doing art again when it is going to be digital. Often, they will say things such as if computers are going give you brain damage then, ‘Thanks! But no thanks!’ And this is something that many people encouraged when young to use computers have also heard about them that they can give you brain damage. Still, they put this idea aside such as when they didn’t really have a choice about if they did use them or not.

Also, once they had learned to use them, there were then productivity tools that meant you could do more in less time. As well, somebody might have told them that it is just that you have to follow health and safety advice. And then there is no real problem. This might be despite their better judgment that said computers were no good to start with. Still, perhaps it really could reduce many of the harmful effects if not completely nullify them.

People who started as artists using paper and canvas and paints don’t go through this process of thought but stop before they get properly started. So somebody who has used computers a lot already thinks that they can use their knowledge of computers they have up until now to work more quickly, easily and safely. And now they can become digital artists using the same knowledge and techniques. Also, they only learned over time about safer hardware and software and how generally to have better computer experiences. This is just with an addition of some different software for art.

But is this really the right way to go? Would your biographer if you had one write a decent chapter describing your ‘secret of being successful today’? This is if you had done this. Probably any biographer would have a problem with writing it. And this is even if he wasn’t going to type up your biography on a word processor himself but he had a secretary to do it for him. He would still find it hard to get his imagination working properly to write anything decent. Possibly, it might really be true that if you did follow all health and safety advice and you had the right hardware and software that was more productive and safer for other reasons, then there is not such a big downside from using computers. Probably, though, there might still be some downside. And it would be a downside just like they say there is, that you have heard about, but not paid any attention to or not nearly enough attention to up until now. Also, it could get worse. This is just if you keep using computers. And it is as well just if you keep using computers and you had to do nothing else. Also, it is just if you kept using them at all. All these downsides work to harm the health of everyone more or less the same. It is just a case of when eventually it is you will have noticeable damage to your health. Or you get noticeable damage to your health that might bother you enough so that you pay more attention to it. This is when some people already have things physically wrong with them but then they keep using their computers. Some say that some health problems are inevitable from using computers. This is if you use them enough that you get health problems. If you just used them very little, then you might not get any. But otherwise, they really are inevitable.

There is an old joke. If somebody offered you a million pounds to bash yourself over the head with a mallet made from some soft material such as felt and beans, would you do it? What if they said that you only had to do it once? As well, they said that you could do it quite gently if you wanted to and they wouldn’t discount the dare. Then, would you do it to get a million pounds? Some people probably would. But what if they asked you to do it again and offered you less money and a harder mallet. Would you do it again for even less money? It seems that many people would when using their computers.

Another example people give is that smart TVs are no different from normal TVs and so there are still the same problems today as there have been ever since TV’s invention. But now it is not just televisions but also computer VDUs. And they used to make jokes more than two decades ago just the same as they do today about computers but then about television. The jokes were then that television gave people poor social skills and almost no conversation at all when going to parties and being expected to talk. Also, they could only talk about the television, how they didn’t want to watch television anymore because of how they thought other things were so much better and then say other things as well, such as that they really must start reading. Having said all that, they often had nothing else to say at all. This was not even about the television. And really, you might expect them to be able to talk about the television if they had said that they watched it. Yet even when asked what television shows they had watched and as well, they were told it will be acceptable for them to talk about them if they wanted to, they had nothing to say. So it does not seem to have been a very good option for them at all to watch television.

Yet how many people in the past gave up their color TVs and got black and white TVs or had no televisions at all? Not many did. Nor did people want smaller screens even before flat screens and the even bigger screen sizes possible. Possibly, though, watching TV if you did it for a just few hours a week and not excessively will actually improve social skills. This is when reading and the radio do not necessarily give great social skills anyway. Nor do they make people intellectual giants. And this is even if they hadn’t already watched television beforehand. In the 18th century, you can find written accounts of people with poor social skills. They discussed their reading lists or other boring conversation. Really, it sounds in many ways very similar to today’s conversations that people have about televisions and computers, trying to read more and saying they want to do more exercise.

Possibly, you should be a normally trained artist without just having the benefits of digital before you try doing art on your computer and posting stuff online. This is similar to other points made in this article. You really need the training for doing anything. Computers are often just a tool used by professional artists and writers. Still, if you learned it at school or college, then that means you probably really do have adequate skills to do many things in your subject. And that includes posting things online. This is when many things that are posted online are not that intellectual. They are only really meant for general readers and viewers. And anyone can see what might interest people generally just from being one of them. They could write about it, do art or photography about it or make a video about it.

And perhaps the computer’s tools can really make something that would otherwise not be very good into something that really does look a professional finished publishable work. Also, if you look at what work is available online already and your work as far as you can tell is not much better or worse than most of it, then you might think you could post it online. This is without any problems such as criticism for its being poor quality.

So go for it! Or do you not go for it? That is the question. This is if anything else you might like to do is nullified when you could actually get a nasty health problem. You could just fret about it if you wanted to. Or you could do something others are not doing that you think will work. Alternatively, you could use your computer less. Or you could use it much less than now. Then, it really might be the equivalent of just watching a bit of TV each week.

People used to say that they didn’t watch much TV and, as well, that it was just something they liked. Also, it was only enough for them to talk about something on the television. So perhaps you could be the same. And this is if they really weren’t just saying it to make themselves look good and nothing really worked at all even then. Still, you could try. It could include not having a television at all if you wanted to. There is nothing stopping you.

Also, probably nobody would censure you if you did. They wouldn’t when they understand the issues fully themselves. This is even when they have their own televisions and computers. But they just don’t do it themselves. And they don’t because they can’t imagine being without their television. Also, today some people can’t imagine being without their computers. Yet, really if you could keep it to small quantities, you might even find then that it was beneficial with no noticeable downside.

Twenty Minutes Exercise per Day

If you can’t manage your time to go for a walk for 20 minutes each day, then you are likely to have serious time management problems and other problems as well caused by poor time management. It is really nothing to go for a walk, just to put on your coat and go around the block, walk for only 20 minutes or so or a bit more if you want and then come back. It does not involve any special exercise equipment or clothing and nor does it involve much planning and nor do you have to have a shower afterward.

Really, if there were some test for time management that said you had to take 20 minutes of your spare time to do a particular activity every day that was easy but wasn’t only walking, then this would be a most basic test. It would be a test to see if you had understood the principles of time management. This was to see if you could practice any of them at all. It could be 20 minutes doing something else such as doing a puzzle or drawing a picture. Indeed, why don’t you try to do these things as well? They may build the ability to manage your time better because they give you more practice and encouragement in doing it. Some people can’t do just one regular thing if that is all they do. Rather, they like to fill out their time as it can help their concentration. They say the brain is like a muscle and responds to training in the same way as an arm muscle or a leg muscle does.

This idea is often said as ‘Jack has very regular habits’. Possibly, you could cultivate more regular habits yourself and in more than one way if you felt that helped you. Alternatively, some other people find that they become time pressured if things they do regularly really do begin to add up and take an hour or two a day. They have other things they could be doing. As well, they may worry about doing things regularly that other people aren’t going to call them obsessive about it.

You might also take extra time as well if you have to prepare mentally or physically to do something before you can do it. An example of this is somebody might need to relax before they can sit down and do a puzzle. Also, there might be some physical preparation as well such as clearing a coffee table before they can do their puzzle. For exercise, there might be putting on shoes when before you had been wearing slippers, putting on your coat and deciding whether you take any money with you for a walk. Also, it is going down the stairs of your apartment block that might be cold or damp or smell or have people you meet on the way. Or it is getting out from your house that might have a narrow path, steps or uneven paving. And it might be crossing a busy road outside your home. Or it could be walking through a crowded shopping area. This is before you can start your walk properly.

Problems doing anything even if they are small ones will put some people off doing the whole thing. Solutions might be offered. Think that not all of the time you give to your walk will be walking that you’d include on your exercise chart. So you can allow yourself extra time to do other things. Also, you might know before you start that some of your walk won’t be as pleasant as other parts of it. As well, some things on you walk might require you to concentrate more such as crossing a road. Possibly, you can prepare better once you’d thought about it properly after the first few times. For example, you can keep your wallet in the same place. This is so that you can find it and don’t panic every time just before you go out. Also, you can keep walking boots where you can always find them and don’t have to drag them out from under the bed. And the same would be true of anything else that you took with you normally such as a coat or other things that you can find them and there is not some problem with them. Really, if every time you go out, you search for things or pull and push things around, you panic and are delayed, then it is no wonder you often don’t feel like going anywhere. Yet, so many people do these things every time they leave their home. This is without thinking they could change how they did it a bit better that would be so much more convenient, less stressful and help them to go out and do more walks.

You could also start an exercise diary or start a more general diary. A general diary will tell you what else you were doing. This is when later you might see it as relevant. Also, it can make keeping your notes more interesting. You could use your computer to write your diary. And this may be a good use of a computer. There should be very little health downside. You don’t want grubby pages like a paper diary. Also, you might want to go back and edit your plans and notes. This helps your analysis. An example of analysis is that you can copy and paste your diary to a blank document. Then, you can type a new title at the top of the page. After that, you can then go through deleting anything not relevant to the new title. Titles might be things such as ‘exercise’, ‘diet’, ‘sleep’, ‘washing and cleaning’, ‘social skills and meeting friends’, ‘playing games and doing puzzles’ or anything else.

Writing a note you might remember it when it was not just in your head that you forgot it. This is even a few hours later. A computer has the advantage of being able to see typing better than handwritten notes. This is for yourself and as well, you can show it to others. Also, a computer word processor has the advantages of editing text and printing it. Then, you can edit it again another time as well. And you can print it any time. Both paper and computers have disadvantages in that they are not always healthy. But thinking in your head has no health downside at all. Still, temporarily using paper or a computer might just help your health so much better than otherwise. This is if you are able to keep to a plan or you are motivated by seeing progress. For example, months after some people had wanted to start doing some exercise but without writing anything down, they might find that they were doing no exercise at all. Nor might they have made changes to their diet or anything else. Not keeping notes or not doing any problem solving, you just never learn anything at all. This is how to do it properly or it could be some other problem. And if people had thought of any solutions, they then forgot them later. And so they didn’t continue with their plan when there was anything they had actually to remember for it. After a while, they went back to how it was before having forgotten everything. This was sometimes not realizing they had already been here many times beforehand when others had given them advice previously or they had looked it up online. As well, if anybody at all gave them advice, then they just forgot it all again later. And this is no matter how useful it was, who said it or if it really worked. This is if only they had tried it out for longer. As well, they could just remember it and keep it.

When you keep a health diary, you may also have figures for how long you walked each day and as well, how much you have done for other healthy activities. You can keep a health diary in a ruled diary as then you don’t have to write the date down each time you do it. Keeping a diary like this saves time, is less hard on your fingers and is more hygienic. Also, having a different page or section for each day is more hygienic than a form that you fill in for a whole week on the same sheet of paper. This is because you touch the diary page less often.

It can be very helpful to have a spreadsheet to add figures up. This is at least to start with. Sometimes, though, you can do it all on paper after a while and you don’t really need a computer. But at other times, it helps to have a spreadsheet. This is before you can see if you really could just do it all only on paper. Also, spreadsheets take the drudgery out of calculations you might make unnecessarily to start with. Or you might still need to use a spreadsheet later to do some calculations. As well, a spreadsheet program can make a chart for you to see that is motivational.

An example of mainly using paper is that you may be able to add some figures up in your head using mental arithmetic and you need only put the totals down on a spreadsheet. Alternatively, you can put the totals down in columns at the back of your diary. These mental calculations could be such as how many minutes you’ve walked in total for the week. Or it could be how many times you went to bed not too late and not past your bedtime. Also, it could be whether you took your mineral supplements every day. Computers also have tools such as you can make graphs and charts. These can be motivating as you can see your progress. Also, an average is harder than addition to calculate. It is sometimes not possible as well to do averages on paper. Really, it can’t just be done at all. Or it is difficult on paper. Also, nobody today would use paper to draw a graph. Some figures have to be averages and are no good as totals. An example is that you want only an average weight. But for things like how much you have walked you could have the total for the week and you don’t really need the average per day. Still, you could have a table that gave the averages per day for particular weekly totals. This might be within the nearest 5 minutes per day. Such tables can be easy to refer to and quicker than using a computer. It is even quicker to remember the table in your head. Or at least, you can remember a few rows. The rows that you might remember should be for your current levels of fitness, enough to include any improvement you are likely to make and take account of any poor weeks.

You can record yourself talking about your problems into a sound recorder or video recorder. However, sound and video is not as easy to edit as a WP file. The main thing you’ll probably use is text. And nor are these other technologies as ideal to write a plan. This is despite the advances you think that might have been made. You can use the formatting features of your word processor to make a plan easy to read and remember. Formatting features are headings and subheadings, bold, italic, underline, size of the text, bullet points, diagrams, pictures or photos.

Also, some word processor programs allow you to use a stylus to circle things and draw lines and arrows. Also, you have a selection of shapes. As well, you can highlight text, change the text color, have a picture as a background or change the background color. Text can be more economical and so easier to remember. Or you can show something diagrammatically that makes it easier to remember or to visualize. And most of these features are understood by anyone such as if you were to print and show your plan to them. This is despite so many people never using them ever who have a word processor. All of these additional formatting features help you to remember your plan even better. Or they can help you to problem solve better as well. This is when colors, special effects and other formatting is proven scientifically to help anyone remember a plan or text better. Also, working on a plan in different ways helps you to remember it as well.

If using these features help, then go for it! You will probably have learned something about your plan. This is as well when you might worry about your plan. It would work when you’ve had so much good advice that now you can use having made proper notes of it. You just didn’t understand your plan beforehand or you forgot it all. And you really could just do it now. This is at least if given the right circumstances that you are not lacking other resources. You could try a bit harder now to do the things on your plan. This is when you know it would work now because you might not just forget it again like last time. As well, you can use your computer to help remind you of things to do. That means you do them! Or you could try anything you haven’t yet. This is if it is still not working. As well, you could do it better if you didn’t worry that you were not keeping to it.

Then, in due time, you should notice a difference in your health. This is even if you had to stick to it for many months before you noticed any difference. It really could take that long. And if you haven’t succeeded yet, it is probably just because you’ve not yet worked out what you need. Possibly, you will reach a tipping point. This tipping point is when your plan will start working noticeably well. As well, if you are unfit when you start a health plan, it can take a long time for your body to get used to doing any exercise. Any exercise is good for you. So keep it up! Also, you can use your computer to look up health advice online.

Someone used a computer to look up health advice online. He found that it all reduced to doing more exercise. Diet probably was important as well. But you had to turn fat into muscle. This is no matter how much people deride this saying that you can’t literally turn fat into muscle. And other things help you do more exercise such as sleeping better. As well, you have to have a shower if you do any exercise. Also, it probably does help not to have unhealthy snacks. Your weight might increase about 1 to 2 kg in a week if you did eat very poorly. Probably all advice works. And it works the same for almost everyone. But you have to follow it. And the only thing that is wrong right now is that you are probably not following any of it and deluded if you think that you are doing it.

You might not be keeping to a health plan despite your best intentions. And all you need to do to correct this is to make a note of how long you went out for a walk and a few other notes. When from your diary you can see when you actually did more exercise, you’ll probably also see that you lost weight. And then, when you did less exercise, slept or ate poorly, you put weight on. It is for some odd reason that you think you are doing exercise when you’re not. And the only thing you need to do is to do some. Then, you will see improvement.

Negative Others and Situations

‘Beggars can’t be choosers’

‘Nobody likes a loser except another loser’

‘People who are your friends out of charity might eventually ask you to buy them some cigarettes or drink’

Many self-help books will say to avoid negative others and situations. But if you have poor social skills, then there may not be a queue already of people wanting to talk to you as your friend. As well, you are likely to pay people to be your friend in some way or another. This could be having cigarettes and drink in your house for when they come round and then after a while, they might take a whole pack of cigarettes home as well as bottles of beer home. After that, if they are bored with it, they could stop being your friends. Alternatively, they might like you in some way still despite your poor social skills. And so the arrangement will go on again. However, this probably means you don’t have zero social skills like you think but they are not so bad. So really, you could find normal friends that you weren’t paying to be your friends. If you really have nothing to say to people at all, then they really might stop coming round. Or they probably do think of you as their friend.

Without anyone to talk to, you could deteriorate. Possibly, if you stayed with your so-called friends that you have now, then they could turn on you and might eventually attack you physically or mentally if you still had poor social skills. Knowing you have problems yourself, you would probably not be that concerned with just harsh words. After all, you would know most of it already. But you don’t want a beating for sure. So maybe in that way, it would be best to give them up. If you even have some social skills, you could then still keep your friends. Possibly, though, you would need better social skills to make new ones.

Perhaps, if you have poor social skills, then tell your friends you need some time to yourself. And you will see them again later. This is the best of all possible worlds. It is as you can now do just what you probably know already will get you back your social skills. You have the time to do this without friends coming around. Also, you don’t have to worry that you have to put what you’ve learned into practice with them as soon as you’ve just learned it. This stress can create problems for you in working on improving your social skills. It is just that if you try to do things that you’re not that practiced in and they are tested by your friends when you see them, you might not like to see them and do anything. So you use a computer. Or you can do nothing instead.

As well, if you really don’t think friends or family are genuine with you, they have mistreated you in the past or they still break your confidences now, then you don’t really want to talk about much to them. So you do things you can talk about to them. This is such as computers if they don’t mind that.

People might not like you just because they can’t actually talk to you. This is just to pass the time or to have a normal conversation people would want to talk to you. It is as well regardless of any other feelings about people with poor social skills some people might have. For example, some people feel that poor social skills show a lack of gumption. People don’t just solve their problems. Or they can’t even just switch the TV on and not use a computer. Also, you have books and newspapers. So what is your problem? It can’t be anything too hard for any normal person. You really can just talk to friends about normal stuff. Possibly, you are dreamer working on some great creative project in your home. But it is harming your friendships and you should stop. These should be more important to you than whatever else you’re trying to achieve. The same ideas about moral gumption are also true of looking after your appearance and keeping fit. And the same ideas about having some gumption are important for not talking about your worries. Instead, you can talk about anything else.

Possibly, only when you see some future for yourself where you might make different friends will you take time away from the ones you do have to improve your social skills. Otherwise, there might really be no good reason to take time away from them if you’re just going to go back to the same problems. With families, it is harder when you can’t get a new family. Still, a lot of your bad relationship with your family may be caused by your own poor social skills. Yet you might not realize that this is actually the reason why you don’t get on and they appear to not always be nice you. This is even though you may find it hard to forgive them for some things they did in the past and no matter what the reason was they did it. It is even if during times they did things that you had good social skills and they still did it. But probably your relationship with anyone will improve if your social skills did. In the meantime, you can see them less often. Or try doing something together if they are up for it and that does not involve just talking all the time. For example, you could ask for a hand doing a cookery hobby or do a puzzle together.

Is Talking About Last Night’s TV Just a Joke?

People have heard jokes around talking about last night’s television. Yet, it really is good social skills. And people were not telling these jokes maliciously. Possibly, all they were saying was that it couldn’t be your only social skills. Definitely, last night’s television should be a part of social skills. Or talking a bit more about what is going on just now is all that you need.

Daydreaming and Looking Out the Window

Where the previous example of watching last night’s TV for your social skills might go wrong is if you can’t remember much of what you watched. A possible solution is to make notes about what you’ve watched on TV and learn them. You don’t have to worry that you would normally only do these things when studying seriously. Really, you don’t. This is because normal study skills can help social skills. You don’t have to feel it is strange to make notes in front of the TV. This is when you know that you have the skills to learn anything. And your teachers did not just teach you how to do things so you could go to college. Rather, they are for anything and any area of your life you want to improve.

Possibly, though, this is not ideal. And there really is a good reason after all why people don’t do it. It isn’t ideal as it involves overusing your hands. This is to hand write or to type into a word processor. Also, it is likely too much screen time. It is when you hope that your computer can help you with things and so you use it all the time. You can perhaps only use your computer for some things and at some times. This is because there is a downside to overuse. As well, this is no matter how clever or creative you were about it or how much you learned the software.

And after solving problems about how much you use a computer, it seems that the best things to use a computer for are only those things that you have always heard they can do. Such things are to write a short story, write poems and do some digital art, photography and video editing. Then, people might keep a diary still even today with word processors.

So the idea now is that you take advantage of your computer while avoiding overusing it. You could write a diary quite well on a ruled pre-printed paper journal. But paper is not as good as a word processor for other things. This is when you might do hobbies on your computer. As well, you could use your computer for lots of other things. For example, you could watch videos. Alternatively, you could find many other things to do on a computer such as keeping a budget, keeping lists and other personal data, keeping study notes, doing some research into some topic of interest and almost anything else as well.

But how did problems start? This is when some people you hear don’t have a problem with computers. One possible reason that people overuse their computer is just that they have done too much already of reading paper books, watching normal TV or listening to music or listening to talk radio and they are bored without a computer. A computer gives them extra videos to watch. Also, they can do computer hobbies. Using the software helps to pass the time and is something to play with.

For hobbies, there is probably no good reason to go back to the previous way of doing them. Computer software has advantages for hobbies. But people overuse a computer if they do a lot of hobbies. Also, they might watch television on their computer.

The reason that some people became bored to start with is that before feeling bored, they managed their time well and kept physically fit. In this time, they watched a lot of television, read many books and listened to the radio. Also, they did hobbies already. And doing so much in a short time, they feel bored. So they got a computer. Still, if it had helped, you might say there’s no problem. But sometimes just because people use it a lot when they are already bored with everything else, they get ill or they feel stressed managing so many files.

Possibly a solution is just to daydream and look out the window for a bit. Also, you could just have a nap when you felt like it at any time of day and just let the time go past. This is better than getting bored later.

Also, you could not watch TV shows that were half way through before you started watching. This just means that if you start watching from the beginning, then it is better social skills and you watch for longer. It is better social skills as you might have missed something at the beginning of the story that means you can’t talk about it.

When you go back to bed or you look out the window, you are at least doing something that does not have a downside like computers or using paper. Alternatively, you could do more exercise, do some cookery or clean around the house. Another alternative is to go out socializing or to see relatives more often. Also, people might not want to hear views about the arts that are cynical and jaded. So you might be a bit stuck for conversation. And if people say that you are a computer bore, then it might be that you have already made your best efforts. This is at any conversation that you can make. Still, you possibly didn’t realize that you had already done this and were unable to find something better to talk about for good reasons.

Possibly, once you have forgotten what you used to read, you then really could start reading again. You could read anything such as a classic, something contemporary or you could just read trash or a bestseller. It wouldn’t matter so long as you found it interesting. And other people wouldn’t mind you’re talking about it. As well, if you did not worry so much about what your hobbies were, where you are in writing a story or how many paintings you had done so far this month and you just took some time to relax, then that might mean you could just watch a film or read a book.

Also, with a little bit of imagination, you really could just have read a bestseller and have good social skills. That is almost as much a fact as anything is with social skills. As well, it is almost a definite fact that if you have only done hobbies or creative arts on your computer for some time, then you are probably not learning much new to talk about. And possibly, really, it as well and with only a little imagination and without really having to be told, that you might know that if your social skills really were your top priority you would then just read a book.

So why aren’t your social skills a top priority? The reason is that you don’t avoid negative others and situations quite probably. So you don’t really like to chat to people you meet.

Another idea is to think of status. This is no matter how unfashionable it is to talk about status today. But it can guide you successfully. And this is even if you more often hear it is the reverse. You might think you have a job that you do in real life or you have a genuine talent for something. For example, you are actually paid to give some kind of advice. Also, you could just imagine that you were paid to advise others as an exercise. For example, you might give advice professionally on how to use a computer in the home. Or you could think that perhaps in your day job you might give would-be writers advice. It can be less emotional to have a job or to be a teacher than just telling people all you know online. Also, if people you know now are not like your friends in the past, then you may have forgotten there was a process beforehand of negotiating status.

You don’t want to be lonely. And any kind of social interaction stops that. This is more than just saying, as if to the opposite wall of your apartment, what anyone might say about books or television and to anyone. Often, it is just what anyone knows about the arts that you say. Also, anyone who had been to school could probably say the same things. So as an adult, you try to build relationships based on status. But you might fail miserably doing this. For example, you could feel bad if you have generally too poor social skills to keep up a proper front. This is even to somebody prepared to listen to you who was on your side or an equal status.

Take some time to listen to music and other time just to relax. This is not time wasted. It is not necessary that you have to be making something or doing something all the time. You don’t as it might not give you in the end much enjoyment. And, after all, getting enjoyment is usually the only true purpose of life.

If you were just relaxing, then you could still be enjoying yourself. As well, there is no health downside to just lying in bed. Do it with the radio on. But there really is a downside doing creative arts and computer hobbies all day. As well, if you had the time to watch television all day, then you could get bored with it very soon. This is such as if you were off work or retired. Also, you’d probably get a problem with anxiety. You would when you don’t just sometimes do nothing much at all and at other times you try to do too much. You will feel bored later if you try to do things all the time. This is except perhaps when using a computer to do hobbies and creative arts or recreational study. But, you can’t keep doing it. Or it is not at least for years that you can do things on it. This is if you did it that long.

It is not that good a thing to do to use a computer and type just to avoid boredom. It isn’t as well if it is just that you’re fiddling and using your hands either. Clicking on links both uses your hands and alleviates bored feelings. Possibly, you could clench and unclench your hands, do some relaxation exercises, go out for a walk or do some cardiovascular exercise or other exercises. That would reduce tension in your hands and your body. It seems that sitting at a computer desk and typing might have an effect in making you feel better by releasing built-up tension in tight muscles. Still, it is not good to relax tension by typing, sitting at a desk or handwriting. It can actually cause damage to the body. As well, you have a computer screen on all the time. It is too much physical work and it involves too many repetitive movements over too long a time.


Chapter 4, Conclusions

Some people have wrong-headed ideas about social skills. They try out lots of things to do on their computers just because they do have a computer. These things could be recreational study, writing or doing art and other things. All of these have their own particular problems with them. And by addressing each one individually, you can see problems and solutions you might not be able to otherwise.

A general solution is not just to give everything up as a bad lot and go back to only ever watching television or reading books. Instead, the computer is a good gimmick to help you improve your social skills. Also, it offers genuine tools to help you as well. You can learn how to do art or quickly write a short story or poem. It really is possible to work quickly if you know how to. This is doing writing, art or anything else. You can use speech recognition, proofreading and editing tools and a printer. And with art, you can rub things out and start again. This is from where you were earlier. You can’t do this on paper. So a computer can save time when doing hobbies. And you can once you have got a decent amount of work done just read somebody else’s novel or watch somebody else’s television. And if you were not only doing just hobbies or spending too long on your computer or at a desk, then you would probably have normal social skills.

Or you’d get back normal social skills in just a short time if you really did try to read something not on your computer. And this is something that you might right now today not have done for some time. Also, you could watch some normal TV or listen to normal radio. That is good social skills as well. And this is without a doubt that if you had read the latest bestseller, gone to the cinema or you’d seen the latest ‘must-see’ or ‘don’t miss’ TV drama, then you’d be able to hold a conversation with anyone. This is even in a day or two that you would for many people who say now they have problems. They don’t. Just read a book for a few hours. Any book! It will work in a day. Or perhaps 2 days. Or it might though be longer. This is if you were in really such a bad a shape as all that. But it is still not impossible. You can have a better life and better computer experiences.

So do it!

You can do it!

Go for it!

Make the play!

Cut the cards!


Straight Aces!

Pair deuces!

Just read a book and don’t write one!


Wrong-headed Ideas in Social Skills

This timely book looks at how computers affect social skills without just telling anyone interested in having their own computer not to get one. It covers various areas of computer hobbies and sharing work online that for some people can be so addictive. These include writing fiction, non-fiction, doing art and using a computer generally. Also, the book looks at recreational study, using your computer to help you to keep to a health and diet plan and if you'd be better off just looking out the window or lying in bed listening to music. This is perhaps what people did years ago when they were bored. And were they so far wrong? There might have been a good reason why they did this before people started telling them to use a computer. The book examines all these questions and, as well, it gives some answers. Read this book if you are computer or Internet addict that it has affected your social skills or you know anyone who is.

  • Author: Earnest Long
  • Published: 2016-11-05 15:50:09
  • Words: 14971
Wrong-headed Ideas in Social Skills Wrong-headed Ideas in Social Skills