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Part One (Writing Ministry)

Chapter One

The Called And The Trained Writer…………………………………………………………….. 5

Chapter Two

The Writing Anointing……………………………………………………………………………………. 7

Chapter Three

Biblical Writers And The Call…………………………………………………………………………. 9

Chapter Four

Ethics In Writing Ministry……………………………………………………………………………….10

Chapter Five

Powerful Facts About Writing Ministry……………………………………………………….. 12

Chapter Six

The Fake People In Writing Ministry………………………………………………………………14

Chapter Seven

Book Writing: Place And People………………………………………………………………………16

Chapter Eight

The Result I Got From The Writing Ministry………………………………………………….18

Chapter Nine

Final Word On The Writing Ministry………………………………………………………………. 20

Part Two:

The Travelling Ministry.

The 76 Lessons You Should Know About Travelling Ministry……………………… 22

This book is information you will need concerning writing and the travelling ministry. The part one of the book is on the writing ministry while the part two is on the travelling ministry.

In this season, God is going to use the writing ministry more than ever before in revival and prepare men and women for the kingdom work. God will commission believers specifically into the writing ministry.

God uses different mediums to advance his work on earth. He uses the media, most times he sends ministers to preach or teach. He also uses the intercession of his people to advance and extend his kingdom. The music ministry is another medium he uses. But he also uses the writing ministry greatly.

The writing ministry is a calling or anointing that many people don’t even know exist. Many who are not called into this office wrongly stepped into it.

The bible recorded stories of great writers in the bible. Some of them include Moses who wrote the first five books of the bible; Paul who wrote 13 books of the New Testament, and John the beloved who wrote the books of first, second, third John and the book of revelation.

This book will give you the understanding about the writing anointing, and how to effectively get the best in the writing ministry

Many believers have received the call into the travelling ministry but refused to yield to the call. others who were not called into the travelling ministry send themselves and while others who were called and sent into this ministry went but grossly misbehaved because of material greed, lust, impatient, lack of proper training, character problem, anger etc. this book will help you to know your place in this ministry and will also help you to fulfil this awesome ministry if you are called into it by God.

-Daniel Affi

The Called Or Trained Writer

There is a big difference between people who are called into the writing ministry and those who are trained as writers. Those who are called into writing ministry have received the anointing from the Holy Spirit to write. They will be given a message for the church.

As every call into the ministry must be confirmed, so is the call into the writing anointing. Ensure that God clearly speaks to you before you launch out into this awesome ministry. Moses did not just pick a pen to write the book of genesis, exodus, etc. he was commanded by God (Deut. 27:3). John the beloved did not jump into writing because he wants to leave a legacy, but was directly commissioned to write and to send the message to the seven churches. Don’t write if the lord has not given you a message.

Trained writers are those who are not called by God into the writing anointing but trained themselves to write. They learnt the human skill of writing, organization of ideas and its forward. Most times, they go into series of researches from other books to expand or write their books. But anointed writers don’t depend on any outside books or people’s idea to write. They write as inspired by the Holy Spirit. They know when the writing anointing is on them. They may not be literate people. I have come across so many anointed writers who don’t have writing skills.

Anointed writers could receive just a word or phrase from the Holy Spirit and expand on it to a voluminous book. The more they write, the more the inspiration keeps coming to them.

It is God that called and anointed writers. one should also learn writing skills with accurate grammar presentation as well as proof reading and editing skills. However, they should not allow these outside aids to make their writing to become too mechanical.

People are easily attracted to read and finish an inspired writing than a mechanical writing.

The writing anointing

There are different dimensions and operations of the writing anointing on believers. More so, some believers could be highly anointed in the writing ministry than others.

The writing anointing can increase in your life if you are faithful to write the little message you were given. If you obey instantly to always write what you received, more writing anointing will keep coming on you. If you want to increase the writing anointing on you, learn to develop your ability to hear the Holy Spirit. The more you can clearly discern the voice of the Holy Spirit, the more you are able to write more accurate and inspirational words. If you try to copy other writing ministers, you will kill the original writing dimension that is in you.

Some writers are empowered to write using the drama style while others write in prose. Still others use allegory and the other on prophecy (prophetic writers). Some write in nuggets.

Find out the medium of writing that God will want the message top spread. God may want you to write in bulletin forms and not books, he may want you to write in natural newspapers and not on bulletins. He may want some to only write on the internet. Some are to write Christian magazines or tracks. Find out four areas and do not copy others. Just like believers who were called into the ministry did not find out their specific area of call. Not all called ministers should pastor a church. Preaching on the pulpit is not all about the ministry. Writing ministry is as important as the pulpit ministry. Pray and fast to find put the medium that God wants to use you in the ministry.

When the writing anointing comes on you, you will become restless in your heart until you put down what you are receiving into a paper then your heart will be free.

Usually the complete message will not be given to you, but a word, phrase or a sentence. As you put your pen on paper to write, more words will begin to come to you.

When the writing anointing is on you, sometimes eating may become difficult to you or doing other things you like until you put the information in the paper.

Great writers are deep thinkers and deep and reflective thinkers can become writers if they continue to walk with God.

When God begins to lift you after your writing, never be proud and don’t advertise to people that you are a writer. Let you work speak for you also ensure that you are not writing heresies because God will not take it lightly if you do that.

Biblical writers and the call

(a) Moses:

God commanded mosses to write the history of the Israelites from the day they departed Egypt to the time of his death totalling about forty year’s story. He documented the miracles in the wilderness, the words of God, and the rebellions of the people, the time he had to intercede for Israel etc. Num. 33:2.

Apart from Moses and John the beloved, there were so many writers in the bible. Some of them include:

(b) John the beloved: “write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter;”rev. 1:19

© Daniel, Solomon, Nehemiah, Ezra, Baruch, Isaiah, Luke, Paul, John the beloved and many others.

They were instructed to write and were commissioned by God. When God speak clearly that you should write, he will release the ability or the anointing on you to write. Some of the information the lord will instruct you to write will be a prophetic message for the future like the types that John the beloved wrote. they message could be a history of the church, the work of God among his people like the case of Moses, or God could tell you to write the present solutions about the present problems in the church. Learn to run with the kind of writing anointing that will come on you.

Ethics in Christian writing

p<>{color:#000;}. Ensure that you were called to write.

p<>{color:#000;}. Write only what you were told to write; what you are clearly inspired by the Holy Spirit to write.

p<>{color:#000;}. Don’t copy others or steal people’s idea to write.

p<>{color:#000;}. Christian writers should be sound in speech.

p<>{color:#000;}. They should learn to write correct language grammar.

p<>{color:#000;}. They should write simple work that the highly educated, semi-educated and those less educated can read.

p<>{color:#000;}. Don‘t openly criticize people in your writing especially when it comes to writing down their names.

p<>{color:#000;}. If possible, learn to freely give out your first work as a seed for people to read and correct you.

p<>{color:#000;}. Never organize book launching like the secular world; be led by God. We copy a lot without knowing the will of God for the work he puts into our hands.

p<>{color:#000;}. Never be careless about the beauty of the book. The book cover and the quality usually attract people to buy or read the book.

p<>{color:#000;}. It is not good to use inferior material for book publishing to maximize profit. Publish durable work.

p<>{color:#000;}. God is against dishonest measure. Sell your books to get profit, but check your heart for the Holy Spirit is grieved with the kind of profit you want to get or he is happy with it.

p<>{color:#000;}. You must not write voluminous book. Write and publish only what you received provided they are all you received from the lord. We can easily jump into errors or write what is not from God if we want to make the book voluminous by our human will.

p<>{color:#000;}. I make it a habit in my writing ministry that after my writing, I try to scan through the book to find out where my own human words, flesh or weakness were included in the divine inspiration and i will delete them.

p<>{color:#000;}. Expose your mind; develop your mind by reading more of other Christian literatures.

p<>{color:#000;}. It is God that finances the writing ministry. If he is the one that gives you the instruction to write, he will surely provide the money for the publishing sooner or later. Learn to wait on God.

Powerful Facts About Writing Ministry

p<>{color:#000;}. If you don’t have a pulpit to preach your written materials will speak.

p<>{color:#000;}. Writing ministry is as powerful as pulpit ministry.

p<>{color:#000;}. The places you can’t go, your materials will go.

p<>{color:#000;}. The people you can’t reach, your write up will reach them.

p<>{color:#000;}. If you are timid to preach, the written message can go far. It doesn’t know fear or timidity.

p<>{color:#000;}. Written materials have so many times caused revival, healing, restoration of family and salvation to the unsaved.

p<>{color:#000;}. Written materials can endure for years, even hundreds of years.

p<>{color:#000;}. Your written message will out-last your stay on earth as you will die one day but for generation to come; your impact will still be felt.

p<>{color:#000;}. Writing ministry will link you to other writers.

p<>{color:#000;}. Writing ministry will grant you favor before great people if you write what is worth reading.

The Fake People In Writing Ministry

In every ministry office there will always be fake people. These people could be unbelievers disguising as believers to do God’s work. Sometimes believers who are not led by the sprit venture in God’s writing. There are real prophets and fake prophets’ in ministry.

There are music ministries which includes those that are genuinely called and anointed by God as music ministers. Yet, there are others who called themselves.

When God plants a seed, the enemy likes planting tares in the same field.

In the same way, in the writing ministry, there are called and anointed writers and there are fake ones.

Identifying the fakes in this ministry:

p<>{color:#000;}. They write for legacy purpose to make known to people the work they have done for God.

p<>{color:#000;}. They write to announce themselves or their ministry.

p<>{color:#000;}. They write so that they can get more open doors of ministry.

p<>{color:#000;}. They write so that they will have a source of income.

p<>{color:#000;}. They write so that they will add to their C.V “curriculum vitae” of ministry so that people will feel they are great ministers.

p<>{color:#000;}. They write so that they will touch the book to get money and connections.

p<>{color:#000;}. They write so that they can intimidate people.

p<>{color:#000;}. Their writings are usually mechanical.

p<>{color:#000;}. Their writings are usually not spirit inspired.

p<>{color:#000;}. God doesn’t send his angles to work on distribution of their writings.

p<>{color:#000;}. They copy from other writers or from other books. They only change the grammar but it is other writer’s ideas.

p<>{color:#000;}. They write to make a name.

p<>{color:#000;}. They write because they feel it is a normal thing that everyone who is of age in life, ministry or any service should write.

Book writing: the place and people

Every written message that is inspired directly from God has a target audience. So many Christian books are hanging on shelves and other are lying in the publishing houses because we don’t know the principles of the writing ministry.

You need to find out from God who he is sending you to write to and ensure that your materials get to the target audience. For example, if you discovered that your message is meant for the Hausa people of northern Nigeria, you better write and translate in their local language. Find out the age group your message is meant for and develop a durable and consistent strategy to send your write ups to them.

Great write ups were aborted because they never got to the right place. That you wrote and publish a book is not final. In fact, it is just the beginning of the work. You must ensure and monitor how it will get to the place of need.

You can decide how far your writing ministry can go; local, national, or international.

Every message has a set time programmed by God to circulate. That is why procrastination in this kind of ministry is not good.

Learn to write according to the spirit of the time. In other words, write according to what the Holy Spirit is saying for the very season. That is why it is highly important for Christian writers to know the timely mind of the people like the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the season.

If God is putting in your heart an impression for you to write and send the message to a given group of people but you delay to do so, he will raise someone else to do the work. God can replace people.

Results I Got Through Writing

Through the writing ministry the lord gave me, I received these testimonies consistently:

People read the message of the writer and become saved (born again).

So many pastors who backslide from the faith were revived and established.

God brought a fresh understanding of the ministry and the season we are in to the people.

Some read and started operating in the prophetic anointing (the prophetic anointing that was activated).

Some read and were led to start a ministry work and the work grew.

So many believers who have the gift of writing in them- after reading or merely seeing the written work- were moved and they started writing.

The writing ministry opened so many doors of ministry for me in Nigeria and in other countries.

The writing ministry connected me to new friends- my destiny friends. Through the written work, God confirms to the minister and believers about the next level he is taking them and removed evil covering from their minds.

God blessed me financially through the writing ministry. The labourer is worthy of his wage.

The writing ministry helps to lead me into counselling ministry. God used me to counsel so many people who came to me with their problems.

I was able to link the people coming to me to other ministers who could help them better.

My writing and communication skills began to improve from the time i entered into the writing ministry.

Through writing my “ministry message” became clearer and I began to focus more on it.

The writing ministry connected me with ministries that have my own kind of anointing.

Writing ministries can be a full time calling if the lord clearly spoke to you and confirmed it. There is an anointing in this ministry, I know so.

Final Word on The Writing Ministry

i went to one of the African countries and a pastor told me that if you want to hide something from the citizens of that country, write it in a book. It was so clear that many of them don’t like reading. We must develop the culture of reading.

The technological advancement has made many people to only listen to the radio; watch TV and they would not want to read. Discipline yourself to read.

The Christian writer and the Christian book marketer should carry the campaign that will sensitize Christians to read. Also, they should expand the market of local literatures to be in wide circulation. This is the need of the time, especially in Africa.

Not everyone who read your book will agree with what you have written down. Christian writers should prepare their mind against critics, but should learn from constructive criticism.

Part Two:

76 Lessons You Should Learnt About The Travelling Ministry

1. We got the gospel today because someone travelled from a distance to bring the message to our land. Though we are now in the technology age and the Christian TV is getting many lives saved, the need for ministers to travel and plant a church, disciple the saved people from TV programmes and doing other leadership or intercessory warfare prayers to dethrone territorial spirits over region for the free flow of the gospel cannot be undermine.

2. The Holy Spirit is not anointing. The anointing is the power of the Holy Spirit. In other words, when the Holy Spirit comes upon a person, he gives the person an anointing or ability to do a particular work of the ministry. The anointing is the divine enablement from the Holy Spirit to help us do what humanly we are unable to do. There are diversities of anointing. the recalling anointing, teaching anointing prophetic anointing, singing anointing, evangelistic anointing, apostolic anointing, intercessory anointing and the travelling anointing. Travelling in ministry is an anointing, it is a grace given by God.

3. The travelling ministry is scriptural. Some call it itinerant or moving ministry. Paul travelled extensively (Acts 13-28). Jesus was always travelling; somewhere in the scriptures he advised a man who wanted to follow him that the son of man doesn’t have a place to put his head, but birds of the air have nest.

4. Travelling ministry is a call. God must clearly speak and commission you into such ministry. As God confirms your call into the ministry, the travelling ministry must be confirmed.

5. God releases more angelic host to work with the travelling minister that God sends.

6. Usually most people who have the travelling ministry love travelling. God usually uses what you can natural do to be used for kingdom purpose.

7. God only sends out those ministers that he equipped and trained over time into the moving ministry.

8. Travelling ministers must obey the laws of the land they are sent to “behave like the Romans to win the Romans” but ensure that you are not involved in their sinful acts.

9. Ensure that your documents are correct and in order before travelling, do not travel by faith. Good citizens ensure that their documents are correct.

10. Travelling to plant a church in a region or travelling once doesn’t mean one has a travelling ministry. It must be a call.

11. Travelling ministry involves going from place to place.

12. A travelling minister must have a message.

13. Most travelling ministers have received a commission from the Lord to do a specific assignment.

14. A travelling minister must have a local church he or she submits to. He or she must have a spiritual cover over him. He or she must have a base.

15. Finance is usually the challenge of a moving ministry in these seasons. If a door is closed owing to finance, it could be that it is not the set time for you to go.

16. God provides for any door he opens for the itinerant minister.

17. The prophetic and evangelistic ministries are usually a moving ministry. A teacher with a message for the body of Christ can be sent into the travelling ministry. Apostles with a commission of a message are highly involved in the travelling ministry.

18. Travelling ministers should know locations that are meant for them to only intercede and not to physically go.

19. God usually uses people (or a person) to link you to a location you will go.

20. Though a minister has the travelling ministry, it is not a guarantee to move at random. You must hear God to move. Paul had the travelling ministry. He wanted to go into Asia, but the Holy Spirit stopped him and led him to Macedonia.

21. It is good to prepare financially before you travel for ministration. It is not healthy for you to beg for money when you get there.

22. Travelling ministers must learn not to raise money from the people they go to except by an agreement of the local church hosting them and by the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

23. When you go for ministration in a local church, don’t act contrary to certain good doctrines of the church. It is advisable to ask the pastor of what to do or preach before ministering. If you misbehave, they will never call you again to minister. Other ministries that may hear of your wrong deed will shut up doors against you.

24. Travelling ministers should learn not to take advantage of the people they go to.

25. Even though you are a travelling minister far from home, always corroborate your testimonies and avoid lies.

26. Sexual temptation will be high because you are usually alone in your trip. Many itinerant ministers fall into sexual immorality due to carelessness.

27. Always agree with your spouse on the duration of time you will spend while away on the mission field.

28. Do not overstay your welcome. Leave at the set time.

29. Never allow people to borrow and stress themselves to raise money for your coming to preach. Let them organize a meeting for you according to their level of faith or level of income.

30. Travelling ministers must have the heart for sacrifice. You will see needs that you may finance yourself out there in the field.

31. Some places you go to minister and expect to get money may disappoint you and may give you just a token than you anticipated. Be contented with anything they give. No one can pay you for the ministry work you offer.

32. Reproduce others who will carry on with the travelling ministry. As God opens doors for you, you should also link others to other mission fields.

33. Learn to speak the language of the people you go to even if they are a few words. Get acquainted with their culture and cuisine. It will stir them to accept you and your message.

34. Preach Jesus and do exactly what you were sent to do. Don’t be in a hurry to condemn their culture.

35. Be ready for spiritual warfare on mission trip. Be sensitive to discern when the enemy is at work and just bind or cast them and then face your assignment.

36. Move alongside a believer from that region of the same sex. This is to acquaint you with pieces of information about the environment.

37. That a minister does not travel does not mean he doesn’t have an international ministry. One can be in a fixed location and their ministry is affecting distant regions or nations by writing, intercessions, the media etc.

38. A travelling minister should not travel at the expense of their family. Spend quality time with them. Ensure they are living and feeding well.

39. An itinerant minister will be subjected to testing after a major mission work. Moving is as important as the testing time.

40. Respect the minister that brings you to that region.

41. Ethically, it is unwise to collect the details and phone numbers of the pastor and people you visit without the prior permission of your host. Let them know what your plans are regarding that.

42. God will usually provide for your needs if he sends you.

43. Travelling ministers’ mode of dressing must be decent and above reproach. The dressing shouldn’t raise questions among the people because not all the people you go to minister are matured in handling the word. When people don’t accept your person, their hearts can repel your message.

44. Travelling minister should deal with the temptation of trying to use one stone to kill two birds. They should not decide to visit other regions though close to where they were sent but only stay in their primary area of assignment.

45. Get enough information about where you are going before you launch out. It is good you meet with believers who were there before to give you counsel and other details. get accurate information from God about the region; information on why the region is still the way it is, why the gospel is not moving and so on and so forth.

46. Your message may not be accepted in certain quarters. This is an indication that the lord has not probably sent you out there to minister.

47. Be as wise as a serpent and as gentle as a dove on a mission trips.

48. The called and anointed travelling minister usually has a place and people they are sent to.

49. The duty of the itinerant minister is going directly to the camp of the enemy and is at the fore front of a battle.

50. The life of the itinerant ministers should at all times be blameless and he should be a person of integrity.

51. Travelling ministers must be bold to clearly declare the message they received.

52. The minister may have a travelling companion if there is enough money for two. This is good. Jesus sent his disciple two by two to the mission field. Paul worked together with Barnaas; prophet Agabus moved with some prophets. In acts 15:32 Silas and Judas who were called prophets, moved together.

53. Don’t be distracted when you get to the mission field. be focused on the work. Face the assignment squarely. If you are not giving out the best to the people, identify the cause and everything distracting you and quickly deal with them.

54. People who don’t have the understanding and the importance of the travelling ministry may criticize you, discourage you, or give you a wrong advice not to travel.

55. Maintain communication with your base before you are out for missions. It will help them to know the state of your well being and enable them to pray for you.

56. A travelling minister can decide to get married. This will help to checkmate excesses of any sort. It is also good to have a companion to pray with and someone who will be a check in your life and ministry.

57. You must be strong and fearless to visit any region.

58. In the mission field, preach the word. Live the word. Do not insult people or sow a seed of discord among them.

59. Itinerary ministry is really a work. Learn to travel and do ministry with a relaxed mind. Learn patience and walk one step at a time.

60. Many travels in this ministry do not make one a great man of God or increase their anointing. The level of reward of a travelling minister is the same as the man who cleans the house of the lord.

61. Travelling ministers should not be quick to talk of their achievement or the number of places they visited. Mature believers don’t blow their trumpets.

62. If a travelling minister has his own ministry at home, he should endeavour to establish the home front ministry before travelling from place to place. Don’t travel at the expense of your home base ministry.

63. Storms may arise someday in the cause of your ministry from place to place. Being in danger of air accident, road accident, the perils of robbers, hunger, and lack may come but you will surely overcome them.

64. Travelling ministry is not a business or a way of making fast income for your ministry, it is a necessary laid on the minister.

65. Are you sure you are really called into the travelling ministry. It is dangerous to step into an anointing that God didn’t call you into. Many people die before their time as a result of this. This anointing is a calling.

66. There will be seasons that God may stop you from travelling. He may only want you to send someone to represent you or your publication to go for you. Please discern such seasons.

67. It is good for the travelling minister to be sound in speech. Improve your language skills because you will meet different kinds of critics who will be saved just by your ministry. Don’t just depend on the anointing in the ministry. Be sound in all areas: spiritual, social, physical and mental.

68. Pastoral ministry is usually a stationary ministry. It is not a travelling ministry. A pastoral anointing is restricted to a particular people. It can be compared to the shepherd who watches over his flock.

69. The travelling minister should not respond to every invitation he receives but clearly discern the heart of God before responding.

70. More doors for itinerary ministry will be open to you if you are faithful with the one or two doors that God opened to you.

71. People who go to the minister are more interested to learn and study their character than your message.

72. Do not say words that will make the people to feel inferior to you. Don’t exalt your home culture above theirs. Learn to let them know that you appreciate them.

73. Keep to time. If you are given 45 minutes to minister, learn to do everything within that time. People respect and honour the travelling minister who sticks to time.

74. be careful and do not speak vain words among them. Let your words be words of wisdom. They take to notice of every word you say. Even your mere jokes they may take seriously.

75. Give them the best. Work hard in the place of prayers, fasting and study to get the accurate word that is meant for them.

76. Some of the people to whom you go to minister will want to find out who your mentor or spiritual father is so that they can know the kind of anointing, pattern, life style they should expect.

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Daniel Affi is the president and founder of Missions to Nations Ministries. he is also the coordinator of national prayer network in plateau state. he is a prolific writer; an author of 15 books. Also he is a counsellor and mentor to so many people. he functions in the prophetic ministry with over 15 years experience with accuracy, with signs and wonders. God had given to him hundreds of visions, dreams, and prophecies about people, families, churches and nations, which all came to pass. He is happily married to Nadine Daniel and they have two children; Deborah and David-Stanley. They all reside in Jos, Nigeria in West Africa.

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Writing and Travelling Ministry

There is big difference between people who are trained writers and those who are anointed by God to write. Written materials have caused a change in lives, societies and nations. This book would enable you to know and write impactful books. There are people who have a call into the travelling or itinerary ministry: their work involves a lot of travelling. Those who are called and anointed into the ministry for the service of God, this book is meant for them. It is written to enable you overcomes the hurdles, challenges, temptations and pitfalls that accompany every travelling ministry can be a major vehicle for you to fulfill your purpose in life or in the ministry.

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