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Introduction to The ‘Gnani Purush’

Who is Dada Bhagwan ?

Current link for attaining the knowledge of Self-Realization (Atmagnan)

Note About This Translation


p((<>. What is the source of worries ?

How can one experience bliss if there are worries?

Worries are an open fire

Freedom from worries through the grace of The Gnani

Bliss follows when worries stop.

You are the Lord – Why worry?

Double punishment for those who worry

If you worry about a task, you ruin it.

When worries arise due to accounts receivable

What is the root cause of Worries?

What are the results of worries?

A true devotee will even scold God

All the Gods have said the same thing.

What does one value in life?

Look at the luxuries of the guest of the world

No Trust Anywhere

Self – invited worries

Ego is the foundation of life

Don’t worry about that which is not in front of you

Worries in midst of all material comforts

Have you received an extension for your life?

Human nature invites worries.

Worries because of doer ship

Worry is the highest ego.

Worrying about your daughter’s marriage

Wrong time to worry

Instead of worrying, turn to religion.

Who worries the most?

Can wealth and worry coexist?

Death of business because of worry

Worry goes with understanding

Think but do not worry

Involvement in that which is beyond your control causes worries

Worries bind obstructive karma

Scientific circumstantial evidences

Knowing ‘ Who am I’ is the final solution

There are differences between tension and worries

Normality liberates

How do worries go away?

Living in the present is the right thing

Worry is not discharge of karma

Worries flee, when there is knowledge of ‘Vyavasthit’

Pratah Vidhi

Nine Deep Inner Intents (Nav Kalamo)


Pratikraman : Process of Divine Apology

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- Dada Bhagwan

Editor : Dr. Niruben Amin


The Three Mantras that Destroy All Obstacles in Life

Namo Vitaragaya

I bow to the One who is absolutely free from all attachment and abhorrence

Namo Arihantanam

I bow to the living One who has annihilated all internal enemies of anger, pride, deceit and greed

Namo Siddhanam

I bow to the Ones who have attained the state of total and final liberation

Namo Aayariyanam

I bow to the Self-realized masters who impart knowledge of liberation to others

Namo Uvazzayanam

I bow to those who have received the Knowledge of the Self and are helping others attain the same

Namo Loye Savva Sahunam

I bow to all saints everywhere who have received the Knowledge of the Self

Eso Pancha Namukkaro

These five salutations

Savva Pavappanasano

Destroy all demerit karma

Mangalanam cha Savvesim

Of all that is auspicious

Padhamam Havai Mangalam

This is the highest

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

I bow to all who have attained the absolute Self in human form

Om Namah Shivaya

I bow to all human beings who have become instruments for salvation of the world

Jai Sat Chit Anand

Awareness of the Eternal is Bliss

Introduction to The ‘Gnani Purush’

On a June evening in 1958 at around six o’clock, Ambalal Muljibhai Patel, a family man, a contractor by profession, was sitting on a bench on the busy platform number 3 of Surat’s train station. Surat is a city in south Gujarat, a western state in India. What happened within the next forty-eight minutes was phenomenal. Spontaneous Self-realization occurred within Ambalal M. Patel. During this event his ego completely melted and from that moment onwards he became completely detached from all Ambalal’s thoughts, speech and acts. He became the Lord’s living instrument for the salvation of mankind, through the path of knowledge. He called this Lord, Dada Bhagwan. To everyone he met, he would say, “This Lord, Dada Bhagwan is fully manifest within me. He also resides within all living beings. The difference is that within me He is completely expressed and in you, he is yet to manifest.”

Who are we? What is God? Who runs this world? What is karma? What is liberation? Etc. All the world’s spiritual questions were answered during this event. Thus nature offered absolute vision to the world through the medium of Shree Ambalal Muljibhai Patel.

Ambalal was born in Tarsali, a suburb of the city of Baroda and raised in Bhadran, Gujarat. His wife’s name was Hiraba. Although he was a contractor by profession, his life at home and his interaction with everyone around him was exemplary even prior to his Self-realization. After becoming Self-realized and attaining the state of a Gnani, (The Awakened One), his body became a ‘public charitable trust.’

Throughout his whole life he lived by the principle that there should not be any commerce in religion, and in all commerce there must be religion. He also never took money from anyone for his own use. He used the profits from his business to take his devotees for pilgrimages to various parts of India.

His words became the foundation for the new, direct and step-less path to Self-realization called Akram Vignan. Through his divine original scientific experiment (The Gnan Vidhi), he imparted this knowledge to others within two hours. Thousands have received his grace through this process and thousands continue to do so even now. ‘Akram’ means without steps; an elevator path or a short cut, whereas ‘Kram’ means an orderly step-by-step spiritual path. Akram is now recognized as a direct shortcut to the bliss of the Self.

Who is Dada Bhagwan ?

When he explained to others who ‘Dada Bhagwan’ is, he would say:

“What you see here is not ‘Dada Bhagwan.’ What you see is ‘A.M.Patel.’ I am a Gnani Purush and He that is manifest within me, is ‘Dada Bhagwan’. He is the Lord within. He is within you and everyone else. He has not yet manifest within you, whereas within me he is fully manifest. I myself am not a Bhagwan. I too bow down to Dada Bhagwan within me.”

Current link for attaining the knowledge of Self-Realization (Atmagnan)

“I am personally going to impart siddhis (special spiritual powers) to a few people. After I leave, will there not be a need for them? People of future generations will need this path, won’t they?”

~ Dadashri

Param Pujya Dadashri used to go from town to town and country-to-country to give satsang and impart the knowledge of the Self as well as knowledge of harmonious worldly interaction to all who came to see him. In his final days in late 1987, he graced Dr. Niruben Amin with the siddhis to continue his Work.

After Param Pujya Dadashri left his mortal body on January 2, 1988, Dr. Niruben continued his Work, traveling within India to cities and villages; and going abroad visiting all continents of the world. She was Dadashri’s representative of Akram Vignan, until March 19, 2006, when she left her mortal body entrusting all further care of the Work to Shri Deepakbhai Desai. She was instrumental in expanding the key role of Akram Vignan as the simple and direct path to Self-realization for modern times. Hundreds of thousands of spiritual seekers had taken advantage of this opportunity and are established in the experience of pure Soul while carrying out their worldly duties. They experience freedom, here and now while living their daily life.

Shri Deepakbhai Desai had been given the siddhi to conduct satsang of Akram Vignan by Gnani Purush Dadashri in presence of Pujya Niruben Amin. Between 1988 and 2006, he has given satsang nationally and internationally as directed by Dadashri under the guidance of Dr. Niruben Amin. Now these satsangs and Gnan Vidhis of Akram Vignan continue in full force through the medium of Atmagnani Shri Deepakbhai Desai.

Powerful words in scriptures help the seeker in increasing their desire for liberation and thus they represent the path. The knowledge of the Self is the final goal of all seekers. Without the knowledge of the Self there is no liberation. This knowledge does not exist in books. It exists in the heart of a Gnani. Hence, the knowledge of the Self can only be acquired by meeting a Gnani. Through the scientific approach of the Akram Vignan, even today one can attain Atmagnan, by meeting a living Atmagnani. Only a lit candle can light another candle!

Note About This Translation

Gnani Purush Ambalal M. Patel, popularly known as Dadashri or Dada or Dadaji, used to say that it is not possible to exactly translate his satsang on the Science of Self-Realization and the art of worldly interaction, into English. Some of the depth and intent of meaning to be conveyed to the seeker, would be lost. He stressed the importance of learning Gujarati to precisely understand all his teachings.

Dadashri did however grant his blessings to convey his original words to the world through translations in English and other languages. It was his deepest desire and fervor that the suffering human beings of the world attain the living freedom of the wonderful Akram Vignan that expressed within him. He further stated that a day would come when the world would be in awe of the phenomenal powers of this science.

This is an humble attempt to present to the world the essence of the teachings of Dadashri, the Gnani Purush. A lot of care has been taken to preserve the tone and message of his words. This is not a literal translation of his words. Many individuals have worked diligently for this product and we remain deeply thankful to them all.

This is an elementary introduction to the vast new treasure of his teachings. Please note that any errors committed in the translation are entirely those of the translators and for those we request your pardon.


Who does not have any worries? Those who have truly renounced the world will be free from worries. All others will worry. Why do worries occur? What is the result of worries? How does one become free from worries? The exact understanding and answers are provided in this booklet in the form of satsang with Gnani Purush Dadashri.

Worry is live fire. It burns constantly. It takes away all peace and sleep. It invites disease and depression. It takes away your zest for living and charges karma that results in lower forms of life. Therefore, it spoils your current and future lives.

Worrying is pure egoism. The one who suffers from worries has no understanding of the science behind all acts and events. He goes about thinking that he is the doer of all acts in his life and because of this ego of doer ship, he sets himself up for suffering in the form of worries when events do not occur according to his plans.

Work gets spoiled with worries. This is a law of nature. Freedom from worries improves work. Important and well to do people suffer from higher levels of stress and worries. Comparatively, labourers do not worry and they sleep well, while their bosses have to take sleeping pills. Those who worry lose their wealth. Worries bind karma of obstruction. Such karma prevent the fulfilment of your desires in future life.

What is the definition of worry? Thoughts are not a problem. When you get emotionally embroiled in thoughts, worries start. When this happens, stop.

All events in this universe are under the control of scientific circumstantial evidences. There is no independent doer. Lack of this knowledge creates worries. When will worries leave permanently? When the sense of doer ship ceases. When will the sense of doer ship leave? When Self-realization is attained.

– Dr. Niruben Amin


What is the source of worries ?

Dadashri : Have you ever worried ?

Questioner : It is human nature to worry and worries of one kind or another will always be present.

Dadashri : Human nature is such that if someone slaps you, you would slap him back. But there are also some thoughtful individuals who feel that the law should not be taken in their hands. To worry is the same as taking the matter into your own hands. It is wrong to take matters into your own hands. Why should man worry at all? Each and every God has said that people should not worry and that we have to leave everything to Him.

Questioner : But there is a vast difference between saying it and actually putting it into practice in everyday life.

Dadashri : I am merely stating the fact. Worries are not easy to get rid of. Everyone experiences worries now and then. When you start worrying, what medicine do you take? Is there any medicine for worries?

How can one experience bliss if there are worries?

Questioner : I pray to God and ask for His grace so

that I may become free from worries. That is why I keep repeating His name. Through this medium I make spiritual progress. In spite of that, I have still not experienced the God that resides within me.

Dadashri : How can you experience Him? You cannot experience anything amidst your worries. Experience (of God) and worrying are never together. You will have the experience once these worries disappear.

Questioner : How can these worries end?

Dadashri : Your worries will cease by staying in this satsang. Have you ever come to the satsang before?

Questioner : I go to satsang elsewhere.

Dadashri : If you attend a satsang but continue to have worries then you should leave that satsang and find a satsang where your worries will cease. Your worries must end if you are in a right satsang.

Questioner : I feel at peace only as long as I am sitting there.

Dadashri : No. That is not called peace. There is no peace in it. That kind of peace can be found even while we are listening to idle chatter. Real peace should be with you forever. How can you go to the satsang where you continue to have worries? You have to tell the one conducting the satsang, ‘Sir, I worry, therefore I will not be coming to your satsang, or give me some kind of ‘medicine’ so that I don’t have worries.’

Questioner : My mind is never at ease anywhere, whether I am at the office or at home.

Dadashri : You go to the office to work for your wages. You have obligations to your household so you cannot run away

from it. Simply leave the satsang where your worries persist. Look for another satsang and keep on searching for a satsang, which will end all your worries. Have you been to any other satsang?

Questioner : But we have been told that God is within us and we will get peace from within and that we are to stop looking elsewhere.

Dadashri : Yes, that is true.

Questioner : But we do not experience the God within us at all.

Dadashri : You cannot experience God in the presence of worries. If there are worries, then whatever experience you may already have will disappear. Worry is the greatest ego. God asks, “Why are you being egoistic? If you are, you are not welcome here.” A person who believes, “I am running this, I am doing it,” will suffer from worries. The person, who does not have faith in God, will be the one who worries.

Questioner : I have faith in God.

Dadashri : If you truly had faith in God, you would leave everything to him and sleep soundly. Who would worry like that? So, have faith in God. Wouldn’t God be listening to a little of what you are saying? Do you have to worry at all after your meal? Do you worry whether the digestive juices or enzymes are being released or not? Do you worry whether new blood will be made and the waste eliminated? There is so much going on inside of you that requires care, and yet you worry about what is happening on the outside. God is doing all the great work inside, and all the outside work is minor in comparison to this. You claim that you are doing all the work, so naturally God will feel bad! Worries arise because of this ego of ‘doership’. The person, who worries, is egoistic. Leave

everything to God for one week and stop worrying. Then one day come to me, and I will help you realize God, so that your worries will be gone forever.

Worries are an open fire

You have to understand all this. What happens when you ingest the medicine that was meant for external application only? This is precisely what people have been doing when it comes to matters of spirituality. They have not followed the word of the Lord exactly and that is why they have worries. Otherwise, would they have any worries? How can a person from India have worries? (India being the land of Tirthankars and their spiritual science) Do you enjoy worrying?

Questioner : No, I want peace.

Dadashri : Worry is a fire. One becomes consumed with anxieties that something bad may happen. Once in a while there arises an opportunity for a human being to become an individual with imposing values but if he wastes away his human life worrying, then he will lose the right to be born a human again. Grave indeed is the consequence of not realizing this. How grave are the consequences of worrying! If you want peace then I can put a stop to your worries.

The path of liberation starts the moment you stop worrying. The Gnani shows you how to do darshan (i.e. spiritual experience) of the Lord, otherwise it is not possible to see the Lord. Until then, the fire of worries continues to burn and people burn in the fire of worries just like potatoes roasting in a fire pit. Such is the life of those who worry.

Freedom from worries through the grace of The Gnani

Questioner : So what should one do to become free of worries?

Dadashri : This gentleman here came to me asking the same question. Like yourself, he has wandered a lot, seeking peace, but his efforts have been in vain. So how did he find peace? Ask him what he did, ask him if he has any worries now; ask him whether or not he becomes restless when someone swears at him.

Questioner : But what do I have to do to stop worrying?

Dadashri : For that you must to go to a ‘Gnani Purush’ and receive his grace. Once you receive his grace, your worries will end, and your daily, worldly activities will carry on in harmony.

Bliss follows when worries stop.

When worries no longer occur, then all entanglements will diminish. You will experience bliss in the absence of worries and in the midst of all external turmoil. It is then that you will realize that the true entanglements are gone.

Questioner : Even if a person wants such bliss it will not come.

Dadashri : It will not come just like that. Bliss will only come after the Gnani Purush untangles all your puzzles, and at that point, you will experience bliss and it will remain with you. A life free of worries is desirable, is it not?

Questioner : It would be wonderful.

Dadashri : You will not have any worries after I make your life worry-free. This (the Science of Akram Vignan) is one of the miracles of our times. It is impossible for such a thing to come about in our time and yet it has happened, hasn’t it?

You are the Lord – Why worry?

You simply have to understand that you too, are The Supreme Lord. You are God, and so why must you worry?

What are you worrying for? Nothing in this world is worth worrying about, not even for a second. Now face those entanglements and bring a solution to them.

Questioner : If we go against and try to resist adverse circumstances, will doing so increase the ego?

Dadashri : It is better to oppose, than to worry. The ego of opposition is less than the ego of worrying. God has said, “Oppose adverse circumstances, look for solutions, but do not worry.”

Double punishment for those who worry

God says that there are two punishments for those who worry and just one for those who do not. If an only son of a couple dies, then all the mourning, crying and worrying they do as a result, they will have to suffer double the punishment. The first punishment being the loss of their son and the second being the grief of mourning. I never suffer both punishments. I tell people that if a thief robs them of five thousand rupees, they should realize that it is ‘Vyavasthit’ and just move on.

The first punishment is an effect of your past life karma. And that is ‘Vyavasthit’; you must remember that whatever happens, is correct.

If you worry about a task, you ruin it.

Nature tells us to put forth tremendous effort in order to accomplish a difficult task. But at the same time we should not worry about it. By worrying, your effort will be jolted The one who worries takes the reins into his own hands and believes, ‘I am the one who is making it work!’ There is a punishment for taking on that kind of a control.

Dependence on the non-Self (complex of thoughts, speech and actions) results in worry. Currency specific to a certain

country can only be used in that country. You will have to leave your cars, your house, your business, and your wife and children behind when you leave this world. During this final stage in your life, no one will have the power to do anything. The only things you will be allowed to take with you are your paap (bad deeds) and punya (good deeds). To put it simply, a list of whatever rights and wrongs you have done here, will accompany you. The monetary earnings gained from those crimes will remain here and the case will continue in the next life. As a result of these accumulated karma you will acquire a new body and you will have to start afresh to pay off the debts you created in your this life. So why not wake up from the beginning? There is tremendous happiness in the Self, the homeland. Unfortunately, no one has ever seen the homeland.

When worries arise due to accounts receivable

At night everyone says, ‘It is eleven o’clock, go to sleep.’ On a winter’s night, you tuck yourself inside the mosquito net. Everyone in the household has gone to sleep. Under the mosquito net, you remember that you have to collect three thousand rupees from someone and the due date has already come and gone. You begin to wish you had made him sign a promissory note and so you worry about it all night long. But by worrying about it are you going to be able to have it signed overnight? That would not be possible would it? So why not go to sleep peacefully?

What is the root cause of Worries?

Worries that eat away at you are meaningless. They harm your health and obstruct whatever is due to you. It is precisely because of worries that such situations arise. One must think about the good and the bad aspects of any situation, but there is no reason to worry. This worrying is egoism. There should not be any egoism. It is because of one’s false notion of, ‘I am

somebody and I am running things,’ that he has worries. A person worries because of his false assumptions such as, ‘This case will be solved only if I am present.’ The ego must be separated, only then is it okay to go on thinking about the essential and non-essential things. If the ego is separated, worries will not eat away at you and if it is not separated, these uncertainties and worries will harm you both mentally and physically. When a person is worrying and his child comes to tell him something, he is likely to become furious with the child and hurt the child. Therefore, worries are destructive in many ways. The ego is such that regardless of whether a person is a wealthy businessman or a pauper, if someone were to say to him, ‘You have ruined everything for me’, he would have endless worries and anxiety. And the world will say such things regardless of whether you have done so or not.

What are the results of worries?

The by-production of all worldly interaction is the ego, which is in a natural and spontaneous state, and through which all life interactions are carried out. However, nowadays people’s egos have become so inflated that there is no end to a person’s worries. Completely new ‘factories’ of ego have been started and the ego has been allowed to increase more and more. The world is capable of functioning with a natural, normal ego. But the inflated ego of the old man says,’ I am worried a lot.’ What are the consequences of worries? A person who worries a lot will be born into the animal kingdom in his or her next life. While you are in this human life form you must be cautious, otherwise you will receive the fruit of animal life if you carry on worrying.

A true devotee will even scold God

If a true devotee of God has worries, he would even scold his God, “You have always told us not to worry, yet I still

have worries, why is that?” He, who does not scold his God, is not a true devotee. If you encounter anxiety, you should scold and give your piece of mind to the God present within you. This is true love for God. These days it is difficult to find a true devotee, because they all move around with their own selfish motives.

Lord Krishna says: ‘ Why do you worry? Krishna will do what he wants to.’

What do these people say in reply? It is easy for Lord Krishna to say this but how can one run his daily life without worrying? Therefore, people worry unnecessarily, its as if they have started factories of worries.

Some devotees say, ‘I surrender to Lord Krishna.’ Why worry if you have taken refuge at the feet of Lord Krishna? Even Lord Mahavir has said one should not worry. He has said that the results of worrying, is the animal life form. Worrying is the highest ego of all. When there is a perpetual sense of, ‘I am the one who runs all these things,’ then worries will arise.

All the Gods have said the same thing.

Worries result in adverse meditation. This body will have to undergo the pain and pleasure it has brought with it from previous life’s karma. This is unavoidable and cannot be changed. Therefore, do not look at anybody’s faults. All bondage is due to your own faults. You will not be able to change anything in this life.

Lord Krishna has said, “Why do you worry, Krishna will do what he wants to.” The Jains say that is was Lord Krishna who said that and not Lord Mahavir. So what has Lord Mahavir said? He has said that you cannot change the result of your previous life. Not even a miniscule degree. I see this in my Absolute Knowledge. So abandon all negative meditation,

abandon all worries. However, who listens to the words of the Lord nowadays?

I have found through deep studying, that there is no difference between what Lord Krishna and Lord Mahavir have said. Sahajanand Swami has said, “No one can break a single blade of grass without my wish.” Does that mean that without the Lord’s wish, we cannot cut even a blade of grass? Now we have three Lords who have said the same thing.’ Let’s look further. Even Saint Kabir has said the same thing but in different words.

Yes, perhaps one person can be mistaken, but you cannot say that the Vitrags (The Enlightened Liberators) are wrong, unless the writer made a mistake in his writing, I will never believe that the Vitrags are wrong. No matter how much one tries to convince me otherwise, I have never found fault in them. Even in my childhood, although I was born a Vaishnav (follower of Lord Krishna) I have never believed the Vitarags to be wrong. Because of their wisdom, one’s work is done merely by chanting their names. And yet look at the state of human beings. The Vitarags have said that this world is so precise that not even a minutest change can take place in this life. And yet look at all these people who stay awake worrying all night long. They torture their body by trying to stay awake and in the end they set themselves up for heart failure.

What does one value in life?

One elderly gentleman came, fell at my feet and cried profusely. I asked him why he was so sad. He said, “My jewels have been stolen, I cannot find them, when will I get them back?” I asked him, “Are you going to take those jewels with you when you leave this world?” He replied, “No, I cannot take them with me, but they have been stolen, when will I get them back?” I told him, “After you are gone.” Should

there be this kind of anxiety because your jewellery is stolen? There should be no worries about things that are gone. When the time is right, it is understandable that people will worry about the future, and a person with any intelligence is likely to have such worries for sure. But worrying over the past? Why worry about things that have happened in the past? Why worry about the things that have no solution? Any intelligent person will understand that there is no solution, so there is no need to worry. Initially this man was crying profusely but within two minutes I turned him around. Then he started to sing ‘Dada Bhagwan na aseem jai jai kar ho (Eternal glory to the Lord within). Even this morning, when he met me at Lord Krishna Temple, he called out to me, “Dada Bhagwan!” He informed me that he had recited my name the whole night. He was very receptive. You could have converted him in any way.

Questioner : What did you tell him?

Dadashri : I told him, that there was no hope in recovering his lost jewels, and that the jewels will be presented to him in another way.

Questioner : He found his biggest jewel when he met you Dada.

Dadashri : Yes that is a miracle in itself! But how can he realize that? Next to his jewels this does not hold any value for him! If he wanted to drink tea and I were to ask him, “Why do you need tea when I am here?” He would say, “Whether or not you are here, I cannot do without my tea!” What does he place importance upon? It is whatever he desires.

Look at the luxuries of the guest of the world

The most precious things in this world are always free. They cannot be under the rules and regulations of any government. What are these precious things?

Questioner : Air and water.

Dadashri : Only air, not water. The government has no control at all over air. You can obtain it everywhere, wherever you look, wherever you go. Look at how much protection nature gives you. You are a guest of nature and by being a guest, you are complaining and worrying? Then nature will think that although this person is my guest, he does not know how to live like a guest. Some people go into the kitchen and tell the hostess to put more salt in the soup. How can you enter your host’s kitchen when you are a guest? You should eat whatever you are served. How can we go to the kitchen when we are the guests? Air, the most precious of them all, is free. What comes next? Next, comes water, for which you have to pay a little, and then third comes food, which too has to be paid for.

Questioner : Light.

Dadashri : Light is always there! Sun is always there to serve you and is present at dawn everyday.

No Trust Anywhere

These people of India worry so much and have so much anxiety. If ever the sun decides to take a break for a day and says, “I will never take a vacation again,” the next day these people will start doubting whether they will see daylight again. They do not even trust nature. They do not have faith in themselves, God, or their wives. They do not trust anything.

Self – invited worries

After seeing what the neighbours have, people start worrying. Our neighbour has a car and we don’t! How much do you need in life? You should decide once and for all what your needs are, (e.g. that there should be enough to eat and drink at home, that there is a home to live in and enough money to run the household). That much, you will definitely get. But

it irks (annoys) you to see ten thousand rupees in the neighbour’s bank account. These kinds of things cause misery. He that invites misery upon himself, is a fool.

Ego is the foundation of life

It is when people have a lot of money, that they experience agony and worries. These people are worried. If I were to tell you details about these owners of factories in Ahmedabad, you will say, “Lord, let me not be in their shoes for even one day.” Day in and day out they suffer like a sweet potato being roasted in an oven. “What do you live for?” I asked one of them. He answered, “That, even I do not know.” So I told him that his existence was based on his belief that, “I am greater than all the others.” There is no happiness in this.

Don’t worry about that which is not in front of you

I’ve met many factory owners of Ahmedabad who, while dining with me, would really be lost in the business of their factories. A wife of one such factory owner came and sat before us as we were having our meals and said, “My husband never eats his food peacefully.” When I asked him the reason, he replied, “My mind is consumed in the complex affairs of my business.” So I told him, “Don’t do that. When your plate is present in front of you, enjoy what is there and do not worry about what is not present at this time. Enjoy whatever comes in front of you now. Live in the present.”

When you are in the kitchen, does your mind wonder off to the bedroom? When you are supposed to attend to a matter at hand, do you go elsewhere in your mind?

Questioner : We go all over.

Dadashri : Those are all departments. So you should not take the worries of one department into the other department.

Complete all the work that needs to be done in one division first, where you are. But when you go into the one division to eat, you must enjoy your food there and leave your worries of the other division. When you go to the bedroom, leave the worries of the kitchen or the office for that department. Man suffers because he does not have such organization and he does not compartmentalize his daily life. While he is having a meal, he worries about what he will do when his supervisor gets upset with him. Deal with it when he does. For now, just enjoy your meal.

God has said, “Enjoy what is present in front of you. Do not worry about that which is not present.” That means you must stay in the present moment in time and enjoy what you have.

Worries in midst of all material comforts

Questioner : There are all kinds of worries on the mind.

Dadashri : There are worries even while eating. It is like having a heavy bell hanging over you, making you apprehensive about when it will come crashing down on your head. In this world filled with worries and tension, it is a wonder how people without any thinking follow the rut and enjoy worldly comforts. How can this be? Yet people go about enjoying everything shamelessly. Whatever is going to happen will happen, but enjoy the present. Let’s live it up. Is there anything in this world worth enjoying?

People in the foreign countries are not so consumed with worries. It is only here in India. People’s worries are a result of their baggage of intellect. They have tremendous worries. People are walking ‘factories’ of worries. They have huge factories and they have huge cooling fans for their comforts. They worry but they also find solutions for them. What do they

call that cooling equipment?

Questioner : Air conditioner.

Dadashri : Yes, air conditioner. That is the wonder in India.

Questioner : Nowadays all the worries are in the comforts of an air-conditioned environment.

Dadashri : Yes, so they are always together. Air-conditioning with worries. I do not need any air-conditioning.

These Americans do not worry excessively about their daughter after she turns a certain age. The Indians worry about their family for seven generations. This is what I call wholesale intellect and wholesale worries. All suffering is because of beliefs. There is this difference in the beliefs of foreigners versus Indians.

Have you received an extension for your life?

You are going to live another two hundred years in this world, are you not? Haven’t you taken an extension?

Questioner : How can one get an extension? I don’t think that anything is under our control.

Dadashri : You are so right. If living were under one’s control, one would never die. But life is forcefully taken away from everyone. What is the point in worrying if you cannot get an extension for a longer life? Instead why not enjoy peacefully whatever you have been allotted?

Human nature invites worries.

Worries ruin the work. Worrying will reduce the quality of your work from one hundred percent to seventy percent. Worries obstruct work. If there were no worries, the result

would be wonderful.

Everyone knows we are going to die one day. What do people do when they think of death? They push away the thought, “What if something happens to me?” When such a thought enters a person’s mind, he pushes it away. In the same token, when worries come to you, you have to say, “Not here,” and push them away.

Worries always ruin things. When you drive a car while worrying about your driving skills, you may cause an accident. If you worry while you are conducting your business, then you will do the wrong thing. Worry has been the cause of ruin for everything in this world.

There is nothing worth worrying about in this world. To worry is the ‘best foolishness’ in this world. The world is not meant for worrying. Only human beings worry, no other creature worry. Billions of other life forms do not worry. Overly wise humans worry all day long and roast in the oven of worry. Worry is pure egoism, nothing else.

Questioner : In this respect they are worse than animals, aren’t they?

Dadashri : Animals are good. They do not use their intellect to worry about their welfare. Those who use their intellect excessively to worry about their welfare, suffer a lot. The Indian intellect is such that Indians suffer many worries. Foreigners do not suffer as much.

Labourers do not have worries, whereas their bosses do. None of the labourers worry. This will result in a higher life form for the labourer and a lower life form for the bosses in their next life. Therefore, there should not be any worries. Worrying is the cause of a lower life form.

Nothing but worries, worries, worries. Just like the sweet

potato roasting from all the sides in an oven, this whole world is being roasted. Like the fish being fried in oil, the poor humans splutter about. How can you call this living?

Worries because of doer ship

Questioner : To keep awareness of not to worry, is that not another form of worrying?

Dadashri : No, worrying is just egoism. People are simply unaware of their real Self, and then they have the egoism of “I am the doer.” One doesn’t have control over his own bowel movements and yet he insists, “I am the doer of everything.”

Worrying itself is ego. Why does this child not worry? That is because he is not yet aware of this false egoism. He doesn’t care about who makes this world go around.

Because one goes around saying “I am the doer, I am the doer!” he has worries.

Worry is the highest ego.

Questioner : Worries are a sign of ego. Can you please explain that?

Dadashri : Why are worries called a sign of ego? Because in his mind, he feels, “I am doing this all,” and that is why he has worries. He believes, “I am the one who makes it happen,” and so he worries, “What will become of my daughter? What will become of my son? What will happen if this work does not get completed?” He takes everything upon himself. He thinks of himself as being “‘the owner” and “the doer”. But in reality he is not the doer and yet he takes the load of worries.

In his worldly interactions if he worries constantly, he will have to undergo many more lives. That is because worries cause bondage for new lives.

I am telling you this very subtle, yet very important fact concisely. To date, no man has been born in this world that has the independent energy to evacuate his own bowels. So what is all the egoism for? There is some other force and energy at work. This force is not yours; it is not under your control. You do not know what is under your control. You do not know your own strength and force. This is the reason why you become dependant on other forces. In fact, you and your entire life becomes dependant on forces that are beyond your control.

Worrying about your daughter’s marriage

Here, people start worrying about the marriage of their daughter from the time she becomes three years old. Although she will not get married until she is twenty years old, they start to worry now. Is it written anywhere in the scriptures as to when one should begin to worry about their daughter’s marriage? If she is to marry at the age of twenty, when should we start to worry? When she is two or three years old?

Questioner : When a girl becomes fourteen or fifteen years old, her parents would start thinking about it.

Dadashri : No, even at that she still has five more years to go. Perhaps within those five years, the one doing the worrying will die or the one for whom he is worrying will die. Who can predict? How can one worry five years in advance?

He even starts to worry after he witnesses other people worrying about their daughters. “So and so is very worried about getting his daughter married,while I am doing nothing!” Then in a perpetual state of worry, he becomes like a watermelon. And when the time comes for his daughter to be wed, he doesn’t have even five pennies to his name. Where can a worrying man get money?

You should start to worry about your daughter when

people around you start to ask you, “Have you made any arrangements for your daughter?” Then you should know it is time for you to start thinking about it and make some effort from that time onwards. But here one begins to worry fifteen years too soon! He will even tell his wife, “Do you realize that our daughter is growing up and we have yet to get her married?”

Wrong time to worry

If he worries about marrying his daughter seventeen years before her time, then why does he not worry about dying? To that he would say, “No, do not remind me about dying.” So I asked him, “What is wrong in reminding you about death? Are you not going to die at some point in time?” He replied, “But if you remind me about dying, I will lose today’s happiness and life will turn sour.” So then, why are you contemplating your daughter’s marriage? Will you not lose your zest for life when you do that? Your daughter has brought from her past life with her, everything for her marriage. Parents are only instrumental in all this. This girl has come with all the requirements for her wedding, even the amount of money you will spend on her wedding.

You do not have to worry about your daughter. You are there to nurture her. She has even brought along the boy she will eventually marry. We do not have to ask anyone to give birth to a son for our daughter. “We have a daughter, so would you please give birth to a son?” Is that what you ask people? She has come prepared with all the goods, but the father still continues to worry day and night, “She is twenty-five years old and she is still not married.” Why are you complaining when there is a twenty-seven year old boy out there? You just don’t know where to look for him that’s all. Why don’t you quietly retire to bed? Your daughter has even brought with her the timing of her marriage.

Do not create anything that is not in your control. Do you ever worry about the two or three little girls and boys you left behind in your past life? Why not? At the time of your death, are you extremely worried about what will happen to your little girl? When you took your new birth here, did you worry about your past life? Do you not have any letters or messages from your past life? It is all beyond your control, therefore do not interfere. Whatever happens is Vyavasthit, so let it be and whatever is not, let that be too.

Instead of worrying, turn to religion.

Questioner : How can the head of household, who has the most worries, get rid of them?

Dadashri : Lord Krishna said, “Man, why do you worry? Krishna will do what he wants to.” Have you not read that? Then what is the point in worrying? So why are you worrying about your children? Why not just guide them towards religion? They will gain high moral values.

So many people continuously worry about their business. Why do they worry? They worry because in their mind they think, “I am the doer.” They do not take even a little support from, the real doer. It is okay if you don’t have the understanding through Gnan, but at least take some other form of support. You have already experienced in one way or another, that you are not the doer. Worries are the highest egoism of all.

Who worries the most?

Questioner : People who do not have adequate food will worry, “What will happen to me tomorrow? What will we eat tomorrow?”

Dadashri : No, no. Worries are about things that are surplus; no one has worries about food. They only worry about surplus. The way nature is arranged, people only worry about

surplus. Nature will sprinkle water on the smallest plant wherever it happens to grow. There is this much exact order and arrangement. This is the regulator of the world, and it constantly keeps the world in regulation. This is not hearsay. Therefore, the worry is about surplus and not food.

Questioner : It seems that you must come across only people with surplus, who have some sort of worries. The ones with deficit have not met you.

Dadashri : No, it is not like that. I have met many people with deficit but they do not have worries. They will to a small degree, feel in their mind that, “Today I need to bring home this much.” and they will do just that. They do not worry. They leave it to God: “Whatever suits Him is fine by me!”, they will say and they let things move along. But for people with surpluses, it is not God, who is the doer, they themselves are the doers. The sense of doership results in suffering and worries.

Can wealth and worry coexist?

Questioner : If that is true, no one will go to earn money and no on will ever worry.

Dadashri : No, even going to work is not under his control, they are all ‘spinning tops’ (a toy that spins) They all turn the way nature turns them, and yet they assert the ego which says, “I went to work.” Then they worry unnecessarily. Where does the one who worries get his money? What is nature’s law behind wealth? Wealth stays in a happy household. Wealth leaves those who worry. Wealth abounds in the home of the person who is at peace and is content and remembers God.

Death of business because of worry

Questioner : I worry about my business; there are so many difficulties in my business.

Dadashri : When the worries commence, you should know that things are going to get worse. When you do not worry, you should understand that the work would be completed well. Worries are an impediment to any work. Worries kill the business. That which goes up and comes down, is called a business; it is puran-galan (input-output). Where there has been puran (input) there is bound to be galan (output). None of our own wealth, the wealth of The Self, is to be found in that which increases and decreases. Our real wealth (the Self) is constant. It does not increase or decrease. The world interaction is exact. In your house, your sons and daughter-in-laws are all partners, are they not?

Questioner : They share the joy and the pain.

Dadashri : You are considered the guardian of your wife and children. Why should only the guardian worry? People at home tell you not to worry about them. Will you gain anything from worrying?

Questioner : No nothing.

Dadashri : There is nothing to be gained through worries. Then why would someone open a business like that? If there is anything to gain from worrying, then you should do so.

Worry goes with understanding

You need to be very bold in order to do business. If you lose courage, your business will fail too.

At one time, before I had received Gnan, our business suffered a loss. At the time, I kept worrying and was restless all night long. Then I received the answer from within. Who else is worried at this moment because of this loss? I felt that my partner might not be worrying at this moment. I found that I was the only one worrying. Although my wife and children were all

partners, they did not know what was going on. Even now, they don’t know and yet things are working along fine for them. I was the only fool who worried. While others, who were my partners, were not worrying, why was I the one carrying the load of worries?

Think but do not worry

But what is a worry? When a thought goes beyond a certain level it is called a worry. Thinking has to be done up to a certain level and should not exceed its limits. What is normality in thinking? It is normal as long as it is does not distress you. Once it goes beyond that and puzzles you or troubles you, you should stop. After the limit is reached, it turns into worry. This is what I have discovered.

One does not have a right to worry. One has a right to think but when it results in worry, one should stop. An above normal thought, is called a worry. Even I do thinking, but once it gets above normal and begins to churn my stomach, I stop.

Questioner : Ordinarily if we keep a watch internally, it is a thought, but if it becomes a worry would it then be considered an entanglement?

Dadashri : When you worry, that is entanglement. Worries arise because one believes that, ‘I am doing all this.’ That is what he believes. When one worries, he believes, “I am the ‘doer’ of all this.” This is a disease that plagues all human beings. It cannot be purged quickly. Once a habit becomes established it does not leave.

It is simply not in your interest to worry. In reality, things simply happen.

Questioner : It will go away once we come to you!

Dadashri : Yes, it will go away, but it will happen slowly.

It does not happen instantly.

Involvement in that which is beyond your control causes worries

How is it with you? Do you ever get stressed? Do you ever worry?

Questioner : My eldest daughter’s engagement is not working out, and it causes me a lot of worry.

Dadashri : If it is in your control then go ahead and worry. Is this matter in your control?

Questioner : No.

Dadashri : When we worry without knowing who has all the controls, what would that be equivalent to? What would happen if ten of us were sitting in a horse-drawn carriage and we start yelling at the driver and tell him how to drive his carriage? Why don’t you just watch the one that is doing the driving? We would not have any worries if we knew who was really driving. In the same way, if you come to know who makes this world run, you would have no worries. Do you worry day and night? How long will you carry on worrying? When will it come to an end, tell me?

Your daughter has brought her own events of this life with her, from her past life. You have brought your own life in the same way. Your daughter will be married at the right time. Have some patience. You are on the path of the Enlightened Ones. All worries in this path are adverse meditation, which will bring adverse results.

Questioner : It is not like that; it is just a natural concern.

Dadashri : That natural concern itself is adverse meditation. Within us, we are inflicting suffering on our own self. If you are not making others suffer it is okay but here

you cause suffering to your self.

Worries bind obstructive karma

Through worries, you bind obstructive karma, which prolongs the work at hand. If someone tells you that at such a place you will find a boy for your daughter, then you can make an effort to meet him and his parents, but you are not to worry about this. God tells you not to worry. Worries cause more obstructions. The Vitarag Lord has asked, “Are you the one running this world? You are the owner because you are doing the worrying.” When you really look at it, you do not even have the independent strength to evacuate your bowels. You have to call a doctor when you are severely constipated. Until then, you feel that everything is under your control, but that strength is not yours. Should you not know whom the strength belongs to?

Who runs all this? Is someone else running it or are you running it?

Scientific circumstantial evidences

Who is the doer? The circumstances are the ‘doer’. All these scientific circumstantial evidences come together and an event takes place. So the control is not in our hands. We must simply observe the circumstances and see what they are. Once the circumstances come together, the work gets accomplished. It is wrong for a person to expect rain in the month of March. On June 15th (when the monsoon rains are due in India), the circumstances come together. If the circumstances of time are right and yet the circumstance of clouds is not there, then how can it rain? When the clouds are present, the timing is right, there is lightening and when all the other evidences come together, it will rain. All the circumstances must come together. Man is dependent on the circumstances, but he believes that he is doing

something. The portion of whatever he ‘does’ is also dependent upon circumstances. If one of these circumstances were to fall short, then he will not be able to do that particular work.

Knowing ‘ Who am I’ is the final solution

One should know who he really is. All work done for our ‘real’ Self will carry forward with us into our next life. All work done under our worldly name will remain here when we leave this world. Don’t you think it is crucial to enquire about what happens to you after you leave this world? Who you really are? Do you not have to know at least something? Should you not ask, ‘Who am I?’ This question I can solve for you here. I have all the answers. Then you will never have any worries. Do you like worries? Why don’t you like worries?

For infinite time these embodied souls have been wandering, in infinite life forms. It is only occasionally that you meet an Awakened One, a Gnani Purush, who sets you free.

There are differences between tension and worries

Questioner : So how is it, that ego is associated with worries?

Dadashri : It is because one feels that nothing will go on without him: ‘I am the one who does all this. It will not happen if I don’t do it. What will happen in the morning?’ This is how he worries. This is how ego is at the root of all worries.

Questioner : What is the definition of worry?

Dadashri : To think about a situation or a problem as being everything, is called a worry. If the wife is sick, and she is everything in his life, more important than all his wealth, then worry takes hold. She means more to him than everything else. So worry sets in. If on the other hand, money was everything for him and his wife became sick, he would experience tension

but not worries. And for the one for whom the Soul is everything, what does he have to worry about?

Questioner : What is tension? I understand what worry is, now please explain tension?

Dadashri : Tension is similar but not quite the same as worry. The pull in tension is many sided where as in worry you are totally involved in one issue thinking that to be everything. Example of tension: ‘what will happen if this job does not work out? Here my wife is sick, what will happen to her? The children are not going to school properly, what will happen to them?’ Tension is all these kinds of pulls. I have not had tension for the last twenty-seven years, since my spontaneous Self realization.

Now there is a lot of difference between being careful and worrying. Carefulness is awareness and to worry is to have anxieties, which eat you up from within.

Normality liberates

Questioner : Is dependency and worry the same thing?

Dadashri : Worry is above normal egoism and dependency is not ego. Dependency is helplessness, whereas worry is above normal egoism. You have worries when egoism becomes above normal, otherwise there would not be any worries. Who cannot sleep at night in this house? You could say that it would be the person with the most ego.

The use of egoism is permitted, but not the ego which becomes above normal. It is wrong to worry and the result will be a birth in the animal kingdom.

Questioner : What is the solution to stop worrying?

Dadashri : Turn around. Let it go. Negate it and try out a way without egoism. The other way is to become ego-less.

This happens when you meet a Gnani Purush. He is the only one who can abolish your ego completely.

How do worries go away?

Questioner : Why can’t we get rid of our worries? What should one do to get rid of them?

Dadashri : There can never be a person whose worries have stopped. Even the worries of the devotees of Lord Krishna have not stopped. Worries blind and fracture all right reasoning and knowledge.

There is not a single person in the world that does not worry. Even the ascetics sometimes will worry. They don’t have to worry about income tax, sales tax, rent etc., but on some days, they will worry too. If they get into some conflict with their disciples, they will have worries. Worries cannot go without acquiring Self-realization.

In one hour I will take away all your worries. I give you a guarantee that if you have even a single worry thereafter, then get a lawyer and file a lawsuit against me in the courts. I have made thousands of people worry-free. Ask from me whatever you want, I will grant that to you. However, ask judiciously. Ask for something that will never leave you. Do not ask for perishable things. Ask for eternal happiness.

If you follow my five Aagnas (commandments) and still have worries, I give you permission to sue me. You have to stay in my Aagnas. Here you will get everything. Do you know what I have promised everybody here? They can sue me for two lakh rupees if they have any worries.

Questioner : After receiving Gnan from you and surrendering my thoughts, speech and actions to you, I do not have any worries.

Dadashri : Yes worries will not occur.

When worries go away it is called samadhi. After this you can do a lot more work and more efficiently than ever before because the entanglement is no longer there. As soon as you go to the office, your work starts. There will be no thoughts about home, no other external thoughts bothering you. Therefore, you will give full concentration to the work at hand.

Living in the present is the right thing

A man, who has a three-year-old daughter as an only child, thinks about the expense of getting her married when she grows up. These kinds of worries are not to be done. When the time is right, all the evidences will come together for her. Until that time, do not worry. All you have to do is feed and educate her. Do not worry about what lies ahead. Only attend to the present time. The past is gone, so why dig into it? The past that is gone, not even a fool will dig into it. The future is in the hands of Vyavasthit so live in the present. If you are drinking a cup of tea, enjoy that tea because the future belongs in the hands of Vyavasthit. Why worry? Live in the present, while having a meal, concentrate on the food that is in front of you. Know the ingredients in the food you are eating. To be in the present means that when you are writing the accounts, your full concentration is in it and accuracy is maintained. It is when the mind roams into the future, that errors will occur in your accounting. Those who live in the present do not make a single mistake and they have no worries.

Worry is not discharge of karma

Questioner : Is worry a discharge of previous karma?

Dadashri : Worry cannot be a discharge. There is a ‘doer’ in worry.

The worries that were in the form of a charge (binding new karma) are now happening in the discharge form, and this we call suffocation. Discharge karma is not associated with suffering, because the Soul has separated from the ego. Worries occur when the two become one, as in the state prior to Self-realization.

Now the suffocation is the result of the worry that was charged in the past life. Suffocation will occur during discharge of karma. Just as anger in its charged form is called krodh (anger with ego) and in its result or effect or discharge form, it is called gusso (the ego-less experience of anger). Ego is the reason for charge and when ego is absent, it is called discharge.

Therefore, after receiving this Gnan worries will not occur at all, it is just suffocation. One can recognize a face with worries. Whatever is happening to a person after Gnan, is really suffocation.

When a map has been traced out for us and if we have made a mistake in reading it, we will be confused. That is not called worry, it is called suffocation, so you do not have worry. Worries will consume you.

Worries flee, when there is knowledge of ‘Vyavasthit’

Questioner : If one understands Vyavasthit exactly, then worries or tension will not remain.

Dadashri : Not at all. Vyavasthit means scientific circumstantial evidence. One has to go on understanding Vyavasthit to the point where the final Vyavasthit will bring forth Absolute Knowledge. If one understands Vyavasthit, he will understand Absolute Knowledge too. This discovery through me of Vyavasthit, is beautiful. It is a phenomenal discovery.

Who was it that was creating new bondage and

perpetuating the worldly life for countless past lives? It was the worries that resulted from the ego of doership.

Questioner : Because of this Gnan, I no longer worry about the future.

Dadashri : You now have come to say that ‘this is Vyavasthit.’ Now you have understood Vyavasthit correctly. Nothing is going to change. Even if you were to stay up the entire night and think about what will happen after two years, your thoughts will be useless. It would be a waste of time and energy.

Questioner : After you explained the Real and the relative, the worries have gone.

Dadashri : Yes, now you will never worry again. Worries cannot occur after this Gnan. This is a path of the Absolute Enlightened Ones, the Vitarags. The Vitarag path is worry-free. This is the path of all the Gnanis and Tirthankaras, The Enlightened Ones.

Jai Sat Chit Anand

Pratah Vidhi

I bow to Shri Simandhar Swami. (5)

I bow to Dada Bhagwan who is pure love. (5)

Let no living being in this world be hurt, even in the slightest degree through this mind, speech or body. (5)

Except for the experience of the pure Self, I do not want any temporary things of this world. (5)

May I acquire infinite inner strength to remain continuously in the agnas of the Gnani Purush ‘Dada Bhagawan’. (5)

May Absolute Knowledge, Absolute Vision and Absolute Conduct manifest, exactly and completely as seen by the Gnani Purush in his Science of the Vitarag. (5)

Nine Deep Inner Intents (Nav Kalamo)

1. Dearest Dada Bhagwan! Give me the infinite inner strength not to hurt, cause someone to hurt, nor instigate anyone to hurt the ego of any living being, even to the slightest extent. Give me the infinite inner strength not to hurt the ego of any living being and to conduct my thoughts, speech and action in a manner that is accepted by all.

2. Dearest Dada Bhagwan ! Give me the infinite inner strength not to hurt, cause someone to hurt, nor instigate anyone to hurt the foundation of any religion, even to the slightest extent. Give me the infinite inner strength not to hurt, even to the slightest extent, the foundation of any religion and to conduct my thoughts, speech and action in a manner that is accepted by all.

3. Dearest Dada Bhagwan ! Give me the infinite inner strength not to criticize, offend, or insult any living monk, nun, preacher or a religious head.

4. Dearest Dada Bhagwan ! Give me the infinite inner strength not to, nor cause anyone to, nor instigate anyone to dislike or hate any living being, even to the slightest extent.

5. Dearest Dada bhagwan ! Give me the infinite inner strength not to, nor cause anyone to, nor instigate any one to speak, any harsh or hurtful language towards any living being, even to the slightest extent. If someone speaks in harsh or hurtful language, please give me the strength to speak kindly and softly in reply.

6. Dearest Dada Bhagwan ! Give me the infinite inner strength not to have, nor cause to have, nor instigate someone to have any sexual desires, feelings or gestures towards any living being be it male or female, or of neutral sexual orientation. Give me the supreme strength to be eternally free of sexual desire.

7. Dearest Dada Bhagwan ! Give me the infinite inner strength to control my excessive temptation towards a particular food taste. Give me the strength to take food that has the balance of all tastes.

8. Dearest Dada Bhagwan ! Give me the infinite inner strength not to, nor cause anyone to, nor instigate anyone to criticize, offend or insult any being, present or absent, living or dead.

9. Dearest Dada Bhagwan ! Give me the infinite inner strength to become an instrument in the path of salvation for the world.

(Dada Bhagwan is The Lord within all living beings. You have to ask this much from Dada Bhagwan everyday. This is not to be recited mechanically. It has to take hold within you. This is worthy of your deep inner intent daily. This teaching encompasses the essence of all religions.)


Oh Pure Soul within me! You reside within all living beings, just as you reside in me. Your divine form is my real form. My Real form is “Shuddhatma.” (Pure Atma).

Oh Shuddhatma Bhagwan ! With infinite devotion and oneness, I offer my salutations to you. I confess unto you, all mistakes * that I have committed in my ignorant state. I sincerely repent for these mistakes and ask for your pardon. Oh Lord ! Please forgive me, forgive me, forgive me and give me the strength not to repeat these mistakes again.

Oh Shuddhatma Bhagwan ! Please bless us all with such grace that this separation from you disappears and we attain oneness with you. May we remain One with you at all times.

(* Recall the past mistakes that you have committed)

Pratikraman : Process of Divine Apology

With Dada Bhagwan as my witness, I offer my salutations to the Pure Soul who is totally separate from the mind, speech and body of * ____­____

I recall my mistakes (Aalochana)

I apologize for these mistakes (Pratikraman)

I affirm not to repeat these mistakes again (Pratyakhyaan)

Dearest Dada Bhagwan ! Grant me the strength to act in accordance with this firm resolution.

  • name of the person hurt by you.

recall the mistakes you committed with this person.


In today’s world, worry, stress and anxiety seem to have become part of daily life. Yet, who doesn’t wish to stop worrying, or wonder how to cure anxiety? Who doesn’t ask themselves what is peace of mind, and how can I live in peace? Some proclaim, “Do not worry!”, or “Stop worrying and start living”; others offer natural cures for anxiety, or teach how to get rid of negative thoughts. But the internal struggle continues… In the book “Worries”, Gnani Purush (embodiment of Self knowledge) Dada Bhagwan offers unique spiritual insight into how to cope with anxiety, and how to live a spiritual life of no worries. He provides spiritual awareness of “Who am I?” and who is the doer in life, from which one can attain an internal state of no worry, and begin to live in peace. For those facing problems in everyday life, and wondering how to get inner peace, this book will prove an invaluable resource.

  • ISBN: 9788189725051
  • Author: Dada Bhagwan
  • Published: 2016-05-16 13:00:08
  • Words: 12030
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