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World Shards: Redo I

World Shards: Redo I

By: Mike White

Copyright 2016 Mike White

Shakespir Edition

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My Redo counter read “303” when I woke up, which was bad, but at least it meant I probably hadn’t died yet today. Man, verb tense sure gets confusing when it comes to time travel. I’d never finished a day with such a high number of Redos before. When my girlfriend broke up with me I was only so pathetic as to try Redoing the day fifty times before I realized that if I had tried it that many times, it was probably inevitable.

I swung my legs out of bed, the three digit number “303” just sitting there in big red digits in the top right corner of my vision.

It was hard to not to hyperventilate: but I tried. What could it possibly be? What would make me want to Redo a day over 300 times? It must be bad.

Like really bad.

But the rule of thumb that almost everyone followed was that you should never Redo a day more than 500 times if the day wasn’t resulting in your death. So, while the reason for me doing a Redo that many times could be my death, that wasn’t necessarily the case. All the research said that you shouldn’t assume it was your death unless that counter was over 500, as otherwise you’d just drive yourself insane.

Before I was even fully aware of what I was doing, I got out of bed and moved to the bathroom on auto-pilot.

That’s how I managed to avoid awkward questions such as wondering whether there was some problem with what I was stepping on when I get out of bed.

Maybe the house was already on fire. Was there a gas leak? Was there something wrong with the water I was using to brush my teeth? It’s not a good idea to get paranoid about danger without having good cause to back up that belief.Otherwise, I would have been asking hundreds of these types of questions before I even moved one inch out of bed and going insane would end up being the cause of my demise.

Except, I found myself finishing up with my teeth before the glowing “303” really sank in. It was kind of horrifying to think that maybe I had woken up over 300 times previously and tripped on a Lego or something, breaking my neck in the first few seconds of my day.

Over 300 times.

But no, I was still alive.

“It could be anything. Or nothing,” I told myself aloud in the mirror. “Relax.”

After all, I hardly wanted to freak out so much about my possible death that I accidentally caused it where it wouldn’t have happened anyway by accidentally stepping out in front of a bus or something. Especially since that kind of death wouldn’t afford me the opportunity to hit my Redo switch that would take me back to the beginning of today.

I would just have to be extra careful, but calm and rational.

No problem, right?

Author’s Note-

Thanks for reading! World Shards is a series of flash fiction pieces. Each one represents a peak into a different world. Eventually, it will be gathered into a full anthology with many previously unpublished stories.

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World Shards: Redo I

World Shards is a series of flash fiction pieces. Each one represents a peak into a different world. Eventually, it will be gathered into a full anthology with many previously unpublished stories.

  • ISBN: 9781310686566
  • Author: Mike White
  • Published: 2016-06-26 12:20:06
  • Words: 713
World Shards: Redo I World Shards: Redo I