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World Loves 1


World Loves









Written by

Lauren L. Carpenter





















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This short story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination and are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events and persons are coincidental.



















Addictions to Love


The most convincing lies are the ones whispered softly and delicately to the deepest depths of your own heart. They start just as simple, a seductive single line of possibility. A fleeting glimpse into an unknown and changing future.


And somehow the lies grow… until control and containment of them fades away to nothing. Until they wrap around your entire being and refuse to ever let go.




Can you ever be free of it?


There’s darkness in the distance separating dreams and reality. The countless times I’ve let go of you…and still you lie in the shadows of a memory.


And I tell myself one more moment, I’ll just lose myself for another time. No matter how long I stay, my heart can always leave.


But then again. Every time I leave, I come back the same way once more. You are the one disease to which my heart can find no true cure.



Letter to Reader,


It has always been my sincere dream to write and share my words with the entire world. Thank you for reading and for being my inspiration to chase after my own dreams.








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World Loves 1

  • ISBN: 9781311010704
  • Author: Lauren L Carpenter
  • Published: 2015-12-29 10:05:05
  • Words: 299
World Loves 1 World Loves 1