World Chaos: Will Evil Win?


World Chaos:

Will Evil Win?

by Den Warren


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Anyone can see that the world has a lot of problems. Anyone who has knowledge of the bad choices being made by world leaders can see they are setting us up for a cataclysmic fall of apocalyptic proportions.

There is war and killing everywhere. There are only so many police to go around. Then what? What if terrorists start setting off nuclear devices? Or electromagnetic pulse weapons? Certainly that is their goal. Do we really think that anyone will prevent this from happening?

It also seems like evil could just to sit idly by and wait until the world caves in on its own. What if our food system collapsed? Bees are dying. How will many species of plants that provide food survive if they do not reproduce. Also, there are governments giving out free everything to win voters. This practice has led to a corrupt financial system that is teetering on collapse in many countries. (I detail what such a financial collapse would be like in my novels; Kings and Clans Trilogy.)

Leaders have no clue what to do about these situations, and continue to just make their own lives cozy. What good are vigils with candles and flowers and moments of silence as we mourn the dead? Can anyone do anything about it? If not, it appears that evil will ultimately win.

Some people are preparing, or “prepping” for world disaster, or the “Zombie Apocalypse”, as is sometimes said. This may be a prudent decision, but perhaps we need to step back and look at the bigger picture.

Something will get us all sooner or later. That’s right. If some evil, intentionally driven scheme does not kill us, something else eventually will. The best we can hope for is a long, healthy life, but then we know we will still eventually die. I am not saying here that we should stop trying to work on world problems and fold over and die. I encourage everyone to take as much action to make things as good as possible.

But it seems like the World is a godless place. If God is out there, why would he let evil continually happen? We pray, but if we gage the effectiveness of our prayers by what happens, then we could be tempted to think that there is no God at all. Is this true?

But we who have faith do know that God exists. This is not just some blind ignorance, or crazy hope. If you are truly as open-minded as you think you are, you will consider these facts:

The world was created. It is foolish to think that all the complexity of the universe just happened over billions of years, starting with nothing. When the non-creation scientists arguments fail to sound good enough, they just add more years. There are an abundance of books to read on this subject that could provide you a lifetime of study.

I am open minded, and have not become close minded just because I have chosen my beliefs based upon their merits. I believe totally in the creation of the universe and its Creator. I am convinced by the evidence that the world is only about six thousand years old. This miracle of creation is available for your inspection right in front of your eyes.

Another way I know God is real is the miraculous history of the Nation of Israel matches what the Bible says. God restored his chosen people, the Jews, in their homeland after thousands of years of being dispersed around the world. No other nationality has ever lasted for many generations, like the Jews after they have been removed from their homeland. The mere fact that God has chosen the Jews, as he mentions in the Bible, and that so many have tried to exterminate them should make you pause to consider the unseen evil forces at work. Most notably, Hitler exterminated millions of Jews. God’s restoration of the Nation of Israel is a miracle. It is also a miracle that it has not been overrun by its enemies. But this miracle continues right in front of your eyes if you look. God proclaims that no one will ever conquer Israel again after they are restored, no matter what they do. This is all detailed in the Bible and gives the much hated book rock solid credibility.

Anyways, you were born with the knowledge of God. You may try to convince yourself that God is just a myth, and that you have every right to disbelieve in Him because your parents lied to you about Santa Claus.

But that brings us back to the question, if God is there, why doesn’t He do something about all this trouble?

He could if he chose to. It’s like they say, “If you make it, you can fix it.” God made the entire universe, so he can fix the earth when He wants to, even though He didn’t make the mess it is in.

God’s priorities are not our priorities. He looks at the picture even bigger than our lives. He looks at the ultimate destination of our souls after life. God is letting things get bad because he wants everyone on earth to wake up and make a choice. The choice is, will you accept His Plan of Salvation, or not?

I’m not talking about religion. A religion is a set of beliefs that a person follows to get into God’s eternal Heaven. In short, if you do the things this religion says, you will gain entrance. But God says in the Bible, “There are none righteous, no not one.” How can God allow people into his Heaven who are a bunch of rotten sinners? Who can follow any religion perfectly without fail? Yet, sinners cannot go into God’s Heaven. It wouldn’t be Heaven if that were the case. The Bible says, “All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God.”

How much more hopeless can things look? The world is going down, we are going to die, and God cannot let anyone who has ever sinned into Heaven. But wait. . . there is only one hope. . . God sent His only Son, who was born of Man, the perfect sacrifice, to die for all sin. Jesus lived his life on earth as a Jew. He never sinned. Yet he willingly went to the cross, the symbol of Christianity, to die for our sins. So Christianity is the non-religion. All you have to do is repent (turn away from) your sins, and accept Jesus’ payment for your sins to be saved. The Bible says, “You must be born again.”

You may think, “That can’t be right. That’s way too easy.” It was not easy for the Son of God to allow himself to be murdered and die for all sin. Don’t make the mistake of rejecting God thinking He is too weak, or you were too sinful for Him to save. St. Paul was one of the worst sinners on earth and after his conversion was used by God to help write books in the New Testament of the Bible.

You really shouldn’t wait before you make a decision on this. Look up things that I has been said here on your own. You probably got this writing online, so now you can do an independent search on each of the points made here. I recommend doing the following searches; Creation Science, Romans Road, God’s Plan of Salvation, Jesus. You could do a million follow-up searches. If your head tells you this is true, but you are apprehensive, then pray for the faith to believe. You will find out how much God really loves you, no matter what you have done in the past.

If you know in your heart and soul that this is true, then earnestly and seriously pray right now and accept what Jesus did on the cross as payment for your sins, and tell Him that you will willingly give your life over to Him. No other remedy is needed, only the shed Blood of Jesus Christ. The name of Jesus means “Savior”.

Then you will want to read the Bible and find out all of the good things he has for you. You will rejoice each time you find things that please Him. You will want others to believe also. One of a million options to help the Kingdom of God is to help spread this writing. You will want to unite with other believers in a Bible-believing church and be baptized, showing your faith to others.

So that’s it? What happens to the evil hordes? They don’t win and die and go to a godless hell. They LOSE and die and go to a godless hell. The Bible tells us, just as it prophesied about Israel, that Jesus will come back with an invincible army in the clouds, and defeat the Armies of the Anti-Christ. So in the end, the good guys win the war.


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World Chaos: Will Evil Win?

  • ISBN: 9781311100184
  • Author: Den Warren
  • Published: 2015-12-05 11:40:05
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World Chaos: Will Evil Win? World Chaos: Will Evil Win?