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by Kennie Kayoz
Copyright 2017 Coyotes Publishing
Shakespir Edition

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We last seen Robbie as he dropped out of high school, since then a few years have passed. He hasn’t done anything with his life but he lives with his parents.

It’s not the best life one could want as he’s constantly yelled at being told that he doesn’t do anything around the house.

This goes on and on, the struggle continues. After a few years a computer with internet capability comes into the house, Robbie’s days turn into nights and he ends up sleeping through the better part of the day.
Although this doesn’t help his relationship with his parents as they seem to be on his case more and more.

A job opportunity arises and it isn’t presented to Robbie it’s forced upon him. His parents tell him “this will be good for him”
During the job the complaints from his parents get worse.

He goes back to struggling with sleeping and being in the same room as them since all they seem to want to talk about is his “work ethic” (or lack there of).

The complaints keep coming and it gets to the point that he feels that he basically lives in his work environment since that’s all they ever talk about anytime they see him.

His life turns into a life of mental suffering feeling that he can’t do any good no matter what he does.

Threats arose and he gets told by one of the parents “if I take over this job, you won’t be living here anymore”

Making Robbie not want the job more and more, since it’s clear that the rupture of this job has caused a big enough tear to the point of he doesn’t see things getting better between him and his parents.

His parents start limiting what they allow him to do and anytime he starts to do anything they would stop him and say “is your work done” followed by “perhaps you should do that instead of what your doing”

At which point in time he started to look ahead into the future and got thinking about being homeless since it was clear to him that he wouldn’t be able to get another job. At that point in time everything was working against him and he knew he wouldn’t be able to ask either parent to speak in his favor.

As his life continued to slide down hill, tragedy struck. One early morning when his father was heading to work he was struck and killed in a car accident.

The job he once held was no longer, his only parent would go back to being a parent since it was a very dark time for the entire family.

To Be Continued


  • ISBN: 9781370693313
  • Author: Coyotes Publishing
  • Published: 2017-05-04 20:05:24
  • Words: 483
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