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Women in Love

Women in Love

By Wild Rose Cherry

Copyright © 2017 by Wild Rose Cherry

Published by Wild Rose Cherry at Shakespir

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Table of Contents

Title Page

The Sound of Sandals

Revolt of the Lovers


Electric Potential

You Melt Me


Women in Love[

The Sound of Sandals

I open the portal to hell,

And Johanne looks up from my desk;

My last sip has the grit of grounds,

My morning coffee now ruined.

I want to say, “Sorry, folks,

I’ve brought my happiness from home,

So tardy, deliriously tardy,

I’ll be today.”

Eight hours of the doldrums over,

I wonder what the streets will tell me;

Oh, it’s been a hard day,

One man offers with a tired limp.

Another busy day at work,

A lady at the lights sighs.

Boy, I was good for their profits,

A banker smirks unconsciously.

All around me, the strain of the day

Is slowly evaporating,

As heated minds seek reprieve,

And battered bodies look forward

To inadequate rest – but rest,


None of this is what it seems to be -

Or, I like to say pointedly,

It’s exactly what it looks like,

To those still sighted in this world.

Is all the suffering in this dream

Healed by the power of love?

I would put the demons of hell itself

Up against the power of your love,

My sweetie -

Beneath the canopy, I hear you,

Coming down the hall, then I see you,

Through the gauze, a vision of beauty.

I heard you coming my way, I think,

All my preoccupied life, though I admit,

At one childish time before we met,

I thought your name was Heaven.

Revolt of the Lovers

Instead of rapturous prayer

To the holder of the secret,

Let us have a revolution,

Right here in this bouncy bed.

I’d rather our pulsing bodies

Made a momentary orbit

Round this world lacking in love,

Than spend all time in paradise,

With a foolish old man who hates,

And is there only in a dream.


Can I find my strength,

And tell you how I feel?

You are the painting,

Let me be the canvas -

If only others saw

You, when they look at me.

A blossom, trite cliche,

Fits you well, when I can

Only see desert ‘round me -

Or something magical,

Tantalizing, pagan,

A Goddess of the spring,

Coming from the ground,

Watering my landscape,

Feeding me from a cauldron

Of passion that you bring.

If only I had the strength,

You would know what you mean,

What you are and must be,

To me, your lover,

Lonely no more.

Electric Potential]

You are somewhat more than my current lover,

Something like the amps at a rock concert,

Charging my capacitors, till they just blow all over you,

Leaving us both singed by the power of the love I feel.

You laugh so cleverly at my clumsy jokes,

And tickle my fancy with subtle poses;

When you hold your chest just so, so -

I could faint for the beauty you bring to my world.

I know I might be a notch on your soul,

And you’ll carry me away in your memory;

Maybe your belongings won’t disappear,

And we’ll see a day yet when we marry.

Someday, my love, a decision will be made -

You’ll look down at me on bended knee,

Holding the ring in a light so dazzling,

And you will transform, or you will bolt.

They warned me that you’re a heart breaker,

The sort of lover that never goes away,

Even long after you silently leave my abode.

Come to me one more night, and you’ll gladly stay.

I’ll throw myself around you like a vice,

Forcing out your breaths, making you say it -

Yes, yes! You’ll scream at the sight of the ring,

And, tables turned, you’ll be the little bird in my palm.

At least, let me dream that you can truly be mine,

When my hope dims each time you say goodbye -

It’s a word you have said to many others -

Just feel the electricity around me when you return.

You Melt Me

The tears you see flowing,

Were once snow in a cold heart.

Still, I love you knowing,

That we will someday part.

A teacher such as I -
A student such as you -

Will wait until you fly,

Before the price is due.

Who holds the journal pen?

Who will first depart?

The stronger will tell when -

When she melted my heart.

We have our ritual:

You always nod assent,

I make the bedroom rule -

You work for me till spent.

We must keep our silence -

Not for what I teach best,

But for the sixth sense

I’ve gained since being possessed.

Sights, scents, feelings grip me

Since you’ve been under my wing;

I never knew I would be free,

If this bird could only sing.

The End

Women in Love

Five poems here that paint a quick portrait of lesbian love in the twenty-first century. As women, we gain so much from knowing each other intimately, and I let my mind freely recall past lovers, with reference to the minutia of the times and places. In writing this volume, I felt as though I, and all of us women, are on the verge of a revolution - in defiance of the menacing powers of the time. Long live Pussy Riot. No explicit content, but parents might want to give it a check before passing it on to their kids.

  • ISBN: 9781370585021
  • Author: Wild Rose Cherry
  • Published: 2017-02-09 22:50:11
  • Words: 966
Women in Love Women in Love