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Wizard for the NSA

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Salem 1692


John Moore, you and your wife Mary
Elizabeth have lawfully been tried and convicted of the practice of
the most foul witchcraft. The sentence for this abomination can
only be death. There will be no mercy on you and the sentence will
be carried out at noon Tuesday the 19th of August, this year of our
Lord 1692. Because a newborn child is innocent, your wife’s
sentence will be delayed till the time of the birth.


The Salem Witch Trials ended before
Mary Elizabeth’s son was born and she was spared. She named the boy
after his father. As she held the small infant in her arms, she
whispered, “Your father was not a Wizard but I am, as you shall be


Washington October 1901


Newly appointed president Theodore
Roosevelt had all his advisers gathered in office. The size of the
group took up all the space and more. They were actually standing
in the doorways listening to Teddy. “We are going to have to built
a bigger White House if our country keep growing.” He joked. But
down to more serious business. We can’t have the government of the
U.S. States being changed by an assassin’s bullet. I am asking the
Army’s Military Intelligence Division to come up with solutions to
finding and stopping these heinous assassins. General Creighton I
know we don’t see eye to eye on many subjects, but I am sure you
will put your maximum effort into this task like you always



“Jane” yelled Creighton as he
entered the front door, “Where is that book my grandfather left me.
I need to look someone up.”




President Roosevelt swiveled his
wheelchair around to the front of his desk. “What I like about this
office is the amount of room. You could hold a dance in here. Lots
of space so I don’t run into the furniture.” It was a meeting of
the heads of his intelligent groups. The Navy, Army, FBI, and the
new kid on the block, OSS. The President had a stack of papers on
the desk that he rested his hand on top. “Some of these reports are
so detailed that it looks like someone used magic.” There was
laughter throughout the room. In the next room a tall serious
redhead wore a sharp fitted suit that looked like it had come from
one of Italy’s finest tailors. We are at war with Italy, so it had
to be a good copy.


M.I.T. 1995


“Marty, they are going to catch you
and if you are not careful you will be tossed out of school and you
father will literally kill you.” The bespectacled blonde said in
voice that had a little lisp. Marty McGrath had always looked at
her and saw the poster child for the nerdy MIT student. She was
cute enough but she would never ever let it show. She had a bulky
shirt, floppy hat and those ultra ugly glasses. It was her costume
that she had on all the time. If it hadn’t been for that one time
both of them celebrated passing the finals their Freshman year, he
wouldn’t know that underneath all that camouflage was a normal,
very well proportioned female.


“Don’t worry Sally” he muttered
back. “This is foolproof. They are running an illegal casino and I
am going to take them for thousands. They can’t even call the cops,
besides they won’t be able to figure out how I am doing it.” He
heard her say something about the mob and breaking kneecaps.
Everyone knows that is just TV and if they somehow they did catch
him, he was only seventeen and they would just throw him out the


Boston 1995


John Moore whipped his head around
as a sudden stream of energy came from the west of his house. Down
by the waterfront there was something or someone stirring up the
ether. He better check it out before it coalesced. There was a
forty five revolver that fitted under his coat in a holster that
almost hid the big gun. The holster had been made by hand in the
leather district in 1881 for his stag horn handled Colt 45. It had
taken several fittings to get it just right and it hugged the ribs
like a second skin. The gun was one of the newer short barrel
models that were smaller than the normal Army gun. It slid in and
out of the custom holster with the smooth speed of a card shark’s
draw. His reflexes were faster than the normal person and he knew
that he could beat anyone else if he was forced into a showdown.
The main goal is to be smarter than the rest and not be cornered
into this outward display of violence.


Approaching the unmarked door, he
could feel the disturbance growing in strength. He was getting
closer to the source. The door was barred, but a slight wave of his
hand and a trilling sound from his lips, caused it to pop open
about an inch. He pulled on it and it swung open to show a dark
hallway. At least it was dark to normal vision, but he walked down
the way like it was lit by hundred watt bulbs. An inner door showed
a tiny seam of light from the other side. Easy, he thought, make
sure that it is not a trap. As he slipped inside, he saw that
everyone was looking at a skinny red headed kid on top of one of
the roulette tables throwing chips at a couple of professional
football linebackers, or bruisers of the same size. Quickly sizing
up the situation, he blew out all the lights.


Marty hit his head as John caught
him by the leg and jerked him off the table and dragged him out the
door. Entering the alley, a feeling of something just on the edge
of his heighten senses caused John to look around. He could detect
no one within the alleyway or on the nearby street and thought “I
better get out of here before the crowd finds it way to the door.”
As he disappeared in the direction of his car, a shadow on one of
the walls of a nearby building broke off and drifted behind them.
There was a low muttering as the person said to itself, “I thought
I was going to protect him, but someone else intervened. I better
get back to school and wait for him to contact me.”


As Marty opened his eyes, the bright
lights caused the hurting in his head to double. He was lying in a
very soft bed in a bedroom full of old well kept solid non-Ikea
furniture. There had to be a couple of million dollars of antiques
that he could see in just this room. It was a whole episode of
Antique Roadshow. How had he got here. The last thing remembrance
was the battery falling out of my sleeve when I raked in the two
thousand dollar win I had just made happen. He bolted awake as a
tall slender red headed man of about forty came into the room with
a tray of coffee and toast. “I see you are awake, good we have much
to talk about.”




Mom began teaching me when I was
fifteen. She said that the hormones were essential to me being able
to adsorb the lessons. My mother had told me that it would take me
till I was twenty to be fully adept at this craft. She looked the
same as she did when I was born and told me that this was the usual
result of practicing sorcery. I asked her how old was she and she
just smiled and said, “Enough to know not to answer.” Soon after
that we moved and bought a little farm in Fairfield County,
Connecticut. We told everyone that we were brother and sister and a
couple of months later mom moved into town. Danbury had only been
incorporate for about ten years and there were plenty of new people
around and she blended in without any suspicion.


On one of my trips to town to visit
mom, I met a red headed girl ten years my junior. She took one look
at my carrot top and immediately fell for me. I couldn’t help but
return the affection and six months later we wed. The next year I
had a son and the world could not have been brighter. By the time
my son was fifteen, my wife and I looked the same age. She never
suspected and I just told her that my family has one of those faces
that seems to look young most of their life.


Mom told me that if I was to pass on
the skills to my son, we should start as soon as possible. His age
was perfect and with my lineage, it should be a certainly that all
will be well. Well it wasn’t. The process is long and draining,
with teaching one spell at a time. I had to be in physical contact
during each lesson and the thoughts had to go from my brain into
his. Each lesson had to be repeated several times till my student
could do it automatically. The look on his face when the first
spell worked was elation at the realization that magic was real and
he could do it. I told him that this had to kept secret from his
mother because she might not understand and tell someone else and
the trials could start again. A simple lighting of a fire was
always the first. The next two grew out of the first. Producing
light without heat and heat without any actual fire, were out
growths of the first spell. These he had mastered without any
trouble and it was only a few months that I moved into the physical
movement of actual objects. Failure in magic is not a bad grade, it
is the tearing apart of the brain. When he eventually faltered on a
spell, I did not escape this as I am linked to him. For me it is a
coma that can last for days or weeks, for my beautiful son, it is
the destruction of all that make him human. My wife found us, me on
the floor and our boy sitting in a chair that would be his jail for
the rest of his short life. She left me when he died.


Working for the


Mom and I had moved several times
over the years and started up new lives with new names and I still
marveled at how she still looks the same as when I was born. We had
been living close to each other over the years and claiming to be
brother and sister without anyone questioning us. This changed when
I accepted the job from the army. She didn’t say anything but I
could tell that it didn’t please her at all. I told her that I
would have to move to Washington and that I wanted her to come
also. She just said, “We will see.” The next evening when I return
to her house, she had left. I have never seen her to this day, even
though I have search relentlessly.


The agreement with the army gives
the illusion that I am an agency with several operatives that
remain only known to me. No one except the General that initially
hired me has seen my face. When I have to report, it is not in
person. This is the stipulation I made to insure that there is no
way someone can know who to kill. The job is really to much for one
person to handle and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I
must try again to train me an apprentice. A sorcerers apprentice. I
moved back to Boston thinking that it would be a better area to
find a potential trainee.


The year was now 1963 and I found a
girl of twenty or so at Boston University. She was living at the
Delta Delta Delta sorority. I watched as she left the house and
went to classes. She seemed to have an aura about her body and I
thought “Could this be the missing ingredient I needed to see in an
apprentice?” The current rage in academia was the testing for ESP.
I sent out a phony ESP testing letter to the college sorority of
hers. About a quarter of them responded and I was please that she
was one. I dismissed all but three, telling them that they just
didn’t have the right vibration and gave each a fifty for their
troubles. Fifty then is worth all most four hundred now.


The three I invited back for a
second day of “advanced” testing. When I told the two I didn’t want
that they had not shown improvement in the tests, they were of
course disappointed but I gave them a hundred each. This eased
their pain quite a bit.


When the one I thought could be my
new sorceress sat down across the table for me, I begin to tell her
what I proposed. She at first didn’t believe me, until I put a
small ball of fire on the table and rolled it toward her. I
continued with some other spells and she soon was entranced with
the idea of learning how herself.


Before I started the training, I
told her about my son and the results of failure. She left and it
was a little over a week before she called back. “I have seen magic
and I just can’t live without knowing how to do it.” Was her reply.
I told her that we would start this summer after she completed the
semester. She came to live with me and the training went really
well with her absorbing the knowledge with no side effects. By
November she had learned the three basic spells and now I was ready
to move into the area where my son’s mind snapped. Little did I
know that she had fallen in love with me and that distraction led
to her inattention half way through the next spell and as the
nursery rhyme says, “All fall down.”


When November 22, 1963 happened I
was in a stupor on the floor of my “lab” the tragedy had struck and
I was not on the scene to prevent it. It was almost two days before
I awoke in a weaken state and manage to call my job with an excuse
for my absence. The Army informed me that this lapse of service
forced them to disassociate with me, even though the line of
investigators that stretched back to my Great Grandfather had
served with honor, this was an irreversible decision. I thought to
myself. The whole line of snoops was just me in my many
incarnations. The young girl was just sitting and starring off into
the distance. I carried her to the hospital and told them that I
had seen her on the side of the road and she hadn’t spoken on the
way to them. All the test they run showed a lack of electronic
activity in several parts of her brain. After a month long
investigation, it was determined that she had had several massive
strokes, one after another and long term life expectancy was


I barely had time to feel sorry for
myself before I got two messages delivered to my home. One was from
the CIA and one from the NSA. I was not really concerned with the
foreign aspect, so I went with the NSA. I moved back to Boston. I
have bought the townhouse on Beacon Hill when it was just a good
neighborhood. Now it is a multi million dollar house. If you live
long enough, you can afford just about anything.


I have since hesitated to train
another in fear of being out of action at a critical time. But with
the reduction of Russia to a smaller role and most of the
investigations in the middle east. I thought it was time to give it
a try again if I could find the right one. I know I am a cold
hearted bastard for not even considering the damage to another
apprentice. But their seems to be something driving me, like
something in the future pushing for me to have a successor




It was the spring of 1995 When I
felt the emissions from the direction of the river. I went over and
drove around trying to pinpoint the source. MIT is about a mile
from my house on the opposite and as soon as I approached one of
the dorms, the mind signals suddenly stopped and it had only began
again last night. And that brings us back to Marty and his exploits
of last evening.


I sat the tray on the edge of the
bed and asked the young man if he remember what had happened. Not
really was what I expected him to say and that is what I got. I
told him about me dragging him out of the melee and putting him to
bed. I assured him that I was not an older man who wanted a young
stud. I then went on to ask if he had figured out what he wanted to
do with his life. The normal get rich and have a bunch of girl
friends came out of his mouth, but I could tell this was just his
way of covering up his real thoughts. I then said that I had a
proposition for a way of life that could give the reward of helping
the way of life that he enjoyed in our country. There was a slight
stir of magical vibration from his mind, they were not as strong as
what I had felt before, but none of the other trainees I had tried
had shown any before the lessons and even after they had mastered
the first three spells, they had less than he was showing now. I
had a jump in my anticipation. Maybe, just maybe this will be my
first success.


I noticed that he had spotted my
shoulder holster setup with the stag horn handled, 4 and ¾ in
barrel Colt single action forty five hanging on the chair back. I
told him I had bought it new and the ammo was still easy to buy
which was surprising for a pistol that old. He frowned a little as
he processed what I just said. This is one bright boy I thought and
he will figure out that something is strange about me. I don’t like
to spoon feed someone all the facts, a little creative jump in
logic is what I like to see. I saw the light come into his eyes and
he spoke, “You are trying to tell me you are over a hundred and
fifty years old.” I just laughed and said, “Three hundred is
closer.” That caused him to be silent and his look of disbelief was
quite understandable.




I must have hit my head harder than
I thought last night. This guy claims to be older than the United
States and magical to boot. Best not to agitate him and I will just
play along till I find out how to get out of here. At least my
clothes are draped across the sofa in this bedroom and there is a
phone on the end table beside my bed. If he leaves the room, I will
call Sally to come get me and then I will slip out. Sally has been
my go to girl since we first met. Something about her just instills
trust and I have look out for her and her me the last three years.
If she just didn’t dress so dowdy, but that is her choice and I
will back her up if need be.


He is talking to me again and I
better pay attention, you don’t know with this type of person, when
he will tip over and go berserk. He spoke with a calm voice, “After
my mother had finished her training of me, I decide to try and use
my talents for the good of the community. Mom told me I was wasting
my time and they would not appreciate it and more than likely kill
me for doing what they could not do. They would not call it
jealously, but in the long run that is what it is.” I finally
figure out a job where I could catch those that were out to hurt
others or destroy there way of life. When General Creighton
approached me, he said that his grandfather had told him of a man
that refused to grow old. He then related that grandpa had seen me
blow down a door to get to a woman trapped in a burning barn and
had kept it a secret for most of his life. He told me about it when
I was just a kid, but I remember it because the story was told with
a belief that could not be doubted.


The General looked at me and said,
“We need a man that can keep secrets and go places no one else can
go. We do not need another assassination of a President which will
be your main job.” Without going into any detail about my
abilities, I said that it would be an honor to protect the office
and the man who resided in it.” That was my job until 1963. I
related to Marty the story of the failed training and what I
thought has caused it and the resulting firing from my job and the
new job I now have. I could see the look in his eye and he waited
for ‘the other shoe to fall’.


“Marty” I said, “I can sense a type
of vibration or emission coming from you and I think, no that is
not the right word. I mean that I hope you can absorb the transfer
of the knowledge necessary for you to be a Wizard.” His eyes seemed
to grow twice their size and I think he quit breathing for about
three minutes. Sputtering he tried to ask questions but just
couldn’t get an intelligent complete sentence out of his mouth. I
told him to just calm down and think for a couple of hours and we
would go out and have a nice dinner, relax and then talk. He nodded
still not able to talk except one or two words in a row and turn to
lie back down and gather his thoughts. I left the room knowing that
he would probably use the telephone to call and let his friends
know he was OK. I had put a compulsion on him that he could not
tell them about the magic training offer and he would not realized
he couldn’t till we talked again.


Dinner with the Magician


Marliave restaurant has been around
since the 1870s, so it was no surprise that John chose it for
dinner. It was a very nervous third year student that sat down
across from the well dressed man whose tailored coat hid a shoulder
holster with a white stag horn revolver worth more that a Porsche.
Marty suddenly realized that while he had called Sally, all he did
was assure her that he made it out of the casino OK and was
spending a little time with a friend. It was funny how he didn’t
tell her of John and his unusual claims. She also didn’t ask
anything except if he was hurt. He said he had hit his head, but
didn’t go into how it has happened. A lot of things were going
through his mind. He was just about to ask John when the waiter
came to get their orders. John ordered the pan seared Tuna. Marty
looked at the menu, everything looked good and ended up ordering
Steak Frites which he had never even seen before but the
description made the dish sound so inviting. If he was going to
have to listen to a job pitch, he should at least get a good meal
out of it.


After one of the finest meals he had
every eaten, Marty was full and in a good mood. They didn’t even
bring John a bill. As he walked off he smiled and said, “They know
where I live, it will be on the bank statement this month.” “Lets
go over to the park where there are no cameras or listening
devices.” So it was on a park bench illuminated by the lights of
the city, that Marty accepted the apprenticeship and all its
potential power as well as all of its life threatening risks. God
or drooling feeble-minded man with no future, either one or the
other, no half ways of life. The words of John’s mother rang in his
ears, “Your father was not a Wizard but I am, as you shall be


Marty the Wizard in


I have learned the first three
spells and now I have to repeat them over and over till I can do
them without even thinking about casting them. It is a lot like
muscle memory, well there are some movements of the hands or wrists
that add more or less force to the effect. A slight wiggle on a
finger and you could light a candle from across the room without
setting the rest of the room on fire. Hey I did that a couple of
times. That is why a fire extinguisher is the young magician’s best
friend. If you flip you wrist as you do this spell, you can set the
logs in the fireplace ablaze. The move of you arm from close to you
chest to it outstretched length as you point, will cause a freaking
explosion of a small car as it is hit with a fireball. I had a test
in college physics that the teacher said would only be two
questions. Yeah but they had fifteen parts to each question. That
is the way these three simple spells were also. That is why it
takes so long to master each. Magic is something that you have to
mold after you create it. I knew I was getting close to the point
where I was going to have to learn the next category and to tell
you the truth, I was getting really nervous. This could end my life
as I know it.


Meanwhile out in the real


John left Marty after he had learned
each spell well enough to be trusted not to create a small nuclear
type explosion. The training area was on a small island off the
North Carolina coast. He had left him with plenty of supplies and a
thirty two foot boat in case he had to leave in a hurry. The world
was not going to wait for his training to get to a convenience
place. The agency had left a message that they need intelligence on
a group of self-imposed guardians of the nation with a base in
Arizona. This was one of the missions that required his special
forte. In the past he had spied on most of the known groups in the
U.S. and reported on whether they were a threat to the peace. Most
were just like minded people that gathered to argue and drink beer
and of course stock pile weapons in case they were attacked. The
didn’t try to overthrown the government or even threaten others
physically. Theirs was mostly an INTERNET presence that gave an
outlet to the alt-right and sometimes the alt-left

This group in Arizona was brought
into the agency’s notice by the leak of a document that indicated a
purchase of a stinger missile and a large remote controlled model
airplane. Each of these by itself was a trigger indicator for a
greater investigation than the monitoring agency was prepared to
do. In a case like this, the task was kicked up to the big boys and
John was the biggest of them all.


What makes John such a good spy is
his ability to disrupt the neurons in the central executive part of
the prefrontal cortex, these play a fundamental role in short-term
or working memory and serves as a temporary store for active
memory. This, along with a spell that stuns the individual, allows
John to be seen but forgotten immediately. He isn’t able to turn
himself invisible but this is almost as good. If there is no video
camera recording the area, he is able to walk through without any
resistant from men guarding the place. How many he can do at once
has never been established. The personal best has been five German
infiltrators in New York. The Duquesne Spy Ring’s headquarters was
investigated in this manner and they never knew it had happened.
The OSS turned over the information to the FBI and let them have
the glory. The keeping of the secrets of their go to guy was more
important than the fame. John was one of the best kept secrets in
the U.S.A. arsenal of intelligence.


The leader of the “Patriots of the
Desert Sun” militia group was sitting in the den of his home south
of Flagstaff. A complete investigation of the books and membership
files of his band of miscreants was made while he was stunned
sitting in his chair. All the files from his laptop and phone were
copied onto a flash drive. When he awoke he would think that he had
nodded off and not remember seeing the tall man in the suit enter
the room.


Back on the island


Marty had just about blown or burnt
everything on the island, but the house and boat. His natural
curiosity made him quiz John about the assignment and learned
everything had gone off without a hitch. This led to the question:
“Has the stun spell ever failed to work?” John told him of time he
had failed to stun the subject of his investigation. For some
reason, he still didn’t know why, the man had not been effected by
the spell and only the quick reflexes learned during the 1800s
saved his life. The subject had pulled a model 1911 automatic from
under his coat and John’s forty five had seen to appear in his hand
and roar to life. The man laid on the floor with a hole through his
head just above the nose in the center of the skull. Blazing quick
was the only word for such a draw that was learned in another era
when the draw was the only means of defending one’s life or
property. Marty asked about where he had learned to draw and shoot,
he would only say “A lawyer named John had taught him while he was
living in El Paso.” Of course that was not going to be the end of
Marty’s curiosity, a quick search on Infoseek of the words “lawyer
El Paso John gunman” brought up John Wesley Hardin. Good grief he
had been taught by the worst bad man in western history.


Time to face the future


Moving back to Beacon Hill and fine
eating after the stay on the island, sounded like the ideal life if
you didn’t think of what was coming next. Marty knew that the next
few days would determine his life’s course. Upward and onward, or
the practical end of his existence was the only two directions that
existed. It would not be cowardly for his not to think of
withdrawing from the training at this time. He had a couple of
great party tricks and could get back into school without delaying
his graduation by more than a year. What he had learned was worth
the extra time. Sally would finish ahead of him and by the time he
graduated, she would probably have him a job waiting at whatever
techno firm that would have snatched her up. But frail of heart was
not one of his weaknesses and he ask that the next lesson be
scheduled as soon as possible. He needed only two days to visit his
parents and of course Sally and he would be ready. He knew even if
he wanted, the compulsion was still on him not to reveal John and
the art of Sorcery.


John and Marty sat facing each other
with their fingertips touching and their heads less than six inches
apart. The tension in the air was almost felt on all five senses.
The touch in the fingertips was like a low voltage static electric
shock. The eyes were overloaded with a haze of floating and
revolving colors, You could smell fresh baking bread. It seemed
that a slice of lemon was resting on the tongue. A low thrilling
sound was the only noise. Then Marty felt the movement in his head
as John made contact.


John was trying to keep himself as
calm as he could. He knew that the past tries had went wrong after
he had inserted himself in the others brain and its natural defense
tried to fight him off. This was not going to be a quick shock to
the cortex like the memory loss spell, this was the transfer of
knowledge to the longer lasting memory parts and the sealing of the
knowledge where it could not be forgotten. Once learned it would
change not only the memory, but the very DNA structure of the
being. Once he was human, later he would be Sorcerer. Just as it
seems he was excepting the flow of instruction into the base of his
being, trouble struck again.


Somebody’s knocking should I let him


Just as I started to lose Marty, I
could feel another presence invade the connection. It started
pulling Marty back into the process and it calmed him down enough
for me to continue the flow. The third party held him there until I
had finished the process and it then withdrew. I was so near
passing out that I couldn’t track the invader and I just slumped
back into the chair. I gazed at Marty and he was sitting back as
well but his eyes were closed and his breathing was ragged and
slow. It took me about an hour before I could gather enough
strength to stand and I slid Marty’s chair over to the couch and
rolling him onto it and he drifted off into a natural sleep. It
sounded like a good idea to me and I stumbled to my room and
collapsed on to the top of the bed without taking off my


Breakfast and a new day


The sounds of singing and the rattle
of pots and pans woke me the next morning. I arose feeling a little
stiff for a four hundred year old man and went into the breakfast
room. Marty was in the middle of flipping some fried eggs into a
disk and turned to ask, “Do you want some coffee?” I was both happy
and amazed, the young man had made it! We had us a


The talk over the breakfast table
was intense. Marty wanted to know what was next and couldn’t wait
to start the physical stuff. I asked if he remember last night and
the merging of our minds. Nope he said but he wasn’t drooling and
that was all that counted. I told him about the third mind that
join ours and that I did not have a clue who or what it was, but
that it had preformed a vital function in the saving of his life.
Marty was way more thunderstruck by me not knowing something than
by the actual being who had joined us. We will have to learn the
identity of this creature eventually, but the number one goal is
your training. It will take about twenty years, so we better get
going today. I think the actual first thing is for you to get a gun
and a rig to carry it in. Magic isn’t fool proof and you better
have a backup.


The Smith and Wesson Model 39 has a
big old forty caliber acp bullet. With a clip of eight, it is more
than a match for the Colt single action six shot revolver. The thin
gun fits snug between the arm and the ribs with almost no bump
showing under the coat. One of those spring load holsters like John
has and I am ready to rock and roll. I have watched John draw and I
don’t think I will ever be able to match that kind of speed, plus
he always hit the center of the target. I think there is a spell
that is helping him, but he hasn’t shown it to me.


I have a lot of questions now that I
am not going to die from the spells. I wanted to know if I am going
to live as long as he has. If you don’t go out and get yourself
killed was the answer, so maybe a little planning for the rest of
my life will have to be implemented. I always have been one of
those put it off to tomorrow kind of people, but now tomorrow could
he in a couple of hundred years. I was all of a sudden stuck about
what to do about Sally. John had said he aged normally until he was
twenty then he slowed down aging until he looked forty or so and
then he just stopped. I would probably do the same. If I got
serious with Sally, what would happen when she started to age and I
didn’t. Having someone that was going to get old and look at you
staying middle aged would not be enjoyable for either party. John
told me that either I enjoyed what I could or dread what I couldn’t
change. I asked if I could somehow inform her of my condition and
he thought about it and said to bring her around and he would sit
in while I told her and if she permitted him to limit what she
would be able to tell others he would agree, if she didn’t he would
erase that part of her memory and we would just let the current
status quo stand.


Sally’s saying something


It went a lot better than I thought
it could ever go. When John let me tell her about what has been
happening ever since I was carried out of that casino and the
training I have been involved in every since, she said, “I have a
confession also.” I was outside the casino that night and saw
mister perfect over there, wave his hand an open a locked door. I
waited and saw him carry you out and put you in a car and leave. I
was worried about you till you called and I was so relieved that I
didn’t care what had happened.”


I looked over at John and he was
both relieved and he had a puzzled look on this face. The
infallible Mr. Moore was having a bad week being a know it all that
didn’t know ever thing. I then looked at Sally and told her that I
also got to pack heat. She frowned a little and said that she
really didn’t like guns that much. Well all relationships have
areas of non compatibility and we would just have to get along


After she left John looked at me and
said, “I didn’t think you and her were actually boy and girl
friends when we had our first talk that first day.” I thought about
it and then I realized that I didn’t really know when our
relationship have become this close. It just seemed to be the way
it was right now. I know we had spent that one night together but
that had not seemed to be a life long commitment until we started
talking today. I guess love can sneak up on you if you are busy
being a Wizard in training. John just had that puzzled look again
and I thought that I would never get use to that. Come Monday,
Sally moved in with me at the townhouse on Beacon


Trial by fire, really


Say what you want to, but having a
friend that you can curl up to after a hard day of pushing every
increasing sized objects across the room, is nice. You don’t get
sore muscles from this type of exercise because muscle play is such
a small part in the spell. I noticed that once you learned the sub
vocal incantation, the type of arm or hand movement determines the
force of the outcome. Just like in the fire spells, the shoving and
pulling spells are amplified by the openness of the fingers of the
hand or the amount and speed of the arms. You could open a small
padlock by flicking the first finger across the thumb like you did
those spitballs in school. A door could be opened by the curling of
the fingers toward the palm and you bend the elbow inwards. A flat
palm push could close a door or push a car to the other side of the
road. A fist down toward the ground, gently it will drive a nail
into wood, a wild swing with a closed fist will crush the same car
like they do in a junk yard. I have only learned two types of
spells and with that I can do dozens of actions. John said it is
time to earn my pay. Tomorrow we are going to do a follow up in
Arizona. We will probably recover or most likely destroy a couple
of weapons. My nerves are so jangled that there will be no sleep


I was in the desert wearing a dark
colored shirt with a dark wind breaker covering the black gun and
holster strapped to my under arm. John looked like he was in
seventy degree weather. He didn’t have any sweat on his brow. Me, I
have seen horses after a race that were drier than I was. If we
didn’t hurry up and get inside the war room of these nuts, pretty
soon, they will be able to smell me from a hundred yards away. I
noticed that John would hold his hand up to his eye and make a
little circle with his first finger and thumb. I asked, “Are you
making a telescope”? He just smiled and nodded. Boy I can’t wait
for that lesson. He looked and mouthed the words, “lets go”. I
pulled a ski mask over my face in case of cameras, so did


Watching John work was poetry, he
just walked in the front door and the two guards stood perfectly
still and look straight ahead as we passed. He glanced at a map of
the insides of the building and went down a hall to the fifth door
on the right. The lock he punched out by a quick outward palm push,
it left a hole where the lock had been. If I had tried it, the
whole door would have been torn out of its frame. We went into the
room and there was the really big model airplane sitting in the
center. He looked at me and I did the fireball and it just blew
apart into a dozen pieces. Then we went back out into the hall and
into another room further down. In this was two boxes, one of which
had a stinger in it and the other was empty. I grab the full box
and we left back up the hall. I noticed the fire was still burning
in the side room. John shook his head not to worry about it. We
passed the guards and into the desert once again. All of this had
been done with not a word said between us. After loading the box in
the trunk and starting up the car. John said, “One of them is
missing. They were supposed to be watching this building and no one
reported anyone carrying a case out. I am going to find out who
screwed the pooch.”


I told Sally about the mission while
we were side by side in the bed and she just giggled. “You are not
stealthy with you spells. The fire may still be going.” “Laugh”, I
said as I started to tickle her. I’ll make you laugh.” This kind of
play always ends up one way and the tension of the mission eased
out of my body.


Life talk


John sat me down and said, “Now is
the time to talk about cabbages and kings.” For the first couple
hundred years, I just move to a new town every twenty or so years
and started over so no one would notice that my body didn’t age. I
soon got tired of getting use to a new place and decided to buy two
houses here on Beacon Hill and two brownstones in New York. I have
developed a way to alter my appearance using the push spell and one
you have not learned yet. That spell will soften cartilage and
allow you to reshape it slightly.


He then told me how to change the
shape of your face. He said, “I got a dentist to sell me some of
his old denture molds on the pretense of using them to make vampire
teeth for Halloween. I then utter the spell with the minimum hand
movement and the gums in my mouth became malleable. I fitted the
molds over my teeth and bit down and waited for the spell to
dissipate. The gums firm up and my mouth had a new shape. Next I
lengthen the earlobes by softening the cartilage and using the pull
spell to draw them down about an inch. I talked one of the drunks
down at the pub, to let me make a mold of his large nose. For just
a couple of drinks, I had what it took to add another dimension to
the disguise. Using the same cartilage trick, I fitted the mold
over my nose and pulled it out to fill the mold’s empty space.
After all of this, I looked into the mirror. I resembled a person
that was part of the same family, but clearly not the same


Now every twenty to thirty years, I
let one of my “nephews” take over the business and no one has
caught on. I switch between Boston and New York and rotate using
one of the four houses. I can eat in my favorite restaurants and
pubs without anyone noticing I don’t grow older. By the time I have
move back to my old house a hundred years would have passed. The
Army and later the NSA have not questioned me on only using my
family to do the job since 1901. Results quell most


A couple more spells and then I’m


We found out what had happened to
the missile that we didn’t find in the desert. It was 8:30 in the
evening on a clear night that TWA flight 800 blew up minutes after
taking off from JFK airport. The FBI and local authorities swept
the area but didn’t find any trace of the people responsible. It
was decided to cover up the disaster with a fuel tank explosion.
The NSA phone in our house rang and the job was now ours. We only
get those that no one else can do.


The militia group knew someone had
gone into their war house and destroyed and stolen from them. But
the entry into the house of the leader of the “Patriots of the
Desert Sun” militia group we hope had not been discovered. This was
going to be my solo test. Armed with the stun and memory spells
that were still fresh in my mind, I had only completed them a
couple of weeks ago, I was let out of the car two miles from the
house and given the floor layout that John had drawn after the
first mission inside. I was hoping that no one would be at home and
I could get the information and leave.


As Sally had said before, “Stealthy
is not you.”, seem to plague my every endeavor. Of course there
were two big goons just waiting for some one to come slipping into
the building. Now was different from the last time I fought the guy
at the casino, I was armed physically and well as mentally. I
managed to stun one of them but the second came into the room with
his gun drawn. Muscle memory was what the master Sorcerer had
called it and it saved my life. The forty caliber automatic was
firing before I even realized it. I had hit him in the neck and it
almost took his head off. I ignored the blood on my shirt and
quickly got to the computers and linked one of them to the brain
boys at the agency. I stumbled out into the sun light and went to
my knees, I could hear a car’s engine roaring up and I was pitched
into the back seat where I passed out.


I hadn’t even realized that I had
been shot till I woke up. Well if you don’t die, then the mission
was a success. It didn’t really matter that I didn’t get away
without notice this time, as they were waiting for me which means
they suspected someone knew who the boss was and where he lived. I
leaned back into the pillow and felt the bandage on my ribs. “The
bullet ricocheted off the third rib and back out of you body. If it
had went the other way, you would have a nice hole in your heart.”
was what John told me. I looked up and said, “I know I should be
grateful, but I still can see the blood pouring out of that guards
neck. It is going to take some time to get over it.” “Real honest
men never get all the way over it.” John said. “That is just the
indicator that you are normal and a good man.”


Sally didn’t come home for three
days. “Marty I would have died if you had not came back. I have
thought it over and this time I am not going to run away. You will
just have to put up with me being angry when you put you life on
the line each time you have a mission. I will be here when you get
back, I am not going anywhere.” In the back of my mind I thought
about the sentence. “this time I am not going to run away”. The way
she said it I knew not to ask questions. She later added, “If I am
going to have to wait for you from time to time, I want our own
home.” So we moved into John’s second Beacon Hill address. Happy
wife, Happy life.




John had told me that he couldn’t
tell me who his neighbors were at any time in his life. This made
it easier to transform himself into a new identity and I should be
thinking about things like this for myself. Well the first week
that theory fell thru. Sally and the woman next door bonded
immediately. I think Judy might have been five years older than
Sally and the first thing she wanted to do was show her the things
that was available for the woman that didn’t have to work. So while
I was off saving the nation, Sally was saving the


It didn’t take long for Judy to get
Sally out of her old frumpy clothes and into a little more stylish
outfits. The hair was shaped and didn’t look like it had been
self-cut in the mirror. One day about two months after we moved, I
came home to a woman that not longer need those black glasses. The
wonder of modern laser eye surgery had left her blue eyes
unencumbered and they were striking. My little mouse had become a
runway model.


Trouble in river city


Each day I would meet John at his
house and we would either train or go out on a mission. The
missions were getting more frequent as trouble in the Middle East
heated up. We let the soldiers fight the wars and we would keep the
homeland safe. Or we thought we could. There was just so much area
that two people could cover. We had to depend on the other agencies
to actually find out about the groups and then we could investigate
them. Ten days after the TWA bombing, the Olympics in Georgia were
attacked. We realized that we were thinking of people coming into
the U.S. and not local terrorists. That would have to be addressed
and since we had penetrated one of the local groups headquarters
and its warehouse, then we were the experts.


Up to the year 2000, there had been
seven people killed by terrorist attacks. We had intercepted over
fifty more attempts to attack centers of government and events that
were due to have huge crowds. It would have had hundreds of
casualties if they had succeeded. The people involved in the
planning of these thwarted attacks were gathered up by John and me
and then turned over to the NSA. We never knew what happen to them.
John was not happy with that, but he didn’t have a better solution.
Publicizing the attempts would have resulted in more and more of
these types of people trying the same acts of terror.


Feb. 12, 2001, John disappeared. I
went to his house and he was just gone. I also noticed that the
special phone that we got the calls from the NSA was missing. I
stayed around the rest of day hoping that he would return. I left a
note on the table telling him to call me as soon as he could. I
locked the front door and went back to my house.


Sally had left a note that she and
Judy were out and planned to be back by eight P.M. with food from
our favorite restaurant. I sat down in the parlor, this house was
so old it actually had a real parlor. On the stroke of eight, Sally
came through the door. Just smiling and carrying a large bag that
was producing the smell of roasted meat. She took one look at my
face and knew something really bad had happened. She said, “I got a
message delivered this morning after you left and was wondering why
a lawyer would be sending you something.”


She got the envelope and I tore it
open hoping to have an explanation of this morning. It contained
the deeds to the houses here in Boston and the ones in New York. A
bank statement in my name in five different banks. I looked at the
amounts and there was millions of dollars at my disposal. What the
freak was going on? I told her about John being missing and she
look startled and then started crying. She hugged me and continued
to cry and mumble, “my baby, my baby”. I thought she was talking
about me. She wiped the tears out of her eyes and said,” This is
what I get for keeping secrets, I am not going to do that again
with you.”


First you have got to realize that
you are going to live for hundreds of years and take that into
account for what I am going to tell you. “I came over to the
Americas in the year 1620 with a group of Puritans, even though I
didn’t believe their teachings it was just a way to get out of
Europe. I was over three hundred at that time.” Marty grabbed the
table for support as he felt the room sway and his eyesight narrow
to just her face. “Marty stay with me. You can do it.” Marty sat on
the floor and felt better down there as he couldn’t fall


The wind cries Mary


I looked at her as I sat on the
floor. “What is really your name.” The tears were running down her
face as she whispered “Mary Elizabeth Moore. At least that was my
last actual legal name. I am John’s mother.” I thought it could not
get any weirder, but it had. I asked if John knew and she shook her
head and cried harder. When you think you have all the time in the
world, you put off the parts that might be unpleasant or could
result in a rejection from someone you love. This is the human norm
amplified by the sense of an eternity of time. She started to shake
and sunk down to her knees and despite all the shock I was
experiencing, I reached out and drew her into my arms.


I was now unemployed and with a
girlfriend that was older than the country. I told her that she
didn’t look a day over five hundred and the first thing I insisted
on was to get her a new legal name. Three weeks later the Justice
of the Peace made it official. She kept the name Sally and now she
had a nice Scottish last name. With both of us having this red
hair, no one would question us about the name Sally Elizabeth
McGrath. I had enough money that we didn’t have to work, but being
a smart ass and wanting a job that I could walk away from in a
second if I wanted. I opened a Magic Shop the next month. Sally
just groaned and did the gag her throat gesture with her finger. I
was determined to let the world take care of itself and just enjoy
my two person family. Then I woke on a Tuesday like any other
Tuesday and went down to my little shop. I always opened at nine
o’clock sharp. I flipped on the TV and went to fix me another cup
of coffee. I have a few chairs, a table, and free coffee and WiFi,
so I have a lot of browsers that come in without any intention of
buying. I don’t care it allows me to keep up with what is going on


I headed to the door to unlock it
and I looked at the TV screen. There was a banner across it saying
breaking news. An aircraft had crashed into a building in New York.
The rest of the day I sat staring at the screen with a group of
people who had wandered in and just could not make themselves
leave. At ten o’clock the tower falls. Sally had arrived by then
and we sat just holding each other. Thirty minutes later the other
tower collapses and the full impact of the day starts to seep into
my conscious.


The anger arose in my mind and I
told the people around us that they needed to go home. We needed to
go home and plan out what to do next. I placed a Closed sign on the
door and knew that it would stay closed.


When we got home, Sally looked at me
as said, “Fun time is over. Training starts tomorrow, you have at
least four more years of learning. Maybe more, I have learn new
things the last two hundred years.” First we need to find out how
to contact the government without revealing our true identities and
this is going to be tricky after the World Trade attack.


I was going to have to find us a
figure head who was well known to the intelligence community and
could keep a secret. I thought of the officer that had headed up
the trade of weapons to freedom fighters in South America for
American prisoners being held in the middle east. He would do


So starts the husband-wife team of
Sorcerers in the defense of the U.S.A. No longer tied to just the
NSA but to any of the alphabet groups that needed their skills.
Will their super spying skills prevent another major crisis in the
Americas or is it just too much for any two people to cover the
entire continent. But that is up to time and another



























Wizard for the NSA

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Wizard for the NSA Wizard for the NSA