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Within The Cycles




Chaos will rule the lands.

[Fire will consume.
Lightning will illuminate the skies.
__][The light will be swallowed by darkness.
The oceans will run dry.
The ground will become barren.]

And at last, the Endless Device shall fall.”

These are the words that echo,
the words that return as I sleep.
They are engraved upon me.
Their meaning is unknown.
Their purpose, I have not found.

I have been sleepwalking.

I have been writing these words
on the walls of my home,
using my blood as ink.
I have become afraid.

I have grown to fear the lands
that I travel to as I sleep.
I cannot control where my soul takes me.
So I have kept myself awake.
I was certain that my fears would pass.

I was wrong.

My mind has become
a fragile thing indeed.
Cracks are starting to show.
I am suffocating.
This air is poison.

This is not a home.

This is all I have ever known.
My thoughts are my captors.
Mental imprisonment.
Masochistic self-confinement.

Walls made from sin and regret.

A ceiling made from hopes
and broken dreams.
A floor made from memories
that I trample with my feet.

This is a prison.

My distorted sense of self
has brought me to this place.

My disrupted thoughts
have taken the form of skeletons.
I danced with them for days.
I entertained them.
They are my company.

I do not remember where I am.

These walls are unfamiliar.
I have fooled myself for far too long.
It is time to face the truth.
It is time for me to leave.

I will find a way through the ground.

Through a tunnel, I will escape.
This will be my exodus.
I will make a way.
Surely, it is time for this to end.

I have been wasting away.

My door has been locked
for as long as I can remember.
Was it my fear of others
or the fear of mirrors?

Was it protection or slavery?

This could be my deathbed.

This might be my grave.
My tired bones would mark the place I rest.
I can only hope the sunlight will guide me
so I can find my way back home.

I am bitter.

I am bereaved.
I am beaten.
I am broken.
I am buried.

The ground is giving in.

My hands are clawing at the dirt.
I crawl through the unknown.
This tunnel will guide me.
Outside is my destination.

Outside is my redemption.

The tunnel is shaking.

My soul is leading me to places
that I had abandoned.

Memories resurface
and I am drowning.
Long forgotten fragments
of a life that I had left behind.

Old ghosts that should not be here.

They are crying out.
They follow me as shadows.
Without form, without substance.
They are crying for acknowledgement.

The acknowledgement
of their existence.
I had denied them.
A wound long forgotten,
a place I had forsaken.

I should not remember you.

Depart from me.
You offer me nothing.
When have I asked for this?
I have run from you all this time.

Why do you follow me?
Formless faces, faceless forms.
Did I not escape you?
I am begging you to leave me be.
What is it that you wish to achieve?

Why is it that you haunt me,
no matter where I crawl?
Why do your voices
vibrate through the dirt
and echo through my skull?

I remember what you did to me.

Old ghosts, forgotten fragments.

You hide yourselves inside
the hollow space of my mind.
My mind does not obey.
What I call my own
refuses to do my bidding.

Am I not the master of my own heart?
Am I not the master of my own thoughts?

My escape has given me nothing.

Forgotten fragments,
when will you be satisfied?
Old ghosts,
when will my pain be enough?

There is a cross chained to my back.

I carry it with me wherever I go.
It grows heavier
with every step.
It takes its toll on my weary bones.

I am longing for non-existence.

All that I am
is the cause of my grief.
I am a beggar,
failing flesh and bones.

I cannot see my own skin
through the filth that is on my hands.
My shattered mind cannot be restored.
The hollow space cannot be filled.
My reality is failing me.

At the point where my pain
began to consume me,
I knew that it was too late.
It swallowed me and became me.
My blood and bones.

I could not let go.

There would have been nothing.

Empty skin, once a vessel.
A vessel for a soul so hollow.

Whisper into my ear.

Tell me tales of a grace unending.
Because my sins are crushing me
like the waves of an endless ocean.
My darkness is catching up with me.

I must crawl faster.

The sound of old whispers.

I can see my own breath.
My surroundings seem familiar.
Forgotten fragments,
you have caught up with me.

Faces made from shadows.

Distorted memories.
I remember your sharp,
forked tongues.
They wounded me.

Wounds that are still infected.

I abandoned you.

But you refused to let go.
You made me your outcast.
You made me your scapegoat.
I carry your scars.

I may be an old man,
but they have not faded.
Your anger and hatred
became mine.
Did it give you peace?

Do the scars serve
a greater purpose?
Promise me that my tears
did not fall in vain.
You punished me for your pain.

I carry your scars
because you could not.
You could not stand the sight
of your own weakness.
So you made me the weakling.

You became disgusted
with your own reflection.
So you made me disgusting.

Now I see that it was not my fault.

Now I see that you were controlled.
You were puppets, a slave to the Endless Device.
You fell to your knees and worshipped it.
I saw it and walked away.

I refused to be a part of it.

You saw this and hated me.

You are controlled by the unseen.

You have become corrupted.
I saw a dark light behind the Endless Device.
That is why I turned my back on you.
Your sight had been taken from you.

But none of this should matter now.

Why has my soul taken me to this place?

Lightning strikes my mind
and I am travelling between worlds.
Time is standing still
and I am drowning in the hourglass.
A maelstrom of visions and memories.

I find myself in my tunnel once more.

The tunnel is flooded with blood.

The blood becomes one with the dirt,
forming quicksand.
It is becoming weaker.
It cannot sustain me.

I am sinking.

I am swallowed.

I find myself in an empty room.

The walls are decorated
with bones and torches.
The ceiling collapses
and light shines through.

A steady flow of quicksand
enters through the hole.
The quicksand hardens
as it falls to the ground.
Out of the ground, a table rises.

Hundreds of bookcases rise with it.

This is a library.

An entity of glass appears before me.

Translucent; pure and undamaged.
His body resembles that of a grown man.
However, he has no hands or feet.
He is faceless, but he can speak.

As he hovers above the ground,
he approaches me.
The air is becoming colder.

“I am here to warn you, old man.

There is a great unrest in this world.
It is growing with every moment we waste.
A terrible fate is waiting for you.
I am begging you, do not ignore my words.

They are of great importance.”

“Where am I?”

“These are the archives.

And I am the Historian.
The memories of this world
are all stored in this place.
And I am their keeper.

They are stored here so we will not forget.

To remind us of all that we have done.
Your sins are archived here.
I have studied each of them.
These memories will not be forsaken.

I have seen all that has happened.

And I have seen fragments of your fate.
However, I cannot share
what I have seen.
I cannot interfere, I can only warn.”

“What fate are you speaking of?”

“Your actions will leave a mark.

If you do not stop this journey,
you will only know regret.
Your decisions will determine
more than your fate alone.

It is not too late for you to turn back.”

“I cannot go back to where I came from.

I am searching for answers.
I believe there is a dark light
that is controlling the Endless Device.
I have seen it, but none believed.”


I have noticed this dark light as well.

I have made attempts to study it.
Rarely have I seen its movements.
It does not reveal itself.
It masks its presence well.

I do not understand
how you could have seen it.”

“I wish to expose it
so that all will see.”

“I am afraid you cannot.

It has chosen to hide
in the shadow of the Endless Device.
As long as it remains there,
it cannot be seen.”

“Then I will make it
come out of hiding.
I will destroy the Endless Device.”

“You are not listening.

This will not end well for you.

If you destroy the Endless Device,
there will be no one left to witness
the exposure of this dark light.
Only you, the one who walked away.”

“When that moment arrives,
I will punish it for what it has done.”

“Then it is as I feared.

And you have chosen to obey
your lust for vengeance.
If you wish to walk this path,
I cannot stop you.

I wish I could convince you.

But we are running out of time.
I hope to see you again, old man.
But if you meet Death before I do,
tell her to read my letters once again.”

The ground is shaking.

The glass entity is fading.
The table is broken in two.
The walls are collapsing.
The bones are turning to dust.

The ground beneath me is ripped open.

The room is sinking and I am falling.
I fade into the nothingness beneath this place.

I open my eyes to a shadow.

A shadow that is staring at me.
Fear strikes my bones.
I am suffocating.
This air is poison.

A purple fog surrounds me.

“I have been waiting for you, old man.”

The fog consumes the air.

It desires to fill my lungs.
I can feel it trying to corrupt me.
It reeks of broken flesh and rotten bones.
The stench is overwhelming.

“For so long, I have been waiting.

Now the time has come.
Do you know why you are here?
Do not be mistaken,
your arrival here was planned.

I know of the visions you see.

I know of the voice
that you hear in your dreams.”

“What are you?”

My vision is blurred
and my body is trembling.
I cannot breathe,
I cannot move.
The shadow is coming closer.

The room becomes darker with every step it takes.

The shadow stands still in front of me.
All light is consumed by it as it grows.
I can feel my body growing weaker.
Its presence is feeding on me.

All light is gone.

The shadow is dissolving.

It takes the form of a man.
I wish to close my eyes,
but my muscles will not move.
This is an abomination.

“I am the one waiting in the shadows.

I am the deliverer of devastation.
I am the end of all hope.
Fill your lungs with my breath
and you will find yourself suffering.

I am terror.

The end of cycles is coming, old man.

And I am the trigger.
The time is almost there.”

I cannot look away
from this deformed man
that stands before me.
His teeth are rotting.
His hands are decomposing.

Dead flesh is dangling from his bones.

His skin is old and dry.

What is left of it
is lifeless and full of cracks.

My voice is trembling.

“I do not understand.”

He wears grey robes,
all tattered and torn.
His silver hair touches the ground.
It is wild and untamed.
It covers the left side of his face.

The bones of his legs are exposed.

Some of them are broken.

“You are becoming mad, old man.

Your reality is failing you.”

“What do you know of me?”

“More than you can imagine.

I know of the words
that are engraved upon you.
You hear them every night as you sleep.
You have written them in blood.”

“Chaos will rule the lands.

Fire will consume.

Lightning will illuminate the skies.
The light will be swallowed by darkness.
The oceans will run dry.
The ground will become barren.”

The man runs his hand through his hair,
revealing the other side of his face.

His left eye is missing.

Insects have made their home
in the empty socket.
They are crawling in and out of it.
His remaining bloodshot eye stares at me.

“And at last, the Endless Device shall fall.”

The purple fog flows from his mouth.

His voice resonates through it.
The sound of a soul in everlasting anger.
It feels familiar somehow.
A distant echo inside the hollow space.

“How do you know of these words?”

“If you remember them,
you know what lies ahead.
Keep running, old man.
You will find your destination.
All of your questions will be answered.”

“I believe there is a dark light
that is controlling the Endless Device.
I wish to expose it
so that I might punish it
for what it has done.

Do you know of a way?”

“I believe that you know
the answer already, old man.
If you wish for this dark light
to reveal itself and show its face,
you must destroy its hiding place.

You must draw it out.

That is the meaning of the words
that are engraved upon you.
You were destined for this.
Are you willing to sacrifice
all that you have for this?”

“All that I once called mine
has been taken away.
I believe that this dark light
is responsible.
Therefore it must be punished.”

“Then you must go.

And I will return to you
when the time is right.
Seek the Capital, old man.
Return to your tunnel.

Find your destination.

And you will find your answers.”

The Endless Device.

I knew that I hated you
from the very beginning.
I failed to see why others did not.
Now I know that you were blinded.
I was the only one that could see.

I am the reject.

I am the outcast.
You are a hive mind.

My exodus will continue.

I must find the Capital.

My sight is taken from me.

Darkness is taking over.
I can feel my soul slipping away.
Time is standing still.
And I am drowning in the hourglass.

A maelstrom of visions and memories.

I open my eyes to a woman.

Her skin has become lifeless.

Her eyes have turned red.
Her hands and feet are rotting.
She is trembling.
There is nothing left of her.

Her flesh is rotting.

Blood is flowing from her eyes.
She is falling apart in front of me.
She is eaten alive by forces unseen.
However, she is still breathing.

She remains silent.

She does not scream.
She does not cry.
The sound of her breathing
echoes through the hollow space.

This will not take long.

She is staring at me
through her bleeding eyes.

“See what you are doing.

This is the path you have chosen.
It is not too late for you
to change your ways.
Your brothers and sisters are dying.

Stop this journey and save us.”

“I am your brother no longer.

I do not belong with you, puppet.
I turned my back on you
and you turned your back on me.
You are blind to your corruption.

This is the consequence of your own sin.”

“So this is what you have become.”

“This is what you made of me.

I walked away and you hated me.
You are blind to the truth.
You are controlled
by what you cannot see.

I seek to expose that which controls you.”

“At what cost?”

“I must destroy the Endless Device.”

“So you are lost.

Do you not realize
what the Endless Device is?”

“We are the Endless Device.

All sons of Adam
and daughters of Eve.


“You cannot deny what you are.”

“I am no longer a part of it.

You rejected and betrayed me.
You made me an outcast.
You terrorized me.
So I have severed my ties.”

“Your words are untrue.

If you seek to destroy us,
you will also destroy yourself.”

“You are all puppets.

And I will destroy the puppeteer.
It is time for this masquerade to end.”

“See what is happening to me.

All will suffer this same fate
if you do not leave this path.”

“I cannot leave this path
that I have chosen.
The dark light must be stopped.”

“Even if it ends all of us?
You see the mark of your actions
and you refuse to turn away.”

“The mark of your actions, not mine.

Do not blame me for your sins, puppet.
We must all face punishment.
What I am doing is necessary.
All this will lead to my redemption.”

“Your redemption will be your downfall.

You cannot control
what is about to unfold.
I have pleaded for mercy,
but it was in vain.
Prepare yourself for what is to come.”

The woman returns to dust in front of me.

Her words echo through the emptiness.
The emptiness turns into a void.
The void creates a vacuum.
And I am swallowed.

I find myself in my tunnel once more.

The blood and dirt are gone.
I can see the sunlight.
I can feel the growing unrest.
My heart is beating faster.

Outside is my redemption.

A purple fog finds its way
into the tunnel
and absorbs all light.
He is here.
The time is right.

“So you have returned
to the city of the dead.
You have done well, old man.
You have found your destination.
You know what must be done.

This is the Capital.

The breeding ground
of the Endless Device.
It is time for chaos
to rule the lands.

This place must turn to ash.

This is the shadow
in which the dark light hides.
It is time for you
to fulfil the words
that you hear in your dreams.

Ignite the fire.”

“Oh, Capital, how wonderfully you burn.

How beautiful is the fire
that consumes you.
See the thunder
that illuminates the skies.

Hear the ground roar.

Mourn as I have mourned.
Suffer as I have suffered.
Your flames are my joy.
Your ashes are my comfort.”

“He, who was betrayed,
now betrays in turn.
Such is the cycle of betrayal.
Chaos rules the lands.
The fire consumes.

All must be punished for their sins.

You have served me well, old man.
However, even you cannot escape judgement.
You must die with the Capital.
Die by the fire you have created.”

“So it has been you all along.

You are the dark light.”

“I am afraid not.

That would be my mother.
I will return to her
after I have dealt with you.
All will die by her hands, through me.”

“You tricked me into serving you.”

“So I have.

I made you the way you are.

I turned you into a weapon.
I infected your mind long ago.
I whispered into your ears as you slept
and spoke the words that are engraved upon you.

It was my voice that you heard as you slept.

I invaded your mind and altered it.

I made you different from the puppets.
I made you feel the hatred within you.

The old ghosts still haunt you because of me.

They hurt and scarred you because of me.
I allowed you to see that they were controlled.
I knew that no one would believe you.
You failed to see that you were controlled as well.

The Endless Device does not tolerate
those who are different.
So they turned against you.
And I turned you against them.
I forced you to trust me.

Your thoughts, your visions, your dreams
and the words that are engraved upon you.
All of them were orchestrated by me.

All that you are is because of me.”

“How is this possible?”

“I am Disease.

I affect mind and body.
I prey on the weak.
And I feed on their suffering.
Your soul means nothing to me.

There is no such thing as destiny.

You could have failed me
and I would have used another puppet.
All of you are mine to control.
But you played your part well, old man.

I promised you
that you would find your answers.
So I have given them to you.
Now it is my turn to strike.
The Capital is gracefully burning.

The sun is setting.

The Endless Device is about to fall.
The end of cycles is coming.”

“There is a path before each person
that seems right, but it ends in death.”
Proverbs 14:12.

The Setting Sun

“Mother, I have returned.

The preparations have been made.
The sun is setting.
The Capital is burning.
Midnight is almost here.”

“[So the puppet has succeeded.
You have done well.
The time is coming for mankind to be punished.
Our patience will be rewarded in the end.
And after the end of cycles, we will live in peace.]

[Before you go,
there is something
that you must know, Disease.]

I have met a [man without a name.
He is the first to know of my suffering,
the first to show compassion.
Because of this, I have decided
that he will be spared.]

He must not die by your hands.”

“You brought a man here?
I can feel the marks of his presence.
No man has entered this place before.
The depths are no place for mortals.
Where is this man?

“[Let him sleep for now.
He will not wake up
until your task is completed.”]

“What more have you been hiding from me?”

My mother does not speak.

Her tears are falling,
forming ripples in the water.
I have seen this before.
Only once.

“[Thousands of years in pain.
Thousands of years of torment.
Our waiting is about to come to an end.]

[Still, I cannot watch them suffer.
They are my adopted children.
I have nurtured them since the dark wave.
Their fate may be deserved,
but it breaks my heart.”]

“It is too late for this to be reversed.

You commanded me and I obeyed.
We cannot turn away.
What we have done
can never be undone.”

Know what [is to come, Disease.
My dress will be stained once more.
I will swallow their blood as they die.
The illusion of my beauty will fall.
And you will see me in my ugliest form.]

[However, you speak the truth.
And I will learn to make peace with this.
We cannot afford to waste a moment.
I must go and speak with Death.
She will know what fate is waiting for her.”]

“Why must the witch be involved?”

She [will end the ones you infect.
It is important that she does.
She will obey
or watch them rot before her eyes.]
She has her part to play and you have yours.”

“I am your son.

You promised me
that I would be the trigger.
You never mentioned
the witch to me before.”

“[Death carries the sword, not you.
You were born to spread destruction,
not to end their lives.
You only bring terror and suffering
to all who look upon you.”]

Her words echo through the depths.

My mother looks away
and turns her back on me.

“Do you regret giving birth to me, mother?”


The fountain has fallen still.

I do not know.

I [had no say in the matter.
Darkness was brought into the world
on the day that mankind fell.
It came in the form of a dark wave.
Nothing was spared; it was ruthless.]

You know this already.

It [flooded all of creation.
Darkness took me and defiled me.
It took away my purity.
On that day,
I became one with the darkness.]

I discovered that I was pregnant after this.

I [gave birth to you and kept you alive, Disease.
I sacrificed many so I could feed you.
And the moment has arrived for me
to fully satisfy your hunger.
I order you to consume them all.]

This is my gift to you.”

“Never have I asked for any gift.

Never have I asked you to feed me.
You have mourned for your lost beauty.
You have mourned for your puppets.
You have even mourned for your sins.

But you have never mourned for me.

I was never your child.
And you have never called me your son.”

My mother does not move.

The water she stands on evaporates
as she raises her voice.
The depths tremble as she speaks.

You must go now, Disease.[
What we have done
can never be undone.
We cannot afford
to waste a moment.]


The fountain crumbles.

Her words continue to echo.

“I will go, mother.

And I will do as you command.
My task will be completed
and I will make you proud.
I promise you this.

We will live in peace, mother,
you and I.
I will go and spread destruction.”

“Midnight has arrived.

Suffering is upon you,
sons of Adam and daughters of Eve.
Today, you will meet your end.
Fall to your knees.

Inhale my breath,
feel it as it fills your lungs.
It will overtake you.
I will feed on you as I wish.
You are nothing to me.

I am Disease.

I am destruction.
I am despair.
I am deceit.
I am depravity.

I will leave an endless trail.
Bodies will be scattered across the city.
Your precious structures
will be shaken to the core.

The fire has died with the Capital.

Your last hope has fallen.
There is nothing.
You will never know what happened.
You were blinded from the beginning.

In confusion, you will turn on each other.

Your unity will crumble.
I will watch as you devour yourselves.
I will invade you
and turn you against your lovers.

Slaughter, endless slaughter.

The Endless Device will tear itself apart.
You have robbed my mother of beauty.
You are the root of her curse.
How could she ever love you?

You introduced darkness to this world.

You brought forth the dark wave.
The darkness that washed over her.
She paid for your crimes
and I was the price.

Now you will suffer as she has suffered;
by my hands.
So you have dug your own grave in the end.
Still, you are the ones she cries for
and I am the one she rejects.

Mother, who was there
when you gave birth to me?
Who heard your cries
when you looked upon my face?
You knew what I was when you saw me.

You saw the death of this world in my eyes.

This is the midst of night.

Puppets, I will toy with your bodies
as I see fit.
And I will invade your minds
as I wish.
Some of you will attempt to flee.

But the mountains cannot save you.

In the seas, you cannot hide.
You will not find rest in the desert.
And the forests will not give you comfort.
All will fall and none will escape.

The ones who have escaped the Capital
will become terribly ill.
They will watch their sisters wither.
The ones who could not escape
will fight their own brothers.

You will blame one another for your tragedy.”

A church still stands
amidst the destruction.
Its walls refused to collapse.
It would not fall.
An old woman is praying there.

Praying to her fallen creator.

“Do not waste your time.

Was the Creator not there
from the very beginning?
Was He not there
before your corruption?

He walked hand in hand
with such wretched creatures.
Could He not have stopped the dark wave?

Is He the author of your suffering?
Did He design
your fallen state
of existence?
Is He the criminal or is He the judge?

The Creator must be a cruel one.

So He will watch His creation burn.
He neglected you, His children.
So my mother took you in instead.
She took care of you when He would not.

Your Creator has abandoned you.

Your adoptive mother punishes you.
I carry out her sentence.
And you are all guilty of treason.
You waged war on your nurturer.

You nailed peace to a tree.

You set it on fire,
watched it burn at your feet.

Face the consequence,
fallen parasites.
I will cast you down for this.
My adopted brothers and sisters
will learn how to serve.

Declare this final war on yourselves.

Destroy your loved ones.
Observe yourselves as you rot.
I will build a throne of corpses.
From there, I will watch.

I have become your king.

So entertain me, puppets.

You are helpless
without a present conscience.
Your hearts are corrupted,
your minds intoxicated.

You will learn to do my will.

As the battle rages on,
I will consume you.

From my throne, I will feed on you.

One great feast before the end.
You will kill your brother with one hand
while the other is eaten alive.
I will consume your flesh until I am satisfied.

You are my servants
until the cycles fall apart.
You will learn to bow once more.
Mother, this could be the peace
that you have been longing for.”

An entity of glass appears before me.

Translucent; pure and undamaged.
His body resembles that of a grown man.
However, he has no hands or feet.
He is faceless, but he can speak.

“So you are the one
who controls the Endless Device.
I have been waiting for you
to show yourself.
And now you are exposed.”

“I am afraid that you are wrong.

As mankind dies,
the dark light still hides
in the shadows.
She is ever-patient.

Now tell me who you are.”

“I am the Historian.

The memories of this world
are carried by me.
I have seen what is to come.
And I am here to meet my fate.

Before my end, I wished to see
the true face of the dark light.
I was certain that I would find it here.
Now I see that I was wrong.
Now I see that I have failed.”

“So you are the Historian.

Earth has been waiting for you.”


“She is the dark light
that you have studied.
My mother, Earth, commands me.
You are the one
who carries her memories.

She wishes to end you.

Her memories
are the cause of her grief.
So I will send you to the depths
where she will finish you off herself.

Die and let her memories die along with you.”

The ground opens its mouth as it roars.

It swallows the Historian whole.
It will take some time
for him to reach the depths.
When he does, he will find himself in the core.

“The streets are decorated with corpses.

The fallen structures
are painted with your blood.
The war has ended.
Every last one of you has died.

Only the man without a name still breathes.

You have entertained me well, puppets.

But my hunger is ever-growing.
It is aching; it cannot be satisfied.
I had not imagined myself to be
such a slave to lust.

Just like you.

I am not finished with you.

I am your king.
From my rotting throne,
I command you to rise again.
I am Disease.

I affect mind and body.

It is within my power
to resurrect the dead.

You will see your lovers
and you will learn to hate.
When all of you are destroyed,
you will rise again by my hand.
You will murder until the end of cycles.

Such was always your fate.

Slaughter, endless slaughter.”

“Amusing ourselves, are we?”

“Watch your tongue, witch.

Why have you come here?”

“You left a trail for me to follow.

You should not be surprised.
There is no one left.
I ended them all.
You have completed your task.

There is no need to go on.”

“The man without a name still lives.

As long as he breathes,
the Endless Device still exists.”

“That is why I am here.

I will not let you see him.”

“You are in no position to order me.

From my throne,
I will raise an army.
The man without a name will watch
as they devour one another.

I wish to see him when he does.”

“You wish to see
why Earth loves him
instead of you.

Listen to me, Disease.

She has abused you.

Earth found you ugly in her sight.
I know this because I was there.
I was brought into this world
on the day that you were conceived.

You were always unwanted.”

“Choose your words carefully, witch.

I will not show you mercy like my mother has.”

“I speak the truth; you know this.

Earth knew that she hated you
from the very beginning.

I will not let you see
the man without a name.
And I will not let you see Earth.
I know what fate is waiting
for your mother.”

“After she has dealt with
the man without a name,
she will destroy the Historian.
That is her fate.
She and I will live in peace after the end.

And I will rule over these puppets
until that moment has come.
You are stalling, Death.
You know that you cannot stop
the resurrection.”

“You are as blind as your mother.

How deluded both of you are.
She will meet her end after this conversation.
Earth will wither and die.
That is not a sight I wish for you to see.”

“How can I be sure that you are speaking the truth?”

“What would I gain by lying to you
now that the end has come?
You and I will cease to exist.
After the sun sets, midnight comes.
After midnight, a new dawn approaches.”

“A new dawn?”

“The hour of hope.

It is unknown to Earth.
All will be as it was.
And it will remain so forever.
This is the Complete Restoration.

The Historian knew of it.

He had seen fragments of it
in his dreams.

He had also seen visions of a man.

The old man you infected.
In his visions,
the Historian saw the Capital burning
and the bloodshed that would follow.

He almost interfered by warning the old man.

He did not know
that these events were linked
to the Complete Restoration;
that all of this was necessary.
A great sacrifice.

He had almost discovered the secrets.

Your mother, Earth, will be sacrificed.

This world and all that it contains.
Everything has to make place
for something new.
This is how it will be.

You and I will not witness this.”

“Why is that?”

“You and I were never meant
to be a part of this world, Disease.
We are perversions of creation.
Our existence is a thorn
in the sight of the Creator.

Still, He allowed us to breathe.

He found that He had uses for us.
He can do so because all belongs to Him.”

“The Creator abandoned His creation.”

“He never abandoned His children.

The Creator is patient.
He has been waiting to lead them home.

The Complete Restoration
is a crucial part of this.
We were never meant to exist.
We will come undone
and our sins will be erased.”

“How do you know all this?”

“The Historian knew
that you would send him to the depths.
So he decided that I should write
his visions for him in the form of letters.
He wanted me to know.

I am going to see
the man without a name.
Do not follow me, Disease.
If you know remorse in your heart,
now is the time to show it.

This will be our last conversation.”

“Do not turn your back on me, Death.

Do not dare to insult me in my kingdom.
I am going to raise these puppets once more.
You cannot stop what is to come.
You are powerless here.”

“Be careful not to overestimate yourself.

Your kingdom will shatter before you.
Your delusions will be your downfall.”

“You do not know me.

You know nothing.
My powers have constantly evolved
since the day of my birth.
Now witness-”

Death moves quickly.

The witch unsheathes her sword
and pierces my abdomen.
I cry out.
All my strength is fading quickly.

My dead flesh falls from my bones.

The cracks in my skin
are becoming bigger.
The insects that have made
their home in me are eating me.

My legs are giving in.

My bones are turning to dust.
My work is unfinished.

Mother, I have failed you.

And I will die for nothing.
There is no peace for me
after the end of cycles.
Only nothingness.

“You are the one who knows nothing.

Disease, you fool.

I never wished to do this.
I tried to protect you.
The dead will be resurrected,
but not by you.

The Creator will not allow it.

Your mother has used you,
as she has used me.
You knew that she never loved you.
This is not the first time
that she has punished mankind.

Epidemics, earthquakes, hurricanes and many more;
all of these were her forms of punishment.
Her previous attempts to destroy the Endless Device.

She sacrificed many to feed you
so that you would grow stronger,
so that your powers would evolve.
To turn you into a greater weapon.
And she succeeded.

I am telling you this because I believe
that you deserve to know the truth.
It is time to let your kingdom die, Disease.

We were never meant to rule.

I will meet the man without a name.

And I will lead him to the gates.
He is the last of them.
All is going to be well in the end.
I hope that you can make peace with this.

The end of cycles has come.

The hour of hope is approaching.”

“Huddle together, you nations, and be terrified.

Listen, all you distant lands. Prepare for battle,
but you will be crushed!
Yes, prepare for battle, but you will be crushed!”
Isaiah 8:9.

The Complete Restoration

“[This world will end.
The heavens will be shaken.
The canvas will be torn.
And in the wake of its destruction,
a new one shall be born.”]

I am the Historian.

I have witnessed the end.
A new world is being prepared.
Behold the glorious light.
It is almost there.

The Endless Device has died.

The souls are about to be cleansed.
They will be resurrected.
Earth withered and died
before she could finish me.

I am here, in utter nothingness.

Now that this world is gone,
the universe will meet its final fate.

From the depths, my voice will be heard.

I am here to announce the rebirth,
the Complete Restoration.
From here, the universe will hear
the words of its second awakening.

All of creation will hear its past
for the last time,
so that it can forever leave behind.
It will hear of its future
so that it can rejoice.

I saw the birth of darkness,
the dark wave that corrupted the world.
Nothing was left untouched.
All became unclean.
This was the first flood.

Earth mourned and gave birth to wickedness.

Humanity witnessed a second flood.

This flood was of water.
An attempt to undo,
an attempt to erase.
A glimpse of the Complete Restoration.

The Endless Device wore out its host.

It consumed the world with great hunger.
It would learn the consequence
of uncontrollable greed
as Earth kept mourning.

Mankind claimed dominion.

It sought to conquer everything.
They took as they wished.
They waged war on themselves in jealousy
and Earth was the one who suffered.

Her heart became hardened.

She punished her inhabitants.
The world was shaken
and disaster struck mankind.
Earth sought revenge.

Her dress was stained
with the blood of man.
To hide this, she created a veil;
an illusion of her former beauty.
So that none would see her true form.

Mankind suffered many attacks from her.

After Jerusalem fell,
many more cities followed.
The world became inhospitable.
The Endless Device migrated
until there was nowhere to go.

They were trapped as Earth had planned.

They desperately sought
for a place where they could rest.
So they built the Capital,
the only remaining city.
The Endless Device was cornered.

This would be their grave.

I saw the fire that consumed.

Mankind was betrayed
by one of their own.
The Capital burned.
They lost their right to live.

I could not see
that this was necessary.
I almost interfered.

The seas swallowed themselves.

The mountains were crushed.
Lightning struck itself.
The ground became an endless pit.
The skies shattered like glass.

Ashes turned to ashes
and dust turned to dust.
All became nothing.

This world is gone and the rest will follow.

When the universe dies, it will be a quiet thing.

The planets will collapse
under their own weight.
The stars will cease to shine and fall.
The sun will burst
and its flames will consume all.

All of this without a sound.

There will be no one to witness this.
Out of the nothingness,
a Light will shine.
A Voice will speak.

“Behold, I make all things new.”

In the wake of its death,
the universe will be reborn.

All the preserved souls will be gathered.

None will be forgotten.
They will be prepared
to meet final judgement
at the eternal throne.

There, mankind will witness a third flood.

It will purify them
and reverse the dark wave.
The floodgates will be opened.
And all souls will be washed in blood.

A grace that is unending.

An everlasting downpour of mercy.
All will be as it was
before the fall of man.
And it will remain so forever.

The Endless Device will be transformed
into what it could not be.
All will become one, a holy body,
with love as the catalyst.
And they will be loved.

Though fragmented and broken,
my soul still clings to the hope
of the things I have seen.

Small glimpses of coming glory.

It is finished.
It is done.

“I will make my home among them.

I will be their God, and they will be my people.”

Ezekiel 37:27.

Author’s Notes:

This is a work of fiction that is not biblically accurate. For me, this is a fun and poetic attempt to answer a lot of ‘what if’ questions that I have about this life and my faith and should be taken as such. I want to thank Chanou Sol, Gina Bouman, Amy van der Meer, Steven Vrieling, Mark Oude Wolbers and my mother for their constant support during the process of writing this.

Additional Info:


Points of view:

First Created: Unidentified young man.

Second Born: Death.
In the Midst of Night (ITMON): Unidentified young woman.
Betrayal: Unidentified old man.
The Setting Sun: Disease.
The Complete Restoration: The Historian


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