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Within a Shadow’s Veil: Awakening

Within a Shadow’s Veil

A symphony of sounds unwilling dragged me from my forced slumber, as the world around sharply began to fade in and out of focus, as a sickly heat washed over me. An electrical hum filled the air followed swiftly by the crackle of arc energy as it washed over my body causing muscles to spasm uncontrollably, fighting against my bindings willing them to break with my remaining strength but to no avail. The smell of burning flesh began to fill the air, and the sharp jolt of pain running through my body reminded me that it was mine.

Finally, the silence was broken by one of my captors, he spoke with a heavily synthetized male voice,

“This one shows promise, it has endured much, but there is more to come.”

His breathing was rasping as he spoke, sharp, shallow and artificially induced, whoever this person was they had been injured seriously at some point at least enough to warrant reconstruction of both their vocal cords and respiratory system.

I struggled to retain my consciousness, fighting against the darkness that was once again threatening to overcome me, I forced myself to raise my head and focus my eyes in the direction that the voice seemed to of come from. It took a few seconds for my sight to adjust. Once refocused it revealed to me that I was in a ware house, dusty, old and forgotten, with the left over chemicals assaulting my sense of smell as I breathed in heavily leaving my throat dry.

The clanging of chains and a metallic scraping sound brought my attention to another section of the warehouse but I was unable to see what had made the noise in the darkness surrounding me. Raising my head once more I focused on my bindings holding me in place, chains had been welded shut were bound around my wrists and wrapped around a beam supported me high above the darkened floor below, my eyes focused on the skylight above me watching the moon as it became hidden behind the nights’ clouds once again plunging me into darkness.

As The air round me began to stir, I braced myself for another attack but instead I began to fall, but as I fell the air cooled it washed over me, my burns no longer inflicted pain and my bindings around my wrist had gone.

As I fell a female voice pierced the darkened world surrounding me.

“You have nothing to fear from the darkness of night, it is your weapon and your shield.”

Her words echoed repeating endlessly as I fell towards the floor, falling still, falling, and falling for what seemed like an eternity then I hit the floor, the impact winding me. A loud thud echoed around the warehouse as I landed, and a cloud of dust had formed around me the particles dancing within the moon beams, I sat up in shock coughing loudly as I looked up towards the metal beam where I had been hanging the chains that had bound me in place where still there, welded shut, unbroken.

There was a loud bang from the distant end of the warehouse, and the sound of hurried footsteps walking towards me, growing louder.

“Become the shadow” the female voice whispered in my ear, “become that which you fear and run, save yourself.” Her voice sounded urgent, pleading.

I tried to stand but my legs gave way unable to support my body weight. The footsteps became louder, matching the pounding of my heart within in my chest, fear threatened to overwhelm me, panicking I crawled dragging myself along the dust covered floor in a feeble attempt at escape.

“Reach out to the shadows call them to your aid, use them to hide yourself, and heal.” She spoke again, her voice this time was soothing, it washed over me and I felt my heart beat slow down.

I raised my left arm out towards the dark corner of the room grasping at the air, as if trying to pull on invisible strings, for a split second nothing happened, then everything did, within an instant I watched as the shadows stretched themselves towards me, making contact with my fingertips I felt and icy jolt shoot through my arm, the shadows weaved around my arm and continued onwards and until I was cocooned within it, then once again I felt myself falling.

“Embrace the shadows.” Her voice rang out again.

With those final words my world faded to darkness.

Within a Shadow’s Veil: Awakening

On the eve of Theo's 15th birthday he is snatched away from all that he knew, now captured and at the mercy of his captor in an abandoned warehouse Theo must embrace his fears and awaken the dormant powers that lay deep within him and escape no matter what the cost. One thing is for certain, this night will have drastic ramifications on the world that he once knew.

  • ISBN: 9781310340147
  • Author: R.W.R
  • Published: 2015-12-19 19:05:06
  • Words: 754
Within a Shadow’s Veil: Awakening Within a Shadow’s Veil: Awakening