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Wisdom of Centuries in Stories

Wisdom of centuries in stories


William Gore


Copyright William Gore 2016


Published at Shakespir


Table of contents.


1. Stories




— You — the smith?


The voice was distributed so unexpectedly behind the back that Vasily has even shuddered. Besides he didn’t hear that the door in a workshop opened and someone came inside.


— And didn’t try to be knocked? — he has roughly answered, having slightly become angry both on himself, and on the quick client.


— To be knocked? Хм … Didn’t try — the voice has answered.


Vasily has grabbed from a table rags and, wiping the tired-out hands, has slowly turned back, scrolling the rebuff which he was going to issue in a face of this stranger now in the head. But words and remained somewhere in his head because he was faced by very unusual client.


— You couldn’t correct to me a braid? — by female, but slightly gruffish voice the guest has asked.


— In total, huh? End? — having rejected a rag somewhere in a corner, the smith has sighed.


— Not all, but is much worse, than earlier — Death has answered.


— Logically — Vasily has agreed — you won’t argue. What I need to do now?


— To correct a braid — has patiently repeated Death.


— And then?


— And then to grind if it is possible.


Vasily has darted a glance at the spit. And it is valid, on an edge several chips and an edge already vulgarly a wave were noticeable.


— It is clear — he has nodded — and me what to do? To pray or to pack things? I just for the first time, so to speak …


— And – and-and … You about it — shoulders of Death have begun to shake in silent laughter, – No, I not for you. I just need to correct a braid. You will be able?


— So I haven’t died? — imperceptibly feeling itself, the smith has asked.


— Is more visible to you. How do you feel?


— Yes it is it seems normal.


— There is no nausea, dizziness, pains?


— N are N don’t — listening to the internal feelings, the smith has uncertainly said.


— In that case, you have nothing to worry — Death has answered and has stretched him a braid.


Having taken her in, instantly stiffened hand, Vasily has begun to examine her from the different parties. Affairs there was for half an hour, but an understanding of the one who will sit at a back and to wait for completion of work, automatically prolonged term, at least, for a couple of hours.


Crossing wadded legs, the smith has approached an anvil and has taken the hammer in hand.


— You it … Sit down. You won’t stand?! — having enclosed all the hospitality and goodwill in the voice, Vasily has offered.


Death has nodded and has taken seat on a bench, having leaned a back on a wall.


Work came to an end. Having straightened an edge as far as it was possible, the smith, having taken in a hand sharpened, looked at the guest.


— You forgive me for frankness, but I can’t just believe that I hold a subject by means of which so many lives were ruined in hand! Any weapon in the world won’t be able to be compared to it. It is really improbable.


The death sitting on a bench in an easy pose, and examining a workshop interior somehow considerably strained. The dark oval of a hood slowly turned towards the smith.


— What did you tell? — quietly she said.


— I told what isn’t believed me that I hold in hand weapon, which …


— Weapon? You told weapon?


— Maybe I wasn’t so expressed, simply …


Vasily didn’t manage to finish speaking. Death, the lightning movement having jumped from the place, in a moment it appeared directly in the face of the smith. Edges of a hood slightly shook.


— How you think how many people I killed? — she hissed through clenched teeth.


— I … I don’t know — having looked down in a floor, Vasily squeezed out from himself.


— Answer! — Death seized him by a chin and raised the head up — how many?


— I know N-not …


— How many? — she cried out directly in a face to the smith.


— Yes, from where I know how many they were? — trying to look away, not by the voice the smith squeaked.


Death released a chin and for several seconds became silent. Then, having stooped, she returned to a bench and, having heaved a deep sigh, sat down.


— You mean don’t know how many they were? — quietly she said and, without having waited for the answer, continued — and that if I tell you what I never, you hear? Never killed any person. What you on it will tell?


— But … And how? …


— I never killed people. Why to me it if you perfectly cope with this mission? You kill each other. You! You can kill for the sake of pieces of paper, for the sake of your rage and hatred, you can even kill just like that, just for fun. And when to you becomes it a little, you arrange wars and kill each other with hundreds and thousands. Just it is pleasant to you. You are dependent on someone else’s blood. Also you know that the most opposite in all this? You can’t admit to yourself it! It is simpler to you to accuse of everything me — she for a while became silent — you know what I was earlier? I was a beautiful girl, I met souls of people with flowers and saw them to that place where they are fated to be. I smiled to them also helped to forget about what happened to them. It was long ago … Look what with me became!


She cried out the last words and, having jumped from a bench, dumped a hood from the head.


Before Vasily’s eyes appeared, speckled by wrinkles, a face of the deep old woman. A rare gray hair hung the confused locks, corners of the cracked lips were unnaturally lowered down, baring the lower teeth, curve splinters looking out from under a lip. But eyes were the most terrible. The eyes which absolutely faded, not expressing anything, stared at the smith.


— Look into whom I turned! And you know why? — she took a step towards Vasily.


— No — having contracted at her stare, he has shaken the head.


— Of course you don’t know — she has grinned — it you have made me such! I saw as mother kills the children, I saw as the brother kills the brother, I saw as the person in one day can kill hundred, two hundred, three hundred other people!. I sobbed, looking at it, I howled from misunderstanding, from impossibility of the events, I shouted for horror …


Eyes of Death have begun to shine.


— I have changed the fine dress for these black clothes that on it it wasn’t visible to blood of people whom I saw off. I have put on a hood that people didn’t see my tears. I don’t give them flowers any more. You have turned me into the monster. And then have accused me of all sins. Of course, same it is so simple … — she has stared at the smith an unwinking gaze — I see off you, I show the way, I don’t kill people … Give me my braid, the fool!


Having pulled out the tool from the smith’s hands, Death was developed and has gone to an exit from a workshop.


— It is possible one question? — was heard behind.


— You want to ask why I then need a braid? — having stopped at an open door, but not turning around, she has asked.


— Yes.


— Road to paradise … It has grassed for a long time.




Once the king Arthur was caught by other tsar and put in prison. Then he regretted it and told that he will release it if that answers one very difficult question. King Arthur was given year to find the answer. If he isn’t able to answer, then will be executed. The question was: “What actually want the woman?”


King Arthur interviewed all female half of the kingdom within a year, and nobody gave it the answer. At last, he was told that one old hag can give it the answer, but its price will be very high. The king had no choice, he went to it and asked that she wants. She wanted to marry his best knight Gavain. The witch was terribly terrible, old, opposite and with one tooth.


Artur told that he doesn’t want to force the friend to do it better will die. Nevertheless, Gavain told that Artur’s life is important for all kingdom, and he agrees to marry the old nasty hag. After that the witch answered Artur’s question.


She told that women most of all want to dispose of own life.


After that Artur’s life was saved, all rejoiced, and there came wedding time. The knight Gavain was this gentleman while the witch disgustingly behaved, ate with hands during the wedding.


When there came wedding night, Gavain, reluctantly, came into a bedroom. Before his eyes the most beautiful woman whom he ever saw lay. He with astonishment asked, what happened. The witch answered that in gratitude for a good attitude to it when it was terrible and opposite, it agrees a half of time to be a young beauty, and a half of time — the old hag. Then she told that he shall choose what he wants that it was in the afternoon, and at what night. Gavain thought. Whether he that in the afternoon he saw with the beauty wants, and to spend nights with the beldame, or to have in the afternoon the terrible witch, and to be with the beauty at night? He decided to allow to it to solve most. After she heard it, she told that she will always be a beauty because he respects her and gives it the chance to dispose of own life.




Parents chose for the son of the best teacher. In the morning the grandfather led the grandson in school. When the grandfather and the grandson entered the yard, they were surrounded by children.


— What ridiculous old man — laughed one boy.


— Hey, the little fat man — writhed a mug another.


Children shouted and jumped around the grandfather and the grandson. Here the teacher called a hand bell, announcing the beginning of a lesson, and children escaped.


The grandfather resolutely took the grandson by hand and went outside.


— Hurrah, I won’t go to school — the boy was delighted.


— You will go, but not to this — the grandfather angrily answered. — I will find to you school.


The grandfather took away the grandson to the house, charged it to cares of the grandmother, and itself went to look for the best teacher.


Having seen some school, the grandfather came into the yard and waited when the teacher releases children on a break. At some schools children didn’t pay attention to the old man, in others — teased it. The grandfather silently turned and left. At last it entered a tiny court yard of small school and was tired

leaned against a fencing. The call rang out, and children poured out to the yard.


— The grandfather, to you it is bad, to bring waters? — the voice was heard.


— We in the yard have a bench, sit down, please — one boy offered.


— You want, I will call the teacher? — other child asked.


Soon to the yard there was a young teacher.


The grandfather greeted and told:


— At last I found the best school for my grandson.


— You are mistaken, the grandfather, our school not the best. It small and close.


The old man didn’t begin to argue. He about everything agreed with the teacher and left.


In the evening mother of the boy asked the grandfather:


— The father, you are illiterate. Why you think that you found the best teacher?


— Recognize teachers by pupils — the grandfather answered.




Once the donkey has fallen in a well and began to cry out loudly, calling to the aid. On his shouts the owner of a burro has come running and has made a helpless gesture – it was impossible to pull out a burro from a well.


Then the owner has judged so: “My donkey is already old, and not for long remained to him, and I all the same wanted to buy a new young donkey. This well has already absolutely dried, and I wanted to fill up it for a long time and to dig new. So why not to kill two hares at once – I will fill up I will dig an old well and a burro at the same time”.


Without thinking twice, he has invited the neighbors – all have amicably undertaken shovels and began to throw the earth into a well. The donkey has at once understood that he to what has begun to cry out loudly, but people didn’t pay attention to his cries and silently continued to throw the earth into a well.


However, the burro has become silent soon. When the owner has glanced in a well, he has seen the following picture – each piece of the earth which fell on a back of a burro, he shook and trampled down legs. After a while, to everyone’s surprise, the burro has appeared above and has jumped out of a well!


Perhaps, in your life there were many any troubles, and in the future life will send you all new and new. And every time when the next lump falls to you, you remember that you can shake him and exactly thanks to it to whom, to rise a little above. Thus, you will be able gradually to get out of the deepest well.




One person in the childhood was very amicable with the old man – the neighbor.


But time went, the college and hobbies, then work and private life appeared. Every minute the young man was busy, and he had no time to remember the past, even to stay with relatives.


Once he learned that the neighbor died — and unexpectedly remembered: the old man taught much him, trying to replace to the boy of the died father. Having felt the fault, it arrived to a funeral.


In the evening, after burial, the man came into the become empty house of the dead. Everything was as and many years ago …


Here only the small gold box in which, according to the old man, the most valuable to it was stored a thing disappeared from a table. Having thought that it was taken away by someone from few relatives, the man left the house.


However in two weeks he received a parcel. Having seen on it a name of the neighbor, the man shuddered and opened a box.


Inside that gold box lay. In it there was pocket gold watch with an engraving: “Thanks for time that carried out with me”.


And he understood — time spent with the little friend was the most valuable to the old man. Since then the man tried to give as much as possible time to the wife and the son.




Once the person went by a certain house and has seen the old woman in a rocking-chair, near her the old man reading the newspaper shook in a chair, and between them on a porch the dog lay and whined, as if from pain. Passing by, the person about himself was surprised why the dog whines.


Next day he went by this house again. He has seen aged couple in rocking-chairs and the dog lying between them and making the same plaintive sound.


The puzzled person has promised himself that if tomorrow the dog whines, he will ask about her this couple.


For the third day on the trouble he has seen the same scene: the old woman shook in a chair, the old man read the newspaper, and the dog lay on the place and plaintively whined.


He couldn’t take out it any more.


— Sorry — he has addressed the old woman — what happened to your dog?


— With her? — she has asked again. — She lies on a nail.


The person puzzled with her answer has asked:


— If she lies on a nail and is painful to her why she just won’t get up?


The old woman has smiled and has told by a friendly tender voice:


— Means, smart guy, her painfully so to whine, but not so to move a little…




— Each person created by God is the solution of someone’s problem — my wise grandmother has told somehow.


I very much was surprised to her words.


— You — the solution of someone’s problem — she has repeated.


Also has explained:


— The gift which God has given you can be not necessary to all, but he, certainly, is necessary for someone — your smile, your love, your force.

Wisdom of Centuries in Stories

Once the king Arthur was caught by other tsar and put in prison. Then he regretted it and told that he will release it if that answers one very difficult question. King Arthur was given year to find the answer. If he isn't able to answer, then will be executed. The question was: "What actually want the woman?" King Arthur interviewed all female half of the kingdom within a year, and nobody gave it the answer. At last, he was told that one old hag can give it the answer, but its price will be very high. The king had no choice, he went to it and asked that she wants. She wanted to marry his best knight Gavain. The witch was terribly terrible, old, opposite and with one tooth.

  • Author: William Gore
  • Published: 2016-11-12 17:50:08
  • Words: 2930
Wisdom of Centuries in Stories Wisdom of Centuries in Stories