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Winter Song

Winter Song

By Rori O’Keeffe

Copyright © 2016 by Rori O’Keeffe

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Table of Contents

Weapon of Choice

Winter Song

The Secret of Ana

The Difference

How We Got Here


[Winter Song

Weapon of Choice

The way of the cowardly zealot,

The way of the easily confused,

The way of the authoritarian.

Love cannot win when we are outnumbered.

Peace is not ours when we are set upon.

So, it is winter in democracy,

The death of the freedom to live,

And just be (left alone.)

What will become of us,

Surrounded as we are now by the bloodthirsty?

What is left of the life we once cherished?

What is left but desperation -

Is it not the mother of invention?

Rise! And do something…

Do something.

Their weapon of choice is hatred,

Ignorance is the shadow they lurk in,

And chaos the circumstance of their attack.

Safety in numbers.

Remember, what is good is not good to them.

Freedom, equality, love, sisterhood and brotherhood.

Frightened they are by the light of love.

Solipsistic oxymorons they spew,

Making a nation great in fear and injustice.

Look long and steadily in the eye of hatred,

And watch it flee into the abyss.

Winter Song

Find me where the grass once grew tall,

Lay me down, love, in the snow.

I am willing to surrender,

You are the one I’ve longed to know.

Warmth in winter is so precious,

And you can entwine ‘round my fires.

Heaven knows only what it knows,

Hell has no love such as ours.

Life goes on all about our nest,

Birds sing, rabbits pass, and more.

We who have never died inside,

Know what it is love is for.

Love is not simply biology,

Nor the signs we make that we need.

Love is a culture that carries us,

Through time and space, planting seed.

The Secret of Ana

Protect Ana from the brute’s heel,

Stand arm-in-arm in the street.

Her heart endures what it must feel,

Our love without her is incomplete.

She has loved another woman,

And the brute hates the human love.

Tell her, please, come in, come in,

Friendship scares the wrathful above.

The Difference

One prays to God, one not at all;

Another is kind to creatures.

Some say science is the way,

Others reason with self-knowledge.

A world is dying from neglect,

Abuse of the weak on the rise.

With one great mind combined,

We can wind our way out of here.

The differences in our ways

Of loving, speaking, and thinking,

Make us diverse and immortal;

Yet still the bigot fears our greatness.

The eyes of the many see much more,

Than the sad sights of the eyes of one.

Together we are inspired to survive,

And the fearful heart joins with ours.

How We Got Here

Hiding love is a fault,

There is no doubt of that.

The silent heart stirs no one,

The world goes cold and flat.

Abuse of the child kills her,

Only hope can save her life.

A girl becomes stupid,

When she’s told to be a wife.

High ones and lower ones,

False belief in the great;

Hierarchy breeds illness,

And favours those who hate.

Each is born to reason,

Yet some are mired in lies.

Superstition rules one,

When truth is in disguise.

Show your love to others,

Now is the time to be.

Make your goal equality,

Know you are born so free.

Hope is not action,

And gods have no eyes to see.

Nothing good comes with ease,

So dispense with vanity.

The End

Winter Song

It has taken a long time for democracy to come almost full circle in the United States, and now Americans face a four-year winter, hopefully not longer. I am firmly convinced that good things leave us when we don't think and act in good ways often enough. It seems that a large minority of American citizens are hateful and bigoted, but they have only been emboldened by the silence around them. Love cannot flourish if it is muted, and loving people have to take the risk of wearing it on their sleeves if the hateful among them are to be demoralized. These five short poems express despair for what has gone wrong in America, and the fervent hope that Americans can pick up the pieces of their broken dreams, before it is too late.

  • ISBN: 9781370154579
  • Author: Rori O'Keeffe
  • Published: 2016-11-18 09:35:09
  • Words: 624
Winter Song Winter Song