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Winds of Horror





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We meet a team of heroes with the abnormal gift of being in secret, without being the obvious. Previously our five friend trip.

The slow sound of the pretzel maker in the mall rung loudly in the background of the mall as thousands of people simply moved around like zombies on a scratching Sunday afternoon. A blonde haired girl sat at a bench reading the newest issue of COSMO, with those cheesy sex tips no one really read for, but for the hell of it, were always a hit. Her deep green eyes read over the article’s and pictures and she continued flipping, glancing up occasionally at a clock tower that sat in the middle of this typical American mall. The sun shone through the glass windows in the ceiling and hit her porcelain skin like a freight train, for a minute she became a ball of light. She thought to herself how naive some of the people could be to just live their lives so simply, though herself as a young child enjoyed these ridiculous adventures with her foster dad.

“Rein, come in.”

She jumped completely forgetting that she had a mic in her ear.

“Rein, update on location.” The male voice came in this time, with a little more worry behind his voice.

“Theus, I’m on spot, sorry I got distracted.” She chimed in, still acting like she was reading her stupid girl magazine.

“Eyes on Saryna?” Theus chimed in.

Rein put down the girl magazine and looked up at the clock, it was near time. She did a quick spin on the bench facing the other way. About 35 feet in front of her stood a perfectly tanned Hispanic girl, Saryna, her gorgeous long her up in a pony tale, and her camera glasses covering up those beautiful hazel eyes that could pierce anything. She was standing there with a CANON 70D camera scanning the area, as if she was a foreign tourist that had never seen the sad obese like that Americans’ lived.

“Yeah, Ive got eyes on her. Where’s Seth?”

“Here” A smooth voice spoke behind her and someone sat by her and grabbed her hand softly.

“Hello handsome” she smiled, still keeping her eyes focused on Saryna.

“Ya know Theus can still here us right?” He chuckled.

“Gross” Theus snipped through the mic.

“Guys, I spot the target.” Saryna chimed in, as both Rein and Seth looked over at her, and spotted what direction she had the camera pointed. In the area, they could see the bearded gentlemen that they had been tasked with looking for, his clean pressed suit standing out like a white crayon in a sea of black. He carried a small package, that resemble a book being delivered by amazon. It was abnormal for something to still be wrapped in a shipping wrapping.

“Spotted.” Another voiced rung on the line, Saryna dropped her camera immediately and looked over to Rein and Seth. An immediate thought of why he had arrived in the field took over all three of them.

“Adam, I thought this was a field mission for the three of us?” asked Seth over the line as he turned around. No answer came through the line.

“Theus? What’s going on?” Rein asked.

“ He said it was important.”

“The bomb is bigger then we had been informed.” Spoke the voice again.

“Go again Adam…” Saryna said with a starch voice that hadn’t quite realized what he said.

“Shit, I’m getting the new blue prints on the bomb he is carrying, guys the entire place had already been laced.” Theus was reading the entire information in the Scarab as fast as he could, twenty minutes again this was a normal mission, and all of sudden Adam, and Alex had both dispatch onto the ground units to asses the situation greater.

Saryna looked up to see a cloaked figure walk up to their target, the figure walked up and bumped the man, whom turned around and yelled “watch it!” in prefect English.

The figure turned around almost immediately as those words came out and stabbed the man, whom dropped right into the figures arms, the package dropping.

“Extract request.” Another female voice spoke up as the hooded figured pull the cloak off and a small Hispanic girl stood holding the large man, Adam walked up and picked up the package and kept walking. Saryna ran after him. Rein and Seth ran up to Lexi and stood the man up like nothing had happen. No one in the damn mall had noticed any of that. “Ridiculous.” Thought Rein.





Our final group arrives in the middle of a beautiful European trip, where everything seems so perfect. Until the locals start to show their true colors and things go south.


Screen pulls out from a dark area to see expose it as a puddle of blood following a trail up towards a face, its completely dark. A loud screeching is heard as the screen pans to find the entire room is a pent house living room.


We follow the camera into one of the rooms where BETH is hiding in the closest



(Into her cross)

Please god, oh please god no.


The door to the room she’s in swings wide open, you can hear the figure going through things, and then a large axe goes through the closest door, barely missing BETH as she continues to try and keep quite.


Unknown voice.

(Other room)

Loud screeching comes from it.


The figure releases a loud grunt and runs out the room. We pan on BETH coming out slowly from the closest. She moves around the corner and we see her head poke out as the screaming in the other room continues. A harsh object is thrown against the wall and dust falls off.



(in other room)

I will destroy you!


We pan out of the hallway, as BETH runs out of it into the living room where the original body was. We hear a loud thumb, and we zoom in on the other room’s door fly open. We zoom in on the floor, as we see the axe drag out. We zoom in on BETH hiding behind the island in the kitchen.


Zoom in on her eyes, as we hear a thump, over and over.



We pan out from BETH’s eyes, and see her head, as she’s drastically taken out of the camera view. Screaming.







Drugs or to not: Previously


Our other group of friends, are on the fishing trip of the year. Eric and his group of friends are ready for nothing more but the time of their lives, when a terrorizing creature from below starts to bring the group the unwanted fear that they may not be making it back to land, and if they do. How many will be alive?







Blood covers the bathroom floor.

A body shuffles and jumps up immediately. Cell phone starts ringing.


A needle lies on the table, dripping a substance.


Silence takes over the entire scene.


The phone screen lights up, as a text message is read


Hey, its Beth. We have been trying

to reach you for the past twelve hours. We are extremely worried, we are all worried. That voice mail you left Annie, scared the hell out of a lot of us.


Derek stands by a phone booth, using his own phone to make a call.


I’m so sorry. I just cant do it

anymore.. I found a guy. He, uh, has the stuff I need Annie, I’m sorry I couldn’t be the man you wanted. But, I need this.

INT. DEREK’S HOME The message continues


We need you Derek, we love you.

What happen so bad that it needed to happen like this? Please sweetheart call us, call someone. At least tell us where you are.


Derek walks into the alley to a cloaked figure


I need some of it.

RAGEN I need the money.

Derek hands the cloaked figure the money, she gives him a pouch.


Derek is lying down.

Reading through text messages, as he pulls up message.


I trusted you with everything I had

in me Derek, I thought you were done. I thought it was done. And yet we find the needle, I’m leaving. You’re going to get home with this and find everything gone. I’m sorry, but you need help.


A needle lays on the counter with a sobbing Derek sitting on the bathroom floor, nothing but tears coming from his eyes, his cellphone starts ringing.


I’m so sorry Annie. I can’t do



A bar room full of people drinking, two younger girls sit at a table laughing.




I’m not sure I did the right thing



Clearly you did love, he wasn’t

serious about stopping and you needed to be about..

Annie’s phone starts ringing.

BETH (CONT’D) Oh don’t you dare

Annie stares at the phone, and silences it.

INT. DEREK’S BATHROOM (3:16 AM) Derek stares at his phone.


Guess that answers it.

He puts his phone away, and picks up the needle.


Annie and a group of people walk up to the door.


Derek! Please open this door.

INT. DEREK’S BEDROOM. Derek lays on his bed.


Annie continues knocking.

She walks to the side to give him a call.


Derek please. I need to know you’re





Derek gets up from his bed and walks over to his dresser and grabs a box and lays back down.


Annie calls again, leaving a voice mail.


I am truly sorry. I did not mean to

do this like this, I shouldn’t have reacted so hastily. Just opens the door and we can fix this, I promise.

Annie walks back over to the group, and hugs Beth.


Derek lays on his bed, staring at a photo. Its of him and Annie at Disney World.


Annie puts her head on the door and starts crying. The door slowly opens.

A weary figure stands there staring at the ground.

ANNIE Derek?

Derek slowly walks out and picks his head up to look at Annie.


Its been a long night.

Annie breaks down and hugs him and hard as she can. ANNIE

That’s a damn understatement. I am so sorry Derek.

Derek starts crying as he hugs her tightly.




Annie, is it going to be okay?


Yes, it’s always going to be okay.

Derek closes his eyes and just cries.










Winds of Horror

One group of five friends are on the road trip run of the century, when things go for a varied horrific turn of pain and suffering when a hitchhiker joins the party. The friend comes welcoming the world, and gifts, bringing bright memories and joy that they haven’t seen in some time. But things go for the worst when the truth start to come, and heads start to roll. Our other group of friends, are on the fishing trip of the year. Eric and his group of friends are ready for nothing more but the time of their lives, when a terrorizing creature from below starts to bring the group the unwanted fear that they may not be making it back to land, and if they do. How many will be alive? Our final group arrives in the middle of a beautiful European trip, where everything seems so perfect. Until the locals start to show their true colors and things go south.

  • Author: Bryan Aguilar
  • Published: 2016-12-22 06:50:08
  • Words: 1828
Winds of Horror Winds of Horror