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Who Is Hadad?: An Epic Poem on Islam; From an Ex-Muslim

Who is Hadad?

An Epic Poem on Islam

By Omar Bilal (Pen Name)


Table of Contents


Chapter 1… Only Love

Chapter 2… Care for One Another

Chapter 3… Divine Light

Chapter 4… Peaceful Love

Chapter 5… Human To Human Conversation

Chapter 6… Path of Ignorance

Chapter 7… Peace of Nature

Chapter 8… Can’t We Be Students

Chapter 9… Prophets Become Killed Then Dead

Chapter 10… Escaping From The Real

Chapter 11… Sincere Love

Chapter 12… Flourishing and Building

Chapter 13… Forgiveness

Chapter 14… Mahdi’s Thunder Strikes

Chapter 15… Iblis In Disguise

Chapter 16… Songs To Later Be Sung

Chapter 17… Hidden History’s Bells Rung

Chapter 18… A Soul’s Redemption

Chapter 19… What Freedom Really Means

Chapter 20… Facing The East






























Dedicated to all questioning Muslims, wherever they may be

























Pre word:


Truly I say, I write this not to have you insulted

For although against me many will have revolted

I write this because the ONLY way we can prevent world war three from being beckoned

Is if we have Muslims from all over the world have Islam deeply questioned

For surely World war three will START with the Zionists fighting the Muslims

And then later the atheists will viscously quarrel with the Christians

Yet since this will be a religious war, and since it will start with a Zionist and Muslim opposition

Then the only way for this to be avoided is for Islam to go through a very thorough inquisition

For surely World War 3 is coming, and in it we’ll barely cope

Yet in all sincerity, I find that the only hope

Is for questioning Muslims to stand up to the frightening deeds of the Islamic State

The same organization which has caused the world massive trouble as of late

Yet maybe there is no hope, for maybe it is destined for us to go to war and kill

Maybe the world does need a reset after all this hatred in our hearts has filled

Yet although several and many things will take place in the war, we must stop it before it even starts

And since the starting point is between Zionists and Muslims, we must find it in our calling hearts

To break the silence of ages old, so a new dawn of peace may reckon

So that our thirst for war and hatred in our hearts may finally lessen

For surely, since this is a religious war, and it starts between the Zionists and Muslims, then we must renew our sight

And take it upon ourselves to open Islam to a new form of understanding, through an inquisition’s light

I can’t speak for the Zionists, as I am not one of them, and I am one amongst you

Who’s stating out clearly what he believes is true

So that possibly, thousands upon millions won’t in vain die

All because reforming our thoughts on Islam, is something we will never try

Yet maybe it is all hopeless, maybe a war is inevitable indeed

Maybe once Allah has stamped upon the heart of a Muslim, with that everlasting creed

Then saying anything of criticism will be that of utmost blasphemy

Even though that’s the ONLY way to avoid the third world war’s calamity



Who is Hadad?: An Epic Poem on Islam


Chapter 1: Only Love


Islam is beautiful, that is true

Into it we’ve been raised, me and you

We’ve been taught since youth to obey its teachings

So that one day and of age we’d do the preaching

Deeper into its lessons we’ve been entrenched

Remembering Allah everywhere, even on a beautiful park’s bench

So dear it is to our hearts, for never will we let it go

Astray we may have been from its path, yet we go to and fro

It’s hard to understand that one day we may have doubts

Of the religion of Islam, from which our conscience sprouts

Learning from traveling abroad to the freedom of knowledge and the internet

Losing our faith with knowledge, more and more do we fret

In our hearts is a burden, something we can’t deny

Being a sceptic after an absolute creationist, we wished we would die

Yet still inside we persevere to see a shining day

One that just might dissipate our doubts away

Sometimes in the face of knowledge ignorance is forced to fade

Holding on to Islamic faith may be good but it may just keep us in the shade

If only we can erase all knowledge we’ve learnt online

So that we wouldn’t have to face reality and keep seeking signs

So hard I’ve tried to keep my faith in Islam strong

I’m sure you have too by humming religious songs

Yet in the face of the twenty first century we must learn to adapt

By writing and drawing and singing, even if it’s singing rap

In our hearts exists massive expression wishing to be shed

Yet Islam teaches of its blasphemy and then we wish we’re dead

Generation after generation, questioning Islam has been a sin

But without criticism, how can we improve the state we’re in?

I dream of a day when scholars can speak their minds of whatever they please

Be it education or religion, so that our children can be at ease

For if we can’t learn to grow, question and learn

How can we feel life’s purpose, keep our heads high and firm?

Maybe freedom of expression is dangerous in Muslim countries

Maybe it’s always been so down the centuries

But there is a hope and we can’t deny its existence

A hope that lies inside despite a fear’s resistance

It has fallen upon us to place within us a trust

One that could free us all, one that we must

Use to reform Islam in a way which allows freedom

A freedom that loves life rather than martyrdom

Groups such as the Islamic State places us in a depression

If it conquers all we will all face a great regression

A great suppression of the inner desire to express

To express ourselves through arts, be they of beauty or mess

Art is an important tool, as vital as science has been

To discharge our joys and sorrows, smiles and grins

We do that by revealing the spirits of our hearts, thoughts in our minds

Thoughts that can turn to ideas and debate, from which prosperity shall shine

There is hope for Islam, and I truly believe that’s true

I dream of an Islam that can be greater for me and you

But is that so, when it comes to the knowledge I’ve found?

Having learnt this, into a deep sorrow I’ve entered, dark and confound

I am contradicting myself, but that is just fine

But back to the point, how can a cult be defined?

Is not that first condition, that once you’re in, there’s no way out?

Even more than that, emulating all actions and words from a man’s body and mouth?

Cults make blood oaths, that once you enter, leaving is impossible

Turning your back on it is far from probable

What kills me the most, is that this closely resembles Islam

The death penalty for apostasy in Islam, is far more grieving than eating pork and ham

Will you excuse my innocence, when I ask how that is of mercy?

How leaving a certain faith can lead to a fate so deadly?

If this is to be the religion of peace, then freedom is also a factor

Will we rob our children from all their laughter?

In the Christian faith, because it has passed its inquisition

The main point of it is not war, and a relentless mission

It has evolved enough to not associate death with any action

That’s why on their countries we don’t need to place any sanctions

Muslims believe that one should never betray the creed

The voice of a lost, confused poet, will you not heed?

We always assume we know what’s best for our daughters and sons

But if we PUT them on a road, rather than on the crossroads, how will they be free to chase any sun?

It’s infinitely sad to know that curious Muslims are constrained

Kept in the dark, all their voices gone in vain

They try to break the cycle of the lack of questioning

Yet still they are in the prison of the mind, with suffering beckoning

How will a society ever flourish if no debate is aroused?

How will we see the stars beneath constricting, dark clouds?

When will there be a day, when the miserable silence is broken?

When will we ever speak the words that were never spoken?

In the depths of hell Muslims descend, towards involuntary extremism

Something which is inevitable when apostasy is considered an evil treason

Something which naturally comes when we’re not allowed to leave Islam

Am I wrong for saying the words that define who I am?

Some trapped Muslims are staring at the rain, behind the closed window and window pane

Wondering what truths exist beyond Islam, yet they refrain with withering pain

Knowing that at the surface of the cage, the locked door closed by apostasy’s penalty

Will never be opened as misery has become his destiny

To what lengths must a heartbroken Muslim strive to be born once again

As someone of a different religion and ideology, so that his would will send

To a higher plane of awareness, for his spirit to ascend

So that the curious child within him will once again mend?

Our children are crying within, being forced upon a single path

The spiritual state of the child is obvious, if we but do the math

His vision of life will be singular, coming from a singular holy book

Instead of seeing with his mind, only with his eyes does he look

Apostasy being dealt with by a death penalty is the greatest form of monstrosity

Removing from the innocent eyes of children the chance at liberty

Keeping them behind prison bars stored within their minds

With the locked door of apostasy at the top, they no longer wish to climb

Some Muslims will claim, that if apostasy were allowed, corruption will spread

But what if our current Muslim youth already wished they were dead?

Although not apparent, deep down, they know that life appeals to them not

As they thrive in their social rankings, while deep down they begin to rot

What separates the beauty of a religion from the evil of a cult

And nay will I ever dare to inspire insult

Is that a religion inspires life while a cult inspires death

If Islam is a religion, then why do we crave martyrdom with every breath?

What I fear above all things in this life

What scares me more than a bleeding knife slashing me strife

Is a day when Muslims take their own lives in the millions

When they are either faced with danger or they realize that Islam is a cult of oblivion

Muslims will tell me that I have gone insane

That there must be demons dancing about in my brain

I wish I could believe that were true, but when I connect all the floating dots

The giant lies of Islam I so clearly, visibly spot

If only there were some way to forget the facts I’ve learned

To restore the ignorant bubble of Islam around me giving me a comfort I’ve so long yearned

Yet the erasing of facts and knowledge is but an impossibility

I write all of this not to challenge but to diffuse responsibility

I diffuse responsibility when I write the things others may not have the courage to write

This is not just blowing off steam but rather stating what I believe is right

The voices of questioning Muslims remain so deep in the dark and from reach afar

Even though I know they exist, I still don’t know who they are

Muslims spend time with one another speaking of politics and soccer

Yet when religion is brought up the debate never goes any farther

We’ve been taught never to debate about religion, as that would raise doubts

Do you see what I mean when I say there’s no way out?

Our true thoughts about Islam lie deep in our minds, a place so dark

Yet if we don’t express them there will be no spark

A society will only spring into being when it brings forth debate

For that will lead us to new heights despite the possible hate

Whenever Muslims criticize Islam and talk of it a lot

All trained Muslims and scholars will say, “I take refuge in Allah!”

But if there is no freedom to state what you truly believe

Then a higher state of consciousness we will never receive

In a regular Muslim household there is a general sense of silence

In children, who try not to speak of the glories of science

For that will bring forth the possibility of apostasy

And that to Muslim parents is far from reality

Children were created by God to love life, seek and explore

Not to hate other races and religions and to detest their principle cores

Love is the key element to bring a child to live

Instead of taking holy lands and other rights, they should be taught to give

It is hard to live in a world with billions of people

If we forever raise the next generation of children to hate, for that will cripple

Their ability to prosper, grow, transcend and express

To ask God, out of love, to save us from this mess

Down the generations we have gone, teaching hate further and further down

Whenever a Jew is mentioned to a Muslim, or vice versa, inevitable is a frown

With this many people spreading hatred upon the Earth

We may as well raise the flag and await the planet’s rebirth

There must be room for some way and some how

To put an end to this hatred right here and right now

For Buddha’s cycle of suffering has never been so real

What must a humble, pleading poet do to help us heal?

Must I run the streets with a banner depicting our doom?

But that will only force me into a loony bin’s room

We are running short of time, yet we still commit the same mistakes

How far will we go for peace, what chances will we take?

Is it not right, for in such grave times, to be flexible?

When one joins Islam, must it really be irreversible?

I know it’s hard to let go of your loved ones and let them be, so

If they see a light in another religion, let them go, let them go

No matter how much we may be smart and wise

We can never really know what appeals to our children’s eyes

Their views on the world and life may be different from yours

When you repress their ideas on the world, it’s the sky that cries and the rain that pours

Amongst the scariest things in the world is always change

So we keep our children akin to our beliefs and place them in a cage

Because change frightens us, we want to keep everything the same

And when I say truths like this, I do feel ashamed to reveal my true name

The Prophet Muhammed said that amongst many, there will always be at least one hypocrite

Hypocrites like me may be in the dark, but do you expect me to just sit

And ignore all of the lies that forever stab my sight?

How far are we willing to venture to catch a reviving light?

How would I want to have kids, if I know that they’ll endure the same lies I’ve seen?

How can I bear a child and watch him go to the same dark places I’ve been?

Why would I bring a child into a world where mental freedom doesn’t exist?

Why would I procreate, if the world will automatically place around them a mist?

Once I have ventured to the Western side of the world

My mind descended and fell down an eternal twirl

For everything the East has taught me of the evil of the West

Were all lies in the end, even though I tried to believe in them my best

Sure freedom of speech may have its various imperfections

Ranging from crimes to robberies and erotic video sessions

Yet at the end of the day, before they all fall asleep

They know that throughout the day, they’ve revealed their true selves, and the thoughts that lie in the deepest of the deep

Sometimes Muslims like me would say, if freedom of speech is allowed in the East

Civil Wars would rage all throughout, or in the very least

Honour killing would occur in the name of opposing beliefs

What must a poet do to bring this world relief?

I understand, and we all do, that freedom of speech is dangerous

It may appear as complete blasphemy, ugly and heinous

Yet why must we continue the cycle of brainwashing our children?

Oh God, the one True God, will you guide us from the state we’re in?

A child’s mind is still unripe and he must be free to choose

Yet forcing beliefs into his head, brainwashing him, will not allow him to take the cruise

That will venture him through his young years towards his final beliefs

The final beliefs that should naturally find him of adulthood, in the time when ended is his grief

The mind of a child is a beautiful miracle, fragile and pure

Open and observant to the world, bringing their parents a cure

Delighting them with their presence, one of God’s creation

God, who inspires us to put thoughts through revelation

If a child questions his religion, why not let him be?

Let him form his own opinion and character, set him free

From the bondage of 1,400 years worth of indoctrination

Allow your children to have all thoughts go through instigation

And if that child decides to leave the religion, then just let him go

This will not lead to corruption, but to liberation, if only you know

That the child is naturally apt to be receptive to all

So imposing our beliefs upon the child will lead to his or her spirit’s fall

It may be asked, why do I continually speak of the child?

It’s because the indoctrination of the child is still mild

However for the last generation of adults, it is very severe

And if we adults lose our faith after all the training, then the loss of our sanity do I fear

Let us heal our people with the possibility of a brighter tomorrow

One when we can forget our eternal past hatreds and alleviate our sorrows

One where a utopia has a chance of existing

A world in which only love is consisting





Chapter 2: Care for one another



I know that we hate the Jews and the Zionists

And that it’s only the spilling of their blood that will bring us bliss

Yet at the end, all that really happens is that all will die

The women will suffer and the children will cry

The problem lies not in the events of the distant past

It’s in the present when humans die in nuclear blasts

How many Jews and Muslims must die before we finally awaken?

And see that fighting for one land has the whole world depressed and emotionally shaken?

If a religion is made to divide us then it is not a religion at all

It is only a cult with a leader whose dream is to have us crawl

Hopelessly and aimlessly following his personal whims

As we cease to sing in rejoice and participate in war hymns

Islam may appear as a religion but in a cultic state it’s been

As said before, it is cultic because you can’t leave once you’re in

But more than that, it is constantly emulate and imitate

The Prophet Muhammad, so to a cult can Islam very closely relate

If you feel I wish to offend, then far are you from what’s true

As I’ve said, I only want a better world for me and you

But how can that happen if we’re but caged

In a 1,400 year old building rage, until death comes by age?

If only one can remain in the arms of his mother

As she cradles him, teaching the same stories of betrayers witnessing thunder

Yet with age and knowledge that possibility is no longer there

Must a poet remain silent about the anticipated future and just numbingly stare?

In the Hadith we are taught to emulate Muhammad’s every action

Until our actions have no meaning and are only reactions

To certain events and happenings in our lives having us parrot

The collection of sayings of a single man, but can we ever start to dare it?

A religion must be a possibility for us to put it into good use

Not forced into us directly or indirectly for that would be child abuse

Something Richard Dawkins is right about, there is no doubt

How can we sleep at night, if we teach our children there’s no way out?

Cults usually refer to its leader as a perfect man

A person to whom praiseworthy songs are constantly sang

Someone whose rights lie above everyone else, all others

Islam so closely resembles this that it has me smothered

Are such truths on the tips of all Muslim tongues?

Are we all afraid to speak the truths that facts have sung?

Is it that we’re so afraid to go against our Imams and Sheikhs?

For when the truths are said, all threads of peace immediately break?

Shall we forever remain slaves to an All-Powerful rock god?

Have I just said what I said, oh boy do I feel odd

If me being killed after I’ve spoken falsehoods will bring justice

Then I will gladly offer my life, but am I lying by saying just this?

Would I be mad to say that Allah is not the same as the God Christians worship?

If you could prove me wrong then from this assumption will I gladly forfeit

Why is it that when Christians pray, they pray to the horizons of the East to God who permeates all things?

And why is it that Muslims always pray towards the Black Stone believing that from it inspiration will spring?

Have I lost my mind for saying the truths, which to others, only appear to be right?

Or has everyone else lost their minds for defending lies even if they have to force a fight?

Have I lost my sanity for speaking what lies in the core root of my thoughts?

Am I evil for chasing the truth I’ve so long sought?

The next thing I am about to say will be very displeasing indeed

To Allah I may commit the worst of the worst of deeds

But why is it that I cry when I am faced with real evidence?

Of dark truths of Islam, of which I ask Allah for comforting providence

Saying this will anger many but that is not my goal

Whenever I hug a Muslim, I embrace his or her love in whole

But must I remain silent after all the facts I’ve come to see?

So that our future generations will have to gather up the courage to say this, so that they’ll be set free?

The old holy texts of the Bible contain three enigmatic symbols

Looking at those symbols, understanding their true meaning, my mind goes into limbo

This piece of knowledge comes not from me but from a man named Walid Shoebat

After reading his works, horror filled my heart and numbness embraced my legs, even as I sat

Those three symbols are named Chi, Xi and Stigma, which by themselves my faith was harmed

Besides adding up to the number 666, through Gematria, something else had me alarmed

For some odd reason, the apostle writing that verse, wrote the symbols in Arabic

But that by itself did not state my final verdict

Those symbols, if mirrored and rotated in a certain way

Will say the Arabic words, “In the Name of Allah”, but there’s more to say

The final symbol is drawn as two crossing swords, the same symbol that represents Arabia

Having gained this knowledge, I’ve went into some kind of hysteria

The hysteria lasted for about an hour, I laughed so hard I almost choked

To know that my whole life from A to Z was only but a joke

After the laughing I began to cry, tears covered my entire face

And all senses of Islamic comfort within me left without a trace

I guess it’s natural in life for us to one day reassess our beliefs

To maybe lose our faith and drown in endless grief

Yet I’ve learnt that no matter how shattered our faith may be

There is always a chance to construct a new world for your eyes to see

I mean this when I say this and I cry while I do

That I wish I believed Islam is as true as me and you

Yet I’ve realized that the Antichrist of Islam is not a human but only a concept in abstract

The Antichrist is in and of itself knowledge, does that not appear as an open fact?

Ideologies always take forms as either a cult or as a religion

Christianity has changed from a cult to a religion by passing through the Inquisition

There is a chance for Islam to change if we but allow our young men and women to ask

Whatever they want about religion and theology without placing over them a mask

If this is allowed, then those that leave the religion will be free to chase their own life’s standing

And those who remain in Islam will be in it with love and with understanding

This way we may liberate our souls from a constant mental oppression

How can an innocent poet live any longer by having his opinions in repression?

What’s heartbreaking to me is that we’re all taught that all life’s questions only have answers

In a single holy book, the Koran, meaning there is no point in going after

Answers to life that exist in millions of other books

Will we not teach our children to see rather than just look?

I dream of a day when all of the Koran’s words aren’t taken as literally true

That there are flexible ways of reading it so that we can breed a new

Generation that is taught that truths can be found everywhere and that truth is subjective

Should not chasing such a goal be our main objective?

Another goal, and this is important, is to not teach our children that martyrdom is rewarded with heaven

Is it not rational to think that killing yourself in the Name of Allah will lead you down the layers of Hell, all the seven?

We must teach our children to live in the way of Allah if you still want Islam to be beautiful

Correct me if I’m wrong, and please do, but does that not seem to be far more suitable?

Our next generation can’t handle being taught one thing by their parents and then having the internet teach them something otherwise

Would that not only bring some sort of schizophrenia to their innocent eyes?

If Islam can’t learn to change by removing all aspects of it that are hateful

Then how far gone is a utopia in which we can be grateful?

Martin Luther King had a dream and it was great

He has resolved most racial conflict and cured the hate

But can a poet also have dreams, as delicate and fragile as they may be?

The dreams inspired into him by the sight of clouds and seas, grass and trees?

Religion has always been some of the core roots of political conflict

This may have eluded humanity far more than just a con’s trick

The Hamas-Israeli war reflects this in an unseen certain way

It’s fine if you deny this, I respect your opinion, reject this as much as you may

Politics is a sensitive subject so I won’t be toying with that

But do let me share my dreams of religion so that you may know where I’m at

Is it not wrong to one day, in some distant and unknown time

See that loving instead of hating a Jew isn’t that much of a crime?

We may have hundreds of reasons so that to the Jews and not an ounce of forgiveness will we lend

But if the hatreds of hundreds of past years don’t stop, how in heaven’s name will the wars ever end?

It is realistically, crystal clear to know that if we can’t learn to live side by side

Then we will, and this is a fact, continue to mourn the thousands that will die

This is not a matter of past hatreds or future fears

This is about men and women dying and children in tears

They fight the wars that greedy leaders with a certain agenda

Use their people as war slaves, filling their head with perpetual propaganda

If it were true that chopping my limbs off would end this madness

This constant bloodshed and unbearable sadness

Then I wouldn’t think twice if it means having our children see a better day

One when they don’t continue our wars, and just go out, and peacefully play

But chopping my limbs off won’t do anything, it’s only a metaphor

That’s what I’m writing for, and writing more and more

So that I can inspire people to raise up to a higher level of spirituality

To bring a light to the world I dream of, one of a greater reality

Something else that places my heart in the core of the dark

Something that has placed on all our hearts a certain mark

That represents a seal and locks our hearts from an enlightening feeling

This is something with which the whole world is dealing

Countless prophets have come before us, offering us messages inspired by God

Many of them accused of witchcraft and others of fraud

Yet in the end, at least humans all across the lands

Had someone at a higher spiritual state to hold their hands

However sadly, a binding seal has been placed 1,400 years ago

One that has not allowed the nature of humanity to peacefully flow

A certain idea that put us all under a spell of remaining unaware

A specific fact that people don’t see or are just afraid to share

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again

You would be a fool to think that I mean to offend

But the hypnosis of mankind has grown very, very great

And there is only one undoubted claim putting us in that state

A long time ago, some time when the Prophet Muhammed instated his prophet hood

Something that has been accepted across all people of that time, in every neighbourhood

A claim that the Prophet Muhammed is the last prophet, there is no doubt

Now do you understand when I say there’s no way out?

With people firmly believing that across every country and nation

Believing that the Prophet Muhammed is the Last Prophet of all creation

There is a sudden seal upon the people in their hearts

Must a humble poet cry his whole existence apart?

By sealing prophet hood and not allowing any other prophet to emerge

How can there ever be a man becoming with God converged?

To bring us a newer message inspired by God, appropriate to our current times

I do wish for a new prophet and that is why I scribble down these hopeful rhymes

Imagine a world where new men take a stand and reveal to us all God-inspired writings

I know that to many, that prophet would be a madman, his ideas stifling

Yet at least there would be a chance for people to find guidance from a man in times that are current

A man who may see God in some place or time and lead us with a language so fluent

I am aware that in such a scientific era there is no place for such men

For people who recite prayers while we say Amen

But at least people will be free of a world where newer prophets can never come into being

Are you only looking into my dreams or into them are you seeing?

Freedom of speech and the freedom of expression

Are always the two things that will bring a society progression

For with public opinion, be it of criticism or praise

A society will see unfathomed lights and healthy children will we raise

If life could be explained in a few words

Then it would mean freedom of speech all over the world

One free of the massive suffering of mental enslavement

Where along the streets is drawn beautiful calligraphy, even on pavements

The words ‘blasphemy’ and ‘bigotry’ were always only set

By cult leaders rather than prophets before us with ill mindsets

If a religion can’t teach us to be loving of all others

Then how will we ever learn to care for one another?




































Chapter 3: Divine Light


Beyond that, there is a deep working in the Muslim psyche

One that reminds me of the leader of the Third Reich

This element that ultimately divides the world in unseen ways

Something that never dies out and in our minds it relentlessly stays

Must a poet be harmed for crying out to the skies?

Crying for some sort of awakening to come upon our eyes?

But the words of bleeding Muslim poets are always kept in the dark

People think we wish to offend, when all we want is that spark

That spark represents the activation of nerves in our minds

An ascending of our souls and an allowance of our spirits to shine

A spark only lit by the liberation of age old lies

A spark which without, we really might as well die

Innocence in these times is always equated with bigotry

As its words never fit their religious system and symmetry

The symmetry set merely by a man who only wishes to rule all

Until the end of time, as a Last Legend, until God’s Grace calls

Everyone wants to be noticed and to have their voices heard

By forming an everlasting cult and breeding people in herds

Converting people by force and waging war against apostasy

Until all betrayers’ souls ascend or descend from reality

Everyone wants to be heard, and very especially, writers

And definitely poets, with rhymes that create restless fighters

Sometimes fighters for good, but in the case of the Prophet of Islam

His goal was to create a soulless martyr of who I am

Soulless may be a big word but it has deeper meaning

Towards the truth of Chi, Xi, Stigma are you now leaning?

For if those symbols mean both ‘666’ and ‘In the Name of Allah”

Could it be that we’ve been praying to a heathen deity after all?

The most inconvenient truth about this world and its state

Is that reality itself has become too painful with which to relate

People will make up excuse after excuse to have their beliefs justified

Must a poet destroy his reputation to have things rectified?

Do you foolishly think that I am just too arrogant to believe in Islam’s teachings?

Do you think that I enjoy crossing the lines I’m breaching?

Do you think that my loss of faith has been something of enjoyment?

Do you think I can live with myself if I can’t rant truths important?

Will we continue to accept things that appeal only to our side?

And constantly reject all other issues from which we hide?

Will we continue only to hear our side of things?

Will we not even try to venture to the other side of the ring?

Islam is just like a cell membrane and a selective one indeed

It always allows in only pro-Islamic words while others it does not heed

It keeps taking in anything that coincides with its agenda

And it chases everything else out the placenta

Mentioned in Psychology related to this is a key term

Confirmation Bias, something of which we should all learn

Its meaning expresses that our beliefs take in only what it desires

And anything else is rejected, or better yet, it is someone who has conspired

The most saddening thing about us Muslims

Something that has caused a paranoid type of conundrum

Is our constant formation of Conspiracy Theories of all things insulting

And from them masses of us run the streets revolting

A bubble we are in, separating ourselves from the blasphemies of the West

Teaching our children of their evil and that Imams know best

When they make prayers to Allah, they do so to bring destruction to their lands

And more importantly, fear to their hearts, do you not understand?

Could there be a reason for all the Western Metal and Rock Musicians expressing desires for suicide?

Could it not be that a heathen deity’s hex has all their souls in divide?

Splitting their realities in two, leading to a rise in mental illness

In the end, could it be of a black magic’s malevolent sickness?

From the depths of Hell we have all arisen

For within its lurking our times have been living

Our hearts heel the illusory comfort coming from religion

Yet hard headed reality cuts with its cold incision

It’s as though I’ve been split right in two

One part of me disbelieving and another just like you

We’ve been raised to hold that absolution exists in the Koran

Yet the internet shows us peaceful passages from the Bible and Torah

The globalization of the world puts us in a position

To allow only man-made law to let the freedom to practice any religion

For when a government is ruled by apparently good Divine Law

Beheadings will occur while our people stand in delusory awe

Two people are inside of me, clashing together

Drifting me far from a unified soul, forever and ever

Yet the schizophrenia was inevitable as indoctrination clashes with age

Blood from my eyes fill every last hurtful page

Man-made secular law ought to govern, ruled by good men

Promoting physical and mental freedoms, for that is worth an amen

Truly I say, from within the words I’ve always said

Without freedom of speech, we really may as well be dead

It is argued, that freedom of speech in the East could be a catastrophe

With the streets filled with people yelling out “Blasphemy!”

Yet is there any hope for it to be peacefully implemented?

Without freeing words to be forced to be swiftly repented?

I don’t blame the East for not having freedom of speech

For if it happens, complete destruction would it reach

Yet why is that so, that Arabs continually kill those in opposition?

Must a poet lose all of his sanity’s disposition?

I dream of a day when Arab Muslims can learn to raise consciousness

To sit together not only on the table of brotherhood but of heartedness

To debate and discuss important matters in theology’s field

To the hands of Satan will we blindly yield?

Although not apparent, the voices of questioning Muslims are kept very deep within

Fearing that if questions are revealed they’d be accused of sin

Even more than that, forced to feel shameful and guilty

I ask such Muslims, “Of what nature has God built thee?”

The nature of such Muslims is curious and thirsty for knowledge

Yet all their thoughts of liberty lie in mind’s storage

Becoming buried deeper and deeper until humanity disappears

Oh God, oh God, when will Jesus reappear?

I am not trying to explicitly prove Islam is a lie

For with that and revealing my name, I would surely die

What must a poet do to reshape our thoughts on Islam

When connecting all the dots, how can I just not give a damn?

Maybe it’s for emotional survival, that Muslims never ask questions

For if Islam is false in their eyes, lost is their redemption

One they’ve been holding on to since their early childhood

Yet could it be that Islamic teachings aren’t at all that good?

Must I shout out at the skies and what lies beyond

Singing verses of religions, every last song

Calling to the one True God to deliver us from this depression

To remove of us the fear of religious transgression?

Life is infinitely vast in every direction

Yet cut is our reality with religious dissection

One dividing the real from what lies in Holy stories

What accusations of blasphemy out there await for me?

I dream of a day when all ideologies of religion are cancelled

For peace with such action will be handled

By allowing philosophies of God only to govern our thoughts

Let me explain to you a utopic world for which I’ve forever fought

What separates a philosophy from an ideology

Is that it is not legal and systematic and covers all reality

On the sole concept of only God himself, nothing added

It’s the religious laws themselves that has us saddened

Imagine a world governed not by religion, but only philosophies

Philosophies of God in which we can modify playfully

By adding new experiences to perception, our viewpoints grow

Making God even more beautiful in our eyes, from which great action will sow

Philosophies are better than ideologies in that they don’t take form

They encompass all things, the seen and the unknown

While to Islam, the unknown is attributed all to Satan

Can’t you see how Islam is an inverted religion?

The word inverted itself may sound scary in totality

I will definitely be accused of irrationality

But isn’t it true that Islam opposes all forms of inner nature?

It seems that it opposes all the Bible’s core legislatures

When I say opposes its nature, it’s deeper than it seems

Knowledge beyond Islam it has forever deemed

To be of utmost blasphemy, its words never to be heard

Do you see what I mean when I say Islam breeds blind herds?

Books are many, ranging from every single topic

From philosophies to science dealing with animals in the tropic

Explaining to us the rationality in only seeing reality

As a source from which to define all our moralities

Why do we all assume that rationality all comes from a single book?

The ignorance of us has this whole world mentally shook

By seeing us burn down embassies over silly cartoons

By telling Salman Rushdie that forever is he lethally doomed

If we were a religion of understanding and peace

Then why does the violent shouting of “Allahu Akbar” never cease?

Anything opposing Islam must be reacted with by a death threat

Upon the whole world barbaric laws have we set

If we are to be religiously calm and theologically inspired

Then why from the idea of the West’s destruction do we never get tired?

Why is it that only Islam deserves to be spread all over the globe?

Until all women wear Abayas and men wear white robes?

Don’t you see the pattern forever going on?

Depicting thousands of previous religions having gone wrong?

All the former religions with inherent destructive concepts

Were cleansed from the Earth and all embraced a reset

This reset happens all the time as cults form and leave

An ounce of peace will we not try to retrieve?

For in the midst of darkness, it is only actions that will liberate

What must a poet do to make your thoughts instigate?

The Prophet Muhammad obviously only wanted fame

He wanted eternity itself to sing his name

That is why he claims the Koran is of absolute perfection

And that’s why he claims he’s the Last Prophet of all generations

Could it be that although he may have appeared kind?

That within him exists a person of a different kind?

For all great writers such as Muhammed deal with some kind of Bipolar

Only in spreading his own ideas was he an explorer

To vast lands beyond, he has spread his ideology

To conquer everything under his name was his greatest goal and fantasy

For the lust of power is an inevitable instinct within us all

Yet even knowing this, towards a singular man’s dreams do we crawl

Although Islam claims that non-followers of Islam are hypocritical

It is us Muslims ourselves who’ve been hypocrites and radicals

Hypocrites in the sense that we remain obedient to Allah by the sight of day

Yet by night, we ignore its teachings and go far astray

We Muslims ourselves are hypocrites, praising Allah while all are watching

Yet at night we secretly blaspheme and go about fornicating

Bob Marley is right, when he said that hypocrites are everywhere

Into the whims of the unknown I daringly, fearlessly stare

Yet this hypocrisy is not out of evil but rather out of deep shame

For if they reveal blasphemies by day, destroyed is his name

People would back talk about his stupidity and destroy his reputation

Can’t you feel now how Arab Muslim countries are in spiritual stagnation?

Beyond the shame, hypocrisy is forced out of a major fear

A fear that terrorized our hearts through every year

Reminding us that criticizing Islam is of the greatest atrocities

Such horror forces us into the sly hands of hypocrisies

Muslims everywhere want to speak out and I’ve already said this

This long poem is not just aimed to inspire but also to reminisce

Upon the events in Islamic history that causes me deep grief

Writing it is not to invoke questioning not only to bring me relief

Sometime long ago, after Muhammad’s short life span

Came Abu Bakr, who led people under Islam

There came a time when he was faced with thousands of apostates

In a distant land, where in his land he spread the laws of his Islamic state

Abu Bakr carried out an action, according to Islamic Divine Law

In which he should kill apostates wherever he saw

So as to exact Allah’s revenge upon those who betray

And make the word of Allah forever to stay

The apostates of that nation previously left Islam and its Caliphate

Islam wishing to kill them really makes me sad of it

For apostasy is seen as the vilest form of transgression

One that requires a blade or a weapon’s intercession

Even though the apostates have left all, at least they minded their own business

They formed their own country, finding new ways to form bliss

Yet under Islam’s Law, their death and slaughter is surely correct

For in the Name of Allah, death belongs to all betraying sects

And so they were murdered, every last one of them

And so their homes were and their nature burned, all plants and growing stems

Annihilation belongs to all those breaching Allah’s red lines

Can’t you detect a heathen deity at work, can’t you see the signs?

For as time passes, so will ultimate truths come out

From heightened consciousness, will the skies clear and healthy trees sprout

Yet the world chases fantasy over reality, ignorance over knowing

Knowing the little connecting lines that keeps this life flowing

For in the depths of Hell, there is also a beaming form of light

Despite anguish and suffering, it shall lead us to what’s right

Guiding us from the chains long locked since 1,400 years

Such a hopeful light within darkness brings to my eyes tears

It teaches me that the One True God places us in all these tests

Trialing us through hatreds and fears, horrors and regrets

Yet why is it that we are failing them all, every last one?

Must the Divine Light we continually and forever shun?














































Chapter 4: Peaceful Love


If God places us in tests, then the tests are quite clear

And these tests are deeper than just avoiding sex and beer

The ultimate test has to do with beating witchcraft and Satan

The truth about what this test is has everyone denying and hating

The role of Satan, and that of the fallen angel Iblis

Call him Diabolis if you may, yet the fact remains that he continues to release

Upon us the greatest lie that humanity has ever come to known

Why is it that we refrain whenever truths are shown?

Besides deceiving us, Satan has a very severe form of megalomania

A being of extreme self-importance, spread all over Arabia

But people have no clue, how Satan’s wheels are turning

To an enlightened new land will we be returning?

This self-importance, has to do with claiming one to have a god’s status

What I’m about to say will be heard as completely blasphemous

But what is the ultimate deception, lies within the name Allah itself?

There’s a certain mystery in that Name hidden from all bookshelves

Allah does not literally mean ‘The God’, but only illiterally

Although the name may appear lit and of great felicity

What if we are fooled by language’s subtle design

What if the efficient possibilities of Arabic poetry has controlled our minds?

The best way for Satan to control you, it to have you believe he’s God

Yet if Allah illiterally means ‘The God’, don’t you find it odd

That this linguistic deception has over a billion Muslims fooled

Into learning the wrong information about Allah in every school?

Although this may sound as a very unpleasant surprise

One that would bring rage into our brainwashed eyes

Is that Allah is probably not the God of Moses, Jesus and Abraham

Must we follow Satan’s footsteps until all is damned?

God in the Bible and Torah is only an idea and a concept

Yet Islam’s god isn’t a concept, but only a name that steps

On the plains of all corners of our innocent awareness

Making us pray to a named god, Allah, instead of a conceptual God preached by the faithful Moses

What separates a conceptual God from a god that is named

It’s that a conceptual God cannot by the mind be tamed

He permeates all, spreading through all spiritual space

Not leaving on Earth an idol, or some mundane physical trace

This is not however, the case with the Almighty Allah

By historical evidence, he is a rock god once beside the goddess Allat

Salman Rushdie wrote not a novel to provoke anger and hatred

He meant to invoke, inspire a debate so sacred

If Allah, according to the Koran, permeates the West and East

If he is the all-permeating god, then in the least

A direction of prayer must be aimed not towards the Ka’abah’s Supreme Rock Deity

A place where all unheard prayers are sang in piety

The madness is extreme, going on in untold lengths

All I ask God, is to give me the strength

Not to have falsehood upon my lips and tongue

Is it not innocence in my heart that through my lips be sung?

The concept of the rock god may not be accepted

For true light on blind eyes will be deflected

People still wage wars for Holy Lands, so that God will grant the favour

Yet in rationality’s eyes and in God’s, guerrilla warriors must have Hell to saviour

We assume that God wants us to fight wars in his name

Yet our eyes and his cannot see the same

How can we not see that God’s trial is for us to make peace?

Oh God, oh God, when will this madness ever cease?

Must millions die in the name of Holy Texts

For us to realize that we’ll only continue to dissect

Our nations into bits and pieces of borders separating

Our children from one another, will you not start awakening?

What God sees is not what you can ever see

So stop thinking your Holy Acts will save you and me

We are only undermining the Earth’s ability to once again recover

From all the horrors men’s hearts have lethally uncovered

The one thing I can never wrap around my brain

Something placing in my heart great disdain

Is that people fight for Holy Lands in the name of liberty

While their children’s minds drive far from sanity

No matter what the case may be

And this is something by now you must see

Is that hatred and war can never be justified

Yet we still even do it in God’s name, have we forever lost our minds?

Will the hypnosis and spells from hatreds age old

Have our souls offered to the Devil then sold?

Until lost is every last bit of our humanity?

Yet we still foolishly think religion contains morality?

Must the Earth end and the skies to darkness fade

Must countless die in our childish, pathetic raids

Until a breaking of this spell is cleared from our spirits

Do you notice the bird flocks crying, can you hear it?

No matter what the case, be it future fear or past hatreds

A war and violence can never be considered by God sacred

In the depths of Hell Earth descends because of people’s evil whims

Must we witness our children being torn off every limb?

For if the madness does not end and it forever continues

If the words of others carry an instilling pure hatred in you

Then the final days of the Earth shall dawn upon us all

The days before darkness we just can’t stand tall

For with the stars that shine bright up in the sky

The wonders of reality that light up despite lies

There are wonders that plead to raise inspiration

One that transcends the wars of emotional stagnation

For with the dynamics of street cars passing by

Reminding us of a technological era we can’t deny

We are reminded of the work of humans brought together

To bring us ease by uniting our dreams’ endeavours

Despite all the potential we have as human beings

Our abilities of thinking, reflecting and seeing

We throw out our talents, as Einstein once said

By succumbing to the Devil’s wars until all are dead

Islam, or at least Sheikhs, teach us what is negative

Their constant preaching act as brainwashing sedatives

To the eyes of the youth sitting in the mosques at Friday Prayer

Learning that those who don’t love martyrdom are betrayers

Constantly in mosques and on Islamic TV channels

The main concept in which they discuss and handle

Is the importance of martyrdom and dying for Islam

Yet can’t we see that this all may be some sort of political scam?

As I said before, and I’ll say it once more

What pleases man more than all the pleasure and all whores

Is to gain power and status above all man

And he will do this in whatever way he can

The best way to do this, is in the name of religion

Of course he doesn’t care whether he commits some kind of sin

So as long as you remain under his control and mercy

By using righteous words such as truth and heresy

It gets deeper than this, don’t you understand?

How can we evolve, if we can’t turn the fearful into a man?

To what extent must we say that enough is enough?

Must they fill our heads with propaganda and insincere stuff?

The truth that shatters me at every angle

Something that places on me a burden more than I can handle

Is the long lost mystery that lies within Chi, Xi and Stigma

If only, truly I say, if only it remained but an enigma

The mayhem implanted in my mind from those three symbols

A chaos making my mind far from calm and simple

Is far too much for any mind to endure, no matter how strong

How much time will I endure this agony, just for how long?

For in the face of knowledge, we are forced to reassess what we believe

Which is the hardest thing to make age old lies leave

Because programming in the mind is not easy to readjust

How much should I struggle, how much do I must?

After intense brainwashing, all I can do is bleed

These beliefs away, of which I do need

Tremendous strength, yet tremendous cannot explain

How much strength I need for my mind’s peace to remain

For in the beauty of the world, with animals of all sorts

In the universe’s inspiration we receive, that falls not short

There are wonders to the eyes whichever way we look

Yet why do we insist all beauty comes from a single Holy Book?

A matter I’ve mentioned, that ought to be observed again

Something with which emptiness our hearts will blend

Is the seal of the prophets, thus a seal in our hearts

Have you been hearing my voice and seeing my dreams from the start?

Although atheists may claim that prophets are mad

That’s fine in the end, but what really makes me sad

Is that with this seal, no new prophets can ever arise

To bring a newer, more appropriate light to our eyes

For the world changes, and evolves with every passing second

What you think now is not what you later may beckon

With every passing moment, things fall apart and diverge

Yet after an age old prophet will a new one never emerge?

The humans of Earth need new God-inspired messages

But the Prophet Muhammed placed us in an indebtedness

By not allowing new men to raise in spiritual rankings

So that newfound guidance we won’t be thanking

Imagine a world where prophets can once again rise

To rid the world of it many and plentiful lies

Enriching our sight with a view we’ve never seen

To take us on spiritual destinations we’ve never been

Yet this seal has kept our hearts in sadness

Better yet, a sophisticated form of boiled madness

Keeping our hearts locked away back in darkness

Hiding our eyes away from God’s blessedness

Yet down this cycle we’ve been, as so have other ancient times

Even more, parallel universes not yet by science defined

Where seals on hearts have hidden our potential for joy

A new enlightened world we must strive to employ

Besides the seal placed on our hearts by force

The idea of the Last Prophet removing from us rejoice

With the concept of martyrdom, and the oblivion it’s brought

Will you not help me find the truth I’ve long sought?

Our Sheikhs and Imams teach us what’s totally wrong

Teachings stretching our sorrows out far and long

Teaching us that death instead of life is the only way

For Islam’s legend to thrive, grow and forever stay

Instead of teaching our children to live in Allah’s name

They are taught to die in his name, which is the very same

As what cults do when blood oaths are placed and taken

Now do you sense why the whole world is emotionally shaken?

Teaching our children to die in the name of the right

Is extremely depressing, will you not just take sight

Of what you’re doing to them, on a deeper mental and spiritual level

Do you not see how instead of angels you’re praising the Devil?

What must a poet do, to break off this relentless spell

Spread by Muhammed to have us lurk in Hell

To show you how things are from an innocent perspective

Will we not learn to see things in a lit way, introspective?

How can you expect your children to even love living?

To inspire what’s good and to adore giving

By feeding them with political agendas very repeatedly

How can that be in any form a kind of decency?

If our children are stuffed in the head with propaganda

To believe in death and martyrdom as their modus operandi

Then why bother continue to keep them even a year alive?

Why be happy for their life if into death they’ll dive?

The sorrows of this Earth can no longer handle an increase

More grief and sadness we can’t afford to release

For within the depths of Hell we remain and lurk within

Then what bounds can we define over our limitless sin?

For with the increase in population upon our beloved green Earth

We face an impossibility of witnessing a rebirth

One where our sins can see a future far more bright

To what lengths will we strive for this, and diligently fight?

In a world of sadness which knows no lengths at all

A world from whom God we beg and plead for a call

How can we survive if lost is our ability to transcend what came before

Before our deaths arrive and we stand before heaven’s door?

Writing all this is not easy in any way, whatsoever

It exceeds the pain of over a hundred million endeavours

Of digging in the Earth until I reach its final, last core

Will we not create the peaceful world we’ve been fighting for?

By writing this I challenge a lifelong worth of indoctrination

One where I fear of the horrors of apostasy and ultimate damnation

Must my tears pierce the heavens and all what lay above?

For us to learn of the value coming from peaceful love?












Chapter 5: Human to Human Conversation


A long lost secret hidden beneath the historical pages of time

Something making us claim, “The whole world must be mine!”

Is the high capability for the Koran to brainwash its readers

Transforming them into martyrs and forever willing bleeders

Have we not noticed, being fluent in our Arabic tongues

That words only appear to be true if by the lips be sung?

In such eloquent and beautiful recitation that has us fooled

That this is the ultimate truth awaiting me and you?

The poetic powers of the Koran is of extreme intelligence

Although the meaning of the words are far from benevolent

With a meaning so evil yet dear to our tongues

Have we not into a Bipolar state our souls become hung?

Will we continue to be fooled, by the Koran’s Supreme Arabic poetry?

So dear to our tongues, placing us in a serenity

While not paying attention to its inner, deeper meaning

The darker truths behind the words that are lovingly gleaming?

For Arabic tongues, the Koran has been thought to be ultimately true

Even though the words’ meanings are very dark and blue

It’s because we’ve been fooled by the letters sounds, for the rhyme

So beautifully resonates from other sounds thus disconnecting us from time

In the Arabic language, not only can you make words and syllables rhyme together

You can make even letters and punctuation marks rhyme with one another

Creating a text that places one under some sort of hypnosis

This is exactly what the Koran does, did you not know this?

Of course we haven’t, as most of us mainly speak English

Our knowledge of the Arabic language is far from distinguished

Yet we keep asking ourselves, why for the Koran will Muslims forever die

Based on the Koran’s linguistic deception, I’ve just told you why

In the spaces of the Earth, spreading as much as imagination

We still pray for prophets to deliver us from spiritual stagnation

We lay our lives our lives forth then, if it protects their souls

But what if they were but false prophets, lying to us all in whole?

How can there be a day, when Muslims see the truth behind their age old religion

How can they not expect some sort of Anti-Islamic rebellion

How can souls be smashed from lies for the entirety of their life span

How will we ever see the truths behind Muhammed’s diabolical plan?

Yet we will never see that, as we’ve chosen to be blind

So behind lies we hid, and our teeth do we grind

Everytime we see an infidel abiding by another religious system

They don’t dare insult us, but we have every right to dis them

The world is caught in such a massively sized fear

It’ll all make sense to you, just let me make it clear

Political leaders claim our religion is that of peace and joy

Yet they only say that so that their world we won’t destroy

Do you expect them to say what’s really on their minds

About Islam, what they really think has Islam defined

How can they say that, if the sword is our way of treatment

How can they dare ever make a criticizing statement?

We’ve become like children, if you really look into it

Anything bad they say, immediately will we resist

By labeling their names with shame and utter blasphemy

By wanting to tame their game with our apparent insanity

The reason they keep winning all the countless battles

Is that God may just be on their side, while inside us there rattles

The demons of witchcraft sealed upon our hearts and spirits

Will we ever confess our mistakes, will we ever admit it?

The truths of this world are forever so very ugly

Such truths down Hell have they dug me

Filling my head with horrors all throughout the night

While I dream, until I wake to see the empty daylight

If we live in a world where freedoms aren’t allowed

Where free words unto lost ears can’t be endowed

Truly I say this, although many times I’ve already said

If freedom is impossible, we really may as well be dead

The universe in its greatness forever will contain

Treasures to our eyes, if we but remain

Alert to the sounds and sights, boundless all-permeating and all-throughout

But is it not true that we are currently in a deep spiritual drought?

Islam keeps telling us that this life is but a game

That its workings and ambitions are not worth to tame

Yet if God loves us, and wants us to live in happiness

Then how can we associate this life he gave us to nothingness?

What kills me the most, and what kills us all for that matter

Is that our love for life Islam has effectively shattered

By devoting our lives to the pursuit of fulfilling Islamic goals

Until the whole world pays a price of a very heavy toll

Although I’m an adult, I’m still not very old

I still always hated life, and I’ve always been told

That my love for philosophy and truth are naught but redundant

Is not the truth upon us all incumbent?

For in a world of lies, lies that reign supreme

Spreading all throughout, making us all extreme

In our faith, never losing it even by blood

Until blood is everywhere, raining in floods

Imagine a world, where philosophies rule

Instead of ideologies, those that are naught but cruel

Making us instead of letting us follow a path of living

Whereas philosophies only suggest a way of venturing

My heart is hardened to a solid with untold strength

Leaving it no feelings or any ounce of sense

As leaving an indoctrination after in it I’ve been

I wish my soul could leave the body it’s currently in

When I say my heart’s hardened I deceive you not

For within my guts and heart their contents begin to rot

For within a soul brainwashed alongside the mind

No peace after the loss of faith can I find

People will tell me my loss of faith is out of insanity

Telling me my mind has drifted far from reality

Yet tell me, exactly how is your reality originally defined?

Is it based on Islamic faith so absolutely blind?

How can we, in any way, immediately and fully accept

The words of our fathers and forefathers, that have effectively crept

Into our minds without questioning their true validity

How can we believe in untested words with all our ability?

The skies and the contents of the far off universe

Cover a far larger scope than any certain Koranic Verse

For within the formlessness of life, things can’t be defined by words

Yet we yearn for the Koran’s written texts to rule all the world?

The saddest of tragedies, hiding beneath the layers of my torn heart

Is that no matter how much I debate Islam with Muslims they never start

To reveal humbleness, possibly saying that there are a few things wrong

With the Koran’s teachings, and keep their blind faith long and strong

Yet is it out of arrogance, or is it out of fear?

Knowing that criticizing Islam will have danger very near

Putting them in a position where speaking out would cause absolute horror

To their hearts, thus refusing to become spiritual explorers

Must I rip myself apart, knowing this world is doomed

A world where rebirth and transformation will never bloom

By placing us all under the spell of six hundred three score and six

Is it everyone who’s asleep, or is it just me who’s sick?

It’s hard to live in a world where equal darkness exists

By night or by day something making love resist

To show itself, due to deadened hearts roaming all about

Oh God, oh God, why is there just no way out?

Speaking like this would cause shame to forever label

My name, turning my life into some comedic fable

Told to children, reminding them of how I’m but a fool

Of how I am as utterly disgusting as I am cruel

What is wrong with a poet having fervent dreams

Showing us that there’s more than just what seems

Urging humans to appeal to the world’s sadness

To show a light hidden behind infinite darkness

The tragedy of this world is because prophet hood is dead

As the seal of the prophets is implanted in our heads

Forcing us to behead all prophets new to our land

Dropping them dead far beneath concealing sand

For in the evolution of the Earth with its raining water

With skies whose weather grows colder then hotter

Change is inevitable with all the constant alterations

And thus new prophets ought to rise and guide us from damnation

A poet’s word is far more frail than a sheet of ice

Filled with the pleads to end all forms of vice

Into a future free from its horrifying anticipation

Full of the wonders of godly, divine sensations

Can you not sense the emptiness, flowing through our current times?

Although the space is there, it only appears as edges and lines

Void of its deeper qualities of spiritual affection

Lacking of the details that requires a soul’s detection

The beauty of the Earth surely knows no bounds

Streaming with eloquence of life’s music and sounds

Joining together into the symphony of unbound infinity

Yet still we hold on to age old lies and rigidity?

Has the world gone mad, drowning deeper into the pool of falsehood?

Believing that there is no such thing as future prophethood?

Claiming that Muhammed is the seal to all humans with prophecies

Will you not detect how far this is from dear mercy?

Imagine a world where dreams no longer have any meaning

Where forming a personal view of God is always demeaning

Where future prophets can never, ever have their voices heard

Well that’s the world we live in, does that not sound absurd?

The nature of life always depends on certain conditions

Are we blind not to see this, have we become so conditioned

So as to not see life through the lenses of a profound mystic

To thrive on others’ pain in a manner so sadistic?

To what lengths must we reach before we finally awaken?

Of what amount our children’s laughter have we taken

In what time right now or in the future ahead

Will we finally and fully wish we were already dead?

Down into a spiral of malevolent doom we forever go

Time is never forever as I write these words, so

Will we reach a time when hatred can be put aside for a while?

And cease to associate Jews with apes despised, wild?

To the Jews, the future of Islamic militancy is the major fear

Bring back your attention to right now, right here

To Hamas, the past of bloodshed is what drives their thirst for war

Does not however the present matter much, much more?

In the present it’s your people and children mercilessly dying

It’s your sons, daughters and uncles continually go crying

They shed their blood constantly, day in and day out

Yet still in the name of race and religion you all forever shout?

People will tell me that I myself am far from awakened

But can I in the name of peace and love be mistaken

For the cleansing of age old supremacy wars off our damaged world?

How far will we sink into this spiralling downward twirl?

The major issues concerning brainwashed hate

Something troubling peace historically and up to date

Is that as time passes, the hate grows more and more in strength

To what extent will we preach hatred, just to what length?

Down the generations the hatred has grown in power and might

Turning the possibility of peaceful living into an endless fright

One that seizes our hearts with a negativity drowning us in catastrophe

That will be ignited by a later Third World War’s brutality

Buddha knew exactly what he was fervently saying

About the Samsara cycle of suffering, that keeps rotating

Repeating the echoes of hatred until ended is our lives

Not allowing the possibility for us to spiritually thrive

The cycle of hatred rotates more and more passionately down the generations

Increasing the probability of us facing such great obliteration

Of our homes and shelters, as we pursue the whims of our forefathers

Who taught us to hate the Jews until time goes no farther

Can words of poetry ever even stand a hopeful chance?

To inspire love despite hate, by yelling important rants

Reminding us that past hatreds are only prisons of hopelessness

Chasing love away in a manner filled with senselessness

Will we continue to carry that hatred until we become deceased?

Will we not admit that currently our hearts are but diseased?

By wanting nothing more than the spilling of the blood of another race

Will we step on the hopes of making this world a better place?

Have we become so full of pride and relentless arrogance

To deny every possibility of a peaceful transcendence

One lifting us higher in maturity, making us turn to kindness

Has loving a Jew become a factual act of madness?

Will we not expand our view of feelings and humanity

Beyond the Sheikhs and Imams preaching the Jews profanity

To actually sit down and meet a Jew straightforwardly?

To see beyond the propaganda and into clear reality?

Is it not true that none of us ever even met a Jew

Even though we had the distant chance of meeting a few

We either beheaded them or tied them to a moving car

Watching his face drag along the streets as the car moves afar?

If we think of it, have we ever met a Jew in true sight?

Talking to them in the atmosphere of reality’s light?

To see who they really are in the perspective of human to human conversation

Yet the hatred to the Jews we keep in strict conservation?





Chapter 6: Path of Ignorance


The East always complains of the West’s propaganda of evil

Yet what if I told you your propaganda came from our own people?

From within mosques, where killing Jews is told to be of the greatest deeds

Will we ever see where propaganda really has its seeds?

The true propaganda we really face comes from our own nations

Ranging from Friday Prayers in mosques to Television stations

Breeding children to harbour hatred for the Jews more than love for humanity

Will we not see the true roots to all this insanity?

But whatever I say, no matter in which way I say the words

We will still believe that the ultimate end of the world

Will not come, until every last Jew is eradicated

The hatred in our hearts may never be alleviated

How dare I even partially side with the Jews?

Such are the words surely coming out of you

We all look at the death count of our people in a face value manner

If we see the whole picture no longer will we raise Anti-Semitic banners

This is far deeper than politics, will you not see?

Will you not study the roots of your religiosity?

And see that it’s not politics that is the root of our problem

It is our religious roots which fuel our will to harm them

This is not only an issue of freeing ourselves from the Jews

This is not only restoring geographical pride for me and you

This is not just revenge for all our people who’ve died

This is not just the rejuvenation of racial pride

This is a subconscious motivation driven by the Koran’s instructions

To wage war against the Jews until they reach destruction

EVEN THOUGH they haven’t killed a single person in Palestine

Our desire to kill them would remain due to our religious doctrine

Of course infinite sorrow hits me when a Palestinian child dies

Insulting your political views is something I will never try

I am not someone who takes sides, and wishes for others’ destruction

I am but a detached watcher, looking for ways to inspire reconstruction

We all look at things as they happen in a superficial way

Looking at the trunk and leaves of the tree shining with the light of day

Yet beneath the Earth and in the soil, the roots of truth await

For us to observe that they are the true reasons for all that hate

Despite all historical events that fuel our hatred for the Jews

There’s a deeper reason in religious history, not something new

That fuels this hatred, in the sense that Allah completely justifies

To remain heartily struggling until every last Jew has died

It’s deeper than this, will we not hear the song’s deeper meaning?

For behind that song of hatred certain roots cause the growing

Of hatreds that remain eternally internal to the heart of man

Against the heart of evil will we not take a stand?

Sure on the outside, it may appear all political

For everyone dying on our side, there must be a reciprocal

By causing death to them, so that things will be fair

There’s something deeper that history and politics I would like to share

Although the Koran itself may not in itself be angelic

We can’t deny that the book contains wisdoms of fine relic

But beyond that, the Hadiths to which we’ve been constantly adhering

Has only hatred seeping into the next generation that is now breeding

Although we may say that doubting the Koran is of blasphemy

But how is doubting the Hadith in any way an irrationality?

If the Prophet’s word in the Koran can’t be criticized

Then why also does challenging the Hadith has us victimized?

It’s true that the Koran may be the word of a prophet

But from being strict about Hadith will we never profit

For the writers of Hadith were only but Historians

Does not abiding by Hadith’s every last word make us rather barbarians?

People will ask me why I have all these doubts

But if faith isn’t tested, then how can true faith sprout?

If one is a Muslim only because his forefathers have been so

Then into the darkness of blind faith will we all inevitably go

A faith never tested is surely one only blind

And in blind faith only ignorance you will find

For I believe God loves those who see truths even through doubt

God never wanted us to feel that there’s no way out

Am I the only one who has this idea

That no one even believes in the possibility of a utopia

That people push away even love itself when it conflicts with their beliefs

But how can belief without love even start to bring relief?

For in the vastness of wonders awaiting our sight

It is the jobs of mystics to forever and strongly fight

To show us another dimension of reality concealed to our eyes

So concealed we can’t imagine the universe beyond the skies

The mind is infinitely powerful, and I know I mentioned this a lot

Ideas of construction minds to this world have brought

Limitless, encompassing things that can’t be expressed in words

Yet we insist that only the Koran must rule the whole world?

The Koran’s poetry is beautiful, and its message may be great

Yet truly sad what’s been happening as of late

When parents brainwash their children to fear the Koran in absolution

Making them also believe that to problems it’s the only solution

Yet it gets deeper than this, will we not ever, ever understand?

For the apostles who wrote the Bible long before the Koran, spoke of a man

Who has three qualities of the Beast, a number, a mark and name

One who uses his powers to have all men slaves and tamed

This is mentioned in the New Testament, long before the Koran existed

Proving the prophecy very real, and this one insisted

That there are those who will be fooled by the greatest con in history

Who will invert every concept of humanity into bigotry

We may say, how can prophecies ever be true?

How can someone ever literally see the future through and through?

Yet this is not literally seeing, but only anticipating the future with extremely perceptive eyes

Prophets anticipate the future in ways our normal eyes can never realize

It may be genius, but it also may be never understood God inspiration

One that blesses a certain mind with prophecies and future event formulation

Yet the clarity of Biblical Prophecy cuts deep and very clean

So cleanly true, for Jesus and the Apostles our current times they’ve long ago seen

Your anger towards me and your lust for my blood

Your desire to have my blood flowing in a form of flood

Starting from my body towards the farthest place probable

Merely because you deny the truth is unstoppable

But how can I blame you, for seeing life only in a single lens of sight

Making you for falsehood so relentlessly and tirelessly fight

Even though deep down you know there is something wrong with the religion of Islam

But how will you ever change if you constantly say, “It’s my identity! It defines who I am!”

And you will never change, because your mind has been so deeply set

Within falsehood, where your brain’s nerves and soul have so deeply met

Making Islam a working more true in yourself than your own individuality

Again and again and again you say, “Leaving Islam is far from a reality!”

But maybe it’s deeper than that, what if it’s out of fear?

What if Muslim apostates exist everywhere, yet never, ever is it clear

Who they really are, as speaking out against Islam would place a death mark upon their head

But mark or no mark, can’t you see that they already wished they were dead?

The reason I write this is not to anger your soul

All I want is to remove the suffering of a heartless toll

Inflicted on us because of the absence of compassion, and more importantly love

If we could understand what animals feel and say, then I promise you, weeping are the birds and crying are the doves

Although we are only humans, and we don’t have wings to let us fly

Animals deep down they die, and the birds and doves do cry

For witnessing our absolutely powerful minds not being able to soar asunder

For not using the mind’s unseen wings to venture through the sky’s beauty and thunder

Yet in a world like this, those who are innocent and seek truth and reality

Are stepped and spit on, and robbed of all their dignity

So my pen and paper, books and knowledge are my only friend

Oh God, oh God, when will my life ever end?

Why is it that the world is constantly living in lies?

Is living in lies the only way us humans can survive?

Why is it that we are able to be inspired by falsehood?

And why do we out of falsehood form merciless, loveless brotherhoods?

Is it not out of self-claimed honour, and only that

That you spread Islam, by going about to rant

That Islam is true, even though you know it’s not, just so that you

Can see your own whims permeate the Earth all through?

I swear by God when I say this, so please understand when I say it

I write this not to insult Muslims, for there is no merit

In slandering others, but all I’m really doing

Is criticizing the ideology of Islam, from which real troubles are brewing

Why would I insult Muslims, who really are human beings

Who constitute my friends and family whom I’m always loving?

Rather I am attacking issues on the ideology of Islam in and of itself

And fame isn’t the reason, nor my writing reaching every book shelf

This isn’t just a goal of mine, but merely a long stepped on dream

To let us see the light behind lies, its enlightening, awakening beams

So that our sight can take over the whole of reality, rather than our worlds of hypnosis

You may tell me mental issues exist in my medical diagnosis

Sure you can call me mentally ill and out of my god damned mind

You may behead me and leave no trace of me behind

You can burn my writings, spreading rumours of my madness

And people ask me, why I harbour so much sadness?

If mental illness is biological, then why is it when I take a brain screening

That my physical brain is fine, in fact it is very much gleaming

It’s not the biology of it, although it may be the chemistry

But that chemical imbalance merely comes because of thinking differently

Biology can never influence or be influenced by thoughts

Yet chemistry can change or be changed by thoughts a lot

It all starts with thinking differently, making the brain’s chemistry change

And after thoughts affect chemistry, chemistry affects thoughts in exchange

This is by no means removing from myself that embarrassing label

Of being mentally ill, you can always have that on the table

When you justify that my words come only from mad thoughts

When you spit and step on the truth I’ve so long sought

You can do whatever you want, I honestly no longer care

Into a mad man’s eyes not even a psychologist wants to stare

Because we’re mentally ill, far from being a healthy and right-minded man

Yet the greatest of greatest tragedies, is that you and psychologists judge what you not understand

All of you label us as mentally ill, someone who’s out of his mind and wishes to cause harm

And when we show confusion, you all sound the security alarm

It’s because you can’t handle our passions for our thoughts and dreams

The ones we literally and crazily are screaming for atop mountains of seas

It’s not just craziness, it’s far deeper than you think

The illness comes not because into madness we may sink

Rather, it comes because we’re struggling to ascend into a higher state of consciousness

One that transcends systematic education and hypocritical religious righteousness

Yet still will we be ridiculed, until the end of times

It’s true that speaking truths is always but a crime

To the eyes of regular men, who are comfortable with current beliefs and ways

Can my beat voice only be heard atop a mountain in the light of day?

People may say religion promotes good, well that may be true

Although is it only what APPEARS to be good to me and you?

This is not about what’s good or bad defining our lives

Because into what only appears good or bad we forever dive

This is not about that, this is about reality and its cores

Reality transcends religious ideologies, for from it beautifully soars

The space and time created by God from which we can relate

Yet we’ve constantly been ignoring reality for long as of late

Philosophies must define our beliefs rather than religious ideologies

For in them lie open-mindedness rather than strict, oppressive legalities

Yet we ask, without religion, where would morality ever come from

Surely this mode of thinking has caused this world a massive conundrum

Morality need not be recorded so that they’ll later be followed

By future men, for that will only cast upon us a very hollow

Type of way of living, becoming followers rather than masters

Letting our ignorance drive us into the dark ages quicker and faster

We think that morality ought to be recorded by prophets

And whosoever says something otherwise will have others claim it

To be the word of a mad man, but will you not see

That our so-called morals removed from us all sensuality?

If one is a blind follower, not knowing why he’s following

Someone who follows out of fear rather than out of knowing

Then that person into the path of ignorance has been led

If his will is not his own, then he really may as well be dead























Chapter 7: Peace of Nature


People would say that, even though religion may not be ultimately true

We’d still need laws and rules for this world to be ensued

Into a state where justice and fairness can be done

But can’t we see that Divine Law has our free will shunned?

If there is one concept that is richer than all

Something for which the One and True God would call

Is the idea of freedom, and freedom in absolutely every way

Despite its imperfections, what’s more beautiful than saying whatever you have to say?

President JFK supported freedom and public opinion

Even though it may raise hatred and several dominions

Of people who get angry at ideas and debates of others

So as long as there’s freedom, after the anger, we still care for one another

Most people are deluded thinking that imprisonment can only be

A state where the physical body just can’t be free

But a far more dangerous form of imprisonment forced upon our entities

Is metal imprisonment, where not allowed is the freedom of speech and liberty

Then people would say, where can we get our laws and rules from

For corruption is real and among people are some

Who wish to cause chaos, and unease and unrest

Yet will we not turn to man-made law for us to be blessed?

The difference between Divine Law and that which is man made

Is that the negatives of man-made law are never kept in the shade

It can be criticized through media, books and writings

Yet criticizing Divine Law will have us upon each other killing

Criticism can be directly related to the flow of time

Where an idea is reconstructed by pointing out its evil and crimes

So that a newer form of the idea can embrace the needs of the present

Yet not being able to criticize Divine Law keeps us in the past, enslaved and ignorant

Something that has fooled the breadth of all humanity

Something that embedded us in an unnoticed, subtle insanity

Is that the word of Allah is not a concept or idea of God, the way Christians and Jews have him viewed

The word Allah is in fact the name of the Supreme Rock God of the Ka’bah and the Holy Mosque, but do you think I’m rude

For stating things which are so clearly true and undoubtedly evident?

Will you not see through the biggest lie in history, which surely has no precedent

If it is claimed in the Koran that Allah surely permeates the West and East

That nothing can put him in a form, then in the least

We shouldn’t all be facing the Black Stone when we pray

Why is it that truths in this damaged world we can never, ever say?

But is it all hopeless, trying to make us doubt a faith that’s in flaw

How will these truths ever have us come into a state of accepting awe

If the brainwashing inflicted upon is so very and frighteningly great

That we recite a prayer for everything we do, every time we even ate

So far down we’ve been driven into a cycle of brainwashing

That forever reality and truths will be constantly blocking

We are never willing to adapt to the demands of the twenty-first century

Until our unwillingness to adapt will have us destroyed and remembered only through history

Yet even if we’re only in history, who would ever want to read

About a religion whose foundation and basic seed

Grows on the oppression of minds, the punishment of doubt

Will not the readers cry to know that once upon a time, there was no way out?

When I say that we aren’t willing to accept the truths I’ve written

I’m obviously not claiming that these truths that are given

Came personally from me, for that would make me one who is manic

If I state these truths came only from me, then I would surely be moronic

These truths came not from me, but rather from others’ works and observations

Those who’ve studied to gain knowledge that will end the world of the stagnation

That comes from the lies recorded so far long and down history

Those who have learned to offer the world an enlightened form of liberty

These truths come not from me, but only from others

Those who wanted the truth to have us love one another

Rather than live with a love which inherently is fake

Does God not love truth seekers living for his sake?

But maybe this madness won’t end, as all have fallen asleep

Not a sleep comprising of day dreams, but rather one so deep

So as to remove all sense of enlightenment from one’s eyes

And then we ask, why is it that we barely cry?

Maybe when humanity has become this asleep, not really knowing

What’s real and what’s not, there would be no point in showing

The awakened side of you, as the label of mad would be upon you written

Maybe there’s no point in sharing the light I envision

Maybe pleading for an awakening has no ultimate benefit

For the cycle of hypnosis we’ve deeply embedded it

In the deepest core of our psyche, making our sleep’s world a reality

Reflecting off the sleeping eyes of all those in our society

Seeing these truths is impossible if we’re within the cycle of brainwashing

But when we exit it, sooner or later will your brain be talking

In a far different language, as you see it from the outside in

And by then, we associate a totally different meaning to the definition of sin

We no longer by then see that sin means to be boundlessly curious

Even though attaining the type of knowledge that would make others furious

For I am sure that that is what the One and True God truly and deep down really wants

For if attaining knowledge is a good action, then would a merciful God negatively judge us and upon us haunt?

The story of ultimate control, set upon and taught to us all

Is the story of Adam and Eve, which had them later fall

Upon this Earth, so that they’d endure life’s test after once being free

How could all of this happen because of a choice and decision of liberty?

God had told Adam and Eve, according to the Bible and the Koran

It’s probably mentioned in Judaism within the Torah

To never eat from the Tree of Knowledge, lest ye become transgressors

And that between you and me there will be no intercessors

And so Eve had eaten an Apple from the tree, and so did her husband Adam

And their eyes shone with lights that our feeble minds can’t fathom

Then they became gods, and God was not pleased with that they’ve done

And so he cast them upon Earth to continue life’s test and procreate daughters and sons

Something of this story which I cannot start to understand

Is how knowledge and learning make a curious woman or man

Become banished and punished by God all the way to the Last Day

If knowledge enters not our minds, then what’s the point in revealing what we have to say?

But no matter what I do, or how hard I try

All of us would always, forever choose to die

Rather than give up our faith, and admit Islam’s faults

Even though its ignorance hides us beneath a thousand vaults

And even though I try, and thousands of other writers as well

To convince you otherwise, it is till your souls you will sell

To the unknown and hidden witchcrafts within Islam’s deep construct

Admitting the reality of this witchcraft you never will, for rather by Zeus’ thunder you’d be struck

Maybe the only way for this world to be able to sleep at night

Is for the veil of ignorance to have our blind eyes resting our sight

From the pain of knowledge, as it only makes us think far more

Yet with comfort and ignorance we’re willing to destroy all opposing countries and peaceful shores

I wish I could let Islam be, and let it have its way

It brings peace and joy is something we constantly say

Yet if it is the inherent goal of all Muslims to dominate the entire Earth

Would we not be robbing children of their religious identity right at birth?

No matter how much we on the outside we hide this dream

To have the whole world to Islam forever and always deem

To be in need of controlling all minds, until the end comes and we die

Our vision for Islam to rule all is something we carry deep down inside

Yet we will never change, as the black magic spell set by Muhammed and his Gematria

Will have us all slaves, and have us remaining in an insomnia

Spending both days and nights envisioning a day where we rule

And labelling all transgressors we behead as purely evil and absolute fools

We as Arabs have such deep rooted talents rooted in our culture

Mainly these talents are of poetry, as our language soars asunder

When it comes to poetic rhythm, and deep ability to convey imagery

This is something mentioned a lot in our Arabic history

Arabic poets long ago wrote absolutely eloquent poetry

Poetry that when discharged allowed a poet’s mind a serenity

Yet now Arabs only write poetry to support Islam and its Promised Armageddon and Holy War

Using poetry only to cast fear in Muslims’ minds and hearts and upon our enemies’ shores

Yet no matter what efforts of all writers combined are put in writing

No Muslim will ever lose his faith, as the cultic creed of Islam is swarming

In his heart, imprinted and sealed to the end of time, nay for eternity

Believing that it is ONLY Islam that can bring this world tranquility

No matter how sincerely I write this, or how many tears I shed

Despite all the heart felt words I’ve forever wrote and said

We Muslims will conjure up any conspiracy theory to justify my blasphemy

All of this is done, not to ever face the pain of reality

With the mountains that soar high above the plains and seas

With the grasses and plants that permeate the spaces around trees

There are signs reminding us that the inexplicable beauty shining wherever you may look

Can never fully be contained within the words of a single Holy Book

With the emotions within us and all the cries and laughs we share

With all the risky actions we take in solemn, forthright dares

With the potential for human strength, and our ability to transcend our own minds

We believe that only in the Koran ultimate answers we’ll find?

Are there any limits to the sorrows coming over our spirits

Can you feel the hardening of our hearts, can you hear it?

Can you hear how ignorance sealed over our hearts a sorrow supreme?

Can you hear our haunting spirits and the pain it deems?

Yet we find no limits, as the concept of prophecy and poetry is dead

Without newfound prophecy, our societies down have been led

To a society where poetry is deceased, and thus our feelings died as well

It really won’t be much different if we’re now living in Hell

Poetry needs prophecy to survive, and also the other way around

Without the two, then gone is true feeling if not confound

Living in a world where depression has become the well-recognized norm

We ceased to care whether or not the world is destroyed by a storm

The emptiness is great, yet that word itself cannot explain

The magnitude of the emptiness, as from heightened thought we refrain

Going into a state of hypnosis, where we sleep while still walking

Yet you ignore and ridicule me while I’m still talking?

Into the scorching fires of Hell we descend, not knowing the nature of this fire

This fire burns our souls of substance, a type of fire so dire

That it burns our souls into emptiness, and a hollowness so grave

Yet we’re still waiting for Jesus to have us saved?

Yet how can there be hope, if we have stopped trying to seek it?

From the concept of love did we officially forfeit?

Have we forgotten what true humanity really, really means?

Will we continue to obey Holy Books that paradoxically describe the unseen?

Maybe the concept of Sophism is the only sensible way to see the world

It teaches that it can only be described by absolutely no words

The Sophists’ Holy Books are completely, literally blank

Now you may ask how far into insanity have I just sank?

With all the chaos and unpredictability spreading all about

With the animals preying and the nature that blissfully sprouts

With the night sky that shines moonlight as wolves gather in herds

We have the naivety to describe all of this in words?

Yet the strange thing is that Sophism was created by Islam

Can you not see that this claim is a complete, utter scam?

Sophism existed long ago, in the days of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle

Must an infinite amount of lies be concealed in a lost, forgotten bottle?

Yet there is still no rest after having lost my faith

Although at least I have removed from my heart the hate

Towards the Jews, the Americans and all the West

All these grudges and this vengeance has been laid off my chest

Yet still our hatred for the Jews is still vastly extreme

It boils within the physiological chemicals that steam

So wildly and fervently, that if we saw a Jew standing yonder

Nothing more than tearing off his limbs would make us any fonder

Yet still this hate will remain, as its Islamic roots are so deep

We envision a world eradicated from Jews even in dreams of sleep

The hypnosis of hatred has been accumulated so far down our heritage

That we’re willing to sacrifice our lives if it means bringing the Jews wreckage

No matter how many words writers write, that hate will never go

Forgiveness and forgetting is still something we’ll never show

As this hatred has been implanted into us by our Imams, Sheikhs and even parents

Our children still don’t know the meaning of forgiveness and benevolence

Yet still, even with all the pleading and summoning to peace

Even though I give up all dignity and beg you shouting “Please!”

That hatred and thirst for blood and land will still remain showing

Never will we allow the peace of nature to keep flowing






















Chapter 8: Can’t we be Students?


Something which strikes my soul with this feeling of fright

Something that will allow me absolutely no sleep at night

Is the relation of Islam to the mark, name and number of the beast

Upon mentioning this, I am sure that your reading this will suddenly cease

The evidence of this is so clear, and that is what strikes me the most

Knowing that within 1.5 billion Muslims on Earth, there’s a relentless host

Of the beast, or better yet, of Satan and the Devil who deceives

All the answers from the Bible’s Book of Revelation can you receive

All the answers can be found in the Book of Revelations of the Bible

From chapter 12 verse 1 to chapter 13 verse 18, for it is no fable

For the prophecies of St. John fit so perfectly and closely

With the construct of Islam, which we abide by so reverently

This is probably the sickest realization a Muslim can ever have and accept

Any fervent Muslim after accepting this would probably commit suicide, except

How can we do so, when it falls upon him to reveal truths to future generations?

How can he kill himself if it has fallen upon himself to inspire the world with realizations?

These realizations are absolutely painful in the beginning

Having truths despite indoctrinated lies continuously beckoning

Becoming a man disconnected with others, as no one could relate

With his level of knowledge, as everyone else is still in a close-minded state

People would tell me that I’m stating that I’m a prophet

The label of prophet is something of which I’d never profit

All I am is a poet, who’s learned things he wishes to share

This is not out of arrogance or pride, or to fulfill a highly prohibited dare

I write this merely because I don’t wish to leave this world

Until I have all of what’s on my mind written down in words

As I have taken this pursuit of truth seriously, searching for it far and wide

Now that I’ve learnt the truths from others, why from it would I continue to hide?

The symbols of Chi, Xi and Stigma appear as χξϛʹ, something Arabs could read very clearly

It reads ‘In the Name of Allah, along with the two swords that represent the supremacy

Of Muslims above all others, as we wage countless wars by the sword

Until all the Earth belongs to Islam, by gathering vast and enormous hordes

Yet it gets deeper than this, will we not listen?

Will we continue to shut our eyes whenever truth is summoned?

Will we deny that behind the scenes Islam’s truth is far darker than it looks?

Have not enough of the world’s liberty we perpetually took?

Yet still, we would rather die to support honour and dismiss shame

Again and again we’d die, yet we would still again be tamed

By the spell of Muhammed inflicted upon us, yet we have no clue

And when the afterlife after suicide missions leads us to Hell, we’d cry, “If only I knew!”

What stirs a thousand tears inside me, and far more than that

What brought me extreme unrest even as I sat

Is that this spell is not like the usual, but the one of the Satanic dragon beast

The Antichrist whose number is 666, yet we know not even in the least

If only all could live peacefully within vast lies

Yet with ignorance comes destruction, and we continue to die

If only, if only the truth behind Islam didn’t have to be so depressing

Apparently the loss of faith although self-righteous can be extremely distressing

If only Islam were true the way everyone had continually taught us

That way our minds wouldn’t have to become so robust

By having two thought patterns, one of family indoctrination and the other of reality

It’s impossible that after the loss of faith can there be mental tranquility

But if we still find it extremely painful to lose our faith and denounce Islam

If we’re the kind of people who’ve always said, “Islam defined who I am!”

Then maybe we could remain Muslims, but only by an outward label

Even though we know deep down that the whole thing’s a fable

We’ve been living under a religion that condemns freedom and sex

Where we form anti-woman tribes and anti-liberty sects

Not allowing even for males to intermingle with females, so that love may exist

Even the element of opposite-sex love does Islam resist

People may say that Islam is not like that at all

But those are the Muslims that don’t even heed the mosque’s call

They constitute the 90 percent of Muslims that don’t even care about Islam in the first place

Only from the fear of a death penalty do they claim to have Islam embraced

We claim that the West is filled with hypocrites, but heed you not your own voice?

They don’t conceal their countless sin neither do they hide when they rejoice

It is us who pretend to be Muslims, while deep down we don’t even read the Koran’s pages

Barely any of us read the Koran that’s been reserved down the ages

But to say reserved, is still something which raises doubts

Us living in lies will only continue our persistent spiritual drought

So revealing truths I’ve learned from others will have us storm in anger and rage

So we still heed only Islamic sages and remain trapped in a cage

There are two things about Abu Bakr that could raise in you doubts

The first thing reminds us again and again that there’s no way out

It tells us of a time when he waged wars against apostates who left the Caliphate

Even though they were minding their own business, just for the honour of it

Thing number two will definitely cast you in a state of denial

Some say that such knowledge is of the greatest trials

Set by Allah, as Allah apparently detests all forms of Anti-Islamic knowledge

And loves keeping us ignorant through generations and ongoing heritage

In the beginning of the Koran, in the chapter of the Heifer

There’s a certain message a perceptive mind could decipher

It speaks of disbelievers roaming in the dark, where often their eyes hurt of bursting thunder

If you think of it, that thunder would represent truth and knowledge that lies far asunder

The reason it’s far, is because Islam hates knowledge and clear facts

As knowledge IS the Antichrist, so there is some sort of pact

Between Allah and Muslims, to never cross the red lines of knowledge and enlightenment

That’s why we harbour for Salman Rushdie so much pure resentment

Down the cycles of hypnosis we’ve descended, never to awaken

No matter what efforts or countless steps we could have taken

A Muslim will never give up his faith, as his sanity on it depends

Not even if you tear him limb from limb until his life ends

All cults such as Islam are bound to have methods of brainwashing

Although Muslims may talk, it’s in fact Muhammed talking

As we Muslims echo our thoughts from the Koran written 1,400 years ago

A retreat from our destructive faith is something we’ll never show

All along we’ve been fooled to think that Allah is the same God as the Christians and Jews

Yet the truth to all this must be known as it is far, far due

Allah is not the concept of God, but only the name of a rock god called Allah

Where beside Allah the rock god, there used to lay his daughter goddesses, Minat, Uzza, and Allat

Yet the main point is that Allah does not literally mean The God

It only illiterally means so, yet I find it quite odd

That 1.5 billion Muslims around the world have still not realized this

Upon the dark secrets of Islam will you not thoughtfully reminisce?

Allah illiterally means The God, but what literally does

Are the words Al Ilah, and you should know this because

We have been linguistically brainwashed into these lies

Is this not Satan playing the ultimate trick on us while we all cry?

If you wish to pray to the One and True God, then pray to Al Ilah

As Allah is the NAME of a rock god, not a CONCEPT, very similar to Allat

If we are to pray to the True God, then we shouldn’t mention him by an illiterate name

But rather by a literal concept, have I now brought myself enough shame?

This is not me preaching something new, as it existed far before I was born

Me disclaiming I’m some sort of prophet is something I’ve already sworn

The truths I say come from others or from sources that existed far long before I lived

To the restoration of humanity’s well-being will you not offer something to give?

Although I am disclaiming upon myself everything to do with higher status and prophethood

The Prophet Muhammed did the exact opposite, something that’s far from good

He claimed that all truths came from him and Allah only, and that everything else is a fable

But little do we know, that much of the Koran has been copied off the Bible

Usually newer Holy Books ought to offer a newer message upon humanity

But the Koran copied the Bible starting mainly from man’s causality

Depicting the story of Adam and Eve in almost the exact same way

Being able to detect the similarities by reading both, is surely child’s play

Yet again I say, no matter how persuasive my words can get

There’s no button in your mind with which to reset

Your consciousness, so that after you once spiritually die

You can be born again, as Salman Rushdie once before cried

We will hold on to our Islamic Faith as though it were a molten rock

Holding on to it harder and harder in the face of knowledge, which would only lock

Our minds away from what’s real, as delusion consumes us all

Oh God, oh God, when shall arrive your final call?

IT IS true, that it’s possible to live without Islamic lies

Although you MUST be born again, after you spiritually die

For the only way to live after leaving a religion is if you first lose all hope

And then resurrect yourself by clinging on to other forms of spiritual ropes

Losing your faith and being resurrected into one that’s new

Might just lead to your suicide, unless you’re of the few

Who FIGHT for the truth, even if death tears our souls away

Must I die for ranting such truths I say?

All our lives we’ve been put in this form of a bubble that’s ignorant

With Sheikhs feeding us only 18th century Hadiths, and hiding the ones belligerent

The ones that existed in the 8th century, revealing Islam’s true colors

Yet in the name of lies and deceit we call one another brothers?

Thing number two about Abu Bakr, happened in the time of a war

When thousands of ground troops came raging at his Caliphate’s door

But while they were on their way, Abu Bakr devised a plan

He sent those who memorized the Koran after Muhammed’s death, every last man

The reason he sent them, is that he thought they’d be untouched

He thought that Allah won’t allow the carriers of his message to die, and in such

A grave time of war, Abu Bakr thought that these carriers of the message will be in war invincible

And paradoxically the way ALL the reciters were slaughtered was to him sadly incredible

And when all the reciters died, where do you think the Koran’s message went?

Under the soils of a hundred reciters’ tombs has it not been sent?

If so, then how can you assertively state the Koran has been reserved?

Maybe the praise for the Koran’s conservation is given far more than the Koran deserves

Must I seek out physicians or psychologists of certain capabilities

To erase from my mind these truths that cause me insanity?

Must I bang my head on walls and dive head first into a lava-filled volcano?

Can I delete these truths from my mind by flying through the winds of a tornado?

Yet we will never awaken, even after we die

Even if we’re sent into the afterlife below or up high

As the creed of Islam has conquered the deepest core of our psyche

Filling our heads with blind delusional religious zeal, and Satan’s spikes

How can one die to be born again when in this state

The state of being under a hex and black magic spell which create

A mind that will never be able to see life how it’s supposed to be seen

We dream of burning churches and synagogues instead of appreciating nature that’s beautifully green

We are the seeds of destruction, upon all that can’t relate

With the codes and standards of our highly praised Islamic State

We are the breeders of war sworn upon all infidels that upon the Earth roam

Forever will we chant, “We SHALL conquer Israel and all of Rome!”

Yet all writers’ attempts go in vain, as our endeavours are inherently hopeless

When it comes to Arab Muslims whose eyes glow with blind faith and blood-shot redness

Maybe destruction is the only way for us to learn a valuable lesson

Maybe we’ll only start to reconstruct after our happiness has greatly lessened

When I say destruction, I’m not talking about the West themselves

I mean a destruction that will spawn from us ourselves

WE are the ones constantly bringing our countries through the face of destruction

Yet we blame the West for intervening to lead us to some construction

We blame the West for destroying and occupying our cherished our lands

Yet if only you see, that if they never sent ground troops stepping on our sand

And we were left alone, then I make you a promise sincere and so grand

That destruction would come upon us entirely by our own hands

If they never intervened, then countless major wars and civil wars

Would be lit between Sunnis and Shiites, but there’s still much more

Different sects of Islam would clash and kill one another’s daughters and sons

And gunfire and explosive weaponry from cross-country wars out of the ignorance religion brings upon us, would blot out the entirety of the sun

Yet we still won’t give up our faith, even though it contains fault

Even though all evidence points out the Islam is a cult

What must a poet do to make us see that there’s much more to life’s story

To make us ask ourselves, “What other paths of life await for me?”

There are two secrets hidden deep within Muhammed’s past

Something from which inquisitive theories can form really fast

The first one has to do with what happened to him up on Hira Mountain

Drink my friends, from the healing waters of the new Inquisition’s Fountain

If we weren’t created and born to constantly question

Then how can a fruitful, productive mind ever beckon

Newer thoughts that are worth to have, will you not see

That seeking truths and enlightenment must be our destiny?

Yet if Islam teaches us not to question, and even if the once before Iblis couldn’t

If we are taught by Allah that humans, Angels and Devils can’t be students

Of liberating knowledge, to allow our minds to venture beyond our heads

Then I’ll say this, yet and yet again, we really may as well just be dead





















Chapter 9: Prophets become Killed then Dead


In the age old days all forms of recording technology didn’t exist

Then we do we constantly, over and over, forever insist

That we know exactly what happened up there on that Mountain

Are you drinking yet my friends, are you drinking from the Fountain?

Will we not connect the dots, and see the grand picture?

Will we not see things outside the confusing mixture?

Of 1.5 billion people, all saying things that lead to the exact same conclusion?

Will we not step back and live beyond this mass delusion?

But maybe there is no hope, as hope may very well be in death’s hands

Maybe God can no longer offer tranquility throughout the lands

For if Muhammed is the Last Prophet, and no new prophet can arise

Through what medium can God a newfound hope send to our eyes?

All of Jesus’ revelations from God happened out in disclosure

Yet what robs me of all forms of my mind’s composure

Is that all of God’s revelations that Muhammed conceived

Upon Hira Mountain, all happened in a manner so concealed

If no one ever saw Muhammed while he received those revelations

While he was in the pitch dark cave up on Hira Mountain

Then why would we insist that these revelations came from God’s grace?

What if the spirit we think of as Gabriel had an entirely different face?

If God’s revelation is supposed to be good, and of supreme light

Then how can it be sent to the darkness of a cave, or within shadowy nights?

Yet still you object, against all forms of apparent reason

Yet still you claim my mouth to be full of damned treason?

If God’s revelation happens within the darkness of night or that of a cave

If it happens in a setting very similar to that of a grave

Then it isn’t of God, but rather of a spirit of a lower level

Must I be beheaded for saying that it’s probably of the Devil?

Yet if all the facts and truths came right to you

If all the clear evidence emanated through and through

You would still shut your eyes in the face of what’s true

Yet can’t we see that the truth is far, far due?

Yet if all the Devils, Angels and God told you otherwise

You would still consult your Sheikhs whom you claim wise

To reassure you that what reality shows are all lies

Can you not feel the veil of blindness covering your eyes?

Yet if the heavens cried and the Hells praised your stagnation

Even if the Devil himself saw method in your modes of damnation

Ye still will remain adherent to a religion which craves total domination

Must one die to see the truth in the afterlife through reincarnation?

Yet if floods fill the Earth along with volcanic rage

Lava filling the Earth for an entire sorrowful age

Ye would pray to Allah to strengthen our Islamic Sages

Even though it’s Allah and those sages who keep us in ignorant cages?

Yet if rationality came from an enlightened spiritual leader holding a staff

Ye would place him in a dungeon forever, associating him with the Devil’s witchcraft

Yet can’t we see the inversion of truths as I infinitely sorrowfully laugh

That it is us who’ve been fooled by the greatest lie, so cunning, so daft?

Yet if the whole world committed suicide in mass numbers

If we needed to bury them in mass graves dug far asunder

We still won’t see that without the rising of new prophets with characters so humble

Down the cycles of suffering and in infinite emptiness and darkness would we stumble

Yet even if we didn’t kill ourselves, we would still want

To do so, as there is no longer such a thing as a renaissance

As without a lit religion to lead the way, the Devil will daunt

Laughing at us while our days and nights he haunts

Yet even if I offered my blood upon a highly built altar

Seeing all the lies which continue to falter

Our souls, despite all my attempts to have things altered

It is still the Devil in our hearts that we continue to bolster

Yet even if I cried blood with a mind so deranged

By the suffering caused by seeing the truth, making me estranged

To everyone else who lives in lies which have a massive range

Still, still and still, you’d never want to change

In a cave so dark with no eye witness

Where no one can see the very clear resistance

Between Muhammed and God and the Angels

While all he summoned were damned Devils and Fallen Angels

This would explain a lot in our Islamic History

From killing newfound prophets to total hypocrisy

Of claiming to be self-righteous, while deep down inside

You wish that all disbelievers and Jews would brutally die

It ranges from violence to killing every last apostate

From repression to burning all books that correctly relate

To all forms of knowledge which disagree with our envisioned Islamic State

All of such malevolence goes on up until this date

It also ranges from old Caliphates to Abu Bakr’s war

Against mass numbers of apostates, and even when he at their door

He envisioned an entire world without disbelievers and apostates, for what he was fighting for

To have Islam spread from the sky to the Earth’s core, and behind every human home’s door

It also ranges from heightened ego and burning various synagogues and churches

Will we not heed the echoes of the lost voice of Winston Churchill?

He condemned Islam for tis totalitarianism and extreme political aims

But more than that, for seeing that Islam and Hitler’s Nazism are very much the same

Nazism and Islam are so closely related when it comes to the Jews

How can we refute this, when it is so evidently true

That Islam hates the Jews the same way Nazism does, if not more

For Nazism brings forth only political wreckage, while Islam wages against them religious wars

I would never want to attack Muslims, for I love you all

Before witnessing a blood drop leave you, would I rather wish my soul’s fall

All I want is to attack is the ideology of Islam, for behind its apparent beauty and light

Exists truths darker than all Devils that roam and night

But what if the truth is darker than what ever may seem?

There’s a theory deeper than the depths of a thousand dreams

Why is it that Abu Taleb refused to embrace Islam with a passion so wild

If he is the one who knew Muhammed ever since he was a child?

People claim to know Muhammed, but who ever knew him more truly

Than Abu Taleb, who on his own very undoubtedly

Raised the Prophet Muhammed as he was a child, before time came of age

Before he claimed the Final Prophethood title and that of the Last Sage

If he on his own raised Muhammed as he was still in youth

Then maybe Abu Taleb knew of Muhammed’s inner colors’ truths

Maybe he saw an ill side of Muhammed that none of us know anything about

Can we hear Abu Taleb’s spirit the truth it eternally shouts?

What Abu Taleb saw more clearly than the Sun’s beams Solar

Is that Muhammed at a young age revealed symptoms of Bipolar

And this is true as later in life all the Pagans in the region of Arabia’s Lands

Said that they’ve never seen actions more destructive than by Muhammed’s hands

Another indication that Muhammed surely had Bipolar tendencies

Is that within the Koran’s poetry and eloquent fluency

There is a sudden rise of joy then a descending into complete depression

This is why Muslims are kind and jubilant until you reveal Islam’s incorrections

The Pagans of Pre-Islamic Arabia complained

That Muhammed to all their beloved gods he brought disdain

Until one day he destroyed all 360 gods and goddesses of Mecca

Even Allah’s three daughter goddesses, Allat, Minat and Uzza

He left only the Supreme Rock God of the Holy Ka’abah, and that god we now know as the All-Seeing, All-hearing Allah

Yet although we’ve been worshipping an idol for 1,400 years

When we say Allah is not the God of Moses and Jesus, we burst into raging tears?

Yet me never claiming that Allah is naught but a heathen deity

Will have you raging, storming and swarming straight at me?

Pulling my head off my body, placing it on an obelisk or spike

And you say we have no resemblance to that of the Third Reich?

Why is it when a Muslim begins to doubt in Islam, or try to leave the religion

That his body begins to tremble with a frightening, seizure-like motion?

Shaking his body all along his prescribed Sheikh’s floor

As the Sheikh continues to recite the Koran upon his soul’s core?

This can relate with the darkest secret after Islam’s invention

Where even when one seeks to leave Islam in the name of redemption

His heart would panic and his eyes would grow blood-shot red

Until to the oblivion of darkness his heart has been led?

There’s a deeper reason as to why Muslims can never leave their faith

There’s an untold story which forces him into Islam to stayeth

In a regular Muslim country, when a Muslim decides to leave Islam

He WON’T be able to even though he knows it’s a scam

There’s something about the loss of faith in Islam that must be told

For with its conveyance will we know that to the Devil our souls have been sold

Upon the loss of faith in Islam, one would begin to feel this infinite fear

One so great, that nay will it be revealed by countless tears

That Muslim’s eyes will grow red, his chest will begin to constrain

From all the world’s light will his eyes begin to refrain

The apocalypse of his world will dawn over his sight, the room he’s in will be dark and damp

Yet this is all because upon his heart Allah placed and eternal seal and stamp

Something that all possessed Muslims have in relation

Is that ALL of them curse Islam with a language of damnation

Cursing Islam with the deepest expressions of their hearts

Yet people assume that it’s the Devil who ignites their rage to start

Have you not asked yourself, why is it that they curse

The foundations of Islam, why is it that on this living Earth

They bad mouth Islam with the deepest form of sincerity

And then they go about laughing and screaming hysterically?

We’ve asked if the truths behind Islam can get any darker

Yet upon all our hearts is written with permanent marker

That upon leaving Islam will we have unprecedented torment

When I say there’s no way out, now do you know what I meant?

Those people who are ‘possessed’, weren’t suffering because of an inhabited demon

These are amongst the most misunderstood women and men

Who were only trying to redeem themselves from the possession of Islam itself

Where the Hell do we hear of this, on your library’s bookshelf?

It wasn’t about being possessed, it was about dispossession

From the chains of Islam, yet even then we think of transgression

When these people are only trying to enter a different form of belief

To what extent have we brought this world untold grief?

For if all my blood poured out into an everlasting stream

Or if my brain matter evaporated in a soul crushing steam

That still would not express the pain of losing my faith and belief

Who would’ve thought that the truth itself would’ve brought me so much grief?

For if the skies cried and the rain constantly poured

If all the rivers dried out from water so pure

If space and time collapsed in a manner so extreme

How could I differentiate reality from just what seems?

There’s nothing more depressing than realizing the mental assault

Caused by the cunningness and deception of a brainwashing cult

With a message although beautiful disconnects from what’s real

Upon our hearts has it placed this eternal, damned seal

Imagine a world where a new prophet has risen

To that dream’s beautiful echoes will you not start to listen?

A world where hope itself will once again spring into being

One where hollow eyes once again have a chance at seeing

Yet can’t you see why our societies are now being led

Into a state that can only be described as dead?

It’s because the healing words of a new prophet never reached our hearts

Do you now see what has deeply caged us from the start?

But nay will we ever accept this, as our hearts have become hardened

It’s our weapons that are loaded, and knives that are sharpened

For even distantly accepting this would build in us untold rage

Will we not ever see that we are trapped in a 1,400 year old cage?

Yet we will never see that, even if all the wisps and spirits combined

Beg us and help us to a newer light to find

A light where the angels sing of enlightened beings

Yet we’re still afraid from ever, ever seeing

For our eyes have become blind, yet blind can’t explain

The fact that we are, deep down, far from a state sane

Our hatred is immense, yet immense still falls very short

Of describing the violent world we wish to have as our resort

The symbols of Chi, Xi and Stigma are all but irrelevant

And so is the history of Allah’s daughters, which only bring sediment

This is about the seal in our hearts, in which we kill all new prophets that rise

So that we’d continue to live in the illusory comfort of our own lies

Yet even if the sky turned red, and the clouds but disappeared

Even if Jesus himself ever happens to reappear

Telling you of the dark truths behind Islam to have us awakened

Even the very life of Jesus we would have right away taken

Yet even as I say this, our minds are still ultimately set

In a state in which our souls will never, ever let

The inevitably of change to swim about your current mode of belief

It’s as though we’ve become immune to the idea of relief

Imagine a world where a newer prophet takes a stand

Healing all people and inviting greenery upon the lands

Filling our hearts with a type of magic which in nature is white

Someone who can FINALLY show us the way into the light

One reminding is that a prophet is willing to lay down his survival

If it means nourishing our spirits in the best way possible

The misery of the world is in a state untold

Must we await for the Armageddon itself to unfold

Must we lay back and as Bob Marley said

Watch all our prophets become killed then dead?











Chapter 10: Escaping from the Real


And if a new prophet arises, what he ought to do

To create an open-minded person out of me and you

Is to create a religion which is in and of itself an open-minded philosophy

And not a religion which is a constricting, soul enslaving ideology

The Prophet Muhmmed knew all, all along

That not only people will be humming his religious songs

They’ll also slaughter all those who criticize him in any way

And kill ALL newer prophets if they had anything to say

This is the sad tragedy that Muhammed has placed us in

Although we’re not aware of it, everyday we’re committing sin

By blocking out God from those destined to be prophets

By twisting fate itself in a way we’d never from which profit

If we can’t see this by now, then we are totally still blind

And then we ask where on Earth is true love to find

If we all have become zombies, parroting the words of a mad prophet

But nay, nay and nay will we ever wish to end it

It’s NOT brainwashing, if Muhammed was just like any other messenger

Yet when we have to follow him for eternity, forever for him being preachers

Then life will become stagnated brainwashing, or even worse

One day we’ll cast upon the whole world Muhammed’s curse

If you can’t see this by now, you haven’t enough searched

For the truth, through hours of reading and endless research

You haven’t sought out the truth of the other side to the story

And even if you did, you’d deny all of it ignorantly

We have to face it, that we really don’t want the facts

For our Islamic faith is what keeps our sanity intact

For if the entirety of the universe’s spirits into our souls will come

They will never reverse the strict Muslims we’ve become

Yet what pains us all, is that we will forever refuse to change

Yet I can’t blame you for that, for the Islamic teaching’s range

Spreads along every single action you commit in your life

And abandoning that surely will bring you untold strife

For even if abandoning faith will bring you down into Hell

Through all the seven layers, you’d still have a story to tell

To your children, reminding them that you’ve adapted

To the 21st century have you become reincarnated

Yet even if you still yell the word blasphemy continually

I still won’t blame you, for that has become our reality

Even if you come up to me and behead me for my transgression

I still won’t blame you, but I’ll only ask for God’s intercession

Oh God, will you ever lend your hand to our torn hearts?

Oh Al Ilah, have you been the true God from the start?

For if your name literally means God, while Allah only means it illiterally

How, how, how far away have we drifted from reality?

Oh Al Ilah, will your grace fall upon hearts so broken

Will you place into a man’s heart amongst us a special token

A token that represents a pure heart, one that is golden

To speak your True Words, the ones that for long haven’t been spoken?

Yet still will we grab unto our faith, in a manner so tight

Against the Antichrist of Islam will we forever fight

Yet can’t you see the inversion, that the Antichrist that speaks Anti-Islamic words

May very well just be the saviour of the whole world?

The Prophet Muhammed’s thoughts on the End Times

Are very symbolic indeed, in fact intelligently sublime

Yet not Godly sublime, if you really think about what he said

Upon Muhammed’s own words will I dare to tread?

Beyond the grief that exists in all seven Hells

Beyond the untold misery of miserable water down a well

Beyond the sorrows of all parallel universes combined

Exists the most heart breaking truth behind Muhammed’s words you’ll find

Since Muhammed created the religion, he knows how it’ll end

Towards the afterlife Oh God will you not my soul to send?

For after these miserable realizations, afterwards you will be free

But I assure you that your eyes will greatly harm you once they again see

Muhammed spoke of the tale of the future Antichrist

However that Antichrist himself may just be Jesus Christ

Or someone who’s figured out the darkest truths behind Islam’s teachings

I do feel Allah is haunting me because of these lines I’m breaching

Muhammed said that the Antichrist will deceive you out of Islam

He reminded us that all of his words are of complete scam

And that whosoever follows him will enter Hell so dire

And whosever refrains from his deception will be saved from the fire

He also states that he’ll bring death upon all those who still believe

Using his miraculous power that he’s probably received

From the depths of Hell, from where his existence dawns

Surely Muslims will say that he is Iblis himself spawned

Yet can’t you see the inversion yet my confused friend?

To the Light of Truth will you hand not reach out and lend?

If we look deeper into the symbolism of Muhammed’s obscure words

An enlightenment like we’ve never seen will embrace the whole world

The people who take the side of the Antichrist will in fact be enlightened

Their hearts will be cured and their sight will be brightened

However those who remain in the Islamic Faith are those who hold on to blindness

Even though their Antichrist keeps showing them the darks truths of Islam with kindness

They hold on to their faiths even though it spiritually makes them dead

It’s as though they’re addicted to holding a molten hot rock, as Muhammed once said

Even though our Antichrist is pleading to them to appeal to the truths he’s shown

They’d still never give up the faith in which they’ve been raised and grown

There’s a very unheard method of great treachery

One that relates to dying in the greatest form of obscenity

Whenever one abandons his faith in Allah, will you but see

That some sort of black magic has engulfed thee

Yet your mind will never accept this, as it’s a part of your survival

To believe in Allah absolutely, and also in the revival

Of our souls on the Last Day, whereupon we’ll return to Allah’s hands

Even though it is he spreading ignorance upon the lands

There are many stories that speak of Allah’s revenge upon those

Who disbelieves Islam after once believing in it, and shows

To the world that he’s had enough of this spiritual oppression

Even I face this due to my religious transgression

It’s told that a disbelieving man’s head was found in a toilet’s water

He died of a heart attack, for fulfilled in Allah’s anger

Upon all those who DARE to cross the lines set by his code

Yet Allah perceives righteousness when we in his name self-destructively explode?

And what if I said that Islam is the main cause of all this technology

You may call me mad, but please do bear with me

In a land where a prophet rules, simplicity will only blissfully show

Where all we adhere to is nature and all the trees and beauty it grows

But since Muhammed is the Last Prophet, and no new prophet can arise

For 1,400 years the beauty of nature has merely left our eyes

We no longer have a prophet to show us the way to combine with nature so pure

No longer do we have someone to bring into our hearts a very needed cure

And so down the generations we’ve gone, with no prophets to lead the way

No longer to our nature and the universe’s nature do we have anything left to say

So we consorted only to science, and to technology so spiritually numbing

Do you not see the beautiful world I’m now hopefully summoning?

Imagine a world where we can meet a prophet face to face

Instead of clinging only to prophet who’ve long left the human race

Imagine a world where hope itself has a chance at existing

Yet why from such a world do we forever go on resisting?

Yet our hearts have become hard, yet that word is in vain

To explain this paramount suffering and enormous pain

Our heroes have all died, far down sorrowful graves

Yet a new enlightened world is something we’ll never crave

For we are used to darkness, and even if light showed

Even if nature once again peacefully and lovingly flowed

We’d still praise Muhammed, as the demigod of all times

We’d still bow before his grave as though he were sublime

Muslims are always afraid of associating anything with Allah

Yet within our prayers of Du’a and prayers of Salah

We praise the Prophet Muhammed as though he were a deity

Can you not see in that a serious form of naivety?

If a prophet is good in nature and that of intent

Then he would be humble rather than ordering us to have sent

Countless prayers to him, EVEN upon the mentioning of his name

So that even after he’s dead he’d have us mentally tamed?

Don’t you find it of Muhammed very, very greedy

To claim himself to be the Last Prophet of all destiny

So that forever will humanity slowly die in its misery?

So that we’d forget the very meaning of spiritual serenity?

Lower and lower down the Samsara’s cycle of suffering

Have we been driven as above us the Devil is rising

Throwing down at us molten hot rocks and rock gods that we’re still blindly worshipping

Yet even upon seeing that we still go about forever descending?

For through the space that permeates so very afar

In the beauty that exists with every shining star

With the love we carry for all that eternally exists

Upon the words of false gods unto others we forever insist?

For if the sky crumbled and the mountains fell

If tornadoes swept our tranquilities and hurricane as well

If volcanoes burst with lava revealing unto us nature’s displeasure

We still believe that a single man’s word is our only treasure?

For if space collapsed allowing other parallel universes through

If even time shifted and became reversed too

If Zeus’ thunder seized the sky trying to awaken our souls

We still inflict upon innocent apostates a very heavy toll?

For if your heart hardened into a state so stagnant

If it collapsed and life no longer can you stand it

If the winds of rage swept the Earth at a heart smashing rate

Ye still would never want to leave your heart-deadening faith?

For if the heavens descended to warn us of these lies

If Hell ascended to show us fires to our eyes

The fire that our times are currently enduring

You’d still think upon humanity the Koran would be curing?

For if the grasses of fields fell ill and ended up dead

If all writers combined revealed everything they’d wished to have said

If all spirits throughout all existence warned you of Islam’s threat

You still think to Muhammed you owe a limitless debt?

For if your Antichrist showed you the real truth of Islam first handed

If he goes about yelling truths while amongst you stranded

If he cries every time the truth he’s deeply and sincerely ranted

Still the words ‘Allahu Akbar’ you’d have continually chanted?

For if God himself came down from the heavens and pleaded

And told us all the important truths we’ve forever needed

If he lays his own divine survival in risk of sacrifice to have you awakened

Still, still and still the same destructive steps you would have taken

For if Gabriel himself descended and reminded you of the fact

That he’d never really made with Muhammed some sort of pact

By revealing to him nothing, but rather that Satan revealed to him the Koran

You’d still rage in absolute fury for the eternity of future dawns?

No matter how many times I may repeat

Nothing will ever remove from you that molten heat

Of pure, utter hatred you have towards the West and Jews

For we grind our teeth whenever we hear of them on the news

For our hatred for them is greater than the degree

Of the hatred of fires within Hell’s facilities

Where men are burnt of torment because of our limitless anger

Towards the Jews whom we continue to forever slander

Yet even if no reason existed, your hatred for the Jews

Would boil in flames that may die but rise anew

As though we were beasts spawned to end their existence

To show off to them our limitless brute strength and malevolence

Yet the world is silent, and even so the West

Who try to keep their mouths shut their very best

By not shouting out to the now depressed skies

That Islam is naught but a cult that creates all-permeating cries

Yet the arrogance in us shows that we’re of a supreme rank

So that if we owned all the military’s weapons and tanks

We wouldn’t think twice about bringing the world’s destruction

Yet even then, we won’t have the mental capacity to bring the world reconstruction

Yet all we do is claim that the Jews own the media and news

And whenever we wear our armour and ground troop shoes

We think we’re marching towards the rulers of all things sustenance

Yet can’t we see that all the Jews are doing is fighting for their existence?

Yet even as I say this, the hatred in us will never go

There is no hope for curing this ultimate and paramount hatred, so

All poets and writers may put their pens down in fearfulness

Knowing that this Hellish hate has a fate of continual persistence

The saddest of truths is that all the truths we’ve come to know

Only lies in the cloak of pleasantness they’ve but shown

Deceiving us with lies which has no precedent in all of history’s teachings

Oh Allah, will you stop tormenting me for these lines I’m breaching?

It’s as though Allah is whispering in my ears, warning of my destined doom

I feel his presence roaming about in my study room

As though he’s inflicting upon me curse after curse of damnation

While all I ask is that from his enslavement I perceive liberation

People may start to yell out of such blasphemy

Even though all I mention is of reality

Only the things which by essence you can feel

Yet you still go on escaping from the real?









Chapter 11: Sincere Love


There is something within our hearts imprinted after it was brought

It spells a certain word that goes by the name of Allah

Even if all the goddesses and gods of all distant worlds gathered

Still before losing your faith would you rather be shattered

For falsehood has become your truth so rigidly stern

And with its solidity your face has become very firm

It’s become your norm, to live in the depths of lies

Even if the ultimate truth came without doubt in front of your eyes

How will this Earth recover, if falsehood has become the prime

Instinct within us all, that we’d even stop time

If it would mean avoiding the inevitability of change and alteration

Must God but sacrifice himself to remove this damnation?

Back in the days of Pagan Arabia’s reign

In the days where there was substance in God’s pouring rain

The Meccans took over an idol that calls

Evil into our hearts, and it was called Hubal

Hubal was worshipped by the Moabites, for they saw it fit

To worship Hubal, the heathen deity which hasn’t lit

A single heart into the doing of what was good and kind

In ancient Muslim history this knowledge you’ll find

After a long time of the Moabites worshipping Hubal’s idol stone

A newer event took place from which a revolution shone

Kicking out the Moabites and naming Hubal a different heathen name

They called it Allah, whose qualities with Hubal are the very same

The reason people say Allah is a moon god

And this is surely something that may make us sob

It’s that it’s previous manifestation, Hubal, was a moon god originally

This explains the crescent moon symbol representing Islam, yet still against clear fact you revolt aboriginally?

The reason they saw fit that the name Allah can take its place

Is because he and Hubal really have the same face

If we look back to the Gematria secrets behind the number six-hundred three score and six

I do promise you that your lost Islamic faith is something you can’t fix

Yet if death itself fears you not, for life you’ll gladly give

If it means that so as long as you remain to live

You’ll remain under Islam’s spell, even though deep within the depths of your eyes

You infinitely cry, knowing that it’s all but a giant lie

Yet you will never awaken, and I will never blame you

It’s because you held Islam to be absolutely, fully true

Even though in reality it’s a cult which lethally deals with treason

Is there any point at all in inviting you to reason?

The whole world is run by the Devil, and there’s a reason why

Surely after saying this you give out a raging sigh

Yet may God give me the strength to have only truth and innocence on my lips

And if I don’t, I pray, you have my soul smashed and my heart ripped

The core problem is in Islam, yet by now if you see this not

Surely and most definitely, you’re not connecting all the dots

Let me connect them for you, so that you can see a grand scene

With the truth never before so alive I’ve ever been

Within Chi, Xi and Stigma we can see the relationship between 666 and Allah

There’s no need to even speak of Uzza, Minat and Allat

If one is enlightened, he can see that Islam is a Satanic religion

And it is the reason for the whole world going into oblivion

Islam has made its own people, Arabs, not able to be producing

In any way possible, to their talents it’s been abducting

Never in Islamic history have Arabs produced anything greatly beneficial

Into the mysteries of art and science we’ve been superficial

And more than that, our misery has reached heights unknown

The greatest forms of inner suffering our souls have shown

We rot further and further until death comes of age

All the while we remain concealed in an unrelenting cage

So now we agree that the East is bound by shackles

Now what about the West which we constantly tackle

Have you not noticed the rise in their mental illness and suicide?

So numb they’ve become, that they can’t remember the last time they’ve cried?

If you look deeper into it, you can see the world’s wheels turning

Now why is it that the West’s souls and hearts are forever burning?

Will you not think of what goes on every Friday, within our mosque’s walls?

Do you not hear the prayers our Sheikhs and Imams call?

In MOST mosques around the world

In every Friday prayer what constitutes the preacher’s words

Are prayers WISHING, and PLEADING that the WEST be destroyed

To have Allah’s Supreme Punishment upon its enemies employed

If you cannot see the trick of Satan hovering about the Earth

If you can’t see his keen desire to have upon it birth

Of countless generations who hate one another until all is lost

Until ever last one of our souls are of utter frost

Yet no side can be blamed, as we Muslims still don’t know

That Islam itself has a lot of Satanism to show

Through the Koran which surely is inspired by the Devil

If you can’t see this, you’re not high above the spiritual levels

If this were true, then a war would not resolve a thing

Nor would war battle drums with their hatred to sing

All humanity must come together, and sort this all out

What can a single poet if all he has are truthful shouts?

Muslims always ask, why have our prayers gone unanswered

Why hasn’t Allah yet killed those Western bastards?

Well we have killed them with our prayers, but on a deeper level

We’ve caused their souls to be lost, if not sold to the Devil

Yet still we think that our prayers have gone unheard

Yet I tell you not to worry, for you’re being absurd

If you look at their artists, singing songs of absolute grief

Nay, more than that, half the Western world have lost faith and belief

Behold, the greatest lie to ever have been told

One that without us knowing we’ve had our souls sold

Islam, the cultic religion where upon we’ve laid down our lives

Yet still in our countries we will never, ever thrive

For through the forests the animals themselves are confused

Sensing the wisps of Devils becoming with nature diffused

Seeing that their once beautiful world has gone depressed

Even the roots in the soil won’t come out, repressed

And even if all the facts were given to you

And these facts were all inevitably and undoubtedly true

Ye still would hold on for life dear, dear Islam

Even though I’ve lost my faith, a Muslim is still who I am

Even though I’ve lost my faith, how do you think I can escape

A lifelong indoctrination of calling Jews pigs and apes

A lifelong brainwashing that Islam is truer than all things beautiful

A lifelong calling in which to Islam I’m forever dutiful

You think I can escape the brainwashing set so severely

You think I can fully let go of something held so dearly

You think I can forgive myself for all of this unbound shame?

And you still ask why I don’t reveal my real name?

Yet despite the brainwashing I’ve endured, and so have we all

I was able to reform myself into a new man who stands tall

One who realizes that even from down in Hell there is hope

One who has found in himself having faith in and holding on to enlightenment’s rope

Yet although I’ve changed, I still fear you won’t

Despite all the actions that I may persistently do or don’t

Having you become reborn is of the greatest of all difficulties

Even more difficult than that, rebelling against your own deity

For Allah has a long history of punishing those who go astray

And those of whom depart from faith far away

But if Allah is merciful, why punish those who at times have forgotten

And why curse Jesus if he claims he is from God begotten?

This is not a poem aimed to have you angered

It’s not an attempt to insult you with claims so slandered

This is an expression of freedom, which can very much relate

To the 1.5 billion Muslims who are enduring an oppressed state

Upon a time, I came to know of a rather young girl

By watching an internet video, her voice sang all over the world

The innocence in her eyes was burning, mourning the Muslim’s spirits fall

As she tells her story so as to freedom she wished to call

Her eyes grew wild, with tears hovering about the surface of her eyes

Yet thankfully the whole world heard her when she sorrowfully cried

That she doesn’t want to be forced to marry at the age of eleven

Yet can’t we see now that we’ll be dragged down the layers of Hell, all the seven?

Her parents forced her to marry at an age so young

Oh how many cries for freedom have our children sung?

She said that her parents stepped and stomped on her dreams

Yet some shame on yourself you not even slightly deem?

She escaped the comfort and security of her family’s home

Out into the scary world she would have rather daringly roamed

Where she decided to live with her uncle, who had a heart much kinder

Yet even as I state truths your eyes hate and grow wilder?

For if you ask yourself, how can I leave Islam, for without it I’ll surely spiritually die

My days will be filled with silent cries and outward cries

Yet Christianity is there, and although I don’t believe it’s the ultimate truth of all the skies

When it comes to violence and hatred, AT LEAST it is very benign

Yet even if you don’t leave Islam, and forever refuse

To have your soul with another religion to become diffused

I won’t blame you as you’d never want to be severely confused

For if you convert deep down you’ll believe the afterlife you’ll lose

Yet that is not true, for the One True God is merciful indeed

His Divine Light will shine upon you the greatest of deeds

He’ll forgive you of all the sin you’ve committed in the Name of Allah

For the literal translation of the One True God in Arabic, is Al Ilah

The scariest thing in this world is not darkness

It is in fact light, for with it comes a madness

A beautiful madness, making you connect all nature’s dots together

One so enlightened, we’ll no longer be afraid of loving one another

For love has become our fear, yet more than that, a dread

Before loving a Jew we’d wish all our children would drop dead

Yet can’t you see that if God had a heart, he’d be eternally weeping

Surely the Divine Tears in his eyes with sacred cloths he’d be sweeping

Upon the creation of Adam and Eve, God wanted us to be free

Yet Adam and Eve ate from the Holy, Forbidden Tree

Which showed God that when he breathed life into Adam’s form

Humans themselves become demigods who cause riots and praise storms

Yet God knew this all along, for that was the first of failed tests

So he sent Adam and Eve upon the Earth’s abode where they’ll find rest

And told them live and multiply upon this blessed creation of the Earth

And once humanity has passed the Ultimate Test, into heaven will they embrace a rebirth

Besides breathing his soul into Adam’s sacred body

The knowledge of the Apple of the Tree of Knowledge had in Adam embodied

Divine Knowledge, which passed down subtly through our genetic code

Yet the Ultimate Test is to use this inherent knowledge to create on Earth a Peaceful Abode

God warned Adam not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge, lest yet become gods

For from you will arise omnipotent prophets whom people will kill in the name of fraud

For from you raids of destruction will roam upon the innocence of the Earth’s plains

And sometimes in the future your prophets will be locked up and called insane

God did not fear us becoming gods to remain higher than us in ranks

But rather because without God’s amount of wisdom, we’d surely have sank

Possessing godly knowledge while not having the wisdom coming from a god’s very long life experience to compensate

For with godly knowledge but without godly wisdom, surely Hell on Earth we’d create

An example of this would be Muhammed’s writing

Of the Koran which was inspired by fighting

All of those who did not coincide with his childish whims

Until the entirety of the Earth dies and it is Islam that wins

For Islam has you submitted and surrendered to a heathen deity all throughout

And while you constantly brainwash your children there’s no way out

You send masses of your own grown children chanting the words inspired by Devilish Demons

And the Koran itself devalues man into saying he’s naught but the result of a drop of semen?

For if you can’t see by now that Islam is a cult inspiring only death

If you can’t feel it making you starve for martyrdom with every breath

Then see what happens when you read Koran upon a heap or amount of water

Can you not sense the cells dying as the water grows blacker?

As I’ve said before, people who are said in Islam to be Devilishly possessed

Are those who only covertly wish to leave the chains and shackles of Islam, unless

They actually do deal with a sincere form of mental illness

And even then we think the Satanic Koran can cure them of their madness

For those who are ‘possessed’, the Sheikhs and Imams gather a heap of water

And read the Koran upon it as the water dies and turns blacker

Its color changes, as though death itself was being read upon its nature

Only so we can rinse this dead water upon the poor, possessed creature?

I fear a day, one which will very evidently and eventually come

When Muslims truly become deaf, blind and dumb

When they realize that Islam is naught but a Satanic Cult which has the heathen deity Allah on its side

And then mass numbers of Muslims feel absolutely no choice but to sincerely and innocently commit suicide

For if that happens, and it is very obvious that it will take place

And I wouldn’t be angry at all if you call me mad or insane in my face

Millions will take their own lives, all the way to God to send

Truly I say, infinitely sorrowfully, isn’t that how all cults end?

For if you can’t see that by now, it’s all too very early

We’re still in the beginning of this process, and very surely

If you can’t see this, then all the dots ye yet not have connected

Truly those who leave Islam become with sanity disconnected

The reason we’d commit suicide, is that our whole lives we’ve seen only darkness

And if the Light of Knowledge comes upon our eyes as we’re unprepared, surely there will be a madness

One which reminds us that all of it is naught but a lie of damnation

With which we’d either kill ourselves or resort to the inevitability of self-destruction

Yet it is too early for that, and I REALLY do wish that day never comes at hand

Yet for it not to come an awakening must embrace our lands

Steering us towards the truth that will liberate us all

This is probably what God would say if unto us he would call

Yet still after all of this clear evidence you remain in denial

Can we not see that it is of God’s biggest and greatest trials

For us to seek truths and live by them for as long as we live

For is it not only in truth that true, sincere love to everyone we’ll give?










































Chapter 12: Flourishing and Building


For with the waves that crash along the distant shores

With the breezes and winds that fiercely soar

With life itself inspiring our beings straight to the core

Beyond age old lies will we not ask of life more?

For with the inexplicability of the mysteries embracing our beings

With our abilities to observe the world with God-inspired seeing

With the spires of castles we touch in the midst of our dreaming

Still from truths no matter how dark we end up fleeing?

Yet I will never blame you for holding on to your Islamic beliefs

For without it I know you will face untold grief

Yet if we can’t adapt to the open-mindedness of this century we’re facing

Would we not in a tiny circle find ourselves tracing and retracing?

Yet still if you don’t give up your Islamic beliefs at all

If before that you’d rather witness the Entire Earth crumble and fall

I still won’t blame you, never, not at all

For I know how precious it is to you hearing the mosque’s Athan and God’s call

Yet still if you hold on to your faith stronger than all humanity’s strength combined

If in your heart there is only Allah’s seal and Muhammed’s love to find

I still won’t blame you, and while I say this I cry

I understand that before losing your faith you’d rather die

Yet this poem is not to deceive you out of Islam

This is just to show you who I’ve become and who I am

After having lost my faith in Islam, never before have I been free

Although my eyes do hurt me for this is the first time I actually see

For within Islam there exists truths so dark

Into their discovery I have constantly embarked

On an adventure diving deeper into its aspects not shown

The dark secrets I still until today wish I’d never known

For throughout the aeons of time, dark ideologies have taken form

And despite their darkness, they’ve all become the accepted norm

So that even if a prophet upon a mountain its darkness he called

We wouldn’t sleep at night until we made sure his spirit falls?

Yet the secret truths get deeper, yet still you close your eyes?

You still pray unto Allah upon the blessed and sacred skies?

For him to restore the veil of ignorance around your unenlightened face

Until Allah’s ignorance spreads upon the entirety of the human race?

The Bible and Torah have existed long before the Koran’s revelation

And Hebrew is a language that existed long before the Arabic’s languages emanation

So whatever they have to say about Islam ought to be obviously true

Yet still from Mecca to Medina you think Muhammed on a carpet he’d flew?

There’s a certain word in Hebrew that if transliterated

You’d think that complete blasphemy unto you I’ve instigated

That word is alah, which must be known upon all Muslims of the Earth

It means a solemn and strong oath, but an oath with the nature of a curse

It’s all so clear who Allah really is and Islam for that matter

They’re a deity and religion that causes an oath-driven, cursed death upon all matter

Judging by how one would read upon water Koranic verses to have it turned black

Please do tell me if truths on my tongue have gone on the wrong track

Although God created Adam and Eve to be spiritually free

Eve succumbed to the Devil’s whims and ate of the Tree

So God sent them upon the dangers of the Earth to live and multiply

Yet can’t you see that God’s Ultimate Test is for us to have things rectified?

God’s Ultimate Test is not for us to be on this Earth to commit good and bad actions

Whereby we’ll be judged by God for these actions so he’ll choose for us Hell or Heaven as a haven

The Ultimate Test is for us to be able to bring peace and thus Heaven upon THIS world

Wherein the children of future generations can taste happiness, all the boys and all the girls

Yet even if God himself came down and told you about this joke

The biggest lie of a joke that has deeply and inherently broke

Our souls and our bodies into surrendering and submitting to the beast

Still, still and still you’d chant his Great name upon your streets

Maybe there is no hope for our long sought redemption

For very deep into our psyche Islam has placed its inception

Making the removal of brainwashing almost a complete impossibility

Yet still I am earnestly trying to bring myself back to reality

For although the world may appear flourishing materialistically

One a spiritual level, never before have we faced such a poverty

With every thirty seconds passing, one goes about to commit suicide

While shouting out to God and the skies, “I’ve really tried God! I’ve really tried!”

For how can this not be true, if a heathen deity who lurks below

Is being worshipped by 1.5 billion Muslims while placing their foreheads, noses, knees and toes

One the floor, as they pray to him of all sorts of rewards and industry

How many prophets with all their messages do we need to end this insanity?

For within the lowest depths of fell the Demons call forth

All Devilish beasts that will spawn on this blessed Earth

Blotting the sun and all the stars that lie north

All awaiting for Allah’s seed unto the world’s Antichrist to give birth

For the entirety of the Muslim race will praise Imam al Mahdi

Who is the Antichrist of Earth really in reality

And all shall wear his mark upon their foreheads and arms

And those who turn to apostasy will receive from them massive harm

For the clouds will redden and rain will pour wildly

While all of us Muslims will riot against the disbelievers in a manner so childishly

In fact, in a manner so, very Satanically,

If you will but see things from this perspective

All of this because of Sheikhs who fed us with words manifesting as brainwashing sedatives

For if you can’t see this coming, then far are you from what’s real

Can you sense the hatred in our hearts, can you really feel

The Devil from the lowest layer of Hell possessing our very forms

Making us never give in until Islam upon the world has become the norm?

Yet the war is real, and it is a spiritual one in nature

One between the One True God’s followers and Allah’s trained creatures

So deeply conditioned to exact Hell upon all those who refuse to bow

Before the Almighty Allah as Allah brings forth storming clouds

For if Gabriel descended upon this beat Earth

He’d cleanse the land from Islam which has placed a curse

One which equates through witchcraft’s Gematria the number 666

For the cleansing of the Earth from Satan is the only thing that will have things fixed

This is no battle for lands neither is this a materialistic war

One that relates to the horrors awaiting at Heaven’s Door

For the only thing the Devil can’t help but ask for more

Is for corpses and dead skeletons to arrive through innocent waves and shores

Can you not see it, the blood flowing from all cursed directions?

One which between obvious good and evil we’ll place a blatant dissection

Dividing Muslims from Non-Muslims by placing upon their foreheads a mark in calligraphy written Allah

Saying and revealing to all Non-Muslims the words, “The Greatest is Allah!”

For the end is nigh, and it is something that fears me more than the burst of thunder

Than winds and tornadoes that would drift me far asunder

Than volcanic eruptions that fill lava here and far yonder

Than all the horrifying tales sung by forefathers

Yet still you are blind, and even further than just visibly concealed

To the hands of Satan after all such knowledge will you still but yield?

Can you not detect the mark on your heart that has placed a Satanic seal?

To make Islamic domination upon the entirety of the Earth your only zeal?

Yet there’s no need to believe me if you will but do your research

For the truth will you not devote time in an effort full search?

Or will we continue to burn down every synagogue and church

If we don’t even know what inside them does lurk?

Will our hearts be closed down to all of what’s tangible?

Have not our hearts from reality become rather detachable?

That once we’re in illusion, we sing songs of beautiful praise?

Yet when we’re faced with reality’s facts, the torments of all cursed Hells will we raise

For in the depths of all human history, none can ever compare

To the deceit of Muhammed to cast the mark of the beast himself upon all humans and generations to come

Yet even after knowing this still to the Devil do you succumb?

For with the understanding of Chi, Xi Stigma’s deep rooted symbolism

Can you not see that the symbol Chi (χ) looks a lot like the symbols of Nazism (卐)

Which could explain why Hitler became allies with a Sheikh named Al Husseini

To unite forces to exterminate ALL Jews from ALL the Earth’s terrains and seas?

Yet there’s deeper symbolism behind the cursed number 666

For if Angels with the Devils there’ll never be a chance for them to mix

Then the only way is for me to take the Angel’s blessed side

This is after once upon a time for Islam I would have gladly died

Do you not hear the whispers of Allah, so deeply in your pumping veins?

Reminding you of the magnitude of the massively unforgiving shame

That comes upon you if you ever decide by Islam not to be tamed

By reminding you that upon leaving you’ll surely die and forgotten is your name?

Yet the symbolism goes deeper, yet still you close your ears

For truth on blind eyes will surely bring them untold tears

Yet I have no intention of harm, but only the truths I’ve learned from others

The truths that if shone we’d have a chance of FINALLY loving one another

For the madness of Earth is great, going in untold lengths

Yet ALL I keep doing, is asking for God the strength

To have not a single lie upon my lips to linger

Will we not peace upon all of Earth become hopeful bringers?

Yet still you raise the Koran to the sky in all of your revolutions

In every time you ever spark up a religious rebellion

Even though you haven’t thought about anything from the Koran you’ve read

Have you but tossed away everything I have until now have said?

Yet you will toss it out, for ignorance is what you need for survival

While all I really ask for is for a chance of revival

Of your souls into a higher dimension of spirituality

Yet still you support Allah’s Divine Law which surely brings only insanity?

Have you not counted the amount of times you say Allahu Akbar in your prayers

Through the SIX days of the week excluding the Friday Prayer, you’ve unknowingly become summoning callers

Of Satan himself by saying Allahu Akbar exactly 666 times throughout those six days

When will you but see that only darkness in Islam does there lay?

Yet even if you reject all this, I swear I won’t blame you whatsoever

For I know how precious Islam and Allah are to you, so that forever and ever

You’d maintain his Remembrance upon your lips and tongue

Yet why do I CRY when I have a sincere feeling that it’s only truths that on my lips be sung?

Yet still if you have this book burned and curse my name for eternity

I still won’t blame you, for it’s INFINITELY sad that in reality

We’ve all been brainwashed by a cult created by Muhammed’s sly use of the pen

And if I cause that much pain, I do pray that God brings my life to an end

I’ve already thought of ending my life, but how can I do such a thing?

If I’ve already ventured to the West’s side of the ring

And have discovered all the lies that Muhammed upon us he’s called

Just how can I BUT NOT by the pen record this all?

These truths come NOT from me, but rather from others who’ve had the truth sought

The truth that I’ve told you before is something for which I’ve forever fought

Some of them are I.Q al Rasooli, Wafa Sultan, Sam Solomon, Musab Hasan, and Salman Rushdie

The same people you’ve wanted to carry out a fatwa by a revered Mufti

Yet despite all of this hate and violence, I still won’t blame you

For your Imams and Sheikhs truly brainwashed us through and through

By making us HATE the Jews no matter what the case may be

Wherein the REAL MADNESS is that they’ve made that HATE a part of your religiosity

I will say something, not in an attempt WHATSOEVER to have you angered

This is a perspective explaining why our minds are so dangled

Can we even BEGIN to define the true meaning of mental health

Does it not mean the extent to which we as human beings contribute to the world, to what breadth?

The Jews have MASSIVELY contributed to the world’s prosperity in all fields

Yet WHAT HAVE WE contributed to the world by forging swords and gathering human shields

Never ONCE have we attained a Nobel Prize Winner who’s brought this world progression

Because all we do is PRAY for our Antichrist Imam al Mahdi’s intercession

Yet even as I say this, RAGE fills the surface of your face with blood

Summoning a NEED to have my blood flowing away from my body in a streaming flood

Yet that is NOT my goal, for ALL I want for you and me

As I’ve said before, is to reassess our beliefs to create a NEW world for our eyes to see

It is NEVER too late, to reform ourselves in a way in which to be productive

Besides obeying ONLY Koranic writing which are rather violently, if not Satanically, seductive

We CAN reach new heights in human flourishing whereby instead of TAKING and TAKING everything for ourselves

We’d be able to FOR THE FIRST TIME, GIVE and GIVE something to offer the world assistance, prosperity and help

This has not anything to do with being an Arab, for that claim can be refuted

It lies within the destructive desire of our Islamic Faith, which we ought to have rebooted

Reprogramming our minds into an open-minded faith which constitutes a philosophy

Rather than clinging on to war mongering verses and sayings within our Islamic Ideology

Is there ANY hope for upon our eyes there be an awakening?

To embrace a form of belief that’s not destructive, but rather liberating?

To have our children instead of being brainwashed granted the chance at seeing

That our ETERNAL hatred for the Jews will have everything destroyed, rather than in a state of flourishing and building?

Yet all these words I say STILL fall on ears unattended

For surely if I am in your hands you’d have forced me to have my words repented

Yet within the beauty of the world, I’ve learned that this world isn’t a game and toy

And this world ought to be ruled by men who BUILD, not destroy

Yet after all of the words, despite the obvious truths they portray

You’d turn to your Imams and Sheikhs and start to say

That there’s a mad man, speaking ill of Islam’s doctrines

And he would, yet and yet again, fill your head with brainwashing concoctions












Chapter 13: Forgiveness


Behold, the coming Muslim Antichrist is surely nigh

To higher in our ranks and shall proudly rise

Upon his throne to lead the people under his Holy Caliphate and nation

To bring DESTRUCTION upon the Jews and Christians, if not ALL other religions

Yet even if all the facts are given right before our brainwashed eyes

Our eyes would boil with the need to strengthen our Muslim ties

With all other friends and family who share the same views as yours

Even though the entirety of Islam is false straight to the core

If we can’t learn to change and adapt to the demands of these times

By forming terrorist groups and under Islam we justify our crimes

We WILL be wiped off the Earth, as it’s obvious God conquers evil

We WILL lose the Holy War if the only language we understand are bombings and rifles

I KNOW change is scary, especially when it comes to belief

Yet here I am as an example to possibly give you relief

Showing you that it IS possible to reform yourself, reincarnated and anew

Yet we still can’t see that after martyrdom comes Hell where we’ll chant in infinite misery, “If ONLY I knew!”

We live in times when prophets and those who are wise

Are nothing but jokes and are but mad men to our eyes

Yet I say, as I’ve already said, with no new prophets being allowed to rise

Then we can’t complain when the whole world spiritually dies

We live in a world where no wise voice is revealed upon an altar

Of some sort of destiny, so as to be able to alter

The sin and depressions that have our souls faltered

While within from light we remain spiritually sheltered

Despite all of these truths, you’d all say that very surely

That all of my words are said in a way insincerely

For surely behind my writing there is some sort of conspiracy theory

Yet can’t you see how far your claims are from reality?

This is only me writing this, for no one is propping me with a support

Surely you’d say that with the West’s whims I truly consort

To write words inspired by their Devils, but yet again, will you not see

How far your assumptions are from reality?

This is not some deceptive attempt to have you misguided

Surely within our mosques our Sheikhs would probably call me mad or even retarded

Yet still I wouldn’t be angry or sad, for all I want is for you to be

To be once again reincarnated from the past into the now, into reality

Yet the sadness is infinite, and further than that far beyond

That we’re willing to sing all of our righteous religious songs

When one becomes an apostate, even though his pleas are sincere

We kill all those who are able to once again see clear

For the sorrow is infinite, and so we’ve become used to it

Even though Islamic Truths are all but counterfeit

Pirated from the Bible, wherein between its lines

Only warnings of doom to disbelievers and apostates does it shows signs

What I am to say will have people in total rage

For I may be provoking an anger stored for many an age

However isn’t that the regular response of one stored in a cage

Who through the levels of knowledge-based, spiritual maturity haven’t passed the first stage?

Why is it that your heart boils with untold fury

Expelling from you heart all calming angels, wisps and fairies

Whenever one speaks of something not akin to your beliefs

Surely with your immaturity you’ve brought the world massive grief

Why is it when someone speaks against our brainwashed agendas and plans

We all shout, “We surely must kill or stone that man!”

Why is it that you’ll never be open to any debate on this matter?

Why is it that all men who speak otherwise you brutally shatter?

Why is it that whenever one disagrees with what you have to say

You make sure that that man no longer lives another day

Why is it that you either slash his being with your mighty swords

And if not that you send them off to the nearest psych-ward?

Why is it that we forever be inherently unreceptive

To all those who merely hold a different form of a perspective

Relating to a view which opposes your own view of hate

Why is it that all of those you make sure you annihilate?

For the concept of the Umma and United Islamic Nation

Surely would lead a society to a severe form of a stagnation

For without people forming individualistic ideas and different views

Never will the society prosper to reform itself into something anew

For a society only springs to life when opposing views are respected

Instead of forcing opposing ideas to be swiftly repented

We should cherish the fact that open-minded debate will nourish

A generation of young men to love seeing their society grow and flourish

Throughout the history of the Hamas-Israeli wars

The days when many of the dead to the afterlife soared

The only thing the Jews kept on forever insisting

Is that they do have the right on Earth to remain existing

A total of THREE times they’ve offered to live side by side

They sincerely wanted peace by separating s from them into two separate states, so that none would’ve died

They sincerely wanted peace by separating us from them into two separate states

Yet such peace offerings is something with which we’d never relate

For our hatred towards the Jews goes deeper than all what may be thought

There’s a deeper reason in which forever we’d have them fought

Its roots lie deeper within the roots of the Holy Koran

Which orders us to hate the Jews to the core as well as their Torah

If we wish to keep believing in such hatred, to have madness in us instilling

If we wish to justify by raising our Koran this massive killing

Then let’s do so, if curing such hatred will embed in us negative sighs

Then in the Name of Allah, let’s watch all the children die

I truly do wish Islam were the Ultimate Truth of all creation

I truly do wish that it were a lonely spirit’s instigation

If only it were truer than all the clouds and all the skies

Yet what I am to do if Islam threw massive lies straight at my eyes?

Can you not see the cycle of doom, forever going on?

The cycle of brainwashing embedding us in a wrong

Perception as to what humanity really, fully means

By crushing with a religious façade all our dreams

Can you not see, the imprisonment we place in our children at a young age?

Keeping them behind eternal bars of a long lost cage

Filling their heads with Anti-Semitism to build in them rage

That grows and grows all the way until death comes by age?

Can you not see the inhibition Islam has placed on our hearts?

By condemning every last form of expressive arts?

By constantly reminding us that dreams have no position

In our lives, yet all that matters is our religiously zealous ambitions?

Can you not see the cycle of Buddha forever descending

Eliminating all possibilities of possibly transcending

Our minds with limitless artistic expression based upon everything you look

Yet again and again we say all inspiration comes from a single Holy Book?

You may be angered by me when I speak of politics

You may call me one who is mad or even worse very sick

Yet that was never my goal, to build in you a fury of negativity

Can you not see that all I want for this world is boundless liberty?

Yet the lies are so clear, and I’ll go further

Although I say these truths with no amount of fervour

I’m trying my very best to show you what lies buried

Within Islam, yet away from obvious truths you very much hurryingly scurry?

Behold, the ultimate test set before the whole of humanity

The truth behind Islam surely would cause one insanity

To know that for a lifelong he believed in fallacies

Yet when will we ever have the courage to face reality?

For the darkened truths get deeper, will you not take heed

Of the truths you ought to know, ones that you need

To pass on to your legacies, children and seed

To pass on the truths of Islam before future generations bleed?

Yet still you cover your ears, and hide your sight and vision

From truths which have carefully by others underwent a revision

So that upon your ears not a wrong word would be said

Yet all we still dream is that all Jews be eradicated and dead?

Behind TV screens our children lay, watching episodes and clips

Consisting of cartoon characters who from Ariel Sharon’s blood take gulping sips

Telling them over and over that Jews don’t deserve to live

If children are brainwashed as such, what to the world would they have to give?

What could they offer the world besides a destined destruction?

One which denies all possibilities of peaceful construction

Aimed at the Jews and the West for the rest of eternity

Will you not step back and realize this ferocious insanity?

Yet EVEN if Israel was ours and all Jews were dead

Can you not see from the words by far I’ve said

That our next targets would lie in the landscapes of the West

Can you not see that our thirst for destruction will not rest?

But there’s a reason, one in which you’d forever go about denying

Yet still for falsehood you’d willingly want to be dying

If you don’t take the time to read the Koran, and then

THINK about what you read, to a stable, peaceful world our souls will not send

Yet the hardest realization that will ever meet you on this Earth

Is that everything you’ve ever believed in since birth

Were all lies and in their core rather Satanic

I KNOW by this point you’d call me insanely erratic

Will you not reflect upon the Hindu-Arabic numerals

Surely me saying this would bury me in the saddest of funerals

But if the English numbers came from Arabic numbers

There is a truth for which I’d dangerously become a heraldic caller

Can you not hear the echoes of the far distant past?

Listening to precious voices of truth callers that last?

In such a courageous manner so that upon us they cast

A long wanted freedom for us to take off these masks?

Can you not hear the pleads from long forgotten souls?

Who in their pain were willing to pay a heavy toll?

Of fleeing their dead bodies to reveal to us truths long cast astray

The souls who are BEGGING for only truths to pave the way

Can you not hear the cries of the 8th century Hadith writers

Who for truth they’ve constantly been relentless fighters?

Revealing truths that by current Sheikhs are casting around them a sheath

By revealing ONLY the recordings within the 18th century Hadiths

Our TRUE Islamic History has been hidden, for Sheikhs only reveal recent

Writings of Hadith, which makes you ask if they have a decent

Set of inventions, showing you only a shallow side of facts

Will we not in truth’s name choose to bravely act?

Think about this in a manner so deeply

Erase all in your mind so that you’ll think clearly

If Arabic numerals and English numerals are of the same

Will you not brace your eyes before a system that has you tamed?

With English numerals, 666 represents the number of Satan

Yet Muhammed has used this number in a manner so blatant

Yet it’s still concealed before your eyes, if you will but see

The enigmatic Satanic code he’s set upon thee!

Will you not look at the cover of your Koran?

And for 1,400 years this spell has cast forever on

It says, “Al Koran Al Kareem”, yet three of its recorded punctuation marks

Are three upside down sixes, and yes I DO know that such a claim is extremely dark!

If we can’t see truths, when will we ever be free

When will there dawn a day when we can once again see

Is it not a part of our lit and proper destiny

To detect age old witchcraft that has befooled you and me?

For the world has had enough of misery and suffering

And these words on my mouth for long have been beckoning

For I promise you that when God reveals to you the dark Islamic truths in the Final Reckoning

I would never want there to be on your tongue eternal regretting

The reason I write this, is not to change you in this life

I am trying to withhold from you Hell and its sufferable strife

By showing you that all along it’s Satan that we’ve been worshipping

It’s his name and that of the Antichrist who we’ve been summoning

I am NOT a prophet, but only a poet that research he’s done a lot

Someone who’s connected all of the darkened, horrifying dots

Only so that you can hear the unheard warnings of all those spirits

The truth calling spirits, can you hear their begging, can you hear it?

Imagine a day when Israfeel the Angel sings the Judgment Day’s Last Song

And then God tells you that you’ve been worshipping Satan all along

How shocked will you be then, when you’re greeted only with Hell

And even more knowing that to the Devil you had your soul to sell

If the shock comes now, it’s better than after

Hearing it in the Days when God calls the hereafter

To judge us all regarding what we’ve done and where we’ve been

How will we feel then when we’ll have just realized, that our whole lives were a sin?

Is it not better to receive the shock of truth now, before it’s too late?

When all the way until the afterlife you’ve had only hate?

And when God judges you and tells you you’ve gone far astray

In such massive shock what words would you have to say?

Yet even then God wouldn’t send you to the Fires of Hell

As we never knew that we had our souls to the Devil to sell

We had NO idea that Islam is far from what’s lit and true

And God will probably say, “I forgive you, for you know not what you do.”















Chapter 14: Mahdi’s Thunder Strikes


If ONLY there were a way, to not have the truth shown

Without hatreds in our hearts to forever be grown

Yet the hypnosis of this spell has us all in infinite misery

For only within these unfortunate truths will we face reality

And ONLY with reality will our eyes be reborn

For only then will we have solemnly sworn

To make peace within reality, and to remove from us this shade

For within ignorance this destruction will never fade

With ignorance people will destroy believing it’s right

They will for no good reason put up endless fights

For that is what happens when concealed is their sight

From the One True God, Al Ilah, who shows his Divine Light

Al Ilah is not a god which I made up and I’m preaching

For I’m only a poet, and prophethood is a line I’d never be breaching

For Al Ilah LITERALLY means The God, the God who will set you free

While Allah ILLITERALLY means The God, the name of a rock god who has fooled you and me

Yet again and again, I will be called mad and crazy

All labels put on my head will shout out “Insanity!”

Yet ALL I’m trying is to put my humble thoughts down in words

Before World War 3 or my short life span leaves this world

Imagine that a day comes, when God has us judged

And he asks you why for the Jews you carry such a loathsome grudge

A day when he asks you how could he allow you into a Paradise

If the hatred Islam implanted in you inflicted upon the world’s serenity a heavy price

Imagine a day, when God asks you in a deep and sincere way

How is it that you would forever and constantly pray

For the destruction of the Jews, who are just like us, human beings

What if he asks you, “What veil of hatred has covered your seeing?”

Imagine a day when God ponders over your actions

By placing upon children these intangible sanctions

By reminding them that death will be your apostasy’s destiny

What if God asks you, “How little mercy do you have, how far are you from reality?”

Imagine a day when the gates of Hell hungrily awaits

For all those who’ve inspired upon this Earth nothing but hate

Will God not ask you of this hatred you’ve spread, this curse

That paradoxically in God’s name we’ve spread upon the whole Earth?

Imagine a day when God himself starts to but cry

When he even regrets the Earth’s creation with a very long sigh

Asking us how could we brainwash our children into pure hatred

What if he asks us, “In what form is that holy or sacred?”

Imagine a day when God asks us of our committed sin

And after he studies our actions and the state in which we’ve been

Asking us how could it be of good to burn synagogues and churches

What if he asks us, “Exactly what EVILS lie beneath your heart’s surface?”

Imagine a day when God merely gives up on his creation

Having witnessed the current state of the Earth’s stagnation

Asking us what in my name good have you offered the world?

What if he asks us, “What forms of hatred lie beneath your arrogant words?”

Imagine a day when God sees how we’ve used his name

Using it to have the whole world under Islam tamed

Asking us what is good about forming gangs and guerrillas by your side

What if he asks you, “All the love I’ve offered your heart you’ve forever denied?”

Surely, if I was God, then I may have ended my life

With some sort of ethereal cosmic dagger knife

After having witnessing spirituality going down to zero

After having watched the fall of all its heroes

Yet even God is suffering, with all his Divine Might

Watching all of us willing to put up a fight

In the name of a cult leader, Muhammed, who never cared about us at all

Still behind a single man’s dreams do we choose to crawl?

No matter how much I may wish to have myself civilized

So that a greater state of consciousness I may realize

Still I am bound by the brainwashing dug deep in my brain

And in that act of liberation I have gone insane

For I’ve already said this, that upon blinded eyes

True light will be deflected, for such conditioned lies

Can never escape a mind who’s willing to cry

To Satan himself for aid, up until it dies

For those who say the Koran is so very supreme, that surely Muhammed from Gabriel had received a revelation and vision

Will we not understand that ALREADY in the Jahilia Period there existed the greatest Arabic Poetry ever written

And then we say that if he’s illiterate, how can he ever had been able to write

But with dozens of writers surrounding Muhammed, all Muhammed has to do is recite

Upon a time with Quraysh’s conflict with Muhammed’s Muslim tribe

A man named Abu Lahab, Abu Taleb’s brother, disturbed the vibe

Of joy and happiness towards Muhammed and his religion

The voices of Abu Lahab and the like in Muslim countries are lost in oblivion

Muhammed was Abu Lahab’s nephew, so he knew him very well

Is that why he wished Muhammed would burn in Hell?

Once Muhammed stood upon a Hill and warned of Allah’s torment

Abu Lahab threw a rock at him and later asked him, “Will you not prove it?”

Upon his ears Abu Lahab said with sincerity

That Muhammed promises him things he can’t see, and are not within reality

He said that Muhammed promises Muslims these things after they die

“What has he put in MY hands after that?” He then cried

Later Abu Lahab had with his nephew Muhammed a discussion

He asked Muhammed what he’d get if he embraces his religion

Muhammed answered that you would be rewarded with what all Muslims get and you’ll see what they see

Abu Lahab then asked, “Is there not any preference or distinction for me?”

Muhammed asked what more would he want, what other rewards would he wish to reap

Then Abu Lahab answered with words which surely cut deep

He said may you and your religion perish with a destructive strike

So that ALL men and ALL women would truly be alike

Can you not detect that Abu Lahab is one of those truth calling spirits begging

For us to be awakened, as he roams around us hovering

Shouting in our ears the hidden truths behind Muhammed and Islam

He may be shouting, “The truth in my voice, was KILLED by Muhammed. Why? For being an intellectual individual. For being who I am!”

And after a while when Muslims grew very powerful

Something happened to Abu Lahab, very, very sorrowful

It is so sorrowful that any rational person would call it repulsive

The following actions prove the violence of a cult to be rather impulsive

In a tent, where Abu Rafi’ and Abbas’ wife, Lubaba, were on the other side

Abu Lahab heard something of them in which he later died

When Abu Rafi’ heard that holy men were riding in white between heaven and Earth, which Abu Lahab knew to be only a fable

Abu Rafi’ could not contain his extraordinary happiness and joy and exclaimed aloud, “They were angels!”

Abu Lahab got angry, and although he was a pagan and was animistic

His following actions really had nothing to do with being barbaric

He did them so that truths wouldn’t die out with everyone believing

In mere falsehoods, which include the revelations Muhammed was receiving

Upon hearing those words, Abu Lahab got angry and stood up in a manner abrupt

He went over to Abu Rafi’ and began to ferociously beat him up

For the truth is at stake, and everyone is now apparently believing in lies

So Abu Lahab must defend rationality and truth, even if he must die

At this time, Abbas himself was not in town

So Abbas’ wife, Lubaba grew cross with an unmatched, angry frown

She took the nearest tent pole and slammed the pole on Abu Lahab’s head, and went about to say,

“Do you think you can abuse him just because Abbas is away?”

The wound on Abu Lahab’s head was so severe

That his skull split open and his brain was visibly clear

The wound is said to have turned so septic, and all forms of balance in his body were interrupted

That some parts of his body into open pustules have erupted

It is often said that in general, men tend to be more violent and blood-thirsty

That men have a greater chance of acting brutally and sadistically

But for Islam to even make a woman, Lubaba, act so ferociously

Then a fair deduction would tell us that such actions were inspired Satanically

Yet EVEN after he died, his relatives had a dream so blatant

And surely a rational mind would deduce that it’s from the deception of Satan

Of Abu Lahab suffering for an eternity within the depths of Hell which will be his only resort

And they kept claiming that he will receive absolutely no ounce of comfort

And so Abu Lahab’s voice went into complete nothingness

Lost in the echoes of time into the hidden and confound darkness

Although his spirit lives on, carrying with it its pleading voice

Yet we still wouldn’t give up our faith even if we had the choice

I would never attack ignorance merely because it helps us sleep at night

But rather because it makes us willing to put up a fight

In the Name of falsehood, leading to unwanted destruction

Yet again and again, we refuse every chance at reconstruction

For even if our hearts were seized out of our bodies and put in the rain

By God Himself, so as to fix our heart’s massive strains

To ease the suffering of lies, so as to relieve of its pain

We’d forcefully take our hearts back, even though they’re still dark, and passionately insane

As I’ve said, that no matter how lost our faith is far asunder

Even though Allah himself warns us of punishment, and haunts us in dreams with thunder

There is STILL a chance to be born again, into the plains of rationality

Rationality, Truth and Light, things we need very badly

Still today, the truth of Abu Lahab’s story is hidden in undisclosed history

And whenever his name is mentioned, Sheikhs speak of him angrily

Filling our hearts with hatred towards Abu Lahab, until his very name

Represents the pinnacle and top of all topics which are of shame

And so history is concealed, within far astray unknown libraries

Hiding very much needed facts of events of certain stories

Which will allow us to se Islam’s full and entire picture that’s grand

Yet still in the name of lies we fight until we’re buried beneath the sand?

The reason I pray to Al Ilah, is because he is the same conceptual God Jews and Christians pray to

The same God which inspired all Abrahamic religions through and through

The reason Jesus is not a cult leader, is because he praised God whom long before him existed

Yet Muhammed praised only a rock god, Allah, whom he himself brought to fame before Allah was ever known to mankind, putting words into his mouth with a religion he fabricated

Amongst the scariest condition that this world has ever faced

Is that the entirety of a once poetic and free living race

All believe in the same lies, for when the majority firmly have those in their head

The minority that speaks the truth by the majority will behead

For the most frightening state in which this world has ever been

And this state of the world is the one we currently live in

Is when the minority who speak truths are charged and imprisoned for blasphemy

While the majority who believe they’ve found the truth are far from reality

As I said, the voices of questioning and rational Muslims are constrained

For from the fear of facing the death penalty do they refrain

From speaking truths, which apparently no one wants to hear

Yet you still believe this minority has a covering around their ears?

Do we yet see the inversion of Islam, playing upon us tricks

That the truth speaking minorities are killed with stones and bricks

Are in fact those who can limitlessly and clearly hear, speak truths and really see

While it is on us, the majority, who are blinded with veils of insanity?

Yet still after all the clear and realistic evidence

We still ask of Allah his Divine Providence

Even though Islam contains dark lies behind its holy events

And even more, removing the love for the truth in us all, the curiosity of innocence?

For the world will never achieve a general or even slight sense of a utopia

If deep within Islam’s core there rests a very urgent and dutiful agenda

To witness one day that the ENTIRETY world becomes an Islamic nation

By using our hypocritical, arousing rhetoric and obtained weapons of domination

The rather interesting thing about Islam’s construction

Is that mostly the Muslim men have this thirst for destruction

While the women are mostly humble and for the worst oppressed

If ONLY Muslim women existed, then Islam wouldn’t cause that much of a mess

For even if the moon falls upon Earth, with the sky only showing white landscapes and craters

Even if locusts of destruction emanated from the equator

Even if aliens struck the Earth with beams and desolators

Still to Allah would you chant “Allahu Akbar” for to him you’ll forever be prayers

For even if miracles were performed by a man bringing down thunder-strikes

Even if that man really is the entire world’s Antichrist

He would be our saviour, and our Mahdi, the true redeemer

Even though unto Jesus he’d be a sincere blasphemer



























Chapter 15: Iblis in Disguise


Beyond Abu Lahab, there’s another man who probably

Saw the whole picture far more truly visibly

His name was Abu Jahal, to whom Muhammed went about to create

Several verses so that to him all future Muslims would express hate

Abu Jahal probably knew more than us all

He knew about the plans of Muhammed to whom we crawl

He knew all the facts ranging from the goddesses Minat, Uzza and Allat

And he knew that after the Moabites the Meccans renamed the rock god Baal to Allah

He HIMSELF was a worshipper of Allah to whom he remained loyal

That is why when Muhammed preached a fabricated message from Allah his heart began to boil

For Abu Jahl knew that Muhammed will create a religion praising a Satanic deity

And he FEARED that countless future generations will preach this insanity

Abu Lahab and Abu Taleb were brothers who both saw the delusions of Muhammed’s plans

The only difference is that Abu Taleb treated him nicely, while Abu Lahab acknowledged the evil in the man

And Abu Lahab was killed by HIS OWN sister-in-law, Lubaba

Yet still after all this knowledge we blindly walk circles around the Ka’bah?

Behold! For in all the deepest depths of history way back

Never have we faced a religion that seriously lacks

Reason and rationality, while at the same time able to efficiently brainwash

Our minds with the most vile of lies, and now we live, whitewashed

For there is no limit to the degree

In which we’ve effectively and totally been deceived

By the greatest lies surpassing all deceptions down the ages

All of such illusions found in the Koran’s pages

But OF COURSE it’s the greatest deception and the greatest of tricks

For it’s a deception based on the number six hundred three score and six

Which has people completely oblivious that they’re worshipping Satan and the Devil

OH BOY has Muhammed taken deception to a whole new level

For if you deny this, read the works of those who’ve sought the truth so they could clearly see

Study the thoughts of Wafa Sultan, Sam Solomon, Mosab Hassan, I.Q Al Rasooli, and Salman Rushdie

All these truths came from people who longed to return to the world of reality

Abu Jahal had tried, to bring Muhammed’s deception to the ground

So that future generations wouldn’t live in delusion confound

For although he knew he’d sinned, for worshipping Allah, he didn’t want to witness a religion created under the rule of Allah’s deception

So that lies and fraud of evil wouldn’t be believed by all future Arab generations

Yet during a war won by Muslim where all around them lay Muslim deaths

A Muhammed follower found Abu Jahl almost dead and gasping for his last breath

Before the follower sliced Abu Jahl’s head, where all around him almost dead Non-Muslims moaned and suffered

Abu Jahl said the eye-opening words, “You have risen high, you little shepherd.”

For within Abu Jahl’s final words there exists a meaning so deep

For although Muhammed is the Master Shepard, his followers aren’t only sheep

His followers are also Mini Shepards, further enforcing man into Islam and thus to Hell

OH BOY, Muhammed was truly a genius, for he knew how politics worked all too well

Once while watching TV, a Sheikh appeared

Having white skin and a rather long white beard

The words out of his tongue, would have any Muslim’s humanity deceased

For the words coming out of this man surely were diseased

His words were sincere, when talking of the Jewish race

A look of disgust and disapproval filled his entire face

He PRAYED and WISHED for Allah to send upon the a curse

And such Sheikhs exist in mosques all over the Earth

What frightened me the most, is that the way he said this was so sincere

That within his eyes you can see bottled up tears

To have hatred towards the Jews to be so passionately deep

Surely brainwashed oblivious children will you reap

And what scared my being even more

Is that he said EVEN THOUGH we and the Jews aren’t fighting anymore

We MUST still hate them straight to their core

And so the brainwashing of hatred will increase more and more until we arrive at the afterlife’s door

For that is the truth, even with no Israeli-Hamas wars going on

Until the end of days and even further than that beyond

There’s a seal in our hearts that it is absolutely sacred

To harbour for the Jews paramount an UNPRECEDENTED hatred

For although the Symbol Chi ( χ ) represents both Arabia and Nazism

We are still far more dangerous the Hitler’s fascism

For the cult of Hitler’s wars were political, while ours is of religion

Meaning our hatred fort the Jews has a far deeper inherent origin

For the teachings run deeper than just when our Sheikhs start talking

We’re talking about a severe form of brainwashing

It would be raising or bringing up a child if it was out of love

Yet it BECOMES brainwashing when hatred into our heads is shoved

For if we can’t change and to the current times we adapt

Then our own disappearance from history is surely apt

For good always conquers evil, as it always should

Yet we still believe Islam inspires that which is good?

For if we can’t learn to replace evil with what is of light

If we continue to fuel our children’s minds with nothing but fright

Of ever leaving Islam, and choosing another religion which suits his needs

Then we will continue to plant on Earth hatred-filled and destructive offspring seeds

For with nature calling out to offer us enlightened inspiration

With the skies and clouds bringing into us complete elation

With all the mysteries of life urging us to think in a manner divergent

Upon a single man’s frightening dreams do we focus in a manner convergent?

For the sorrowful Seal of the Prophets had brought this world’s spiritual state

Into a condition in which with the Devil it can very closely relate

For although all I want is for your thoughts to instigate

You still harbour towards me limitless and boundless hate

For with each morning which rejuvenates us into being

Even though some days and times may be spiritually saddening

At least we can live in the present, where we can make a good single moment last

Yet we still to cling onto an ideology built FAR in the past?

For passions, love, inspirations and dreams

Our witnessing of enlightenment with Light’s invigorating beams

Can NEVER come to us, if we but live in the past

It can ONLY come to us in the present, whereas ideas and important thoughts stream into our minds very fast

For if in the depths of Hell our current times have been living

If it’s peace from God for which we’d be praying

Then change is necessary in order for us to rebuild tranquility

Yet we still foolishly believe the Koran allows any form of liberty?

For liberty itself in Islam is indirectly viewed as a crime

Yet still we find it to be completely and absolutely sublime

Even though free speech itself by its words are killed

Would it be wrong to assume that it even takes away free will?

Something which spells a doom so very grave

Is that the name ‘Abd Allah’ means that to Allah we’re merely slaves

For in reality to God we ought only to be servants of natural morality

Yet to be a slave means only to serve a heathen deity

Allah surely haunts those who speak against his Apostle’s Word

And this is something happening all over the world

For when a Muslim denounces Islam by which he is tamed

Allah will do whatever it takes to bring FULL shame to his name

Usually witchcraft is used to curse a single man with the Devil’s hook

Yet even FAR worse it can be used to write a Holy Book

So that the spell can last LONG after the spell is written

Until the whole world become slaves to witchcraft’s abomination, in complete submission

Behold the power of witchcraft and its ability to lure

Millions of people into a curse, thinking it’s a cure

For although on the surface the Koran’s pages appear so pure

Deep within its words lies a darkness so obscure

Behold the lie which has befooled entire nations

Into its strict systematic legalities and lethal legislations

The lie which upon perceptive eyes is viewed as an abomination

One that to life itself is the greatest deprivation

For if it’s true that if upon water the Koran is read

Its cells and lively structure end up becoming dead

Then what do you think what happens, when you read it upon you brain by placing a palm over your forehead

Have you but closed your eyes after all the things I’ve sincerely said?

Behold the Kingdom of the Antichrist, wearing badges of servitude

Upon their foreheads and arms while maintaining destructive attitudes

Towards ALL other races, religion or countries that cross its path

Behold the destructions of all other nations that underestimate Allah’s wrath

Behold the hypnosis consuming all the Muslim masses

That never seems to fade no matter how much time passes

Behold the rage built upon the Jew’s mere existence

Let’s all witness the spread of this once foretold darkness

For if Allah truly is Jesus’ and Moses’ God

Then why is it in Pagan Arabia they found it quite odd

To find anyone praying to the infamous rock god, Allah

Whereas people more often worshipped other idols of gods and goddesses such as Minat and Allat

For such words have long been weighing heavily on my chest

I’ve tried not to say these words and have you offended my VERY best

Yet ever since the Caliphate of the Islamic State brought upon this world severe unrest

I realize that this world might just need the words I had to confess

Prophethood is in fact a very integral part of nature’s vitality

To many this will sound as complete insanity

All throughout human history, highly wise men inspired by God help us heal

Yet Muhammed has placed upon this flow a binding seal

Maybe the core root of the problem lies not in Islam and its brotherhoods

Maybe the main problem lies in the seal of all prophethood

So that EVEN if Islam cannot adapt to our current times

We’d still be trapped until the world reaches mass suicide

For if Muhammed never claimed he’s the Last Prophet until the end of days

Islam itself into history would simply fade

For when Muslims understood and realizes its evil

They would have chosen to be inspired by other people

For if the whole world learns not to once again awaken

Being inspired by the steps that Socrates, Plato and Aristotle have taken

In order to preach the world only truth that will enlighten

Rather than ideologies made to control and frighten

For if the world can’t realize that we’ve been deceived

Then a newer generation of bright individuals we’ll never conceive

For our children will be born into the lies we’ve shouted atop ALL mountain peaks

So that our children will bear the HEAVY responsibility later in life of the truth they then should seek

For our children are careless in the beginning when all they do is play about

When they share innocence and they explore the Earth’s landscapes way far out

Yet when they come of age, all they will really find

Is all the HATRED and darkness we’ve simply left behind

For the madness in Muslims has grown very, very great

And I really do hope that it’s not by now too late

To try and ease their hearts of this eternal hate

Injected into them by groups such as the Islamic State

Life as we see it really isn’t supposed to be that way

For it’s supposed to have hope whenever the sun shines the day

Whenever we feel happy with the legacies we leave and the healthy callings we pray

As we leave the world only love, where the children peacefully play

For if newer prophets aren’t allowed within the Earth’s horizon

The Earth in which now man surely dies in

The cycle of Islam will continue to cause the world destruction

No matter how much we plead you to perform reconstruction

For in the deepest core of history lay facts unseen

To many its truths will sound to others very obscene

But if you just listen to those truth calling spirits begging

Begging us to once again spring into enlightened seeing

For giving up faith is probably the most traumatic

Experience in our lives in which our minds go static

Shattered yet sometimes our brains neurons fire in a manner wild

What does it take for us to be reborn into a different faith as a newly conceived child?

Yet we may never give up our faith, even if the sky fell

Even though the afterlife shows us Heaven and Hell

Wherein we ask which of the two shall be our final fate

And God may ask, “Is not Hell the destination of all those who on Earth expressed hate?”

For God’s Ultimate Test was to bring Heaven here on this Earth

To recreate the world in a process of enlightening rebirth

Wherein we eliminate all form of witchcraft’s curse

Wherein once again born humans rise up from the sorrowful dirt

Yet regardless of whatever I may say

We would still believe that the light of day

Will ONLY have meaning when all Jews are eradicated

Waving around the Koran that Muhammed merely fabricated

Although such realizations may come to us all as a shock

That the words of Imams on pedestals of every mosque

Pray to a heathen deity to cast horror and fear into the hearts of the West

This could be the reason for mental illnesses and desires for suicide weighing on their chest

It’s as though I feel Allah’s whispers, condemning me for this writing

Yet it’s only in the name of the truth that I go on fighting

Yet although the end of this book may be very nigh

I feel that Allah has twisted fate in a way so that I’d sooner die

For Hell itself is singing sorrowful songs

Witnessing this once green Earth having gone so wrong

God’s unheard messages may bring tears to his Divine Eyes

Knowing that no new prophet holding his newer message can ever rise

For Gabriel himself probably lies in heaven crying

Witnessing a false prophet who has gone about lying

Saying the words are from the wisdom in Gabriel’s eyes

While all along it was probably Iblis in disguise





Chapter 16: Songs to Later be Sung


Behold the most tragic times in human existence

Where the norm of the world has become untold sickness

Of living a millennium and a half not knowing what prophethood really means

Into my dreams have you only looked, or by now have you seen?

For with the creation of the Earth, Hell and Heaven

With the division of the worlds of the afterlife into layers of seven

The Angels, Devils and God all now cry

Witnessing the spirituality of the Earth just die

For hope itself lies deep in the core of darkness

Deeper and deeper into a black hole of complete blackness

Yet if we seek it with infinite perseverance and hearts kept firm

Then to a newer enlightened land we may return

The world has gone into a very clear state of stagnation

Where people no longer believe in the concept of redemption

Where people forget about Buddha’s idea of reincarnation

Wherein IT IS possible to be liberated from fear’s chains in an exoneration

For people say that God no longer answers prayer of reverence

Then they go about denying his very existence

For when prophethood is no longer there

Then surely our prayers to God, who is now blocked out of this world, will vanish into thin air

Prophets are the connections between the Earth and Heaven with its spiritual wells

Although there are Prophets who are the ties between Earth and the Fiery Hell

Without them, then God is merely blocked out of this world’s spiritual field

Yet to the submission of the sorrowful Seal of the Prophets will we blindly yield?

Even if all the wisps of spirits gather to bring you relief

You’d still hold on so tightly to your age old beliefs

Even though the wisps and truth calling spirits are whispering to you the ideas of redemption

You still will surely choose your own path of damnation

This is evident in Summayah Bint Khattab’s time of death

When she never gave up her faith until her final breath

Even though her master tried to squeeze out her this Satanic Spell

For Islam has given her this addiction to the destination of Hell

And so Summayah died while remaining a Muslim in entirety and whole

Yet I still feel the presence of her lost, wandering soul

Telling me that she’s been deceived by the hands of Black Magic and sorcery

That which is mentioned in the Angels Harut and Marut’s story

For surely Muhammed was well-acquainted with Harut and Marut’s teachings

And I do feel that red lines set by Allah I am now breaching

For their works have been put to good use when writing the Koranic Verses

That’s why we feel the URGE to burn down synagogues and churches

For what is more important than the concept of liberation

Wherein all of our thoughts go through instigation

Wherein we can say ALL words within our hearts

This is what I’ve been writing for right from the start

Imagine a world where liberation doesn’t have to be a crime

When across all future generations and all times

The innocence in hearts have a chance at showing

When all of us would love being in a state of really knowing

Imagine a world where love has a chance of being a reality

Where there really is no need for repressing through chastity

For instead of living in a world where intercourse is repressed, as it surely is a black magic’s hex

We can live in a superior state of mind in which we can TRANSCEND the urge of sex

Imagine a world where poets no longer have to hide

For truly in their efforts they have massively tried

To free the world from the existence of ancient lies

Where they no longer their heart’s calling they have to deny

Yet how can we reverse what’s been implanted since childhood

How can we reform a system holding every neighbourhood

How can we give up what matters to us the very most

If within all our hearts Allah is a very dear host

How will we ever even think of having our faith surrendered

If to Islam we’ve been loyal and persistent senders

Sending its messages to all other nations afar

Even if we had to preach it to a newer species on Mars

How can we let go of something so dear to our being

How can we give up a faith in which we’d be dreaming

To have its message spread upon the entirety of the Earth

All until into the afterlife we face God through rebirth

How can we even consider shifting to a faith of another religion

If in Islam we are promised only the fires of Hell’s oblivion

For Allah reminds that punishment awaits those who are set free

Even though this faith is creating a beast out of you and me?

How can we give up what our parents taught to be Holy?

By telling us about Islam only through limited stories

Even though the needed Islamic stories we haven’t received

Yet and yet again, we’ve been inherently deceived

Yet we may never give up our faith, we may never will

For in its name we’ve learned and are obligated to kill

All the Jews until we rise again up above

Still we teach our children that to the Jews we should show no love

For even in the stars collapsed and the sky turned red

Despite all the words I may ever said

We shall remain loyal to Islam at its full breadth

Believing that only from it will we gain any strength

For this is evident from the story of Bilal alone

Wherein Ummayah placed on his chest a heavy stone

Telling him to give up the faith of Muhammed, his cult master

And still he didn’t give up his faith, as he saw heaven awaiting him in the hereafter

And so Bilal and Sumayyah died believing that their destination is heaven

Believing that they’ll live in the highest layer of all the seven

Believing that Muhammed and all his loyal relentless tribe

Will reunite with them in heaven after they’d died

For our hearts have hardened as we’ve ventured farther

Towards our enemies’ land, led by the teachings of our forefathers

Who taught us that death in the battlefield before this Earth you leave

Is the greatest glory you’ll ever, ever achieve

And so we’ve taught our children not even to enjoy living

We taught them that the Jews we’d never be forgiving

Little do we know, that we’re paving the way for future human war machines

Who view that killing a Jew is righteous rather than something which is humanly obscene

In the United Kingdom, its Muslims really would want nothing more

Than the Sharia Law to be implemented, yet I’m sure they wouldn’t want it anymore

When they witness beheadings of those Muslims the leader chooses to hate

And these people can range from a simple stealer to a sworn apostate

We have this brightened vision of implementing Sharia Law

Yet can’t we see that beheading will occur while we all stand in awe

Can’t we see that liberation itself will become an impossibility?

Why is it that we’re just so against liberty?

Why are we so afraid of liberty and freedom of speech?

Why are we so afraid to not have Allah’s lines breached?

Why is it that we upon our children consistently teach

That life after martyrdom is the greatest glory they can ever reach?

Why is it that we’re willing to lay our lives for the sake of redemption?

Even though the whole thing really is a deception

Why is it that we dream our rockets of revenge blot out the sun?

So that God in the afterlife would ask, “To the children of God what have you done?”

Why is it that in Islam’s name we take such a firm position

So as to kill thousands upon thousands in a future inquisition

So that death meets all those with ideas in opposition

Even though all they’re really seeking, is a life of liberation

Why is it we believe we know what is best for regions such as the United Kingdom

Preaching or better yet forcing Sharia Law as proud Muslims

For surely with hostility English scholars are afraid to against Islam speak

For they know that if they do complete chaos would we wreak

For even if God himself descended from the skies

And cries, “Surely you’ve caused a misery I can no longer deny.”

We’d still say that this is a conspiracy theory from leader so manic

Whom you’d accuse to be using some sort of Black Magic

Surely the one thing God intended out of his creation

Is to allow us all forms of living with liberations

By learning and teaching to have all thoughts go through instigation

Yet we’re still inflicting upon the world our malevolent, cultic damnation

For amongst the other Pagan rock gods of Pre-Islamic Arabia

Besides the severely revered Almighty rock god Allah

There existed a god who equated to and represents Al Ilah

He is the Semitic God, and his name was El, Ilah

El, Ilah fathered many gods, amongst the main ones were Hadad, Yam and Mot

And surely in our schools this is something we’re never taught

For the son god Hadad against the god El, Ilah he’s forever rebelled and fought

But who was Hadad really, could this be the answer I’ve so long sought?

What if I said that Baal/Hubal really is the same god as Hadad

Would we start to rage in fury and get totally mad?

With one of the greatest realization I could ever have had

Could it be that since Hubal is in fact Allah, then El, Ilah is Allah’s Dad?

That in and of itself isn’t the great realization, not even in the least

In the Koran it mentions that against Allah rebels the Fallen Angel Iblis

But could Allah himself be the rebelling Iblis, for this may be the secret hidden in the darkest nights, hidden even from the most enlightened mystics

Since Allah rebels and hates his Semitic father, El, Ilah, proving Allah to be a pure Anti-Semitic?

This may very well be the infinitely hidden and darkened reason

That we view a Muslim to committing the greatest of all treasons

If he shows an ounce of love to Jews, and this may be the reason we PERPETUALLY choose

To show nothing but PURE HATRED, disgust and resentment towards ALL Jews

Since ancient times, the five pointed star, with one pointed up, not inverted

Would repel demons and devils away in a manner very deflected

But with two points up, inverted, you’d make with the Devil some sort of pact

So that instead of repelling the Devils, to them you would attract

If this is true of the five pointed star, what about David’s Star?

For it’s not inverted, and its deeper truths lie very distantly afar

Yet I’m showing you this so that you would know who you are

Yet I cry to know that we’re all behind ignorance’s titanium bars

If Jesus was a Jew, and so was the faithful Moses

For if the One True God appealed to the Jews, the people of Moses and Jesus

Then in relation to the five pointed star’s story, if a six pointed star is not inverted, it is also of good and blessing

Yet if inverted, wouldn’t the whole world its consequences would be distressing?

For in relation to the five pointed star’s story, if the six pointed star is inverted

Then it would represent the Antichrist, Anti-Moses religion that’s perverted

Yet the saddest realization, the greatest of all, hidden behind all dark and cosmic layers of the night

Is that this religion is probably Islam, guided by Allah’s destructive Might

For if the energies of truth are now swirling inside me

Inspiring into me some sort of an anticipated future’s reality

I would never claim this to be a never before heard prophecy

For by claiming that I would surely be breaching insanity

I see a day when enough Muslims leave Islam in sworn apostasy

Allah himself would surely get totally and malevolently angry

Appearing by coming to us through the distant and untouched horizon, very, very far

And he would either appear as a snake representing the Satanic Dragon Beast, the Antichrist, or as a massively sized darkly cosmic, inverted six pointed star

Beyond that, in hidden sources of knowledge, the God El, Ilah

Has an equivalent, or better yet, an epithet, and his name as we all know is Yahweh

So now we know which god we really should be worshipping

So that to a newer land of serenity we would be ascending

Besides the fact that Hadad/Allah has a father, El, Ilah, and three daughters, which surely sounds blasphemous

He also has a consort, and her name is Atargatis

Yet still with all of these hidden facts now shown upon thee

We still refuse to use these God-given eyes to once again see?

Hadad/Allah is also equal to Zeus, who is also the equivalent to Jupiter, or Jove

And Jove/Jupiter is the king of gods, whom Homer praised as being very high and above

Yet although Allah may be the king of gods, does that make him their father?

The highest father god is El, Ilah, whom above him the family tree of gods goes no farther

Yet more than that, if El is the father of Hadad/Zeus/Allah, and this could be madness

Can we not say that El is also the equivalent of Cronos?

Meaning that although we’d wish to worship Allah/Zeus until time goes no more

Is it not true then, that Cronos/El had existed far, far before?

Yet the strange fact, and surely this is very quite sorrowful and odd

Is that the king of gods, Allah, rebelled and fought against El, Ilah, the One True Father of gods

So that nations of armies would raise their weapons in the name of Allah

So that they’d kill the people who worship Yahweh, or El, Ilah

The truth ought to come out eventually, to promote the One True God’s good

As we joyfully chant truths of religions all across neighbourhoods

And this is something we must do, and very much should

So that as enlightened, individualistic masters on this Earth we would have stood

The MAIN reason I write this poem

Is not to silently say to the devout grown Muslims, “I showed them!”

The MAIN reason I write this is for the future children and all the future youthful offspring

So that only loving legacies and peaceful vibrations of songs we express would they later sing




















Chapter 17: Hidden History’s Bells Rung


Imagine a day when all believe in God through philosophies

Not in the limiting and binding laws of ideologies

Where only man-made law prevents crimes and monstrosities

So that the world can enter into a form of freeing luminosity

Imagine a world where the open-mindedness of a deist

Can debate god with the open-mindedness of a pantheist, agnostic, or even atheist

Where debate actually reaches from argument a productive conclusion

Whereas he who believes in an ideology would ignore it all, and return to his religious delusion

Imagine a world where freedom exists in our mentality

Where within it there is no form of brutality

Where we realize life is too vast to limit it to a religion’s legalities

Those which come from age-old, non-adaptive fallacies

Imagine a world where every sunshine in our hearts does last

Not associating it with repetitive prayers of the past

Where every day towards newer goals we dream and envision in ambition

Instead of suffering and becoming blinded in an age-old prison

Imagine a day when ALL forms of knowledge is considered sacred

Imagine a day when for the Jews we no longer harbour hatred

For in such a day we’ll be able to build and reach new heights

When for the first time in a millennium we won’t be living in blight

Imagine a day when newer prophets are no longer put to death

When he can reincarnate our hearts with a cast and freeing breadth

When rebirth of our civilization has a chance at existing

And as I’ve said before, it’d be a culture in which only love is consisting

Imagine a world where hearts are once again reborn

Imagine a world in which we have solemnly sworn

To repair these scars of hatred which have our hearts torn

So that there’s be no wars in the future for us to have millions mourned

Imagine a world no longer burdened by age old scars

IN which we could seek knowledge and truths beyond and afar

A world where we wouldn’t be slaughtered for having friendly conversations at a bar

Imagine a world where we all share our dreams scattered amongst thousands of stars

Imagine a world where cross-country wars are forever put on hold

So that peaceful, friendly hearts we will choose to mould

A world where no souls to the Devil are sold

A world where no major war ever unfolds

Imagine a world where the sorrowful Seal of the Prophets is broken

Imagine a world where we can speak the words that were never spoken

Imagine a world where innocent dreams come true

Although you must know that such a world starts with me and you

Imagine a world where a new found prophet takes our hands

He who leads us to newer and more enlightened lands

He who fills our hearts while alive and even when resting in peace beneath the sand

For such a hopeful world and dream, we ought to take a stand

For with newer prophets who promote only love

They wouldn’t be cults, but rather fellowships of the God up above

Cults inspire hatred, while fellowships inspire love so pure

Cults bring a disease, while fellowships of God bring a cure

For with a newer prophet that takes a stand

Preaching only love and kindness of God throughout the lands

He won’t be a cult leader, but a leader of a fellowship guiding to human love and God’s Divine Love and Freedom

Guiding us through the loving adventures of this life, rather than painting dreamy images of the afterlife’s Heaven coming after martyrdom

For if you feel I wish to have your beliefs offended

All I really want is for your mind to be transcended

So that later in life you would not have lamented

That you bred a generation which the whole world it detested

All I really wanted, is to put all my dreams down in words

Before Allah or Death take my soul away from this world

So that people who share my voice wouldn’t remain in the shadows

So that a newer path of limitless expression they would follow

I am NOT a prophet, but only a poet who had hidden history’s bells rung

Yet even though you believe that shame to religion I’ve malevolently sung

And I end up tied to a rope by the neck by you

I’d repeat a few of Jesus’ last words, “Forgive them God, please do, for they JUST know not what they do.”
























Chapter 18: A Soul’s Redemption


It is true to say, that freedom is scary

For surely with it, reality becomes blurry

Hazy and confusing, wild and fervent with dreams and imagination

And since freedom is scary, we cling on to our stagnation

It’s understandable to think, that freedom causes discomfort

Yet without it, truly what is life really worth

Must we physically survive, then reproduce and procreate

And then not live with freedom through the lands God did create?

It is true that freedom may seem ever so dangerous

And surely its results the world may seem ever so heinous

Yet to what extent is freedom of value, of an unmatched treasure

To what extent is it important and vital beyond measure?

For down the generations we have gone, causing our youth to be restricted

By telling them that the only truths exist within the Koran depicted

Closing their minds to the heavens and what lies further

And their sense of curiosity did we truly murder

Yet with the alterations of day and night, with mysticism at play

With all of the words that we ever wanted to say

We remain constricted and so extremely afraid

To break this silence with which steel cage bars it’s made

Yet the silence is grand, spreading all throughout the Muslim lands

Our voices are kept so deep within, deeper than the depths of a desert’s sand

So that whenever we would wish to speak what lies in our minds

It I only absolute horror and fright our hearts we’ll find

Yet still, how valuable is freedom that we remain locked away

So that whenever the sun rises in the East in the light of day

Begging us to be reborn again to a newer day with a flaming passion’s heat

We still parrot the life of Muhammed, and have all of our future days in repeat

Yet still, how scary is freedom venturing far up above

With love needing freedom to survive, and freedom needing love

That we’re afraid to change and alter our current state, and finally be set free

Yet freedom is so scary, that we’d rather remain blind and unable to see

Yet still freedom is scary, I KNOW that, it’s frightening indeed

That’s why we hide our offspring from life, and conceal our seeds

Although if there’s one thing from me I’d want you to heed

Is that freedom is something we really by now need

Yet freedom is dangerous, for man’s heart is filled with darkness

For if freedom isn’t ruled by love, then surely will a madness

Be created, causing men to rise higher in their thrones

And forget to be humble before the creation that God owns

Yet why is freedom scary, that from it we’ve become excluded

It’s because love itself has become frightening, for if without love with freedom included

Would we face disasters, and since we’ve learned to HATE instead of love the West and Jews

Then freedom without such love has become scary, except for a minority and a few

These few people do exist amongst Arab nations, kept silent and made confused

For if they say aloud that they wish to love all, upon them death is ensued

For love towards all others has become the scariest thing with which to relate

And that is why our only mode of action is that of pure hate

I am looking for way after way to tell you my views on Islam without having you hurt

For surely Islam to you is more important than all that exists on Earth

Everything I said as of far may be false, yet why does it make as much sense to me as hat holds up the skies

And despite such truths, in this altered state of a reality we’re willing to sacrifice our lives and become willing to die?

And so we’ve never been taught freedom, and the value of life and breath

So that the ONLY emancipation we’ve ever known is martyrdom, or life after death

So that whenever one comes forth and gives you the chance with which to live

And to pursue happiness, you’d say that the message of Islam is all I have to give

And still freedom is frightening, and surely I won’t blame you at all

For with freedom, a single man can lead to an entire nation’s fall

Yet if freedom is combined with love, and their connection never does disconnect or cease

Then the entire world will ascend in spiritual rankings, and we will all finally know peace

Yet still all Islam continually does is remind us of our supremacy

Over all other tribes, nations and religions, and surely there will be no tranquility

Until Islam is spread all throughout the globe, and becomes our newer reality

So that all is in a cultic utopia of fear, and one cannot form his own destiny

Surely it’s odd, to call a utopia cultic and one of fear

For although on the outside of a nation under Islam’s reign, all appears clear

While inside our hearts, and to our souls in a place so dear

Nothing will roam throughout them except full and absolute fear

Yet there’s always been two types of utopias in which we may make our standing

There’s a utopia formed out of a cult, and another out of pure understanding

For a cultic utopia maintains peace by exacting harsh punishments so cruelly

While the utopia of understanding is constructed only of love, and in seeking beauty

And so the One True God, El, Ilah, who above him the family tree of the gods goes no farther

Has been attacked by his spirit son, Hadad/Allah, with such destructive fervour

Hadad surely invokes darkness in his words of the Koran, covered in beauty, hiding the true nature of beast

While all along he may very well be the self-praised and self-acclaimed god, Iblis

Yet a lot of the Muslims these days are in hypocrisy and a state of pretence

And although they may carry within them humanity and common sense

They are afraid to show it, and go on cursing the rest of the world and its nations

And surely with only narcissism and hatred in us, we will carry on in stagnation

For society is like a circuit, along and through it electricity is moving

And the electricity is equated to criticism, which builds new heights out of old constructs, and the electricity through the circuit keeps on flowing

However with one road block of religion in the circuit, not allowing for it to be criticized, for that would be a crime

Then the entire circuit switches off, and the society becomes totally idle and still in time

It’s something about love that frightens us so deeply

Because hating is A LOT easier, and so it has become our destiny

To raise entire generations wishing for the Jews to be eradicated from reality

And all those who decide to side with the Jews are surely of insanity

But maybe we feel no love because our freedoms are suppressed

And although without freedom our nations shall be depressed

Maybe since love and freedom need one another to survive, as surely Jesus once thought

Since we have no freedom and barely any free will, that is why we can’t love others, whom we perpetually fought

And so with no freedoms for us to embrace

Then love itself which transcends higher than all times and space

Won’t enter our hearts, towards other tribes and countries with different legislations

Although we only do show love to only our Muslim nations

Yet still as I speak of love to all others, our faces will frown and go still

For although by Allah’s confining red lines we’ve become void of free will

Love towards other nations within our hearts it’s seriously hard to fill

And surely those like me who say, love all others, you’d heartily laugh and aim at us, saying, surely you are mad and ought to be slaughtered and killed

I sincerely and fully know how precious Islam is to our hearts and beings

To the point that it defines our thoughts and modes of seeing

Yet can’t we see that Islam is somewhat a supremacist religion, placing itself above all others who aren’t yet by Islam tamed

Although ALL the West really wants is not only ‘blasphemous’ freedom, but for us to be the same?

And so the secrets to the family tree of gods causes my brain to almost decease and become static

Yet I would NEVER claim myself to be some sort of prophet, seer or holder higher truths, for surely then I would be manic

Yet although reality may be painful as EVER, how can I just not have these words recorded

For without the truth, how can we with enlightenment ever be rewarded?

In the city of Mecca, back when the Moabites worshipped the pagan god, Hubal, surely then all may have been going well

Although the Meccans overtook the statue and monuments in rebellion, and brought upon the Moabites raids of Hell

And so the Meccans have renamed Hubal to a new god name, Allah

And alongside Allah amongst the 360 other pagan gods and goddesses were his three daughters, Minat, Uzza and Allat

And later on when Muhammed claimed to have received revelations from Allah through the Angel Gabriel

Although in Salman Rushdie’s words, this Gabriel may have been a devil in disguise, after Muhammed up high on Mount. Hira may have had his soul to sell

He came unto Mecca, purged the city and destroyed al 360 pagan gods and goddesses, leaving only Allah

And so he destroyed all gods and goddesses, Nabu and Nasr, Uzza, Minat and Allat

Yet oddly, one of the idols he had destroyed went by the name of El, Ilah, a Semitic god and Deity

Yet who is El, Ilah really, such an answer may transform our reality

El, Ilah fathered three son gods, Hadad, Yam and Mot

Could this be the truth the whole world long has sought?

Yet who is Hadad really, would the answer to this shock us all?

Surely Hadad is the equivalent of the god Hubal

And if Hubal is Allah and Hubal is Hadad

And surely by now such a realization would have us so very sad

Then can we not say that Hadad is Allah, through equivalency?

Oh God, surely with such a realization I am breeching insanity

More than that, Hadad/Allah had a consort whose name is Atargatis

And now we see Hadad/Allah’s connection to other gods and goddesses

So Hadad/Allah has a father, El, Ilah, which surely may sound as madness

And he also has a consort whose name is Atargatis

And although this has been mentioned by now a lot

Hadad/Allah also has three daughter goddesses, Uzza, Minat and Allat

Yet in the Koran, it carries and unknown set of deep mysteries

Hidden within so many deep layers of latent meaning

Giving out verses with deep, dark meaning cloaked in beauty, as though it were a maze

And upon its recital, the entirety of the world would feel deeply amazed

Yet mentioned so many times in the Koran, is that we humans don’t know anything

Compared to the words of the Koran we are all but nothing

And so we’re forced into ignorance, heeding only the mosque’s call

And when it comes to its deeper construct, we really know nothing at all

Yet was Muhammed wiser than us all, to make us believe in something so deeply, even towards martyrdom?

Were humans never, ever allowed, or was it never wise, to have freedom?

Is freedom naught but destructive, causing unrest and unease to the one above?

Yet can’t we not see that the only way for freedom to work is with love?

Yet still, is freedom really worth it, supporting it in my words, to have Muslims displeased

Is it wise to have freedom to be one of the worst of deeds?

Is it true, that freedom may one day lead to a nation’s destruction?

But without it, how can a soul ever reach its redemption?
















Chapter 19: What Freedom Really Means


And so within the Koran, there’s a fallen angel by the name of Iblis, the deceiver

And surely this hurts me as much as it does to you, my fellow believer

Yet it is said that Iblis rebels against God, until the end of time

And if the father of all gods is Semitic, El, Ilah, then who exactly is guilty of this crime?

Although I KNOW my words may seem twisted, and far from true

Yet if there’s to be an enlightening land awaiting me and you

We HAVE to be open to all forms of possibilities, no matter how odd

Could it JUST be, that this rebelling Iblis may be Allah/Hadad, the Islamic god?

If we THINK about it, which other god despises Semitics and Jews to the very core

So that truly we’d absolutely want nothing more

Than to tear them limb from limb to form a bloody pool

And hating the Jews is something taught in every Muslim household and school

If El, Ilah/Yahweh is the one true father of gods, above whom the family tree of gods goes no farther

And if it is he to whom all theistic creatures, be they human or aliens, worship with fervour

And if this god is a Semite, preached by Moses and Jesus, who were both the people of the Jews

Then all gods beneath him are Spirit Sons and Daughters, Angels and Demons, surely this ought to be true

So surely Hadad/Allah is a Spirit Son of El, Ilah/Yahweh, whose rage against him does not cease

And if Hadad/Allah detests El, Ilah/Yahweh, making him a pure Anti-Semite, then could he not be Iblis

The fallen angel who has sworn to bring destruction upon the reign of El, Ilah/Yahweh, even though until infinity

Could this be the infinitely sad story, behind the Koran’s unbound mysteries?

SURELY the saddest thing, is that when entering deeper into the Koran’s unbound mysteries

Upon us would we embrace some kind of insanity

For realizing that all along the truth of the gods had been hidden from sight

So that we’d venture further into darkness thinking it’s light

What is the world to do, sinking further into the abyss of oblivion and confusion?

Where with unbound lies our hearts have been in transfusion

So that whenever light is shone upon us, we’d all cry deep within

And go back to the norm of our lives filled with sin

And so the fallen angel Hadad/Allah has had this world controlled

And with destructive prayers we send to the West, their hearts and souls have taken its heavy toll

So that all along in mosques we’d pray for the West’s destruction

So that generations of Western young men no longer do have redemption

And so the fallen angel Hadad/Allah corresponds with the number 666, no longer an enigma

And this is shown through the symbols of Chi, Xi and Stigma

So that the entire world under the Devil’s Foot would be tamed

And turn the whole world into a matter of business and game

Yet further down we sink, and we all have no idea why

And surely the whole world is no longer able to cry

Surely the fallen angel, Hadad/Allah, has succeeded

In having his father El, Ilah/Yahweh almost dead and superseded

Yet although all this may sound crazy, and beyond a mind’s grasp

If with such realizations our breaths may quicken and make us gasp

And surely with such thoughts we may assume otherwise or just have our minds go tense

Yet when one sees the grand picture of how things are with God and his Spirits, does this all not make sense?

And surely this all may sound odd, yet with scary reality buffering

Can we not see with clear eyes what causes the world suffering?

So that the entire world is owned by the cunningness of the Devil damned and of fire

So that there wouldn’t be a chance for us to rise higher?

Why is it that if Muhammed claims to have Moses and Jesus praised

That the aura of the Koran’s words has in us raised

A fervent need to overcome all other religions wherever they may be

And then we keep on insisting that it is we who have the eyes to see?

And so in the House of God, real troubles are brewing and are at hand

For El, Ilah/Yahweh does not know, or does, or yet then again maybe doesn’t understand

What to do with his Spirit Son, Hadad/Allah, be he Angel or Devil, who is now ruling El, Ilah’s reign

And surely the Armageddon shall pour from the sky bloody rain

And so Hadad/Allah/Iblis has since the dawn of time rebelled against his Father, to take from him his throne

So that the entirety of the universe he himself would own

And so El, Ilah sent Athtar, a god and spirit Son of El, Ilah, to try to usurp Allah

And in doing so Athtar gained control over Allah’s daughter, Allat

For after trying to speak reason to Allah, Allah doesn’t listen at all, any longer

And so Athtar, the Spirit Son, gained control over Allah’s daughter

And so Hadad/Allah/Iblis, the Spirit Son of El, Ilah, has gained more and more control over Arabia

Spreading all throughout the globe, until brainwashed men exacted terror in elated hysteria

Until all men bow down in submission to Allah’s instructions through Muhammed employed

And whosoever does not agree along will have his nation destroyed

And so Hadad is Hubal is Allah is Baalshamin, yet it’s not over

Since Allah is Hubal he’s also Zeus and thus Jove through equivalency, pagan gods praised by Homer

It’s true that Allah is a great god, since he is Zeus the pagan god, yet in reality

It is El, Ilah/Yahweh, whom above him the family tree of gods goes no farther, who would be worshipped among theistic humans and creatures, even theistic aliens of other planets, if they existed, and by us, in piety

And surely by the mention of aliens you’d think of it all as a fallacy

And surely upon my forehead would there be a label of insanity

Yet with El, Ilah/Yahweh, who transcends heathen deities and paganism, since he’s a conceptual god, one can believe in him through Pantheism or Agnosticism, or through any other philosophy related to providence

And with a god who allows this sort of reasoning, surely this could suffice to a theistic alien’s intelligence

I’m not stating that aliens actually do roam space in a manner insisted

Yet all I’m saying is that if they’re theistic, and IF they in the first place even existed

Would they not worship a god who transcends paganism, unlike Hadad/Allah, Mot and Yam

And believe in a higher conceptual god which fits all theistic transcendental philosophies, El, Ilah/Yahweh, which literally means ‘God’ and ‘I am’?

Yet despite all these words, maybe Muhammed did do the Arabs a favour

By destroying all 360 pagan gods and goddesses which pre-Islamic Arabs worshipped with fervour

Yet although Muhammed did rid us of polytheism and gave us monotheism

Did he not really only have us turn from polytheistic paganism to monotheistic paganism?

Yet the truth to ALL this can only come to us in redemption

If we all but look through this endless madness and confusion

And venture towards the Black Stone on the Kabah, in the corner wall of the Kabah, its hidden secrets concealed by a thousand nights

And place our hand within its opening, for we’ll find the Supreme Rock God of the Kabah, Allah, who appeared upon this Earth as a falling meteorite

If ONLY, I say, that Allah is the same god as El, Ilah/Yahweh/God the Father, in a manner so clear

That way NONE of us would face that enormous fear

Of knowing that all along we haven’t truly been preaching, so that in heaven would we incline

Of knowing that all along we’ve been hidden from that which is divine

And surely if my voice is heard, I will be cursed until the end of times as being an apostate and disbeliever

If my voice is heard, I’ll forever be remembered as the lying deceiver

And so all the words I’ve uttered will be charged as a crime

Although all I wanted for us, was for us to worship a god truly sublime

For surely the ONLY way the Armageddon will be avoided, for us not to endure massive death and grief

Is if we all take a step back, look at Islam from the outside in, and restudy our beliefs

For the WHOLE WORLD is waiting for us, to take it upon ourselves to rise to a new standing

So that we can see the grand picture of all religions and gods, to seek the truth wherever it may be, and embrace the world with understanding

For surely all it takes to end these conflicts is ONLY a split second in which time does cease

Where in that second, all is still and idle in time, wherein there is tranquil peace

Wherein on the battlefield we are, with one side attacking and the other fighting back and cursing in hatred the other

Where in that second, although it may seem stupid and impossible, is for us to love one another

Yet still it’s as though we’ve become immune to love when it comes to other races

And when he of Jewish descent comes upon you, frowning will light upon our faces

Yet still, and still, more and more immune we’ve become to love in our hearts very dear and near

It’s as though love towards all others has become our prime fear

Yet even if we longed for love, we still can’t as we have no mental freedom

For the only true emancipation we have is one after death or martyrdom

So that whenever one from another state of mind invites us to live in love and freedom so rad

We’d all say in scorn and resentment, surely you’re extremely mad

The greatest truth of all, is that love and freedom need one another to survive

For truly in their combination will we finally feel alive

So if Muslims, for instance, have no freedom to study Judaism and truly understand their reality

Then how can we just not hate them with a deep form of sincerity?

Truly I say if only evolution of thought didn’t exist, for surely it is manic

That way we could cling on to the same ropes of Allah, in a manner so static

So that in our ignorance we can feel safe, in security and in a sense of redemption

Yet can we not feel this redemption to be illusory, and thus such an illusion leading to destruction?

It is not out of ignorance that I write this, and not to have you lured

For surely ignorance if alone, although illusory, may bring our hearts a cure

Yet the greatest tragedy, is that ignorance can lead to anarchy and destruction

And although ignorance gives our hearts redemption, it also brings destruction, and thus we ought to seek new ways of redemption

For truly the only kind of worthy sought out redemption

Is one that comes through with full emancipation

And freedom and thus love, in the deepest and most felt core in our hearts

So that freedom, love and enlightenment would exist between us all, and upon our limitlessly God-inspired arts

The saddest realization of all is that the only emancipation ever to be blessed upon our crown chakra and heads

Is the one long sought throughout our entire lives, yet only comes after we’re dead

So that when any of us wishes to be fully alive by drawing a painting, writing a poem, or drifting in music, so that we may have a chance at emancipation while still alive, and transcend reality

All trained scholars and devout parents would again and again remind you that art, transcendence and enlightenment is surely of Satan and blasphemy

And freedom doesn’t really meant at all that upon the vices of fornication and drugs to tread

What freedom REALLY means is to be able to say all the words you would have wished to have said

To find, through experience, the person you love, hoping you remain together in authentic love or else countless tears you’ll shed

And all of this, never to deceive you out of Islam, but ONLY, to allow a possibility of life, freedom and emancipation, so that we would have no regrets, and know that we lived, before we end up dead
















Chapter 20: Facing the East


For surely the god El, Ilah equates to Yahweh, and also the word LORD, meaning Adonai

And if the words Yahweh and Adonai are combined, it would lead to Jehovah, Christianity’s God, although in my

Search to find Allah’s link to El, Ilah to possibly find out that we’re all not by a rock god tamed

There has been no connection, for Allah is a separate god, and the word Allah is a proper name

Yet if you disagree, what does Allah mean when he says that all disbelievers will go to the severe punishment of Hell, claiming it to be true

When Allah says that disbelievers will face grievous punishment, does not the word disbelievers refer to the Christians and Jews?

So that our paranoia of disbelievers, be they Christians or Jews, won’t stop until our lives end

So that for the rest of eternity, we’d look at them as inferior, and take none of them as friends?

Yet in Christianity and Judaism, in their Holy Books, they only ask of you to take in it heed

When it states that its enemies are not disbelievers per se, but only those who are wicked, evil and commit harmful deeds

So that although Islam claims its enemies to be all those of different religions, those of different beliefs

Christianity and Judaism only claims its enemies to those who cause harm, violence, grief and mischief

Yet although the word El, Ilah can be used as a name, either for Yahweh of Judaism or Jehovah of Christianity, it can also be just used as a word

And that word is simple, it’s God, which ought to be known by the world

For this word, God, also El, Ilah, can also be believed in through pantheism, agnosticism, deism, or any other God philosophy that inspires to a mind instigation

So that even when all the little rules of Christianity and Judaism don’t make sense, at least the core value, God, is true, and offers different philosophical paths of liberation

Yet the greatest tragedy is that even if we don’t like the little details of Islam, it is that when to Allah, the core value, we call

We’re only calling upon a rock god, a meteorite that once upon a time from the sky did fall

Yet the only way to find the truth to all this, is if we break this spell, and find Allah, the rock god, within the Black Stone resting

And when you see the Rock, who really is Allah, face to face, finally will there be an awakening

For surely if we don’t face reality now, into a very near Armageddon will we dive

And whence forth will entire nations, races and tribes in gunfire and explosions die

For reality is painful, I KNOW, it is as hard as it is for you as it is for me

Yet as I’ve said, NO MATTER how shattered your faith may be, there’s always a chance to construct a new world for your eyes to see

And if there’s something I’d wish to say to remove from you fear, so that from the ashes we may rise anew

Is that we shouldn’t be AFRAID to love he of another religion, be he a Christian or a Jew

So that with loving people of other religions, true love and peace may we finally feel

So let’s change, Oh Arabs of the world, so that we and the entirety of the Earth, with its gardens and fields, may once again finally heal

And if I shall be faced with the danger of death by you, it’s okay, all I would wish to say as my last words, on a final note

And this is only IF you have been touched by what I have by now wrote

Is to become an atheist, for atheists are peaceful people, and if not, become a Christian or a Jew, born again, so that this madness of paganism and that of the heathen may finally cease

Or AT LEAST, I would say, pray to El, Ilah, the One True God, facing the East





































Who Is Hadad?: An Epic Poem on Islam; From an Ex-Muslim

"Who Is Hadad?" speaks of the controversial aspects of Islam. It speaks directly to Muslims, and attempts to bring a newer perspective to the religion. It contains knowledge that I believe needs to be shared. It gives my perspective, and also touches on certain aspects of history needed to be talked about.

  • Author: Omar Bilal
  • Published: 2016-09-03 13:20:18
  • Words: 45732
Who Is Hadad?: An Epic Poem on Islam; From an Ex-Muslim Who Is Hadad?: An Epic Poem on Islam; From an Ex-Muslim