Who ate the Moon?

Who ate the Moon?

Shivangi Singh with inputs by Adiraj Singh. Illustrations via pixton.com.

[To baby Krishna and all the little ones in this whole wide world and for grown ups who love the chubby moon.
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The untold story of two naughty brothers who adored the moon…

ne dreamy, moonlit night…


…two naughty brothers, Aala and Uja made a big plan.

They climbed up the secret staircase to moon, from the attic in their house.

The brothers huffed and puffed on their way up. The starry sky displayed a cute chubby moon. They winked at each other and next moment, Aala unhooked the moon off the sky.

Coming down from the sky was easy. There was a secret slide! Screaming with joy, they slid down with the moon, and landed straight into their lawn. Hurray! the moon was their pet now. It was late night so they hid it in a fireplace and went to their beds.

Early next morning, they had to go to grandpa’s house. The excited boys just forgot about moon in the fireplace. They had no idea that a mysterious thing was going to happen…

When they returned, Aala and Uja got the shock of their lives! Somebody or something had eaten the moon. It was no longer full, it was half! Who ate a slice of their moon?

Aala blamed Uja and Uja thought it was Aala! But they did not fight as it would wake up mom and dad. After a week, the brothers checked again. This time, the moon was gone!!! There was just No Moon!

A fist fight would have ensued but mom came in and the brothers stopped. They did not want grown ups to know about their big mischief. But which of the brothers had eaten the moon?

Both denied eating the moon. Then, was the angry sky punishing them? Helplessly, they thought of praying. Grandpa had told them to believe in prayers. “We will return the moon to the sky, if it comes back,” they promised God.

After a few days, Uja checked the fireplace again and clapped with joy. He could see a thin Crescent Moon growing. They kept a check and soon got their Full Moon back.

That night, huffing and puffing, the brothers climbed up to the sky again. As promised, Aala put the moon back at its spot. They said sorry to the sky and waved good bye.

Later in the month, when they were playing on the swinging bridge, Uja looked up. This time a Half Moon was shining from the sky. Who ate the moon this time? Uja was worried but Aala smiled.

“Nobody eats the moon,” Aala explained. “It just loves to change shapes and plays hide ‘n’ seek with us.” Uja was happy to know that the moon was safe and having fun all this while. It was naughty and cute like them.

Just then the playful moon winked. Aala and Uja laughed and waved for a long, long time.

[When Aala and Uja grew up just a little, they learnt more about the moon. They knew for sure that nobody ate the moon. But what they didn’t know was the moon does not change shapes rather enters into 8 phases. It appears to be fading, gone or growing when we see from the Earth. But in reality, the moon has no light of its own and the sun’s reflected light makes it look – Crescent, Half, Gibbous or Full. It takes the moon about 29.5 days to completely cycle through all the eight phases – New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter (Half), Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter (Half), Waning Crescent. Here is a graphic of 8 phases of moon by Aala and Uja, for curious kids like you.


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Who ate the Moon?

Two naughty brothers, Aala and Uja unhook the moon off the sky and hide it in a fireplace. But something or somebody eats the moon!!! They blame each other but eventually, learn that the moon has playful secrets of its own. Colourful, delightful and educational, this book is sure to impress little moon lovers and their families.

  • Author: Shivangi Singh
  • Published: 2017-01-27 07:20:23
  • Words: 843
Who ate the Moon? Who ate the Moon?