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Who Am I?

Who am I?

Edenia Series

By Beth Hoyer

Shakespir 2015



Nikolai’s story as said to the High Council as recorded by the Recorder to the group. His story told to religious order of the High Council believing in that group as their god deity on planet Aire.


Chapter One

Pharaoh sees masked male everywhere.

No one sees that masked male thinks “Pharaoh is crazy like a lunatic!”

Ruler gets too much of seeing that masked male stabs himself with a knife into his chest and lays on floor alone in throne room or bedroom.

Masked male turns out to be his own brother who spoke “You’ve done what I wants the throne to myself.”

He reveals the masked status to pharaoh and forces the eyes of his brother shut then ordered “I want him to be buried into an underground temple!”

Anubis realizes “The Pharaoh is still alive but not really disappeared!”

He gets him out of the grave into the priests’ temple. Priests aren’t doing much regarding this situation instead plot with Anubis and Pharaoh to remove his brother from the throne. Brother has religious beliefs involving some other gods and goddesses priests don’t approve or appreciate of and want him removed.

Ruler gets handed a mask by Anubis and told “You’re to haunt your brother with it.”

He obeys learning how to do that haunting making his brother seem crazy to the city’s people and own servants. Servants don’t know that Pharaoh is still alive doing that haunting and same with the city’s people who ignore beggars and don’t know that a beggar is a masked pharaoh haunting his brother to drive him crazy. Priests get the upper hand on the brother’s craziness and get him out of the ruler ship’s position into a grave to be buried alive.

Anubis tells Pharaoh “You’re to go to the chasm of storms and leave Humania since you’ve been declared disappeared to the people of Zimala.”

Pharaoh spoke “I don’t agree-“

Priest spoke “I insist you do that! You’ll find your son taking your brother’s place as ruler.”

Pharaoh goes into chasm of storms arrive to planetary world of Aire becoming the soul Nikolai, himself.


Guardian or Nikolai as the soul pretending to be the Guardian of Life and Death eyed the mental gated arch to see if flash an image of a male wearing gonoid skin clothing from head to foot.

The High Council was speaking blaring in his mind ‘The Guardian of Life and Death! What did you see of that God of ours?!’”

He gave the High Council clad in their robes of white seated on their seats a glare and spoke “I’m telling the story as I remember it.”

Nikolai felt a terrible headache hitting him to grimace and laid his form down onto the floor while shutting his eyes thinking to himself “I might as well sleep this headache off.”

Nikolai got in response a hand shaking his shoulder including a voice familiar speaking “Don’t you dare sleep that off! Wake up and continue your story now!”

He spoke in response “I have a headache-“

“Just tell the story and ignore the pain of a headache that’s bothering you.” He got interrupted.

Nikolai opened his eyes and found the headache quit as a result despite finding his mind flashing images into his head to his disgust. He felt disgusted spoke the sound sounding in a familiar voice tone despite confused to why he was sounding familiar.

“Just tell more of the story!” He heard blared in his mind always triggering that odd sense to get into control.

Nikolai felt annoyance take hold obeyed to speak further of the tale despite disgusted to do it to the High Council.

Guardian heard as the travelers’ gate showed an image of a male “You had to show Nikolai didn’t you?!”

Guardian heard nothing in response to the female’s question instead kept on watching the soul he figured was named Nikolai. The male walked on the desert sands his feet wearing gonoid skin boots with robes covering him from head to foot. He paused from his walk to exhale a breath staring at the desert sands while feeling the wind blowing softly. He saw a rocky wall ahead of him which he continued walking towards it. He frowned as he felt a burning sensation on the bottoms of his feet looked down to stare at the ground. He felt a hotness feeling which made him yank off his robes baring his form showing him wearing pants with no top revealing his muscular physique. Groaning he tossed aside the robes as the feeling began to dominate him as he walked. He felt his feet burning and looked down with dizzy eyes to see smoke of fire on the ground where his feet were which he followed with his eyes. He stiffened as he saw the fire surrounded him and screamed out a nonsense sound which he ran towards the rocky wall running while feeling the burning going to his legs. He forced himself to keep running till he reached the rocky wall and paused when he spotted a doorway opening in it. He ran in the doorway opening running into a corridor with stone walls which he ran not caring where he went till his lungs started bursting and he collapsed onto his knees on the dirt floor. He shut his eyes panting for breath and discovered the burning and hotness sensations gone from him which he opened his eyes as he continued to pant. He looked up with night vision to see a large sarcophagus statue of Lance Richard asleep, on the coffin in front of him next to the wall of a large room that was high overhead. He exhaled a breath getting up from the dirt floor to stare at the sarcophagus which he saw had a sword spear on top of it, he recognized as a weapon called Mikan. He sighed and walked towards the sarcophagus leaning over with clawed hands on the Mikan which he with great strength yanked off.

He stood holding the Mikan in his hands as he spoke out loud “This place is my home. I won’t leave it and suffer your fate, Father. I refused to let what happened to you happen to me.”

He exhaled a breath then felt tiredness arriving went to a wall and sat in a leaning position closing his eyes. He felt himself sliding into a lying position laid onto the ground falling asleep.


Nikolai woke up with a gasp. He got up and looked around the room which he saw a doorway opposite from the sarcophagus. Nikolai entered to see a corridor with open doorways on both sides which he counted each having five of them. He went into doorways to discover that that they were empty small rooms. He found rats scattering in all directions in one room which he feeling hungry captured a rat gagging it to death. He brought the rat to his mouth biting into it eating as he entered another room. Nikolai saw had water dripping from the ceiling landing into a small stone pool of water on the floor. He finished with the rat threw the carcass away and went to the pool kneeling. Nikolai brought his hand into the pool scooping up water bringing it to his lips repeatedly.

Nikolai felt himself better spoke out loud “I’ll stay here with the rats as my food and this water pool as my drink.”

He got up and walked back to the sarcophagus room where he went to the corner of the room and laid his form on the dirt ground falling asleep.


Nikolai jerked himself awake when he heard a sound. He opened his eyes as his eyes sight blinked from night vision to day vision while hearing the sound become louder. He sat up to stare at the doorway was a flickering light that was coming nearer and nearer while hearing sounds he recognized as people jabbering. He got up holding the Mikan in front of him to stare at the open doorway. The light revealed a flaming torch light held in a figure wearing raggedy robes in hand followed by four other figures wearing identical clothing all with turban like headdresses on their heads. He stood watching as the figures spoke words he didn’t understand overlapping jabbering all at once. He edged himself closer towards the figures that darted towards the sarcophagus one leaving the torch lying on the floor as they picked at the coffin with knives in their hands. Nikolai roared some loud nonsense sound which got the figures to stop their picking as he charged at them swinging his Mikan. He heard exclamations of shock from the figures as he used the flat end of the Mikan’s sword part hitting each of them on their heads knocking them out. He stood staring at the figures that lay on the floor unconscious with the torch’s light flickering. Exhaling a breath he picked up a figure by the neck dragging the person out of the room into the corridor passing by doorways towards the entrance where he could see was night time. He with great strength tossed the figure into the air that landed away from him onto the sand into watery like mud that splashed up around the figure. He went inside and repeated the process with the other figures including tossing out the torch light then went to the rats’ room where he could see rats running around in all directions. With quick hand movements he grabbed a rat by the tail and tossed it in the air catching it with his hand around its neck which he squeezed choking it. He smiled a smile of satisfaction as the rat died giving up to death going limp in his hand. He walked out of the room biting into the rat’s body going out the corridor towards the entrance to outside and stood chewing as he listened. Nikolai heard voices yelling exclamations words not understood with overlapping as he listened. He heard horses whinnying sounds as he stood which became fainter and fainter. He once finished with the rat tossed the carcass away went to the pool room going inside to kneel at the pool bringing his hand in it scooping up water which he drank repeatedly.

He spoke once he finished drinking “I’ll stay here and keep people out for it’s my home my place and my sanctuary. No one will enter this place not if I have to kill them just to get rid of the people entering here.”

He sighed and got up leaving the room to the corridor. Nikolai walked entering the large room to stand staring at the sarcophagus. Nikolai walked to putting a hand on top of it.

He spoke again “I’ll guard you to keep others from interfering with your rest. You have my word on this, for I’m not leaving ever. Nothing will bring me out of this sanctuary except death.”

He gave the sarcophagus a rub and removed his hand to go to a corner lying on the ground closing his eyes as he let sleep over come him.


Nikolai dreamed of walking in the desert wearing robes that covered his head showing his eyes peering out. He was following a figure wearing identical robes covering the head which he automatically knew was his Father. His Father stopped and removed the robe from his head showing black hair which he stood next to him removing his robe from his head to stare at him. His Father looked at him before a look of terror arrived on his face which he screamed before looking down. Nikolai looked down to see fire licking at his Father’s robes surrounding him. He darted towards his Father who hit him with a fist in the face throwing him backwards hitting the ground. He lay on the ground staring at his Father with horror on his face as the fire abruptly rose surrounding the male.

He screamed out “Father!”

The fire he saw engulfed his father who gave out a crying wail and then the flames went shooting into the sky leaving a black round soot mark on the ground in place of the male.

Nikolai telling the story admits “I think the male fatherly representation was of a Highlander with the looks twin to the species including same color hair as mine.”

He continued the story as if needing to do it.


Nikolai woke up screaming of terror shaking his form which took him moments to understand where he was. Groaning he rubbed a hand on his head and stood up as his eyes sight flashed from night vision to day vision. He looked at the corridor doorway to see fire light becoming brighter and brighter which he gripped the Mikan in his hands while softly growling. He stared at the light source revealing a figure with a male form holding a torch which he saw had shoulder length sun colored hair while wearing robes that looked angelic like an angel glowing whiteness that came into the room.

He snarled softly as the figure turned to his direction speaking words he understood “Who is there? Show yourself now.”

Nikolai slowly walked forward his eyes on the male’s eyes that widened seeing him.

He stared at the stranger who spoke again “Why are you living here surrounded by darkness instead of being in the light?”

Nikolai in response swung the wide end of the Mikan at the stranger hitting him on the knees knocking him to kneel. He angrily grabbed the stranger’s long hair yanking him in a standing position thrusting the sword part of the Mikan at the stranger’s neck.

He spoke “I won’t tolerate visitors here who will be removed by my force even killed if they resist.”

He yanked the stranger into the hallway towards the entrance where he could see sunlight shining outside. The sunlight was appearing to be from a travelers’ gate showing whiteness all around brightly. He brought the stranger to the entrance and thrust his back to the wall.

Nikolai spoke “Tell the others to stay out. This is my sanctuary, no one enters.”

He turned his back and sensed the torch light behind him shining which he continued walking through the corridor entering the sarcophagus room. Nikolai kneeled as his dream of his father burned flashed in his mind’s eye. Groaning he rubbed a hand on his forehead and once again his eyes sight flickered. Growling he got up and turned towards the room’s entrance to see a male with short dark colored hair wearing identical robes as the stranger enter the room with a torch in hand.

He charged at the stranger who spoke “Nikolai, I’m called Trevor.”

Nikolai paused mid charge hearing his name spoken by the stranger Trevor. The image of his father catching on fire came to his mind. He continued his charge swinging the Mikan at Trevor who put the torch in front of his face. As he swung, fire from the torch came blowing at him towards his eyes. Nikolai dropped the Mikan bending down placing hands over his eyes while hearing running footsteps getting fainter and fainter. He removed his hands to blink his eyes which he felt were fine and straightened up his form. He exhaled a breath and looked down on the ground for his Mikan he saw wasn’t there.

Frowning he looked around eyes staring at the ground then he growled out loud “That stranger, Trevor, stole my weapon!”

He roared an angry sound then jogged out of the room to the corridor to the entrance. Nikolai walked out into the sun light to see Trevor holding his Mikan in his hands standing next to the stranger he kicked out holding a torch. Nikolai saw behind Trevor and the stranger were a crowd of people who abruptly went silent seeing him. He darted up to Trevor and yanked the Mikan out of his grip then turned his back to the crowd pausing when he heard gasping sounds from behind him. Shaking his head of disgust he walked back into the tomb entering the hallway again which he again reached the sarcophagus room. His eyes sight blinked again which he spun around to see Trevor walking speedily into the room which he edged himself towards the wall eyes on him. He saw Trevor go up to the coffin and kneel form becoming still.

Shaking his head of disgust he turned away towards the doorway when he heard a voice speaking “Nikolai.”

He turned around to stare at Trevor and widen his eyes when he saw his father standing at Trevor’s side wearing a skirt with chest bare of clothing with shiny jewelry on it and a crown on his head staring at him with all dark colored eyes. Nikolai shook his head closing his eyes. He opened them to find his father gone from standing besides Trevor.

He thought to himself “It was just part of my imagination.”

He turned and froze for inches away staring at him was his father who spoke “You my son are Pharaoh, leader of the people who are counting on you to lead which is what you should be doing. I did not raise you to have yourself isolated surrounded in the darkness living alone.”

Nikolai gaped at his father with shock on his face as his father continued speaking “You should face your fear the real reason why your isolated yourself in this place.”

He closed his mouth as his father paused then continued speaking “Why did you go out in the sun to get your weapon if you are afraid of the light? Speak your fears don’t keep them to yourself my son.”

He stared at his father who faded from his eyes sight as he turned to face Trevor who he heard was chanting words he heard repeatedly said “Go into the light, don’t be afraid.”

He went to Trevor kneeling in front of the man who stopped chanting to stare at him.

Nikolai spoke “I have a either a memory or a dream in my mind. I see my father wearing robes covered up walking in the desert with me besides him wearing robes. I was following him who stopped from walking to remove the hood from his head as I did the same with both of us looking at each other. My father looked at me with a look of fear on his face which he screamed of terror and looked down. I looked to see eater licking at his robes surrounding him. I darted towards him to help which he punched me hard throwing me backwards hitting the ground. I could only lie on the ground staring with terror as the eater engulfed my father.

I screamed out ‘Father!’ as the eater covered him.

I heard him give out a crying wail sound then the eater shot up towards the sky leaving a black round soot mark on the ground in his place. I kept walking in the desert till I got a burning sensation on the bottoms of my feet that I felt a hotness feeling that made me yank off my robes. The feeling took over as my feet continued to feel like burning and looked down with bad eyesight to see eater surrounding me which I screamed and ran to here. The burning came up to my legs as I entered this place entering this room falling to a kneeling position and felt the eater had left me-”

Nikolai was interrupted “It’s just your body warming up from sleeping status.”

He paused as Trevor nodded his head and he continued “I became afraid that the eater would consume me like it did with my father if I was out there so I stayed living here as my sanctuary from it.”

He stared at Trevor who wordlessly handed him a large cloth canteen while speaking “Here, Nikolai drink.”

Nikolai took the canteen and brought the open cap part to his lips which he drank recognizing it as milk and he greedily drank till there wasn’t a drop left for him. He handed Trevor the canteen who slung it over his arm as he grimaced as a headache arrived to his head that felt like a Meritanian’s mind scanning him.


Chapter Two

Guardian saw the scene on the arch changed to show Nikolai himself younger sitting next to an eater with gonoid skins feet aimed at it while staring at a male who had robes covering him across from it. The male pulled off his robes off his head showing a face of small eyes with pointed ears and long black hair with a headband of metal on his head. His mind told him was his father’s second in command guard named Amony who stared at him with a frown. Nikolai laid down staring at the sky while feeling his feet warm. He felt a burning sensation in his feet and looked up as Amony darted around the eater with panic in his eyes. He felt the burning sensation reach his legs as Amony grabbed him pulling him away from the eater before tossing a bolt of cloth covering his legs and feet swatting it at him. He felt the burning sensation leave him followed by hotness feeling which he groaned loudly pulling at his long sleeve shirt yanking it off his form.

He felt Amony’s hand on his forehead and heard him speak “By the Gods, burning up.”

Nikolai laid on the ground feeling he really hot groaning loudly as he felt a cool cloth cover his forehead literally while in Egyptia. He shut his eyes as he was forced into a sitting position and felt something brought to his lips which he drank recognizing it as milk. He felt the coolness of milk and greedily drank as sleepiness arrived which he stopped drinking becoming still. He felt an arm around his form and felt his head lay on a lap with a cloth still on his forehead as he slept.


Guardian continued to watch as the scene changed to an adult Nikolai kneeling who he saw jerked his eyes to stare at Trevor who spoke “You as younger were burned on the feet and legs from an eater catching on your clothes which gave you the heat sickness. You suffered said to see an image of your father being burned by the eater repeatedly over and over during your sicknesses.”

Nikolai stiffened at the words as Trevor paused then continued speaking “After your father’s death you were seen going into the desert unstopped wearing what you described walking the perimeter of the city walls outside while crying out ‘Father’ repeatedly.”

He frowned at Trevor’s words who kept speaking “The hotness feeling you had that led you to here was the heat of the desert and the coolness of the tomb helped you feel better.”

He felt better along with hearing a male voice “Go with Trevor leaving the place my son.”

He later identified as Lance Richard’s cruel voice speaking. He got up as Trevor got up and he ran to a corner of the room with hand over his mouth while hearing Trevor gasp loudly. Nikolai threw up the contents of his stomach several times along with choking like feeling which he felt something in his mouth. He coughed out to see is a small crystal jewel with a cloth necklace which he didn’t recognize but later realized it belonged to Lance Richard’s.

The High Council claiming “It’s the necklace of that annoyance god!” 

Nikolai thought to himself as the High Council again ordered him to speak the story “I knew what annoyance god meant. Lance Richard himself.”
Nikolai resumed the story as ordered.


Nikolai put on necklace and went back to Trevor who spoke “Moves like a God for only a God can lead us.”

Guardian frowned finding Nikolai not acknowledging the words like he didn’t understand the language Trevor spoken. Trevor was seen handed him the Mikan. He followed Trevor out of the tomb to outside facing the crowd of people who get on their knees as if worshipping him as their God and leader.


Guardian found the scene changed to show Nikolai became Pharaoh as the leader’s title and given clothes and is paraded through the city in a chair held by male slaves with his guards flanking him. The procession stopped at a triangle like stone building Guardian figured is a temple where there are others assumed to be priests there along with a chair in front of the doors.

He got off chair by slaves lowering it to the ground and walked up the steps to the chair where he is told by high priest wearing mask of a gonoid God Anubis “Kneel.”

Anubis waved hands over him while chanting in foreign language words not understood but later remembered as “Ay Kabaiya!”

He saw Nikolai appeared to be staring onto the floor as Anubis is handed hanging a hanging lantern which he waved over him still chanting away. He watched as Anubis hands off lantern then placed hands on Nikolai’s head closing his eyes with his hands.

Anubis spoke “You shall be known as your name, Pharaoh Nikolai, ruler of the kingdom Egyptia.”

Anubis’ hands picked at Nikolai’s eyes which he opened and sees the priest take a crown off the masked head and place it on his head. Nikolai rolled his eyes while making out a small gasp as he felt a tiny jolt of pleasure involving his body starting up again. Then he stood up and went to the chair to sit which crowd got onto their knees foreheads to the ground with arms in front of them.

He spoke loudly “I am Pharaoh Nikolai, ruler of Kingdom Egyptia. I will rule the people well.”


Guardian watched as Nikolai appeared to be assisted by a priest called Omar who gave him advice on ruling.

Nikolai found some of the advice “I’m demanding insisting Pharaoh do this and that while ruling as Pharaoh!”

Nikolai appeared to be in love with a female slave with long sun colored hair named Sabba.

Nikolai spoke “I declared Sabba as my queen!” despite his priest’s wording “I must object to this!”

He and Sabba eat food before they went to bed asleep after that with her next to him with the female felt pounding onto his back despite unconscious.


Guardian frowned finding Nikolai appear to passed out and he waked up in the morning to discover Sabba dead with claw marks on her and her neck is broken. He saw Nikolai act like he killed her got upset.

The priest Omar arriving into the room appearing to be aware of Sabba’s death spoke “It’s a bad omen to mate with slaves for your gonoid side came out and said no to slaves hence the killing.”

Nikolai appeared to mourn Sabba’s death wound up sitting on his bed staring at the ceiling lengthy as night and day go by. He appeared to not acknowledge anything all around him or the food brought to his lips. He kept on lying there till a female slave arrived into the room carrying a tray of food that kisses him onto the lips shaking his staring mood. He watched as Nikolai saw the female a slave and shakes his staring at the ceiling mood. Nikolai appeared to be in love with her and wanted to mate with her.

Guardian grimaced as the female acted rude to Nikolai speak “I don’t want anything to do with you!”

Nikolai he saw didn’t back down instead corner the female in the room after getting up from the bed. He found her thrusting a knife at his neck when he cornered her to kiss her. Omar arrived into the room to get the female slave away from him to his annoyance.

Omar wound up speaking “You’re not to mate with Niya the slave for it’s not what the Pharaoh is supposed to be doing.”

Nikolai responded by going to Omar and thrusting a clawed hand onto the male’s face to snarl “You will allow me to mate with Niya I want brought to my bedroom now! I as your Pharaoh orders it!”

Guardian found Omar darting away in sight followed by Niya entering the room with her arms folded.

Nikolai spoke “Get in bed now, Niya.”

He found his order obeyed but she thrust a knife at his neck when he attempted to lie on top of her.

He spoke “I wanted you as mine when I first saw you-”

Niya interrupted speaking “You killed a slave female and I refused to suffer her fate.”

Nikolai spoke “Niya, just kill me for I still want to mate with you if you’re afraid of me.”

He closed his eyes and waited as the knife presses harder into the side of his neck. He kept his face blank as he sensed the knife off his throat and Niya kissing him on the lips hands on his cheeks. Guardian saw them mate which Nikolai appeared to be is her first via shattering of her barrier Highlanders dub moon.

Then after the mating is done Nikolai speak to her in whispered tones “I have a gonoid side involves some great strength.”

She responded “I’m being fine with this.”

Guardian saw Nikolai fell asleep and waked up sensing Niya in trouble to see Omar with guards in the room holding her with priest having a knife at her throat.

Omar is heard while Nikolai is quietly getting up behind priest’s back with guards not giving him away “Nikolai mating with a slave girl will ruin my plans to control him in his rule over the kingdom. I will have to kill Niya like I killed this slave girl dubbed Sabba by snapping her neck and getting Nikolai’s venomous claws on her body while he was passed out by a sleep drug in his food and drink.”

Nikolai, he saw appeared to get mad roared loudly surprising Omar who turned around dropping Niya from his knife hold. He grimaced as Omar is attacked by Nikolai who used his claws on the priest’s face who appeared to die from the venom in the scratches. Guards take priest’s body away as Nikolai is calmed down and allow Niya to hold him which he leaned his face on her head relaxing some more from her arms on him. He let Niya bring him to the bed and then they mate again.

Nikolai is heard speaking “I’m declaring my love to you along with hoping to have you as my equal my queen.”


Guardian watched as the scene shifted to show Nikolai get new priests who are brothers Kurpanov and Trevor who he recognized as the ones who helped the male from the tomb.

He watched as a visitor a representative of that Highlander group High Council appear via white robed forms of death speaking “I am asking you about having a Queen and choosing her among the population.”

Nikolai saw Niya put tray with drinks on ottoman next to his throne chair which he got up as she knelt with head down.

He spoke “I have already chosen a female as my queen.”

Nikolai went to Niya pulling her up who won’t look at him.

He kissed her on the lips and speaks “I have chosen Niya as my queen.”

Nikolai spoke his words while hearing the High Council member speaking “I must protests to who you chose as your queen!”

Niya he saw was stiff to the touch which he heard Nikolai whispered in her ear “I’m begging you to be my queen and my equal.”

He ignored Ambassador of the High Council took her to his bedroom to resume kissing her on the lips while feeling her really stiff.

He pleaded with a begging tone “I want you as my queen to accept as mine.”

Niya he heard haltingly agreed in a broken voice eyes still not looking at him “…I…agree…”

He held her and brought her to the bed and mated with her. Once done night arrived fell asleep. He waked up in the sun light to discover her gone and goes out of bedroom in the buff naked of clothes roaring for her while feeling angry.

Kurpanov his priest is there with his guards as he roars “I want Niya now! You’ll have to go out searching for her!”

His guards point out his nudity with their eyes and heads staring at him which he saw and realized that he’s not wearing clothes. He went back into bedroom put on clothes as Kurpanov followed him. He was forced by Kurpanov to eat and drink food set at a table in the room which he takes and then once getting up fell to the floor unconscious.


Nikolai waked up to discover it’s night time and he was in his bed while hearing crying sounds. He saw Niya standing in front of his window that looked twin to the window in the Zesky Asylum while she was crying tears and clad in pantsuit.

Nikolai went to Niya rubbing her back speaking “You’re not leaving me again for you’re as mine as my queen.”

He heard Niya speak “My father abused my mother after speaking twin words you spoke to her using the word Priestess instead of queen. My father in one of his angry rages killed my mother in front of me who I as a child ran away. I was found by the Pharaoh who had two slaves raise me and had me become a slave once I was old enough.”

He stiffened hearing the words as Niya adds “My father was Omar the priest who didn’t recognize me when he tried to have me killed. I’m afraid of suffering my mother’s fate hence myself trying to run away. A Priest named Trevor caught me and talked sense to me into revealing the truth to you.”

Nikolai lowered his hands went to a chair appearing to be twin to an armchair and sat staring at her as she resumed crying while continuing to stand in front of his window. He continued to stare at Niya who kneel curling into a ball while still crying away. He got up walking towards Niya to pick her up carrying her to the bed appearing to be a patient bed of the Zesky Asylum. Nikolai placed her on and pulled the blanket on her form. He got into bed wrapping his arms around her as she fell asleep which he lied awake for a bit.

Nikolai wound up hearing a voice “Nikolai, get some sleep for you’ll need it.”

He closed his eyes and fell asleep as if obeying the order sounding of a Meritanian speaking it to him despite hearing “Nighty night Smarty!”


Guardian frowned finding the scene changed to show Nikolai is in throne room sparring with a guard using Mikans.

His guard gets his Mikan out of his hands then halts to speak “Pharaoh, see about picking up your weapon to resume the fight.”

Nikolai he saw appearing to not realizing it uses blurry speed to go to the Mikan picking it up.

He heard guards around him gasp out “God.”

The word didn’t register to Nikolai from the behavior which he saw the male easily dismissed but sensed him confused as if the guard used foreign wording in front of him.

Messenger boy arrives in room speaking “Guards have requested Pharaoh Nikolai to the fighting room.”

Nikolai agreed to go walks with guards escorting him to the room a large outdoor courtyard.

He was surrounded by guards in a circle which one spoke “I challenged Pharaoh to a fight by Mikan!”

Nikolai spoke “I accepted.”

He fights with the guard who got the Mikan out of his hands as he sensed from behind him an arrow flying towards him. He twisted to his right grabbing arrow with his right hand and with left arm blocks the wide end of the guard’s Mikan.

He heard a voice speak loudly halting the spar which he recognizes as the official who visited him before “Halt the fight now!”

Nikolai sees standing with the guards. He saw another guard who have Niya with him knife at her throat and her hands are tied in front of her with ropes. Nikolai stared at Niya as guard with Mikan knocked him to a kneeling position then has blade part of Mikan at his throat.

He heard official speak “Nikolai killed a slave girl when she displeased him and is pleasuring himself on another slave girl.”

Official paused as guards around Nikolai become silent which the official continued again “Nikolai was raised to be spoiled doing things his way without caring about others even hurting them if he is not happy with them.”

Guardian remembered Trevor’s mysterious God line spoken when Nikolai was in the sarcophagus room and guards in throne room speaking the word “God” while gasping.

The wording dawns on him the male have a fast speed ability to move. Guardian found Nikolai looking away with a look in his eyes as the official continued to use a ranting tone while speaking gibberish like language he didn’t understand.

Nikolai heard guards grumble loudly “Can’t this idiot shut up?”

Guard with Mikan swings weapon aiming at his throat which he used blurry fast speed to get up on his feet and move till he is behind the guard. Guard turned around looking for him seeing he charged with Mikan again swinging. Nikolai used his ability to move behind guard who’s Mikan meets air every time it swings at him. He sensed the guards surrounding him are silent as the officials are gasping loudly. This process lasts repeatedly several times till the guard with Mikan tossed it onto the ground then knelt with head bowed. Nikolai eyed Niya which he saw guard besides her cut ropes binding her with knife freeing her and then gently pushes her forward then knelt as the official and guards kneel. He kept his eyes on Niya whose eyes are staring at the ground as she hesitantly walked with halting steps towards him. He placed hands on her cheeks kissing her on the lips while feeling Niya kiss him back. He placed his arms around her in a hug then looked around at the kneeling people.

Nikolai spoke “I have chosen a reason for living. I expect my people to accept this.”

He heard “We accept.”

It’s spoken in unison from the guards and official who are kneeling on the floor sounding of two voices in unison instead of multiple voices. Nikolai brought Niya into his room that looks like she’s upset with something but gets her to talk.

Guardian kept on watching as Niya admitted to Nikolai in private of their bedroom “I’m pregnant.”

He saw Nikolai appeared to have accepted this news with joy by rubbing her abdomen area where the baby would grow. Nikolai, he watched during Niya’s pregnancy acted fascinated with the baby moving from inside her from having hands on her abdomen while feeling the movements. Niya once her abdomen is so swollen went into labor has a baby which is a boy with all black eyes and Human like hands and appearing to have inherited Nikolai’s hair of blackness.

Niya heard by Guardian speaking “I call this boy child Lance Richard as he should be named.”

Guardian found the scene stopping onto the travelers’ gate image and spoke his familiar lines “I am the Guardian of Life and Death. I will judge you on my scales on your life.”

The soul being judged had his soul taken from his body and put onto the scales to be judged. A feminine voice was heard shrieking of joy followed by the soul resumed back into the soul’s body.

Guardian spoke “Life is what’s given you so be gone now.”

He made a blow motion over his mouth with hands in a circle that were clawed. The soul wound up finding himself transported out of Egyptia via the feeling. The transportation involved flying out of Egyptia or Humania as the world should be called and flying in the rigors of space like a satellite. The soul wound up flying past planets some numerous and seen that appeared to be a blur. The soul wound up orbiting onto a planet that was mostly full of water with islands all over the place including winter’s kingdoms of ice and snow on the north poles and south poles. The soul eyed an island as if drawn to found the soul flying towards the island showing a rocky castle sitting on rocks surrounding by a harsh unforgiving sea. The soul eyed the castle as if drawn and didn’t think of a comment as there were chanting noises heard.

The soul heard the chanting noises and frowned for the noises sounded of “Ay Kabaiya!”

There was thunder and lightening flashing above the castle that hit the topmost part of the castle like a rod of electricity and went into the castle. The soul kept on watching as if drawn to find the electricity led via rod into the castle and went into an opening of the room where there was a figure laying there wrapped in mummy wrapping of ropes. The figure was appearing to be a male and lay wrapped appearing to be dead to the world as the electricity from the rod entered the room and hit the figure. The figure darted into a sitting position and appeared to be arching its back like in pain. The soul found themselves entering the figure and felt pain for the first time. The soul entering the figure screamed out a cry of pain and anguish followed by hearing a faint noise that sounded familiar to his ears. The soul realized he was a male from the feel but kept on arching his back and feeling pain entering him via the back via something attached to the back area making him arch in response. He felt the pain quit followed by a faint roaring noise sounding into his head that was either his ears or his mind giving off that noises. The male didn’t realize what the noises was and continued to hear it followed by arching his back repeatedly. The male found the pain quit followed by a terrible urge to breathe obeyed despite not sure what the movement or motion was. The male wound up gulping in air as if compelled the air stank of seawater and smelled of seawater to him. The male heard jabbering voices sounding excited to him found himself no longer alone in the room where he was lying on a hard metal bed. The male frowned finding nothing coming to mind as to who he was in mind except a name Nikolai came to him. The male felt confusion to the name of Nikolai didn’t protest as hands were felt yanking away the wrapping of ropes around his form baring his form naked like a newborn baby. He didn’t know he was naked or bare of clothes as the hands were appearing to be gloved appearing to be belonged to figures wearing white hooded robes he later learned were of the High Council taking sanctuary into the castle that used to belong to the Drainers. He didn’t realize the High Council left the planet on an ultimatum of Edenia giving them. The servants of the High Council remaining planet bound managed to get banished to the castle with the Drainers kicked out to live on the abandoned Annoyov Barack Station on one of the High Council’s useless islands fueled by a volcano as power source. The High Council servants had continued the work of the High Council group into some God status as them as monks of a religious order believing into the High Council as a god. The order of the High Council was including restoring manoids who were declared dead by the Souler Council back to life via methods of electrical lightening zapping their bodies via rods to return them back to life. The male felt a familiar head pain like he knew it somewhere but didn’t know where it came from as he was lifted up and carried out of the room. Blackness was placed over his eyes he didn’t realize was a blindfold he didn’t see through it. The male felt confusion hitting him as the robed figures the remains of the Highlanders and hybrids of Highlanders and Humans called Elves left behind planet bound carried him through the castle. He didn’t realize he was in a castle as he was carried down steps to a room and dumped onto a bed with blindfold removed. The male found the robed figures leaving him into the room ignoring him opening his mouth he didn’t realize it and making grunting and gasping noises. The male felt confusion hitting him to why he was put into the room from where he was from.

He sensed nothing coming to his mind except the word “Nikolai.”

It sounded like a mantra in his mind including sounds that sounded familiar bringing him feelings he didn’t realize he had. The male in response smelled something stinky frowned what it was as liquid pooled around his body including solid stuff came out of him. He remained laying onto the bed as if needing to do not acknowledging the bathroom waste his body gave up. He ignored the smell and the liquids and solids pooling in a fast move till he felt like he had an enough of sitting swung his legs off the smooth bed. The male found his legs into his eyesight he didn’t realize what they were and stood up for the first time collapsing onto the floor same material as the bed. He again felt the pooling of liquid and solids dripping from his body he didn’t realized he went to the bathroom. The male heard a familiar sound sounded again that made him look in a direction towards the noises. He saw a wall he figured what it was opened swinging into the room showing a figure he grimaced seeing. The male grimaced grunting in response seeing the figure was clad in smooth clothing with a face of entirely no features and orbs of gold color where the eyes were. The orbed male was holding onto a rope where a figure or something four footed with furry skin was giving off noises and lunging towards him as the orbed male held him back via rope around his neck. The male eyed the creature lunging with a range of emotions hitting him as if he was shocked and didn’t realize it.

He wound up opening his mouth and blurts a word shocking him “Shaw.”

The male felt confusion hitting him as the orbed male without a word pulled the lunging furry creature away out of the room shutting the door with a bang sound. The noise made the male grimace in response to the sound sounded too loud for his ears. He found the stink remained including the liquid and solids pooling around his legs and body to his annoyance. The male felt confusion hitting him to what the stuff was and found himself disgusted by its smell and touching onto his hands and arms. He remained sitting in the mess of the stuff followed by forcing himself to kneel. The male slumped down onto the floor again into a lying position like he had no strength to remain upright. The male found the pooling of liquid spurting from him including the solids stop along with a feeling of relief hitting him like he was glad this stopped. The male felt a compulsion to shut his eyes obeyed despite lying in his own mess. He found himself passing out unconscious as if drawn to do it.


Chapter Three

The male woke up with a start opening eyes, he would later to learn were entirely black colored while lying on a one person bed in a room with tan brown walls. He could see the room was narrow and thin with one full arm length from the bed’s longest sides. He got up from the bed and stood up shaking his head then rubbed a hand on his head through his black wavy hair that fell just below his shoulders. He went to the bed to sit and frowned as a dream of himself wearing odd clothing that made him think it was strange on his form flashed in his mind. The clothes he saw was foreign showing slipper shoes on his feet, tights, a top that was long sleeve and some vest dress covered his form. He grimaced as he saw some sneering look was on his face while seated on an animal. He figured out from memory was a horse with others behind him wearing identical clothes some having faces bared. He saw that they were all males like him some with facial hair and seated on horses while some were standing. The male grimaced of the memory from him self’s facial expression that bothered him. He recalled himself dismounted along with ten other men and started walking on a grass fields his facial appearance changing from sneering to glare. The male frowned thinking of the dream unsure of who he was fully in his mind. He recalled to himself dreaming repeatedly of a female, he realized was a female who was wearing some flowing dress with a facial appearance of pleading like she was begging. She had twin colored hair like he did he realized now as he laid in the room freed from the wasting he did after passing out unconscious in there to dream.

She spoke as always the same comment “You’ll remember who you are. You will acknowledge me.”

The male sensed rage running through him with confusion hitting him seeing in his mind a king he recalled was the male with a crown on his head. He recalled himself appearing to be younger but still his sized height. He was still wearing the strange clothing meeting the male who was introduced as a King named Lance Richard and bowing in front of him. He recalled an older blonde female he remembering saw as his Mother.

She told him not in the King’s presence, but in private “This is the man your to kill so remember that.”

The male remembered the memory with rage running through him as the female repeatedly kept telling him over time like brainwashing him. He not as someone waking up in this castle but as someone else that he was to kill a man named Lance Richard and take his place as King. The male recalled waking up hearing the robed figures arguing within his mind giving off noises and sounding of arguing to him.

The figures he saw via recognition he blurt “High Council” ending their argument.

The figures he figured were named High Council blared at him “Your name is Nikolai.” He found that they mysteriously refused to explain why they had him named Nikolai despite his efforts to ask “Nikolai what’s with the name?”

Nikolai found himself accepting the name as the figures the High Council got him into his familiar room and ignored him by leaving him onto the bed and leaving the room. Nikolai got up from the bed and went to the foot of it to kneel. He felt his rage running through him as he recalled another dream he had while he was out unconscious. He saw a familiar black haired female giving birth to a baby, a male and denied nursing it by the familiar blonde female. He saw as his Mother raiser who took him away. Nikolai felt his rage cooling from him as he got himself calmer. He shut his eyes and felt himself too tensed to mediate and opened his eyes to stare at the bed’s foot. He remembered himself waking up in some castle he knew where he was but wasn’t sure where it was located. He was having no memory of how he got to there but his back feeling sore indicating of pain to him. Nikolai exhaled air through his mouth and breathed through his nose as he lied down on the bed eyes staring at the ceiling. He felt a headache of a memory come to his mind and allowed it through. He recalled himself as a youngster wearing the familiar strange clothing fighting an older male. He saw was bearded and a bit on the overweight side with brown swords that didn’t clang when hit. He continued to recall himself poked the sword on the male’s neck.

He from memory spoke in some odd accent “Got you, Ian.”

The male, Ian, he assumed was his name spoke “Are you sure? Check where my sword is.”

He saw himself look down to see Ian’s sword poking him in the chest right over his heart. He watched from memory as he gave up a loud roar and waved his hand along with brown sword. Along with while stomping his feet in an apparent tantrum before resuming sparring with Ian. Nikolai groaned from the memory as he exhaled a breath as the memory left his mind via headache leaving him. Nikolai grimaced as anger arrived within him as another memory arrived in his mind. In it he was fighting an apparent older male with a beard his mind identified as King Lance Richard with some weapon. His mind told him the weapon was a sword. He saw others all around them were doing the same fighting with swords. He continued to watch in his mind as he stabbed the King in the chest. The male slid to the grassy ground and appeared to be dead. He saw himself raised his sword and gave up a roaring sound. He frowned as he went to males. All wearing different clothing but in similar styled while swinging the sword with some smirk on his face. He recalling fighting till some male with face seen and familiar with a face twin to the King without the beard, snuck towards him via behind. Nikolai recalled he was too busy fighting other males to do anything towards the sneaking male who managed to stab him from behind. Nikolai realized from the memory was to busy fighting other males to bother not doing any defense towards the sneaking male. He recalled everything went black after that pain into his back. Nikolai frowned recalling to himself that he couldn’t remember anything else after the scene went black. He felt himself very confused to what was importance of the memories in his mind. Nikolai frown as the memory finished playing in his mind via headache stopping. He stretched his arms in front of him. He adjusted his position to lie on the bed eyes staring at the ceiling. He felt sleepiness and shut his eyes falling asleep.


Nikolai dreamed of himself standing on a field of grasses. He saw himself wearing the familiar strange dress clothes on his form. He saw while having a hand on his waist where he recognized as a sword hanging from the belt. He watched as he was glaring at a male he recognized as Lance Richard with a beard. Both were having groups of ten men surrounding them in a semi circle.

Nikolai listened as he spoke “What do you take of my peaceful terms sir?”

He heard from the King “I don’t agree with them and have rejected them. Think of something else.”

He continued to watch as he spoke sounding angry “You should have agreed.”

He heard from the King who spoke “Agreed to what? A foolish plan by a foolish man who do anything to achieve my throne as his goal.”

He watched as he yanked out the sword and swung it towards the King who yanked out his sword. He continued to watch as the King met him self’s sword which clanging noises were heard. He continued to watch as men all around him and the King met each other pulling swords and clanging them while appearing to try to kill each other. Nikolai smelled something familiar hitting him. He frowned wondering what it was as the dream gone black.


Nikolai woke up with a jerk as smells of something assaulted his nose making his body giving off grumbling noises to his shock. He sat up to look at the foot of the bed in front of the door was a wooden tray with block stands holding bowls of something that made his mouth water abruptly. He felt himself curious got up from the bed. He went to the tray to sit down. Nikolai helped himself to the liquids in the bowls gulping ravenously till there was nothing left. He adjusted his position to kneel closing his eyes. Nikolai saw of the black haired woman again looking older by her hair having streaks of grey. She was running in a field among men fighting each other with swords ignoring her. She was having a look of concern on her face. He continued to watch her as she ran in the field with a hand up waving it. It appeared to him she was using some mental power to guide her to something. He watched as her hand pointed down followed by her kneeling to pull a male figure from lying on his stomach onto his back. He stiffened seeing it was himself having a bloody red splotch on his back area over the heart area after turned over. He continued to stiffen as the woman stroked his face along with appearing to weep tears while gently rocking her form. He frowned as she stopped the rocking to get up and with such force started dragging him unmoving through the field. She ignored among men fighting each other. She continued with the dragging till three women looking alike like triplets appeared standing blocking the woman’s way. He continued to watch as the woman dropped him halted by the three women.

The woman spoke in a tearful voice “Three sisters, do something about my son! He is dead in my arms. I never had a chance of him acknowledging me as his mother! I want that to happen!”

He eyed the three women who spoke in unison “That’ll be done as you wish, Maureen, but it won’t be in your time. You must be patient for this will happen once nature has taken its course.”

He frown hearing the name of Maureen. He figured it belonged to the woman who burst into tears and then the darkness arrived.


Nikolai jerked his eyes open to discover himself lying sideways in bed on his left side. He resumed shutting his eyes falling asleep passing out unconscious to dream.


Maureen looking very old with her hair white. He eyed her as she stood holding a fire torch and looking sad with sunlight shining dimly. He continued to watch as he saw her bring the fire torch to a pile of sticks was wood. He watched the fire spread showing a figure lying on top he recognized as the blonde woman looking asleep and very old by the looks of her. He frowned as the fire consumed the pile of sticks and the woman who remained still.

Nikolai continued to dream eyeing Maureen who spoke “Never again you’ll have my son in your clutches Arianne. I will have what I want, Nikolai acknowledging me as his mother. I’ll do what it takes to have that happen. I don’t care if there’s a price of my death for my son to acknowledge me. I will see that this happens.”

The scene went black as Nikolai woke up feeling himself better which he got up from the bed. He frowned recalling the name of Nikolai with confusion running through him recalling the robed figures named him that. He came to realize that it was the name of Maureen’s son. He rubbed a hand on his forehead and went towards an altar of a statue goddess of a bird to mediate. Nikolai recalled to himself as his anger ran through him. He recalled a memory of himself appearing to be a full grown adult while wearing the strange clothing. He was holding a brown sword sparring against a familiar bearded male holding an identical brown sword while appearing to be older while wearing identical clothing. Nikolai from the memory continued to spar fight the male till he knocked aside the male’s brown sword.

He spoke as he poked the sword into the male’s stomach “Got you hah.”

He heard from the male “Don’t let confidence overtake you despite you defeating me, Nikolai. There are others capable of defeating you.”

He recalling the memory as Nikolai spoke “Who cares? I want to fight. I hate it when Mother says I’m not old enough to do it.”

He watched in his mind as he heard “Mothers are always right. They know when children are ready.”

Nikolai saw himself frown who turned around to face a familiar blonde female.

She looked older by grey in her blonde hair who continued speaking “You’re not ready, Nikolai.”

Nikolai, he eyed spoke in a whining tone “But I want to fight, Mother.”

He eyed the female who was his Mother raiser. She walked up to him to place a hand on his shoulder he realizing he felt a prick of pain from the area. It made him rub the area to feel something like a scar in the area he didn’t realize what it was till later was a needle dart involving poisoning done onto him.

She spoke “Don’t worry Nikolai you’ll get the chance to fight but not now. Wait till you’re older. You’ll be more ready to fight even ready to be undefeated in fights.”

He eyed himself who formed a big frown on his face.

It was followed by his Mother raiser adding “Nikolai, resume your practice. It’s best to keep it up for you’ll be able to fight undefeated once old enough.”

He saw himself nod his head followed by his Mother raiser letting go of his shoulder to walk away. He noticed Ian giving her a glare of accusation with his eyes she ignoring the male in response. He turned around and resumed sword fighting with the male who halted the sparring.

By speaking sounding out of breath “…Halt…now…I…need…to…rest…”

Nikolai he saw formed a glare on his face.

The male went to sit down on the grassed ground near his Mother raiser who spoke “What do you think Ian?”

Nikolai stared at Ian he assumed was his name who spoke “Oh he’ll make a terrific fighter. The potential is there but he needs to be disciplined in the art of sword fighting, Arianne.”

He heard the name Arianne assumed it belonged to his Mother raiser.

She spoke “Just as I planned.”

Nikolai saw he still holding the brown sword shrug and began doing some movements with the weapon. He saw while appearing to be doing fighting movements along with doing some pretending like he was fighting with another. Nikolai snapped his mind of the memory he felt his anger abruptly leave him. He felt a great feeling of sadness hit him and he shut his eyes bursting into tears crying uncontrollably wailing loudly. He suddenly felt a dam inside him burst. He cried as he brought his hands to his face while still crying away. He felt his own bed underneath him as if he brought himself to there. He curled himself into a ball crying he to sleep to dream of Maureen. He saw her open her arms wide which he went into her arms and felt her hugging him in response. He sighed from the hug to feel he better and released his hold on her as she did the same to put a hand on his shoulder. Her hand was felt right onto the area where Arianne gave him pain he felt sooth from the hand’s touch including warmth hitting him from there.

He stared at Maureen who spoke “I never abandoned you after having you. You were taken away from me. You were raised without my influence or my say so. I just wish you would acknowledge me as the way I wanted in the first place. I was denied that opportunity of having that acknowledgement. I will have even seeing it come to fruition-”

He frowned while hearing Maureen get interrupted “Not time yet Maureen.”

Nikolai frowned for the voice sounded familiar to him. He saw Maureen form a big frown on her face followed by his eyes forced shut. He woke up and went to the altar he realizing he was bare of clothes to his shock. He kneeled shutting his eyes mediating as the memory’s events flashed in his mind. He breathed deeply through his nose as he mediated and opened his eyes as the lights appeared to be dim despite confused to why it was dim. He heard a throat clearing noise sounding behind him. He spun around getting up to stand with a start to see Maureen was there appearing to look solid and not ghostly looking. She was standing in the doorway looking very old while holding onto a stick as tall as he and looking at her with a look in her eyes like she was expecting him to do something. Nikolai stared at her with a frown as she stared at him back seemingly happy to see him by the eyes blue in Human or First Ones’ terms by the High Council indicating it.

He heard from her “Remember, Nikolai.”

He stiffened as memories of himself as Nikolai flashed in his mind. Nikolai gasped bending down putting hands on his forehead while shaking his form. He shook from shock running through him. He realized that he was Nikolai himself and that Maureen was his mother. He continued to feel the shocking feeling running through him. He recalled his life as Nikolai being raised by a woman named Arianne. She brain washed him to kill a male, a King named Lance Richard as she dubbed him. He succeeded in doing during a battle and wound up killed himself. The killing was from someone else he sensed had seen him doing that he realized was the King’s own son Lance Richard himself. He didn’t realize it back then that the god deity lord Lance Richard killed him after he killed the last of the Lord of the Underworld’s disciples or offsprings as dubbed by the High Council’s order. He figured from memory of the male seen sneaking behind him had killed him on Arianne’s orders and didn’t realize it back then as he does now. He continued to recall that Maureen wanted him to acknowledge her as his Mother. Nikolai breathed hard through his nose. He straightened up his form to stand and removed his hands while staring at Maureen. She still had that happy look in her eyes and face. He didn’t comment a word as Maureen reached out a gnarled old wrinkled hand and touched him on the cheek. Nikolai felt he stiffening from her touch but accepted her touching him.

She heard saying “Oh my son, how long I waited for this moment.”

He breathed deeply through his nose. He felt Maureen’s hand on his cheek that felt real to him.

She continued to speak “I never stopped caring about you over the years you were raised without me raising me. I would think about you from time to time. Wondering how you were and wondering if you were told about me as you grew up. It appears from the looks of what I’ve seen from you in this body form you’re in now healed of your mortal wound. The wound was of being stabbed in the back via sword.”

He sighed shocking him as Maureen removed her hand from his cheek to his shoulder gently caressing the area he sighed again.

She wound up continuing talking “I don’t know how but the Goddess took pity on me wishing to have you in my life. She had some messenger land on my doorstep telling me about you meeting King Lance Richard in peace. I realized from my powers that you were my son. I went to Lancelot in hopes of meeting you for the acknowledgement as you calling me Mother I seeing you as my son. It pained me to find you dead during the midst of a battle. I pleaded to the Goddess to restore you back to life. The Goddess’s three servants the three sisters heard my prayer. They came to me telling me I would have what I want but I would have to wait for it to happen.”

He didn’t say a word as Maureen rubbed his shoulder while continuing talking “I did what I could to wait. Even using my powers on you to see your body remained intact.

I ordered you placed in a cave where I would watch on you from time to time. Not letting death stop me from the watching you guarding you from harm till you were found.

Then brought back to life and transported to this place you are now.”

He again kept his mouth shut as Maureen continued talking “Arianne was really after the throne Arthur was currently holding hence she having you kill him. She wanted to be Queen. She was willing to do what it takes to achieve that goal. This includes even raising my son, you to kill him for the crown. She had one of her servants kill you after you killed the King. It was just to make sure that you wouldn’t take the crown for that killing.”

Nikolai frowned forming it on his face as Maureen kept talking “It’s a pity that Arianne’s work was for nothing. One of her servants dubbed Mindbender, odd name, wound up betraying her confidence and talked too much to the High Council as the group is called. The servant talked to others in the King’s circle about her goal. She wound up imprisoned and her lands and home taken away which she later died contained. I managed to convince the prison warden to let me have Arianne’s body. So I could properly depose it along with using my powers to see that her spirit was gone for good and not causing any havoc.”

He continued to stare at Maureen who without another word hugged him abruptly.

He hugged her back and felt compelled to speak which he blurt “Mother.”

He felt himself shocked by his admission. Maureen hugged him tighter sensing what he said was what she wanted from him. He hugged her in response feeling he becoming happy from the hugging. He sighed and then groaned as she broke off the hug removing his arms to place her hands on his shoulders. He stared at her as Maureen leaned forwards and kissed him on the forehead with her wrinkled mouth felt like sandpaper onto his forehead.

Then she added breaking off the kiss “I finally have what I want and I can rest easy from that.”

Nikolai felt his eyes forced shut via a hand from behind and found himself passing out unconscious.


Nikolai came to finding himself kneeling facing his altar. He jerked his eyes open with a start and got up looking around seeing nothing was amiss. He felt himself tired and needing to sleep figured he’ll do it. Still sighing he went to his bed yawning and eyed the bed with relief. Nikolai went to the bed and pulled the blanket off. He got in and put the blankets on his form up to his chest and fluffed the pillow with his hands before settling his head on it.

He eyed the ceiling overhead then found the lights turning themselves off completely by itself as he heard a familiar voice speaking “Good night son dear.”

Nikolai frowned hearing the voice sounded of Maureen’s as the lights went off plunging the room into darkness. He found himself able to see everything clear in a color he later learned was purple for objects with living beings appeared as pinks. Nikolai exhaled a breath through his mouth and shut his eyes allowing himself to fall asleep. He saw Maureen smiling standing on what appeared to be a cloud. Then he watched as she turned around and glided away sunlight becoming brighter and brighter blocking his view of her. She disappeared from his eyesight as the sunlight faded away showing nothing in its place. Nikolai asleep formed a smile realizing that his mother was finally at peace and himself knowing who he was despite some doubt hitting him.

Nikolai mentally thought while still smiling “I am Nikolai.”

He passed out unconscious as if urged to sleep some more.


Chapter Four

Nikolai heard the familiar siren sound jerking his eyes open with a start finding himself in a coffin from the looks of it. He recalled a male dubbing himself Anyan sneaking up behind him then pain in his back followed by nothingness. He sat up as the see through coffin’s cover lifted itself up to find a male figure with an odd face coming into view with eyes that were sun colored making him grimace to see. Nikolai got out of the coffin finding the male with the night sky colored face and night sky colored clothes helping him out despite not asking him to. He felt an odd feeling hitting him as the male without a word got him to stand while keeping an arm around him. Nikolai felt his legs weak but obeyed to keep on walking finding the unnamed male was guiding him through a large vast room that had multiple coffins inside some empty some with bodies inside to his confusion. Nikolai didn’t say a word as the stranger got him through a door way to hear a faint buzz noise behind him.

He halted the male’s walking to look finding a plant colored wall appearing looking see through to hear “It’s the shield to the room.”

Nikolai frowned hearing the voice to find the stranger looking at him which he heard a guttural male voice appearing to be from the male “I’m no stranger. The name is Hades. Welcome to my realm of hell as called Aire.”

He frowned hearing the sarcasm of the male’s voice tone frown realizing his name was Hades but kept his mouth shut as the male got him into a small room. Nikolai jerked as something like a wall slid shut followed by a falling sensation making him stiffen.

Nikolai heard “It’s just an elevator a machine that can transport people up and down in fast speed methods.”

He frown hearing that from Hades to find the male escorting him into a stone hallway making him stiffen of memory for it looked like a dungeon to him. He found various plants in the hallway while feeling that odd sensation hitting him again as Hades got him into a room to find a male wearing all cloud colored clothing with the twin colored hair lying asleep inside. Nikolai frowned as Hades got him to kneel followed by darting out of the room appearing to be a jail cell in a fast speed move while slamming the door with a bang sound. He found the door’s noises woke up the cloud colored male who sat up staring at him with a frown on the male’s face. Nikolai kept his mouth shut while eyeing the male warily to find him reaching out a hand towards his forehead making him stiffen.

He stiffened from the odd feeling as the male was heard “I won’t hurt you.”

Nikolai frowned but didn’t comment a response as the male reached out both hands and touched his forehead he jerked his eyes shut as pain arrived to his head. He recalled fully as he felt sleepiness shut his eyes passing out unconscious.


Nikolai found himself holding a weapon, a sword while edging into a dark sinister forest with mouth in a teeth baring grin. He heard noises of someone running in the forest crashed after the figure to tackle a naked male onto the ground followed by swinging himself up and thrusting the sword at the male’s neck. He saw the male was Anyan a Lance Richard look alike twin who was bare of clothes who held up both hands up in a surrender gesture.

He glared at Anyan who spoke “Just be done with and kill me now, assassin.”

He recalled why Anyan was bare of clothes was from a neighboring King, King George of Lions’ bane had used his own daughter to charm the male into a mating ritual at the river. He recalled fully King George arrived to get Anyan to surrender his kingdom of Anya via written notice before ordering the male to get into the forest before the King set his men onto him to kill him. Nikolai eyed Anyan who quit the all black eyed look showing Human blue eyes with a look in them he recognized as if knowing what it was of pleading he felt sorry for.

He put the sword away back into his scabbard ‘I’m not going to kill you anyway. Besides I took down King George’s men sent to kill you actually.”

He found Anyan thrusting himself forwards knocking him onto the ground while hearing a whooshing sound of an arrow and heard a grunt sound from the male. Nikolai rolled them over to swing himself up while thrusting his sword in front of him to spot an archer on horseback joined by other archers he finding himself and his victim surrounded. He glared as two archers got their horses to step aside followed by a familiar male with a beard chuckling loudly while on horseback.

Nikolai glared at the male his mind told him was King George who spoke “So the brother proves his loyalty to his own brother.”

He heard the sarcasm of the King’s voice tone gave off a low growling noise only to feel Anyan’s hand onto his ankle which he bent down to place a hand onto the male’s shoulder while resuming the glare aimed at King George.

King George he glared at spoke “I suggest you do what your brother told you to do which is kills him. So do it now.”

He in response threw his sword towards the ground while kneeling facing King George and keeping a hand onto Anyan’s shoulder him feeling the male gripping in a gentle grip in response. He kept the glare aimed at King George finding the archers going away and darting out of sight leaving him alone with the male along with an additional horse.

He glared as King George spoke while dropping the reins of the horse without a rider on it “Your loyalty to your brother reminds me of my loyalty to my own brother. I’ll keep you alive for that. You come upon the lands of this kingdom I won’t hesitate to have you dead on sight. Don’t come again.”

Nikolai kept the glare as King George jabbed a finger in a direction off his left “There’s a village dubbed Lancelot by the sea off in that direction. I have no attempts to take the village into my Kingdom. You’ll find sanctuary there. Don’t leave the village for anything.”

He gave a head bob as King George without a further word road away via horse out of sight. Nikolai didn’t say a word went to the horse eating a plant to yank it towards Anyan it not resisting to that. He found clothes folded into the bag tossed them to Anyan who took out the arrow showing a bleeding cut on the arm while grimacing before getting up to put on the clothes. Nikolai got onto the horse and held up a hand towards Anyan who showed Human blue eyes to him with trust in them he recognized. He didn’t say a word as Anyan took his hand to grip it before letting go and got onto the horse behind him. Nikolai felt Anyan gripping him by the waist including head leaning against his back he sensing the male was upset but didn’t comment a response towards him as he got the horse to gallop towards the village as pointed out by King George. Nikolai found the village easily by the sea that appeared to look like a poor village from the looks of how poor everything was made by the huts seen. He grunted once the horse reared up in front of a young woman seen but was dressed in some odd clothing.

He didn’t say a word as the young woman spoke sounding firm “Your kind isn’t wanted here stranger.”

Nikolai spoke firmly as if compelled via Meritanian he didn’t realize it back then “His name is Lance Richard. He’s here to help out. I’m just his brother and caretaker.”

He sensed Anyan quit the clinging to look at the female whose eyes widen of recognition in them followed by her speaking “The name is Jacinda. Welcome to Lancelot, Master and servant. I’ll teach you what you need to know around here Sirs.”

He got off the horse and got Anyan displaying his Master ability off the horse to find Jacinda going up towards the male and taking his hand. Nikolai followed while pulling the horse to find Jacinda taking them to a house appearing to be better made despite the huts not showing very many people around. He frowned as he got the horse tied to a tree next to the house as Jacinda and Anyan went inside the house shutting the door. He looked around to find villagers coming out of hiding some seen scared but staring at him with ranges of emotions on their faces. Nikolai sighed figuring from their expressions that they saw and heard what he said regarding Anyan to frown walking away from his horse to stand in the middle of the pathway.

He eyed the villagers warily to sense someone behind him speaking something that sounded like “Forgive me, God for doing this awful thing.”

Nikolai felt pain hitting his head indicated something hit the back of his head hard like a stone hit the area, followed by passing out unconscious.


Nikolai came to recall coming to feeling himself lying in a coffin to find a male he didn’t recognize holding his hand and speaking “I’m sorry my son for doing this. It’s to protect you from harm of the High Council and their manipulations. I oath to you that you’ll get the acceptance you wanted. Forgive me, God, Lance Richard for this awful thing.”

He found the male in response shutting a familiar coffin’s lid shut and walking away as he found himself shutting his eyes passing out unconscious only to wake up hearing the familiar siren noises compelling him to wake up.

Nikolai roared out a growling noise while speaking he didn’t realize he spoke the word “Father!”

Nikolai recalled the male holding his hand via prodding of the High Council’s monks mind scanning him to be a male they recognized as Mindbender. He confused to that name of Mindbender they named the male. Nikolai recalled as if compelled further while he felt the cloud colored male was still having his hands onto his forehead as he came to knock aside the male’s hands with anger in his eyes. Nikolai glared at the male feeling hatred aimed at the male he didn’t realize was Teorjer, trying to help him with his head injury to remember what he forgot.

The male spoke “You will forgive,-”

Nikolai interrupted “I won’t! You can go to the depths now! I’m done being in this jail cell!”

He got up to storm towards the door to realize with a start that he didn’t know how to open it to glare at the male while adding “Open the door or I’ll cut you.”

Nikolai pulled out his sword from his scabbard thrusting it aimed at the male and towards the door. He found the male refused to budge getting up instead remained kneeling. Nikolai darted towards the male only striking out his sword only to feel the odd sense again hitting him as the male disappeared in a puff of smoke in front of him. He looked around the room finding it empty and gave up a loud roaring noise in response to charge towards the door clawing it with his gloved hands. He found the door refused to budge opening as he continued to feel the familiar sense hitting him. Nikolai felt confusion hitting him on what the sense was as he looked behind him to find the male was back kneeling. Nikolai growled an angry sound and put away the sword into the scabbard and forced himself to kneel in front of the male while glaring at him who had eyes shut with a peaceful look on his face. He kept on glaring at the male seemingly lengthy who refused to budge from mediation he figured was what he was doing. Nikolai felt his mood plummet charged towards the male after getting up in a fast move only to find him disappearing in a puff of smoke. He gave up another roar of frustration. Nikolai charged towards the walls appearing to be stone that refused to crack underneath his fisting. He kicked and fisted the walls till he felt his anger simmered a bit to resume kneeling while facing the wall opposite from the door. Nikolai found the familiar male appearing with a puff of smoke he smelling nothing to indicate smoke to him to his annoyance. He glared at the male while angry and shut his eyes forcing himself to mediate himself to calm mood that was slow arriving within him as he kept on recalling a betrayal he called it. The betrayal was a male knocking him out unconscious from behind and locking him into a coffin instead of letting him live to help out Anyan with the villagers to his disgust. Nikolai kept feeling his angry mood remained only to feel hands touching his forehead he compelled to keep his hands to himself despite fisting them. He found the hands were soothing to him to calm down from his raging angry mood. Nikolai found he sad abruptly to burst into tears crying wailing sounds while wailing noises.

He heard himself speaking “Father, why did you have to do this to me?”

He found himself repeating his question over and over as he cried till he felt himself calm to recall during a bout of body guarding a King and his twin brother he eavesdropped.

The King told his twin brother once alone with him “I’ll do what it takes to protect you even do anything. Even have you declared dead with your body someplace contained intact for you to wake up and live your own life with the acceptance you want. I don’t want to see my own brother hurt suffering from rejection from people. The rejection is basis to why you were seen as an assassin. I refused to have that be a reason why you’re rejected. I prefer you to be accepted with kindness and people’s equal firmly.”

Nikolai from High Council’s prodding recalled the twins as disciples of Lancelot and believers of Lance Richard.

He from memory of the dungeon’s room exhaled a breath and inhaled to speak firmly “I forgive you.”

He groaned to feel the male’s hands off his forehead to hear an odd sound.

He frowned opening his eyes to find the male speaking “You may leave.”

Nikolai heard the edge in the male’s voice tone finding him eyeing him with a narrowed eyed look indicating of wanting something. He sighed and unbuckled his belt holding his sword and scabbard to hold it up towards the male in response.

Nikolai frowned getting the male speaking “That’s not what I want. Physical objects are useless to me.”

He sighed and buckled his belt back onto himself and spoke firmly “My given name is Nikolai from what I remember. I’ve called myself that. I still refer myself by that name. I refused to accept being called anything else than that name of Nikolai.”

Nikolai clamped his mouth shut while eyeing the male to find him speaking as he felt his familiar odd sense again “That odd sense is your mind being scanned by a mind walker like I am.”

He exhaled a breath hearing the voice sounding in his mind appearing to be from the male who continued blaring “Mind walkers are mostly focused onto one humanoid species here on this world named Aire with exceptions of other humanoids having that ability. The species that has that ability is dubbed Highlander. I can’t say if their twin species from your world in this world. I am dubbed Teorjer and I come from Edenia a moon world dubbed by that name. Edenia the moon world once you glimpsed the night sky is where she is orbiting the planetary world of Aire. It is Edenia’s word and law that rules Aire and no one else’s.”

Nikolai frowned finding Teorjer he assumed he’ll refer him adding while speaking his words verbalized he forced to translate the words into his mind as if needing to do it.

He found himself understanding what Teorjer was speaking “This is the language the land nation your are in speaks. Its nation is dubbed by the name of Americania. The natives are ruled by a mute ruler whose title is Sun Lord. He used to rule the planetary world of Terrania entirely till Edenia sent him to here in Aire. The Sun Lord was revealed to be Terrania’s planetary protector making the natives nervous of him something their not doing here in Aire.

I told Terrania’s natives in their presence after the Sun Lord was transported off via Meritanian means ‘The Sun Lord will only be ruler of Americania and no longer ruler of the planetary world.’

I did warn the natives ‘I will take back my words if they didn’t treat His Majesty the Sun Lord properly as ruler of Americania.’

I also warned the natives ‘There must always be a nation of Americania to keep the peace in Terrania.’”

Nikolai frowned as Teorjer continued sounding him his mind “I did tell the natives that war isn’t the answer but peace is. The natives are slow to get it the words of peace and are still thinking of war at the moment. I believe that the message will take awhile before the natives realize it. You may go now.”

He got up as if compelled to walk out of the cell looking behind him to find the door shutting followed by Hades coming into view he feeling his familiar mind scanning sense activated again. Nikolai frowned finding an image of a large metallic object flashing in his mind with an eater light burning from a bowl part of it making him confused to seeing it.

He spoke finding the image going away and Hades giving off a familiar sound of disgust in sound that seemed familiar he later learned was twin to a Highlander “You a mind walker as Teorjer dubs them?”

Nikolai eyed Hades who spoke he hearing via his mind “Yes but don’t talk much about this publicity to people will you? I don’t care to talk much about it. The mind walkers have questioned the natives with carefully worded questions who indicate that they won’t accept people who have this ability as equals. Instead will outcast them to not have anything to do with them. Just don’t, talk about this fact to people you hear?”

Nikolai spoke “Then what’s with the eater burning in a bowl in my mind?”

He got from Hades who took his arm he not resisting as if compelled to bring him to the elevator to hear on the way “That eater burning in a bowl is of a cauldron a symbol of the Terrania Unity Games to bring peace among athletes to compete in sporting events. It’s also the Meritanians’ sentient mind walking plants’ way of keeping mind walkers out of your mind despite you able to receive talk by hearing me.”

He frowned but didn’t protest as Hades cut the talk by giving up a growl sounding angry to him and found himself forced into the elevator with the male. He felt the sensation of going up shocking him making him cling to Hades by hands onto the male’s arm holding his arm. He kept his clingy grip till the elevator was felt stopping with a jerk he finding a hallway with walls not looking of stone to him. Nikolai frowned following Hades out once the male released his arm and got his hands’ grips off. He followed Hades down a hallway spotting doors having male and female figures with manoid appearance but had small eyes and points jutting from their ears seen. He found their hairs was always long shoulder length regardless of them male and female while wearing sunny sky colored uniforms he assumed were they. Nikolai found Hades leading him to a door to find the pointed ear male opening it for him after rapping a fist onto it in code he figured from the number of knocks. Nikolai followed Hades inside seeing a male with earth dirt colored skin while seated on something that was soft lengthy chair rubbing a hand appearing to look gloved onto his forehead before looking in his direction with eyes seen sun colored narrowing with suspicion in them.

Nikolai via prodding of the High Council’s monks realized that he was getting memories of an assassin named Mindbender into his mind to his confusion.

Nikolai frowned wondering what the memory fully in his mind was as the servants via mind scanning him spoke “Just keep on speaking the tale this time involving the name of Mindbender now.”

He obeyed to speak “Mindbender kept his mouth shut as he heard from Hades loudly verbalizing his words “This is Mindbender as he wishes to be called. I found him awake in the coffin room from a coffin. He’s not the mute visitor we just saw. I’m not going to say why I was in there. I believe you know why you’re Majesty.”

Mindbender frowned eyeing the male he figured was the Sun Lord who got up looking him up and down followed by walking up towards him he finding himself having to look down while seeing the male looking up. He found instead of fear in the eyes of natives wasn’t fear from the Sun Lord but suspicion.

He heard “Talk now.”

Mindbender heard that from Hades blasting in his mind spoke “Greetings, Your Majesty. I’m told that you’re the Sun Lord ruler of Americania.”

He clamped his mouth shut to frown with his lips while eyeing the Sun Lord who shifted to glare at a guard he figured was the pointed eared male who spoke “Says what do you know of loss of a family member hmm?”

Mindbender spoke figuring that honesty would be the best from memory of the rejection from Anyan’s daughter “It’s painful when you lose someone you love. I believe it takes too much time to get over the loss.”

He clamped his mouth shut while eyeing the Sun Lord who kept on glaring at the guard he hearing “Says Hades what’s the purpose of this visitor being here? Don’t tempt me to order him executed.”

Mindbender gulped hearing that as he continued to hear “Says he reeks of the High Council. I’m told to keep the High Council and their influence out of Terrania. I aimed to do what it takes to see this happen. So explain yourself with this visitor now!”

He kept his eyes onto the Sun Lord he figured was a mind walker as he felt his mind scanned only to hear “The Sun Lord isn’t a mind walker. It’s his guards who are mind walkers all of the species Highlander actually. He communicates by having his mind scanned and they verbalize his words for him. He’s mute actually.”

Mindbender frowned hearing the voice sounded familiar to him to hear nothing more as his felt his mind scanning sense quit to focus onto the Sun Lord who he saw was glaring at Hades instead of at his Highlander guard. He frowned as he heard a screaming sound stiffened to see the Sun Lord kneel followed by seeing something plant colored surround the male only to get compelled to kneel which he obeyed to shut his eyes as if compelled. Mindbender saw clearly in his mind a round ball like object reminding him of the balls the kids played with that appeared to have swirly clouds on it including a sky colored area as he saw a large giant rock arrive heading towards the area. He felt fear hitting him to see sunlight rays come from the ball to hit the rock repeatedly shattering it into pieces before quitting its shining. Mindbender found himself tired abruptly but fear gone from him to open his eyes as if drawn finding the image going away. He found himself staring at the Sun Lord giving him a glare before the male got up and glared at a guard.

Mindbender heard “Says Hades the visitor dubbing himself Mindbender lives. I’ll be in my room resting. Get Mindbender quarters to live in. He can’t stay with me period.”

He frowned to find the Sun Lord stomping away going to a door opening it and slamming it shut with a loud bang vibration sound. Mindbender forced himself to stand up despite feeling himself some tiredness found Hades taking his arm he not resisting and found himself led out of the quarters he assumed was it. He found himself led to the elevator despite he nervous of that thing only to find Hades giving off an angry growl once he dragged his feet. Mindbender didn’t say a word allowed Hades to lead him inside the elevator to feel the thing going up a bit making him clingy onto Hades’ arm who ignored him. He felt the elevator quit to his relief to find the doors opening followed by Hades pulling him out to hear a loud growling noise sounding sinister. Mindbender looked finding the noise belonged to a male with cloud and night sky smooth clothing that bared fanged teeth making him grimace that gave up hissing sounds. He heard Hades give up hissing sounds followed by leading him to the male who reached out a hand placing it fully onto his chest. Mindbender felt Hades’ grip off his arm as he felt pain in his neck along with dizziness in his eyesight as he found the male opening his mouth and putting it onto his neck. He then felt something like two pricks of pain onto his neck along with hearing an odd sound that sounded of sucking to him confusing him. Mindbender hearing hissing sounds from Hades sounding loudly in an angry tone as the male sucked him via the neck before licking the area with a rough tongue felt and thrusting him onto the floor which he shut his eyes feeling himself terribly weak and sleepy felt himself passing out unconscious.


Mindbender came to finding he lying onto something soft that felt like a bed out of rich material and didn’t have the familiar lumps to him. He sighed rolling over only to feel pressure of his clothes and weapons hidden on his form including pressure of his sword pressing onto his front. He ignored the pressure to keep his eyes shut till sunlight blared onto his face he feeling the warmth. Mindbender frowned feeling the sunlight become more blaring to find his eyes opening on their own to stare at the blaring sun. He groaned and rolled over onto his other side back to the sunlight shutting his eyes only to feel pressure of a hand shaking him on the shoulder.

Mindbender spoke firmly “Let me sleep or it’ll be worse for you.”

He heard a loud roar in response to jerk open his eyes finding the hand’s owner belonged to the male that sucked his neck he finding himself terribly hungry from the hunger pains hitting him.

Mindbender glared at the male to put a hand onto his sword’s handle only to hear speaking “You reek of not washed status so get up and do something about it.”

He obeyed to get up speaking “Direct me to the bath house where I can clean myself.”

Mindbender heard a sound of disgust from the male in response followed by hissing noises he forced himself to translate he finding himself understanding “Where the depths did Hades pull this manoid up from anyway?”

He frowned as the male switched languages and spoke in Americanian he heard “Alright I’ll teach you what you need to know involving private rooms dubbed bathroom. So come along while I show you what you need to do.”

Mindbender found the male leading him to a door yanking it open to peer inside finding it not familiar and got instructions by the manoid on how to use the bathroom as if was called for hygiene as it was called. He found the male demonstrating to him on how to work the bathroom’s facilities the manoid called it including what he was to do to keep himself clean which was a must for manoids. Mindbender didn’t say a word in response as the male took leave of him slamming the door which he sighed and stripped himself of his clothes and weapons mostly sword with knifes hidden in his sleeves and boots. He took everything off and once naked got into the shower stall as dubbed by the male to figure out how to adjust the water to his heat toleration levels including manipulating the cold water as if compelled despite the hot water turning on blasting hot. Mindbender proceeded to use the facilities in the bathroom as if was dubbed to come out once clad in his clothes and weapons back onto their hidden spots and sword still belted around his waist. He found the male in the room with arms folded that walked up towards him he finding that they were twin heights.

He spoke as the male made a sniffing movement “Kindly explain this sucking method you did onto my neck to put me asleep.”

Mindbender got the male giving off hisses he translated “Blast Hades!”

Mindbender spoke twin language “Blast Hades for what?”

He got the male quitting his sniffing to speak still hissing away “My species is dubbed Drainer for feeding off bloody essence that flows through manoids a nourishment to survive on. That sucking doing onto your neck was how we feed with a hand touching your chest drinking your blood from within. I admit it we’re known for translating many languages for manoids all over Terrania. There are a few languages that aren’t translatable for us to translate. Your blood when I tasted it is of various Humanoids including Drainer hence you able to translate what I’m saying easily.”

Mindbender kept his mouth shut as the Drainer he figured he’ll refer him spoke “The name is Thad as my name for referring me. When two Drainers meet after not being around for three suns if you get it the term suns must speak their name or find themselves unable to talk on anything. Speaking names is Drainer greeting and gives them the ability to talk and translate languages. Without that name spoken bit the Drainer is left mindless like a gonoid. I suspect that you have that ability actually. It’s proven to happen among manoids who aren’t Drainers but have slight Drainer abilities such as translating languages. It’s something Hades has but has to do that name greeting. Excuse me while I show you out of this room to where you’re to eat including the proper way of taking in nourishment for manoids like you in question.”

Mindbender didn’t say a word towards the Drainer in Americanian despite the language used to follow Thad to the bedroom’s door to pause to find an eyeball like creature sitting on the window still from outside making him stare warily.

He found Thad growling off his right who spoke “That’s a plant dubbed Waker. Their job is to see that manoids are up from a sleeping status by removing what’s blocking the sunlight dubbed by the name of window blinds. The sunlight shines through the window as it’s called and blares onto manoids waking them up.”

Mindbender exhaled a breath and didn’t comment a response followed Thad to the eating table finding the Drainer dub it “Dining table.”

He found a chair to sit in it smelling something that made his stomach rumble in response to find Thad teaching him how to use a fork, a knife and a spoon onto a tray on the table holding various dishware as it was called for holding food nourishment in it including a cup for holding drinks. Mindbender found he terribly hungry gobbled up the food making sure he used the proper utensils as it was called for it in slow manner making him annoyed. He felt the food tasted delicious and seemed better than anything he tasted before. Mindbender once done with the food gulped down the cups’ liquid with a hand holding onto them finding he terribly thirsty.

He gave up a noise to his shock and got whacked on the back of his head finding Thad speaking “Say excuses me for giving off that rude noise. I despise hearing it from you manoids. It’s disgusting.”

Mindbender cleared his throat and spoke firmly “Excuse me.”

He added “Something I should be doing around here?”

Mindbender heard a loud noise of an alarm got up pulling out his sword while looking around to get Thad groaning displaying a frown.

He frowned while putting his sword back into the scabbard to get Thad speaking “Let me show you what your hearing.”

Mindbender frowned and found Thad led him to a window of the dining table next to it in the wall to find the sun going away in a fast move with clouds of a peaceful color. He frowned eyeing out the window as multiple clouds in pieces he recognized as King Winter’s cold angry mood storm came falling from the clouds in a fast move.

He spoke “King Winter lives here? That’s his angry mood storming outside.”

He eyed Thad who spoke “Well King Winter isn’t causing this ridiculous storm outside actually. Teorjer told the Americanians that King Winter isn’t responsible for this storm. He did warn that the storm is common in this area of Americania that is known for cold storms actually to hit the city. Just before they hit the Guardian who’s noise you heard by your actions sounds the alarm telling natives to get indoors immediately. The storm hits usually bringing death to manoids. That despite medical advances to try to bring manoids back from death which none of their methods has worked so far. They only have worked on transferring organs from death of manoids caught in it to survive in another manoid whose organ was suffering some medical ailment.”

He frowned hearing that as Thad continued “That organ transfer was what happened to the Mistress the mate of the Sun Lord who suffered a medial ailment with her beater organ. I’m not even sure of why her life wounds up cut short enough to surrender to death. She was rumored to live very long outliving various family members. I suspect that her living was a lesson to His Majesty on moving on from his female he had before her previously. He seemed to take the Mistress’s death very well instead of acting very upset from what I’ve seen of him.”

Mindbender frowned to hear a door knocking sound to shift towards the direction of the quarters’ entrance to find a Highlander walking inside followed by the Sun Lord with suspicion still in his eyes making him gulp. He found the Sun Lord making hand gestures he finding himself struggling to get it what the male was signing about he figuring it was hand language. Mindbender frowned eyeing Thad who made hand gestures towards the Sun Lord to find them both into an intense hand language gesture rapid paced back and forth making him look away to resume glaring out the window finding the cold storm quit followed by the sun shining brightly appearing from the clouds.

He felt a tap onto his shoulder as he stood sideways from the window to find Thad was the hand’s owner who spoke “You do or you don’t get it the hand language talk His Majesty and I were conversing in?”

He spoke noticing the Sun Lord still in the room “No I don’t get it the hand language. I’m willing to learn.”

Mindbender clamped his mouth shut while folding his arms only to find Thad grabbing a hold of his gloved hand and forming a sign with it while proceeding to teach him what was called the alphabet as the language dubbed sign language was called. He found Thad during the teaching got him to finger spell his name of Mindbender he finger spelled expertly towards the Sun Lord as insisted by the Drainer to do it.

He found the Sun Lord finger spelling words he read “What kind of name is Mindbender anyway?”

Mindbender spoke "It's just a name I've called myself -"

He felt a hand clamp over his mouth interrupting him to find Thad teaching him the sign language for his words to sign them towards the Sun Lord.

Mindbender frowned while eyeing the Sun Lord who signed words he finding himself understanding abruptly “Where did Hades pull this Mindbender from? Hades claims when questioned that he got him from the coffin room from some waken up status. Mindbender sounds like a name for mind walking abilities despite Hades claiming he can receive mind talk but can’t do anything mind walking wise.”

He formed a glare to notice Thad signing words he getting it “Hades is being weird as usual. Why do you keep him around? He’s a weirdo as the Humans say when it comes to someone crazy.”

Mindbender formed a glare glared at the Sun Lord to find the ruler putting hands fisted onto his sides and glaring at a Highlander who spoke “Says Hades forgot to mention that this Mindbender can get it languages like you said. He appears to get it our talk in signs. So talk on what you detected from Mindbender when you tasted his blood. I saw that sucking of yours via recorders shown to me from the guards. It happened another time after I took my rest.”

Mindbender frowned to eye Thad who spoke “He’s got various Humanoids in his blood I recognized Human among them including Drainer blood. He appears to have the ability to translate languages which he did that in front of me when I used a foreign language in front of him. He spoke that language I used very perfectly. I suspect that he like any Drainer hybrid might have to speak his name towards any new Drainers in greeting. Can’t say what name he’ll use when he does the greeting in question. I admit it I never thought of myself using the name of Thad till I spoke it in front of a Drainer for the first time in a greeting. The name of Thad sort of stuck whether I liked it or not.”

He frowned forming the expression on his face while eyeing the Sun Lord who kept on glaring at a Highlander to hear “Says come along Mindbender and Thad. I might as well introduce you to the other batteries to my planetary protection powers. You, Mindbender proved to be a battery yourself by the looks of you indicating it.”

He got Thad giving off a loud roar while making a fist waving gesture while stomping his feet to glare at the Drainer who cut his noises before appearing to compose himself.

Mindbender glared at Thad to hear “Says oops forgot that you Thad are a battery who doesn’t like being reminded of that fact. Despite you a descendant of a battery who was a part of triplets with twin faces.”

He frowned finding Thad not commenting a response instead gave him a glare which he looked away to find the Sun Lord gesturing him to follow.

Mindbender obeyed following the Sun Lord out of the quarters to down the hallway he hearing Thad hissing “This sucks.”

He frowned to what Thad was mumbling about to find the Sun Lord stopping in front of a door to find one of the Sun Lord’s guard rapping a fist onto it in code of knocks he finding the door opening to show Hades that appeared to stare at the ruler for a bit.

He recalled Hades being a mind walker to find the Drainer speaking “Yes. I get it your talk on the battery issue. Poor Thad is still throwing hissy fits again?”

He heard in response “I’m not hissy!”

Mindbender frowned hearing Thad using the hissing language to find Hades ignoring the Drainer to step aside gesturing “Come in.”

He followed the Sun Lord into the quarters to find it appearing to look like a gonoid’s mess to him to find a feminine form wearing all night colored clothing with night colored long hair asleep in a nest of something lumpy to him and looking more interested in sleeping than waking up to greet them.

Mindbender kept his mouth shut while eyeing Hades as if needing to do it to find the Drainer speaking “This is Ralia a battery also a descendant of a battery. Excuse the mess but it’s just to help her cope with not able to sleep in the ocean in her Orca form.”

He frowned as he continued to hear from Hades “I’ve done what I can to keep her comfortable here.”

He heard a loud hiss sounding in a feminine voice tone he figured was from Ralia kept his mouth shut in response. Mindbender didn’t say a word as the Sun Lord walked out he following with Thad and guards to hear the door slam shut with a bang sound he assumed was Hades slamming it shut.

He kept his mouth shut as he heard “Why can’t Hades admit that he’s a battery too instead of blaming it onto his female Ralia or whatever her name?”

Mindbender frowned hearing Thad’s comment eyed the Drainer to find the male had a look of disapproval on his face as he followed the Sun Lord into the elevator. He followed with Thad staying in the elevator to his confusion but ordered to follow by the Drainer in sign language.

Mindbender followed till the Sun Lord halted and gave him a glare before glaring at a guard he hearing “Says have this battery cover his face entirely with something. I don’t want to see his face period or be reminded that he’s a servant of the High Council.”

He felt his mood plummet as he glared at the Sun Lord who noticed his glare resumed glaring at a guard to find the male instead of speaking the Sun Lord’s words was glaring at the ruler in response. He rubbed his cheek where Anyan cut him via knife scarring the area he feeling his mood plummets further till a clapping noise interrupted his reverie. Mindbender eyed a guard to find the Sun Lord walking away further into the hallway with guards following the ruler the Highlander blocking his way of following.

He gave the guard a glare to find the male blasting in his mind “I managed to talk His Majesty out of having you wear coverage for your face. So get yourself into the elevator now as a thank you for that. You’ll find Thad inside with orders for you to do so do it now.”

He obeyed to get into the elevator to find Thad’s hand onto his neck he glared at the Drainer’s Human like face that was baring fanged teeth onto him in some sneering hissing glaring look. Mindbender glared in response as Thad without a word removed his hand off his throat and got a hold of his arm followed by getting him out of the elevator into the headquarters’ entrance room he figured he’ll refer it. Mindbender found a female with a mask covering her face from the nose down while wearing Drainer like clothes on her form that highlighted her figure standing in the room with arms folded. He eyed the female warily to feel compelled to remove his gloves which he obeyed finding himself jerking while walking towards the female who raised her hands up as if drawn. He jerked as his bare hands touched her hands feeling smooth and warm to the feel as he felt a charge of pleasure from the touch.

Mindbender didn’t say a word hugged the female as if compelled to find himself no longer thinking only to hear “Say your name now.”

He opened his mouth and blurted “Adam.”

He heard “Mindy.”

It sounded from the female he was hugging as he eyed her finding her height was twin to his height.

Mindbender felt himself annoyed with blurting the odd sounding name of Adam as he eyed Mindy who spoke “Well your not bad looking anyway.”

He heard hysterical laughter from behind let go of Mindy to find Thad holding his gloves which he got tossed and put on still laughing while he was glaring at the Drainer.

He glared to find Mindy got her hand onto his chin and heard from her “Aren’t you going to invite me inside to where you’re sleeping hmm?”

Mindbender didn’t say a word towards Thad took Mindy’s hand and went to an elevator finding the doors opening showing the Sun Lord inside with guards the ruler wearing a mask covering his head entirely. He kept his mouth shut as the Sun Lord gestured for him and Mindy to get inside which he obeyed finding the ruler not saying a word towards the both of them. He felt the elevator go down to his confusion making him annoyed to show the familiar dungeon again.

Mindbender glared at the Sun Lord finding Mindy speaking “Yes I know every visitor to here has to see Teorjer period. Excuse me.”

He watched Mindy walk out of the elevator to find the doors shutting and felt the thing going up followed by showing the entrance room he finding Thad walking inside to give off a Hmph sound. Mindbender kept his mouth shut as Thad gave off hysterical laughter again he glared at the Drainer to get clapping noises from the Sun Lord.

He glared at Thad who jabbed a finger aimed at him and spoke “His name is Adam when he said it towards the new visitor. It’s a funny name anyway.”

He kept the glare while glaring at Thad who noticed his glare appeared to gulp before hearing “Says I don’t want to hear jokes involving people and their names. I’m still smarting from people calling me Eric instead of my titled name of Sun Lord. Quit the jokes now!”

Mindbender spoke as if compelled “I called myself Mindbender as my titled name.”

He clamped his mouth shut feeling himself annoyed with what he blurt as he eyed the Sun Lord to find the ruler was glaring at a guard who spoke “Says Mindbender will be your title as I’ll refer you. Just refer me as Your Majesty when it involves the Sun Lord title and no other name.”

Mindbender frowned getting the Sun Lord throwing up his hands in some surrender gesture before folding his arms and looking away from a guard as he felt the elevator went down to his relief. He found Mindy admitted inside who took his hand in a gentle grip. He kept his mouth shut hearing silence from the guards in response to feel the elevator going up followed by the entrance’s room in sight.

Mindbender frowned as he eyed the Sun Lord to find a guard speaking while eyeing him “Mindy as she’s called will show you where to go now.”

He obeyed to follow her out of the elevator into the entrance’s room to find her walking out pulling his arm out of the building he looking around while fast walking. He saw the sun shining in the sky blaring brightly overhead as Mindy kept her hand hold onto his arm becoming ironclad to his annoyance. Mindbender eyed the people finding that they were Human and Drainer including other species he wasn’t sure of what they were despite looking Human like to him. He frowned as Mindy got him into a place having a medical symbol on its walls to meet a manoid having sticks jutting from the top of his head that perked up seeing him while having beady night sky eyes narrowed into a glare. He frowned feeling himself annoyed at Mindy for bringing him to a healer as she was heard speaking gibberish he finding her not making sense followed by feeling mist blown into his face and he felt himself coughing repeatedly till he fell unconscious.”

Chapter Five

Nikolai paused from telling the tale to frown lost in thought as the monks of the High Council’s order remained seated in the room in their seats and appeared to be staring at him unblinkingly. He frowned till a throat clearing noise was heard in the room obeyed to speak further of the story as if needing to do it.

“He woke up with confusion running through him finding a male standing over him while he was lying on a hard ground. He eyed the male warily to find he didn’t have a face instead only had orbs for the eyes to his confusion.

He heard voices speaking unsure if it was his ears or mind “I refuse! He’s one of them!”

He frowns as an image flashed in his mind he confused to see as he eyed the male and got up in an acrobatic move as if he had muscle memory.

He frown hearing the voice sounding male blaring as he continued to hear “Keep the argument out of my head now! Just argue among yourselves and leave me out it!”

He frowned further finding the voice sounded familiar to focus onto the no faced male to speak blurting to his shock “Hades.”

He felt confusion to the word as he heard “Come with me now.”

He stared at the male that gently took his arm and pulled him into a direction which he followed finding them both in a vast room containing boxes in rectangular shapes to his confusion. He found the boxes had figures in them that were still to his shock as the male led him out of the room to a hallway looking odd to him. He found the male led the way to a small room containing males inside that had small eyes and pointed ears wearing uniforms.

He blurts “Highlanders.”

He felt confusion hitting him as the male got him inside the small room followed by a bang sound of something blocked the way of the hallway.

He spoke “Elevator.”

He heard Hmph sounds from the male he dubbed Hades to find the elevator he figured as it was called going up in some floating movement he not surprised to feel. He didn’t say a word as Hades kept a hold of his arm and then got him out of the elevator as he heard a familiar sound of a siren sounding faint.

He found the uniformed males shutting a large door in the wall as he heard “You might want to restore his memories, Tank.”

“Tank’s a Meritanian?” He spoke while adding “Merra?”

He heard the confusion of his voice tone found the male with the odd face holding his wrists together and putting a hand covering his mouth.

He stiffened as he heard “You’ll be screaming once you remember.”

He kept on stiffening from the voice that sounded familiar to him only to grunt as a terrible headache arrived to his head he jerking while in Hades’ hand grips from memories spilling within his mind. He recalled his name was Tom aka Mindbender servant of the High Council sent to Shadan’s past via travel gate that was fixed up. It was for him to act like Shad the first declared Annoyov Human, First One to serve the group.”

Nikolai heard gasping sounding within the room to frown pausing from speaking the tale to speak “Who am I besides my name of Nikolai anyway?”

He heard in response “Just keep on speaking the tale from what you remember now!”

Nikolai heard the firmness of the voice blaring into his mind obeyed to speak further of the story despite disgusted on not getting an answer to his question.

“Tom grunted from the memories spilling into his mind with annoyance taking hold as he felt his mind continued to be scanned. He continued to remember fully that he went through the travel gate without any clothes on. Tom recalled grimacing he was found by Lance Richard wearing masked High Council servant wear that called him Shad despite no memory of who he was fully in mind. Tom recalled Lance Richard got him and himself an exchange of clothes followed by taking over the places of two males dubbing themselves Anyan and Shad that were already twins to their appearance. He recalled that both males Anyan and Shad were found in a field with fatal sword wounds on them as there were two horses grazing nearby to indicate both men had a fight to the death duel. Tom continued to recall fully that Lance Richard seemingly acting like he knew who he was and who the males was despite he clueless got them both to wear the clothes of the dead males and buried them into the ground before getting onto the horses and let the gonoids had their head. He kept on recalling Shad’s memories with disgust running through him as Hades he saw removed his hand off his mouth and wrists. Tom didn’t say a word towards Hades instead felt annoyance take hold.

He recalled Barry approached him in the barroom “I want you in my quarters for a private talk.”

He obeyed to follow Barry into the male’s quarters to find him questioning what he knew of Shad’s life.

Tom stiffened recalling what he said in response to Barry’s questions “I and Shad are the same person.”

He recalled the Berserker willed it forwards hearing nothing from Hades as he ran fingers through his long hair feeling himself annoyed with the High Council and their latest mission. He felt disgust take hold didn’t say a word as he rubbed his head while yanking onto the strands in tearing moves he feeling his mood bad again.

Tom felt his mind scanned to recall the names of Tank and Merra to mentally speak “Ramses had a hissy fit after he transported you, Merra off Shadan.”

He felt his mind scanned in response to continue on mentally speaking “Erra and Terra threw a hissy fit against Ramses for that transportation of Merra off Shadan. Something I’m not sure what got them working again this time playing jokes onto the High Council. A servant was roped into helping the High Council into counterattack the Meritanians’ jokey behavior.”

He kept his mind blank in response to hear “Interesting. Anything else you’re not admitting?”

He sighed recognizing Tank’s familiar voice mentally spoke in response “A Wiser for some reason did some manipulating and got two extra Meritanians to live where the both of you were formerly living in the ocean. Their names are Walls for male-”

Tom was interrupted “Kiddy for female. Yeah we know who those two are from your mind. Their offsprings of Merra and I our first offsprings actually. The both of them managed to grow enough to live in the ocean hence that Wiser putting them there. Anything else?”

Tom heard Tank’s voice had the edge in his voice tone sounding like the Meritanian wasn’t going to fully say his thought. He mentally spoke in response after willing aside the Berserker the exact reason why he was clad in his clothes including mentioning being manipulated by the High Council to go through a travel gate for that.

He added talking about the memories of what he forgot and added “I don’t understand how I could have forgotten myself when I went through. Lance Richard went through and appeared to know who he was fully despite me not.”

Tom frowned to hear in response “Excuse me while I transport you someplace.”

He found himself transported into a metallic hallway while hearing alarms sounding with red lights flashing. It made him yank out his sword out of habit which he put away and put his hands up while hearing multiple ahem sounds behind him. Tom turned around to find Anubis and Falcons facing him that grabbed his arms and without a word pushed and pulled him not resisting further down the hallway. He found the three led him to a room he saw wasn’t of the High Council’s throne room instead appeared to hold various Highlanders in it working at consoles to notice a High Council member seated in the middle of the room. Tom kept his mouth shut as he was hauled towards the High Council member and forced to kneel in front of the Highlander he assumed was a male. He kept his mouth into a thin line as the Highlander held up a gnarled bony hand making him confused to see and placed it onto his forehead he grimacing from his mind scanned. Tom sensed nothing to indicate the Meritanians fully in his mind as the mind scanning seemed lengthy to his annoyance. He kept the glare while feeling the Falcons’ grips onto him remain ironclad. Tom kept his mouth into a thin line as the mind scanning seemed lengthy then quit by the Highlander removing his hand in some hot water move and hearing a gasp sound. He kept the glare as the Highlander resumed placing his hand onto his forehead and kept up the mind scanning. He heard multiple gasping from the Highlander making him annoyed.

Tom felt annoyance take hold as the Highlander quit his gasping to hear loudly “He came from Shadan from the High Council!”

He exhaled a breath hearing the Highlander’s voice as he continued to hear “Interesting what does the High Council say about Terrania this time?”

Tom frowned finding the voice sounded different and not of the Highlander this time in a feminine voice. He found the Highlander kept on mind scanning him he kept the glare he hearing Sinister roaring within the back of his mind. He kept the glare as the Highlander removed his hand and made a shooing gesture.

Tom found Anubis and Falcons hauling him up into a standing position followed by hearing “Orders to do with this assassin?”

He heard sounded of Anubis’s loud whisper to hear loudly “Just bring him to me now!”

Tom heard the feminine voice sounding alien to him to frown finding Anubis and Falcons got him out of the room to push and pull him further down a maze or corridors meeting no one on the way. He found the three got him into a room that suspiciously reminded him Seventy’s room from Rakcara where Seventy was doing was spending time typing to the computer. He got forced to kneel to glare at the projection screen in front of him that showed colors to his annoyance in a mirage of rainbows.

He kept the glare as the voice he figured was of a Highlander female hooked up was heard again “Interesting that this assassin is dressed inappropriately for meeting me on Terrania. Talk assassin on what’s your assassin name by the High Council.”

Tom obeyed to speak firmly “It’s Mindbender.”

He heard in response “Computing.”

Tom frowned hearing the voice sounded feminine and electronic tones as there were multiple beeping noises heard followed by hearing “Mindbender found one hundred percent match.”

He kept his mouth into a thin line hearing the voice to glare at the projection to find the Highlander female speaking “Dump this servant onto the Sun Lord to have responsibility for.”

He found Anubis and Falcons released him to find himself kneeling on metallic floor that resembled stone while hearing gun cocking sounds sounding in the room. Tom raised his head while raising his hands in a surrender gesture he finding himself surrounded by Highlanders wearing familiar uniforms of blue colors. He didn’t comment a response to his mind scanned abruptly only to find two of the Highlanders in front of him putting away their guns and going up to him one tapping him on the shoulder and making a come gesture. Tom obeyed to follow the Highlanders he noticing a symbol for the United States’ flag on the wall to his confusion. He didn’t comment a response as the Highlanders got him to follow them into an elevator which he folded his arms and waited as the elevator was felt going down followed by showing the familiar dungeon like area dripping of water from memory of it. Tom kept his mouth shut as the Highlanders led the way to an open doorway he seeing no one inside the room as he walked into it. He heard a bang sound behind him to spin around yanking out his sword out of habit to find the room’s door had slammed shut behind him. Tom felt annoyance take hold in response put away the sword and felt his familiar filming sense hitting him to look around the room to spot a camera dome in the ceiling and spotted a small Meritanian sized plant in the corner. He felt compelled to walk to the bare corner of the room and sit down as he eyed the plant warily he figured was one of Merra and Tank’s offsprings. He sat down and felt himself urged to shut his eyes he yawned abruptly from the tiredness hitting him. He felt himself passing out unconscious.


Tom came to hearing a banging sound to jerk open his eyes he finding the door to the room was open and found four Highlanders in the room wearing the familiar uniforms. One saw banging his gun weapon onto the door in loud moves. He got up as the Highlanders thrust their guns aimed at him he kept his arms folded and eyed the middle of them to his shock to see a male figure standing there. Tom found the figure was entirely wearing black clothes that were twin to Jason’s clothes but this time had a head cover mask that only showed eye plates of golden eyes seen that appeared to look Human and were narrowed with a glare in them. He kept his mouth shut waiting for the male figure he wasn’t sure who he was.

He frowned as the male looked at a Highlander and heard “Says state your name now stranger.”

Tom exhaled a breath hearing that from the Highlander inhaled and spoke “Mindbender.”

He felt himself annoyed with what he said despite his name was Tom.

Tom kept the frown while staring at the covered up male to again hear from the Highlander “Says why did the Shonsurrans dump you onto us hmm?”

He spoke firmly recalling the truth was the best on what he heard and eavesdropped from the Shonsurrans he assumed were the members of the High Council living in Terrania the planetary world he was on.

Tom kept his mouth into a thin line to hear “Says interesting but what do you know of Terrania and their views towards the High Council in question?”

He spoke firmly “I get the impression that the High Council is seen in a bad way. I don’t care to serve that group on Terrania as long as I return to the world I came from.”

He clamped his mouth shut into a thin line finding the Highlander speaking “This is His Majesty the Sun Lord ruler of Terrania who protects the planetary world with his powers from disaster destruction.”

Tom didn’t say a word in response felt a compulsion to get onto one knee and didn’t say a word as he obeyed. He eyed the Sun Lord he figured was the male wearing black clothing to find himself urged to bring his other knee onto the ground. Tom frowned as the Sun Lord kneeled abruptly to see a ring of watery green water surround the male as the Highlanders gathered around backed away with nervousness seen. He felt a compulsion to shut his eyes obeyed while willing forwards the Berserker hearing gasps sounds. He ignored the gasping to focus onto machinery’s point of view showing a satellite orbiting Terrania. He spotted an asteroid making a collusion course towards the planet he glimpsed was entirely of water with multiple islands. Tom continued to watch via his mind as there were lasers arriving from the planet to hit the asteroid into multiple pieces till nothing but dirt remained. He felt himself exhausted abruptly to open his eyes willing aside the Berserker to find the Sun Lord was standing in the room surrounded by guards. He frowned eyeing the Sun Lord to realize with a start that his mind was altered for him to view a scene from a mind walker he figured was from the Meritanian plant in the room. Tom eyed the Sun Lord who appeared to be studying him by Human golden eyes seen narrowing as if focusing onto his face. He met the Sun Lord’s eyes without fear in them despite noticing the Highlanders had fear expressions in their eyes darting from him to the Sun Lord. Tom frowned forming it on his lips as he found the Sun Lord looking away to stare at a Highlander.

He heard “Says get him out of the brig to the hospital where he can get checked out immediately.”

Tom didn’t comment a response as two of the guards walked up towards him and made gestures to come which he obeyed to follow them out of the jail cell into the familiar hallway to the elevator. He found guards inside that appeared to look at him nervously. Tom ignored their nervous expressions to find the guards getting him into the lobby of the building and found Hades there blocking his way of compelled walking towards the door entrance.

Tom grunted an annoyed sound as Hades thrust a finger onto his chest and spoke “You’re not going anywhere Mindbender.”

He removed Hades’ finger off his chest to find Hades was again touching him this time fingers onto his neck.

Tom spoke firmly “I know you’re a Drainer that drinks bloody essence in manoids’ bodies. Spare bothering my neck with your hand and get this biting over with.”

He gave Hades a glare in response to hear from the Drainer in response “Alright since you said it.”

Tom didn’t protest as Hades proceeded to get him into a lock hold and had managed to bite his neck he grimacing from the biting. He kept on grimacing as Hades sucked his blood he hearing an Argh sound followed by the Drainer licking the bite wound clothes and pushing him onto the floor. Tom sat on the floor feeling himself dizzy and forced himself to stare at the metallic floor willing aside the dizziness. He kept on staring at the floor as Hades was heard giving off another Argh sound. He heard silence from Hades to find the Drainer was staring at a Highlander he figured was mind scanning the male’s mind. He got up once the dizziness spell passed and folded his arms to frown feeling his feet refused to budge from their standing position. He kept his arms folded feeling annoyance take hold. Tom waited as Hades quit the Argh to focus onto him he finding the Berserker side thrown in abruptly.

Tom heard as the Berserker took control “Why are you displaying that odd side of yours despite me mentally communicating towards you hmm?”

He mentally willed aside the Berserker and spoke loudly “Mind walkers giving me mind talk will always trigger what I dub Berserker to come out. It doesn’t work with plants like Meritanians. I can’t say if that would work with the Meritanians’ offsprings.”

He clamped his mouth shut into a thin line to hear a growl from Hades to glare at the Drainer as he heard via his ears “Aw get yourself to the hospital and get yourself checked out now.”

Tom spoke firmly “I don’t know where that is in this city whatever name it is.”

He clamped his mouth shut to hear a bang sound of a door to find two Drainers giving him teeth baring glares coming into view via entrance to the room marched up to him. Tom frowned as the Drainers grabbed a hold of his arms and pulled and pushed him out of the building into the blaring sunlight he looking around at the city that reminded him of New York City. He found crosswalk lights flashing symbols in vicinity as the Drainers got him down the steps of the building and into the street ignoring the lumbering car vehicles as in getting into the way of them. Tom frown finding stoplights blaring colors to find the traffic of vehicles was controlled by a Highlander standing in the middle of the road making gestures towards vehicles to move and stop. Tom gave up an Hmph sound as the Drainers got him walking through the city he found was twin to New York City from the looks of it. He found multiple manoids that appeared to have Human like appearances but this time had odd hair colors and was wearing odd fashions. Tom frowned as the Drainers got him further into the city he noticing multiple Drainers wandering around that gave him glares when they caught him eyeing them. He frowned as the Drainers got him further down the street to reach a familiar building that resembled a hospital from the looks of it to get inside. He found the Drainers got him into a hallway to forced him to kneel. He kneeled and waited seemingly lengthy as a manoid with sticks jutting from the head perked up seeing him he spotted had black beady eyes and wings of a Gate Keeper aka monarch butterfly sticking out of his back. Tom frowned as the Drainers spoke gibberish towards the Gate Keeper he assumed was the species and didn’t protest as they got him to stand. He found himself pushed and pulled to follow the Gate Keeper further into the hospital to notice it resembled a Human’s hospital he spotted equipment sitting forlorn and not in use. Tom frowned as the Drainers got him into an elevator that went up seemingly lengthy followed by thrust out. He walked out with the Drainers thrusting him to a door finding the Gate Keeper stepping aside holding a syringe which he found was injected into his neck he feeling himself sleepy felt himself passing out unconscious.


Tom woke up with memories of Mindbender fully in his mind he feeling confused to why he wasn’t clad in his clothes while lying naked on the bed. He felt restraints holding him in place jerked open his eyes once he felt needles sticking into his form giving him pain. Tom found masked Gate Keepers injecting needles all over his front and not sparing his sensitive part to his annoyance. He gave the Gate Keepers a glare in response as he felt a familiar vibration coming from the needles in his skin from the injection site. Tom didn’t say a word as he felt compelled to will forwards the Berserker obeyed despite finding the needles remained attached to him. Tom frowned as the vibration seemed lengthy then quit followed by compelled to will aside the Berserker. He obeyed to find himself sleepy shut his eyes only to wake them when he felt an itchy feeling on his neck. Tom found himself lying in bed clad only in a dress that felt like a too short hospital gown as he felt his neck continued to itch. He irritate brought a hand to the area to feel fingers of a Drainer to glare at a familiar female Drainer he recognized from Mindbender’s memories was dubbed Mindy. He kept the glare aimed at Mindy as she spoke gibberish as she quit touching his neck. Tom found himself able to translate the gibberish she spoken he recognized as one of the hissing languages of Rakcara spoken in Human’s English wording term.

He found her saying “Anything on this Adam as he calls himself?”

Tom frowned to recall it was the name he called himself after meeting Mindy despite his name was something else.

He kept his mouth into a thin line finding a Gate Keeper joining Mindy in view and speaking “Adam is a very unusual for a Human. The size of him indicates his unusual form. He has some kind of alien form hidden within his body that he can at will bring it out. It’s oddly triggered by mind walkers mentally speaking to him.”

Tom found the Gate Keeper this time had golden eyes of a Human and not the beady black eyes as he focused onto Mindy as if compelled. He frowned as Mindy forced his eyes shut in response he finding himself passing out unconscious to come to hearing a roaring noise sounding in his ear. He jerked open his eyes finding Mindy gone along with the golden eyed Gate Keeper to find his familiar two Drainer escorts giving him tooth baring glares.

One of the Drainers spoke “About time you woke up.”

Tom frowned hearing the language was Basic as the Drainers got him out of bed and thrust him his familiar clothes and weapons he put on expertly while noticing them staring at him unblinkingly. Tom ignored the staring as he felt himself relieved to have his weapons and clothes back onto his form as the Drainers grabbed his arms and pulled and pushed him to an elevator. He wound up inside being dropped from the Drainers’ hands’ holds to fall down in a lengthy time period to his confusion. He felt confusion to why he was dreaming himself as Mindbender and Tom back and forth within his mind as he fell into a pool of water with a loud splash.”

Nikolai cut he off from speaking the tale to give the High Council a glare with annoyance running through him them still balking on answering his question. He felt annoyance take hold as the servants hidden forms were felt grabbing his arms and yanking him out of the room to his disgust.

He gave up “Who am I anyway?!”

Nikolai heard nothing in answer to his question as he was led away from the room. He recalled passing out unconscious from meeting Maureen only to wake up clad in nothing clothes wise in the presences of the High Council via their castle room. Nikolai felt annoyance take hold as the hands became rough into their handling him as he tried to pause from walking. He heard twin growling noises that sounded not too human to him and weren’t sounding of Highlander either. Nikolai frowned as the hands roughly got him further out of the room followed by a blindfold placed over his eyes and he lifted up in the air followed by carried in that manner. He felt himself carried in a fast flying speed move going all over the place followed by unceremoniously dumped onto a bed with a pillow and blanket felt. The blindfold remained covering his eyes as he heard a sound of a door slam bang in response as he remained sitting onto the bed. Nikolai yanked off the blindfold finding it was nothing but a strip of black cloth that was tied around his head. He threw aside the blindfold and naked remained seated onto the bed waiting while glancing at the door seemingly lengthy.

Nikolai found the lights turning themselves off followed by hearing Maureen’s familiar voice “Good night son dear.”

He eyed the door finding nothing to indicate the lights off to his disgust. Nikolai forced himself to lie down onto the bed as if disgusted and found he unable to sleep. He remained lying onto the bed eyeing the ceiling to find a pink creature of shiny skin that looked oily with antennae head and a face of beady eyes with a beak for a mouth that was waving a clawed hand. He stared at the creature that waved a foot appearing to be booted at him while hearing growling from the thing that sounded threatening. Nikolai rolled over in response and eyed the statuette of the bird goddess of the High Council dubbed Egypt always in a sitting position via feet with a crown on her head always in a bird form. He sighed finding the statuette didn’t seem to be helping him figure out who he was to his mind. Instead Nikolai got up and went to the altar and kneeled in front of it forcing himself to mediate. He found his mediation helped him sleep found himself passing out unconscious to sleep while in a kneeling pose.


Chapter Six

Nikolai come to hearing the alarm blaring its noises followed by hearing “Good morning time to get up!”

He opened his eyes finding the lights were on and he was still in his kneeling position feeling much better rested but stiff from a dream into his mind. He found the door opening followed by hands clawed felt familiar grabbing his arms and lifting him up into the air. He felt a blindfold placed over his eyes as he again was flown in the air along with dumped onto the stone floor of the High Council’s throne room. Nikolai removed the blindfold finding himself with the High Council seated on their seats of appearing to look like wood crowded on the dais with a stone chair holding a figure of entirely white robed and appearing to be wearing black gloves. He glared with annoyance taking hold within him as the figure on the stone chair as always pointed a finger aimed at him.

Nikolai got told “Speak the story.”

It sounded into his mind bringing out the odd sense within him he mentally told “Say ‘Banshee away’ mentally and that Berserker side your displaying will go away.”

Nikolai obeyed despite unable to feel himself via that side in control. He found his efforts to take a look at his hands despite sensing a change in them blocked by the blindfold placed over his eyes again. He put his hands behind his back and kneeled waiting impatiently for the blindfold to be removed. Nikolai found his patience rewarded with a growl the blindfold was removed followed by ordered to speak a story. He felt disgust take hold on speaking stories and still unable to know who he was. He spoke the story fully in mind of what he dreamed.

“Tom came out fresh from showering to head towards the bed to sit putting on his boots. He eyed the time finding he had plenty of time to listen to the radio. Tom proceeded to do hearing the weather report come on talking about the thunderstorm that lasted all day hitting the Washington DC and Maryland area and ending at sunset cutting off the heat wave but temperatures will remain in their warmth status but not too extremely warm for now. He heard a warning that the heat wave will restart again unexpectedly due to that it was becoming the time of year for such extreme temps to hit.”

Nikolai cut himself off despite confused to why he was speaking about Tom Mindbender’s story instead of his own memories in mind. He glared at the High Council with annoyance running through him as the head leader in the stone chair again ordered him to speak the story.

Nikolai spoke firmly “Not till you tell me who I am other than the name of Nikolai.”

He got the familiar sense in control to hear in his mind “In good time we will tell you. So will that Berserker side of yours away and continue on speaking the story now or else.”

He heard the threat in the voice tone obeyed to will aside the Berserker side despite disgusted and again spoke a story with disgust in his voice tone.


Tom stood in the hallway only to frozen as his senses blared warning unexpectedly to hear blaring “Hit the men’s room in a fast move and make it appear that you’re sick with throwing up now.”

Tom frowned hearing Ramses’ words obeyed to meet cops inside that spoke “Good here put this bullet proof vest on now. Principal triggered the police alarm indicating he has a problem at the moment.”

Tom obeyed put the bullet proof vest on seeing widen eyes from the three cops while recalling he kept his plaid jacket on after removing his winter coat after arriving to the school. He buttoned up his plaid jacket and left the men’s room wiping his mouth repeatedly with his sleeve as he reached the doorway leading to the hallway to the principal’s office.

Tom opened the door carrying his backpack to walk inside to hear “That’s far enough freak.”

He exhaled a breath as the principal came out of his office hands up while behind him was a male he recognized to be Don Ward from the football team holding a gun poking the principal’s back who was grimacing fully. Don without a word thrust the gun onto the principal’s head that got knocked out unconscious sliding to the floor followed by firing the gun point blank range at Tom’s chest. Tom felt pain hitting his chest via heart area assumed it was the bullet proof vest reacting to him being shot. He continued to feel pain hitting the area as Don Ward kept on firing the gun including feeling pain onto his head followed by sleepiness hitting him.

Tom heard “Nighty night Smarty” sounding in his mind as he found the floor rising up to meet him and found he passing out unconscious.


Nikolai spoke “Who am I?”

He found in response to his question an order by a High Council member “Keep speaking the story now of what you remember regarding this Mindbender.”

He felt disgust take hold formed a glare and without a word obeyed to speak the story with disgust in his voice tone.

Tom Mindbender glared at the High Council as Shad spoke “You haven’t bothered to mind scan Kayra haven’t you hmm?”

He spoke: “Get to the point High Council and leave my offspring out of your business with me.”

Tom narrowed his eyes with a glare as there was a flash of light followed by revealing Barry flaring golden eyes sideways looking in his direction before losing the eyed look and looking at the High Council.

He heard from Barry “I just came from Zesky Hospital who got their hands onto Kayra. Your suspicion of her medical condition was confirmed and proven. I managed to tell Victoria of it during her awake from her sleeping status. She didn’t take the news very well at all but she took the information you ordered me to give her fine enough.”

Tom spoke as Barry looked in his direction “What’s going on?”

Barry he eyed formed a frown and spoke “I’m sorry Tom but your daughter has an offspring First One medical condition that hits offsprings of First Ones dubbed by this word of Leukemia which can be terminal without medical help.”

Tom frowned forming it on his lips sensing that the Builder wasn’t kidding on his words as Barry kept talking “I confess that the High Council figured out a medical cure for First One offsprings having that medical condition and have only been sharing that with select people who have offsprings having that condition who in return serve the High Council for various jobs they throw them to do in payment for healing of their offspring.”

He felt his mood become foul hearing Barry’s words seeing the Builder give him a familiar expression on his face he recognized on wanting him to talk period.

Tom spoke firmly “What job does the High Council have in mind for me? Besides I still want a life among the First Ones anyway. I aim to keep that life with Victoria period even if I have to serve the High Council.”

He clamped his mouth shut as he formed a glare on his face to eye the High Council to hear from Shad “Ah Barry kindly get Mind Bender properly attired for the job we have in mind and be sure to clearly detail what he should know of doing this job while you’re at it.”

Tom felt himself freed from the hands of the Falcons to fold his arms as Barry was heard speaking Builder talk to find himself in the medical bay and ordered to get onto a bed for testing his back. He obeyed and found the doctor didn’t seem lengthy with the testing said that his back wasn’t indicating of anything of an injury despite the whipping done. He got up from the bed once done tested and found a masked High Council servant thrusting him clothes he recognized were twin to the servant’s wear including underwear, socks and shoes. He found to his confusion the outfit included a mask that covered his head and neck entirely in a loose but tight fashion while only leaving his eyes bared. He eyed Barry with arms folded finding nothing to indicate of gloves to him as the Builder spoke Builder chatter to find himself in a gate room. He gave Barry a glare who spoke Builder chatter to find his mind scanned by the Meritanians along with information blaring in his mind. He found the information was about a bunch of species meeting in stadium in Rakcara hosted by the Rakcar species who sent out a distress signal of their own planetary weapons firing onto their planet and that they have refused to explain the destruction going on kept on insisting on wanting help with putting down some battery dubbed Mesan’s Curse they hooked up.

He heard from Barry after finishing Builder chatter “The High Council expects you to assassinate who they order you to assassinate period so go through the gate now.”

He got an image in his mind obeyed to come into a vast room via doorway having a reptilian like Humanoid sitting in a metal chair wearing a crown of the sun on the head and a skirt while accompanied by a Drainer that growled and waved fists aimed at him. He heard whining squeals sounds sounding familiar to find three reptilian Humanoids appear in front of him stinking of some stink that made him grimace while wearing metallic clothing on their forms that appeared to look him up and down before fading from view which he walked further into the room.

Tom walked till the reptile crowned humanoid sang words translated by the Drainer spoke in Basic “Says that’s close enough so stop your walking now.”

He obeyed to narrow his eyes aimed at the reptile singer he assumed was the crowned humanoid sitting in the chair who sang again words translated by the Drainer “Says we ask High Council help and this is what they sent us? Some brain washed Human into serving them?”

Tom spoke in Basic words not translated by the Drainer “Cut your insults and get to the point of your distress now.”

He willed forwards the Banshee and waved a clawed hand towards the singer who appeared to gulp from throat seen before willing the Berserker form aside and folded his arms while narrowing his eyes aimed at the reptilian Humanoid.

Tom glared in response as the singer sang again words translated by the Drainer “Says we Rakcar have a war with an invasive species dubbed by the name of Mesan’s Curse a name for the walking dead. Their named that name for coming back to life after their reportedly killed by our weapons whatever it is. The species we dubbed them invasive reportedly came from some travel gate and has been invading us for a lengthy time period. They have been trying to take control of Rakcara. They have succeeded in gaining control of our planetary defense weapons and is currently on and off firing it at power sources in Rakcara that are vital to our lives including destroying our efforts to get control of the weapons back. We have discovered traitors among the Rakcaran species who agree with Mesan’s Curse by them doing brain washing and is hindering our efforts to take control of our planetary defense weapons including the source of the trigger firing the weapons.”

He felt compelled to speak spoke sounding of sarcasm to his annoyance “So? What do you expect the High Council to help you with in this matter? We’re planet bound and can only travel via travel gates. We do not have the technology to travel via off planet nor do we can travel to your home world planetary location. You have been sabotaging us and our efforts to learn your planetary world’s location via off planet means including other ways of learning the location included. You also have been sabotaging us on our efforts to learn technology your people created we were hoping to use for our warriors to our own purposes. What do you have to say about this hmm?”

Tom glared at the singer who appeared to gulp again before singing words translated by the Drainer “Says we Rakcar are desperate for help that we’ll do anything for it. What you wish to learn from us we will gladly give you anything.”

He felt himself still compelled to speak spoke “Didn’t you speak those words to us High Council before when it was obvious you had a problem of an invasive species only to break your word on giving us anything?”

He saw the singer’s eyes narrow with a glare forming followed by singing words translated “Says are you making me a liar of my words regarding giving the High Council anything? We’re quite desperate at the moment.”

Tom spoke still feeling the compulsion “Desperate is a pathetic word for a species to speak in times of trouble when they expect help only to use the help for their own gain instead of giving the helper what was oath. Why should we High Council bother to help you with your time of desperation? You have proven time and time again over and over to break oaths regarding us helping you with your problems. Don’t come calling us again. We’ll call you when it’s appropriate.”

He turned around unfolding his arms walking towards the doorway to hear the singer singing something but nothing said from the Drainer only to feel a charge of electrical jolts hitting him from behind making him feel unable to move which he saw the floor rising up to meet him felt it on his form shut his eyes passing out unconscious-


Nikolai was interrupted “Quit that nasty voice tone you’re using now and will aside the Berserker side of yours now!”

He growled an annoyed sound but obeyed to speak further of his story despite angry at the High Council for not answering his question “Who am I?”


Chapter Seven

Tom came to feeling electrical jolts hitting his neck feeling metal clamped around the area despite still having head clad in his mask. He jerked open his eyes with a start to find a grey cloudy sky in his eyesight with fireballs raining down overhead appearing to miss him.

He found a Drainer in view that spoke “Says get up now.”

Tom obeyed finding himself able to move to find himself on a metallic ground surrounded by Rakcar he assumed were they still giving off that stinky smell making him disgusted despite them clad in twin outfits and some giving him narrowed eyed glares in response.

He found himself towering over the Drainer who appeared to gulp seeing that height differences who spoke while hearing gibberish spoken from one of the Rakcar “Says your target is inside that domicile contained in a cylinder tube with form of the Mesan’s Curse inside it.”

He spoke feeling his neck clad of the metal restraint “What do these Mesan’s Curse look like anyway? I wasn’t given the information when I was sent here to speak on the High Council’s behalf. They give servants information on what they should know and that’s about it period.”

He narrowed his eyes as the Drainer was heard speaking gibberish followed by one of the Rakcar holding a tubal device in response flaring an image of figure with a male humanoid form with black scaly skin and having a barrel shaped head that made him think it was a mask while holding a long knife object in one hand he figured was a sword.

Tom glared at the Rakcar as the Drainer spoke translating after one of them was heard “Says this is what they look like so get inside the building now and take out this Mesan’s Curse now.”

He felt an electrical jolt from the metal restraint around his neck stinging him enough to grimace fully on his lips. Tom didn’t say a word in response saw one of the Rakcar point to a building having an opening where there was a black hooded reptile faced Humanoid stood in the entrance while appearing to be jerking form back and forth in some visibly move.

Tom spoke “Eh? What’s that standing in the doorway? Doesn’t look like one of these Mesan’s Curse you showed me.”

He heard from the Drainer “Says just a traitor who betrayed us Rakcar to the Mesan’s Curse. Get moving now and display that odd hand look of yours at the moment.”

He didn’t give off a response willed forwards the Banshee to slow walk taking his time towards the jerking reptile figure to see the figure appear to have a male form to him that remained in the doorway still jerking away.

Tom walked up to the figure who held up a hand which he halted his walking to hear a male voice sounding Rakcaran accent in Basic he figuring it wasn’t from the humanoid “The Rakcar have gotten desperate that they asked the High Council to send an assassin to do their dirty work.”

Tom felt the Banshee refused to budge from his form despite trying to will it aside. He narrowed his eyes aimed at the reptile humanoid who kept his clawed hand up showing it green and appearing to look humanoid with long fingernails seen.

He heard snickering laugher in Rakcaran tones coming from the building’s room followed by the familiar male voice speaking again “Tell me assassin how do you plan to assassinate targets you can’t see hmm?”

He felt the Banshee remained in control despite efforts to will it aside mentally spoke “Drat the Rakcar for putting this restraint on my neck to do their dirty work after knocking me unconscious. I was just a messenger from the High Council voicing their refusal to assist the Rakcar with their problem despite they speaking words of desperation. The High Council has complained of the Rakcar oath anything for help only to take back their word. I can’t even will aside this Berserker form to tell you this.”

He cut his thoughts when he felt his mind scanned from the feel of it to felt a compulsion to remove the restraint off his neck by mental orders which he obeyed finding it dropping around him in pieces while keeping an eye onto the reptile humanoid that stopped the hand up and stepped aside in some gesture for him to go inside which he obeyed. Tom walked inside the room to find no one in sight but multiple people contained in cylinder tubes at the walls of the room surrounding a cylinder tube containing a figure he saw had a Human like face with Builder golden eyes and a Mesan’s Curse’s body form in a male form. Tom felt himself compelled to stop walking obeyed and stood in the room feeling the Banshee compelled to will aside which he obeyed and folded his arms.

Tom spoke loudly in Basic from a compulsion to speak despite mind still being scanned “Spill it Mesan’s Curse on the actual reason for this destruction. The High Council demands to know your side of this war despite the Rakcar telling something ridiculous we know that their lying again as always. So talk now.”

He narrowed his eyes in a glaring expression sensing his eyes flaring golden from the looks of them to hear a male voice speaking in Basic loudly “I’ll do the talking for us now.”

He found a figure of a Mesan’s Curse appearing from some hidden state that didn’t reek of a stinky smell to him that flicked his right hand and saw a sword appear held in the male’s hand who thrust it aimed at his direction.

Tom heard a male voice speaking in Basic “We Mesan’s Curse had Rakcara as they call this planetary world now underneath our control our lives and our ways. The Rakcar we told you repeatedly came from a travel gate with claims of some world dead despite refusing to tell us anything about their former world in question. They created a sickness to knock most of us off and burned the bodies of those asleep despite others able to escape. They even tried to kill our leader which you High Council took with oaths of healing him and have refused to hand him back despite our pleas for that ignored. The Rakcar took control of this planetary world and created all this technology you see in this room that involves using manoids as batteries for powering power sources within Rakcara. The Rakcar wound up in their process attempted to destroy what made this planet function normally with their technology. They even don’t seem to care if they destroy themselves to death due to their obsession in wearing some tech that makes them move at fast speeds and hide in sight an ability we have naturally. So say your piece from the High Council and be gone from here.”

Tom felt himself still compelled to speak “Fine the High Council’s business is done here. We have nothing more to say to the Rakcar except they must handle this war with you alone and yourself handle this war alone. We’re not giving a hand to either side of this war. This war is not our concern except to tell you that your leader is safely healed contained on this planetary world dubbed Shadan where we currently have a base at the moment. You’ll find him living among this species we call First Ones you dub by this awful name of Human in a leadership position at some place dubbed Zesky Asylum and Hospital. Seek this world and your leader yourself. That’s as far as we’re helping you in your search for him and helping you further with anything.”

Tom unfolded his arms to find the scene changed to show a travel gate in his eyesight with an image fully of the High Council’s travel gate room in his mind which he walked through the gate to get arms grabbed by the Falcons appearing in whining squeal sounds and Anubis roughly yanking off the head cover mask off his head in some tearing cloth move. He gave Anubis a glare in response who made a shrugging motion and threw aside the cloth before jabbing a finger towards the doorway entrance which he found himself roughly hauled to the High Council’s throne room with Barry there giving him a glaring golden eyed glare aimed at him. Tom felt himself compelled to speak after Barry gave up his familiar chatter which he relayed everything that happened to him on Rakcara and what the Rakcar told him including what the Mesan’s Curses species told him. He clamped his mouth shut once done to eye the High Council to see both speakers bow their heads followed by the group waving their hands and shaking their heads in various gestures he figuring long ago was their way of mental talk communication among each other.

Tom eyed Shad and Onya to see them both raise their heads followed by Shad’s voice speaking “Interesting story from what we heard regarding this war on Rakcara. Too bad neither one of the species have refused to admit originating from Edenia as where they came from and later kicked out of that moon world for refusing to get along with each other. They have always been fighting war battles since they originated on Edenia. The Rakcar refusing to drop their jealousy attitude towards Mesan’s Curse having the natural ability to hide in sight and move fast the Rakcar keep on hoping to have hit their own species. Well we figured out a way for the Rakcar to get this to happen but it involves both species breeding offspring with each other for this ability to be passed down which would have created a new species a combination of Rakcar and Mesan’s Curse. Both species have refused to listen to us telling them this breeding method to solve this silly war among each other. They have seemed more interested in their own petty selfish gains than listening to us help solve this war their fighting among each other at the moment.” Tom heard from Onya “Too bad there’s nothing we can do except hope within time both sides will be willing to listen to us on advising on stopping this war by the use of breeding-”

She was interrupted as Tom heard “The breeding between the warring species is not permitted.”

Tom felt himself freed from the Falcons holds to find Anubis and guards on the steps acting threatening which he turned around to find a male appearing to look human by the face seen with Shadonian skin tones an all white eyed look of a Shadonian while dressed in a green robe that reminded him of the High Council’s robes holding a chain in gloved hand attached to a white gonoid he figuring it was a tiger baring its teeth.

Tom heard from Barry sounding annoyed “White Shadow what purposes are you here for? Speak your piece from Edenia and leave. Your influence and interferences in the affairs of the High Council isn’t wanted so talk now.”

Tom frowned eyeing the male he assumed was dubbed White Shadow to his confusion as the male spoke accented of a Shadonian in Basic “Edenia has determined that there is another way of solving this conflict between the species calling themselves Rakcar and the species you dub them as Mesan’s Curse. Breeding will not be permitted or used as a solvent to this war among both species. The breeding if you think of solving hasn’t solved matters in question for it already has been done and the Samol and the Sakul are the result of this breeding in question.”

Tom frowned as Barry spoke “Interesting it does explain some questions we were asking regarding the origins of the Samol and the Sakul due to not finding any records of them said to be created by Edenia herself.”

He eyed White Shadow who spoke “Records aren’t important to this matter. What matters is you must not answer any questions to the Rakcar or Mesan’s Curse regarding the species of your messenger you sent to their home they may bring up in your presence.”

Tom frowned forming it on his lips as White Shadow kept talking “The Rakcar and Mesan’s Curse are forbidden to know anything about the messenger you sent to them. You are also forbidden on sending this manoid as your messenger anywhere via travel gate off Shadan or off planet Shadan via other technological uses. We will know of this law broken immediately and will take action against you regardless of how you hide this from us. Your messenger must only deliver messages within Shadan only and no where else period.”

He heard from Barry “What about a planetary disaster hitting Shadan when he must be removed for his safety?’

Tom narrowed his eyes aimed at White Shadow “What planetary disaster are you speaking of Anger? There aren’t any planetary disasters prophesied to hit Shadan. We’re aware of the Rakcar and them causing planetary disasters onto planetary worlds via off space technology. Those worlds were hit for a payment prices those worlds’ species it contains had to pay to Edenia. Edenia assures you that the Rakcar will cease this payment price onto planetary worlds. She assures you that Shadan has the means to defend itself from such destruction. Lance Richard once you summon him will explain this defending ability to you. I must be gone.”

He watched as White Shadow backed up in some gliding move with the tiger walking backwards and out of the room out of sight which he turned to face the High Council to hear Barry speaking Builder chatter loudly to sense a light show showing Lance Richard minus the crown sitting in a cross legged pose with eyes shut and hands to the sides like he was mediating.

Tom frowned as Barry was heard speaking in some furious tone “So talk Lance on what you’ve seen regarding White Shadow. Don’t deny it to me that you can see other places through eyes of manoids like you seen through my eyes.”

He folded his arms eyeing Lance with a glare on his face to hear from the male keeping eyes shut sounding firm “The weapon is Jinks Montreal himself. His earth moving abilities have given him a connection to Shadan on a permanent basis that also involves the entire Shadonian species themselves. Their his source of his power to control the earth including the source of his power to destroy Rakcaran planetary weapons the First Ones dub by this word of asteroid another talk for rock of a huge size actually. Those rocks can cause planetary destruction once they hit the earth or the ocean areas causing havoc within planet Shadan itself. Only Jinks Montreal with his source powers in control can stop those rocks from causing destruction once they’ve entered the planet’s boundary line.”

He frowned as Lance opened his eyes showing them Human blue that appeared to focus onto Barry and added “Besides it’s your responsibility, Barry on telling Jinks this talk. He’s still furious with me at the moment and has refused to take any advice from me or listen to me telling him various things he should be aware of. That talk of protecting Shadan has been ignored and rejected in my face in various emotional responses from Jinks whenever I tell him this. So good luck on telling Jinks this I can’t help you in this matter.”

Tom eyed passed Lance as if drawn to find the Falcons restraining a familiar male flaring an all black eyed look while Anubis had a gloved hand covering the male’s mouth in some tight grip. He exhaled a breath recognizing the male as Jinks himself and figured from the eyed look that he was furious with Lance and his worded talk.

He kept his mouth shut continued to eye Jinks as Shad was heard “Anyhow get Lance out of our sight now Ramses.”

He sensed a light show and eyed Jinks as the Falcons and Anubis brought him closer to the group to stand next to him which he shifted his form to eye the High Council to hear “Nice try Lance Richard on that excuse of Horus being the weapon when its you who’s actually the weapon. We already tested the Shadonian connection and found its connection very crystal clearly. Anyway Ramses dump Lance Richard into the ocean for that deception of trying to go around as Horus and Horus ordered to go around as himself underneath our servitude.”

Tom found Jinks he assumed was Lance disappearing in a light show after freed from the Falcons’ grips to hear from Shad again “Lance still seeing through your eyes Barry again as usual?”

He eyed Barry who bobbed his head followed by the Builder speaking chatter and then added in Basic “You thought correct on who’s the weapon actually. It’s Lance Richard himself. But I doubt your theory of this switcheroo trick at the moment. I know Jinks too well that he’ll never fool you into thinking he’s Lance Richard. He doesn’t have the smarts to think well enough to outwit stunts pulled onto him by you, the Meritanians or myself as well. Only Lance managed to do that successfully with whatever stunts I threw him in that were twin to the stunts I pulled onto Jinks’ offspring Robert himself who managed to think smartly on getting out of those situations.”

Tom frowned to shift his eyes towards the High Council to hear from Shad “How well do you know Lance Richard when it comes to teaching his offspring to get the smarts you call this attitude to outwit stunts played onto them hmm?”

He resumed looking at Barry who spoke sounding firm “I know how well Jinks acted while Lance communicated to him. Jinks acted like some kind of puppet doing this and that underneath Lance’s orders actually. He even seemed too dependant on Lance to help guide his life with everything he needed to do in Shadan.”

Tom bared his teeth in response giving off a growl sound softly while eyeing Barry who gave him a golden eyed glare before resuming looking at the High Council quitting the golden eyed look and continued talking “This puppet behavior has been seen among First Ones including done among your own servants you the hand while your servants act puppet like actually.”

Tom again gave up a growling sound sounding a bit louder while fisting his hands as he shifted his form to face Barry entirely while keeping his arms folded as Shad was heard speaking “Anyhow Barry transport this puppet excuse of a servant Mind Bender to medical for testing then see on getting him properly attired. We have a job for him which we’ll say what it is once he’s wearing the proper garments for it so transport away.”

He gave Barry a glare while cutting off his noises as the Builder spoke his familiar chatter to find himself in the medical room to get tested thoroughly then thrust his familiar jeans and rugby shirt including his underwear, socks and sneakers he put on his form after clothes were exchanged. He stood with arms folded as Barry got him into the High Council’s throne room with the Builder there to give the group a glaring stare of accusation in his eyes.

He glared at the High Council as Shad spoke “Ramses transport Mind Bender to a discreet location for meeting Horus since its obvious there isn’t a switcheroo anyway.”

He found himself in a hotel room holding double beds to hear the alarm clock blare its noises which he found one of the beds occupied. He eyed the figure in bed still covered by blankets that reached a hand and a bare arm and turned on the lamp before thrusting it underneath the blankets.

Tom sighed softly eyeing Jinks he assumed was in the bed to hear loudly “Don’t stand there, Tom. Hit the bathroom for a shower. You reek pretty bad at the moment. I’ll be sure to get you a change of clothing once I root around your suitcase for something decent for you to wear I’ll leave on your bed.”

He exhaled a breath hearing Jinks’ voice sounding firm to him which he groaned and found the bathroom and went inside.


Tom came out with a towel wrapped around his waist like a skirt hair damp from the thorough shower he gave himself to find Jinks had gotten out of bed and was sitting on a bed at the foot with the flat screened TV on blaring some news’ channel he recognized with an all black eyed look and holding the remote in hand ignoring him. He found clothes lying on the bed that seemed different from his regular clothing to feel confused to the looks of them.

He spoke loudly “Jinks, don’t tell me my clothes in my suitcase were all stinky.”

He glared at Jinks who looked in his direction and jabbed a finger aimed at him while still having that all black eyed look and speaking in his creepy voice tone “You have obligations that must be done period. So put on those clothes now and shut up and let me watch the TV.”

Tom saw Jinks look away which he removed his towel tossing it onto the bed and kept an eye onto the male who didn’t spare him a glance instead kept his attention onto the TV as he got dressed into the clothes that reminded him of some business suit from the looks of them including the shoes and a tie he found clipped onto the collar instead of wrapping around his neck.

Tom once done stood with arms folded while eyeing Jinks and spoke “Ahem.”

He got a glare in response followed by Jinks shutting off the TV with a hand waving towards it instead of the remote control and tossed aside the device onto the bed and got up looking him up and down him noticing that Jinks was clad in an entirely black business suit clothes minus the tie.

Tom frown eyeing Jinks who spoke “What do you know of males and females taking oaths to be paired together anyway?”

He sighed recalling his oath ceremony with Thura fully in his mind spoke “All I know is that the Highlanders have some kind of oath to be paired ceremony that only involves putting necklaces looking twin to each other onto the one their paired to and their partner doing the same to them and that’s about it. I had such a ceremony happen to one female I valued that I was outliving. Too bad I wasn’t able to keep the necklace I was given her or she the same soon after she passed away. I was later forced to ceremony put her dead body down in some eater fire burning method and ashes scattered somewhere in King Winter’s kingdom. And yes the High Council made me wear High Council robes when doing that death ceremony onto her wearing twin robes as me and same with the ashes scattering done.”

He glared at Jinks who spoke “Well this oath to be paired ceremony among Humans involved exchanging jewelry called rings that’s worn on a finger on the hand. It doesn’t matter what finger or what hand the ring is placed on as long as the exchange is made in the oath ceremony. After that ceremony is over the female is required to wear a certain jewelry stone ring on her left hand which doesn’t matter which finger as long as its there to show that she’s paired publicity. The male has to have a certain type of chain necklace to be worn that he can’t take off while he’s paired to a female period. The male can take off the necklace if he and the female declare the pairing over with which will take about a full Human year or cycle as you call it for that breakup to happen as stated by the law on such pairings.”

Tom exhaled a breath and inhaled as Jinks formed a Human blue eyed look having anger in them which he spoke “You seem angry about something so talk on what it is. Perhaps I can help out the problem-”

He was interrupted “Don’t bother with the helping. It’s just me expecting from Victoria in her life to not get involved with the High Council. I admit it I don’t like the High Council period. I refuse to say why I don’t like the group to you. I’ll only admit that fact to them in person. I would rather have them hear why from me than from someone else or from some stinking recorder. So excuse me while I have to lead you out of here since you don’t know where’s the exit to this hotel is.”

He didn’t comment a response wordlessly followed Jinks out of the room taking a stairwell route that appeared to be for hotel servants to use who ignored them walking down the stairs as the servants went up them. He followed Jinks to the lobby he assumed was where they were going to find his hunch correct to find a gathering of cops in the room as the sunlight blared from outside showing a bunch of press people gathered near the entrance held back by rope barricades some still flashing lights from their devices.

He heard nothing from Jinks in response but a throat clearing noise from the male loudly to find the cops in the room turning attention towards them as one spoke loudly “Car’s outside parked waiting for you. We’ll escort you both out.”

Tom followed Jinks escorted by the cops escorting him out the hotel doorway entrance to the waiting car while hearing the presses pester questions aimed at him and the male for comments on various subjects related to Victoria and himself and their daughter Kayra he tuned them out from listening to concentrate onto Victoria’s Father who got into a limo which he followed inside finding the door slammed shut behind him.

He buckled up his seatbelt and gave Jinks a glare while speaking “Buckle up safety first.”

He got a Hmph sound from Jinks in response who buckled up his seatbelt and felt the limo start up followed by the male opening a seat part in between them to yank out a bottle of strawberry milkshake which he spied his familiar herbal drink took it out and sipping it slowly after uncapping it.

He felt his strength going back to his standards to hear from the driver sounding Highlander accented “Traffic is bad at the moment due to some accident on a road to the location. I have to take another route instead.”

Tom heard nothing more from Jinks leaned back shutting his eyes due to figuring out that he’ll get some sleep. He felt the padded seat drop away from him followed by hitting a familiar metal floor with a grunt sound before familiar hands’ grips grabbed his arms lifting him up in a standing position as he saw an overhead shot in the High Council’s throne room of a limo on fire while Jinks was seen lifted up unconscious from the ground by bystanders and hauled away from the vehicle out of camera’s eyesight.

Tom glared at the High Council in response to snarl loudly “I wanted a life with Victoria period! I’m done serving you!”

He glared at the group as the overhead scene stopped followed by the lights resuming their brightness to hear from Shad “A life with Victoria is what you’ll receive but it’ll be on our terms period. You will serve us for you have spoken the words of loyalty in some oath we expect you to keep for life as long as you live on Shadan till Edenia breaks the containment is when you’re free of servitude.”

Tom fisted his hands while baring his teeth giving off an angry growling sound softly eyeing the High Council as Onya spoke “Oh there’s one thing we expect you to do and you’ll do it period.”

He quit his growling once he heard what Shad ordered him to do. Tom fingered the chain necklace through the shirt of a masked High Council servant wear’s top while clad in the clothes and shoes including wearing a mask that covered the upper half of his face keeping his eyes and nose hidden including covering the head area down to his neck and appeared to wrap around his neck from the feel of it once put on his form. He eyed the golden cup in his hand he was sipping his familiar Vodka drink he received from the bartender on Barry’s orders who have refused to say another word on who he was except dubbed him by the word of Berserker. He sighed pausing from drinking to stare at the bar’s top before resuming drinking his drink, his mouth and chin bare of the mask. Tom took his time sipping the drink while fiddling with the necklace underneath his shirt.

He heard from Barry “Cut scratching yourself like that, Berserker. It’s annoying me.”

Tom removed his hand still feeling the chain necklace a golden color wrapped around neck in some almost choking move but left room for him to breathe fine. He recalled the High Council ordered him to take the First Ones’ oath ceremony with Victoria on one of their islands set aside for it she going along with it and not surprised to find him alive instead of assumed dead.

He found that the oath ceremony involved a Highlander speaking foreign language from some book and waving a hand in a gesture over the both of them before speaking in Basic “Make the oath exchange of jewelry as its called now.”

He was given a chain necklace by Victoria who got it around his neck without any effort or problems as he gave her a ring he recognized as the fashion ring he always kept with him always forgetting to give to her. He found himself putting the ring on her right hand on the largest finger as if compelled to do it to his annoyance. Tom continued to sip the drink recalling that Victoria after given the ring got him into a lip lock with arms around him before she was yanked away by the Falcons to see her disappear in a flash of light with them. He found himself given Nameless’ former room despite it cluttered with various objects he found were junk to him along with Barry there that ordered him using Builder talk to get out of his clothes into High Council wear clothes along with given the mask to wear and ordered not to take it off unless the group ordered him to do it and accept the name of Berserker as his name despite unsure of what name the group was planning on naming him for doing jobs for them. He sipped the Vodka drink entirely then placed it down onto the counter to find the bartender a Listener appearing to be a female from feminine form seen with longer hair and male Listener clothes on her form was appearing to be staring at him with a scrutiny look. Tom once done with the drink tossed her the cup in a hard throw she expertly plucked out of the air with no effort and saw her walk away going to the sink to wash the cup he saw from the looks of it. He shifted to look at Barry facing his direction who had finished his drinking from the looks of it. Tom glared at Barry through the see through mask covering his eyes. He felt the urge to will forwards the Banshee arrived obeyed to do it to flex a clawed hand towards Barry refraining from forming any rude gestures with his fingers aimed at the Builder.

He found Barry didn’t seem shocked by the gesture instead gave off a chuckle sound and spoke “You’ll come to know that thinking yourself freed of the High Council is frowned around here once you’ve joined the First Ones living like one of them. The High Council always will have you serving them period even if its for life or even if you think your freed from serving them. You’ll always serve the High Council period.”

Tom folded his arms in response to will aside the Banshee to narrow his eyes in a glare aimed at Barry who added “Whatever female you loved, don’t expect her to be yours forever while you serve the High Council. They will see that she’s paired off with some other male period. That includes arranging the pairing to happen and insisting on her to keep the relationship on a permanent basis.”

Tom fisted his hands letting them be seen fisted as Barry spoke “Believe me I know what your going through when it comes to a female you love that you can’t have as yours due to serving the High Council. I went through that multiple times during my time I’ve lived in Shadan. I keep having to put up with admiring a desired female from afar despite wanting her for myself I wasn’t able to get. The High Council has refused to allow such pairings to happen to me despite I allowed to get rid of urges only a female can provide. You’ll get used to that feeling hitting you from time to time including used to using females for getting rid of urges. I can’t say if any offsprings will be allowed to be created from such pairing. I at the moment is still not permitted that despite still used for implantation methods for female to carry my offsprings. The High Council might have you do such donation bits but I highly doubt it due to how unusual you are with your abilities of having form changing abilities. That’s something I haven’t seen an interests in from the High Council actually.”

Tom heard blared unexpectedly as Barry quit talking “Barry, the High Council want you and Mind Bender as he’s called into the meeting room. Why is he called that name despite a servant already have that name anyway?”

He got up from the stool to hear from Ramses sounding grumpy again “Because you want to make Mind Bender live forever despite that servant is dead actually.”

He adjusted his arms to hide his fisted hands as Barry spoke his familiar chatter to find them both in the High Council’s throne room. He gave the group a glare with his eyes despite mask covering them.

Tom heard from Shad “We caught the fool that rigged Horus’s vehicle to blow up. He’s contained in the brig at the moment. Barry transport Mindbender to the brig and have Anubis be there to open the cell door while our servant does whatever he wants to this fool as long as he’s dead period.”

Tom found himself facing cell bars in the brig to find a raggedy male making his senses blaring warning despite smelling bad to him from the stink that backed up from the bars with fear on his dirty face looking nervous while appearing to gulp repeatedly. He heard Anubis’s growl found the cell bars slamming open leaving nothing between him and the male who backed up hitting the wall still looking nervous. Tom unfolded his arms and willed forwards the Banshee while flexing a clawed hand towards the male in some fist move. He saw the male flattened himself against the wall in fear as he walked into the cell putting down his hand while hearing the cell doors bang shut behind him.

Tom halted his walking as the male stopped his fear look and gave off snickering laughter sounds before sneering loudly “Is this the best you can do to me High Council? Send some freak of nature coward with face covered up to put me down? Hah, he won’t last a battle with me and my combative abilities. I’ve got years of training involving martial arts. He’ll be put down easily anyway.”

Tom folded his arms as the male continued on snickering which he raised a hand and mentally spoke “Male to me.”

He found the male flipping into some acrobatic move to hit him feet first which he mentally spoke in a rush “Paralysis male to wall.”

He found to his annoyance the paralysis refused to work onto the male by the Human hitting the wall feet first and flipping down in some acrobatic move showing an all black eyed glare aimed at him. Tom figured that the male had power abilities of Jinks hence he able to counterattack his paralysis order.

He mentally spoke “Mind reveal.”

Tom saw clearly in the male’s mind that he was working as a hired assassin whoever hired him unknown to him to take out Tom himself in some car explosion due to made clear that the pairing of Victoria and Tom wasn’t going to happen period due to the assassin assumed that someone else wanted her himself. He quit the mind scanning as the male attacked him with fists and feet flying which he counterattacked the moves due to easily recalling the karate and combative art training he received he kept up religiously. Tom attacked the male finding the Human was trying to use Jinks’ like powers of paralysis onto him which he mentally gave up the shield command repeatedly over and over while fighting.

He fought till he spotted a weakness within the male’s fighting style and counterattacked it using mental commands of “Throw back, male to me.”

He kept it up finding the male was flying in the air repeatedly flipping back and forth due to figuring out that his shield command wouldn’t work till the Human hit the wall with a bang sound landing on his back and looking exhausted to him by not indicating on a shield command to him. Tom heard the cell bars swung open with a bang sound to find the Falcons grabbing the male by the arms and holding him onto the wall as Anubis came into sight.

He heard “Alright quit that wall pining now and let him go. The High Council wanted him in their presence restrained actually.”

He mentally spoke in response “Paralysis from neck down wall pin stop.”

Tom found the Falcons hauling the male out of the cell followed by Anubis in a fast speed move.

He heard the cell doors bang shut locking him inside to his annoyance to find Anubis speaking “Sorry I got orders.”

Tom folded his arms to see Anubis and Falcons fade from view to hear squawks and groaning sounds followed by the familiar raggedy dressed male walking into sight with a smirk on his face who spoke “Well what did you expect from me High Council since I did what’s ordered?”

He stiffened recognizing the voice as Jinks who removed his facial mask showing his face clean of dirt still having the familiar scar on his cheek with Human blue eyes in control glaring at him.

Tom frowned as Jinks spoke loudly “By the way nice try on letting me think that Tom is dead. Its Tom standing in front of me is wearing that mask on his head. I recognized him from the moment I laid eyes onto him from my senses going off alerting me of him every time I’m in his presence as always.”

Tom found himself in the High Council’s throne room to see Jinks restrained by the Falcons to hear from Shad “What senses are you talking about related to recognizing Mindbender as who you think he is?”

He heard in response “I can explain that.”

Tom heard a vulgar language insult aimed at Lance via Jinks as he saw Lance Richard come into view who spoke towards him “Your not born of Shadan are you?”

He bobbed his head in a Human yes gesture to see Lance shift to face the High Council who spoke “That’s how Jinks figured out who he is. He’s not Shadan born actually.”

He heard Jinks continue swearing vulgarity aimed at Lance who ignored him to continue talking “Besides Jinks will always figure out who’s who if their standing on the earth ground which doesn’t matter if they have shoe wear on their feet or not. He’ll always detect people walking on the earth or inside it alive or dead doesn’t matter. Besides if you want to find a body being buried in the ground in an area the size of this room’s floor he’ll find it easily by sticking his hand into the ground and will pinpoint its location. I know of this for I used to have this ability myself which now has transferred to Jinks. That except for the ability of protecting the planet falls to me actually.”

He shifted to eye Jinks finding Anubis had managed to cover the male’s mouth to eye the High Council in response as Shad spoke “Ramses see about dumping Horus into the ocean where its safe for him to get some swimming done. His language use insulting Lance Richard is annoying us.”

He found Jinks disappearing in a flash of light after freed from the Falcons and Anubis’s hand grips.

He bore the High Council a glare as Shad spoke again “Anyway we have a job for you Mind Bender. We expect you to do this job crystal clearly without any mistakes this time so Ramses transport Mind Bender to where he’s to go and transmit the information he should know once he’s there now.”

Tom found himself facing a doorway he recognizing belonged to the Zesky Asylum and Hospital to hear loudly behind him “Well, well a servant of the High Council. What do they want this time?”

He heard the sarcasm of Jason’s familiar voice turned around shifting away the Banshee as if compelled to find Breaker standing next to Jason with guards kneeling in front of them guns pointed at him.

Tom inhaled and spoke “How’s Kayra doing anyway? I heard from the High Council that you have her.”

He got a glare from Jason who sneered “I see it’ll take more than a car explosion to put you down Mindbender or should I say Tom Thunder hmm?”

He folded his arms and spoke “Whatever identity you want Jason, now about Kayra?”

He heard the firmness of his voice tone to glare at Jason who spoke “Come along now.”

He wordlessly followed Jason with guards escorting and Breaker behind him to a room he found Kayra lying on the bed asleep cuddled by a sleeping Victoria. Tom felt himself unable to go near them both due to the guards pointing their gun weapons aimed at him. He saw Jason go to Victoria to pick up one of her hands she remaining asleep like he was checking for a pulse then walked up to him thrusting an object onto his front he took finding it was her ring he gave her.

Tom snarled a soft growling sound aimed at Jason who smirked and spoke “Too bad for that. Some male I refused to name made it clear to me that he wants her for himself hence he making a deal with the High Council to get you out of the way to get her. Oh I wouldn’t bet on Kayra living too long either. Her medical condition is terminal and there’s no cure for it despite you led to believe by the High Council claiming to have it. She dies period. Hah.”

Tom willed forwards the Banshee to see Jason fade from view to feel a hand touching his forehead as he felt a compulsion to wake up hit him obeyed finding himself in a limo seatbelt off of him wearing his business suit clothes from the feel and found the hand’s owner was Jinks clad in his familiar black business suit clothes.

Tom felt himself confused seeing Jinks who willed aside his all black eyed look and snarled sounding rude “Get yourself out of the fricking car now. Your not getting out of this ceremony so will that status away now!”

Tom obeyed feeling himself confused to why he had that weird dream as he got out of the car followed by Jinks finding the presses there pestering him with questions as he followed the male to the entrance to hear an explosion of a car blowing up behind him to look finding the limo was blown up to blink his eyes to find himself facing Jason while clad in High Council clothes and mask on his face to feel his throat gagged by a hand and Breaker’s angry voice speaking “Will that status away now.”

Tom obeyed to find Breaker refused to let go of his neck as he found himself jumping from the limo explosion looping over and over along with standing with the Builder hybrid gagging him.

Tom mentally spoke “Stop it now! Stop this dream now! It ends period!”

He found the scene going black to come to hearing voices speaking while shaking his head “He’s coming around quick give him the medicine, it’ll put him under some more.”

Tom felt himself sitting in a chair clad only in his jeans with wrists handcuffed behind him in the chair as he heard the voices getting panicky after willing forwards the Banshee to shake his head forcing his eyes open getting fuzzy eyesight to him as he continued to shake his head. Tom found his eyesight clearing up to find himself underneath some spotlight of some cage room to notice Jinks nearby chained to a wheelchair while looking asleep to him while wearing only pants on his form. Tom narrowed his eyes in a golden eyed glare while eyeing the people gathered around in the room were wearing ragged clothing that were covering them from the head to foot despite various colorful sneakers were seen.

Tom gave the people a glare in response to hear from one of them “Just shoot him the dart and see if that’ll put him to sleep.”

He eyed them people to sense an object traveling towards him from behind mentally spoke “Drop.”

He heard clattering noises of a syringe hitting the ground as he gave the raggedy people a glare he counted about five in front of him. He sensed the same number behind him as he again ordered the syringe to drop after sensing it thrown at him from behind. Tom mentally spoke the order for restraints off to find the handcuffs getting off of him to stand up in a fast mood feeling dizziness while hearing multiple gun cocking noises.

Tom shook his head of the dizziness as he cleared it out of him to find the ten people in the room were pointing various projectile guns aimed at him to hear the familiar voice speaking “I’ll sit down if I were you. You can be brought down by projectile bullets Tom Thunder. I recognized you as the Tom Thunder from the news blaring in Ontario about an Annoyov brought down by a bullet but managed to survive. You have a scar on your chest indicating it a bullet right in the spot where this Annoyov was said to be shot and survived. So sit down now.”

Tom stiffened from the familiarity of the voice he recognized as Johan Denmark’s willed aside the Banshee to speak loudly “Johan Denmark why are you sounding like him?”

He heard Builder chatter in response sounding of Johan’s voice to hear guns’ sounds of safeties put on in response.

He heard from Johan sounding furious “I said shoot him not put the safeties on.”

Tom looked in a direction in a break of people as if drawn to hear from Johan Builder chatter finding nothing happening to him or the gun held people. He heard an Argh sounding of frustration as he stared in the direction as if drawn to find the people with guns walking away despite protesting from Johan loudly in Summeran. He glared in the direction with accusation on his face as another Builder’s chatter was heard sounding of Barry to him followed by a flash of two light shows.

Tom darted towards Jinks to gentle pat a hand onto the male’s cheek while speaking “Come on Jinks fight the drug and wake up now.”

He eyed Jinks’ scarred cheek as if drawn and with a shrugged patted the male on the area to get Jinks waking up sputtering vulgarity language on not wanting to be touched on that area. Tom stopped touching Jinks to give him a glare as the male in response willed an all black eyed look and got the restraints off of him followed by getting up and giving him a glaring stare of accusation after showing Human blue eyes.

Tom spoke “Johan Denmark pulled this stunt this time. I don’t know who’s the fool that pulled the previous stunt the first time anyway.”

Tom frowned as Jinks folded his arms while showing his familiar black eyed look again and speaking sounding again in his creepy voice tone “Talk on what you did to Johan Denmark now!”

He heard the angry voice tone of Jinks sensed themselves spied on and found Jinks radiating of anger while narrowing his eyes aimed at him which he spoke “I saved his daughter Jillian Denmark from being shot by a stalker like mate friend. I received a bullet in my arm as a result of that saving.”

He showed the arm having the scar visibly and then got from Jinks speaking “Your voice suggested something wasn’t said so talk on that!”

He groaned softly as Jinks continued to glare at him which he spoke “Fine I’m not sure who’s idea it was but I wound up breeding an offspring through Jillian while in the hands’ of the High Council.”

He glared at Jinks to find the scene changed to find himself back in the chair handcuffed with the Banshee not in control to find Johan Denmark in view looking furious who spoke loudly “Bastard ruined my daughter with that offspring creation in response thanks to the hospital blabbing about Jillian having some bastard’s offspring from tests already done onto her. This bastard I’m talking about got Jillian carrying as reason why he did that to her just to claim ownership to her after word got out that someone else got her carrying in the first place.”

Tom narrowed his eyes in a glare aimed at Johan who added speaking Builder chatter to feel a gun point poking the side of his head recalled the ability Jinks dubbed Master within him willed it forwards to speak as the male stopped his Builder chatter while hearing a gun cocking noise “You got that bastard to be declared guilty at the trial didn’t you? You used your Builder voice talents to keep the stinking lawyer from riling me up when I testified on that incident involving Jillian. Talk on this bit now.”

He glared at Johan who shook his head as he felt the gun remove itself from the side of his head followed by the male speaking sounding slurred to him “Yes I used my voice talent to sway the jury into declaring this bastard guilty despite they thinking of saying not guilty. I also used my voice talent onto the witnesses to not fall for the attack the lawyer stunt the defense lawyer was pulling.”

Tom spoke “Then what’s with the bit of kidnapping me repeatedly anyway?”

He glared at Johan who shook his head and continued to form a far away look on his face and eyes before speaking still sounding slurred “I didn’t kidnap you while you were in military school. It was done by a Hettinger family member trying to find out what happened to a relative and blaming the car explosion that destroyed Kevin Hettinger onto Jinks Montreal himself. I told that Hettinger family member Raina despite name is Verona Vander is her name as she’s publicity known that I wouldn’t help her with the matter involving Jinks Montreal. I was fed up with Kevin Hettinger anyway and washed my hands of him. Too bad Verona Vander didn’t know that Jinks Montreal is heavily spied on by the public and that includes the law enforcement who do what it takes to keep him alive including making him generous to share his huge money fortune despite others having problems trying to amass that amount of wealth themselves. As for the recent kidnapping you I only took you and told the driver to dump Mister Montreal in the hospital for help due to that he wasn’t my target you were.”

Tom spoke again “Then why did you target me?”

He got from Johan sounding slurred “I wanted to know what the hospital was talking about involving Jillian my daughter already went through some carrying status despite the family caretakers hauling her into the hospital claiming some suicide attempt was done due to finding her lying among a bottle of pills. They publicity blabbed that carrying status which got that bastard to target her in response. Now my daughter in response was publicity shunned by people in our circle till I had to come out and admit that she was originally born of Kevin Hettinger who I was raising to spare the family humiliation. They didn’t take the news of this well and have publicity claimed that I was humiliating them due to not liking Kevin himself. Some other family members were claimed by tabloids to say that Jillian was raised right despite denying that to the public. Their still denying Jillian as their family despite she is really a family member actually. The public in our circle is still shunning Jillian and myself as well. They refused to have anything to do with me or Jillian. Besides Jillian when questioned heavily has claimed that you fathered her offspring the hospital blabbed she was carrying first.”

Tom felt the urge to will aside the Master obeyed to glare at Johan with a glare of accusation in his eyes while bowing his head a bit to keep his eyes seen as the male shook his head and spoke Builder chatter to find again the familiar gun poking his head followed by gun cocking sounds.

Tom spoke as Johan focused onto him “You sure that killing me will solve things Johan?”

He glared at Johan who focused onto him to speak Builder chatter to hear a gunshot sound loudly he sensed wasn’t from the gun poking his head as the male shut his eyes and slid to the floor showing Jillian behind him holding a handgun in her hand dressed in raggedy clothes with face bared and a mask in her hand.

He found the gun’s owner poking his head removed followed by a male voice speaking “I ain’t shooting this guy anyway. You do it if you want him dead period.”

Tom frowned eyeing Jillian who appeared to be panting for breath as he mentally spoke “Restraints off.”

He felt the handcuffs got off his wrists to stand up finding Jillian still pointing the gun aimed at him with some tearful stained look on her face and mouth forming a frown. Tom kept his mouth shut in response as she aimed the gun at him.

He refrained from willing the Banshee forwards waiting for Jillian to shoot him as he mentally spoke “Victoria, I’ll see you again when its possible.”

Tom kept himself calm and waited as Jillian fired the gun aimed at his chest which he felt the bullet penetrate him shut his eyes and slid to the floor falling unconscious to come to finding himself lying in a hospital bed with a bandage over his right side of the chest where he assumed he was shot. He felt himself clad in only pants that felt scrubs to his form along with a small body lying sideways on top of him he recognized from the feel was Kayra sleeping as he jerked opened his eyes looking around to find himself in Victoria’s hospital room lying on a bed next to hers while Kayra was lying on top of him sleeping away. He rubbed a hand on his forehead to hear loudly a vulgar comment wording question aimed at him in Jinks’ voice tone sounding furious and wanting to know what he was thinking of letting himself get shot by Jillian Denmark who’s locked up in some mental asylum due to claiming that he fathered her first offspring and was diagnosed of having some auditory hallucination case of hearing voices in her mind driving her mad enough to shoot her Father to death. That included him found shot by her by police hearing the gunshot noises coming to investigate and found her holding the gun they having to dart her unconscious due to her acting crazy as in talking like she was hearing voices by the way she talked to them and not properly hearing them talking hence she locked up as a result. Tom sighed and eyed Jinks who gave him a black eyed glare in response. He willed forwards the Banshee sensing Kayra stirring from her sleep and mentally blasted into Jinks everything that happened with Johan Denmark ending with his decision to let Jillian shoot him due to figuring out that the High Council will do something like they pulled onto someone else in the past they got locked up in some asylum as in letting him get shot at by that person but made it seem like the person was crazy despite claiming of shooting a person when the victim wasn’t there.

He willed aside the Banshee once done to feel himself inclined to keep it away eyed Jinks who stopped the familiar eyed look instead folded his arms and spoke “Well Kayra your Dad is awake so be a sweetie and give him a hug.”

He frowned hearing Jinks’ words as he heard loudly Kayra’s babbling voice tone followed by her felt hugging him which he hugged back in response to sit up from the bed while still hugging her babbling away in her gibberish.

Tom stiffened as he heard Kayra’s gibberish to realize with a start that she was speaking Freeloader offspring’s language from the way she sounded and found himself easily translating her talk “Mama sleepy too much. Grampa say she need sleep she sick she sleeps to heal. Dada have a boo aid on why?”

He sighed and eyed Kayra to find her looking at him while feeling her picking onto the bandage on his chest to again hear her babble “Boo aid.”

Tom spoke in Summeran “I got hurt hence the boo aid Kayra.”

He heard a throat clearing noise from Jinks to add while looking at him in Basic “Her babbling gibberish is my hybrid side’s offspring’s language used by instincts controlling them. I recognized the language she used actually. It’ll go away once she gets it the Summeran language and its use for speaking. I think she’s too young to get it that she should be speaking in Summeran.”

Tom saw Jinks give him a glare cut himself off as the male spoke in Basic “She speaks Summeran to me in her mental talk aimed at me but uses sign language towards her Mother despite refusing to talk any word sounds of Summeran to her whenever pressed to talk.”

He sighed softly to hear from Kayra sounding annoyed “Why Dada, Grampa speaking bad words to each other?”

He eyed Kayra to speak in Summeran “Its not bad words its another language actually we’re both fluent in at the moment. Sorry was discussing something inappropriate for you to hear.”

He hugged Kayra in response to get her Berserker look in response triggering his Banshee ability to hear blasting in his mind his daughter’s voice tone sounding further annoyed “Bad words means you talking about me Dada. Don’t like people’s talk about me in me presence.”

Tom mentally spoke towards Kayra “I get the message on what you meant.”

He found Kayra willing aside her Berserker form as he did the same to his Banshee form to spoke loudly in Summeran while looking at Jinks “She’s fluent in Basic actually. She told me that she gets it our talk.”

Tom sighed as Jinks shifted to look at Kayra which he spoke “Can’t you speak in Summeran, Kayra like any other Human around here speaks in?”

He frowned as he looked down to hear from Kayra sounding in her familiar gibberish “Doctor Guy talk nasty about Mama. He was using words with itch and duck too about shaving her head entirely whatever that is. Another doctor a girl talked to this bad doctor about just cutting Mama’s hair and called him a ducker in some nasty voice tone. Girl doctor told guy doctor to leave Mama alone to sleep. Guy doctor kept getting into the room carrying object girl doctor keeps catching him and get him out every time. This stopped when you arrived into room.”

Tom willed forwards the Banshee and mentally related Kayra’s talk towards Jinks who formed a glare on his face before speaking towards him mentally “Figures. I killed a doctor back then for bad medical practice done onto patients and even onto my daughter in law my son’s wife actually was one of the victims. He purposely destroyed her chance of having any children by having that organ removed due to purposely misdiagnosing her sickness for some greedy money scheme. I choked him to death using my mental power abilities actually.”

Tom frowned hearing that willed aside the Banshee as there was a knock on the door to the room to eye the door seeing it open to show a male doctor enter the room carrying a clipboard he heard Kayra babble “Bad guy doctor. Its him who’s bad to Mama.”

He eyed the male in response who walked up to his bed and spoke “So how are you feeling?”

He heard the sarcasm of the doctor’s voice tone opened his mouth to speak only to feel a hand clamped over it to find Jinks was the hand’s owner flaring an all black eyed look aimed at the doctor who he saw appeared to gulp and look terribly nervous before darting towards the door only to halt tipping back and forth. Tom frowned as Jinks removed his mouth and walked into view to walk into the doctor’s eyesight’s view while still having that all black eyed look aimed at the male.

He eyed the doctor who spoke sounding panicky “Alright! I was paid by this deliver guy in some uniform some huge money amount of paper money in some package to give your daughter nasty treatment while helping her heal from her medical ailment. I’m cash strapped at the moment thanks to some well known socialite female getting the courts to go her way on some misdiagnose on purpose medical case involving problems with implants to her breasts. It wasn’t a misdiagnose or done on purpose case actually! It was the factory that made those implants did them poorly that fooled us doctors into thinking they were perfect for implantation when it wasn’t. I’m still paying that female that fine as a result of the courts going her way for some huge million dollar price tag I blamed for the bad implantation done despite the factory refusing to take responsibly for it.”

Tom frowned to hear from Kayra babbling as the doctor stopped talking “Bad doctor tell tall tale on what he said.”

He figured that tall tale was Kayra’s talk for lying as he continued to eye the doctor to mentally will forwards the Banshee to mentally scan the male’s mind seeing the actual reason for the nasty treatment towards Victoria willed aside the form and spoke loudly “Actually doctor just admit that Verona Vander an actual member of the Hettinger family paid you to treat Victoria nasty due to still carrying a grudge against her Father she blames for causing the death of a family member named Kevin Hettinger.”

He glared at the doctor’s back to see the doctor bow his head before speaking loudly “Every single word Mister Thunder said is true regarding what I was supposed to do towards your daughter sir. And he’s not kidding that the actress Verona Vander is a member of the Hettinger family. She really is anyway. Besides her reputation as an actress was just an act to help her family earn their fortune including earning the money to live off comfortably. She’s not the only member of the family that is in the acting industry. There’s several others who are currently in that industry hiding who they really are as a part of the Hettinger family. They are using their acting profession and reputation to purposely trash people with the Hettinger family not gaining any eyes from the cops on that trashing status actually.”

Tom frowned eyeing the doctor’s back as he heard from Kayra babbling “Grampa really mad hearing bad doctor’s talk might do something bad.”

Tom willed forwards the Master and spoke firmly “Jinks back off. The doctor admitted what he told you are the truth. So doctor leave the room and tell no one of this admittance period.”

He glared at the doctor who without a word left the room shutting the door to find Jinks flaring Human blue eyes with an angry look in them while glaring at him in some narrowed eyed look.

Tom willed aside the Master and spoke firmly “Not in front of Kayra. She shouldn’t be seeing you doing anything bad despite you in the mood to do it.”

He frowned as Jinks formed his familiar all black eyed look in a glare aimed at him who raised a hand as he felt himself choking mentally willed forwards the Banshee to speak mentally “Shield.”

He found himself able to breathe as he kept finding himself still choked kept up the shield command till there was a door knocking sound heard which he willed aside the Banshee as Jinks stopped the choking maneuver and all black eyed look.

He sighed to find Kayra asleep on him to figure out that Jinks must have willed her to sleep as he eyed the door to find a female doctor entering the room who spoke “I have a confession from a doctor I’m not going to name that some family who had a grudge against you Mr. Montreal paid him handsomely to treat your daughter nasty such as attempts to get her head shaved of all of its hair I blocked that from happening repeatedly.”

Tom spoke sensing Jinks wasn’t going to talk “Ugh. Thanks for telling us. Will there be any action done against that doctor for that bribery scheme?”

He frowned as a nurse darted into the room speaking loudly “Doctor Mayorga quick! You’re wanted in Doctor Jones’s office! We have a medical situation on our hands there!”

He frowned as the doctor spoke “Excuse me!”

Tom watched as the doctor left the room with the nurse shutting the door with a gentle slam which he spoke before Jinks could comment “Sounds to me that someone overheard that doctor’s confession and did something bad medically to that doctor in question.”

He eyed Jinks who gave him an all black eyed glare in response to find himself choked again which he willed forwards the Banshee to mentally speak the shield command to find Barry appearing in a light show gagging Jinks’ throat by a hand onto it who quit choking him.

He willed aside the Banshee to hear from Barry speaking firmly “I have invested an interests in Verona Vander due to being aware of her being part of the Hettinger family. My interests in the Hettinger family runs deeper than you imagine Jinks so back off on ruining my plans. Let me handle the Hettinger family and their silly grudge against you from now on. I’ll handle seeing that justice is served to them once I see fit to have that happen once the time is appropriate for it so back off on the Hettinger family now Jinks or else.”

Tom eyed Jinks who stopped flaring his all black eyed look and raised his hands in a surrender gesture to see Barry release him before thrusting a finger in his direction and speaking “I suggest you explain the High Council’s thinking when it comes to manipulating people to Jinks so excuse me I’m wanted elsewhere.”

He saw Barry disappear in a flash of light without saying Builder chatter sighed softly and spoke “The High Council have pulled stunts onto people as in raising them up high in position of power or social circles before publicity humiliating them via some other people doing it enough to bring them down and out of position their in.”

He heard a growl from Jinks to see the male flaring his familiar all black eyed look making him gulp recalling the High Council admitting on playing such a trick onto the male himself in presence of Jinks’ son Robert with him there after the male’s son refused to budge on accusing the group of pulling stunts like it onto people.

Tom spoke “Alright the High Council admitted to your male offspring in my presence that they played such a stunt onto you. They admitted that due to your male offspring refused to budge from their attempts to drop his accusation aimed at them. He managed to outwit numerous stunts they pulled onto him in order to get him to drop that accusation. This included outwitting their attempts to play that familiar raise a person high stunt then kick them down once their high enough to humiliate them. He managed to figure that out unsure of how he did it and threw that accusation aimed at the High Council and outwitted their attempts to get him to drop the subject to the point that they outright admitted it period.”

He clamped his mouth shut while hearing Jinks giving off his growl sound in a louder tone sensing the male was furious with what he said willed forwards the Master and spoke “Jinks quit that angry mood now. Its not doing anything for you but making situations worse. Stop it now and start thinking straight on what your supposed to be doing.”

He frowned while eyeing Jinks who spoke “I can’t quit the anger. The Rakcar found Shadan and is firing their planet killer’s weapons onto it despite being in some space battle with the fleet at the moment. Their still firing their weapon despite the High Council communicating via public broadcast that they have taken residence on the planet.”

Tom stiffened hearing Jinks’ voice sounding of White Shadow to him as Jinks appeared to be forming a far away look on his face who he eyed warily. He frowned as he saw Jinks grit his teeth followed raising his left hand in his eyes’ view to stare at it before fisting it in a fast move. He found Jinks repeated the hand fisting three times he realizing was destroying the Rakcar’s planet killer’s asteroid from causing damage to the planet. Tom eyed Jinks who stopped the hand’s fisting to bent down groaning loudly while sounding in pain to him before straightening up his form showing Human blue eyes with anger in them.

He willed aside the Master while eyeing Jinks warily who spoke sounding angry to him “Blast Lance. Can’t he honestly admit on who’s the one who’s counted on to protect Shadan from disasters such as some asteroid attempting to crash into the planet? I’m sick and tired of having to find out about what abilities mental or physical I have I don’t know of before by either being manipulated or by accident of them taking control of me. I’m fed up with Lance not being honest on this abilities bit whenever I confront him on them. He always pulls some lying excuse into my face at face to face meetings and has managed to drop the subject every time I bring it up to him. I’m angry all the time due to never knowing when some undiscovered ability will manifest and take control of me either by accident or by manipulation of people doing stunts onto me. Its annoying. “

Tom sighed softly hearing Jinks’ words as he sensed Kayra wake up hearing her babble the Dada word again which he looked down eyeing her to hear from her speaking Summeran to his shock “Mama wants to wake up but some wall block her.”

He eyed Jinks in response to see the male flare his familiar look going to Victoria putting a hand on her forehead only to hear from Kayra “Dada wake Mama up wall too much for Grampa to break.”

He frowned as he eyed Jinks in response who shook his head showing Human blue eyes and gave him a glare which he sighed and got up from the bed still carrying Kayra to put her on top of Victoria’s stomach who sat up eyeing him. Tom sighed and willed forwards the Banshee to place a hand onto Victoria’s forehead to mentally spoke his mind reveal command to see Victoria caged in a glass box banging onto it while looking panicky and having the Master in control from her black eyes seen. He went to the box mentally and thrust a fist into it feeling his strength not enough to break it. He sensed a presence within him in Victoria’s mind to find a familiar plant he figured was one of the Meritanians thrust their fronds onto the box in some hard move cracking it apart and kept up the thrusting till the box was completely cracked which Victoria fisted her way out.

Tom found himself withdrawing from Victoria’s mind as if compelled to blink his eyes hearing her gasping loudly before hearing her speak “The Meritanians broke the wall trapping me within my mind actually.”

He removed his hand to will aside the Banshee to gently hold one of Victoria’s hands who squeezed it in response.

He eyed Victoria who put a hand on Kayra’s shoulder who spoke in Summeran “Mama.”

He heard a gasp from Victoria gently squeezed her hand to hear nothing else from Kayra but a yawning sound finding his daughter lying her form down onto her Mother and sleeping appearing to conk out at the moment which her Mother wrapped an arm around her.

Tom frowned as Ramses blared within his mind seeing Jinks giving him a glare “Anyway Mindbender care to admit what you saw from Horus hmm? The High Council had Lance in their presence that’s currently in his tube vehicle transported to there so he won’t hear this. They sensed nothing about destroying those asteroids as those First Ones call them from Lance so talk on what you’ve seen from Horus now.”

Tom groaned softly and mentally spoke in response “This hoodlum with the gonoid named White Shadow was taking control of Jinks due to sounding twin to him when I whined about him being angry and he complained of what was going on off planet to me. He also acted like he used Jinks’ body to destroy the asteroids due to Jinks bending down groaning in pain once they were all destroyed and not having this Master ability in control once done with the destruction.”

He stopped talking to frown eyeing Jinks to sensing the Meritanian had stopped scanning him to find the male speaking sounding annoyed in White Shadow’s voice to his shock while having the Master in control “What did the Meritanian want due to sensing him talking to you?”

Tom heard groans from Victoria followed by her speaking “Ugh quit the takeover of Dad now. That voice is creeping me out actually.”

Tom stared at Victoria while dropping his mouth open as he shifted to look at Jinks who spoke sounding of White Shadow to him “Edenia doesn’t trust the High Council to keep their word or obey her orders. They broke her trust with the lie of the Human race being a mistake born on Edenia when their actually the oldest of all manoid species and their planet Earth as its called was actually the source of Edenia’s creation including the creation of all manoid species that came from that moon world actually.”

He heard Victoria groan loudly as he continued to eye Jinks who spoke still using White Shadow’s voice tone “Besides Lance has been trying to summon Edenia to send someone to keep an eye onto the High Council who the group won’t suspect on doing that watching. The Meritanians know of this watching but their honor oath to keep this fact to themselves. I can’t explain what the honor oath is actually for I’m honor oath not to talk about it as oath to the Meritanians that I wouldn’t say what it is. Besides Victoria has been aware of me taking over her Father’s body to help him out of situations from time to time who leaves a side effect of being angry all the time including manifestation of new abilities after each takeover has been done as his reward for cooperating with the takeovers.”

Tom gulped hearing that as Jinks stopped flaring all black eyes to show them Human looking who spoke sounding of not White Shadow to him “Yah I know of what was said to you. I can see everything happening anyway. I put in that request being blind in situations regarding certain abilities taking control of me. I wanted to know what was going on to start thinking straight for myself instead of pestering people with questions on what the situation was after I threw one of those abilities in their faces that made me unaware of anything around me. The request was honored so I’m fine with what’s going on anyway.”



Nikolai ended tale by snarling “Who am I?”

He got nothing in response but told an order “You’re to keep telling us tales of Tom Mindbender now.”

Nikolai realized to himself at the time “I’m not going to get an answer to my question fully on who is I. Sucks to the High Council anyway. I might as well leave.”

End Tale of Nikolai telling High Council.

Who Am I?

  • ISBN: 9781311030795
  • Author: Beth Hoyer
  • Published: 2015-10-26 20:05:09
  • Words: 40607
Who Am I? Who Am I?