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White Lilies - The Beginning




White Lilies

The beginning


Mandy Adler

Amanda Adler

Copyright © 2017 AmandaAdler

All rights reserved.

Published at Shakespir







Chapter 1

I never thought twice about what it would be like to lose a parent. No one ever expects it to happen to them. My name is Lillian, but everyone calls me Lily. I just lost my mom, the hardest day of my life was when I came home to the flashing lights to find my mom and our home had perished in a fire. I was very close to my mom, her and my dad divorced when I was three, and while I used to go visit him, I hadn’t in years. I was with my mom everyday for the last 16 years. We had the storybook relationship, told secrets, trusted each other, and did almost everything together. I feel lost without her.

So now here I am on a plane from Austin, Texas heading to a small town in Maine to live with my dad. Even better its the end of January so its cold, very cold. I don’t much care for snow, not that we got all that much in Texas but I always enjoyed the summer months and the heat. As I’m sitting here in my blue jeans, black long sleeve t-shirt, and black cowboy boys, I have to wonder if I’m ever going to fit in here with these kids. Even worse that its has to be middle of a school year where friends and groups have already formed. I mean I wasn’t popular at my last school but at least I started that school at the beginning of the year. Oh well, new schools were nothing different, but the weather was we always stuck to the south.

As the plane started to land I started to panic, its just to much to fast, I haven’t seen my dad in 6 years. What if we don’t get along, what if is really strict, its been along time and I’m not 10 years old anymore.

“Are you OK” The lady seated beside me asked kindly.

“Yes, I’m fine just a nervous flier.” I lied. I wasn’t I nervous flier, granted it was my first flight but I thought it was fine, not all as scary as trying to actually get on the plane.

“Alright, you just looked a bit green there, thought the landing might have scared you.” she replied sweetly.


“Nope, I’m good just ready to get off this plane.” Reaching for my bag from the overhead compartment. “See you later!” I called over my shoulder to the lady while moving down the isle. OK here we go, suck it up and play it brave time.

As I get off the plane, I’m silently repeating my mantra. ‘OK, brave face, brave face.’ I started searching for my way out of the tiny airport. As I finally reach the parking lot I recognize him right away even though I haven’t seen him in 6 years. I wave my arm to try and get his attention and he finally sees me.

“Wow, Lily you really grew up!” He yelled as heading towards me.

“Well, I am sixteen now dad, not 10.” I replied quietly.

“I know but I didn’t expect you to look so much like your mom.” He told me. My eyes start immediately tearing up.“Oh honey, im so sorry about your mom. don’t cry.” He said as he pulled me in for a hug.


“I’m OK.” I told him. “I just really miss her.”

“I know baby, but it’ll get easier, we will make this work with you and me, I’ve already got some stuff in your room and you can go shopping later for whatever else to make yourself comfortable.” Dad told me as we were heading for his Jeep.


I did look a lot like my mom, with my brown hair and size. She was about 5’4 with light brown hair like mine and brown eyes, I’m not short but at only 5’3, I didn’t get it from my 6’2 dad. My hair comes about halfway down my back and I mostly keep it up because its always in the way, but mom loved it so I keep it long. My dad has blonde hair and my dark blue eyes, really, I really don’t look like him at all. I have these vibrant green eyes that almost seemed to glow, they are my favorite feature.

It was a quiet drive, we didn’t know quite what to say to each other yet. It will take time to get to know each other again. My dad was the doctor for the local hospital. I think thats part of the reason my parents split when I was three, my dad was a very serious person with big goals, while my mom was, well, not. She loved painting and switch jobs about every six months, we moved at least once a year. She hated living in the same place to long. My dad on the other hand lives in the same house he grew up in, his parents died a year before I was born and left it to him. He very steady, responsible. I also got that from him. I didn’t mind moving around but it would have been nice to stay in one spot long enough to make friends not just people I pretended I was friends with, but didn’t let myself be close to, because I knew I wouldn’t be there long. As we drove up to the familiar house I started to think maybe this wouldn’t be so bad, I could make friends and put down roots. then immediately the guilt set in. How can I think that with mom not here? OK, I have got to try and make this best of this or I am going to drown in grief and that is not what my mom would want, she was always telling me to live for the moment. Stop being so serious and enjoy life always. Alright mom, I thought, Im going to try and change here, yep live in the moment, take risks. Here we go, a new Lily no more shyness and seriousness if I see an adventure I’m going to take it.

“OK, Lil here we are home sweet home.” Dad said he we were getting out of the car. Sucking in a breath I walk in the front door. OK well, at least everything looks the same.

“Do you want to head up to your room and get settled first or go get some dinner?” Dad asked me, setting down my one bag in front of the stairs.

“Umm, lets go eat first” I said trying to forget everything I own now is in that one tiny bag, everything else had been lost in the fire.

“Alright, there’s this place in town, I’m sure you remember, its the best place to eat.” Dad said to me as we headed back out to the jeep.

“Dad haven’t been here in years, are you talking about that old club we used to go to by the woods?” I replied, not that there are many choices here. There is maybe four places to go out and eat total.

“Yep, people are dying to see you, they haven’t seen you since you were here last.” Dad told me as we started heading to the club.

“Dad I don’t remember many people, when I came down we mostly stayed around home.” I told him. It’s not like I’m a social person as it is.

“Yes I know but I am your dad and I do like to brag about my daughter with the 4.0 GPA.”

“Dad!” I in said in a mock outrage. I knew he bragged, what parent didn’t? I was actually pleased he thought of me enough to brag.

“Umm, so honey how have been feeling lately?” He asked, suddenly serious. Huh? Seriously, mom just died… can’t he guess how I’m feeling.


“Well..” I started.

“No, I mean health wise.” Dad said.

“Well I get hot flashes alot, but I think thats normal growing up stuff.” God, please don’t let him be having the talk of what happens to women talk, mom beat him years ago.

“Yea probably.” Dad replied. Well that was weird wonder where that came from.







Chapter 2

We pulled up to the club and it slowly started looking familiar. We got out and starting walking towards the old building. It was on the edge of the woods and looked very outdoorsy. It was two story and long, it was a huge building that had a tennis court, indoor pool, and of course the diner, it also had tons of rooms they rented out. Huge windows everywhere and a rose vine over the front door. It was beautiful. As we walked in I didn’t see anyone I thought I knew, but lots of people were staring. Kind of creeping me out, and really making me blush.

“Dad people are looking.” I said in a whisper.

“Of course,” he said. “The daughter of the good doctor and ever missed Bree is back, remember your mother was very loved and well known here before she left.”


Uh no, thats not something I knew, mom never talked about back home, only that she didn’t want to come back here, dad had to fight her to let me come to our visits then at age ten, she put a stop to them saying this place will just suck me in and keep me.

“Oh, OK” I replied not knowing what else to say. OK remember new Lily, No shyness.


Dad led me to a table and sat down and started looking over the menu.

“Well hello there, you must be Lillian, you look just like Bree.” I look and see and man about 6‘4 with brown hair and brown eyes looking down at me.

“ Umm yes, but its just Lily.”

“Oh I’m sorry I’m Marc and I’m the manager I knew your mom when we went to school together, I’m very sorry to hear what happened.” He replied, sounding honest enough.

“ Yea me to.” I replied, noticing my dad stiffen a bit.

“Hey Jimmy, How ya been lately haven’t seen you in a while.” Marc told my dad.

“Yea been busy at the hospital lately.” My dad said with what sounded like a bit of irritation.


The man,Marc, took a hard look at my dad. And my dad quickly look away. “Make sure you bring her in, you know the rules, don’t make Connor have to pay a visit.” Marc said to my dad while my dad looked rather nervous.

“Pay a visit to where?” I asked. “What are you guys talking about, dad?”


Dad just looked at me and said, “We will talk about it later, when we get home.”

“She doesn’t know? Didn’t Bree talk to her?” Marc asked my dad in a sharp tone.

“Talk to me about what?!” I asked, this was really starting to make me angry.

“I will bring her by tomorrow night.” My dad said to Marc, as if I wasn’t even sitting here.

“No, we will send someone, you cannot come here after dark you know that.” Marc replied evenly. These guys were getting on my last nerve. “Make sure you talk to her and I’ll send someone to pick her up after school tomorrow.” Marc said, then walked off with out even a parting word.

“Dad, What is going on? Where do I have to go and why cant you come?”

“I will tell you everything when we get home I promise. Lets just have a nice meal first. Please.” Dad said before ordering me a chef salad and himself a steak and potato.

“ Alright…” I replied. What could be going on? This is the strangest thing, why wont dad talk to me about it? Why did he act almost scared of that guy? Thats not like him, my dad is a doctor, respected. Oh god, here it comes again, the hot flashes.

“Dad, all be right back, I just need some air.” I said as I started to stand.

“Are you sure? The food will be here any minute, Lil.” Dad replied looking at me with concern.

“Yea, I’ll just be a minute” I said as I’m already started to sweat.


The heat rising and I can feel my face turning red as I head out a door that leads to the garden. I sat on a bench with my head in my hands as I waited for it to pass. I’ve been having these episodes for a few months now, I never told mom because I hated to worry her. Every time my temperature went up even a little she would freak out. Not sure why, I always figured it was a mom thing. Now I’m starting to wonder. Could there be something wrong with me? Is that why everyone is acting so strange?

“Well hello there, I don’t think I have seen you here before.” I jumped and let out a little yelp as a guy who looked to be around my age say beside me. He was tall, Had sun darkened skin and almost black hair that fell into his eyes.

“What are you doing out here? You cant belong to the club, I’ve never seen you before.” He stated with his eyes a bit narrowed at me. What the hell? Who was he to tell me where I should be?


“I’m Lily, and I didn’t know I needed to ask anyone to come out here, I’m here with my dad, Jimmy Heart.” I stated raising my chin. I looked straight at him and he looked a bit startled.

“Oh, you must be Bree’s kid then. My name is Zach My dad is the owner here.” He said still looking at me.


I felt like I should drop my gaze, though, I’m not sure why. I looked down and said. “Um, I’m sorry I didn’t know, I just needed air, I can go back in.”


As I started to stand I caught sight of the tiki torch I didn’t know was there and fell to the ground sucking in breaths. Great another panic attack. I kept seeing my mother in that house that was completely engulfed in flames. The screaming, oh god. I felt an hand on my shoulder and it seemed as if it had a calming effect. My breathing slowed and my heart rate went back to normal. My vision eventually returned to the here and now. I looked up and saw Zach looking down at me with pity in his eyes. God, everyone is going to see me as this pitiful girl who just falls apart all the time.


Thinking this made my voice sharp as I said, “ I’m fine, I just…” What? What can I say that wont make me look crazy or pathetic?

“I know I heard about your mom, I’m sorry. Mine died when I was born, I know its not the same… but I’m still sorry.” He replied softly.

“Please don’t tell anyone about this, please, I just want to have a normal first day at school tomorrow, I don’t want everyone looking at me like a freak.” I said to the ground.


He pulled me to look at him by pulling my chin up with his finger. “It doesn’t make you weak just because your grieving. I’ll see you tomorrow. Senior, right?” I nodded. I had skipped 6th grade. “So am I, so we are bound to see each other tomorrow.” He the got up and walked back in to the club. I just sat there. What was that? I’ve never felt so calm around anyone since the fire. I spent a week in the hospital because of shock and no meds they gave helped me.


While I was standing there, stewing in my own head, dad suddenly walk out, “Lil, are you OK? What are you doing? Were you talking to Zach?” Dad asked me, sounding oddly panicked.

“Yes He was really nice, he just introduced himself and said he’ll see me at school.” I left out the part of the panic attack, no need to worry the man that his daughter was afraid of fire, even though she wasn’t in it. I just stood outside and had to watch it burn while firefighters scrambled about, trying to put it out.


Dinner was good, we didn’t talk much. I expect he was gearing up to talk about whatever he has to tell me at home. “I don’t think you should hang out with Zach, he’s trouble.” I just stared at dad. Where did that come from?

“He seemed nice.” I said not knowing what else to say. What is dad’s deal?


All of a sudden I heard a beeper going off. “Crap, its the hospital. I have to run in but I should be back by the time you go to bed, then we need to talk.”

“OK, is everything alright?” I asked my frazzled looking dad.

“Yes just the duties of a doctor. If I don’t get home in time to talk to you, the keys to the neon are on the hanger by the door. You can take it to school tomorrow, but come straight home after, and we’ll talk if I don’t get back in time tonight.”

“OK , thanks for letting take the car.”


We pulled in the drive and dad dropped me off in front of the house. I stood on the porch and waved as he drove away. I turned around and walked into the house, my house… I guess. I grabbed my bag and walked up stairs to get a look at the room I haven’t seen in 6 years. I opened the door and stopped, my eyes watering. Dad had been shopping, there was a twin bed with new black and sliver bed set on it. A back fuzzy rug in the center on the hardwood floor, a new desk with a laptop in the corner of the room. He wanted me to feel at home, I have to try harder, he wants me to be happy here… so bad. I will try my best to look on the positive. I put my bag down on the bed and unzipped it and started unpacking. I pulled the little bit of clothes I had and hung them up. I pulled the picture in the frame from my bag and set it on the bedside table. It was of my mother and my at Kema in Texas one weekend. My eyes start to water as I remember the fun we had that day, with no worries. Thats how she was, always living freely. She always said you have to live every moment for yourself and not to let anyone ever control you. She said you never knew when things would change and you could no longer be in control of yourself anymore. I never understood that. How can you not be in control of yourself? I layed down on the bed and pulled the Ipod out of my bag and turned it on as loud as it would go… and let my thoughts go. I didn’t plan to fall asleep, but I had to tune my head out somehow. So I lay there and listen to the music. Just staring a the ceiling fan going around.







Chapter 3

I woke up to the alarm on the side table going off. I tried reach over and turn it off but got tangled up the in headphones of my Ipod. I got myself untangle and turned the alarm off, 5:30. Dad must not have gotten back till late last night. I headed down stairs and looked out the front window. Huh, dads jeep still isn’t back yet, he must have had to pull an all nighter. I headed back up stairs to take a shower.


Might as well start getting ready for school. I decided to leaved my hair down, first impressions and all that jazz. I dressed in my jeans and a t-shirt with a gray pull over sweater. I put on tennis shoes because I don’t have a schedule yet and don’t know if I have gym. I headed down stairs and pulled a bowl out of the cabinet and looked for some cereal. Ah ha. Dad went shopping. I pulled some cereal out and sat down to eat breakfast.


And started to worry. What was school going to be like? Will the kids be friendly? Will I see Zach again? No, no. No boys what am I thinking? He probably thought I was pathetic, I will not start my first day at a new school worrying about boys. Besides, remember, new Lily, no more shyness and I’m going to learn to not be as responsible. One thing at a time. So I stood and carried my bowl to the sink to rinse it out then grabbed my bag, keys, and headed out.


There was a note in the passenger seat so I grabbed it and opened it to read it. Dad must have dropped off sometime last night.

Lil, had to pull an all nighter. Ill talk to

you after school, have a great day

[* and be careful. -Dad *]

The drive to school was pretty easy, its a small town and most of the roads get you where to need to go eventually. I pulled into the lot and parked in the first place I saw. I grabbed my bag and hopped out of the neon and headed towards the sign that said ‘Office’. I got here early, so there are not a lot of kids around yet, but the early birds like me are… staring. Great this is going to be fun, the new kid at a small school is something to talk about.


I opened the door to the office and the lady smiled and said, “You must be Lillian Heart.”

“Yes, my dad said he already enrolled me, but I had to come get my schedule.” I told her.


“Yes I have it right here.” She said as she handed me the slip of paper.

“Give me a second and I’ll have someone show you to your first class.” She pressed a button and a girl with blonde hair, blue eyes, and dressed in jeans and a shirt that I thought would be against any dress code, walked in.

“Hi I’m Sue, student body president, I’ll walk you to your first class.” I smiled at her and told her thanks. As we walked out I realized it was an act. “OK. I run this school, so I can tell you whats what, I am also head cheerleader. And if you want to live out this school year in peace you’ll stay on my good side.” Wow. I’m not an aggressive person, so what am I supposed to say to that?

“Um, OK.” I said then ducked into my first class of the day, math, OK, I can do that. I handed my slip to the teacher and Mr. Kane sent me to an open desk by the window. I went and sat down trying to not look at all the kids staring at me. Someone sat behind me, I know, as I heard the seat scrap across the floor. Being I was still staring at my notebook trying not to be noticed.

“Told you I would see you here.” Said a familiar voice from behind me. I looked back and Zach is sitting behind me smiling.

“Yea I guess you did.” I replied softly, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear. I turned back around as the bell rang for class to start.


Class went by pretty smooth and when the bell rang to release us I gathered my stuff up to get ready for my next class.

“Hey I’m Abby, you must be Lillian.” Said a girl that stood in front of me as I stood up.

“Lily, Hi.” I replied, great lets hope this one is nicer.

“Whats your next class?” She asked me as we started walking out.

“Umm, Chem, I think.”

“Oh well, I have that class next too, I’ll walk with ya.” She seemed friendly enough. We started walking down the hall and I stopped at my locker to put my bag in and math book.


“Hey, I’ll be taking you to the club after school.” Zach said, as I jumped from being startled. I didn’t hear him approach. I may or may not have let out a small squeak.

“Oh, thanks but my dad wanted me to come home after school, he had something important to talk to me about.” I told him shyly. Darn it I thought I was the new Lily, no shyness. Oh well, baby steps I guess.

“He had the chance.” What an odd thing to say. “I have to bring you in, it’ll all be explained then. I promise.” He told me as Abby stood there with her mouth open staring like it was the oddest thing she had seen.

“OK, I guess.” I told him as he turned and walked away.

“What is Zach doing talking to you? And why are you already invited in the club? You just got here!” Abby announced as we started off towards Chem class.

“ Beats me, everyone here is just bonkers.” I told her, thinking of the odd behavior of most everyone since arriving here.

“What?! Zach doesn’t just talk to anyone they stick to the ‘in’ group. You must have made an impression on him.” Abby informed me, sitting next to me in Chem class. “Well, you got anywhere to sit for lunch? No? Then you’ll sit with me..” She smiled widely, not even considering I’d turn her down.

“That would be great Abby, thanks” I told her. I already liked this girl. She had the boldness I wanted. I turned to the front of the room and waiting for the teacher to pass out the equipment we were using today. Oh.Oh no, they are passing out burners for an experiment. What if I have another attack? I cant do this in school. oh, god!

“ Lily, are you OK?” Abby asked me touching my arm. “Your burning up.”

“Yyyeah, im OK.” I told her. My breath coming out in heavy puffs.


The teacher started to explain what we were supposed to be doing but all I could hear was the pounding in my head. My breathing was becoming heavier and my heart was beating so fast it felt like it was going to come out of my chest. Suddenly Abby lit our burner. And the next thing I knew the teacher was looking at me with a lot of concern. Oh god how did I end up under the desk? I couldn’t see straight. All I could see was that fire, oh god, mom!

“Lillian, Lillian are you OK?” the teacher, Mr. Brans was trying to get me off the floor.


“Maybe you should slap her.” I faintly heard someone ask.


Oh god I cant do this here. I shot up off the floor and ran out the door and found the nearest bathroom. I opened a stall and sat down on the floor. Oh god I really did that in front of the whole class, on my first day. I can never come out of the bathroom, ever. I doubt my new found friend would want to talk to me again, who wants to be seen with the freak that hides from fire under a table? So I just sat there trying to pull myself together.







Chapter 4

When I finally decided the episode was over enough for me to come out of the bathroom, class was already done, as well as third period. Great, lunch. Maybe I should have stayed in the bathroom after all. No. Remember, I am the new and improved, brave Lily. Who am I trying to kid? I will never be brave, its just not me. I will always be this scared, shy little girl.

“Hey, Lily, over here!” I looked up and Abby was jogging over to me from her table. “Missed ya in class, come sit with me during lunch.”

I just looked at her, stunned. She still wanted to sit with me? Be friends?

“Are you sure?” I asked, following her threw the lunch line.She looked at me questionably. “I mean, the whole school will know I’m a freak.”

“No prob, everyone has issues, I’m not gonna say a thing or even ask you about it, just… if you wanna talk, I’m here” she told me in more of an ‘a-matter-a-fact’ tone rather than a concerned one.


“Thanks, its just umm… my mom died in a fire and….”

“OK no need to say more.” She said as she led me to the table she is seated at. I felt relieved she dropped it. I really like this girl. “So this is the cool table, as you can tell.” She told me laughing. I didn’t care if she was the least popular person in the school, I liked her. She didn’t look at me like I’d break, even after what she saw.


So I sat down across from her and said, “Yes I can see that, this must be the table to be at, thanks for letting me sit here. I was afraid I would have had to eat in the bathroom.”

“Eeww, you know how many germs are in there? Yuck, anyways its no problem, I like you, you seem really nice, and I’m sure we will be great friends.” She told me, sounding very sincere.

Suddenly a hand slammed down on our table, “I told you to stick next to me, but I guess you would rather hang out with the other freaks.” Sue said giving me a hard stare. “I guess I should have known your broken, your never going to survive the club.”

“Back off, Sue.” Growled a voice from behind me.

“Oh, Zach, I was just telling our newest soon to be member, that she should come eat with us, be with her own kind.” Sue said innocently. Fluttering her lashes.

“My own kind?” I asked in a small voice, darn it I really want to be brave. But what is the heck were these people talking about?


“I heard what you were informing her about Sue, and I said knock it off.” Zach told her, while giving here a hard stare and she quickly looked down.

“But Zach didn’t you hear? Shes weak, you know what that means for her in the p…club. She be at the bottom. You can’t really care if I pick on her a little, its going to get a lot worse.” Sue told him gently putting her hand on his arm, looking up threw her lashes.


He Knocked her arm off and gave her. What sounded like a growl. She looked up in surprise and then quickly looked away, nodded, and walked back over to sit at her table. I almost laughed, she looked so taken back, if she were a dog her tail would of be between her legs.


Zach looked at me then and I lowered my gaze, not sure why, just felt like I needed to. He again pulled my head up my chin and looked in my eyes and asked, “Are you alright? Sue’s a little… well…”


“Bitchy” popped Abby looking back and forth to Zach and me. Grinning like a mad woman. I rolled my eyes at her.


Zach nodded and gave Abby a small smile. “Yea I guess that would be the best description.” Said Zach returning his gaze to me. I lowered my eyes and heard him sigh.

“If you knew she was a witch why are you dating her.” Asked Abby, I spun my head around and looked at her. Dating? How can someone so kind date someone so…evil? She winked at me. What was that for?

“We are not dating anymore,” sighed Zach, “and I dated her because she was a high up member in the club.”

“So, there are ranks in this club? I don’t think I want to join, she said I will be at the bottom. It doesn’t sound like a very nice club.” I stated raising my chin a bit.

“We don’t know where you’ll be until the head guy says, besides I won’t let anyone hurt you.” He told me. “And you don’t have a choice, you have to come after school today, your a… Legacy. Your mom was a member.” Zach told me while my jaw popped open. My mom was in this club?

“I thought my dad was the member.” I told him while still looking at the lunch table, playing with my food, I wasn’t really hungry, my stomach felt like it was doing flips.

“Oh no, your dad just helps out now and then, but he was never a member”, Zach told me while again lifting my head by my chin. “You don’t have to be afraid of me, Lily, I wont hurt you.” I sighed and leaned into his hand a little, it was just like last night, I felt calm.


Suddenly I heard laughter and looked over and Sue was looking at me laughing with a group of what I assume are her friends. Then to my horror she pulled out a lighter and lit it. My body immediately started shaking, I could feel my body getting really hot. Sue suddenly let out a little yip and sat down looking shocked at Zach. I turned and looked at him and he was giving Sue the hardest stare I’ve ever seen.

“I…I got to go” I told him and Abby while bolting out of the room. Oh god twice in one day.


This time I didn’t make it to the bathroom. I sat in front of the lockers trying to learn how to breath again, while my whole body was shaking so hard it felt as if my bones were breaking. Suddenly I felt hands on my shoulders and felt calm again, the shaking stopped, my breath evened out. I looked up at who I knew it would be.


“How do you do that? Make me feel calm when I’m in an episode?” I asked Zach while looking in his eyes, I immediately looked down twisting my hands together, a sure sign of my nervousness.

“It will all be explained shortly,” He told me, while helping me to stand.

“Why are you being so kind to me? Sue seems to think everyone else at the club is not going… to be so kind” I asked him while looking at his shoes.

“I’m not sure, I feel, very… protective of you” He told me while raising my gaze to his once again.

“But you don’t even know me” I said in a whisper. “You wouldn’t want to be around me if you knew me, Sue is right, I am broken.”

“Then we will just have to fix you up.” He told me while putting his hands on either side of me against the locker. I gulped. We were just locked in this intense stare. I couldn’t understand was is happening between us.

“There you are, are you alright? Oh, I’m sorry.” Abby said as she took in the sight of Zach standing over me at the lockers, not looking the least bit sorry. “I can see that your OK now, I’ll just see you in gym Lily.” She said while giving me a wink as she headed off to gym.

“Can I walk you to gym?” Zach asked me quietly.

“Yea, uh, I mean, sure that would be great.” I replied still standing there against the locker with my hands behind my back.

“So how do you like our little town?” He asked me while leaning away to let me off the lockers.

“Uh its OK I guess.” I told him, not knowing what else to say. How to explain the weirdness of this town.


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White Lilies - The Beginning

Young Lillian Heart is left broken after the death of her mother. Sent to live with a father she barely knows. Read as she meets new friends and forms new family on the road to healing. But all is not as it seems in this small town her mother grew up in. Turns out she is a lot more like her mother, than she even dreamed of. I think you are a little broke, but I think you will over come it. ” I just sat their not quite understanding what he was saying. “Lily we will take this slow, get to know each other, but you are mine, and I am yours.” He said softly taking my face in his hands and looking at me with softened eyes, “Do you understand?”

  • ISBN: 9781370659579
  • Author: Mandy Adler
  • Published: 2017-02-14 20:35:12
  • Words: 33771
White Lilies - The Beginning White Lilies - The Beginning