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When A Murder Plot Goes Wrong



(A Short Story)




This eBook is a work of fiction, any resemblance to actual people living dead or in between is pure coincidence.






It all starts with tolerance, then it becomes a habit. Character is really the thing here. Choices, choices, choices and you reap the reward.

A few days ago, I never knew I would actually be someone able to murder. Or in this case plan a plot against my girlfriend. Yeah, I want her dead. But not because of these common reasons people murder their girlfriends and wives, like cheating, finding out she no longer loves you or never loved you and you say to yourself that if you can’t have her no one else will,… but because I thought she is a threat to my career. Ask me what career…

I knew I failed because of her. Failed in the job interviews because of what she has been giving me lately.

‘’So… Mr. Dunce, what has always been the reason of you wanting to be a doctor’’ The HR Manager had asked me.

With no hesitation I said: ‘’I want to see a lot of vaginas’’

‘’Oh,’’ she said shocked ‘’where do you see yourself five years from now’’

‘’I see myself as a professional, successful breast surgeon’’

‘’Looks like you’re into all these private part business’’ The HR asked.

‘’I really love Private Par…….’’

‘’Mr. Dunce, how can we be sure that you wouldn’t be raping our patients, you seem to be in love with vaginas’’

‘’Believe me, they‘re safe with me…’’

‘’You mean Vaginas?’’

She continued. ‘’Sorry Mr. Dunce, we can’t employ you here…‘’

‘’What! You didn’t even let me finish…’’

‘’That’s because I’ve heard a lot of the vagina word’’

‘’What about cock, yes cock’’


Before I even thought about it, I heard myself call her a Vagina and all names relating to it…

And so I was fired right before I was even hired. I blame her, everything I blame her and I want her dead!




If we only knew how to put our difference and past behind us. If we only knew why forgiving is important. If we only knew what’s ahead of us. As far as I’m concerned, everything comes with understanding, and to understand life…. Never stop learning…

OH! OH! It didn’t quite go as planned, because… well I don’t know. It’s just…. I think I was the one who ended up dead. But how? Has she been hitting gym behind my back? Let’s not fuss here maybe I’m not dead…

I see a creature with white wings reading a book and walk to him…

‘’Hey, Dunce right?’’ The creature says.

‘’We have been expecting you,’’ it continued, wait looks like it’s a He from the white beards ‘’welcome to heaven’’

Just then a white door opened, and walked through the door was a man, who I couldn’t manage to describe, only he looked like a man, in white skinny jeans, white shirt and had white beards as well.

‘’I have told you to always leave the welcoming to me’’ he said to the man with wings.

He turned facing me. ‘’Dunce, welcome to heaven’’

‘’And who’re you’’ I asked.

‘’I’m the father, the son and the Holy Spirit’’

‘’What do you mean, that you’re three in one?’’

‘’In short, I’m God’’

‘’In a skinny jean?’’

‘’Hey, it’s a modern heaven,’’ he said ‘’come with me’’

I followed and we sat in a white chair as he yelled for the choir to stop singing.

‘’I’m surprised, you’re here early, we have been expecting you in a few years to come’’

‘’About that…’’

‘’What about it?’’

‘’I think my girlfriend killed me? It’s was my mention right? To end her life, right?’’

‘’It’s your free will, don’t you read the bible? Just know I will judge you’’

‘’To tell you the truth, I didn’t know which religion to follow. I kept asking myself: what if I died, went to a place were dead people go, only to know Muslims were right’’

‘’Again, it’s your choice’’

‘’Speaking of choices, I love it here’’

‘’Great, because you won’t be visiting for long, to me you’re still on probation’’

‘’What you’re just going to chuck me out?’’



‘’Because… You’re of the earth’’


‘’Because that’s where I had put you’’


‘’Take a look at yourself’’

‘’I’m naked’’ I said covering myself.

‘’Yeah, guess that one will shut you up. You were born naked and naked you shall…’’

‘’Right, that’s not going to change my mind on going back on earth, I can’t face my girlfriend’’

‘’You will have to learn to forgive’’

‘’But she ruined my life’’

‘’She’s meant to be a challenge for you, everything I’ve created has its purpose. You should never call your fellow one a monkey, for I created human beings in my own image’’

‘’I didn’t call anyone a monkey’’

‘’well, you know what I’m talking about’’

‘’But she killed me’’

‘’No she didn’t I called you up here, so that you know the truth, murder is never the solution.’’

‘’I promised I’ll always be with you and here I’m saving you from doing the wrong thing’’

‘’So you mean, nothing has happened yet?’’

‘’No not yet, right now you’re at her door apartment waiting for her to just open the door’’

‘’So time has stopped on earth then’’

‘’I don’t do science’’

He continued. ‘’Son, you’ve to learn to forgive. If not doing it for religion then do it for yourself.’’


And so I was back in my body, lying in bed with her… don’t know what lesson to learn from all this but she gave me her…

‘’Oh, Judy’’ I said to her.

‘’Oh Dunce’’

‘’I love you’’

‘’And I love you back’’

‘’Kiss me’’

‘’I will’’



When A Murder Plot Goes Wrong

  • Author: Andre' Mwansa
  • Published: 2017-02-13 21:05:08
  • Words: 1008
When A Murder Plot Goes Wrong When A Murder Plot Goes Wrong