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What Creativity Do


What Creativity Do

© 2016 Barbara M. Schwarz


Purple Eyes Publishing (PEP)

the value of knowing


Published by PEP by Shakespir

ISBN: 978-1-910774-82-3


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On the front cover: “Something new” 2016.


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And creativity blew the biggest holes in what you knew: originality coming through!



What Creativity Do


It has the ring of sounding true

That creativity that I do


It has the sense that you once knew

what it was all about too…


Too, too late

to always cogitate

Now your spirit wide awake

Now the earth you shake

By the observation that you make


We were always born to see

A new instancy

That hidden reality

That comes flooding through

When our minds are open

(and so are you…


ready for an entirely

different eddy?)


oh now steady,

you didn’t mean to say

that creativity shouldn’t come out to play


but what really do you think:

that final little link

to get your eyes to blink


and move beyond the stare

of what you always think

will repair

a bright and generous atmosphere


I used to have great joy sensation

a sense of humming animation

by letting myself go and immersing myself

in total flow


the colours in my paintings show

that that was a way to go

beyond what I had experienced before


but now creativity continually roar

outside my door:

ever howling for some more


energy and delight

(whatever others do in spite…)

it’s never that trite

when our sight to new worlds alight

and riding through

is a brand new crew of loving life

‘and what we do:

is build a world anew’


why always disdain

that creativity game…


you may raise sticks

and think it’s all just circus tricks

but this is no act

as a matter fact


it’s how I gain track

to move beyond

‘all of that’


yes, the cataract

that denies

an adjustment of the eyes

and just seems to seize

a pseudo-objection ‘wise’


but here and now

time flies

and we have only this

number of days

to go beyond trays

of stultified objections

those falsely held connections


that think we live in perfections

of how we model thought

on what we ought…

what gets bought…

and what gets sought…


from some else

when deep inside

we have the chance

to side with our own creativity

and give birth to a sacred

nativity of a view

that lets new light shine through


we always think at Christmas time

it’s ok to have a rhyme,

be so jolly and design

a lighter sense to see

a myriad possibility


but here’s what creativity will do

it’ll make a man and woman of you

if you stop believing

in the oh so desperately conceiving


and simply turn to see

a brand new reality:

nature’s busy bee

moves the earth enormously

and I cannot conceive

why each one of us could not receive

a simple sense of humming through

discovering anew

what creativity can do.


What creativity do?

It blasts great holes in you

To let the sunshine through,

and with each blast

you shake off all plaster cast

and start to see



Purple Eyes Publishing

I had thought to say no more, but the music in my chamber pour and I am left to see, this sense of musicality floods in me the will to be ever onward creatively engaged to earn a living wage in turning each of life’s page to embrace the moment sage, when we start to see that creativity’s about to be an exocet of energy.


What Creativity Do

What creativity do... specifically for you? It blasts great holes in all you do, and sets you on a trail, where the wind may wail and others dour seek impale what goes slower than a snail: the sense that always humming through - the glorious originality in you.

  • ISBN: 9781910774823
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2016-10-18 15:05:08
  • Words: 635
What Creativity Do What Creativity Do