What are the ways to find the perfect Salesforce Partner?

How Salesforce1 can benefit non-profit organization?

Keeping in mind the unique requirements of customers, Salesforce introduced a new platform namely Salesforce1 that makes use of unique technology for supporting the customer requirements efficiently. It is specifically designed to offer a seamless experience for mobile users and is comprised of added features and functionalities compared to the Salesforce Touch Mobile app that is no longer available for download. Some of the key benefits of Salesforce1 mobile app is the enhanced accessibility to all Salesforce app followed by any type of customizations along with customer developed apps and AppExchange apps. Furthermore the presence of Chatter feed ensures timely notifications right from any mobile devices. Salesforce1 is based on Force.com making it compatible with open API integrations that allow other systems to interact effectively with Salesforce and thereby making it an ideal choice for Salesforce for non-profits.

Benefits for non-profit organizations

Non-profits would have immense benefits such as developing as well as deploying CRM along with external applications for employees, partners and clients using any mobile device. Within the Salesforce CRM of the non-profit organization, real-time data from an integrated external system can be included. Accessibility and the ability to update client data right from the mobile device along with the ability to fill the intake forms and real-time processing are some of the benefits offered by Salesforce1 to name among a few.

For non-profit organizations that are looking forward for tracking and managing the online signups of the volunteers, Salesforce1 offers volunteers the opportunity to signup, check in, log hours and give feedbacks using their mobile device itself. A board member could easily login from their mobile device and keep track of the trends and financial data in real-time with the reporting and dashboard functionality in Salesforce1.

How to get Salesforce1?

With an exception of Salesforce Touch and Community Users, Salesforce1 would be enabled for all the non-profit organizations as default. However ensure that the auto-enabled is not turned off by the non-profit organizations.

Here are the steps that would help non-profit organizations access Salesforce1.

p<>{color:#000;}. Salesforce1 app has to be downloaded.

p<>{color:#000;}. Make use of the developer credentials for signing in.

p<>{color:#000;}. Notifications have to be enabled if turned off.

p<>{color:#000;}. The relevant items have to be dragged and dropped for creating the Salesforce1 navigation menu.

Once the above mentioned steps are performed, the basic configuration can be said to be done. However if the administrator has strong expertise in Salesforce1, then they could customize the way data appears in Salesforce1 and thereby create unique publisher actions, create unique user interfaces for extending the functionality, integrate web applications and thereby design VisualForce pages etc. All these features make Salesforce1 beneficial when it comes to Salesforce for non-profits.

What are the ways to find the perfect Salesforce Partner?

With the number of Salesforce Consulting companies increasing at a dramatic rate, it has become very difficult to find the companies that are performing well from the list. Smaller, medium and larger businesses find the process very challenging and the below mentioned techniques are definitely going to be of help for such companies in choosing the right Salesforce Implementation Partners.

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What are the ways to find the perfect Salesforce Partner? What are the ways to find the perfect Salesforce Partner?