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Welsh Garment Design Catalogue

[] Welsh Garment Design Catalogue

From Welsh:Cool







Welsh Garment Design Catalogue 1

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Wales Rugby Designs 3

Cardiff City FC 4

Cymraeg and Wales Designs 5

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[] Foreword

Thank you for checking out our catalogue that lists ideas for designs that reflect the Welsh spirit and nation.


Some of these designs are in Cymraeg; all of them are original and you won’t find them anywhere else.


And in the event you can’t find what you want but you have an idea for a design – please contact us: we’ll do our best to help!


Contact us at [email protected]






[] Wales Rugby Designs


Following the drubbing of England by Wales at Twickenham on the 26th September 2015, this design was created to honour the team captain, Sam Warburton and his team.


Cardiff Blues – blue, through and through!


This design echoes the sentiment expressed by Scarlets legend Ray “Grav” Gravell.


[] Cardiff City FC


Following the acquisition of the club by Mr Vincent Tan, CCCFC went through a tumultuous time of change when the Bluebirds’ strip changed colour to red. The supporters by and large hated the change and a campaign began to restore the strip to blue. Mr Tan was initially resistant to the change but when his mother intervened in what had become a very heated and bitter argument between the club and the fans, he capitulated. This design celebrates the win!


Mrs Tan saves the day!


[] Cymraeg and Wales Designs


Keep Calm and Speak Welsh! Says it all really.


Or if you prefer the original slogan (in Welsh of course!)

(Keep calm and carry on)




Calon Lân – our most popular design, in many different styles and colours.



LlanfairPG – that place with the iconic name, wrapped around the dragon’s tail – what could be more Welsh?



Not strictly in Welsh, but it expresses a sentiment we all share, don’t we?


Welsh – the first and original. What’s this about? Well it expresses the fact that the Welsh language has been around for a lot longer than English. Welsh is the first language of this country – English is a late arrival!


And if you find English monoglots annoying, here’s the design for you:

Why would anyone be surprised that we speak Welsh in Wales?


Land of legends – another popular design, with names of Welsh rugby legends arranged in a word cloud in the shape of the dragon’s tail.



Beth yw cadno capan? What the fox hat? Maybe it’s cod Welsh, but the boys in Ceredigion who came up with this gem think it’s funny.



[] http://www.welsh.cool

Welsh Garment Design Catalogue

  • Author: Steve Roberts
  • Published: 2015-10-04 23:20:10
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Welsh Garment Design Catalogue Welsh Garment Design Catalogue