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Weird Wild Stuff: Short Stories for Kids




Published by Dan Mazur at Shakespir

Copyright 2016 Dan Mazur

Table of Contents:

The Creepy House on the Corner

Leave Me Alone!

Heart ‘O Gold

“Just a Girl”

Magic Land

Dina and The Dinos


My friend Daphne and I had been playing outside all day. It was starting to get dark so we started heading home when a friendly black cat came up to us. He let Daphne pick him up as he started to purr. Suddenly he bolted from Daphne’s arms and ran away. We decided to chase after him.

The cat, that we had named Pluto, ran towards the creepy house on the corner of our street. We were told to stay away from that house by our parents. People said that it was abandoned and haunted by ghosts. I wanted to find the cat and I was a little curious about what I’d find inside the house.

The front door was open so we quietly entered the house. The floor creaked beneath our feet.  It looked as though nobody had lived here for years. The furniture was old and dusty and there were spider webs everywhere. As we looked for the cat, I felt like we were being followed. “Daphne?” I whispered, “Are you there?” When I turned around Daphne was gone.

Guess this house was just too spooky for her. I continued to look for Pluto when I spotted him under a table. “Here kitty” I said. While I tried to coax the reluctant cat from under the table, I felt like I was being watched. I slowly turned around only to be face-to-face with a ghost. “Get out of my house. Boooooooooo!“As he started to chase after me, the ghost tripped and fell over the table. Pluto jumped into my arms startled by the noise. The “ghost” started to moan and groan in pain. I could see a pair of legs and feet poking out from the bottom of the white sheet. That was no ghost, it was a person!

An elderly man emerged from the costume. “Are you okay?” I asked. “More embarrassed than hurt.” Pluto jumped from my arms and started to nuzzle against the old man. “Is this your cat?” “No but he seems to like it here. He’s the only one I’ll let inside, until now.” “I lived here with my sister Madeleine but she passed away a couple of year ago. I haven’t left the house since.”

I couldn’t sleep that night as I kept thinking about that poor old man. I dare not tell my parents about going into the strange house. There had to be something I could do for him. He was so afraid to leave his house and seemed so very sad. He may have given up but I wasn’t about to give up on him. Besides, if Pluto liked him so much, there had to be a good heart under all of that sadness.

Over the next couple of weeks, Daphne and I would visit the old man, Mr. Usher. We’d pick up groceries for him and help tidy up his house and yard. He was quiet at first but soon he began to feel comfortable around us. He and his sister were orphaned at a young age and for most of their lives, it was just the two of them. No wonder he was so sad and lonely after she passed away.

Daphne and I spent hours outside removing weeds and washing the windows. Soon other people from the neighbourhood started helping us. Some of them did repairs on the house while others mowed the lawn or painted. The house was totally refurnished with donated chairs, tables, and sofas. Mr. Usher was so moved that he bought pizzas for the entire neighbourhood.

After everybody left, Mr. Usher hugged Daphne and I. He had a huge smile on his face. In the few short weeks that we had known him, we never saw him smile. “Thank you girls. Thank you for everything. Come by and visit Pluto and I anytime you want.” “So you’re keeping him?” I asked. “This is his house now. We’re ALL going to be so happy here!”

Mr. Usher said goodnight to Pluto and just before he blew out the candle he was holding, said goodnight to Madeleine’s ghost.



“Henry, where do you think you’re going?” “I’m going to be late for the bus. I’ll do the dishes later.” “No you’ll do them now!” I ran out and just managed to catch the bus. My Mom has really been nagging me lately about doing my chores. I don’t like washing dishes or taking out the garbage. I’d rather just read my comics.

I can’t even sit in my seat on the bus and read without some loudmouth bothering me. “Whatcha reading’ nerd?” one of the other kids asked. “Bat-Ben, issue #43.” “Let me take a look.” “No!” I yelled as he ripped it from my hands. “This is so silly” he said as tossing my comic book out the window. I was so angry but he was twice my size so I sat and stewed for the rest of the ride.

My day went from bad to worse when Mr. Bee returned our assignments. I got an F. I worked hard on that project and now he wanted to see me after class. I was a good student and I thought my short story was interesting. Mr. Bee thought one of my parents wrote it for me. “Take a deep breath Henry” I told myself. I wish people could just leave me alone sometimes.

During my lunch break all I wanted to do was sit outside, eat my sandwich, and read my comic books. But one of the school bullies threw a basketball at me almost breaking my glasses. Angered I threw the ball back hitting him in the head. He walked over to me looking for a fight but thankfully Mr. Bee broke it up. Why can’t bullies like Donald just leave me alone?

I wasn’t the best athlete. I was clumsy and preferred to read or write. I dreaded going to gym class. I’d often pretend to have a tummy ache and call my Mom to come get me. I couldn’t do that today because she was probably still upset with me. I dropped a few fly balls and was teased by the other boys. “Leave me alone” I said getting angrier and angrier. “LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!”

When I opened my eyes, everything had gone dark and nobody was around. I figured the other boys must’ve turned the lights out on me. As I walked out of the locker room I noticed that the entire school was empty. I didn’t even hear birds chirping or cars driving by. I wondered what was going on so I walked outside. It was completely silent. Where did everyone go?

I decided to go home. During my walk I noticed that there were no cars on the road nor was there anybody around. The only thing I heard was the pounding of my heart in my ears as I ran. When I got home the door was locked so I used the spare key. “Mom? Dad?” No reply. Just silence. Scared and hungry I ended up eating cookies for dinner. I read my comics before eventually falling asleep.

Being able to eat all the junk food I wanted should have been a dream come true. But it made me sick. I was starting to get lonely. Finally I had the peace and quiet that I had always wanted but I was bored. The silence was too much for me to handle. I needed some background noise or someone to talk to. I walked around town, past my school in search of someone, anyone to talk to.

For the first little while it was fun staying up late, eating whatever I wanted, and doing anything I felt like. I had the entire world to myself but I felt empty inside. Having quiet time to yourself is a wonderful thing. But too much of anything is never good.  My Mom wanting me to do my chores, problems at school, the occasional run-in with a mean kid were all part of life.

As I walked toward the library I heard a voice say, “It’s not fair, it’s not fair” over and over again. “What’s not fair?” I asked. “Oh, never mind. Henry Bemis I presume?” “Yeah. How’d you know?” “I was just like you. I wanted to be left alone, away from people and the stress of everyday life. Didn’t work out for me either.”

“You have to be careful what you wish for.” “I guess so. I want to go home and see my family and even go back to school. But I’m stuck here.” “Not necessarily. Quick, hand me your glasses!” “Why?” “It’s a long story.” I handed him my glasses and everything went dark again.

“Good morning Mom! I washed the dishes and am putting away the last one. I’ll take out the garbage after dinner.” “Well someone’s in a chatty mood this morning” “It just feels good to be back.” “Back? From where?” “Uh, never mind………time for school!”






























Every day on our way to school, my friend Dexter and I would see a couple of homeless men. They were dressed in ragged clothing and held out cups looking for spare change. I felt bad for them so sometimes I would give them my lunch. Once my parents found out, they told me to take a different route to school.

I told my parents how helpless I felt when I saw people who were struggling. “You have a good heart Bernie, but you have to be careful around ‘those people.’ There’s really not much you can do for them.” “But…..” “You can’t go around trying to save the world. Now go wash your hands. It’s time for dinner.” I felt so empty inside as I let the water run in the sink upstairs and stared blankly in the mirror.

The next day, as Dex and I were walking to school, a big gust of wind sent my baseball cap flying. We both went running after it. The closer we got, the further away the wind would blow it. Finally I was able to grab the hat as it blew up against a big rock. Great! Now we were going to be late for school. Wait a minute, what’s that in the bushes?

“Look at this Dex. It’s some sort of map.” “Maybe it’s a treasure map that was hidden by pirates” he replied. “We’re already late for school. Why don’t we follow this map and see where it takes us.” “I don’t know. We could get into big trouble.” Dex was such a worrier. “C’mon!” I prodded. “Okay. Let’s go for it!” He never needed much convincing when it came to going on an adventure.

We followed the map for a while but ended up walking in circles. “Guess we should head off to school now. Looks like we’ll be getting detention for sure” I said. “Wait, did you hear that?” Dex asked. “Look, something’s moving over there. Let’s chase after it.” It could have been a wild animal as far as we knew but began running after it anyways.

We finally caught up to whatever we were chasing and were shocked by what we saw. “Look, it’s the guy from the cereal box!” I shouted. “That’s me Cousin Seamus. I’m Harrigan the Leprechaun. I suppose you want me pot ‘o gold now?” “The chocolates?” Dex asked. “No! A pot of real gold coins. You lads are going to be rich. Follow me.”

“There it is lads, me pot ‘o gold. Well, it’s all yours now. You can spend it any way you like. You can do whatever you want, go wherever you want, and buy whatever want. But will that buy you happiness? I guess that’s up to you. Good luck lads.” Dex and I had no idea what to spend our new-found fortune on first. But one thing was for sure, we were going to have the time of our lives.

The first thing we bought was a hot air balloon. It was amazing. We were so high up in the sky. Everybody looked like ants down below. We could even see our classmates outside for gym class. We floated up in the sky for a couple of hours. It was incredible being so close to the clouds. We could actually reach out and touch them.

We then headed out on the high seas. We had our very own luxury yacht. It was so cool to have the entire ocean to ourselves. This was so much better than sitting through another boring History class. The warm sun and cool breeze felt so good against my skin. I was really starting to enjoy being rich and having no responsibilities.

Dex and I felt like kids in a candy store, maybe that’s because we were. We had all the candy a kid for ask for and then some. I think I may have eaten too much as my stomach started to hurt. Or maybe it was something else. I had everything I ever wanted yet I didn’t feel good about it. I knew that I didn’t deserve it.

I had my very own amusement park that I bought with Dex. We didn’t have to wait in lines and had access to all the rides. That should’ve been enough to have made any kid happy. But not me.  What was going on? This should’ve been a dream come true. I could have bought anything in the world. I never had to go to school or work a day in my young life. It’s kind of hard to explain but I felt empty inside.

Something didn’t feel right. Even Dexter was starting to sense that this wasn’t what we wanted. We lied around in a big pile of gold because we thought that’s what rich people do. But that got boring. Being rich was fun at first but we just wanted to be two normal kids. We decided to discuss our plan for the gold with Harrigan.

"Well I'm totally gob smacked lads" Harrigan said. "You're the first ones to ever return me gold. Are you sure about what you want me to do with it?" "Yes. 100% sure." "Alright then lads. So be it. I'll make your gold is well spent." It was almost a relief not to have all of that gold. We were too young and irresponsible to enjoy it. We really didn't need it but we knew some people who did.






Tawnya was a bit of a tomboy. She preferred to play sports with the boys than hang out with the girls from school. Her favourite thing to do was to watch hockey on Saturday nights with her Dad. Often they would go outside and play catch. She threw a mean fastball.

As an only child, Tawnya liked to spend a lot of time alone. The fresh air and the quiet relaxed her. She liked to go for walks in the woods and visit her animal friends. She was a brave little girl as creepy spiders and slithering snakes didn’t scare her one bit.

While she loved sports and hiking, Tawnya’s absolute favourite thing in the world was comic books. She collected and read them every chance she got. She knew all of the characters and saw all of the movies. What made her a little sad was that most of her heroes were male.

Frustrated by the lack of female superheroes, Tawnya decided that she would create her own superhero. And SHE would be awesome! Tawnya spent hours writing and drawing her own comic books. She even sold some to the kids in her Grade 5 class at 10 cents a copy.

Not only did Tawnya read and write about superheroes, she wanted to be one. And would fight crime alongside her dog Gibby. And nobody would know their secret identities. “Terrific Tawnya and Power Pup to the Rescue!”

Tawnya started to get caught up in our own adventures when she heard a knock on the door. “Time for bed Tawnya. It’s past your bedtime” her Dad said. “When we’re superheroes we won’t have a bedtime. Isn’t that right boy?” Gibby just yawned, licked his paws, and fell asleep on the floor. He’d need some superhero practice Tawnya chuckled to herself.

At recess the next day, all of the kids were talking about some bad guys who robbed a bank the night before and that made them afraid. Their teacher, Mr. Berry, told the kids that there was nothing to worry about. He then went home for lunch and never came back.

“Crime in my city?” Tawnya thought to herself. No! Tonight, ‘Terrific Tawnya’ and ‘Power Pup’ would make their debut. Well, after dinner, homework, Gibby does his business and then her bath. But after that, look out bad guys!

That night, the bad guys struck again. The sound of police sirens blared throughout the city. Tawnya rushed through her spelling homework and started to head outside. “Where do you think you’re going?” asked her Dad. “I, uh, um…..” “Time for your bath young lady.” “Awwwwwwww!”

Just as her Mom began to run the bath, she got distracted by the news. “Our city is in danger tonight. There are bad guys everywhere. Police are urging everyone to please remain inside.” Her Mom and Dad sat there watching it all on T.V.


“Now’s our chance Power Pup. We’re going to be superheroes and save our city.” The pair climbed out the bedroom window and fell into some bushes. Gibby started to whimper as if something was wrong. “What is it boy?” And then she turned around to see two of the meanest bad guys around. “Oh Oh Spaghetti-O’s!”

“Look. They’re backing off. They’re afraid of us. They must’ve heard all about Terrific Tawnya and Power Pup”. Gibby started to whimper again. This time when she turned around she was in for a big surprise. Standing behind was a real life superhero!

And just like that, the hero took care of the bad guys saving Tawnya and Gibby. “Thank you Mr. Superhero. We had things under control but we appreciate your help.” The hero then turned to face the two. He had a giant suit made of steel. He slowly took off his mask.

“You’re right Terrific Tawnya. You and Power Pup helped to save the day. By way, it’s Ms. Superhero. Girls can be superheroes too you know.” Unable to speak, Tawnya just stood there in awe, her mouth wide open.

OMG! A female superhero and in her city of all places. Tawnya was in shock. “You two should probably go home now. I’ve got more work to do. I’m not “just a girl”, I’m a superhero too! Still in shock, the only response came from Gibby who barked enthusiastically.

“Tawnya? Tawnya? There you are. We have been looking all over for you. Are you okay?” “No Dad. I’m awesome!” she replied with the biggest smile in the world. She had just met her new hero, someone just like her. The next morning, she woke up and took down all the posters on her wall. There was only room for one superhero now. And that’s because girls rock!














For centuries, a small village made up of elves, fairies, and a kindly old gnome has secretly existed without anyone knowing. It is a wonderful place where everyone feels like one big family. Magic Land is filled with happiness, charity, and love.

Everyone in Magic Land loves and respects nature. They share all of the food and resources with each other and the animals who call the forest home. It seemed as though life couldn’t get any better for the friendly citizens of Magic Land. Unfortunately, that was all about to change.

Thurston Prescott was a very rich businessman. Today he took his son Edward or Ed as he preferred, to the park by the forest. Thurston spent most of the time on his phone while Ed kicked a ball around. Ed kicked the ball so hard that it disappeared into a group of trees.

Ed found his ball but decided to keep walking deeper into the forest. As he turned to walk back to the car, he saw what looked to be an elf picking berries. “Hello?” Frightened, the elf didn’t know what to say. “What’s your name? I’m Ed” “Oh no!” the elf thought, “It’s a human!”

Soon the elf was joined by his fellow villagers. “Hi everyone! My name is Ed. You sure have a beautiful little town here.” “What do we do now?” asked one of the fairies. “Let’s bring him to the Gnome” suggested the elf. The Gnome always knows what to do.” And so Ed followed his mini-escorts into the woods.

Ed was greeted by the rest of the elves and fairies before the Gnome arrived. “Hello Ed and welcome to Magic Land. You are more than welcome to join us for lunch. All we ask is that you respect everyone and everything you see around you.” Then they all feasted on every type of berry you can imagine.

“Ed! Ed!” came a voice from behind the trees. “Uh oh! It’s my Dad.” “Quick everybody, hide!” whispered the Gnome. Ed’s Dad arrived and was amazed by what he saw. “Look at this place. Just imagine what I could do with all this land.” He then picked up his phone and started to dial.

Ed was very sad during the car ride home as he worried about his tiny new pals and what was going to happen to their village. “So tomorrow morning I want to tear down the forest and start building right away. We’re going to make a fortune!” Ed felt so helpless as he listened to his Dad planning to destroy the forest and Magic Land.

“Friends, I have just heard some very bad news” began the Gnome. “Humans are planning to get rid of our happy little village. There will be big trucks here. We are peaceful and don’t like to fight. When the time comes we will be left with no choice but to release the bees”.


“Let me know when you’re ready to go Mr. Prescott.” “Will do. Isn’t this exciting Ed? This is going to make me lots and lots of money!” his Dad boasted. Ed just stood and tried not to cry. He had to stop this from happening but he didn’t know how. But he couldn’t just stand by and do nothing.

The swarm of bees and elves were no match for the mighty machines. It looked as though it would take a miracle to save Magic Land from the bulldozers. Without warning, Ed ran out in front of the machines before they reached the trees.

Whether Mr. Prescott was moved by his Ed’s bravery (or maybe the fairy dust was doing the trick) he ordered the bulldozers to stop. “I’m so sorry Ed. I have been so selfish. I put money ahead of my own son. In fact, I’m going to make sure that this forest is protected forever.”

Ed was a hero! He had saved Magic Land! And if that wasn’t enough, Mr. Prescott kept his promise to Ed There would be no hotels, casinos, or any concrete poured in Magic Land. The only ones who were allowed to enjoy this amazing little place were a group of elves, fairies, and a wise old gnome. And of course a brave young man who was welcome anytime.




Every night it was Dina’s job to take out the garbage after dinner. Her brother and sister would help clear the table and wash the dishes. One evening, Dina heard what sounded like meowing from behind the garbage cans.

She saw a hungry Mommy cat and two kittens. Feeling bad for the kitties, Dina decided to feed them leftovers from dinner. And for the next few nights, the family of cats would wait for her to bring them something to eat. Eventually the cats got scared away by a group of hungry raccoons. They left an awful mess as they ripped open the garbage bags looking for some sweet treats.

The following night Dina noticed that there were no animals outside at all. “How strange” she thought as she headed back inside the house. Other than a few crickets chirping, the night was still and quiet.

A few hours later, while Dina was fast asleep, she heard a lot of loud banging noises outside. Did the animals she used to feed come back for more? She knew she should’ve stayed inside but she was curious to see who or what was making all that racket.

Dina was not prepared for what she was about to see. Waiting for her outside was a dinosaur, a baby dinosaur! This had to be a dream. “I just need to close my eyes and go back to sleep” she told herself. That was until the dinosaur gave her a big sloppy kiss. Yep, this was really happening.

The baby dinosaur began to whimper like a puppy. He wanted Dina to follow him. “I can’t go with you boy. I have to go back to bed.” He looked at her with his big sweet eyes and she couldn’t refuse. “Okay. Maybe just a few minutes. But then I have to go back inside.”

Dina continued to follow the baby dinosaur that she named “Dino”. “Where are you taking me?” she wondered. “That’s far enough. I have to get back now.” Unfortunately, she was now lost. How long had she been walking? Everything looked different around her. Where was she?

It was so humid. It felt like they were in a jungle. Maybe that was because they were in a jungle! Dina felt a little afraid but couldn’t help to admire how beautiful the scenery was. The quiet was soon disturbed by some big thumping noises. The baby dinosaur ran off towards the noise. “Hey? Where are you going?

There were huge dinosaurs everywhere. The baby dinosaur ran over to what must’ve been his Mommy and Daddy. He seemed very happy to be with them as they nuzzled against him. It was kind of cute to watch them together.

The Mommy dinosaur walked over to Dina which scared her at first. But then she saw how gentle the dinosaur was. She wanted to feed Dina some grass. “No thanks. I already had dinner” she told the dinosaur.

These dinosaurs were called Brontosauruses. From what she remembered in school, they only ate plants which came as a relief. It was good to know that she wasn’t going to be on the menu that day. They treated her like I was one of their own.

“Oh, hi there little guy. I know you. You’re a Raptor. Well aren’t you cutest little thing.” He growled at her but he was still just a baby so it was more of a grumble. As Dina continued to talk to him she could feel a group of eyes looking at her. She started to feel very uncomfortable.

Before she knew it, Dina was surrounded by hungry Raptors. They were mean and vicious. Things didn’t look good for Dina when an old man dressed in rags came to her rescue. He was pudgy and had a big bushy grey beard. Not exactly a dashing hero. He was able to fend off the Raptors with a stick.

“Who are you?” Dina asked. “I’ll tell you later. Here’s the plan………run as fast as you can!” “That’s your plan?” “Uh, yeah” the old man said as the two began to run through the jungle. “We just need to make it to the waterfall” the old man shouted. “Waterfall?”

The pair were somehow able to elude the Raptors and made it to the waterfall. “Can you swim?” asked the old man. “Yeah, why…oh no!” “I have a raft waiting for us at the bottom of this cliff.” “No way!” Dina emphatically said. Then she saw the angry eyes and sharp teeth of the Raptors getting closer. She jumped.

Miraculously the pair survived their big plunge into the river. Unfortunately, the old man got his legs trapped in some seaweed at the bottom. Dina didn’t notice that he was trapped and neither one of them noticed that they weren’t alone.

A giant dinosaur from the deep was heading their way. Things did not look good for the duo. Then, from out of nowhere some fish swam by, distracting the sea monster. The old man was able to get his legs free and the two swam as fast as they could towards the surface.

Soaked, exhausted, and still shook up by almost being eaten by dinosaurs, the pair finally made it to shore. “We’ll be safe in my cave. I have food and fire so we’ll be fine until morning” the old man told Dina. She wasn’t really listening. She was scared, tired, and she just wanted to go home. She still had no idea how she ended up here or who this old man was.

“I know you want to go home kid. As do I. My name Dr. Darwin Slate. I’m a scientist. I’ve always been fascinated with time travel. One day I discovered a time portal. I walked inside of it and I’ve been stuck here ever since. How’d you end up here?” “I followed a baby dinosaur into the woods” Dina replied. “What??????”

“I have been looking for that portal for weeks, months, maybe even longer. I don’t know how long I’ve been here. Do you remember where it was?” “I think so. It was in the area where you saved me from those Raptors.” “Fantastic! Get some sleep, for tomorrow will be a long day. Hopefully one where we will both find our way home.”

“Our ‘taxis’ have arrived. Hold on tight and enjoy the scenery.” Waiting for us with a group of brontosauruses including one special little one. “Dino!” Dina yelled as she saw her little dinosaur friend. “Things could get dangerous so be brave and we’ll find that portal and be very soon” Dr. Slate tried to reassure Dina and himself.

“Don’t worry about the Pterodactyls overhead. They’re too high up and they don’t see us. Hey, did you know that the “P” is silent? Isn’t that p-funny?” Silence. Dina didn’t react. “Guess it’s too early for dinosaur jokes this morning.”

“They look so familiar” Dina said as she looked at a group of dinosaurs chewing on some plants and vegetables. “They’re called Stegosauruses. They aren’t dangerous but let’s not get too close. I wouldn’t want to feel those sharp spikes on their back” Dr. Slate commented.

A loud rumbling noise starting to get closer and closer. It was a group of Triceratops. “Keep still. They won’t eat us but you don’t want to get poked by those sharp horns” Dr. Slate whispered. “We’re almost there. I recognize this area” Dina told the doctor.

“Looks like our old friends the Raptors are waiting for us” Dr. Slate said. “What are we going to do?” Dina wondered. “I brought some food. Hopefully it will distract them. Uh oh! Did you feel that?” “Feel what?” Dina replied. “We’re in trouble now. Really big trouble!”

“Tyrannosaurus Rex! The most feared dinosaur of them all!” Dr. Slate started to panic. “This is one dinosaur that does want to eat us.” Frozen with fear, neither the doctor nor Dina could move a muscle. But an unlikely hero would emerge.

“Dino! No!” Dina shouted as the little dinosaur went to protect his friends. He was too small and ended up being hurt by the T-Rex. “Let me try something” Doctor Slate said as he tossed some meat in the T-Rex’s direction.

The group of Raptors swarmed the T-Rex looking for more to eat. They buzzed around the T-Rex who just swatted them like mosquitoes. This gave Dr. Slate and Dina a chance to escape.

“I want to see if he’s okay!” Dina screamed. “We have to go now! The time warp could close at any moment!” Slate shouted taking her by the hand. She looked back one last time to see Dino’s mom looking over her injured baby.

“Earth to Dina! Hello!” “Sorry Lola, I must’ve dozed off during the tour of The Museum of Science.” “Well I hope my tour hasn’t been that boring” a familiar voice said.

“Dr. Slate?” “Have we met before?” he replied. “I guess you just look like someone I know” Dina said, a little disappointed. “Oh, by the way, the baby dinosaur is going to be just fine” Dr. Slate said with a wink and a smile before walking away. A smile started to form on Dina’s lips. Whether or not any of this really actually happened, it was one heck of a ride.


Weird Wild Stuff: Short Stories for Kids

This is a collection of six short stories for children. The stories contain ghosts, a creepy old house, dinosaurs, superheroes, elves, fairies, a gnome, and a leprechaun but at it's heart, they are about the child protagonists and the lessons they learn or the changes they bring out. The stories are about the children and what they learn and the change that they can inspire..

  • ISBN: 9781311214751
  • Author: Dan Mazur
  • Published: 2016-05-07 17:40:09
  • Words: 5508
Weird Wild Stuff: Short Stories for Kids Weird Wild Stuff: Short Stories for Kids