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Weight Loss: Fat Loss For Women - 7 Easy Steps to Burning Fat, Being Skinny & Fe

p={color:#000;}. Fat Loss For Women: 7 EASY Steps to Burning Fat, Being Skinny & Feeling Amazing for the Rest of Your Life…

Jennifer Hunter

©2015 Jennifer Hunter


Table of Contents



Chapter 1 – Step 1: Understand How Women Lose Fat

Chapter 2 – Step 2: Develop the Right Mindset for Fat Loss

Chapter 3 – Step 3: Consult a Doctor Before Doing Any Fat Loss Plan

Chapter 4 – Step 4: Find the Best Exercise Program for You

Chapter 5 – Step 5: Follow the Proper Diet for Fat Loss

Chapter 6 – Step 6: Make Some Changes in Your Lifestyle

Chapter 7 – Step 7: Stay Motivated


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I want to congratulate you for downloading “Fat Loss for Women: 7 Easy Steps to Burning Fat, Being Skinny & Feeling Amazing for the Rest of Your Life”.

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to make the necessary changes in the way you think, exercise, and eat to effectively lose fat that your body doesn’t need.

Based on a holistic approach, this book will guide you in the most important aspects of fat loss including changing your mindset and your lifestyle to make certain that you will reap the benefits of a healthy body.

I hope you find plenty of value here!


Chapter 1 – Step 1: Understand How Women Lose Fat

If you are a woman who wants to lose fat, you might have realized by now that men can do it faster. Men have several advantages when it comes to losing extra fat that is why they often get sexier faster. But this should not discourage you from pursuing your goal. With the right approach, you can achieve success as long as you are guided with the right steps and you are willing to work hard for it.

Why Men Lose Fat Faster

Men can shed off fat faster than women because of two primary reasons. First, a man’s body has a bit higher basal metabolic rate compared to women, which allows them to eat foods rich in calories while losing that same amount of weight. Hence, they can easily accelerate fat loss and manage their diet well. This factor is genetic, so there’s a slim chance that you can change this. The second reason why men can easily lose fat is because of the higher muscle mass in their body. Muscular tissues have high metabolism rate, so if you have more muscles in your body, your basal metabolic rate will be higher.

It is not natural to recommend women to develop the same volume of muscle similar to men, but this is one factor that you can have a chance to control. With proper strength training, you can increase your fat loss rate.

The Body Type of Women

Women tend to have the type of body that stores body fat in the hip, thigh, and lower abdomen area. So you will notice that these areas are extra flabby. The receptor cells that regulate fat metabolism are unique in these regions, making it extra difficult to mobilize the stored fat.


Men usually find it hard to lose fat in the lower back, while for women, it’s often the thighs that are most disappointing when it comes to fat loss. Aside from the difference in receptor cells, these regions in the women’s body type also have lower blood flow, which reduces the amount mobilization of fat.

Women depend on fat for the energy they need during exercise to a much greater degree compared to men. Hence, exercise is crucial for women to lose fat, because they burn less fat when they are at rest. Moreover, women store fat under the skin (subcutaneous fat) while men have visceral fat, which is more metabolically active.

Fat Loss and DHA

The body type of women also has the tendency to store more fat after eating. This is the natural way for the body to prepare itself for pregnancy and lactation. Once women are ready for reproduction, their bodies will start storing fat on the thighs and hips to provide support for the baby.

The fat around the thighs and hips (known as gluteofemoral fat) are highly concentrated with DHA, which is one of the essential omega-3 fats. Scientists believe that gluteofemoral fat is essential in milk production and it helps in the development of the fetal brain.

Research shows that American women often have low concentration of DHA because of the low consumption of foods that are rich in omega-3. This usually leads to considerable weight gain when they become pregnant. During pregnancy, the brain is programmed to monitor the status of nutrients in the body. When it senses that DHA is low, it sends signals for the body to release hormones that increase cravings, causing women to eat more. This is to store more DHA to nurture the developing brain of the baby. In comparison, Japanese women have high concentration of DHA in the body because fish is a regular part of their meals, and so they are often leaner.


Fat Loss and Stress

Stress can affect both men and women, but research suggests that particular types of stress can make it more difficult for women to lose fat. With too much stress, the body will secrete more cortisol that will result to increased blood sugar, so you have more energy to deal with a stressful situation. With regular stress, the body will convert the hormone pregnenolone (a precursor to testosterone and estrogen) to progesterone that will be used to produce aldosterone and cortisol. These hormones lead to more fluid retention and fat storage. Aside from higher cortisol, the body will have less testosterone and estrogen.

Women who have lower testosterone will find it more difficult to lose fat. Even though high estrogen is not beneficial for loss, low estrogen will not also provide good results because it prevents higher fat oxidation. To put this simply, the body is not in the right shape for fat loss.

It is true that women need more effort to achieve fat loss. But still, it is doable as long as you know what to do. Read on the next chapter to know why the right mindset is essential to lose extra fat.







Chapter 2 – Step 2: Develop the Right Mindset for Fat Loss

Before we discuss the recommended exercises and the diet you need for fat loss, it is important first to know the right mindset to follow so you can totally dedicate yourself to your fat-loss goal.

If you have already tried losing weight in the past, you know that it can easily be distracted. It takes a lot of determination and focus to exercise and follow a diet plan. It may feel like a continuous battle to be focused and stay in shape.

It is difficult to follow any fat-loss plan, because every day you have a lot of temptations swirling around, which could lead you off course. You need to control yourself from food cravings that could be hard to ignore, and you have to cope with significant changes to your regular routine so you can break the habits that are causing you to store more fat.

In addition, you also need to manage the stress of daily life as well as the demands of your work, family, and your friends. You will be overwhelmed, and you don’t have a choice but to juggle these things in your life to stick to your fat loss plan and live a decent life.

Losing fat is not easy. That is why most women fail or give up on their fat loss-plan. It’s easy to think that you are depriving yourself and feels like everything works against you. Hence, it is best to find the right mindset once you begin your fat-loss journey so you can overcome these hurdles and stay on the right track for weight loss.

How to Build the Proper Mindset for Fat Loss

You need to be fully committed to achieve success in your fat loss goals. Commitment is a state of mind that you need to achieve through determination, motivation, positive thinking, and willpower.


The first step is to identify your reasons why you want to lose fat. This will help you find the motivation and the driving force you need to stay committed and stick to your plans until you get the results you desire. Why do you want to lose fat? Are you doing it for beauty or for health? Regardless of the reasons, it is crucial to identify them specifically.

The next step is to set specific goals so you can define your targets that you can start working for. It is ideal to be specific as possible, so you know precisely what you want to achieve. Instead of saying you want to lose fat, you can define it more such as lose 50 pounds of fat in three months. By setting up certain fat loss goals, you can see your progress precisely.

After setting up your goals and your target, the next step is to make a plan on how you can achieve them. Take a look on your current situation and specify the important changes and the action steps you need to take to achieve your goal.

Arm yourself with the best strategies to stick to your plan by making it realistic and enjoyable. Adapt a fitness regimen for yourself that can help you lose fat and composed of exercises that you can enjoy. Follow a diet that is composed of healthy yet delicious food. (More on this on the next chapters)

It is also crucial that you prepare your body and mind for the changes that you will experience. You must be aware that sticking to your plan will need some hard work both mentally and physically. You can increase your chance to become successful with your fat-loss plan if you already know the volume of effort that you need to exert before you actually begin the journey. With this, there is low tendency to give up despite the temptations because you are prepared.

Positive thinking is also crucial in any fat-loss plan. It’s often easy to lose concentration and give up when you are thinking of negative things. Once you begin to doubt yourself and your fat loss plan, you will easily be overwhelmed by the task and so you might just throw the towels.


Through positive thinking, you will stay motivated and determined. You will develop the proper mindset that you can do anything once you put in effort. This will also provide you the positive attitude to attain your goals for fat loss.

Finally, you need to realize that you deserve a healthy and sexy body. This is perhaps the most crucial step in building the right mindset, which will help you lose weight. You must realize that you deserve to be happy and healthy. Too much fat in the body could lead to various health concerns and could even lead to low self-esteem. With the right mindset, you will realize that you are capable of achieving the body that you want and living the life you want.

Bear in mind that losing weight is a difficult task. There is truth in the adage, no pain no gain. Building the body you want will not happen overnight. But once you develop the right mindset for fat loss and mentally prepare yourself for the task ahead, then you are two steps ahead of the game.

Chapter 3 – Step 3: Consult a Doctor Before Doing Any Fat Loss Plan

Are You Aware of Your BMI?

Over the past two decades, we have become more aware with certain measurements that are crucial to health. This includes blood pressure and cholesterol count. But when it comes to fat-loss, there are three crucial figures that you must know: your weight, your waist measurement, and your BMI or Body Mass Index.

BMI is a measurement of body fat based on your weight and height, and applicable to most adult women and men aged 20 years old and above. Physicians consider BMI as a better way to measure health risk compared to your actual weight. As a matter of fact, “obesity” and “overweight” are medical terms based on BMI values. If your BMI is between 25 and 30, you are overweight, and if your BMI is beyond 30, you are obese. Higher BMI equates to higher risk of acquiring weight-related diseases such as heart conditions and type 2 diabetes.

Watch Your Waist

Abdominal fat is considered more dangerous than the fat stored in the thigh and buttocks. Hence, your waistline shows more information about the risk for hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. For women, 35 inches waist circumference is too high, while it is 40 inches for men.

Talk to Your Doctor On How You Can Control Your Weight

Make certain to consult your doctor about exercises and meal plans, which could help you lose weight, achieve fitness and decrease your chances of getting weight-related diseases. This is crucial to make a difference in your health. A physician can provide you practical solutions that will not require you too much changes in your present life. For comprehensive food choices, your doctor may refer you to a dietitian or a nutritionist. 

High waist circumference is a common indicator of a condition known as metabolic syndrome. Even though you may not be familiar with this, it is very common. One out of four adults in the US are affected by this syndrome, and it usually develops into type 2 diabetes. Hence, early treatment of this syndrome can help you avoid diabetes.

You may have metabolic syndrome if you have at least three of the five conditions below:

Abdominal obesity (Women: higher than 35 inches; Men: greater than 40 inches

2. High blood pressure ((130/85 mm Hg or higher)

3. High triglycerides level (150 mg/dL or higher

4. High blood sugar after fasting (110 mg/dL or higher)

5. Low level of HDL or good cholesterol (Men: less than 40 mg/dL; Women: less than 50 mg/dL)

If you think you have metabolic syndrome, it is crucial to consult your doctor so that you can undergo the proper medical exams. Primary treatments for metabolic syndrome include changes in your lifestyle, such as fat loss, healthy diet, and increasing your daily activities. A doctor can help you formulate a particular plan for performing the required changes.

Most fat loss plans include regimens and programs that involve the body. You need to move your body during exercise. You need to take in specific types of foods and drinks as recommended in a diet plan. And there are also plans that require you to take supplements. Hence, it is crucial to consult a doctor first before you start any program.


In addition, if you are suffering from specific conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and kidney or liver diseases, a medical checkup is necessary. These health conditions may take a toll on your body, and adding the added stress of exercise or taking specific meals may cause more harm than benefits. A medical checkup could determine the limits of exercise or the foods to avoid during the course of a fat loss plan. Most doctors will recommend an exercise program that gradually builds and adds more activities.

Most of us don’t visit the doctor often and it is just as crucial to know the symptoms and risk factors of health concerns that may be worsened by exercise and diet. Warning signs that you must look out for include nausea, chest pain, and inflammation of the lower extremities such as feet and ankles. In addition, shortness of breath while resting or performing exercises in lying position could be a warning sign that you must visit a doctor before following any fat loss plan.

Even if you believe that you are healthy, it is crucial to check with a doctor before starting on any plan. This is especially true if you are more than 45 years old. If you are smoking or you have recently quit smoking, or if you have hypertension or high cholesterol, you must consult a doctor before the program. Others who are recommended to undergo medical checkup are those who are obese or those with a family history of heart disease.


Chapter 4 – Step 4: Find the Best Exercise Program for You

When it comes to losing fat, cardio workout is ideal. However, weight training also has its benefits.

For several years, low-intensity cardio has been regarded as the best for losing fat. Based on research, this program burns the calories mainly from fat. But this has been already disproved with new high-intensity cardio program.

The best cardio training to burn off fat will require you to spend shorter time in the gym. This cardio training is known as High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. The concept behind this program is quite simple. From low to moderate intervals, you need to change to very high intervals.

Perhaps you believe that doing cardio at a low intensity for at least 30 minutes will help you shed off calories compared to 15 minutes of high intensity. This is not true, because when you perform HIIT, the calories will be burned after leaving the gym.

When you think of it, 15 minutes seems too good to be true to lose fat. But it is not. You should bear in mind that even though the training is shorter, it is more difficult to perform. HIIT is very demanding, but time saving and rewarding. HIIT will boost your metabolism, so that your body is still burning calories hours after you leave the gym. You can lose more fat if you burn more calories, and you can shred more calories when you perform high intensity training.

You can perform HIIT on different exercise machines, and even outside the track. In all exercises, be certain to warm up for at least three minutes. If you are a beginner, start with 30 second at a medium pace or about half of the max effort, rest for 30 seconds, and then try as hard as you can for 30 seconds. Repeat this routine. If you are doing this on an exercise machine except the treadmill, be certain to increase the intensity level so you can challenge yourself.

First-timers are recommended to complete at least five to eight intervals. You may find this harder than it appears. When you are done, rest for at least three minutes. And you’re done. With only five to eight minutes of actual work out, you are starting your journey to get rid of fat.

Weight Training and Fat Loss

Gaining muscles will not directly melt fat, but it could increase your resting metabolic rate or RMR. Take note that fat doesn’t take energy to stay in your body. Hence, once it’s there it will stay there until you spend enough energy to begin using fat as your source of energy. Muscular tissue is known as active tissue because it needs energy to stay in the body. Every pound of muscle in your body requires at least 30 calories daily to just stay connected with the bones.

With the right types of exercises and diet, every woman can gain at least five pounds of muscle after one year. If your current metabolism would spend 50 calories every day to maintain that muscle, you can shred off 250 more calories daily. For a pound of fat that requires you to burn at least 3500 calories, you can lose 26 pounds in one year even without doing any cardio workout.

However, most women don’t like to perform weight training because they don’t want to get big. We are well aware of how we would look if we gain five pounds of fat, but we are not familiar with how we would look if we gain five pounds of muscle. Remember, muscle has higher density compared to fat. To put it simply, five pounds of muscle will look smaller than five pounds of fat.

Doing an hour of cardio workout is great to activate that stored energy in fat. But once you are finished on cardio, you are also finished burning fat. On the other hand, weight training will keep your metabolism higher for about an hour after you leave the gym.

Exercise experts refer to this as the EPOC or Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption. After performing weight training, the body will continue to require more oxygen, so it will burn more fat.  

Explore Other Forms of Fat Loss Programs

HIIT Cardio and Weight Training are just two of different forms of fat loss exercises available today. Consult a fitness expert or your trainer so you can know more about other forms of exercises that can also help you shred that extra fat. This includes alternative methods such as belly dancing and Zumba, which are also fun to perform.

Chapter 5 – Step 5: Follow the Proper Diet for Fat Loss

Specific types of foods can help you lose fat, while others help fat stay in your body. Following a diet composed of foods that are rich in protein and fiber can help you shed more fat and maintain a lean body.

Calorie Needs of Women

Women can increase their daily physical activity, minimize their intake of calories, or use a blend of these methods to eliminate fat. More often than not, setting a limit on your daily calorie intake to not exceed to 500 calories can help you eliminate one pound of fat every week. And when you increase your energy expenditure by 500 calories per day, it can help you get rid of at about two pounds of body fat per week.

The Importance of Fiber in Eliminating Fat

Fiber helps your body to feel full even with few calories, which is beneficial for fat loss. It is ideal to include in your diet non-starchy vegetables including broccoli, fresh peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, cauliflower, mushrooms, and other leafy greens. It is also recommended to include fruits with low caloric content such as strawberries, melons, and apples. Also eat legumes, nuts and seeds that are rich in protein and in fiber. Choose whole grain breads, cereals, quinoa, and brown rice.

Oatmeal is very rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, and complex carbohydrates. You can eat plain, unsweetened oatmeal in the morning. To enhance taste, you can add fruits such as banana, strawberries or kiwi. You can also add oats to fruit smoothies for added energy and to control your hunger.

Increase Protein Intake

Choose foods that are rich in protein, which includes dairy products. Based on research, diet plans that are calorie restricted combined with high protein diet and resistance training lead to more fat loss compared to a program with low-protein diet. Be sure to include protein-rich meats such as poultry, egg whites, and seafoods.

Red meat such as beef and lamb are the best sources of protein. But choose the leanest cuts, and get rid of visible fat. Aside from protein, red meat is also a good source of iron, folate, essential fatty acids, and Vitamin B12. Be sure not to overcook red meat to preserve the protein.

Low fat dairy products are also recommended such as cottage cheese, milk, and plain Greek yogurt. Aside from protein, these are very rich in calcium that does not only help you build strong and healthy bones, they can also help you to stay fit. Calcium signals the body to absorb less fat, regulates blood pressure and helps the body to prevent the onset of osteoporosis.

Avoid These Foods to Boost Fat Loss

You can effectively lose body fat by eliminating or restricting intake of specific types of foods that can hinder fat loss. Avoid food made with refined grains (white rice, white bread, and regular pasta) and baked goods. These are really delicious, but they are not worth it. Those packed doughnuts, mini muffins, or chocolate cupcakes will only increase your calorie and sugar intake, and they are also not easy to digest.

Also avoid salty  chips, fried foods, high-fat meat such as pork, and sweet beverages such as sodas, canned fruit juices, lemonade, and sweetened tea. Replace these drinks with plain water, iced water. You can add lemon or herbs to the water to enhance its taste.

Bear in mind that this is for general guidance on fat loss nutrition. To be certain, you must consult a dietitian, which is crucial if you have existing health conditions such as diabetes or heart disease. 

Chapter 6 – Step 6: Make Some Changes in Your Lifestyle

Exercise and diet are not enough to make certain that your body is flushing out fat that you don’t need. There are also some lifestyle changes that you should make for optimum weight loss

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is an important component of fat loss. According to research, better sleeping habits could lead to successful fat loss. Depriving yourself of sleep interferes with ghrelin and leptin, which are hormones that help you in regulating your appetite. With this, the body has the tendency to indulge in poor diet. It is recommended to get about seven to eight h0urs of continuous sleep for higher energy and minimal cravings for food. 

Eat Small Meals

Nutritionists suggest that women who are working on their fat loss plan must eat five to six small meals instead of two to three large meals. Most women find it hard to eat smaller portion of meals when they are trying to lose fat, but this is an important concept. Smaller portions will boost a new spin cycle as a result of the thermic effect of the food that could result to better metabolism.

Chew Your Food At Least Eight Times before Swallowing

The human brain takes up to 20 minutes to know that the stomach is full. Hence, you must take enough time to chew and taste your food. With this, the brain can monitor what you’re eating. Wait until you have swallowed the food completely before taking another bite. Stop the habit of watching TV while eating, because the brain will be distracted and will take longer time to realize that you are already full.

Learn How to Detoxify

Fast foods and unhealthy snacks usually have toxins that add up to the collective fat in the body. Choose organic foods, because these are devoid of such toxins. You must also learn how to detoxify once in a while to make sure that your stomach and intestines will have a good cleansing. 



Chapter 7 – Step 7: Stay Motivated

Most women give up after the first two weeks of following recommended exercises and restricted diet. Giving up takes a toll on your body as well as your mind. You could feel very disappointed and you will think that you are a loser and you are no good in achieving your goals. Just like getting the right mindset, performing recommended exercises, and following a diet plan, getting enough motivation is also crucial to help you stay on track.

Check out the tips below, which can help you stay motivated to stick to your fat loss plan.

Monitor Your Progress

Losing fat is a serious matter. It can affect your physical health and emotional resolve. Monitoring your progress will help you to keep track of your plan. According to a study published in the Annals of Behavior Medicine, those who get their weight every day are more successful in losing fat. You can create a simple spreadsheet file to record your daily weight, or for more accessibility, you can write them down on a small notebook. Once you feel that you are becoming off track, just review the record. Even when you have not lost a single pound in the last three days, you might have lost around 10 pounds since you started the fat loss plan.

See Your Reflection in the Mirror

Women who have gained extra weight usually avoid seeing their reflections in the mirror. But it is ideal that you must do the opposite. Based on a research published in the International Journal of Eating Disorders, seeing your image in the mirror can improve your outlook and will help you stay motivated. It is also ideal to speak to your reflection with positive words. Rather than saying “My butt is so big,” you can say, “My curves make my waist look smaller.”

Find Friends in the Gym

Join a group exercise class and befriend your gym mates. Having friends in the gym could inspire you to attend even if you feel like you are not in the mood. The guilt factor can also work here. If everyone knows your name, they will ask you why you failed to attend the exercise class. With this, you can also surround yourself with the people who can help you and serve as your support network.

Pay the Gym Membership for One Year

It is recommended to pay your membership at the gym for one year. Why? Who would fail to miss gym classes that you have already paid for? Your inner cheapskate will tell you that you should not cancel the membership because it will be a waste of money.

Put Out Your Skimpy Dress

Take out a dress that you like, but you haven’t been able to wear because it doesn’t fit anymore. Just taking out of your wardrobe and hanging it where you can see it every day will serve as a visual reminder of the fat loss goal that you are working on. 


Thank you again for downloading this book! 

I hope this book was able to help you to make the necessary changes in your life for effective fat loss plan.   

The next step is to continually motivate yourself to ensure long-term benefits of a healthy and slim body.

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Weight Loss: Fat Loss For Women - 7 Easy Steps to Burning Fat, Being Skinny & Fe

You're About to Discover How to Permanently Lose Fat that Your Body Doesn’t Need. It is true that men can shed off fat faster than women. This is due to the genetic makeup of a man’s body, and they have higher metabolism rate. So even if they indulge in pizza every night, they can still have a lean body as long as they exercise well. A woman’s body is designed to store fat as a preparation for pregnancy and lactation. But there are changes in your mindset, physical activities, eating habits, and lifestyle that you can make for you to lose fat and stay slim. Here is a Preview of What You Will Learn: - Understand How a Woman’s Body Lose Fat - Getting Right Mindset for Fat Loss for Women - The Importance of Consulting a Doctor Before Doing Any Female Fat Loss Over 40 - The Best Cardio and Weight Training Program for Women Fat Loss - Follow the Proper Fat Loss Diet - The Necessary Lifestyle Changes to Lose Weight - Fat Loss for Dummies: How to Stay Motivated It takes a lot of determination and focus to exercise and follow a diet plan. It may feel like a continuous battle to be focused and stay in shape. If you have already tried losing weight in the past, you know that it can easily be distracted. It is difficult to follow any fat-loss plan, because every day you have a lot of temptations swirling around, which could lead you off course. You need to control yourself from food cravings that could be hard to ignore, and you have to cope with significant changes to your regular routine so you can break the habits that are causing you to store more fat. Consider this book as your Fat Loss Bible that can serve as your guide in your journey towards a healthy life. With the right fat loss diet, proper forms of exercise, and getting the support network you need, women can easily lose weight and enjoy their healthy and slim body. You deserve to be healthy and happy. Read this book now and discover the things you can start doing today to achieve your fat loss goals. ****Fat Loss for Women: 7 Easy Steps to Burning Fat, Being Skinny & Feeling Amazing for the Rest of Your Life!!! Get Your Copy Now****

  • ISBN: 9781311966803
  • Author: Jill Lopez
  • Published: 2016-01-20 16:40:25
  • Words: 5510
Weight Loss: Fat Loss For Women - 7 Easy Steps to Burning Fat, Being Skinny & Fe Weight Loss: Fat Loss For Women - 7 Easy Steps to Burning Fat, Being Skinny & Fe