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Weakness of the villain

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Vasiliy Vitalius

Weakness of the villain

Fantastic fairy tale

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© Vasiliy Vitalius, 2017

p<>{background:transparent;}. The book will be interesting to both children and adults. The amazing story of a girl who, for the sake of saving her mother, must overcome her fears and jump into the abyss of uncertainty. The dark forest has many mysteries, everyone is avoided, there live monsters and there is also a path to salvation. What villains will meet her on the way and how everything will end, you will learn by reading an adult fairy tale for children.


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  1. {background:transparent;} Weakness of the villain
  2. {background:transparent;} Part 1. Battle Severus Snape and Albus Dumbledore
  3. {background:transparent;} Part 2 The Vampire Demands Blood
  4. {background:transparent;} Part 3. The pursuit of minions
  5. {background:transparent;} Part 4. The Lair Severus Snape
  6. {background:transparent;} Part 5. The trick Severus Snape
  7. {background:transparent;} Part 6. Will Severus Snape’s weakness help cure Mom?

{background:transparent;} p(((((((((())))))))))<{background:transparent;}. The book will be interesting to both children and adults. The amazing story of a girl who, for the sake of saving her mother, must overcome her fears and jump into the abyss of uncertainty. The dark forest has many mysteries, everyone is avoided, there live monsters and there is also a path to salvation. What villains will meet her on the way and how everything will end, you will learn by reading an adult fairy tale for children. {background:transparent;} {background:transparent;} h2(((((((((())))))))))={background:transparent;}. Part 1. Battle Severus Snape and Albus Dumbledore

Recently, Sonya had something to worry about, she often missed, she was not interested in dolls, and even in the magic word that mother uttered — the names of her favorite cookies; The girl no longer tore herself off and flew into the kitchen, but only sighed. She spent free time on the windowsill: a soft pillow and a summer blanket served as a nest for her, and she felt like a swallow, as her mother called her and her only occupation was to watch what was happening on the street. Her snub-nosed proboscis was finally looking at the floor, the fox eyes were no longer shining and not smiling. Thick dark hair, thrown over his shoulder, hanging down a weeping willow.

«Perhaps this is the whole age so difficult,» thought Sonya, how could she be five years old and soon she will go to the preparatory group, and then to school, meet other girls and sit at the desk. Though she had many friends, her mother called her a strange word, she was mysterious, incomprehensible and a little sinister-sociable. Sonya did not know the meaning of this verbal beast, but he seemed to her to be something like a wolf with a fox together from a fairy tale.

At night, she dreamed of horror stories from the tale that my mother read before going to bed. Recently they strolled in the shopping center and went to the bookstore. Sonya liked one story with a beautiful cover about zombies. She begged Mom for a long time to buy her, she refused and said that such nonsense can not be read, but Vera’s book cried out as a result. Mother sighed, took it from the shelf, shook her head and went to the cash register. In the evening, pressing to her mother, Vera listened to a fairy tale, what happened to the girl in a dark forest, where zombies, lechs and scary stories live.

«Mom, why did the girl go into the forest,» Sonya asked; She was scared and she did not want to listen to this tale anymore.

«Good question. The girl went to Severus Snape to fight with him and save her grandmother. Let’s read about Harry Potter».

Sonya nodded in agreement, she was really scared of these monsters in the forest. Beast shaggy was not so terrible and most importantly then he turned into a prince. Sonya slept sweetly, but at night she was tormented by nightmares: all sorts of animals, unseen, chased after her and her mother. She tiny hid behind the battery, and mom — a big girl and they caught her. Sonia woke up wet and first of all she ran into Mama’s room, to see if her nocturnal monsters had stolen her.

A familiar silhouette loomed from under the blankets, chestnut hair was spread out on the pillow. «No, it’s all right,» thought Sonya. She sighed and slowly closed the door so that the old loops did not squeal and wake her beloved. She went to the kitchen to make breakfast. «Mama will be pleased when she wakes up», the girl rejoiced and climbed into the refrigerator.

The first failure overtook her at the discovery of this white monster: an egg fell from the top shelf and casually collapsed on the carpet. «It’s hard to be a cook,» Sonya thought bitterly, and began to look for a rag to wipe everything off. So often her mother told me when Sonia tried to help her: she stroked her hair, smiled and said that it was difficult to be a cook.

«Mom, who’s the cook?» Sonia was interested in her.

«This is the one who cooks food for the kitchen».

«So you’re a cook?»

«Yes», laughed Mom, «and kissed her in the thread».

Sonia smeared an egg on the carpet with a rag and began to flour, hoping to knead the dough as her mother did. The girl decided to bake sycophants and pamper the main cook in their house.

The bell rang, then another. Sonia ran to the door; Mom taught her before opening the door, always wondering who is there.

«Sonia is Aunt Glasha, your neighbor,» a familiar voice said.

The girl stood on a stool and turned the bolt of the handle, then took off the chain.

«Where’s Mom?» We agreed to go on a picnic in the morning.

«My mother is asleep, I’m preparing her food.»

«Now we’ll wake up this sleepy son.» Aunt Glasha walked smoothly and confidently to the bedroom. Sonia did not even have time to come round, otherwise she would block the neighbor’s way — let her get enough sleep for her mother and so tired of being a cook and going to the robot.

While the girl thought and more and more grew angry at the uninvited guest. Meanwhile, Aunt Glasha ran out of the bedroom.

«Sonia go to us to play with Veronica».

Veronica was her contemporary and her neighbor’s daughter, they were not particularly friendly, since Veronica was greedy and took everything from Sonya, and when she in her right wrath waved at her, she ran to her mother with tears and slander. Sonya often got away from adults and all her excuses and sobs no one listened and paid no attention to them, so she did not particularly want to go.

True, they had a new prefix and talking dolls, Sonya succumbed to such a temptation and ran to the floor higher to the neighbors. «I’ll play until my mother is ready,» the girl thought, and jumped joyfully up the stairs. She heard the words of Aunt Glasha’s words «Ambulance. Urgently come …», she did not catch the meaning, and all her attention was focused on the desire to play with these wonder-dolls.

While Sonya was teaching puppets to talk, Aunt Glasha returned.

«Sonia», — in the voice of the neighbor were anxious notes. This feeling was familiar to the girl, she had tormented her for several days already. «Sonia,» repeated her neighbor, «you will stay with us for the time being.» My mother was taken by Albus Dumbledore: she was a little sick. He will look at it and then let go.

«Is it because my mother was tired and sleeping for a long time?»

«Yes Sonya», the neighbor approached the girl, pressed her to her and burst into tears. Sonia in general became anxious, she broke away and ran down home in the hope of seeing Mom there. The apartment was empty, only Murzik mewed. She took the kitten in her arms, pressed it to her and began whispering to him: «Do not cry, do not cry, Albus Dumbledore will soon let her go, I miss her too.»

A neighbor came running.

«Sonia went to us and take Murzik».

«Go to Veronica, I’ll cook it now and have breakfast,» Aunt Glasha said as they entered the apartment.

The girl went into the room of the wreck and sat on the edge of the sofa. She did not want to play with dolls, she just stroked the kitten, who knelt in a knot in a ball and mewed.

«My mother told me that now you will live with us, because your mother was kidnapped by the evil Severus Snape.»

«It’s not true, Aunt Glasha said that her mother was taken by Albus Dumbledore. He will look at her and let him go, «Sonya said with tears in her voice.

«No, Severus Snape, he will fight with Albus Dumbledore and win. They say Severus Snape is stronger», Veronika smiled sarcastically.

«You are bad. Albus Dumbledore is stronger and will soon let go of my mother», the girl quietly cried

Sonia, apparently seeing her tears, «my mother said that Severus Snape can be defeated», snatched the echidna, calming the girl.

«But as?» The girl was.

«Do you remember how Harry Potter was searching for the secret of Dobby? So Severus Snape has its weaknesses: they need to be found.

«And where can they be?» Sonia asked in bewilderment.

«Somewhere in a secret place. Probably in the forest», with these words the neighbor pointed to the window. Their house adjoined the ancient forest, with mighty tree trunks on the tops of which stretched the huge green crowns of these giants. People did not go to the forest: rumors were creeping different, and it was dark there even in the daytime. The trees adjoined each other closely and the light did not penetrate the abundant foliage; As if in the twilight. They said that the forest was bewitched and whoever goes there, they never saw again. Recently, developers have started to gnaw out bits of land from this green horror story, but still the forest was huge and frightening.

«Exactly there,» thought the girl, and she was frightened of her thoughts. And if indeed in there, how will she find the weaknesses of Severus Snape to help Albus Dumbledore defeat him and save her mother? Sonya was heavily meditating until evening, and when she went to bed, she had a plan: she would get up first and go to this terrible forest to look for the weakness of Severus Snape.

The sky slowly began to illuminate the first rays of the Sun and the darkness slowly receded, giving way to the light. The girl quietly rose, that would not wake Veronica and tiptoed into the hallway. Aunt Glasha’s snoring was heard outside the door. The girl framed the stool and turned the latch on the door. The castle began to move, issuing small clicks, like a cricket singing. The door began to groan treacherously. Sonia froze, she thought that Aunt Glasha had woken up. She waited a few more minutes. No, everything is okay. The girl closed the door behind her, picked up Murzik and went downstairs. It was already light outside, but still cold: the morning dew played with sunbeams. She shivered and buttoned her blouse.

The forest was near, there were a few steps to take and the darkness of the green monster would start to absorb it. She stopped. It was scary. The girl already wanted to go back and ask all about Aunt Glasha, but then there was a growl from behind. The girl turned and saw the Sailor running toward her. The dog from the neighboring entrance was huge, with dark hair and only the breast and stomach stood out in gray-chestnut tint. Her blisters swelled in the wind, exposing white fangs. Sonia was frightened. The dog was evil and usually kept on a leash, but here it is alone. The girl knew that the dog hates cats and the Sailor will definitely eat her Murzik, who, as if hearing her thoughts, plaintively paused. Sonya pressed her kitten to her and rushed to the woods, that there were pisses, and that was not so scary — she closed her eyes.

She could not remember how long she had run, but the growling of the angry dog was not audible. Sonia decided to stop to catch her breath and look back. The sailor was not around. It seemed to her that she had been running all day, because it was already dark and only a few rays of light, penetrated through the leaves and fell to the ground and the trunks of old trees. There was a smell of dampness and something that was not understandable, as they had in the basement of a multi-storey building, when the workers forgot to close the door. The trees were bizarre forms, overgrown with moss. The girl pressed the kitten: «Do not be afraid of Murzik, I’m with you.» Her voice was uncertain and shaking like a leaf in the wind.

Sonia did not know the way back, and behind the trees there were no houses visible.

{background:transparent;} {background:transparent;} h2(((((((((())))))))))={background:transparent;}. Part 2 The Vampire Demands Blood

Sonya’s eyes did not begin to get used to the gloomy darkness, and silhouettes of huge trees grew more and more clear: their branches tentacles protruded in different directions in the pose of attack. The girl was sure if she moved, the terrible giants with their hands-hooks would grab her and drag her away somewhere. She was afraid to move. Behind him came the sound of a crunch of branches. Sonia turned and saw something dark. It moved slowly toward her. The shadow was small and round.

Suddenly the colobus stopped at a distance from it and froze for a moment. I heard something like a growl. Then the shadow of the ball began to stretch. Sdnya looked at him in horror, she was seized by the fear, which galloped coldly along her back. The shadow was large with two bright red lights.

«Vampire», the thought flew past, in fear, hiding behind the turn of her consciousness. Sonya stood and shook. It seemed that the shadow of the vampire was examining it, but the main thing was that it did not move.

Oh, horror, the vampire began to move in her direction and the distance between him and Sonya was rapidly declining.

«What should I do?», Sonia was trembling in horror, like an aspen leaf in the cold wind.

«Blood. I demand blood. “It seemed to Sonya that she heard these words. Of course, she was not sure of this, but her eyes were large with fear and the girl was now convinced that the vampire was following her to drink her blood. She remembered the film about Count Dracula and her legs ran by themselves.

Sonya covered her face with her hand, so that the elastic branches of the trees would not beat so hard on the skin. Murzik nestled and mewed plaintively. This did not give the girl courage.

Behind him there was a growl and menacing cries of «Blood. I demand blood. “Sonya began to cry, she did not know what to do, it’s good that the legs themselves are running, otherwise the vampire would have already bitten her.

A cold roar flew after her and was heard more and more clearly, the girls thought that even a moment and her monster would overtake. He will yelp fangs into her neck and will suck out all the forces, and then she herself will become the same monster. Sonya imagined how she would have to give up Murzik and her mother and never have girlfriends, because she would be a monster and drink the blood of everyone: she could not kill loved ones.

Sonia wanted to be home in bed and cover herself with a blanket and wait for the sun to rise and the morning come.

It became difficult for her to breathe from a quick run and she suddenly stopped for herself. The breath was intermittent and deep. The girl had the courage to look back. The monster slowly, but smoothly moved in her direction. She noticed that the creature does not go, but as if swimming and does not touch with legs at all. The vampire seemed to float in the air.

A pale beam of light somehow made its way through the leaves of a huge maple made it possible to see the villain. His skin was rosy and light, like those Japanese dolls on my mother’s night table. His eyes burned with an incomprehensible red light, which caused fear and made the whole body tremble. Through the pale-dark stripes of his lips, white fangs loomed, threateningly flashing. His hands… or rather call them paws: long and twisted nails of dark color protruded from his fingers.

Sonia screamed with fear and saw the monster smile at her. He seemed to slow his pace, like a panther before a leap, enjoying and savoring every moment before he barked his fangs into the girl’s neck and sucked her blood.

«Blood. I demand blood. “Echoing through the forest his eerie, cold voice.

Sonia turned and ran again, pressing Murzik to her side. Dry brushwood crackled underfoot, the leaves in the trees began to move under the force of the cold wind exhaled from the monster’s mouth. «Blood. I demand blood. “The monster rumbled more and more, responding in the head. Sonia closed her eyes for a moment and felt a sharp pain in her left leg near the ankle. She did not have time to recover herself, as she flew down the ravine, hitting the whole body with pains on branches, stones and just hard earth. It rolled down right into the wet slurry of spring mud and last year’s leaves.

My leg hurt very much, she began to rub it with both hands, but the pain did not stop. Sonia cried and groaned.

«Blood. I demand blood. “The monster appeared on top of the ravine and slowly began to descend. The girl wanted to get up and run again, but her aching leg did not allow her to move again. She remembered that she had lost the kitten and was finally shackled by sadness and despair. She began to wait for her fate. Apparently struck her hour and now drink her blood and then she will also become a monster, always driven by a thirst for blood and cursed by people.

«Sonia quickly come here,» she heard an unfamiliar, but very soft voice. The girl turned in the direction of the sounds and saw on a small edge, which was consecrated by the bright light of Murzik, he pawed her to him with his paw. Sonya without thinking, gathering all the latest strength in a fist stumbled to the kitten. The glade was very light, as in the day. Surprisingly, the mighty trees here sent their hands-hooks in different directions, making room for the light.

The girl had only a few steps to take, when suddenly she felt a cold gust of wind and someone grabbed her by the shoulder.

«Blood. I demand blood. “The monster said sharply and very loudly, as if he was shouting in her ear. The girl did not turn around, but only wanted to run to the clearing, where Murzik was waiting for her. She made a jerk, yet, but as if standing in one place. «He holds me,» the thought flashed through the girl’s head, leaving only despair behind her.

The kitten rushed to the monster and hissed. He dug his claws into the monster’s face and looked into his eyes. The vampire roared, began to spin and tried to throw off the kitten.

«Sonya is faster in the clearing,» Murzik cried. The girl obediently ran to the light. She tried to catch her breath, but the pain in her leg made her sit down. The cat struggled desperately, but the vampire managed to throw it off and the monster swam to Sonya. She pressed her knees and clasped her arms, unable to utter a word: the whole body was shaking with fear. The vampire tried to reach out to her, but the light of the sun seemed to burn him and the villain quickly took his hand in the shadow of the trees with a cry of pain.

Murzik appeared in the clearing and crawled to Sonya, limping to his hind legs.

«Do not be afraid. Here he will not touch us, «said the kitten, in a tired voice. «They are afraid of light. We are safe. He was sent by Severus Snape. He found out that we were following his weakness. The vampire had to destroy us.»

«Murzik, you saved me,» the girl said. She was dumbfounded by the news that had just come to her head, «are you talking?

«This is a magical forest. Everyone talks here, even the trees.»

They seemed to move branches in a gesture of agreement and the leaves sang a song unknown to Sonya in chorus.

«We were lucky that the vampire had not drunk blood for a long time, otherwise he would easily overtake us and manage. This forest does not even remember the smell of people, that’s why the monster does not have anyone to drink blood, and without it it weakens.

«But what shall we do?» Asked the girl.

«There are ancient spells called the vampire’s mirror.» If we say it, the monster will remember that it was once a man and he himself is afraid of his present nature.

Sonya began to repeat after the kitten incomprehensible words to her, which formed strange suggestions:

p(((((((((())))))))))<>{background:transparent;}. You must go out into the world again

And like a monstrous vampire,

Under the roof come native

And thou shalt drink the blood of life

Their own children,

In the dark of mysterious nights

Fate and heaven cursing.

Under the cover of gloomy silence

Vopeshsya in the chest of children, wives,

Moments of life cutting.

When with bloody lips,

Grinding his teeth,

You will come to the grave with howling,

You will repel the spirits of hell,

Its terrible seal

Irreversible curse.1

The terrible creature howled and began to rush, first from tree to tree, then around them, so that Sonya felt dizzy. He gave out a roar and disappeared.

«The vampire’s gone, but it’s not for long. Now the sorcerer Severus Snape knows that we are here and will order his other evil servants to catch us and kill us so that we can not reach his weakness.

Sonya tried to get up and go after the kitten, but she cried out: her left leg was hurting badly. Murzik brought her burdock leaves with which the girl tied a leg — the pain receded slightly, she could walk, but she limped. Murzik hurried her, time is short and Severus Snape will soon set on them a pack of monstrous novices.

{background:transparent;} p{background:transparent;}. [1] D. Byron. The poem «Gyaur». {background:transparent;} {background:transparent;} h2(((((((((())))))))))={background:transparent;}. Part 3. The pursuit of minions

The girl found a low dry tree trunk, which at one end was rounded: «That’s the crutch turned out,» thought Sonya. She immediately felt better: she practically did not step on her aching leg.

The monotonous singing of birds and the whispering of leaves on the trees was interrupted by a thunderous scream, more precisely a growl. The girls seemed to be screaming a pack of wolves and with each new growl, the sounds became more distinct.

«This is Berserker,» Murzik said in a frightened voice and rushed from side to side.

«Who?», Sonia was perplexed.

«Then I’ll tell you, and now we need to hide or they’ll tear us apart.

The kitten easily climbed the rough trunk of the old tree on the upper branches. Sonya tried to climb too: she clasped the trunk with her hands, legs and like a caterpillar slowly began to rise. There was a smell of wood and moss. The trunk was very rough and painfully digging into the girl’s soft skin, sometimes leaving blood stains on her hands and feet. She became sweaty from tiredness, her dress stuck to the body, sweat streamed, and wood dust tickled her skin.

Here are a few meters and she can get to the first branch. Sonya made an effort and heard a roar echoing through the forest. He was so terrible and seemed so close that the girl screamed and momentarily weakened her hands.

She did not even have time to recover, as she flew down. Painfully hit her head and scratched her elbow — her leg began to ache; It seemed to her that she had tucked her up or even worse.

The girl tried to get up, but as if needles pierced her body and legs and the only thing she could do was moan with pain and pour bitter tears about soon to be eaten by wild animals that already flew in all pairs.

She felt as if the ice breathed these creatures to her. It seemed to her that she could see their wild red eyes, bared their mouths, drooping wool coats.

«Do not sit down, Sonya. Quickly on the tree, «Murzik ordered.

The girl literally woke up from bitter meditations, collected the last strength and climbed again. The kitten could help her as he could: he dug his teeth into the collar of her sweatshirt and tried to drag him to the top. By some miracle, incredible effort, Sonya managed to climb up to the first branches and then she heard the clatter of teeth. The girl looked down. There was a pack of unusual wolves jumping: they were tall with a large mastiff, covered with long hair, with an outstretched muzzle framed by sharp fangs. They stood on their hind legs, and with their forelegs began to scratch the tree. Their sharp claws were digging into the flesh of the plant and tearing it to pieces.

«Who is this?» Sonia asked in a frightened voice.

«According to you werewolves or wolfhounds, and they are called lycanthropes, but they are known as berserkers,» the kitten replied, lowering his voice.

The monsters, as if hearing their name, howled and began to eagerly bite their fangs into the tree trunk. It moaned, it began to tremble in fear and screamed in horror and pain from the noise of the leaves. The tree, grunting crouching in both directions, and with every bite ever more bent.

«We need to jump over to another tree — soon they’ll fall,» the kitten whined and crawled to the end of a branch that was adjacent to the other from a nearby standing forest giant. The girl followed him. She was afraid to look down and fall from fear. Sonya tightly grabbed the barrel and slowly crawled over the tree bitten by the biting bites of pain.

The green giant bent down and Sonya deftly grabbed a branch of another tree with her hands. Here’s the jump and she’s saved. The forest giant, writhing with pain, leaned in the other direction and her legs were hanging in the void. The girl heard howling werewolves, how their teeth are banging, and if she let go of her hands now, she will fall right in their mouth. Sonya tightly grasped the barrel and swung like a pendulum from side to side. A few efforts and she was able to catch her feet for a new tree.

While wolfhounds were tearing with fury the flesh of a poor green giant, a girl with a kitten slowly moved along the tops of trees further away from the evil strangers. She no longer felt how many trees she had to climb. The howl quietly fell silent until it turned into chirping of birds and the noise of leaves.

«Murzik, who were they?», A little caught her breath and calmed down, the girl asked.

«These are berserkers,» the kitten began his story, «once lived the great Angrim, the grandson of the octagonal Starkadra and the beautiful Alfilda. He was a terrible warrior for the enemies, because he possessed superhuman strength and many wished to be like him, but nobody succeeded. Once, after watching Angrim, a number of daredevils saw that he was clothing the skin of a dead bear, took a jug, drank from it, and then called something. And solved the secret of his bestial strength. While Angrim was fighting, the soldiers went into this cave, brought with them skins of wolves and drank from a jug. Then a strange creature appeared and said that they could become like Angrim and even more if they gave up their souls for a while, so that he would guard them while they were in wolfskins. The fools, distraught with the joy of an imminent superhuman strength, announced themselves to the demands of a stranger and in a moment turned into werewolves. And this, having taken possession of their souls, made them obedient and faithful to his dogs and they are now performing any team, how do you think whom? Of course Severus Snape, it was he who mastered the deception of their souls. Spontaneous thirst for battles and adventures, now their meaning of life. They are ideal in battle, and without war turn into outcasts, despised by all. Here they hang around the woods and follow the orders of Severus Snape. And he wants to lure people and tear their flesh. The vampire drinks blood by his order, than weakens the poor victims, berserkers gnaw bones and bring him, and he already makes a powder out of them and is his, which adds strength to him.

Murzik finished his sad story, about deceived warriors and the cunning of the evil Severus Snape. Sonya even felt sorry for these werewolves for a moment, but remembering their fangs, their crazy and evil eyes, bloodshot: she just shivered.

They sat on the tree and pondered the plan, how they could get to the lair of Severus Snape and capture his weakness. The road was not close, or rather they did not even know where to go and what lies ahead. Of course you could sit on a tree and shake until you relax and fall, but despite the fear and the horror that Sonya experienced, she was very anxious to help her mother. She needed this weakness of the evil sorcerer who wanted to drag her loved one. She imagined how to turn a mother into a vampire or worse, and a werewolf, and burst into tears. Long did not have to grieve, Murzik hurried it. The girl wiped her tears with the sleeve of her blouse and crawled over the kitten.

They came down from the tree. Sonia did not know where to go and looked at Murzik, relying on his scent. It seemed to her that the cats had the same excellent scent as dogs, and for sure Severus Snape somehow stank and he smells it. To her deep disappointment, Murzik did not possess this quality.

«We need to go in the opposite direction for the growth of moss in the trees, there will be a sorcerer’s den.»

{background:transparent;} {background:transparent;} h2(((((((((())))))))))={background:transparent;}. Part 4. The Lair Severus Snape

The road was not level: it was necessary to climb the slopes, then roll down from them, clinging to the branches. Several times she fell, could not resist and fell head over heels into a pile of last year’s foliage. There was a strong smell of wood and mushrooms.

Murzik increasingly began to sniff, wagging his tail. The girl did not understand why he does it, if it smelled the same everywhere: cold, damp and wood. But the kitten claimed that they are heading in the right direction.

Soon Sonya felt a strange smell. She remembered him. Once from the store my mother brought eggs and suddenly one broke, making a dark yellow blot on the floor. A sharp smell striking the nose, his eyes shed a few tears. It smelled just terrible, or rather stank. Mom said it was a spoiled egg. Apparently the same smelly blot was lying somewhere in the forest, the girl thought.

With each step their smell intensified and it became harder to breathe. Murzik said that it’s sulfur and it means they are heading in the right direction, because Severus Snape smells so. «Probably he does not bathe,» the girl thought, deciding that if she did not wash, she would surely stink like that.

Closing her nose with the sleeve of her blouse, she looked around. The trees were thinning, the foliage blushed more and more, either from the embarrassment of Severus Snape’s closeness, or from spite to him. But even this was, as the flowers say. Further on were lonely, tattered dark Lilliputians, as if charred guns.

The girl approached one of them and tried to stroke. The palm felt something roughen and warm. She looked at her hand, it was black and dirty, all in ashes. «Probably there was a fire,» thought Sonya. Murzik explained that all this is a trick Severus Snape, he smells of sulfur and spits fire and everyone in the district is deprived of life because of the incendiary hatred of others.

Sonia was scared, but she could not even think how awful she was waiting ahead. The trees already resembled rare sticks thrust into the ground, on top of which hung clay pots, like her grandmother in the village. Sonya stepped closer and a dim light illuminated her: she screamed and jumped back in terror. Instead of pots, the little girl saw human glimmers: in their sockets a dark emptiness gaped.

«Quieter Sonya,» murmured Murzik in an orderly tone, «these are the ones who were looking for the weakness of Severus Snape, but he outwitted them. If you scream, then we will be here.»

Sonya covered her mouth with the sleeve of her blouse and groaned soundlessly, fear locked her whole body.

She started tiptoing further. They walked quietly, more precisely, like a tattoo at night. Sdnya began to overcome strange thoughts: she really wanted to go back — home in a soft bed, take shelter and fall asleep. I really wanted to eat. «Aunt Glasha probably made a pilaf,» the girl spat into her saliva. And why she walks in this forest, Albus Dumbledore and so mother will cure and all the fairy tales about weakness are the doctors of the bad Veronica, she just wanted to get rid of Sonya. The girl looked at her hand, and she suddenly doubled up, and in a minute turned into one, and then again and then began to decrease, then increase.

«Try not to think or move from thought to thought,» as if from a meditative state her Murzik’s voice snatched out, «otherwise Severus Snape will inspire you, and then order you to kill yourself and your gun will hang on a stick.»

Sonia remembered this terrible picture and quickly began to think about different things: consciousness slowly began to get rid of the thoughts Severus Snape inspired.

The girl went on a confident step forward, she was ready to meet and fight with Severus Snape, but then again strange words began to come into her head in an incomprehensible language: «domine magisteristere lucifer then deum et principle angosco, et polycorb tibi sirvira et obedire kvandiu potaro vivere.» Sonia started mechanically in delirium, repeated unfamiliar words and then felt a terrible pain in her chest. She screamed. Murzik clawed at her claws and hissed: «Do not repeat these words, you sign a contract with the Devil, think about something else.»

Sonya shook her head and began to think about how she spent the summer, how she ran to the river, how many girls she would have at school, that would eat a cake and a bunch of other things not related to each other. The unfamiliar words were silent.

They moved on. In a dark glade, amid charred trees and black earth, she saw a three-headed monster. It was huge and its one head was bigger than the whole girl. Sonya took a step back for a moment, but discarded the fear and, gathering her will into a fist, went out into the clearing. In her eyes, there was a fire of courage and Fearlessness before the battle with the monster.

Suddenly Severus Snape turned into a dwarf: he became small, awkward with a huge nose. Sonia even laughed. The Lilliputian cried, covering his overgrown head with his little hands. Her hair was ruffled, her dark beard hanging down to the ground.

«Why did you come to kill me?» I’m not harming anyone, «cried the creature.

For a moment the girl even felt sorry for him, but remembering that he could take his mother to her and make her a vampire, she angrily said: «Where is your weakness!»

The imperative tone of the girl apparently affected the dwarfs, he shrugged his shoulders and began to cry more.

«Then you are my weakness, let me better fulfill any of your desires,» Severus snape flashed.

«Anyone?», The girl’s voice was filled with joy, and her eyes shone with the fire of desire.

«Whatever you want, just repeat for me domine magisteraster lucifer then deum et principle angosco…»

The creature suddenly screamed and fell silent. Sonya saw Murzik pounce on Severus Snape and bit his hand.

«Sonya do not dare, I forgot about the guns,» the kitten shouted.

She realized that this is all the cunning of the evil gnome and so he wants to lure her and destroy it.

«Give weakness or I’ll give you now,» the girl threatened with a stick.

He cried out and ran to hide under the roots of the old charred tree. Sonia did not immediately realize, but the quick kitten already grabbed him by the back pocket. Severus Snape screamed and swore. He hid in the depths of the tree and spewed curses. The girl was sad, she did not know how to get Severus Snape from there.

Murzik walked over to Sonya and spit out a small object. It was longitudinal and completely flat, at one end of which is attached a rope with a picturesque pattern of weaving.

«This is the weakness of Severus Snape. He kept it with him, «the kitten said in a tired voice and lost consciousness.

Sonia leaned over to Murzik and began to stroke him: intermittent breathing and occasional sighs indicated that he was alive. She took it in her arms, and Severus Snape’s weakness removed the blouses and went away.

She did not know where to go, what she was waiting for and whether she could get out of this mysterious forest. Her faithful companion, who helped on the road, is now unconscious and needs help himself.

Probably Sonia would have sat down before, pulling her legs to hers and burst into tears, but now she was sure that she could not solve the problem with tears and she had to go ahead.

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The girl barely moved her legs: fatigue overpowered the whole body, very much wanted to lie down and sleep, and crazy and hungry. The abdomen cursed, making different sounds.

She took out Severus Snape’s weakness, looked and removed the sweaters again; I thought that it would be safer, or that the treasure might drop out of it inadvertently. Murzik shouted «Hooray», he had already regained consciousness. Sonya looked up and saw that in front of them among the century-old trees with dense foliage there was a small clearing, which was sanctified by sunlight. There were many different colors.

A new burst of energy allowed Sonya, throwing a stick, to reach a stunning place. There was a smell of glorious aromas of forest berries. The girl sighed in full breast: for some reason her mother remembered the pies with stuffing, very tasty, already the saliva filled her mouth. She swallowed and heard the chirping of water. How thirsty. Sonia began to look around, to seek a source of salvation.

Literally a meter from her water sang from under a huge rock: it was cold and tasty. The girl put her hands, they filled with cool moisture, she brought it to her mouth and began to taste with great sips. Then I washed. At the heart instantly brightened. Sonya chose the place by land and sat under a stunted shrub whose thick foliage hid it from the scorching sun.

She looked around, enjoying the beauty in the circle and then from under the leaves noticed red spots. Sonya stood up. I went to the bushes. She picked up the leaves and, miracle, the wild strawberry. She knew the taste of her well, she had already rested with her grandmother many times: her house was close to the forest, only good, there people went about mushrooms and berries.

The girl collected sweet food in a hand and ate a handful. Pleasant aroma struck in the nose, the taste played in the language, ran down my throat and zaburchal in the stomach. Sonya did not know how many ate the berries, but apparently not a little. She was all in red flesh and went to the stream to wash again.

Suddenly Murzik stood in a pose, he swelled, his hair stood on end and he hissed. Sonya wanted to ask what had happened, but suddenly, from behind the trees, she saw the silhouette of a man. At first she thought it was a vampire, but an old man came to them. He was not tall, wearing a shabby dark green cloak, a pale-red earshot from beneath which were seen the kind, as she thought, eyes, overgrown with eyebrows. Mouth was not visible at all because of a large gray stubble and a beard.

«Hello — have arrived. And what are you doing here? Where are your parents?» the old man asked, leaning towards the girl.

Sonya was confused for a moment, she was ready to see anyone, even Severus Snape, and then a man.

«I. I’m walking here, and my parents went to the mushrooms and I went a little behind… but I’ll find them, «the girl was making up a lie as she went.

«The way is lost,» the stranger said mysteriously, «without worrying. I’m a local forester here and bring you to the people and find your parents.»

Sonya was happy, forgetting about everything in the world and she was not even alerted that it would be unknown where to go with an unfamiliar man. Murzik climbed on her shoulder and began to dissuade. The old man turned away, he apparently did not know that everyone in the forest could talk. While he was not looking at them, the kitten began to persuade the girl not to go with this supposedly forester and that his inner voice prompted — they would fall into a trap.

Sonia only waved her hand: how much time had passed, all the forest monsters came across, and here the living soul, and the good old man, that here is bad. The girl kindly agreed to go with the old man and as she was not persuaded by Murzik, she did not want to hear him either.

They walked along forest paths until they came upon a small house, squinting from time to time. The windows were small, the walls were covered with ivy, and the roof, all concave, was green on the sun, from the moss. Smoke came from the pipe, and from the open door smelled of borsch. The girl even licked her lips. As she wanted to borsch with sour cream and bread spread on thin layers of mustard.

«This is my lodge,» the forester turned to the travelers and smiled, «we are not going to find a way close. Let’s eat, get strength and continue.»

Sоnya did not hesitate for a moment, without fear, entered a room unfamiliar to her. Murzik hurried after her, looking around and waiting for the base. The last to enter the old man and shut the door.

«And then the heat will leave the hut,» he explained his actions. They found themselves in small and dark halls, in the right-hand corner of which there was light from the slightly opened door. They entered.

The house consisted of one room. At the entrance to the right the hanger was attached, on the left — the washbasin, which was hidden behind the curtain. Closer to the window stood a huge table and instead of chairs — beds, on which animal skins are scattered. On the table stood a Russian stove in beautiful multi-colored tiles, in the vest of which the fire was burning.

On the ledge stood a clay pot, from which smelled of borscht. It seemed to Sonya that she would choke on the saliva. The forester took out plates, poured borscht and put a savory portion of sour cream. Then he took bread and cut off a huge chunk of himself and the girls. From a can of a saucer, he poured milk and put it on the floor for Murzik. The cat purred and forgot about the danger immediately, began to lap the white slime.

Then the old man poured hot tea with bread. Sonia drank with joy, pouring dark boiling water into a saucer and blowing on it. The room was very hot, and the sweat on his face struck the tea.

«Take off your blouse, or you’ll get worn out,» said the forester and took off his cloak. Sonya obeyed him, went to the door and hung the blouse on the hook lower. Then she returned to the table.

«Ah, I’m aunt,» the old man began to clap his thighs, «I completely forgot. Be right back».

He walked slowly to the door, mumbling something to himself. Then, with a sharp movement, grabbed the girl’s blouse and jumped out into the porch.

Sonia did not even have time to recover, as if time had stopped. She looked at Murzik with a puzzled look, then suddenly recovered herself and rushed to the door. It was locked. Sonia beat her with her hands and feet, but everything is useless. «We are trapped,» the thought slipped and a firework shot of what could happen to them immediately surfaced.

There were voices on the street already. There were clearly a few people or monsters.

«Lured», the imperious voice is cold, but the chorus of the speakers interrupted loudly.

«Lured, lured Severus Snape. Here are born. Closed, «the forest ranger sang up his ingratiating voice.

«Well done. What shall we do with them?»

«Give them to us — werewolves, we will tear them to pieces.»

«They gave you already what? They escaped from you. What other suggestions are there?»

«Give them to me. I’ll drink their blood.»

«I already drank,» and the imperious voice burst out laughing, «then ran away from them so that I almost jumped out of the woods.»

«They just read the spells,» the creature, thirsting for their blood, said bitterly.

«I think so. We need to burn them, or it’s painfully agile. Set fire to the lodge, and then, what will remain of them, how to shish kebab.»

«Yes, yes, shish kebab», a joyful chorus of monsters was heard.

Outside the window was a bustle, monsters carried hay to the house and overlaid it from all sides. They set it on fire. The house flashed like a match. It was getting hot and stuffy. Smoke penetrated from all the cracks. Eyes began to water, and in the throat zapershilo. Sonia did not know what to do. Murzik jumped from side to side.

«Sonya help me move the table,» cried the cat. Girl оbeyed. She pressed her whole body against her feet and began to press on the table. He slowly, creaking and cursing began to move to the sunbeds. Sonia looked at the floor, there was a cellar, covered with boards. They went downstairs. It was dark. Sonia was fumbling around the walls and groping for her. They are slowly, the girl squatting, and the cat stooped slightly from the fright, began to crawl under the house. It seemed that there would be no end. The house creaked from behind and screamed, burning in a fire. On the streets were heard joyful exclamations requiring a shish kebab from a girl.

Ahead was a bright spot. «The way out,» thought the girl. They climbed out and it turned out that Sonya and the kitten stood behind the house and the forest monsters did not see their magical salvation, apparently they themselves did not know about this secret passage.

On the tree hung her blouse, in which in the pocket was hidden the weakness of Severus Snape. She squatted down, then lay down flat and slowly crawled to the tree. The girl hoped that the tall grass would hide it from the eyes of the monsters. Slowly, afraid of making a sound, she crawled to meet her mother’s rescue. Here is the tree. Sonya slowly got up and began to reach for the blouse, but she was tall and the girl could not get it. Without thinking for a long time, she grabbed the tree trunk with her hands and began flattery on him, moving like a caterpillar. Dry branches hurt her bows, scratching to the blood, her tears were flowing. The girl bit her lips, so as not to make a sound of pain.

It was more difficult to get down, but she did it too. She wanted to sink to the ground and begin to crawl back, as she unexpectedly stepped on dry brushwood. The branches cried treacherously under their feet. Sonya was afraid to turn around, it seemed to her that all the monsters were looking at her and would now rush.

She turned her head. No, they rejoiced that soon they will eat shish kebab as soon as the house burns down. The girl sank and crawled back. Murzik helped her to pull the blouse. She had already crawled away for a good distance. They got up and they decided to run away. Sonya took the weakness of Severus Snape out of her pocket and now decided that she would not let her out of her hands and give it to Albus Dumbledore.

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Sonya saw a subtle path, which had already begun to overgrow an even layer of grass. She lowered her eyes and wandered. This clearing was her guide. The road became more and more clear. The girl decided to rest, but then she was overtaken by a surge of strength: she saw behind the thick foliage of trees the outlines of the houses. Her jubilation was unlimited — she was able to get out of this mysterious forest.

The branches barked underfoot, and the space around grew lighter. It remains to make a couple of steps and it will already come out of the darkness, but then there was a growl. The Sailor stood before him and blocked the road with his malicious air. Sonya wanted to get around him, but the dog did not stop and tried to bite her and Murzik, only the evil dog was afraid to enter the forest.

Sonya waited a little, then with her left hand grabbed a stick and swung. Her movement was confident, probably like facial expressions. The dog did not expect such courage from the little girl: he tightened his tail, whined and ran away. She came into the world. In his left hand, continuing to hold the stick just in case, and the right one pressed Murzik to her and in the closed hand held the weakness of Severus Snape, which should save her mother.

Sonia was already at the house. She stopped and turned to look at the forest. In the rays of the morning sun, still dark tops of trees, began to pour light spots from dark red to pale yellow. For some reason she remembered the story about the island of the lost ships, which her mother read to her. She thought, probably similar felt and Vivian Gatling, when she looked after the burning island, sailing on the «Caller»1.

The girl climbed on foot to the fifth floor and tried to open the door of her aunt Glasha, which she left ajar. The door did not respond. She tried again: to no avail. Sonia decided to reach for the bell with a stick, but then a door opened and a neighbor ran out. Aunt Glasha fell to her knees and embraced the girl.

«Where were you?» A neighbor tried to say through tears. She pressed Sonya more and more to her, frightening her with suffocation.

«I was looking for weakness Severus Snape,» the girl said and Murzik hid in confirmation.

«What Severus Snape?»

«His weakness will help save his mother.»

«Dr. Albus Dumbledore called. He said that you can come to visit your mother, «said the neighbor, wiping her tears.

They went into the apartment and Aunt Glasha helped Sonya change. The girl tightly clasped Severus Snape’s weakness in her hand to pass it to Dr. Aibolit. Then they went to the kitchen, where Veronica was already waiting for them near the tasty pies and hot tea. The girl was very hungry and ate deliciously without chewing, so swallowing and washing down with hot tea, which burned the tongue and the sky.

Sonya was very hungry, but she did not let go of Severus Snape’s weakness. After she ate, the girl fed Murzik, who huddled on her lap and begged for food.

They sat in a taxi and drove up to a huge building, next to which were the same stone giants. They went down to the basement of one building. Aunt Glasha went to the window and explained something to her aunt, who gave her some paper. They undressed and went to the turnstile. The way to them was blocked by a healthy uncle. The neighbor handed him a piece of paper on which the aunt’s password was written from the window and the giant missed them. They walked along a poorly consecrated tunnel, the walls of which were given a dark brown color, and pipes hung on the ceiling instead of white lime.

Then they turned around the corner and found themselves in a small vestibule, the color of the walls of which was lighter on tone. There was a steep staircase rising up and they were already there in a spacious hall with white walls. There were a lot of people, but mostly in white coats. Mom told her about such a kingdom Albus Dumbledore, where his assistants go in white coats and help people. Sonia felt confident and protected.

They climbed the elevator to several floors and found themselves in an orange-colored corridor. Sonya even went saliva, she really wanted to, this fruit she loved.

«Sonya do not fall behind,» Aunt Glasha’s voice tore her from dreams. She ran after her. The neighbor opened one of the doors and the girl saw Mom. She ran to her bed, but did not dare to hug: it hurt a lot of wires wrapped around her hands, and even her mother’s nose and mouth. She did not recognize her at first, then drew attention to the familiar features and she very much wanted to touch her mother. She came closer and put her head on her feet.

«Sonya,» came a weak, but painfully familiar voice. The girl looked up and saw the mother’s face, which tried to smile.

The door squeaked and Sonya saw Dr. Albus Dumbledore enter. She immediately recognized him: his grandfather with a gray beard and the same color of hair on his head. His eyes were hidden behind thick eyepieces of glasses. He was short and in a white coat.

«This is who we came here to visit,» Dr. Albus Dumbledore turned to Sonia, leaning slightly and grinning. Sonia ran to the doctor and held out her hand. She opened her hand and gave the contents to the doctor.

«This is the weakness of Severus Snape, it will help you fight with him and cure your mother,» the girl said in her ear to the old man, quietly, as if sharing a secret, but her voice was loud and echoed her secret around the room.

«It’s good,» the doctor said and laughed. Aunt Glasha laughed too, and even my mother could not restrain herself, although it could be seen from her that it hurt her. Sonya did not know what the adults were laughing at, but it was so contagious that she could not restrain herself and giggled too.

«Well darling, the tests are already good, so now it will be easy to fight with Severus Snape. Soon you will go home. «The doctor could not restrain himself and laughed again to tears.

The neighbor, who was sitting on a chair, sprinkled with laughter, almost fell in her Homeric laughter. Mom was smiling, she was definitely glad and a quick return home and daughter.

Aunt Glasha did not talk to Sonya about her recent disappearance to her, so as not to upset her. For Sony, the main thing was to give Albus Dumbledore the weakness of Severus Snape, which will help her mother and she will soon recover, but her adventures in the forest — this she will later say, somehow.

Aunt Glasha was in a very good mood and constantly smiling. She was secretive about something with the doctor, and then came joyful. On the way home they went to the cafeteria and a neighbor bought her some balls of chocolate filling. Sonya savored ice cream, washed down with a sweet lemonade. She was proud of her courage and bravery of her cat and most importantly, that she was a little girl who could defeat Severus Snape and bring his weakness to Dr. Albus Dumbledore.

«Aunt Glasha, will you teach me how to be a cook while my mother looks at the doctor?» She will come, and I’ll set the table. She will be delighted, «the girl said, piercing her neighbor’s gaze.

«Of course. Now we will come home and learn how to make pancakes. Do you like pancakes?»

Sonia seemed to be a strange neighbor’s question. What child does not like pancakes, and even with sour cream or jam, or rather with condensed milk.

{background:transparent;} p{background:transparent;}. [1] The island of the lost ships. A. Belyaev

Weakness of the villain

The book will be interesting to both children and adults. The amazing story of a girl who, for the sake of saving her mother, must overcome her fears and jump into the abyss of uncertainty. The dark forest has many mysteries, everyone is avoided, there live monsters and there is also a path to salvation. What villains will meet her on the way and how everything will end, you will learn by reading an adult fairy tale for children.

  • ISBN: 9781370541515
  • Author: Vasiliy Vitalius
  • Published: 2017-04-24 22:50:16
  • Words: 8775
Weakness of the villain Weakness of the villain