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We Are Not Vampires


We Are Not Vampires


By David Jensen


Copyright 2017 by David Jensen


Shakespir Edition


Shakespir Edition License Notes

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This novel is a work of fiction. Names and characters are the product of the author’s imagination and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Chapter One


One of the hunters had come back and reported to us and also to the collective community mind that he was seen by a group of young teenagers, and that they had tried to film him with their cell phones as he was anesthetizing his prey. The second commander was always one to worry about the littlest of things. “So what if they had filmed him! What they will see when they look at the video is nothing but a half blurry image of some person with the rest of the surroundings in high definition.” I had said. “And even if someone believes their story, they will have no proof to confirm it! So don’t worry, let mankind start his theory about vampires anew. It’ll give them something to occupy their primitive brains for a while instead of killing each other over nothing important!”

I am the leader and also more ancient than the rest of my crew. Mankind’s theory about us goes back hundreds of years, and thanks in part to one of them writing a story about Vlad Draculea and his ruthless rule in the 1400’s, we’ve been branded as vampires who drink mankind’s blood, sleep in coffins, and die in the rays of the sunlight. Let them keep on believing what they want about us, for the most of us find it rather amusing! Their mythos about Bigfoot though is so very true, for they were our workers, and for a few of the lower class crew, a pet and a friend.

By the middle of the 1400’s though, we have been stranded on this planet for over two thousand years, and have only rarely been feeding on humans. That is part of the fallacy in the story from Bram Stoker, for when we can avoid it, we really don’t prefer human meat. In all seriousness, it just don’t taste good regardless how it is prepared, and that’s why we prefer to consummate the very same meat products as humans do. We can get by with very little sustenance, as compared to humans who figuratively starve if they do not eat daily. And as far as the killer rays of the sun are concerned, well they are a little too strong for our skin, but only if we stay outside for a few hours in the sunshine. We acquire a burning of our scales akin to humans who become sunburn, and it is only because we come from a planet whose star is red and not as young as this star is. When we first heard of Stokers story, the second had went to Walachia to see if this Vlad was another of our kind who had also became stranded here. He walked throughout the village and after tapping into the information he needed from the barbaric minds of the villagers, went and procured a copy for us. The counsel sat around as the second (who was at the time the most proficient at deciphering what we consider a real primitive form of communication) enciphered it for us, one chapter a day. For us it was fun entertainment and there was lots of hand knocking (our form of laughing) on the floating quartz platform we had constructed to imitate a table. When one lives as long as we can do, and being stranded on this planet as we were with nothing to do anymore, then even Bram’s story was an interesting diversion of the daily boredom. The only really interesting time is when one or many of us have departed (died in your terminology).

We keep our population at the exact same number as when we arrived, or crashed as you humans would say. And we have lost many over the millenniums. The most of us have departed due to this planet and it’s ever changing surface structure. When an earthquake happens and you are devastated because many of your own kind have departed, then most times there where some of us also caught up in the earthquake. We make underground tunnels and regardless of how good our specialist try to stabilize the structural walls, when the forces of your planet move the plates constantly around, we also suffer losses. We have had a few of us who did literally go up in flames like the mythos from Stoker, but it was fate that they got trapped somehow in some building which caught on fire, not the sunshine of your star! Due to our advanced communication, we know when one or many depart from us, for we are one collective mind in our community when we wish it to be. As in when we depart, we attempt to say farewell to the others and congratulate them in advance on a new brooding. To keep the continuity of our species at the same number, which is also well thought out by the counsel in case they would send another rescue ship for us, we are only allowed to brood our eggs when our numbers have diminished. To brood the eggs is something which is normal on our home planet but a very special occasion for us castaways here on this one!


Chapter Two


When our journey had brought us here to check up on this species, we had found that the Sermiths had played around with their DNA a long time ago, and ergo mankind made a quantum spring in its evolution. The Sermiths are a species which likes to tamper with another civilizations DNA, making small changes here and there just for the fun of it, for it is normally not necessary. So when we parked in orbit and seen that mankind had evolved from sticks and stones to the point that they were traversing the planets great water masses in primitively built ships, and the square pointed landing platforms in the desert region you would call Egypt, and other places around the planet, we decided to land and collect specimens to see if a reversal was possible.

So slowly we glided into the atmosphere, but the Sermiths had placed the pyramids so as to make a collective shield, and although slow by your standards, we flew straight into a trap as the pyramids energized and collectively fired on our ship. Our shields could withstand meteor strikes in space but the Sermiths firepower had totally decimated our drive systems. We managed to land in the liquid waters where you call Bermuda, and as our ship sank ever so slowly, we managed to get some of the equipment onto land with the rescue shuttle, and then it went underwater. The cold fusion reactor would run for another ten thousand years and the only thing it would be powering from now on is the microwave distress signal it sent out into space. The reactor goes through cycles and during the high cycles sometimes your boats or aircraft got caught up in the continuum waves, but we could do nothing to either shut it down or to stop the cyclic power, for then the signal would stop, and we would be counted as departed during duty on our ship.

We had made a sort of camp on an island and the counsel was discussing the next step when a collective communication had come that our workers were leaving us to ourselves. We tried to reason with our workers but they were no longer dependant on us for sustenance. There was more than enough for them to hunt down for food and they were tired of being suppressed. It was very hard for us at first to adjust to the fact that we now had to do the hard labor. But we had decided to travel in the shuttle to an area near one of the Sermiths landing platforms. When the last person, which was me as the leader, arrived with the rest of what we had been able to save from the sinking ship, the shuttles reactor was nearly spent. We started to dig our tunnels and did the job our workers should have been doing, dragging the shuttle underground for its final resting spot. A short distance distress signal was sent out every week to accompany the mother ships signal. We knew that it would take a long time before any form of rescue would come, but we had placed ourselves so that if another Sermith ship came then we would try to plead rescue from them.

One time over two thousand years ago, one of us became wounded and could not return on its own. His collective communication told of him discovering a Sermith who was reviving a dead human. The human had been tortured and then hung up on a cross to die, but Sermiths love to play with life as I already said, and when he got caught by our crew man, the Sermith seriously injured him and left him to suffer his fate in the sunshine. And then the Sermith left in his scout ship.

Then one day in June of 1908, our long time of waiting had paid off in the end, for a rescue ship contacted us through the collective communication and had said that it was already entering the atmosphere and heading toward the position of where the shuttle was buried. We had tried to warn them of the Sermiths weapons, but it was already too late. We caught glimpses of thoughts as one drive system after the other was destroyed, and with it the farewells of those who were still able to before departing. The rescue ship crashed in what is now known as Tunguska, and the cold fusion reactor had literally obliterated the ship into nano particles. So there was no rescue and no equipment worth looking for when we had visited the site.

So we lived on throughout the years and always had hope that by chance a ship or trader would receive our signal. We had avoided contact with the human race for they are cruel and still kill one another over matters that could have been avoided with discussion. To have made contact would eventually mean our imprisonment as we have seen throughout the millennium. The counsel had decided that our technology should not fall into their hands to be used against its own species, and us. Their technological advancement in the last seventy years is due to a crashed Sermith craft. Reading minds of humans at a distance is hard, but can be done, and we also heard the Sermith begging for his life in exchange for the technology he could show them. The Sermith realized that one of us must be nearby and reading his and the others minds, and had the thought that he should show the humans where we had our camp in Europe, when one of the humans shot him with electricity, which caused his departure. As it would have been against the inter-planetary ethics, and the Sermiths are anyways operating here on unethical terms, like destroying our ships, killing one of our crew, and tampering with this civilizations DNA, the counsel agreed in private that the Sermith had deserved to depart.

Although the Sermith had departed, the humans still had the ship which was almost totally intact. The latest breakthrough in modern technology for humans comes from that ship, and now the majority of humans have hand held assistants, or cell phones as humans say. Our kind watched as the humans attempted to get the reactor of the ship going, and the scientist were impressive in that they could have had it running, if only they had the correct fuel, which fortunately is not existent on this planet. This species is not ready to take a place in space, for they love to kill, anything or anyone, anytime.

So now, after the major earthquake, lots of our tunnels and all of the other entrances were lost. Many of us had departed and we started to brood again. But our losses were so many that all agreed to work to get tunnels dug and new entrances finished. And that their eggs would be brooded by the second in command and I.


Chapter Three


The humans had filmed where our man had entered the tunnel, whereby he had notified the authorities. They must have taken it to heart that someone was going into the canalization and had inspected. Then they had killed one of us and we had no idea it had happened, for it must have went so fast that he couldn’t warn us. By the time we realized he was missing, they had already brought many soldiers with bright lights into the tunnel and although our kind is very agile and lots faster than humans, we only kill to eat and not for defense. The second and I heard so many departures and well wishes that the brood shall survive, but our place is here to protect the eggs with our lives, and not to help those who are departing.

The second flashed me an image that we should put an imaginary wall at the entrance to the nest, and before it would have worked, but not anymore. They didn’t trust their eyes alone, for the flashing moving lights played tricks on the eyes, but they had a camera for warmth, and an imaginary wall is anything but the same temperature as the rest of the tunnel system.

When they walked into the nest, all stopped and stared, them and us. And a funny thing happened, for apparently my second had started to adapt to this species and its quirky cultures, and the leader would have said that he was laughing in their face as the second literally blasted them with telepathy; “And throughout the eons, you all thought that we were your blood sucking, coffin sleeping non-dead Vampires. You will never reach our level of intelligence, and hopefully you never make it off of your planet!”

Me, I simply hissed and sent them a mental warning not to harm the eggs, which was my mistake. The first one in line with all of the shiny brass on his shirt ordered fire on the eggs. They started to fire their weapons of destruction, and the unborn eggs exploded under and around the two. I stated that we kill for sustenance only and not for defense, but when the soldiers started to kill the brood, the second and I attacked with the fury only a brooding one can muster. In the cavern it became a literal abattoir as the eggs exploded and soldiers fell like trees in a hurricane, and suddenly my second bade me farewell and strength. And then I fell, and expecting to depart, I bade farewell to any who could maybe hear it, but all I heard was silence in my mind.

It has been some time now since that time in the nest and I cannot escape this room where I am kept. They come and try to film me and I throw up a shield every time so as to make it blurry, but I am ancient and weak, for I have not taken sustenance since before the brooding. I communicate with only one of this species which come around, for he is not like the rest of them; he has only good in his heart. And because of his goodness, I am trying to teach him the way of telepathy, so we can communicate even when he is in his tunnel where he resides. He has no mate like the others of his species, for he prefers the same as he is, which also makes him like us.

I hope to be able to show him the way for I know it will not be long and I will depart, for I am the last of our species here on this planet, imprisoned. My last wish is to also be able to wish farewell to someone.

At least they will not become our technology, as with the Sermiths!




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We Are Not Vampires

What if the illusion that we have about Vampires is truly a figment of our imagination, but in reality there are others here, castaways from a different planet who are similar? A flash story to enjoy during break time.

  • ISBN: 9781370729708
  • Author: David Jensen
  • Published: 2017-01-29 19:05:10
  • Words: 2861
We Are Not Vampires We Are Not Vampires