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Become a Hero



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I take this opportunity to thank and congratulate you for downloading this book “We Are Heroes: Become a Hero!”

Do you have a hero? Do you have anyone you look up to in one aspect of your life, several aspects of your life, or maybe someone you look to for guidance and inspiration for all aspects of your life, because they are exactly like the person you want to be?

I believe that all of us have heroes that we look up to, whether we are open about it or keep it to ourselves.

Sometimes we look at our heroes the way we look at the stars in our vast universe, so big, so powerful, so distant and magnificent, aren’t they?

The thing we sometimes miss is that our heroes were once regarded as ordinary people with big dreams just like us, they went through struggles, ups and downs, and they all had their journey just like you do.

The mission of VS Heroes is to put two heroes side by side, and show you how alike their mindsets, beliefs towards success, and their work ethics are. As well as how different their preferences are, these people may have come from completely different family backgrounds and they have had different childhoods.

Some of our heroes were raised in poverty, others were brought up in the higher class. Life and success really is not about the things outside, but what is inside, the will to succeed, the passion to keep us going, the internal drive. Napoleon Hill called it the “Burning Desire” he also said that “whatever the mind can conceive, and believe the mind can and will achieve.” Stephen Hawking created the world’s most controversial theory of every with nothing more than his mind, and one single muscle in his face that he can twitch to talk to his computer.

All of the men and women in VS Heroes started as ordinary people and become legend, in effort to create short reads to take you away from your life for a short amount of time and show you that these people we look up to may feel far away, but that they’re intact just like you, they wanted something and then they went after that.

I would like to thank you once again for downloading this book. I hope you enjoy!


Think Less do more 13

Life as a Game 15

Chapter 5: You VS the world 16

Love VS Fear 16

Faith in your Theory 17

VS Heroes 18

Conclusion 19


Chapter 1: I’d Love to Change the World


Moving the Human Race Forward

Some people set out to change the world, to move the human race forward, simply existing isn’t enough for them. All of the people in VS Heroes whether they were driven to change the world or just to get better and do better, they did, they changed everything. To put it simply everything big is a combination of everything small, in any profession whether art, science, engineering, medical, entrepreneurship or any other profession it’s about the little things. The daily grind, every day you put in more work, you strengthen your skills, you strengthen your will, and you gain power. As the days go by as you do more and become more, you will realize that you’re just like the heroes you look up to, overnight success happens 10 years after you start working on your dream. One dream, one big dream can be broken down into millions of daily tasks and thousands of goals to be achieved. Your ego may very quickly fall in love with who you think you are, love can consume you and then destroy you, if you don’t pay attention to it. You are ____ and you love that idea, that’s where you hold your ego and where you think your life is meant to go. Learn to love the daily goals, make goals that you know, that if you dedicated yourself to them that they are achievable, in the time period you set out for them! Build a relationship with yourself that, you do what you set out to do overtime, and gradually make bigger goals and greater leaps. Your brain remembers every time you accomplish a goal and every time you give up, you are either gaining power or giving your power away. To be able to do something so big that it changes the world forever, we have to first change ourselves forever, and do it on a daily basis. Be who you set out to be one day at a time, do what you set out to do one goal at a time and never over commit!

Stop Talking and Start Doing

A lot of people say that they want to start their own company, or be their own boss. The sad thing is, that most people don’t even believe their own words as they come out of their mouths. It’s pretty bad that some people think that all you need to do to become your own boss is to get sold into an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing).

If you want to be a model you need to look really pretty and be tall, if you want to be and actor you need to be friendly and be really good at faking reality, and be a drama queen, if you want to be in sports have good genetics basically be black, if you want to be a bodybuilder take steroids, if you want to be a philosopher be born smart…

I could keep going on telling you a bunch of BS shallow lies but the truth is you can do whatever you set out to do, but nothing is easy there are no shortcuts to success, don’t go into an industry because people say it’s easy to make money quickly, or the market is good right now because what will inevitably happen is you will give up, because you’re sane.

If you want to do something act at once or forever wonder what could have been, but for God sakes don’t be that guy that always talks about what he’s going to do but never even takes the first step towards it, just jump in the pool even if it’s cold, your body will adjust…

Form Your Own Thoughts

Most people are raised a certain way and taught certain things by their parents, by their peers, and by society.

Blacks and whites can’t get along, to be gay is sinful and it says that some place in the bible, men must do everything for women. Arabians are going to kill us all, if you live together before you marry your awful. Transsexuals, OMG this is the end of the world. Justin Bieber is gay, rich people are evil, I could keep going on for a very long time I hear it every day.

The truth is, people are people. You should have an open mind about everything. In order to know yourself you need to really get down to the core of what you believe, what your core values are and test those core values.

In a sense, you are either one of the people that influences and changes the world, or one of the people that the world influences or changes. Once you have formed your own thoughts and you have very strong beliefs that may be different, but they actually come from your own brain and heart, a lot of people won’t like you and some may want to kill you. This is a great indication that you are beginning to become YOU!

The people that lead the world and change the world know themselves better than 99% of people know themselves. This gives them the confidence to do whatever they set out to do. Once you develop your own thoughts, and come to your own conclusions, your relationship with your beliefs and values will eventually become strong enough to affect the world.

Get rid of limiting beliefs and shallow values and morals, and begin a relationship with powerful beliefs, the power to change your life, and the power to change everything.

Chapter 2: Wake Up Call

Open Your Eyes

[There were two young fish swimming through the ocean wondering what to do today. An old fish swims by them and says “Hey guys how’s the water today?” What the fuck is water?
“Dafuq is this water you speak of?” the young fish ask themselves as they are swimming away from the old fish.]

It’s easy to stroll through life with low sense of awareness because we all get into a set routine and we don’t notice things anymore. Getting yourself into a routine is not at all a bad thing, however in some instances we are no longer experiencing any real life. By this I mean: our body, our motor skills, our tasks, our everything, is all on autopilot. You may be walking or driving to work, but you’re not really doing that your subconscious mind may be controlling your body, but you’re conscious mind is in a seemingly dark room thinking about your mortgage payment next week, your asshole co-worker being an inhumane dickhead, and your mother in law wants to have dinner tonight at a restaurant where you cannot afford to pay for the both of you, your best friend and your ex-lover just asked you to come to their wedding, and OMG, now I have to work all day just so I can pay my bills to go to work, so that I can pay my bills and go to work. Does your life suck? Your life can never truly suck because your life sucking is only a perception created from you, born from a compilation of thoughts that were conceived and given meaning by none other than you… Next time you go to work look at the sky think about the fresh air, genuinely compliment more than one person as you pass them by, listen to music and sing a little or a lot, check out the scenery and see the water, you young fish.

The Weekend

Society has taught us to work hard all week and take the weekend to do whatever. For anyone looking to get ahead in life, get out of the rat race. This can be a bit of a problematic situation. We get it. You have worked your butt off 8-12 hour days every day and now you deserve to do whatever the hell you want to do before work starts back again. The toxicity of the belief is that it will never give you the mindset to move forward, however this mindset trains you be alive during the weekend and dead throughout the week. It’s the weekend! Time to go out to eat with your friends, have a beer, be alive and talk about your dickhead co-worker, talk about the big vacation your planning on having in a couple months, talk about what you want to do with your life. The problem is this: you’re like a light that is dimmed to its lowest setting during the week. Your power is very limited, and you’re spending the one thing you can’t get back (time) doing things to get you by just so you can keep doing them. Once the weekend arrives you have a little bit of freedom to brighten your light a little, but your light is still very dim. When that big vacation finally comes for that couple of days to, maybe even a week, you are alive. Your light is bright, you see everything, feel everything, you can breathe, and this is hyper life. Once work comes back around you are almost sick to your stomach, time to get back to life. Here comes the famous quote that pisses me off so much…“its life .” Well I have news for you, it doesn’t have to be. Whatever you want to do take the spare time you have and budget it like a financial adviser would budget your money, make every moment count. If you don’t want to be stuck in a circle all your life you must take your weekends back only use your surplus of time to bring yourself and your close circle nearer to your goals and dreams. You’re only fully alive maybe 5% of your year, ask yourself what it would take for you to be alive 25% of the time, 50% of the time, 75% of the time, and 100% of the time. When you're swimming in the water, when you're surrounded by passion, you wake up and say “thank God it’s Monday!” while the rest of the world is going back into autopilot. I have news for you autopilots: You will eventually be replaced by sophisticated robots. Choose to be alive, choose to feel everything all of the time, choose to break free!

Get Risky

I think you know what I am about to say, I’m going to start by saying this, “Get the fuck out of your little comfort zone, easy place, whatever you call it.” I am not saying you should put everything on the line, however if you have something you want to do whatever it is take a chance and go after it right now. Once you get started make sure that you don’t dabble, but that you commit to it. Dabblers and talkers are both people you don’t want to be, because nobody is going to ever take you seriously including yourself. I am not telling you to up and move to another country and spend all of your money on a startup company that you’re not ready to move into just yet. What I am saying is make a small investment of your time, of your money, take online courses, take a college course, write down your ideas and google how to bring them to life, get a mentor, and get serious about it. This is called taking calculated risk, which means you already know that the reward, or the progress far outweighs the risk your taking just like an intelligent startup angel investor would do. Put yourself out there meet people, collaborate with people, LinkedIn is great for this! Taking risks will make you start to feel alive more often your light will glow brighter, and you will really start to understand that your you want to do isn’t so far away, take the plunge, surprise yourself, WAKE UP!!!

Chapter 3: We Are Heroes


I Am that I Am

We, from the time that we are born up to the time we get old are constantly trying to make sense of life. What is life? Why am I here? Who put me here? Why did they put me here? Tell me, just tell me I need to know, I can’t go on living if I don’t know why I am here! We all suffer from exogenous forces like society telling us who we’re supposed to be, what to dream of, how to live our lives, who to love, who to fear. Society is a lie, society is nothing more than the equivalent of radio waves coming in the form of repetitive messages from the news, from your friends, from everyone all on the same radio frequency, the issue here is they don’t even know why they are who they are just that, that’s how they turned out to be. So basically your subconscious, which is the part of your brain that controls every bodily function and keeps your heart beating every second, has been gathering information from exogenous and endogenous influences since you were a little baby. Since your reading this know that you can choose what info to marry, what info to reject, and what info to ponder. America is one of the most overweight countries in the world why? Because we eat too much, we eat too many processed foods, and we don’t eat enough nutrient dense foods to regulate our bodies properly. If you can understand that you should be able to understand, most of the population has an information consumption diet problem. Your thoughts affect you just like your food does, the scary thing is your thoughts much more quickly become you. We can only have so many beliefs without contradicting one another mentally, have too many beliefs and a little voice in your head will start arguing with you, you can only make so many decisions in a day before you burn out the decision making part of your brain so choose to spend most of your decisions on things that will actually have an effect on your life, do that and you will make better choices. You are who you think you are which is a combination of everything you have ever thought, you can change who you are in seconds just by changing what you think about most of the time, there by changing you.

Be an Open Person

Maybe you’re thinking I am this, or I am that, but let me be honest with you, you’re a lot more than that. Don’t base your existence on any one thing because you don’t want to put yourself in the situation where you trick yourself into believing that’s actually all you are and become suicidal and kill yourself because you lost your identity. Don’t focus on trying to give yourself or your life meaning by naming things and marrying them. Just so you know you’re only marrying words that represent where your ego is located, it is very tragic for people to kill themselves because they feel they have lost something bigger than they can bare. What you should focus on is getting to know yourself on a much deeper level, because eventually if you know yourself well enough you will find what makes you fulfilled and happy, and you will figure out a way to go after it. Be open to learn new things, be open to pick up new beliefs, be open to grow. Closed people can only go so far, we get it you have been hurt over and over, you have lost people, pursued your passions and fallen on your face, there were times it seemed like God/the Creator came down and smacked you in the face and then held you on the ground. No Matter what happens don’t give up, don’t close yourself, don’t back into the corner, and keep moving you have the power to break free. Be open to change, with change comes growth, just because you came up with an idea doesn’t mean someone else can’t help you make it better, just because you believe something doesn’t mean it’s going to move you forward, just because you are does not mean you always will be. Question everything you know, because you should, because you want to know who you are, and who you will be!

We are Hero’s Hero- A person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life. Someone can only become a hero once they find a purpose, make sacrifices, take risks and be brave, and help others. Don’t think of a hero as a word that gives someone political or divine power over another, however as someone who has done what it takes to be fulfilled and thereby inspire others to move towards fulfillment. Most people that are noted to be heroes have given their entire existence to their passion, they weren’t selfish with their time, and they gave it all to things that were vital and necessary that they do. To not find your purpose, to not even look for it would be selfish, and a waste of energy, you would literally be killing time like a demon kills people just for no reason at all just to kill it. It is necessary and vital to your life, and to the world that you find your purpose, find your passion and pursue it. We are all heroes, we all have power beyond measure, and we all have the power to change the world. What is this thing called existence? Unfortunately we can’t really fully answer that. “Existence is relationship and you are smack in the middle of it” Alan Watts. You have a choice, there is always a choice, choose to be a Hero.

Chapter 4: Let Go

Work VS Play

In our culture we have been taught to work hard so that we will have sufficient money, and time to participate in the activities we call play, or fun. It’s time to go to work, we are adults it’s time to be serious, do our job! We regard work and play as two separate entities on opposite ends of the spectrum. Let me say this as blatantly as possible, this is shit, you are doing it wrong. Don’t take work so seriously it’s just a game. Most of us you see are actually atrophying away our happiness with our relationship to most of our time. A lot of people regard sports to be the baby of the economy, everybody loves sports, and everyone cherishes sports, some people love their favorite sports team more then they love their kids. Why did I call sports the baby of the economy? If you take a look at babies, they can’t take anything seriously, they don’t yet have moral beliefs, and they can’t differentiate what is important from what is supposedly not. To a baby it’s important to look at the beautiful sky, listen to the birds chirp, make pointless noises, make faces, to a baby everything is beautiful, and everything is new and wonderful. Babies are not able to think things over, or stay in their heads, they are always outside of their heads because they haven’t developed the ability to think about things yet. Little babies are in a constant meditative state, so their state of vibrational awareness is much higher than that of an adult, the light of a baby shines so bright you can feel it in your heart from across the room. How do babies and sports correlate to work? Many regard sports as a non-economically growth stimulating activity, there has always been and will always will be people that don’t believe athletes lead a purpose driven life, this portion of the population believes that athletes don’t deserve to the recognition they receive, and that they don’t deserve to make the amount of money they receive. Trust me when I say this, there was a time over 1,000 years ago where sports were more important than anything, that has only trickled down and kept its necessary place in society. The Olympics started in 776 BC, Marathon running came to be in 490 BC, Soccer 1424, Tennis become popularized in 1530, Baseball 1774, Golf also 1774, Wrestling 1830, Hockey 1893, 1920- The American Professional Football Association is formed in Canton, Ohio. These are the sports that made it into modern society, sports probably originated not long after the human race began, work was invented hundreds or possibly even thousands of years after sports. So here it is the connection to work and sports get excited. When you’re participating in something that is not work your body feels different, your mind feels different, the world looks different to you and for many of us our only pleasure is the buildup of time until we can walk out that door. The interesting thing is that even people with physically easy jobs tend to get off work with no energy, feeling tired, feeling burnt out, and feeling lethargically jolted. Why is it that a labor worker physical/mental can work 8 hours and be half dead, and someone can play sports for 12 hours and feel completely alive, that doesn’t really add up. Well it’s simply this when you regard your entire day in which you spend most of your time doing the things that make you money, you look at it as work, and you look at work as a signal to turn yourself to mush and crawl through the day with stress and discomfort. The second you can regard your work as a sport, a dance, or an art, well you’re not going to be tired out at the end of the day. Changing your relationship with work will change literally everything for you. Stop making a distinction between work and play, don’t think for a second that you need to be serious, everything is play. There is an art to everything, a musical rhythm to everything, a sport in everything, you just have to find it. Those things that don’t seem like they contribute to society actually created it.

Think Less do more

We would all like to have a certain level of control in our lives, we want to influence our peers, our kids, our friends, our coworkers, our classmates to do what we want them to do whether we realize we are doing so or not. The CEO of a company that watches over every one of his employees, telling every person exactly how he wants them to do their tasks is not going to have his company very long. It seems we are always thinking of what we can do, what we should do, what we want to do, and also what others should do. This is called being in your head, coming out of your head would be actually making a decision and acting, and trusting others to carry out their tasks as well. We were taught to think before we act, think before we speak, and that can be helpful for some instances, you don’t want to tell your mother in-law that she is a bitch, and your boss that he is a dickhead that doesn’t deserve his position, your best friend that her BF is cheating on her, your son that your baby brother just died. You were taught this to help you become more human, more compassionate, more of a complete person. The problem is that we have taken things too far, we can’t do anything anymore without thinking it over for a nice amount of time first. Most of the time we don’t even do most of the things we are looking to get done because we think ourselves out of it. We have no idea when decisions are going to pop up, decisions pop up like salesman pop up outside your door, you have no power on which company is going to send salesman to sale product to your neighborhood We tend to get a great deal of anxiety when making decisions. Did I think this information over for long enough, did I adequately process in my mind all of the possibilities of each choice of my decision, “did I take enough data into consideration, and if you think it through you find you never could take enough data into consideration the data for a decision in any given situation is infinite”. So here is what you do, you play it out in your head, you think it through, you discount double check it just like state farm, then when the perfect time comes to act you make a swift decision. Worriers are people who think of what might happen, once they finally act very little of the action has to do with their conscious control. Most of the time if you were to make a decision without thinking about it you would still make the exact same decision that you would have made without stressing yourself out and spending your time pondering your decision. If you would just think a little less and do a little more, you would be twice as efficient, much more confident, just as effective if not more, and you would have more energy and creativity to spend on things of higher leverage/meaning. The CEO that hires the right people for the right jobs, delegates the tasks to them that need to be done and trusts that they are able and willing to do them, is the CEO that will build a successful company. The mother that tells her daughter to do something and then trusts her do to do it is a good mother, the person that trusts that their friends are there for them will always have friends. Stop thinking and start doing, don’t think about the life you want create it.

Life as a Game

Game- a form of play or sport, especially a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck. Life- the animate existence or period of animate existence of an individual. If a game is a form or play, and life is a form of existence, and in order to be fully alive and awake most of what you do needs to be regarded in a positive manner, then life being regarded as a game is adequate. Playing games literally teaches everything in this chapter, when you’re playing a game your moving towards goals, making decisions swiftly, you’re in a state of positive play, as opposed to a state of negative work. You’re not taking yourself too seriously, everything in this book as meant to give you hints of how you can better yourself at the game, improve your Gamerscore in life, be free, be open, be happy, become a hero. Becoming the greatest version of yourself is playing the game, by choosing the play the game that most consider unwinnable you have already won.

Chapter 5: You VS the world

Love VS Fear

Think this over for a second, the opposite of love is fear. God is love, Gods opposition would be fear. Fear is the force in nature that holds you down in the corner and keeps you there, because of fear we don’t take chances, we lose faith, we are afraid to make choices, afraid to move. Fear is the thing that stifles us into anxiety, takes away our confidence, and takes over our belief system so that we operate out of fear. Most of the world operates out of fear. If you look at society fear can be recognized as a virus, or a Ripley affect, once one man fails and blames his failure on circumstance, environment, and resources and then lays the path for the next man to not even try. People always say that this business is over saturated, this market is too competitive, that career is like a lottery. This entire belief system is based off of an illusion. Society is like one big machine, no one really functions as a single entity in society, but everyone functions together as one. The second someone keyword one pursues something that contradicts the illusion of societal fear something happens, the disease of fear is running towards you, just think about things more, be realistic, stop dreaming and get a job. This is fear and it’s powerful enough to drive many to suicide, we are killing each other and ourselves with the same illusion that rules society. Fear is not real. Life, and death it always starts out as a thought, thoughts are more powerful than anything else in existence because they are capable of anything, thoughts have no boundaries, no limits, no since of right are wrong, that’s for us to decide. Love… Love is creation, God is love, love is growth, and love is the driving force of life. Love is what drove Thomas Edison to create the light bulb, what drove Nikola Tesla to create alternating current electricity to power our world, what drove Carl Benz to create the automobile, and Henry Ford to commercialize it. Love drove Albert Einstein to create his famous equations, and Steven Hawking to create the theory of everything, Steve Jobs to create Apple, and Bill Gates to create Microsoft, love drove Sam Walton to create dom dom dom Walmart, and Jeff Bezos to create Amazon. I believe you get the point, nothing has been or will ever be without love, without love the world would cease to exist. Fear may be a commonality amongst society, however love is a commonality amongst the people that created the world, and continue to create it. I and you were made with love, we have love for our friends, family, material things, places, activities, thoughts. Love is so powerful that one person’s love can overrule 1 million fear bearing individuals. Passion is a product of love, we create things because we love them, if you want something or someone, if you want to attract someone, someplace, something towards you at all that’s you feeling love towards that person, place, or thing. If you now understand that love is much more than what it seems at the surface area you see that with love, you will get where you’re going, with love the world will get out of your way.

[]Faith in your Theory

We all have a general theory of everything for our lives! Our theory is our untold story, the unproven life we think we deserve. We have this thesis of ourselves and our lives written in our heads, and we are constantly hypothesizing I am that, I am, this is me, this is my life, this is going to be my story. My proposition to you it to write this theory of your life out, write it with love, write it without hesitation, write it with confidence, write it with conviction, be open, get risky, and don’t think for a second you need to take this stuff seriously. Have you ever heard the phrase “Faith moves mountains” well that’s not far off of the truth because when you put faith towards any person, place, or thing you move it towards its destination. If you can have faith in yourself, and faith in the people you put in your circle you can literally rill it in like a fishing line. It’s very important, and necessary that you have the faith in yourself, and in others to move ever forward towards creation, towards your goals, dreams, towards growth and unity. Having Faith is seeing what is not there and understand that you are powerful enough to materialize it, to bring it to life, to move it towards fruition.

VS Heroes

If you look to your heroes, look to the people that you learn from, your mentors in books, their lives, their accomplishments, their stories are because of the things contained in this book. These people moved the human race forward, they fulfilled their purpose with love and faith. They moved forward with force, not overthinking or getting drug down by fear. These people thought for themselves, were open to the world, took many risks, had many failures but didn’t let the failures paralyze them because they understood that they could never truly fail unless they gave up. They did big things but never took themselves too seriously to enjoy life, they never worked they played the game and created the future, they became our heroes, and they may seem very different on the surface, but the things that got them to their purpose are very much the same. Understanding the past will help us to build the future, which is why VS Heroes was born. Grow, move, attract, conceive, believe, achieve, learn, do, teach, become a Hero!!!


Thanks again for downloading this book, seriously thank you.

This book was meant to open your eyes and help you to understand that we are all capable of becoming Heroes. Taking from the value of this book and transmuting it into your own life is completely up to you now. You have the key to everything and when you’re ready you can open the door. This book is what you make of it, it can be what you take of it. We all have dreams, aspirations, goals and visions, the thing is some of us will be dreamers gripped in the fear of fear itself and some of us are going to take a risk, never look back and act. Which one are you? Are you going to sit back and admire your heroes or learn of them and become one? Become a Hero, become the most powerful version of you! The choice is yours try not to overthink it, be the person you want and deserve to be, the only time is now.

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One Little Book One Big Philosophy Let me first say that this is not a self-help book, this is an open your eyes book. This is a philosophy/philology book, that will open your eyes a bit, and allow you to see things the way the truly are, not worse than they are, and not sugar coated. Would you like to change the world? Are you 100% alive most of, or all of the time? Do you believe you have potential to be a Hero? Are you the type of person who likes to have some sort of control in life? Do you think you can go up against the world and win? The thing we sometimes miss is that our heroes were once regarded as ordinary people with big dreams just like us, they went through struggles, ups and downs, and they all had their journey just like you do. A lot of people say that they want to start their own company, or be their own boss. The sad thing is, that most people don’t even believe their own words as they come out of their mouths. It’s pretty bad that some people think that all you need to do to become your own boss is to get sold into an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). If you want to be a model you need to look really pretty and be tall, if you want to be and actor you need to be friendly and be really good at faking reality, and be a drama queen, if you want to be in sports have good genetics basically be black, if you want to be a bodybuilder take steroids, if you want to be a philosopher be born smart… I could keep going on telling you a bunch of BS shallow lies but the truth is you can do whatever you set out to do, but nothing is easy there are no shortcuts to success, don’t go into an industry because people say it’s easy to make money quickly, or the market is good right now because what will inevitably happen is you will give up, because you’re sane. If you want to do something act at once or forever wonder what could have been, but for God sakes don’t be that guy that always talks about what he’s going to do but never even takes the first step towards it, just jump in the pool even if it’s cold, your body will adjust… Most of the time it’s better to do, instead of think, that may seem wrong but it will make life a lot easier for you, to find out more download the book and enjoy yourself!

  • Author: JordanMiller
  • Published: 2015-09-09 04:40:09
  • Words: 6410