Walk at his natural pace


Walk at his natural pace














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In 80% we are water this is very important when it comes to moving. Water has a way of moving different of a solid, since water can accommodate the shape of the container that contains it.


If we consider the symmetry of our body we see that practically our right side is equal to the left, this is true in relation to the accumulated water in each side, if we divide our body with an imaginary line that divides our body in half.


In addition the bones which is the innermost part of our body, and is where less amount of water there is, so they are almost totally water-coated.


When we walk or climb stairs, the movement of a leg makes to move a certain distance the water that is in that half of the body.


The water is concentrated in the opposite part of our body and oscillates from one side to another following the pattern of a U-tube












The water returns to its original situation and resume it´s oscillation on the left side.














There is an oscillatory movement of the water of our body when lifting a leg, in the opposite side of the leg that rises.


This movement is harmonic and is repeated with a period of:














This time is very important and it is the time it takes all the liquid of our body to move to the opposite side of our body and returns to the side of the leg that we lift.


(h) It is the height of our body


(g) It is the gravity on the Earth’s surface


When inspecting the formule we see that that period or time depends on the height of the person doing the walking exercise, and the acceleration of gravity on the earth’s surface. So if we do the exercise in The Moon, the time when our body’s water oscillates when we walk would be different.


Here are some examples:


In a person of 1.7 meters of height the inner water will oscillate when walking in a time of:


2 * 3.14 * (1.7 / 2 * 9.81) ^ 1/2 = 1.85 seconds


In a person of 2 meters that time will be:


2 * 3.14 * (1.7 / 2 * 9.81) ^ 1/2 = 2 seconds


We already understand that in a person of greater height, the water oscillates more slowly, a little bit, but more slowly.



The purpose we pursue is to walk at that period or time found, as close as possible, since the movement will coincide with the time of oscillation of water contained in our body, so we will take better advantage of the effort, we will move harmoniously and the inner water of our body will not Will decompensate. So the whole of our body will move in a harmonic way.


So a 1.7 meter person should take a full step in 1.85 seconds.


And a person of 2 meters should take a full step in 2 seconds if you want to see it of other form a person of 2 meters should move each leg in 1 second


The important thing is that we make the movement of walking as close as possible to that time. The measurement of time is very important in Physics and the formulas are approaching in two decimals, so the closer we get to that measured time the greater the benefits for our health.


When we move in the same way that the water contained in our body does, we make the effort of walk smaller because we take better advantage of the potency of the exercise, this is a phenomenon called resonance, and all parts of our body are moving of compensated form.


When we run a marathon and are tired our legs are decompensated and the whole movement of our body is decompensated, so the effort is greater and we get tired.

Walk at his natural pace

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Walk at his natural pace Walk at his natural pace