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Waking up the sleeping giant








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Praise to George Calleja


I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I strongly recommend anyone to read “Yes I will follow Him” by George Calleja. It was beautifully written. I admire how George Calleja let go of his job and family and did ministry for six years abroad. It is not easy to let go of everything and just follow Jesus. But there is so much more reward and blessing in following Jesus. I really enjoyed the different verses George mentioned like when Mary was visited by the angel and was told that she would give birth to Jesus, God’s son and how she just said yes to the lord, trusting Him completely. There is so much for a reader to learn in this novel and I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in exploring a closer relationship with the Lord.’




When it comes to religious/spiritual themes I prefer shorter books such as ‘The Tao’ or ‘The Cloud of Unknowing’. Like these books Calleja gives the reader a singular concept upon which to meditate—the concept of saying “yes” to Jesus. A wise teacher of mine once said, “There is room in love to say ‘no’”. For most of us there are many to who “no” is the appropriate response. In ‘Yes… I will follow Him’, Calleja presents a simple truth—that saying “yes” to Jesus loses one nothing and gains one everything. A very delightful meditation on love.’




I have read many religious/spiritual books in my lifetime. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Yes… I will follow Him” by George Calleja. It was short and sweet, and easy to read. The Following of St Paul and Mother Mary’s ‘Yes’ are beautifully written to be enjoyed by readers of all ages. What touched me the most is the story of the author’s personal response of “Yes”. His story proved that there is a God and He is always there for each and every one of us. There will be times of trials and hardships, but in the end, God prevails. The experience is priceless and the reward eternal. This is a must read for all who are asking these questions: Who is HE? Why should I say “Yes”? What will happen if and when I say “Yes”? Or if you already said “Yes” and are facing hardship and ready to quit, read this book and you will be encouraged, knowing you are not alone. You are never alone. Well done George Calleja.




I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘The Beatitudes: The Blessings from the Sermon on the Mount’ by George Calleja. This book is about eight different blessings from a passage in the Bible, Matthew 5: 3-10. It is so easy to just read the bible and miss an important message that the Lord is trying to tell us. George Calleja goes into more detail of the meaning of this important passage in the bible. The book was helpful and positive. It is easy to read and understand. It makes you want to be a better person and be closer to Jesus. I definitely recommend that you read this book!







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Chapter One – Today’s society

Chapter Two – What is lacking in today’s society?

Chapter Three – Spreading the Good News

Chapter Four – Jesus is the answer to society


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  • Introduction*

When I was young and, I imagine, every little kid would have passed through a similar experience such as mine, I would have my mum read stories to me. On most occasions, these stories would relate to some sort of fantasy, with kings and queens involved in some sort of mystery and magic. When I got married, my wife and I did the same with our own kids. These were special moments which we will treasure forever.

Although the title of this book is ‘Waking up the sleeping giant’, it does not narrate a fairy tale about a beautiful princess who marries the most charming and rich prince, after succeeding to run away from a giant that himself wanted to marry the princess. This book is about the reality of the ‘sleeping giant’, and the consequence it brings to today’s society.

Waking up the sleeping giant’ is a challenge to be taken up by many people. If this giant really wakes up, society will have a chance to experience a breath of fresh air that gives life a worthy cause and it gives every person a more meaningful reason to live. One might ask but who is this sleeping giant? What does this sleeping giant have to offer if, upon wakening, the world can be a better place to live in?

This sleeping giant can refer to you, to a family member of yours or maybe to some of your friends. The sleeping giant could represent Christians who, although they do good things in their lives by being active in the church and in the community around them, are still not doing God’s will in their lives. The sleeping giant can be those of us who in the moment of truth to proclaim the Good News, to be witnesses in society and go against the current, eventually will not stand up as Christians and defend their morals and values.

The sleeping giant represents all those who proclaim that they are Christians, but through their lives hardly proclaim the Good News… they are ‘lukewarm’ in their faith.

The aim of this book is to reach out to this sleeping giant and to gently provoke and inspire the giant to wake up. This book proposes to make this giant stand up and he himself become a witness of God’s love to society.

I hope that while reading this book you will enjoy this journey, and that reading it will help increase your faith. May you in return bring hope to society. Thank you for reading this book.


George Calleja








Chapter One – Today’s society

Today’s challenges

Many times in life, people remark that today’s society has changed, especially because Christians do not practice any longer the morals and values they once upheld so faithfully. It feels as if the days of living Christian morals and values which revolve around spiritual beliefs, devotion to the family unit and the church, of doing charity work and of showing respect for and promoting human dignity, are over! If only each Christian were to fully live these morals and values it would be possible to live in peace, it would be easier to love your neighbour; one would really be living Christianity to the full.

Sometimes it seems that gone are the days of expressing certain caring and hospitality towards other people in need, or of being there to help one’s neighbour, and of being merciful. I am aware that there are many people who do help their neighbour and do carry out various acts of love towards the needy. These people might form part of a particular Christian group within the church, or might even not belong to any group, but by living the gospel they do their best to spread the Good News. These people are to be praised highly for the precious work they do, for being there, loving and helping the ones around them. They dedicate their time to help make society better, with the aim of bringing hope and love for a better world. But what about the rest of the Christians, what are they doing? Are they really interested in their neighbour and do they work for a better society, or do they instead choose to do nothing and always passively accept whatever happens in the world, with the consequence that the good morals and values of humanity become at risk?

In my opinion, today’s society is by large more interested in oneself than in the needs of others. Society seems to have been taken over by greed, power, popularity, corruption and more, at the expense of diminishing the importance of family life, quality time with children, bringing hope and courage to the helpless of society, and above all of having a personal relationship with Christ. Society is in need to practice mutual respect, reciprocal love and fraternity.

This does not mean that over the years society has not made any improvement in terms of quality of life. But at times, certain progress also bring with it undesirable consequences that need to be endured by mankind. One’s decision, especially decisions taken by politicians, can be seen as an improvement to life, while on the other hand the same decision could be seen negatively by different sectors in society, depending on how these are affected by such decisions. This very much depends upon what people believe in, it depends on who their ‘god’ is, and how they practice their faith!

There are many voices making themselves heard in today’s society. Voices in favour of a certain type of lifestyle, morals, values, ideologies, beliefs and so on. There is also the cry of the unheard voices, those who are abused, bullied, of slaves and of the unborn children amongst others. Have you ever realised how many people were potentially meant to be parents, but have never actually heard their unborn child say to them ‘I love you mother’‘I love you father’… What a real tragedy this is!

Also, have you ever considered that whenever a person decides to undergo euthanasia for whatever reason or circumstance they decide to take this path in their lives, how many opportunities are lost by that same person of being loved and cared for by other people? On the other hand, can you imagine how much good that same person could have received and done, by accepting the cross in one’s life and by sharing Jesus to society by being a witness of the value of suffering, of the value of the cross carried by Jesus Himself?


Today’s rights

Euthanasia, homosexuality, divorce, and abortion are some of the topics and issues that create controversial arguments between those who are in favour of them and those who oppose them. In today’s modern world, where freedom is supposed to prevail, these issues are commonly discussed by all politicians, church leaders and all of humanity. These are issues faced by many people, coming from different backgrounds and upbringing, Christians or people belonging to other beliefs and which can create misunderstandings and division within families, communities and society at large.

The reasons brought forward for these rights are various. We hear that these rights are in the name of equality and freedom. Different people take different sides to these issues. In some countries, legislation itself caters in favour of these situations without taking into consideration the importance of Christian morals and values. This book will not go into these particular issues. One can follow these issues through various other means of the media. I believe that when one really thinks with a clean and conscientious heart, a heart to love one’s neighbour, a heart that is formed by the love of Christ, that person will be enlightened about these issues, will be enlightened by the love of Christ and will understand them in His light.


Lack of belief in God

One of the major problems faced in todays’ society is the lack of belief in God. Often, this happens as a result of personal decisions or through circumstances of life leading to the individual not having a personal relationship with God. This situation is evident through the diminishing number of Christians attending mass, fewer people attending services to listen to the Word of God, or fewer people belonging to a prayer group or other Christian groups.

Although such a decline is a known fact, one must acknowledge that there are also many other authentic Christians who live up to their faith. These Christians are being witnesses of their faith in their daily lives, living the present moment by loving Jesus and being Jesus to others. These Christians together with others, even if belonging to a different church or religion, are doing their best to love their neighbours, are the front runners in society to do the acts of love by being people of mercy.

The unfortunate thing is that todays’ society is driven mostly by people who do not believe in God, or do not practice their Christianity with the zeal to spread the Good News. This is having a negative effect on society. The voices from people who have a strong faith in Jesus at times is hardly heard, while other voices expressing their opinions and ideas, which are not based on Christian morals and values in society, as a general rule are stronger and have a greater impact, negatively effecting society to the detriment of a peaceful world.


The responsibility of politicians

Politicians carry a great responsibility in society. As society evolves over time, through different episodes that occur in history, politicians are always the front runners determining the way such society evolves. The laws and directions of any government in power strongly influences and determines the peoples’ way of living in its country. Politicians are responsible for all the people living in their country, not only for example to create work, guaranteeing a healthy financial situation, but they are also responsible for the moral values of the people. People will observe politicians, noticing if in their political and private life they do practice mutual respect, reciprocal love and fraternity. The laws of the country and the politicians’ way of life will have an impact upon the way the people in that same country live.

Politicians are to actively bring forward the best possible laws in the country; laws that will bring and guarantee peace and unity, and the best social living for all. Being a politician carries huge responsibility, not only as already mentioned, that is concerning the good welfare and economy of the country, but it also carries the responsibility to support all the people to live in God’s love. This responsibility falls mostly upon the Christian politician, but also concerns other politicians of good faith.

Politicians are to be strong in their character, and especially strong to seek and bring forth the good for their country. This is mostly possible if they are driven by the love of the Father for mankind. By proclaiming the Good News through the way they fulfil their responsibilities, especially through the different legislations they implement, politicians set a good example to society. In my opinion, politicians are responsible to see that any legislation they put forward expresses within it God’s love. Society depends so much upon the legislation that is in place in all countries. It is a pity that certain legislation is written with the intention that the politician or party promoting it gains popularity, rather than that of seeking the well-being of the citizens as children of God.


Christian leaders are to nourish their sheep

Just as politicians carry a very big responsibility in society, Christian leaders also have a great role to play. Whatever the denomination of the Christian leader, nourishing and guiding his ‘sheep’ and forming them to be Christ-like in today’s society is for sure not an easy task. Christian leaders are to be role models to the people they are entrusted with, they are to radiate the love of God to them, to form them, to help them recognize the love of Christ in their lives, to make them strong in their faith, to be the voice of God and a light to society.

Such a task carries the same responsibility as that of the Great Commission, when Jesus said to the eleven disciples in Galilee, as narrated by Matthew in 28:18-20: Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

In today’s terminology, or as better understood within the business world, the above statement of Jesus would easily translate as a Mission Statement to Christian leaders as follows: to make disciples, to baptize and to teach in all nations about God’s love. Christian leaders are to trust in the gift of the Holy Spirit that this Great Commission reaps its fruit by awakening within the Church people of God, families of God, Christians who are full of zeal for the Lord, full of zeal to live Christianity to the utmost, full of zeal to be faithful witnesses of the Good News and to share it with all their neighbours.

Christian leaders are to be the front runners to live up to their Christian morals and values and be able, through their witness, to strengthen their sheep in Christian teachings. Through the grace of God Christian leaders are to nourish their sheep and make them strong to go against the current in today’s society.








Chapter Two – What is lacking in todays’ society?

Many times, we might ask the question, ‘But what is lacking in today’s society?’ Many books have been written upon this subject and many speeches and sermons have been said. Without going into too much depth and the philosophical aspect of this question, in my opinion I would say that the three areas which are most lacking in today’s society are the following: Christians are not penetrating society effectively through social media, Christians are not working enough together, and Christians need to make themselves counted more in political life.

This is just my opinion – one can agree upon it or not. Of course, there are other aspects that one can discuss regarding what is lacking in today’s society. The following are some of my thoughts focusing upon these three opinions of what is lacking in todays’ society.


Through social media Christians need to penetrate more effectively to bring Jesus to others

For some Christians, witnessing to Jesus is one of the major problems they face today. Society suffers from the lack of people who are authentic witnesses of Christ in society. Christians are to be the front runners in society, as society benefits greatly from having such witnesses.

It is good when Christians become involved in many, many initiatives and actions to bring peace and love in the different spheres of society. It is acknowledged that many Christians go all the way to help their neighbours in different ways. However, Christians still need to penetrate more in the world around them, to be effective witnesses of Jesus.

One particular aspect which strongly influences today’s society is social media, in other words the use of the internet. There are Christians who are very creative in using the social media to spread the Good News and connect with people from different parts of the world and help them in their faith. But, it is also a fact that a number of Christians look at social media very negatively. For some reason or another these Christians are over-cautious of social media, especially regarding the interaction with others through different platforms over the internet.

In my book ‘Evangelization through Social Networking sites’ I emphasised the fact that, quote: Pope Francis shows that Christian witness, thanks to the internet, can thereby reach the peripheries of human existence. He emphasizes the fact that by means of the internet, the Christian message can reach “to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8). Furthermore he explains that keeping the doors of our churches open also means keeping them open in the digital environment so that people, whatever their situation in life, can enter, and so that the Gospel can go out to reach everyone.

The message of Pope Francis shows that communication is a means of expressing the missionary vocation of the entire Church, and that today the social networks are one way to experience this call to discover the beauty of faith, the beauty of encountering Christ. Pope Francis says that in the area of communications too, we need a Church capable of bringing warmth and of stirring hearts.

Pope Francis encourages all Christians to use communications media and information technologies for a new kind of evangelization. This presents a great and thrilling opportunity to share with others the beauty of God presented in a different way.

Social media is a very valuable tool to reach out to people, to bring the Good News to them, and enlighten people who have still not heard of Jesus. Christians need to make more use of social media to be witnesses of Jesus and communicate the love of God. When Christians use social media to bring the Good News they will be penetrating and influencing society to live up to the morals and values of Christianity.


All Christians need to work more together

For sure most of the readers have heard the term ‘Ecumenism’. Briefly, ecumenism refers to the different efforts undertaken by Christians who pertain to various church traditions, to work and develop a closer relationship and better understanding between them.

Ecumenism normally relates to the different dialogues undertaken between the various Christian churches with the hope of reaching unity amongst them. All this is very positive and highly recommended to continue and to develop further. Ecumenism brings hope to all Christians of good faith that someday unity may prevail.

However, through ecumenism, society is now hoping to experience the fruits of such dialogues between different churches. Society requires that Christians go beyond dialogue in attempting to reach unity; society requires the efforts of all Christians together, in spite of the distinction of the different Christian churches, to work together in unity for the benefit of society. Society is in need of having Christians being united and bringing Christ to the people.

It is very painful to see different Christian churches not joining efforts to do acts of love to their neighbour, whoever he may be. Whenever Christian churches join together (while respecting their difference in opinion, tradition etc.) to concretely help those around them, that is when true unity is done, that is when Jesus is fully proclaimed to the people, to society.

If truly, Christians belonging to different churches want to see a change in society, want to see Jesus proclaimed to society, first and foremost Christians are to join their efforts together, to do projects together, to share the Good News together, and bring the Gospel to every corner of the world. This is what Jesus wants and desires for society.

I am convinced that this is possible, that Christians of different churches can come together to share the Good News. I have especially experienced this in the late 80’s to mid 90’ when I used to evangelize together with a Catholic youth group and later with a Catholic missionary group I used to form part of. There were occasions when we used to evangelize in the streets of Germany and in other European countries, and in certain occasions we joined forces with other Christian groups belonging to a different church. I recall the times when we used to share to the people the Good News together, together pray with the people on the streets and together bring healing to their lives. All we did was to let go of the differences between us as Christians coming from different churches. When we evangelized, we let Jesus be present amongst us through the unity that was created, and through the Holy Spirit we evangelized to the people and brought Jesus to them.

Christian unity is possible. Society is waiting for Christians to take the step to be united and spread the Good News.


Christians need to make themselves be counted in political life

Society also depends so much on the way politicians pave the way and rule in a country. Christian politicians belonging to and supporting any political party, carry the extra responsibility of being expected to live up to their Christian faith, morals and values. While Christian politicians, whether being in opposition or in government, are to serve the country and its people in their best capacity and ability, Christian politicians are never to compromise their faith, but are to stand up and be counted.

To be a politician is also a calling from God to serve one’s country. It is for this reason that whenever legislation and laws concerning morals and values are being discussed, Christian politicians are to make themselves heard to guarantee that such legislation and laws are based on Christian teachings. Christian politicians are to do their best to influence the rest of parliament and the people’s opinion on such issues. They are also encouraged and expected to join forces together even if representing different parties, so as to safeguard humanity against the weakening of society through morals and values that are based on greed and disharmony, instead of God’s love to mankind.

Furthermore, Christian politicians are to make sure that justice prevails in all legislation and laws, and are not to allow corruption of any kind take root. Christian politicians are to be led by their faith, a faith that expresses the love of the Father to all humanity, a faith that seeks the good of all the nations.








Chapter Three – Spreading the Good News

Why do some Christians not spread the Good News?

Christians are called to spread the Good News. This is a great responsibility. This Good News, about the salvation of mankind, became possible through Jesus coming among us as a human being, dying on the cross, rising from the dead and ascending to the Father. This is the greatest and most powerful news any person could ever spread… the news of the Salvation of mankind. It is not only a responsibility, but also a huge privilege for each and every Christian to receive, through the power of the Holy Spirit, the necessary grace to spread the Good News.

Having myself experienced various circumstances in my life of spreading the Good News, especially during my time as a missionary, living in different cultures, meeting with youths, visiting prisoners and having strongly felt the presence of the Lord in each and every occasion when loving my neighbour, has often made me wonder: but why do some Christians not seriously take up this challenge in their life, the challenge of spreading the Good News? This is not an easy question to answer, as there could be different reasons that can explain it. These reasons can be due to different problems one faces in life, and as a result of which, one feels burdened and unable to face life through the love of God.

I have witnessed to different people in life who have problems, such as being sick, being unemployed, facing family difficulties and traumas, and many more other examples. One thing that has always amazed me about them is that, although various people would be passing through the same kind of problem in life, the way that they live it could be different. Here I have to go straight to the point. A Christian spiritual life lived by the grace of God, by faithfully following Jesus and accepting the cross in one’s life, would make a difference in how one lives life’s trials.

I have witnessed to sick people who would be desperate and angry at God and would not be in peace, even though they are Christian. I have witnessed to other Christians being also sick, but because they faithfully accept the cross in their life, hidden behind the sickness that they suffer, they would find peace and through their witness bring Jesus to others.

These experiences and others I have been through, have made me understand more of why certain Christians do not spread the Good News. When the relationship of a Christian with Jesus is truly experienced in a personal way, it leaves a positive impact upon how one faces life and its challenges. Being a Christian who follows Jesus whatever the cost, empowers the person through the grace of God to be able to live life in a peaceful way… even when facing different troubled waters. This is possible through the spiritual experience the person lives with Jesus, because the spiritual experience of a deep relationship with Jesus enriches the person with the different gifts of the Holy Spirit. Such Christians will be empowered to be the ‘soldiers’, the witnesses of Jesus and be the forth runners for spreading the Good News.

On the contrary, Christians not living in a personal relationship with Jesus will find it difficult to live through troubled waters; they will not survive spiritually as they tend to sink, often blaming it all on God. This lack of a personal relationship with Jesus in a Christian’s life would also make it very difficult for the person to spread the Good News.

So why do certain Christians not have a personal relationship with Jesus?


Why do certain Christians not have a personal relationship with Jesus?

Jesus shared the love of the Father with mankind. He showed us the value of the cross in His life, and the meaning of His resurrection. Through all this, the personal experience of Jesus in one’s life is a way to grow in the love of the Father and to live in the presence of His love. Living such a spiritual experience of Jesus is only possible when one gives his life totally to Jesus, that is, to let the Father, Son and Holy Spirit embrace his being to bring out the fullness of their love through the Holy Trinity.

Unfortunately, some Christians do not see that this spiritual experience of oneness with the Holy Trinity has a place in their life, or they may have still not experienced it in a personal way. Christians not having a personal experience with Jesus will find it difficult to live the fullness of God’s love in their life. This is because when faced with choices and challenges in their life, these Christians tend more to choose the different voices that men bring forth in the name of freedom, modernism, ideas which do not comply with what the love of the Father presents to mankind, than to follow their Christian morals, values and beliefs.

Generally, these Christians have a good upbringing or at least have been taught about Christianity and what the love of the Father is about. These Christians would know the difference between good and bad, between right or wrong, between happiness and boredom, between salvation and hell… They would have heard all about it… but still, but still, maybe as a result of certain experiences faced in their personal life, or problems found in their faith as they grew, they decide to choose the wrong, boredom, unhappiness and the rest. They do not choose what Jesus preached, but make other choices which do not embrace God’s love.

This is the ‘Sleeping Giant’. The giant who, although being a Christian, is not living faithfully a ‘true’ Christian life. This ‘Sleeping Giant’ does not share the Good News to others, does not live by being another Jesus to society. This is the ‘Sleeping Giant’: he who on the one hand might do an act of love towards a neighbour, but on the other hand will make certain other personal choices which do not reflect the teaching of the Church… which reflects God’s Word.


How can the ‘Sleeping Giant’ be reached?

Re-evangelization of Christians is the key answer to reaching out to the ‘Sleeping Giant’. Christians who have abandoned their faith, who have walked away from Jesus, or are lukewarm in their faith need to be re-evangelized. This is a big challenge to be undertaken by the committed Christians. It is not a small task. There are various ways how such a re-evangelization can take place. In my opinion, the most important and effective way to re-evangelize these Christians, who for some reason struggle with their faith, is by committed Christians seeking to be Jesus to their other fellow Christians.

Being Jesus to others requires us to be close to the people, to listen to them, to comfort them, to speak about God’s love to them. It requires showing the other person that he is precious to God, and that He loves them in a personal way. When one is Jesus he radiates peace, love, unity to other people, he will transmit to the other person the spiritual experience one can have with the Holy Trinity.

This is what lukewarm Christians require most: to experience a true Christian in their life, to experience the love and presence of Jesus through the acts of fellow committed Christians. Whenever someone encounters this personal experience in his life, it is a particular time for the person to reflect upon his inner life. I myself went through this similar experience in my life, and ever since that time, when I was re-evangelized by a committed Christian, I decided to follow Jesus. In my walk with Jesus, I have always sought to improve and grow in my spiritual life, to experience Jesus and allow myself to be moulded by Him. Above all, as a result of this re-evangelization I have always wanted to share the Good News to others, and to share my experiences about what Jesus has done in my life.


What can the renewed ‘Sleeping Giant’ offer to society?

Once the ‘Sleeping Giant’ experiences the love of God in a personal way and starts to follow Christ, society has a lot to gain. The re-evangelized Christians have much to offer, by themselves becoming Jesus to others. These renewed giant-Christians potentially have a great testimony to share to others, that is, to society.

There are many Christians who are lukewarm in their faith as a result of situations which may not be completely in their control: like being a drug addict, coming from broken families, being bullied or abused, and those who have experienced many other negative experiences in their life which ultimately would also have a negative effect upon their spiritual life. Just imagine once these Christians are re-evangelized, imagine them becoming stronger in their spiritual life, receiving the healing over the different negative experiences of their life, and strengthening their faith once again in Christ Jesus the Saviour. Imagine what could come about once this giant of dormant Christians is not asleep anymore in his faith, but becomes active in the ministry which God would entrust in each one’s life, in order to evangelize other people. What a rich testimony they would have to share, what a positive effect on society they could bring!

These awakened giant-Christians, who once were asleep in their faith, would provide society with more authentic Christians as they become Jesus to others. These renewed Christians can shake up society, to be witnesses of Christ to the people, to proclaim the Good News and make others aware that Christ is Alive. In rediscovering Christ and His teachings, these giant-Christians together with other fellow Christians, will be the frontrunners to bring the Christian morals and values back to life. They will be the light where there is darkness, hope for those in despair and so will be there for people who are into gambling, corruption, pornography etc. These giant- Christians will be there next to the poor, the sick, the prisoner, the corrupt persons, to bring the hope and comfort of the Lord, and to bring these people to the Salvation of Christ.

These giant-Christians are the only hope for today’s society. Are we doing our best, as committed Christians, to wake up this ‘Sleeping Giant’ and make him once again the people of God who become witnesses to society and proclaim the Word of God?








Chapter Four – Jesus is the answer to society

Upon writing this book, I have tried to emphasize the importance for society to have Christians spreading and witnessing to the Good News, in other words the importance for Christians to do evangelization. I have also illustrated the importance for the ‘Sleeping Giant’ to wake up and be counted. Why? Because, society is in need of Jesus. Society needs to experience Jesus, as Jesus is the only answer to the challenges society faces, and there is no man who can heal society by his own merits.

Over these past years since I started publishing Christians books, I have specifically pointed out this importance in at least two of my books. Firstly, in the book ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good’ and secondly in the book ‘The Light’. The following are some extracts from these two books emphasizing and showing that Jesus is the answer to society.


Extracts from the book ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good’

… ‘It seems that even today a big number of people are like sheep without a shepherd, not knowing what they want from life and what life is all about. Today’s society is built on individualism, on an attitude as if each person knows it all; there exists lack of trust, and obedience and respect seem to be something of the past or old fashioned. In such an atmosphere, one will find it hard to believe and have faith in Jesus, to taste and see that the Lord is good.

Upon seeing the people like sheep without a shepherd, Jesus had compassion for them. He loved these people and wanted the best for them. Embraced by the power of the Holy Spirit Jesus began teaching them many things. One might reflect and ask… but who were the people in the crowd described as sheep without a shepherd? In my opinion that crowd was composed of a mixture of people. People who were curious who Jesus was, sinners, unhappy people, people with doubts about their faith… and some who had started to believe in Him and followed Him later in their lives. Is this not the same situation also occurring in todays’ society?

Jesus was there for them. Jesus was there to bring hope to them, to teach them about the loving Father… to be their shepherd. Jesus was after the sinner, the broken-hearted, the poor, the lonely, the sick… Jesus was there for all. Jesus knew what His mission was for the Salvation of people. He knew that the people needed to taste and see that the Lord is good, in order to accept and have faith in Him, and to accept the Salvation He was bringing to the people.

Jesus knew that if the broken hearted, the poor, the sinners and all those in danger of losing their soul would believe in Him, they would find refuge in Him. He knew that if these people would make an effort in their lives to seek Him, to cast all their burdens upon Him, to know Him in a personal way… they would find happiness in Him. Jesus knew that by following Him and giving their lives to Him by renouncing all their disbelief and sin… by putting their trust in Him, they would be embraced by the loving Father.

This is also true for today’s society. The loving Father wants to embrace each one of us, he wants us to taste and see that the Lord is good!…’


Extracts from the book ‘The Light’

…’The experience of living in ‘The Light’ in our lives has to be shared with other people. Keeping this treasure to oneself is the downfall for any Christian. Without sharing with others this experience of ‘The Light’ it would not be possible for our spiritual life to grow, to mature; we would not be able to become a holier person… by time this light would fade away. Why? Because our faith is to be shared with others; we are to share the love of the Father, to share the love that comes from God who created us. When we fail to share the love of Christ with others, it could be that we would be depriving them from experiencing and treasuring ‘The Light’.

We are to reach out to our communities: at the place of our work, in our families, at schools and universities, to the whole world and be Jesus to those we come across in our daily life. ‘The Light’ we received is to be shared, is to be given wherever there is darkness, wherever there is lack of hope, lack of peace, to the prisoners, the sick person, the person in search of the truth, the unbelievers, to all mankind.

This is the responsibility of each Christian living in ‘The Light’. We are not to remain idle, doing nothing while other people are in darkness, are in despair. People living in darkness can only be free from darkness if this same light, experienced by Christians, is given to them, is shared with them. Darkness will disappear once ‘The Light’ offered to them is accepted by people and becomes present in their life.

What a great experience this is. The fulfilment that a person experiences in giving ‘The Light’ to other people is tremendous, it is a deep joy in one’s life. Sharing ‘The Light’ with other people will help the Christian to continue to steadfastly follow Christ in his life, to really come to know Christ and above all to continue to be Jesus to others.

Sharing His Love is a must to grow in our relationship with Jesus, to be a light to society, to bring hope to humanity, to bring peace and joy to the world. When I look back on my life, I recall many moments when this love was shared with me. These moments made an impact on my faith, my attitude towards life, my relationship with people around me, my relationship with Jesus. Thanks to these people who shared His love with me, who shared ‘The Light’ with me, I have been able to change my life, to grow in His Love, and to share His Love with others. ‘The Light’ has made me a fulfilled person…’



In the introduction to this book, it was mentioned that ‘Waking up the sleeping giant’ is a challenge to be taken up by many people. If this giant really wakes up, society will have a chance to experience a breath of fresh air that gives life a worthy cause and a meaningful reason to live.

I hope that this book has encouraged Christians who are already evangelizing in society and helping their neighbour, to continue to share the Good News with the people, and to look out for the ‘Sleeping Giant’.

Also, if you happen to be a Christian and you identify yourself as forming part of this ‘Sleeping Giant’, I encourage you to wake up, to listen to the Word of God, to live this Word in all its fullness, and to make yourself counted in society.

All Christians, through the grace of God and through the power of the Holy Spirit, are to live in today’s society by being strong in their faith, striving to be Jesus to others and proclaiming the Good News.

It is only through Jesus that society can be healed and changed.








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I am George Calleja from Malta; I am married and have two children. In 2009 I obtained my MBA through the University of Leicester.

During the years 1990 to 1996 I was a full time missionary with ‘The International Catholic Programme for Evangelization – ICPE and have evangelized in various countries, such as Russia, Ghana, Poland, Germany, and Malta amongst others. Since 1997, I am an active member of the Focolare Movement in Malta.

Since 2014 I started writing Christian books with the aim of further proclaiming the Word of God. My first book ‘Peace and Unity in our lives – Volume One’ was published in November 2014. Since then, I have published other Christian books, namely:-

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Through my writings, I try to share my thoughts based on my spiritual experience, with whoever is seeking to appreciate life. Ultimately, I hope that through my writings the reader will become closer in his relationship with Jesus and have this personal experience with Him.

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Waking Up The Sleeping Giant

Although the title of this book is 'Waking up the sleeping giant', it does not narrate a fairy tale about a beautiful princess who marries the most charming and rich prince, after succeeding to run away from a giant that himself wanted to marry the princess. This book is about the reality of the ‘sleeping giant’, and the consequence it brings to today’s society. ‘Waking up the sleeping giant’ is a challenge to be taken up by many people. If this giant really wakes up, society will have a chance to experience a breath of fresh air that gives life a worthy cause and a meaningful reason to live. One might ask but who is this sleeping giant? What does this sleeping giant have to offer if upon wakening, the world can be a better place to live in? The sleeping giant represents all those who proclaim that they are Christians, but through their lives hardly proclaim the Good News… they are ‘lukewarm’ in their faith. The aim of this book is to reach out to this sleeping giant and to gently provoke and inspire the giant to wake up. This book proposes to make this giant stand up and be a witness of God’s love to society.

  • ISBN: 9781370926558
  • Author: George Calleja
  • Published: 2017-07-19 22:05:09
  • Words: 8226
Waking Up The Sleeping Giant Waking Up The Sleeping Giant