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Waiting Time


Waiting Time




By Hiranya Borah






Copyright 2016 Hiranya Borah


Shakespir Edition


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How much time we have to spend on ‘waiting’ in our life? Some organization through a study found that around one third of your ‘productive time’ is lost for waiting. If you think it is an overestimation, being a statistician from India, I think it is an underestimation, at least for us living in India. Before I argue whether the estimate was an underestimation or overestimation, let me define two main types of waiting time. First is not directly time consuming and second one consumes time and can be measured with more or less precisely.

First type of waiting time is of long duration and it goes along with other activities without or with very little impact on daily activities. Example for this type of waiting is ‘waiting for Board result’ or ‘waiting for growing up children’ or with negative notion, ‘waiting for appropriate opportunity for taking a revenge on someone’. These ‘waiting time’ may be of in hours/ days/ months/ years/ even for one life time. Normally, however, these ‘waiting time’ exceeds more than a month.

The second type of ‘waiting time’ starts from a nano-second to hours; beyond hours one cannot wait for a particular service or for a particular person or to see a particular animal etc. The estimate of ‘waiting time’ is actually based on second category of ‘waiting time’.

In this story, based on ‘waiting time’ how the life of a person has been changed over time, is described.

Amit, the protagonist has to wait all the time for better future in economic life, better future in love life and so on. Whether he achieved what he wanted to achieve by waiting patiently? Or he achieved only partially? Or he achieved nothing at all and all his ‘waiting time’ has gone as cheer wastage of time only? Or he achieved far better life due to waiting for someone he loved?

It is not a typical love story between two young individuals nor does a triangular love story when one sacrifices his own emotions for his friend. It is about a love story which was twisted as per convenience.

This is the twentieth book published on the platform of Shakespir for which I shall be remain grateful for all the time to come to the readers of Shakespir and Shakespir publication.



Chapter I: Waiting for Birth


According to the mythological epic Mahabharata, the longest wait to give birth her sons was for Gandahri, wife of Dhritarashtra and the mother of hundred sons including the ambitious prince of that time, Duryodhan. She conceived much before his brother in law, Pandu’s wife Kunti. During those days, caesarean was not known to the consulting doctors of the King, therefore she had to wait for a natural delivery. Finally, to her utter disgust, she gave birth a lump of lifeless flesh. However, once the lump of flesh was divided into one hundred one pieces and kept in hundred one earthen vessels on the advice of Saint Veda Vyas, after few days of incubation, Duryodhan was born breaking the earthen vessel. The other ninety-nine brothers and a sister followed him in due course of time. To the jubilations of everyone, Gandhari was blessed with hundred sons and a daughter. Unfortunately for the Kauravas, after waiting for thirteen years in the wild, Pandava killed (actually all the brothers were killed by Bhim, the second Pandava) in the epic battle of Mahabharata. Here, waiting time had been epitomised beautifully by the writer, Veda Vyas. In modern time also, waiting is an important factor of our life which is also extremely time consuming.

Amit was also waiting in mother’s womb more than the expected time to come out. In India, two types of hospitals having two types of philosophies; in Government hospital caesarean is avoided as far as possible and in private hospital caesarean is encouraged for different reasons. Amit’s family was from a rural area of Assam and in Assam hospitalisation for delivery is still not very high as per the available statistics. The family of Amit also thought that he would also be born in their home like his elder brother and sister. But Amit was a man who likes to wait for the appropriate time; he was carrying that perception even before his birth. He took his own time from coming out from the cosy womb of his mother. When his father thought the baby took little more time to come out, having no alternative, took his wife to the district Civil Hospital.

But before any interventions from the doctors, Amit decided to come out from the comfort zone. He took his own time to pass his first stool to the discomfort of everyone accompanying his mother to the hospital. Only thing he did in time after his birth was crying at the top of his voice. His teeth came late, he started walking late and talking also took time compared to other children.

He was forced to go to school before time; but his understanding to any subject took time except mathematics. Normally, for any child it is other way round. He was intelligent; but he did not use signs (in his mother tongue one has to use signs for shorter version of vowels) in his writing and therefore he used to commit lot of spelling mistakes. Contrary to the most of his peers, he was able to solve mathematical problems in his finger tips.

He did not like girls when his most of the friends were after girls to solve their problems as if those are problems of their own and heaven would fall, if those were not solved within minutes. No, he was not homosexual either. But once he crosses twenty, the situations changed dramatically and his urge for company of girls eclipsed the desire for girls for most of his friends.

In one sentence he can be described as a ‘waiting person’ for appropriate time and whenever he decides to be in the midst of action, he does it with full force to the discomfort of foes and friends alike.

On his twenty first birth day, he fell in love with Pryanka, sister of Anil, one of the closest friends of Amit. Though he saw Pryanka for many years, he realized on that day he loves Pryanka at the time of cake cutting when she insisted that she would take the first bite of the birth day cake. He decided to propose her one day. When he would propose her, he could not decide immediately. Therefore, he postponed his decision to propose her at an appropriate time.

For next five years, he has been waiting for the appropriate time to express his love for Pryanka.

Pryanka, five year junior to Amit in age has another suitor, Pankaj who happens to be a good friend of both Amit and Anil. But as usual, like in any triangular love affairs, Pankaj did not tell about his liking for Pryanka to Amit and Anil and Amit also did not tell his liking for Pryanka to Pankaj and Anil. However, from body language, both Amit and Pankaj suspected each other on their pursuit to win over the lady love.

Though Pyanka also knew about liking of two friends towards her, she had pretended to be unaware of their feelings for last five years as per the impression of Amit.

Chapter II: Waiting for a Flight


Waiting to receive someone at the airport or at the railway station or at the bus stand may be extremely tedious; though at times, it may also be most inspiring and lovely. It depends upon, whom you are going to receive and with whom you are going to the airport/ railway station/ bus stand.

Imagine a situation; you are going to receive your boss who is coming for an inspection at your office. You are going to receive him along with the most beautiful lady of your office. What is your expectation? Flight should be late at least by five hours and that information should be known to you only after you reach the airport. Best thing can happen, if the information of flight cancellation be announced after six hours of waiting at the airport with that beautiful lady.

Imagine another situation: you along with your semi bald headed fat boss are going to receive the beautiful daughter of your boss who is coming for a vacation in your city for the first time. What is your expectation? Flight should not be late even for a minute and even if flight is late, the information should be known to you before you leave your office for the airport.

But in most of the cases, it happens just opposite to your expectations. Flight lands on time when you are with a beautiful lady to receive your uncanny boss and flight is bound to be late when you are waiting with your boss to receive his gorgeous daughter. But that is life; you cannot help it.

Amit came well before time to receive Pryanka at Indira Gandhi International Airport as requested by her brother Anil. On his arrival at the airport he came to know that the flight had been delayed by two hours. While loitering outside the airport, he saw Pankaj was also roaming around restlessly. Though, both of them were always in contact, today none of them told each other that they were coming to receive Pryanka at the airport. Now both of them faced an awkward situation.

Amit first broke the ice, ‘Anil told me at the morning today to receive Pryanka at the airport. I could not tell you as I was somewhat busy in a new project; otherwise both of us could come together.’ In fact, Anil told Amit two days back to receive his sister.

Pankaj replied with the same apologetic tone, ‘Yaah, that would have been better! But I was not aware that Pankaj has requested you to receive her. Actually, I was requested by Pryanka to receive her at the airport. She also requested me not to bother you un-necessarily.’

Reply of Pankaj hit the very core of Amit. ‘Does it mean, Pryanka has a preference of Pankaj over Amit?’ Amit thought. However, within few seconds, Amit recovered from the unexpected answer from Pankaj and asked, ‘How do you plan to take her to place of her staying?’ Amit knew that Pankaj does not have a car and he has.

‘I thought to hire a cab!’ Pankaj knew, here Amit had an upper hand; Amit had a Honda City. Financially, Amit is sounder because of three reasons; better family background, better results compared to Pankaj in all the examinations he appeared as a student and consequently he is having a better pay package. Due to these reasons, Amit has been preferred by her family for Pryanka. That was the reason Anil telephoned Amit, not Pankaj to receive Pryanka at the airport. However, after receiving the call from Pryanka, Pankaj had little doubt that, Pryanka had more inclination towards him.

‘Do not worry, I have brought my car. We all three will go together and have dinner and then drop her at the hostel.’ Amit told with a tinge of boast.

Pryanka was coming for her higher studies in Delhi University. She was always in contact with Pankaj which was a secret not divulged to Amit or to Anil or to both of them. But on that day, Pankaj wanted to divulge everything to Amit, though Pankaj was not hundred percent sure that Pryanka loves him.

‘I want to say something to you today.’ Pankaj wanted to divulge everything to Amit knowing fully well that Amit had also soft corner for Pryanka. But Amit interrupted him by saying, ‘We have enough time to talk; before that we should have coffee. While taking coffee, we can have a long conversation.’

After sitting at a corner, Amit asked Pankaj to tell what he wanted to tell him.

With little bit hesitation, Pankaj started talking. ‘I know I may hurt you by telling that I love Pryanka.’

‘Do not worry, I am not hurt. I knew it, perhaps the way you know, I also know it from your body language. But I have never discussed the matter with anybody. However, I have a feeling, Anil and his family are more interested to arrange the marriage of their sister/ daughter with me than my interest to marry her. As you might be aware, I always keep many alternatives for fulfilling my necessities on any fronts. Anyway, I am not sure, whether she has already told you that she loves you or not.’ Amit told Pankaj with usual calmness.

‘No. I am still not sure. But she had been in my contact for last three years. Occasionally, she showed so much interest in me, I feel she loves me as much as I love her.’ He wanted to see the reaction of Amit. To his surprise, he saw Amit was busy in relishing coffee without any sign of taking interest in his talk. Pankaj became upset for no seeing any strong reaction from his rival. He felt that he might be indulging only in a shadow boxing with Amit for winning Pryanka.

Amit was very much upset to hear from Pankaj that Pryanka had inclination for Pankaj. But Amit is a big fish from an unending sea, not like Pankaj whose domain was limited. Therefore, Amit showed no apparent displeasure to Pankaj and gulped the humiliation of losing a battle of love to an ordinary person, as if nothing had happened. Was he planning to take revenge on Pankaj and Pryanka?

‘Waiting for someone at the airport is really tedious, unless you have a companion with whom you always like to talk.’ With a pause Amit said again, ‘Today as you are with me, we can pass our time with ease.’

Pankaj tried to evaluate the truthfulness of Amit’s statement. Pankaj started a feeling of suffocation. He wanted to tell his relation with Pryanka in detail and Amit was reluctant to hear his side of the story. An unbearable silence descended between them. Time was passing very slowly.

‘We can have another cup of coffee to pass our time. What you say?’Finally Amit broke the silence again.

While they were taking second cup of coffee, Amit saw a colleague in the restaurant. On seeing Amit, she waived her hand and greeted him, ‘Hi Amit, you are here!’

Amit stood up from his chair and he walked to her. She immediately hugged Amit and said, ‘I am here to receive my Mom, coming from Mumbai. What about you?’

‘I am coming with my friend. His girl friend is coming from Guwahati. Flight was originally late by an hour, now it is announced, it is two hour late.’ Amit told to her introducing Pankaj. Pankaj shook his hand with Amit’s colleague, Ria.

‘That is good for me at least! We can pass our time in a good way, because now both the flights are expected to reach at the same time.’ Ria giggled and again hugged Amit. Then she almost dragged Amit out of the restaurant. Pankaj realized the colleague must be much closed to Amit, even if they might not be lovers. Now Pankaj realized why Amit was not taking any interest in his story involving Pryanka. Somehow, he had been relieved also to know that Amit was not seriously involved with Pryanka, as he thought earlier.

While accompanying Ria, Amit was thinking, if Pryanka had been in love with Pankaj, why he should be after her or waiting for her to open up his heart to her. He knew a number of beautiful girls had been after him and Ria was the front runner among them. Ria was more beautiful than Pryanka; but he loved Pryanka all along till few minutes ago.

‘But now, I have to change my stance. Ria is good looking and she is from a very good family. My parents and her parents may not be adverse to our marriage due to equal social status. So why not Ria instead of Pryanka!’ He thought.

After thinking on that line, he abandoned the idea of taking revenge on Pankaj and Pryanka.

Ria was clinging to Amit holding his hand like a little girl. Amit did not try to avoid her like on other days. Ria also noticed the change in Amit’s behaviour and became very happy. Her sixth sense told her, Amit lost a battle of love to his friend and he was vulnerable at that time. ‘Attack him with a machine gun with bullets of your love. Give a healing touch on his broken heart. Your win is assured!’ Her inner sense advised her.

So, the waiting time of five years for Pryanka was over! Sometimes, substitute is better than the original. In case of Amit also, he got a better substitute in Ria in all respect.

However anyone can raise the following question: Was it a wastage of time for Amit for being after Pryanka for so long without letting her to know explicitly that he loved her?

I cannot say. Only time will be able to tell all of us whether ‘waiting’ for proposing Pryanka and taking a decision not to propose her, was good for Amit or not.

Chapter III: Flight Arrived


Amit met Ria’s parents already two times in family get-together organised by the company where both of them were working for last three years. The parents of Ria always showed more than usual warmness towards him whenever they met. Though Ria had invited Amit several times to her home, she had not visited her home due to his special liking for Pryanka.

Flight from Mumbai arrived five minutes before the flight from Guawhati. After half an hour, Ria’s mother emerged through the glass door of the arrival terminal. After customary hugging, Ria told her mother that Amit was also with her. Her mother thought he accompanied Ria to receive her. Ria however, corrected her mother that he was with his friend who had come to receive his girl friend. Though it was cheer coincidence of their meeting, Ria’s mother thought, ‘If God wishes, it may be a good beginning!’ She did not know that a good beginning had already been on the cards.

Amit proposed to have a cup of coffee before leaving the airport which Ria’s mother quickly accepted. Amit told Pankaj that he would be in the restaurant and requested him to come to the restaurant along with Pryanka.

Ria’s mother, Mrs. Sood asked Amit an awkward question to the discomfort of Ria and Amit, ‘How long you will be visiting the airport along with your friend to receive his girl friend?’

For few seconds Amit could not react. Then he replied in an interesting tone, ‘I shall not have any problem to receive my girl friend’s mom also. But in that case, girl friend has to request for coming to the airport along with her. Even before that, I must have a girl friend. As on today, unfortunately, I do not have any girl friend.’

Mrs. Sood smiled and told, ‘You do not have a girl friend or you do not want to have one?’

‘Earlier boys have to propose. Now in a gender sensitive society, every girl has the right to propose. But so far none has proposed explicitly to be my girl friend. On the other hand, I do not have the courage to propose to any girl to be my girl friend. Therefore, I do not have a girl friend. But now, probably I do not need any girl friend. My parents are pressing me for my marriage. So I need a girl to be my wife, not a girl friend.’ He explained his position.

‘Should I find a girl for you?’ Mrs. Sood asked Amit.

‘No Mom, do not do that; your choices are very bad! Moreover, Amit’s parents must have chosen someone for him.’ Ria interrupted who was silent for a long time.

‘No, so far they have not done that. They told me to find one. I am waiting for someone to propose. But she may not be willing to propose me!’ He hinted explicitly that he was not adverse to marry Ria if she and her family were interested

‘Then why do not you propose him right now? Maximum, he will reject you!’ Mrs. Sood whispered at Ria’s ear.

At her mother’s eagerness to finish the job at that time itself gave Ria a blushing in her face which Amit could notice clearly.

Ria kept mum despite her mother’s encouragement. Mrs. Sood became little bit impatient. She thought; that was the most appropriate time for the proposal.

‘Would you mind if I ask you something?’ Mrs. Sood asked Amit with a little bit of hesitation in his voice.

‘You are like my own mom, why you are hesitating to ask me something? I am sure whatever you will ask, that will only good for me.’ Amit assured her.

‘But Mom, do not ask him something which would be embarrassing for all of us.’ Ria cautioned her mother.

‘No, she can ask me anything. I assure you Aunt, I shall not be embarrassed whatever you ask me. However, to be fair enough to Ria, I must have to confess here, whenever my mother wants to tell something to my friends, I used to be worried. So Ria’s worry is also justified.’ He defended Ria as well.

‘Ok, you have assured me that is why, I am asking you. Do you find anything wrong with our daughter to be your wife?’A straight question from Mrs. Sood floored both Amit and Ria.

Instead of answering her question he asked Mrs. Sood, ‘Have you ever asked the same question to Ria?’

‘No, but as a mother I can read her eyes and her mind. She loves you and she will be the happiest one if you marry her.’

There was total silence for a minute or two. Then Amit said, ‘I want to talk to Ria alone for a few minutes before I tell you my answer.’

Leaving Mrs. Sood in the restaurant, both of them went out. Amit told Ria, ‘Till an hour ago if your mother would have asked me the same question, I would have said, I cannot marry you, because I love someone else. I was waiting for last five years to tell another lady those three dreaded words. But situation has changed dramatically.’ He stopped there.

‘An hour ago you came to know that she loves your friend, am I right?’ Ria asked him.


‘But that hardly matters for me. Instead, I am thankful to God, He heard my prayer.’ Ria’s answered floored Amit.

‘Then, should I say ‘yes’ to your mother’s proposal?’ Amit still wanted to hear a comprehensive answer from Ria.

‘Yes, Baby.’ Telling those two words, Ria hugged Amit once again and uttered the three dreaded words, ‘I love you.’

As Ria and Amit entered to the restaurant, they saw Mrs. Sood closing her eyes was praying. Ria touched her mother’s shoulder and said teasingly, ‘Mom, he refused to marry me.’

Mrs. Sood was about to have a heart attack. Seeing her depressed look Amit said, ‘If I address you Mom from now onwards, would you mind?’

Mrs. Sood realized Ria made a bad joke and reacted with a smile, ‘Oh, God, this girl would have killed me today!’

Chapter IV: Where is Priyanka


During all these actions and conversations, Amit forgot one thing, where was Pryanka. They had already passed almost one hour in the restaurant; but Pankaj had not come with Pryanka. Amit thought, Pankaj might have taken Pryanka without telling her that Amit also came to receive her. On the next moment he thought, Pankaj would never do that for two reasons: one he would like to make her see Amit with another gorgeous girl in an extremely friendly manner and two, to avail a free ride for which Pankaj was infamous for. Now, Amit became worried for some unknown fear.

‘Ria how will you go home?’Amit asked.

‘I am with my vintage car. Do not worry for us, please take your friend and his girlfriend to their destination.’ Her eyes twinkled with a naughty smile.

Though Amit understood why Ria had given more stress on the word ‘his girl friend’ he was no mood to react.

After exchanging ‘good bye’ with Amit, Ria and her mother left the airport with an extremely happy note.

After their departure, Amit went to the arrival gate to meet Pankaj. As soon as Pankaj saw Amit he came running to him and told what Amit did not want to hear. Pryanka was not seen coming out with other passengers coming from the flight from Guwahati. Keeping himself calm Amit asked, ‘Have you called her on her mobile?’

‘It is switched off.’ He answered with a fumbling voice.

‘Have you confirmed that she was actually travelled by that flight? Let me talk with Anil.’ Amit remained calm.

When Amit telephoned, Anil and other family members panicked.

Anil dropped Pryanka at the airport and luckily for them (at that time they felt like that) Anil met his another friend Ankur who was also flying by the same flight.

When Ankur was contacted he told them that Priyanka was beside him on the aircraft; once flight landed at the airport she went to the washroom saying Ankur can go, as to receive her Amit and Pankaj were coming to the airport.

Had Pankaj seen Ankur coming out of the airport? Surprisingly answer was a ‘no’. Having no alternative, both of them first approached the Airport Authority and then filed a missing report at the police station attached to the Airport.

Chapter V: Conjectures


The police first suspected it was a case of eloping with someone whom she loves. They scanned all the CCTV and nothing suspicious came to their notice. Therefore, they were about to come to a conclusion that their conjecture was a reality. However, when they came to know from all the possible sources, she did not have a boy friend except having some soft corner for Pankaj, they had to drop the idea of eloping with any boy friend of her.

Then, the police worked on the second conjecture, she had been abducted by some known persons. The main suspects were Pankaj, Ankur and Amit.

Amit and Ankur could provide reliable alibi in their defence; Ria and Mrs. Sood for Amit and Ankur’s wife who came to the airport to receive her husband became the reliable alibi for Ankur. The statement of not meeting Ankur, his wife and staying away from Amit for more than an hour made Pankaj the main suspect. He was taken into the custody by the police. The poor fellow had to face all sorts of humiliation in the hands of police. However, after scanning phone records, questioning all his friends, nothing incriminating evidence was found against Pankaj. Finally police let Pankaj to go away and dropped the second theory of kidnapping by known persons.

The police started working on the third conjecture, Pryanka after coming out of the airport did not find Amit and Pankaj at the gate. She might be loitering and at that time some anti socials abducted her. But here few questions disturbed the investigating officials: why she did not telephone to Amit or Pankaj or to her family. The second question was, why Pankaj could not see her nor she could see Pankaj at the door. Did she take a different door? Did she take a cab to her destination seeing none had come to receive her? Where is her mobile phone? Her mobile phone could not be recovered but last location of her mobile phone was traced within the airport.

Even after one year, police could not solve the case and closed the case as an unsolved case.

Chapter VI: Baby boom


‘Are you going to extend your maternity leave for another few months?’

‘No, Mom says she will take care of Priya.’ Ria is willing to join the office as early as possible. She is feeling bore keeping herself inside four walls of her house with Priya, her daughter.

‘I think, you should extend your leave. At least you can wait to see her first walk!’ Amit wants Ria should be with Priya till she starts walking.

‘Wait for some more time, is your habit, not mine.’ Ria is in no mood to extend her leave.

‘Why you are so angry darling? You know very well, I also take quick decision when necessary, otherwise, you would not have a chance to fight with me!’ Amit answers with a broad smile.

‘Had you taken a quick decision to propose Pryanka, it may so happen, she would have been here. God knows where that poor girl is right now!’ Ria remembers the missing rival lover.

‘It hurts me whenever I recall the incident of her missing, after all she was the sister of my best friend. Aunty could not recover from that shock. All faults lies with that rascal, Pankaj who could not keep a proper eye on the arrival gate on that day.’

After a pause he comments to himself, ‘I may also be blamed, I took a quick decision on that day to wipe out her from my heart immediately once I came to know that she might have an inclination towards Pankaj. I did not want to be a ‘Devdas’ (proverbial Romeo who spoiled his life by taking liquor all the time due to a failed love affair). I immediately changed my heart to the willing girl, Ria and married her within six months of Priyanka’s disappearance.’

Whenever he thinks about Priyanka, he silently thanks Ria for giving so much love in last two years despite of knowing that she was not his first love. He is also thankful to Ria’s family for offering Ria’s hand to him at that time when he was to be broken into pieces.

But above all he thanks God for not allowing him to commit a crime, because he also thought to abduct Priyanka to give a lesson to Pankaj and Priyanka. It is the Almighty who sent Ria to the restaurant as His representative at that time to pull him out from all sorts of negative thoughts.

On the other hand, the poor fellow, Pankaj is still waiting for Priyanka to come back. Will he wait for his whole life? What will be his waiting time for Priyanka??????????’



The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.


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Waiting Time

Ria was clinging to Amit holding his hand like a little girl. Amit did not try to avoid her like on other days. Ria also noticed the change in Amit’s behaviour and became very happy. Her sixth sense told her, Amit lost a battle of love to his friend and he was vulnerable at that time. ‘Attack him with a machine gun with bullets of your love. Give a healing touch on his broken heart. Your win is assured!’ Her inner sense advised her.

  • ISBN: 9781310126093
  • Author: Hiranya Borah
  • Published: 2016-06-02 19:20:08
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Waiting Time Waiting Time