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As the bell rang, all the doors on each hallway slammed shut, teachers ahead their class writing on the board as students yawned and stretched at their seats one after the other. The hallways were silent except for a freshman pounding at the tile floors as he jogged to class. One hand clutching his binder and text book close to his chest with the other pushing his glasses up on his face. As he turned the corner he was startled by another student on their way to class. He immediately evaded her stepping out of her way but tripping over his own feet. Using his arm to break his fall his papers flew everywhere as his glasses slid across the floor.

“Are you ok!?” she said kneeling down pilling up the loose-leaf paper spread across the floor. She then crawled over to his glasses handing them back to him as he grabbed his books and dusted off his shirt.

“Yes, I’m fine.” He said reaching for his glasses. “Thank you. My name is Kenny, and you are……” He suddenly stopped as he realized who it was.

“Hi, I’m Megan.” she said with a broad smile as she extended her hand.

“Um…. Of course,” He said with hesitation. “Sorry for almost running into you, I was in a hurry.”

“No it’s fine, after all you’re the one who fell on the floor.” she said giggling.

Kenny couldn’t help but become shy around her, Megan was a part of the honors society and junior class president. She was a long jumper on the track team and went to states last year. Not to mention she was taller than him standing at five foot nine without heels with long black hair and these amazing green eyes. Kenny dreamed of one day asking her out but every time he was in her presence his stomach would turn and his mouth would suddenly stop working. Not to mention every other guy in school had a crush on her as well.

“Megan.” He said with his fists balled tightly and staring down at the tan tiled floor in-between her white designer high heels. “I have something I wanted to ask you.”

She suddenly stopped laughing as she opened her eyes and slightly tilted her head to the side. “Oh, what is it?” As he opened his mouth, a loud noise consumed the hallway and soon after the shattering of glass followed startling them both. They turned in the direction of the commotion and witnessed two guys bursting through the glass double doors, turning down the hallway in the other direction.

“Isn’t that the school store!?” she said worked up into a frenzy, her heels clacked against the floor as she hopped down the hall confined by her skirt. As his books hit the ground once more, Kenny took off down the hallway pumping his arms as quick as possible. Megan came to a holt from the wind blowing pass her that followed Kenny down the hallway. One of the doors flew open with a teacher popping his head out into the hallway “What was that?” He said as his eyes locked on to Kenny as he came flying down the hallway.

“The school store was just robbed, call the principle and tell him to lock down the school!” Kenny yelled turning his head back towards the teacher. As the suspects turned the corner Kenny tightened his fisted and pumped his arms as hard as he could to keep up. Rounding the corner, he had the two-right back in his sites with a long stretch of hallway ahead of him. Though trying as hard as he could to keep up the two seemed to be pulling away fast. Gritting his teeth and pushing with everything he could he made it his duty to keep pace, however within a few seconds they were already near the next turn. Sneakers scuffed the floor as the two turned right onto the next hallway. As Kenny slide into the turn he found an empty hallway with three other halls and a staircase.

With his heart pressing again his chest and sweat beginning to appear on his forehead Kenny bent over as his hand gripped his knees in an effort to catch his breath. “Attention Valdigan High School! The school has been placed on code red, I repeat code red, students are to stay in their class until further notice.” said the principle over the intercom.

As his heavy breathing turns to wheezing Kenny removes his inhaler from his pocket and takes a puff. Standing there for a moment until his breathing has returned to normal Kenny begins to walk back down the hallway to the bookstore with his fist tightly gripping his inhaler. “Next time I will catch you.”

Kenny turned the corner back on the hallway to hear voices coming from the school store. Approaching the door, he finds Kyle by the register writing in his notepad with Amanda the store manager while two other members went down the aisle tagging damaged merchandise and items that may have been tampered with. “Kenny, I heard you were pursuing them what happened?” Kyle said as he placed his notepad in his back pocket.

“They got away.” Kenny said looking down towards the ground.

“It’s ok, we have time to catch them with the school locked down so let’s get moving.”

On their way to the club room Kyle glanced over at Kenny who’s head never rose from back at the school store. “If you never raise your head how are you supposed to find the thieves?” Kyle said.

Kenny straightened up immediately, eyes wide and back straight. “Sorry, it won’t happen again.”

“What’s bothering you Kenny, I know you’re not the most upbeat guy but you seem gloomy today.”

“It’s just…. I Knew high school would be different from middle school but I didn’t expect this. They were so fast it made no sense, I had no chance at all catching them.”

“Give it time you’re only a freshman, I was just like you at your age. It takes patience and hard work to achieve your goals don’t forget that. Plus, your close if not the fastest guy in your class and you really had no competition this year in football on junior varsity. It’s good that you push yourself to be better but understand that you have others here to help you as well so don’t beat yourself up.” Kyle said.

As Kyle entered the clubroom there were already members seated around the room chatting. With the classroom once being a regular room for teaching the large desk was still at the head of the class with thirty or so small desks lined up evenly throughout the room. The newly painted white walls covered the left-over tape and poster marks that were removed. Extra standard blue single chairs lined the walls of the room due to the lack of space as the club’s numbers grew year after year.

He picked up a marker and began copying his notes onto the whiteboard in front of the room. With most of the members already present and the few remaining entering one by one, he turned towards the group and pointed to the whiteboard. “So far this is what we know about the case present.” As his voice roared across the classroom silence fell across it as well with everyone’s eyes glued to him.

“We don’t have much we just know that there are two suspects and a few items damaged in the store but, the main thing is that the register was cleared out so apparently, that was their main objective. With the school on lock down they have nowhere to go but that is only for one whole period so we have to move quick. We will split into groups of two and cover all areas of the school, if you find anything communicate it through our group message.” Kyle said, as he briefed the club Kenny sat back in the corner with his lips tucked away while twirling a pencil in his hand. “Kenny you’re with me let’s go!” Kyle said from the front of the room.

As Kenny exited the room, he caught a small notepad tossed to him that looked exactly like the one Kyle had in the bookstore. He then noticed that Kyle had not stopped walking the whole time he was standing there. Kenny broke his stride once he caught up to Kyle who was walking at a quick pace. “So where are we going?” Kenny asked.

“We will stay in Wing B on the first floor, that’s where you last saw them and that’s where we will pick up.”

Knocking on multiple doors and asking teachers about their student’s whereabouts during the incident they found nothing useful until Kyle’s thigh began to vibrate. After reading the message Kyle quickly tucked his phone away and headed down the hallway. “Let go Kenny.” Soon Kenny’s phone began vibrating, he opened the message and put his phone away as his face shifted to an earnest expression. Their quick pace soon turned into a light jog down the hallway, they made their way down the glass covered hallway over to Wing A. Climbing up a few stair cases, they stopped on the third floor where two club members and another student was standing outside the classroom.

She’s tall Kenny thought as they approached the three students in the hall.

“So what did you find?” Kenny asked.

“She said she saw them coming up the steps as she was coming out of the bathroom.”

“Yea they had these animal masks on but they were really fast. Extremely fast, the way they ran I would say they were on the track team. Their posture was very straight and both arms and legs moved almost robotically.”

“Now that I think about it they did run straight up.” Kenny added.

Kyle removed his phone from his pocket and began pounding at the screen with his thumbs. “Let’s head to the gym.” He said to Kenny. “Good job you two, keep asking around for any more info.” He said nodding to the VTF members.

“All track team members report to the gymnasium at this time, I repeat all track team members report to the gymnasium at this time.” The secretary said.

Kyle and Kenny made their way back down the stairs and down the hall to the gym. As Kyle scrolled through the long list of female names on his message list he looked down at Kenny again who’s eyebrows were balled up as he looked down the hallway. “What is it now Kenny?” Kyle asked.

“That girl…. she was so tall but, I have never seen her before.” Kenny said.

“That’s Brenda, she’s a senior on the volleyball team and there’s a lot of girls you haven’t seen yet. This school is huge so don’t be shocked if your still seeing new people at the end of the year.”

“So is she taller than you?”

“Yea by two inches, that’s it.”

“That’s it.” Kenny said turning to Kyle. “She looks even taller than that.”

“Well of course she would to you, your only five foot six and I’m six feet.” Kyle said with a smirk as they turned the corner.

Moments later they finally made it to the gym. As they opened the double doors pressing against the push bar, the sound echoed through the open gym floor. The basketball court sparkled from the lights beaming overhead with the basketball hoops retracted up to the ceiling. The gym class ran around the indoor track that was installed around the second level case of bleacher which left the bottom level open. This gave Kyle and Kenny some space so no one could get involved with their investigation.

The latch on the double doors alarmed Kyle and Kenny as members of the team began to enter little by little. Whispering began among the athletes that had taken their seats in the bleachers as they glanced over to see two students sitting in the corner down at the other side of the gym. As more took their seats and continued to stare in their direction eventually the captain leaped from the bleachers and ambled his way down to Kyle and Kenny. “What’s up Kyle, I take it you know why we were called down here.” he asked.

“Hey Larry, and yes I do.” Kyle said standing up. “Is everyone here?”

“Yea, that was the last bit that came in, so what’s this all about.”

As they made their way back down the hardwood floor to confront the large group huddled together Kyle explained what was needed of the team to their captain. Larry handed Kyle a sheet of paper which he then checked off the captain’s name.

“I need everyone here to line up in a single file line with hall passes in hand.” Kyle said.

Tumbling down from the bleachers came the crowd who lined up in front of the three students. As each student approached Kyle with their hall pass he checked them off the list, one by one they left the gym until it was only Kyle, Kenny and Larry. With the roster being completely checked off the possibility of the thieves being someone from the track team grew slim.

“What about any of the other teams, did it ever cross your mind that it could be them?” Larry said.

“Yea but the only witness so far said they looked like they were on the track team from their running form.” Kenny said scratching his head. “Plus we don’t have enough time to do this with every team in the school.”

Kyle stared at the roster for what seemed like minutes, am I missing something he thought to himself. Everyone knows that track runners are trained to run with perfect form to achieve the best time possible. The average person doesn’t even walk with perfect posture let alone run. With straight fluent arm movements and a in sync stride matching the rest of their body, even if it’s not someone from the track team they have to be an athlete. “Or maybe I’m just looking in the wrong place.” Kyle said from under his breath.

Again, there was a buzzing sound that drew the attention of all present. Reaching into his pocket, this time someone was calling Kyle. “Hello.” He answered with his eyes still drawn to the roster sheet but was quickly snapped from his focus. “What!?” He said as his eyes bulged from their sockets turning his head toward Kenny. Immediately pressing the end button, he charged towards the double doors without saying a word. Bursting through and cutting around the corner without breaking his stride. Right behind him Kenny pushed open the door and slid around the corner trying his best to keep up.

“What going on!?” Kenny yelled a few yards behind.

“Just move I’ll explain when we get there!” Kyle said as he lowered his head and tightened his fists. While trying to keep up with Kyle, Kenny’s phone began to vibrate as well but ignored it due to the situation at hand.

The thumps of their footsteps sounded throughout the empty hallways and into the classrooms as if there was a drill team passing by. The hallway took them into Wing C where Kyle began to scale the steps hitting every other one. All the way up to the third floor and down another hall at the very end they found three members of VTF on the floor outside the bathroom. One was gripping his head and gritting his teeth while the other was still unconscious. “What happened here!?” Kenny said.

“They were attacked.” Liberty said lifting and propping their unconscious comrade against the wall. “Ryan took off in pursuit after we saw them running down the hall.”

As more teams converged on site the two victims had regained consciousness and were back on their feet. While carrying the two back to the club room Ryan met up with them on his way back to the scene of the incident. “I followed them for as long as I could but those guys are in another league.” He said breathing rapidly.

As everyone poured back into the club room there wasn’t a silent person among them. Everyone seemed to have some idea of who it may be but no one was asking the right people anything. With all the commotion in the room Kyle kneeled down in front of the two individuals hunched over in their chairs, who’s eyes found the floor in hopes of hiding them from their peers.

“Hey, wrong place wrong time don’t sweat it.” Kyle said gripping their shoulders as he smiled. “Did you get a good look at them at all?”

“I got a glimpse of one, but it happened so quick. He had a monkey mask on but I was able to knock it half way off until his friend got involved.” he said.

“I didn’t even get that; all I remember is waking up to Liberty.”

“Do you think you might be able to point out one of them in a year book?” Kyle asked.

“I might but can’t promise anything.”

As Kyle raised up to open his mouth his view became obstructed by a book, the most recent year book. “There was one on the bookcase.” Kenny said with a smirk.

A screech roared throughout the room as Kenny pushed the desk towards the group. Kyle began to surf through the pages with him starting at the very beginning. Past the freshmen, through the sophomores, through the juniors, and even past the seniors.

“I’m sorry but no one looks familiar.” He said.

Kyle took a deep breath, then quickly exhaled before looking up at the clock. They were only through the individual photos so he continued turning the pages through the rest of the book. Browsing through the team photos, Kyle suddenly stopped slamming his finger down onto the page. “Who is that?” He said looking up at Kenny.

“I’m not sure but I don’t remember seeing him in the gym.” Kenny said leaning in. “Or that guy.” Stretching his neck out towards the book, his eyes squinted to reassure his statement.

Scrolling through his recent call log, Kyle dials the principles number. Pacing back and forth, the ringer could not be more delayed. “Kyle, have you found the criminals yet.” He said hastily.

“No but I have a good lead. What class is the track team captain in right now.”

The president pounded away at the keyboard checking his student database for Larry Watkins. Clicking on the name he found his information and emergency contacts then scrolled down to his class schedule to find his morning class. “He’s in room 135A.”

“Ok, I’ll call you back when we have something else.” He said swiftly.

That’s right down the hallway he thought to himself as he hung up the phone. He looked up and raised his hands towards the chattering group while backing up towards the exit. “Everyone we may have a lead but we have to move fast. We are on our way to talk to the track captain but keep searching the floors for the suspects until I contact you.” Kenny slammed the yearbook shut, sweeping it from off the desk as he ran out the room right behind Kyle. They sprinted down the hall as fast as possible before cutting the corner and coming to a sudden holt at the first room on the right.

Kyle pounded the door twice and waited for a brief second before continuing to pound non-stop. The door finally swung open with the teacher sticking her head out into the hallway. She shook her hands up and down with her eyes stretched wide and the wrinkles mounting on her forehead. “What is the problem!?” She said.

“We need to speak to Larry immediately.” He said stepping around the teacher and peeking through the doorway looking into the classroom as everyone stared back at him. Larry jogged up the aisle hopping over his peer’s feet trying his best not to bump any desks from the narrow aisle. Making it to the front of the class he casually walked over to where Kyle had now backed out into the hallway. Closing the door behind him Kenny opened the yearbook to the track teams team photo from last year.

“Who are these two?” Kenny said shuffling his finger across the page.

Larry bent over with his eyes squinted until they shot back open as if he just witnessed a ghost. “That’s Chris and Ronny, they were kicked off the team for fighting. They were two of our best runners and even finished third at states in the four by one hundred in indoor and was on pace to make it to states during outdoor as well. They finished the school year but did not return this year.”

Without a word Kyle took out his phone and began working his thumbs as if he was playing a game. “You don’t think they’re the ones who robbed the school store do you?” Larry said. “I mean how would they have got in the school?”

“Even if it’s not them, that’s’ the best lead we have.” Kyle said as he locked the screen on his phone. “Thanks Larry.” Kyle said as he looked up with a stern face extending his hand.

“It’s no problem.” Larry said as their hand clashed together with one tight grip.

As they ambled down the hallway Kyle’s phone began vibrating uncontrollably and Kenny’s followed shortly after, every time he opened one message another came through. Kenny pulled his phone from his pocket to find the group messages flowing in with everyone sending their current locations. Kenny watched Kyle as his eyes moved across the screen rapidly until he locked the screen. As he tucked his phone back into his pocket, his pace quickened as he headed down the hall. “Where are we headed?” Kenny asked looking up at Kyle.

“We have every part of the school covered except for the library that’s where we’re headed.”

Hearing that Kenny’s body heated up and his heart beat began to race. He began taking in deep breathes while staring down at his feet trying to keep track of how many steps he was taking. “Hold your head high.” Kyle said looking down from the corner of his eyes with a grin on his face. “Don’t doubt yourself, trust me. If I didn’t believe in you, you wouldn’t be partnered with me.”

As they turned the corner and approached the glass double doors at the end of the hall Kenny removed his glasses and placed them in his shirt pocket. The reassuring words of his upperclassman brought on an undeniable change in his aura as his back straightened and those unwavering eyes locked on to the task that awaited them. They pushed through the set of double doors to find an eerily quiet room. Books were neatly stacked on top of tables with chairs tucked tightly underneath as three rows of tables led up to the back of the room. Rolling book shelves were tucked away into the corner as the rows of book cases along each wall stretched to the back wall. Opposite of the two in the very back of the library was an empty help desk with a few book stacks along the counter.

Both treaded down the walkway along each side of the room peaking under each table they passed and glancing down the book case aisles. Slowly creeping by each bookcase, they find nothing but neatly shelved books. Only a few bookcases away from the help desk the two suddenly stop, they’re joints lock up from a creek in the floor that sounded more like a firecracker. As their eyes met from across the room the two slowed down their pace even more as their bodies tensed up trying their best to imitate ninjas.

Kyle began to tip toe towards the last couple of bookcases peering around the shelf at yet another empty aisle. Gently inhaling and moving along the shelves to the last case he is met with a text book from the other side of the book case. Slamming against the upright and sent hurling into the book case behind him. A man in a monkey mask steps from behind the shelf frantically searching for his target. Kyle immediately tackles him as another man appears from around the corner sprinting towards Kenny.

His heart seemingly skipped a beat and suddenly began to pound against his chest as the visibly larger man hurdled the table in pursuit of him. As a fist came flying toward his face Kenny ducked the first punch and returned a right hook that connected to the man’s jaw almost knocking the monkey mask off his face. He took two steps back and adjusted his mask before rushing back in and grabbing Kenny’s shirt, driving him back into the bookcase. As books began to tumble from the shelves, his hand turned as if controlling a car by the steering wheel. Twisting up Kenny’s shirt he removed him from the bookcase and drove him back into the wall. As his back slammed against the wall another fist came towards his face. Despite this he cocked his head to the side, avoiding the strike that crashed through the repatched wall.

Tugging at his arm in an effort to be released, Kenny went on the offensive and began hurling punches towards the assailant. Which seemed to do little to no damage until he drove his foot into his ribcage, freeing his hand from the hole and knocking him into the book case. As more books tumbled from the bookcase, Kenny drove his shoulder into the suspects stomach as the bookcase began to rock back and forth. Kenny dropped to one knee as the man slammed his fists into his back. As his other leg shook and his grip began slipping away Kenny saw the man’s feet moving towards the end of the aisle. Gritting his teeth and regaining his balance Kenny drove his shoulder into his torso with everything he had which was more than the bookcase could take.

Kyle who had the other suspect apprehended cringed from the sound of bookcase crashing to the floor. With his knee planted in the back of the suspect, Kyle opened his eyes to find Kenny rolling across the shelf with his opponent. As he began to leap into action he was brought back to reality by the man struggling underneath him.

Kenny and the man tussled back and forth, falling from atop the bookcase onto the floor. As the scuffle continued between the two Kyle grabbed the mask from the man he had pinned down. As he grunted and swayed back and forth Kyle pressed on his head and with the other ripped the masked from his face. To no surprised it was exactly who he believed it to be. “Kenny!” He yelled from across the room. “This is Chris Dobson, which mean he is Ronny Erickson from the track team.”

With his back pinned to the ground, Kenny reached up for the mask only to have his hand smacked away. Ronny Latched onto Kenny’s neck as both hands completely engulf him. As the vein’s in his face began to appear and his face turned purple Kenny reached up once more, this time knocking the mask off revealing Ronny’s cold blue eyes and rugged face. As he gasped for air Kenny balled up his fist with everything he had left and punched Ronny in the throat. His hands that were latched onto Kenny’s throat was now on his own as he began wheezing uncontrollably.

Kenny, who now made his way on to all fours was coughing as if he was about to spit out a lung. His face had begun to return to its normal complexion as he made his way back to his feet. “You can do this Kenny!” Kyle said from the background. “Don’t doubt yourself!”

“Well…. Come on small fry, let see what you got.” Ronny said with a crooked grin on his face. Kenny slowly approached him with his hands held close to his face, one fist balled up with the other wide open. Even though he was panting and his opponent seemed relentless his eyes remained focused on his target. With Kenny now within reach Ronny swung, throwing a wild punch which Kenny dodged and countered with one of his own, again landing to the jaw. He felt his knuckle crack against his jaw line which seemed to stun Ronny but not as much as it did Kenny. He took a few steps back as Ronny turned back towards him and spit blood from his mouth.

Ronny rushed him again grabbing ahold of his shirt and slamming him into another bookcase. As Kenny struggled to loosen his grip Ronny planted his feet firmly and drove his hands upward into his chest. Kenny felt his feet begin to leave the ground and began landing punch after punch to his face. Finally, in a rage Ronny turned and hurled Kenny across the room, sending him crashing into the table and sliding off collapsing to the ground.

Ronny turned his attention to Kyle who had been watching with Chris squirming below. “And now it’s your turn Kyle.” Ronny said.

Chris began to laugh as he looked up from the corner of his eyes. “You may be good Kyle…. but you can’t take us both on.” He said.

Kyle sucked his teeth as he watched Ronny navigate his way through the tables. He had to think of something quick but the obvious choice he knew was to take them both down. “He doesn’t have to.” Kenny said raising up to one knee slamming his hand on the table. “You know for a big guy…. your pretty soft.”

Kyle chuckled at his comment then immediately push down on Chris’s back who began jerking back and forth. Ronny’s fist was balled so tight that his knuckles began to turn pale. “I’m getting real tired of you kid.” He said grimly as he started towards him.

“Attention students, you may now move to your second period code red is now over, I repeat code red is now over.” said the principle over the intercom. Ronny’s eyes widened as his head whipped across the room back to Chris who did all that he could physically do at the time which was nod his head. He pulled a chair from underneath the table and hurled it across the room at Kenny. The chair bounced off the table, barely missing him as he ducked back down. As he raised up from under the table, he saw Ronny sprinting towards the exit.

“Stop him!” Kyle yelled. Without thinking Kenny jumped up and followed right behind. Ronny lowered his shoulder blowing straight through the double doors swinging them back on their hinges slamming back shut in an instant. Kyle forced the door back open, his shoes squeaked against the floor as he came to a stop frantically scanning the hallway. Turning around there he was already halfway down the hall as students began to poor out of the classrooms. He lowered his head and took off down the hallway after him, pumping his arms as quick as he could.


“Who is that!”

“What’s going on!”

Students chattered and starred as the two flew down the hallway, cutting in between students as if they were inside a maze. “Watch out!” Kenny yelled as he maneuvered his way through the crowd, his sight fading in and out on the suspect from students blocking his path.

“Kenny!” A familiar voice yelled from behind him. He glanced over his shoulder to see two of his club members weaving through the crowd as well.

“It’s him!” Kenny yelled as he turned his head back around. “Blue hoodie, black jeans, red shoes!”

“Move!” Both of them began shouting as they followed Kenny, bobbing their heads from side to side to keep the suspect in sight. “Get out of the way!” Soon a path opened up in the middle of the hallway, everyone jumping to the side startled by all the commotion coming their way. As the path formed, Ronny could be seen clear as day as books and papers flew everywhere as he left a trail of destruction in his escape.

He slid into the turn onto the next hallway with loose pieces of paper gliding through the air. Lockers rattled as students backed against them to avoid the chaos in progress. As they turned onto the hallway crossing over to the next building the intense chase began to take its toll. Kenny’s legs felt as if they were on fire, his heart was ready to leap from his chest as his arms continued to pump as hard as they could with his fellow VTF members keeping pace. Though he was already at his max, with a lane opening up from students trying to evade the mayhem Ronny began to open his stride. With his back and head straight, arms tucked tight, and knees high the distance between them began to grow.

As he came to the end of the hall two more club members came jogging around the corner toward the commotion. Their eyes opened up as the saw three VTF members in pursuit of the man right before them. They both squatted down with open arms as Ronny lowered his shoulder. Charging through one of them, they both slammed into the lockers as a scuffle ensued in an effort to gain the upper hand. With his partner rushing over, he wrapped his arms around Ronny’s legs. Lifting his feet from off the ground they drove him to the floor as Kyle and the others converged on the spot. However, the fight was not over yet as Ronny continued to swing and kick. Pressing up off his hands he went to run once more before Kenny leaped onto his back forcing him down to the ground again.

The club members forced his hands back as one of them handed Kenny a zip tie. His heavy breathing turned into wheezing once more as he tied the last one on his wrist. Frantically he reached for his inhaler, taking a puff before looking down on Ronny and exhaling. Restrained and now held at bay, two club members grabbed Ronny by the arms and lifted him from the floor. As students in the hall loss track of time, the late bell began to ring with those still in the hall rushing to their class while staring at Kenny and his peers as they walked Ronny down the hallway.

With Kenny leading the group down the hallway, four other VTF members walked along side Ronny. He was directed down the hall by Don a junior and one of the larger members of the club. They walked through the front lobby squinting their eyes from the sun beaming through the large bay window. As Kenny raised his hand to block the sun he noticed Kyle standing at the security desk through the window.

“It’s about time you got here.” Kyle said, leaning against the security desk with a smirk on his face as they entered.

“So this is the other guy?” The security officer said as he leaned back in his chair. “Take him to the third conference room, that’s where the other one is.”

Don and Kenny continued down the hallway as the others waited up front by the desk with Kyle. As Kenny open the door, Chris who was sitting with his head hanging down in his lap immediately jumped to attention as the door swung open. Noticing Ronny behind him he sucked his teeth and lowered his head once more. As Don nudged him Ronny stepped inside the room and without a word Kenny slammed the door shut.

With the door closed Kenny exhaled deeply as he closed his eyes and relaxed his shoulders. He then felt a large hand engulf his head, shaking it back and forth. “Good job Kenny, not bad for a freshman.” Don said, then turning to walk back to the front. Standing there in front the door watching Don walk away, Kenny could not help but hold his head high grinning from ear to ear.

Hearing the sudden outbursts of laughs, Kenny turns the corner to see Kyle swinging his arms back and forth as he ran back and forth across the room reenacting the fight between him and Ronny. “Wow Kenny, I didn’t know you had it in you.” A VTF member said laughing.

“Yea but you gotta get your weight up bro.”

“And get in the gym to, you can’t be getting thrown across the room like that.”

As everyone joined in on the laughter, Kenny began to chuckle himself. Sitting down next to his club members as Kyle continued to reenact the scene with Kenny receiving handshakes and pats on the back from his peers. He looked around the room at the laughter directed at him because of his actions and understood that it wasn’t just up to him to make a difference, everyone here was his friends and at any time was here to help.

From the shenanigans taking place in the security office, no one noticed the person approaching the door. As the door knob turned and the door flew open, in stepped a pair of designer brown dress shoes made of calfskin in a navy blue tailored suit. “So, where are they?” The principle asked.

“In the first conference room.” Kyle said standing straight up as the smile vanished from his face.

“Good, I got your message and looked up the name and I remember those two very well. So, do you have a plan next or should I go ahead and alert the police.”

“Well, I would like to question them about their motives first, it’s possible that they could have been robbing the store to get back at the school but it just seems unlikely.”

“Ok, just let me know when your done so I can notify the police. For the time being, I want the rest of you to return to class, I know this is reason to celebrate but all of you missing class makes no sense.” The principle said as he opens the door and began to exit. “Kyle you and Kenny stay here and talk with those two.”

With small gestures and comments made to Kyle and Kenny the other members cleared out from the security office. As the door slowly closed behind them Kenny slowly approached Kyle as he removed his glasses from his shirt pocket and looked them over carefully before placing them back on his face. “So what do you have planned?” He said looking up at Kyle.

“We are just going to ask them a few questions.” Kyle said as he began to make his way down the hall. As the two entered the room, Chris and Ronny were seated across from each other at the very middle of the long conference table. With eighteen seats in total and two at each end, Kyle and Kenny rolled the two chairs out closest two the exit.

Chris sat their hunched over with his head face down on the table while Ronny had his chair reclined looking up at the ceiling. Kyle sat there for a moment with his lips tucked in staring down the table at the two, looking them up and down and watching their movements. Almost a minute had passed and the room seemed to grow even more quiet. Kenny had looked everywhere in the room except down the table toward the two thieves. Also, looking everywhere except for at Kyle was Ronny who was now rocking back and forth in his seat. A few seconds later he started shaking his leg with his eyes glued to the table. As Kyle leaned back in his chair, he never took his eyes off Ronny who now was blinking uncontrollably.

“What!” Ronny said jerking him and his chair which rolled back from under the table. His glare focused solely on Kyle.

“Why……?” Kyle said staring right back at Ronny. “Why come back to a school you left on your own to come back and steal a few thousand dollars? One of the largest schools in the country with a high-tech surveillance system with one of the largest safety programs in the country……why?”

Ronny rolled his eyes as he leaned back once more in his chair staring at the ceiling. “Does it matter?” said Chris as his voice muffled from under his head being pressed against the table. He sat up with his neck limp and his head still pointed down towards the table. “You caught us so who cares why we did it.”

“I do.” Kyle said sitting up in his chair, he leaned forward spreading his hands across the waxed wooden table. “Something tells me there is more to this than your leading me to believe.”

“Look…. we know the school store makes most of its money before the first class and the money is left there until lunch time. So, we just……”

“So then where is it?” Kyle said as he slowly leaned in further with a stern look.

“What?” Ronny said as his eyes widened. Chris had made it apparent to not look down the table towards Kyle and Kenny this whole time as he curled back into his chair.

“The money, I checked Chris when we were still in the library.” Kyle said.

“Yea, and I checked you in the hallway, even Don patted you down on the way down here.” Kenny added.

“So, where is it?”

“It…. It probably fell out of my pocket when I was running down the hall.”

“We are talking thousands of dollars from students, one’s and five’s mostly. Your saying all that fell out your pocket and Kenny or no one else from VTF saw it.” Kyle said as one of his eye brows shot up into the air. “You know what I think, I don’t think it was even your idea to hit the school store and I don’t think the money was for you personally either.” Kyle rolled his chair back from under the table and stood up, with his hands still placed on the table he shifted back and forth between Ronny and Chris. “I think there is someone else involved and your trying to protect them, for all I know……”

Kyle stopped mid-sentence before his eyes stretched open like an owl porched on a branch. Looking down at Kenny he reached into his pocket before turning away from the table. “What?” Kenny said scooting back from the table. You could hear the numerous tapping sound as his fingers pounded away at his touch screen. “What happened!?” Kenny said raising up from his seat walking over to Kyle.

Spinning around Kyle rushed over to Chris slamming one hand down on the table and placing the other on the back of his chair. “Where’s the money Chris?” Kyle said with an unrelenting voice. Chris bent his head down in the opposite direction of Kyle looking down at the floor.

“He doesn’t know.” Ronny said.

Pulling his chair back from the table, Kyle turned Chris toward him as Chris did his best to avoid eye contact. “Where is it Chris? You know where it is so you might as well tell me.”

“I don’t, I swear.” Chris replied.

“Tell me now, you both are going on eighteen. You might just get trialed as an adult and do some time, but then again this is your first offense and you had pretty good grades when you were here so maybe you will get off with probation and community service. That is if you tell me where the money is.” Kyle said leaning in towards Chris who was driving his chin into his own shoulder.

“Where is it!?”

“Don’t tell him anything Chris!” Ronny yelled from the other side other table nearly jumping up out his seat.

Kyle’s head snapped to the side as his focus went from Chris to Ronny. “So you do know.” Ronny’s eyes filled with revelation at what he just said he quickly shut his mouth, gritting his teeth as the muscles in his temple contracted. Kyle immediately raised up from Chris’s eyelevel and marched towards the door. “Let’s go Kenny.”

He swung open the door and made his way back into the front room with Kenny closing the door and following right behind. “Contact principle Collins and let him know we are done with them.” Kyle said to the security officer working at the desk as he continued to the exit.

Once outside the office and into the main lobby Kyle picked up the pace as he began jogging down the hallway. “Where are we going?” Kenny asked.

“We have to search all the bathrooms in the school.” Kyle said as both his and Kenny’s phones began to vibrate nonstop.

He cut into the first bathroom making his way around the blocking wall to find two VTF members in there, Eddie stood outside the stall looking at his phone with Chad standing atop the toilet using his phones flashlight to look inside the vent. “Have you found anything?” Kyle said.

“Nope, this is our second bathroom.” Eddie said looking at his phone. “And it seems no one else has found anything either.” Both Kyle and Kenny retrieved their phone’s and scrolled down the group message chat and found the same thing. Third floor Wing C clear, second floor Wing A clear, fourth floor Wing B clear, and the list continued.

“That’s all the bathrooms” Kenny said as he pushed his glasses up on his face. Chad hopped down from the toilet and out of the stall as both approached Kyle. He locked his phone and squeezed it tightly before placing it back into his pocket. What they were looking for was long gone and who ever had it now has gone incognito. Checking a specific group of people is one thing but checking the whole school would be impossible and a lost cause.

As the police lowered Ronny’s head into the back of the car, Kyle and the others watched from inside the lobby. As the cop slammed the door shut Ronny looked back into the school spotting Kyle staring back at him with a puzzled look. The scowl on his face never faded as the car circled the roundabout.

“We are gonna go back to class now if it’s cool Kyle, we are in the middle of a test and I would rather finish it with the info fresh in my head.” Chad said starting down the hallway.

“Fresh or not your still gonna fail.” Eddie replied.

“Ok, that’s cool, thanks for the help.” Kyle said with a chuckle.

“So you figured they stashed the money in one of the bathrooms they visited while hiding. But seeing that it has not been recovered means that someone else in the school has it.” Kenny said.

“Exactly and since all students were released from their classes we don’t know exactly who could have taken it.” Kyle added.

“So the mastermind of all this is in the school now.”


“And as of now we have no leads to who it could be.”


“So now what?” Kenny asked.

Kyle closed his eyes took in a deep breath before gently exhaling, a smile ran across his face as he thought about the question just asked. “I guess we have to find out.”










Thank you for taking time out to read my short story. I am a new author with this being my first work published and I hope you enjoyed it. I am planning on expanding on this story and making it into an ongoing series of novels so if you enjoyed it please take a moment and leave me a review at your favorite retailer.


Thank you!


J.A Williams


Author page: https://www.Shakespir.com/profile/view/Jawill1023


Valdigan High School is one of the largest schools in the country and with that comes multiple conflicts. However, the school created a task force of students that exceled in athletics and academics to take care of the problems that arise on an everyday basis. The Bookstore has been robbed and the suspects seem to be too quick for the up and coming freshman Kenny Edmonds, who is starting to realize that high school is much different than middle school. Along with the leader of VTF Kyle Stevens and the rest of its members Kenny works under Kyle to find the suspects while the school is on lock down. But with only one period to find the suspects and barely any leads it becomes quite the task to find the culprits.

  • Author: JA Williams
  • Published: 2016-11-19 01:05:08
  • Words: 8102