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Visions in America III

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Table of Contents

Title Page


Chapter 1: Visions III

About the Author


This is the third of my visions in America epistles to whomsoever cares to read. Now here is the truth, I am no prophet. No revelation or order came to me from above. Not by faith do I speak, yet faith is not confounded by this, and by faith I believe my visions to be true. I also believe that righteousness is in part inspirational guide. I see in my soul self-justification, a desire to toot my own horn, to take the forefront, though I see the danger in this. So I write in obscurity, lest I fail to strive for righteousness, to do my duty. For I also fear that if things of the world go bad, God will say to me: “Why do you complain? Why did you not try to correct it? Rule yourself; leave men to their own conscience but rule. Give the clarion of Ezekiel to a Godless and corrupt people. Speak and retreat.”

Now wisdom found itself all through Christ and he engendered a world. My body, my mind are not my doing. Where do my thoughts come from? If my thoughts be true, are they not the wisdom of God? If so, why not the voice of God, though God spoke no revelation to me? If Divine Wisdom speaks and is the sum of creation, and I speak in good conscience and in truth and it is true, what then? I am no prophet by God’s word notwithstanding? Wisdom never fails; faith fails through faithlessness; righteousness under duress or lapse into temptation fails. Do we blame God who enjoins us to righteousness and fidelity or our own base nature? Why blame our birth and parents? Is not God our father, Wisdom our mother? Curse the day of your birth that you may all the more seek the parentage of God.

So let us see what God has wrought upon the face of the earth. It is man not the races that is the image of God. Babylon broken into filth is still pieces of filth, the children of perdition. Holy Israel, God’s people, are traitors as we could have guessed. Israel is Jesus Christ; Christ is King is God, and humanity has no other king but God. No man is worthy; no angel is worthy; all are presumptuous traitors and usurpers. David, though ordained, was the spite of God, and a trick to place God in the throne, though incarnated flesh, You are as foolish as the Jews if you do not see this.

So let us write of things imagined. Back to Table of Content



Chapter 1: Visions III

(We go back to the first family, to Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel. What was it all about, the sexual strife, brotherly strife, the first murder? I see a vision; I think Wisdom speaks to me. Am I presumptuous? She enjoins me to think and judge carefully, for wisdom is the horns of a dilemma. Yet, seek truth with your whole heart and soul, love the glory, omniscience, omnipotence and perfection of God as your paradigm, and trust that truth will reveal itself according to the grace and love of God manifested in your heart, in the hearts of all so inspired.)

Adam was bitter in a bitter and hard land; his soul was hardened against Eve. He determined to drive Satan from her heart, lest Satan continue his imprecations upon the life and duties of Adam. She chafed under his authority. And the fallen angels had not yet fornicated with the women of mankind, nor took them to wife.

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Eve, as is the case with all witches and miscreant women, sought allies against her husband. We know this all too well. In divorce, the children are pawns, shuttling back between mother and father. They hear from both sides to tell the enemy nothing of the enemy camp, then the children are interrogated to find weaknesses in the other camp. It is disgusting, is it not? Cain was the firstborn and first to be worked on by Eve. Abel took effort away from Cain’s seduction. The older sees the younger as rival. Abel finds support with Adam. The clash of brothers is upon us.

Adam and Eve were farmers and vegetarians for the most part, or entirely, in the beginning. God killed animals to clothe them after the fall, it would seem. Farmers are homebodies; hunters and shepherds roam about. Eve favored the homebody, as this kept the eldest under her watch and influence. Abel, already set apart, was more apart by his wanderings.

In a harsh land, farming is a backbreaking profession. Even in a good land it is trying. The hunter and even the shepherd have an easier time.

This Abel, this breath, as the breath of wind, roamed about upon the earth, and became a man of ease and grace. He sees no point in breaking his back to dig out crops from among the briers and thorns. Let the sheep browse upon the wild forage. Look for berries, herbs, wild roots and grain to supplement his lamb and mutton among the briers. Get away from the suffocating influence of Eve, conspiring to turn children against father.

Now this Eve, thinking as she thinks, thinks that bribes will win the day. She enjoins her sons to offer tribute, though God, at this time, mentions nothing about sacrifices to him of any sort. Nor did he make nudity a sin, but both sons fall into line.

Abel is happier with his easier, healthier lifestyle and more thankful to God for what he has drawn out from the land of briers and thorns. Cain is bitter with his harsh life, and under the influence of that woman who brought her husband to ruin, tempted by evil, not satisfied with her lot, distrusting God’s provenance to man. He sacrifices but his life is still hard and his mother’s resentment burns in his soul.

God queries him, encourages him to do and think right, but without telling him what to do precisely. He leaves wisdom to Cain to pursue. Yet, he pursues a whorish woman’s lot after the fashion of his mother. It is lust at any price, not wisdom for the taking that he desires.

Unable to kill God, and seeing his brother happy, and Eve’s resentment of losing Abel from her grasp, another inspiration to murder, he kills his brother.

God punishes him but not by taking his life, but making him a wanderer like his brother Abel. The shepherd must have wandered in some like manner, though not so far from home, nor as an outcast. Under the law of Moses, we hear blood for blood. Then how do we interpret the punishment of God upon Cain? And if in the new dispensation, Christ enjoins us to be perfect as our heavenly father, should we not confine the murderer, as exile is not feasible in current conditions? We cannot leave him to murder again without consequences, as this type of forgiveness is mockery of justice. How is the murder of another, or murder without consequences, considered to be mercy, holiness? It is not. But we ponder this matter with respect to law in days past, and of justice in days present and future. You, no doubt, see the dilemma.

Now, therefore, my son, beware of the yeast of your mother’s resentment. Beware of the resentment of your father. Turn to your heavenly parents. Your past encourages you to this. It is God’s will that you be born. Be quick in rectifying your dilemma. What is the point of whining to God? Get to paradise and forget your greed, though your circumcised heart remembers and is glad to be wise and free of its past bondage.

End of Vision 19 (First books had 9 + 9 visions)


(The meaning of the 144,000 virgin martyrs of Revelation and their judgeship over Israel.)

We believe these people to be Jewish martyrs before the time of Christ, and some future bureaucracy between Christ and the Church in the New Jerusalem. The Jehovah’s Witnesses see them as the elite, manifested by them, to be sure. I thought much along this line for many years until I read a work of another author. In the first place, the child born of the woman driven from the Moon in Revelation was after the time of Christ. We know John was an Apostle and his revelation was after the birth of the Messiah. In the second place, there were martyrs to God under the old dispensation. We note that these 144,000 cry for vengeance from heaven.

The Jews married to fulfill the promise made to Abraham, that of his seed being as the sands of the seashore and the stars of heaven. Yet many prophets: Elijah, Elisha, Jeremiah, certain groups of prophets, seem to have been celibate. The Essenes in some cases were celibate monks according to Josephus. To be sure, Moses was married. God told Hosea to marry harlots to symbolize the shame of God in cleaving to Israel in her apostasy. Moses was denied access to the promised land, while Elijah ascended to heaven, apparently without wife or children. John the Baptist, who took on the mantle of Elijah in latter days, was celibate as well, though beheaded. We might suppose the death of John was prefatory to the death of Jesus, as John was the messenger before the redemption of mankind.

We hear of martyrs in the Books of Maccabees. Judging and considering all the above, we see these martyrs as from former times already dead before Christ (at least, for the most part.) They pertain only to Israel, not to the great masses of the believers seen by John the Evangelist, these under Christ, the Son of God (his flesh of little account.)

As for Dan, whose tribe was absent from the list, Jacob called Dan a serpent, a viper. Traditions says that Dan picked the eagle for his tribal standard symbol, both eagle and viper symbols of military prowess and wisdom. Jesus enjoined the faithful to be as wise as serpents. Jacob indicates that Dan will unhorse the rider. Surely, this cannot be the Messiah, so rather the four horsemen of the apocalypse and enemy of God’s people, Gog and Magog, etc.

Recall that Christ compared himself to the brazen serpent in the desert. Israel looked upon it to spare themselves from the fiery serpents that God sent to punish them for their sins. Again, he enjoined his followers to be as wise as serpents. Surely, his serpent. Two swords are enough to stave off trouble, he told his disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane, the two fangs of the viper as the poison of the truth is to the liar, the children of Satan.

Now, the rabbis and defamers of Dan, like to see his serpent as satanic, though I give a different slant to the imagery of Jacob.

The Bible never says that Dan was the ringleader to kill Joseph. Dan fell into idolatry along with the rest of the tribes. Jacob claims Dan will judge Israel as the name implies, meaning judge or he judges, or something of that sort. If Dan rules over the whole of the tribes, he does not rule over just one. Did you know that the eagle is the symbol of John the Evangelist and his gospel? What tribe might John represent? Dan? The rest of the apostles got themselves martyred (though some traditions claim some were not. ) We know that John was not martyred, took care of Mary, stayed in the background till the end, his gospel the last, different in kind from the first three. There is also the question of Dan’s two territories, one in the north and one by Philistia, just as did Joseph the second born of Rachel (Dan being Rachel’s firstborn through her handmaiden.) The northern territory was under the mountains of Hermon. This is deemed evil according to a tradition in the Books of Enoch. This is the next vision. But we see a different explanation for Dan’s future than that of the rabbis.

End of Vision 20


(Wisdom and Mount Hermon.)

We have traditions from the Books of Enoch that the Nephilim (giants) came down to earth upon Mt. Hermon. Others see the Nephilim as meaning “fallen ones” (at least, debatable.) The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs shows Dan in a very poor light. None of these books are canonical, all suspect as to authorship, even by the Jews. It is not my purpose here to praise Dan, but to condemn the other tribes as not worthy of admiration in comparison. God works his way. All the tribes fell from grace. Only in the backwash of my argument am I praising Dan, a backhanded compliment by comparison to the iniquity of all Israel. We also note that some believe these Nephilim were the product of the sons of Seth (sons of God) marrying the daughters of Cain, and that the giants were already on the earth. This is not convincing, as the prefacing of giant with the sons of God is indicative in the biblical passage. Supposing the sons of God in the Book of Job were people of other worlds is far fetched. While not denying the possibility, the Bible says nothing of these other people, though God certainly did make the other worlds of the planets, God knowing these to be worlds like the earth whatever the chronicler or St Paul did or did not know. Now if men are in the image and likeness of God, and men a little lower than angels, how is it that angels are not in the image of God as well? And Michael means “who is like God.” We can concede that this name might mean something else in the sense of merely praising God, rather than equating Michael to God, but surely men are equated to God as in the image and likeness appellation in Genesis. So is this not likely the meaning of Michael, notwithstanding other possible meanings? And tradition says that sons of God in Job and elsewhere refers to angels.

Traditions all over the world speak of extraterrestrials (sons of God, the gods) coming to earth and mating with humans. So the Nephilim are the giants and sons of God, men of renown of ancient times. And that these sons of God mated with women after the flood is not contraindicated. The Bible is full of absences of mention of things in history and in nature. Recall the Gospel of John. Even the life of Christ is hardly covered in the Gospels. Was not Satan present at the temptation of Christ?

This Mount Hermon is in the territory controlled by Dan, so Dan is sullied by these stories of Nephilim and Mount Hermon. A temple to Baal was there as well. Let us look at this in context.

Salem, Jerusalem was the city of Melchizedek, King of Righteousness, but at the time of the conquest of the city by David, it was under the control of paganism. Virtually every hill and grove in Canaan (Israel) were dedicated to idols, or syncretic worship of pagan gods and Yahweh jointly, and this by both the Canaanites and the Israelites.

The rabbis in the time of Christ equated Galilee with evil, but we equate these rabbis with evil, and Judea with them, and Jerusalem was the city that crucified the Messiah as predicted in scripture. The Galilee was the area of the light prophesied before Christ was born by Isaiah ( Isaiah, Chapter 9.) Christ lived in Galilee. The transfiguration took place in the mountains above Galilee, (likely the mountains of Hermon.) Hermon is not one peak, but a massif of several peaks.)

At the appearance of God to Solomon at the dedicated temple, he appeared as a dark or black clouded presence. He appeared in black or dark clouds in times past. At the transfiguration, a bright light appeared and a bright cloud. The apostles could see Elijah, Moses and Jesus in the brightness. You see blindness, hidden glory, in the old dispensation, but vision in the new. Only the face of Moses shown in times past shone in like manner, and the people could not stand to look at that. Not so in the new dispensation. And if Christ takes back the land of promise from the satanic forces, glorifying God in their very temples, what of it? And if David drove out the Canaanites from Jerusalem to glorify God over their former places of worship, what of it? And if Ezekiel shows the shame of Judah worshiping pagans in the very temple in Jerusalem, and Queen Athaliah polluting the Temple with her vile presence, should Mt. Zion vaunt itself over the greater height and glory of Mount Hermon? No, the latter is more glorious than Zion. And the presence of God is over all the earth, and God keeps his promise concerning Mt. Zion, and Jesus claimed worship is valid everywhere, and only the evil rabbis, enemy of God, say otherwise, they and their Goy Witch confederates. For as in the Days of Solomon, the Jews consort with the fallen sons of perdition among the gentiles.

Since the rabbis see Dan as evil over and above his brethren, I feel constrained to see him purer than the impure brethren. You say, “Who are you to say so?” I say, “What Enoch? Who says Enoch, or the patriarchs? What are these books? What do I care about the Ethiopian Canon? That church is not of Christ, nor are any other patriarchal churches. Why cannot they obey one simple dictate, to call only God their spiritual father? Who are these reformationist commentators? Will you reform the church? You are heretics, the unclean frogs of perdition from ancient times. Your heresies were current in the early church, before Constantine made Papist Rome the state religion of his empire, and your Papist agitators (Calvin, Luther, Knox, Hus, etc.) dragged them up again. You are the reformed church of Satan. Christ is not reformed, but perfect, and you are imperfect liars, you and Augustine of Hippo, the so called lying church fathers, fathers of nothing. You neither know the scripture nor give glory to God.”

But wisdom will tell whether my vision is of truth or error in times present and future.

End of Vision 21


(Ezekiel’s Temple, God and Magog and what it portends today.)

As in the case of the 144,000, an argument that I received from another man’s work, I read that the visions of Ezekiel were not in order, and that the vision of the Temple was an appendix that was conditional upon the repentance of Israel at that time. This did not come to fruition. Some decades later, Cyrus was inspired by God to send Jews back to build the second temple by Ezra and Nehemiah.

Divine Wisdom speaks through all of creation. The universe is her canvas.

We are confused as to why a future temple would have animal sacrifices. Even some rabbis suppose animal sacrifices will cease at some point in the future. We now see why. This temple was to be built before the time of Christ. The prophecy was conditional as all the prophecies of God, except those where he specifically states that he will not relent in judgment, or not stay his hand in redemption. Now this is a very tricky thing with respect to the Jews of the flesh, rather than the spiritual children of Abraham and of the Eternal Father.

Ezekiel noted his visions and the times. They are not in order. This temple he speaks of is not even in the city referred to, and that is not specifically called Jerusalem. We must assume the city in question is Jerusalem. Several months ago, I suggested the Ezekiel temple might not even be in Jerusalem, with some reservations then and later about my theory. Now I hold the temple will never be built as prescribed.

If this is so, what of the prophecies of Ezekiel at end times before the Messiah? I have problems reconciling these with other prophecies and current events. Now I see that these are conditional upon a world that did not occur due to the backsliding of the Jews in ancient times. The prophecy of Gog and Magog is null and void in consequence, perhaps. Modern Israel is not the holy nation referred to by Ezekiel. Even if it repents at some point, the prophecies are out of joint. We can scratch these prophecies from the body of biblical warnings. This leaves Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel and Revelation of Old and New Covenants as primary sources along with the visions of Balaam. Now Balaam might be assigned to the 70 AD destruction of Israel by the Roman Empire of Vespasian, Titus and so on. But the devastation seems inadequate to the occasion. It is true the devastation was great in Israel and in the land of Asshur, due to the wars between Rome and the Persians (Parthians, Sassanids) at that time and for some centuries after.

But the Bible speaks of Eber (Jews, Arabs, Semites in general being devastated.)* This is an exaggeration, when seen as the 70 AD desolation and afterwards events. We must be speaking of a later event, with Vespasian, etc. as a mere foreshadowing. The ships of Kittim mentioned by Balaam (Nu 24) can mean the peoples of the isles in general: Europe, Britain, possibly the colonies of the peoples of Spain, Portugal, Britain in the New World. These all blend into one in the imagination of Jews in times past, those people of peninsulas and islands of the West (Sicily, Iberia, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Crete, etc.)

Numbers 24 is not clear as to whether Kittim (Europeans) or Eber (Semites) will ultimately perish. That is, we are not sure what the pronoun(s) refer back to, Kittim or Eber. As I see it, the nations will pass away as currently formed, whether of Japheth, Shem or Ham. Christ is Israel, all nations under him, but as functional bodies rather than as organic families and mystical nation states. And the body of Christ is mystical, only incidentally flesh of David’s line to fulfill God’s purpose to show that only God is fit to be great father over all men, sovereign Lord over all. The human family is the only ordained organic body. A man must leave his mother and father (their flesh) and cleave to his wife. And I suppose that in heaven, all have a female correlate in the Adam & Eve sense, so marriage is not needed. Adam did not marry Eve; she was one flesh with him at the beginning. Exactly what this means in heaven, I am not sure of.

That Rome has anything to do with Edom as the rabbis claim is ridiculous. Edom had no consort with that area until the time of the Herods. Any shipping from Edom was through Aqaba and the Red Sea. The Nabateans drove Edom into Judah, but not firm control of Philistia until the time of Herod. And Herod was of Arab, Jewish and Edomite lineage. No, colonists running from Assyria about the time of the fall of the Northern Kingdom makes much more sense. So the Romans are of Israel and pagan heritage, the Israelis marrying local girls and joining with local criminals.

That the Spartans are Danites because Dan took to ships is without foundation. Why not the Zebulonites, whose father Jacob said took to ships? Dan was next to Philistia, sea peoples from Crete. Zebulon was in the north, her borders on the Sea of Galilee and by Haifa of today, Carmel. This is near Sidon and Tyre, those cities assigned to Asher, never taken by Asher. And the borders of Zebulon were compromised as well by brother tribes, it would seem. We know by good accounts that the Spartans were of Greek heritage. They were not sea peoples until the Pelopennesian Wars, when they needed seapower to defeat Athens. They shunned trade. Why would they shun trade if founded by Dan or any Israeli tribe so quickly?

Sparta was an ally with the Maccabees as was Rome. They were allies, brothers in arms. Likely, Jewish merchants were already resident in Sparta and in many Greek cities by this time, as history clearly indicates. So those migrants would be true brothers of Israel. It is absurd to assume Spartans were Danites, but a good case can be made for Rome having ten tribe ancestry. The Danites and Zebulonites and Asherites would be prominent, as they were in position to trade at sea by proximity to experienced traders in Philistia and Phoenicia. And we know that Jews (likely mostly Israelites. Judah traded southward more to the point.) spread about the Roman Empire from Israel as surely as Roman colonists spread from Italy to Spain, Romania, Britain and elsewhere.

This means that even peoples of the Northern Kingdom are coming back to take revenge on the religion of the Jews (Judean through Sephardi influence back into Europe, agnostic Jews of diaspora.) This would be ironic.

However, because of other prophecies, this horrible terror may be canceled by repentance among the Jews and Arabs for their sins. God may countermand Balaam’s visions, as he countermanded the condemnation of Nineveh, and the destruction of Israel through the intervention of Moses.

We know that the Jews have conspired with paganism in Europe, in Britain in particular. Money in gold hordes may be stashed in Israel to help protect it. Israel is part of the anti-Christ plot to usurp Jesus. Gold is convenient for sabotage, murder, treason and other crimes throughout the world, to pay off local criminals, etc. If the US, Britain, Germany, find their gold stolen, consequences would be in order, especially as this gold would finance satanic plots against humanity. This is merely a suggestion of what may be going on.

Israel’s nuclear arsenal and arsenals under satanic influences may try to bury the evidence of evil behind a nuclear holocaust of the Stoic kind. This plot to bury evidence of crime rather than reveal truth is ingrained in Stoicism and paganism from the classical world. The true meltdown that the world needs is the truth bomb of revelation that came down upon Mt. Hermon in the time of Christ. This is the true destruction of the age of corruption. And we can take Peter with a grain of salt. Nuclear radiation is not the answer to lies. The flood did not put an end to evil in the world and neither will worldly fire. It is the light of the world that will do this deed, much to be desired by all prudent men. But we know the lust of Satan and his demon and human confederates see things differently. They want lust over life. What scum! God will assign them to hell fire. What of us in the meantime?

But the wrath of Dan may put a stop to rabbinical and satanic plots, saving Israel from devastation.

Now as for the Revelation of John, it is also not in operation, though as an allegory it is still pertinent. Why so? Because the revelation accurately describes the times of John on Patmos and those times have carried over to today. But the events were to happen shortly and did not due to the apostasy of the church. So the vision along with the predictions of Christ are not operant due to unbelief. As Nineveh’s destruction was not operant due to repentance, the prophecies of Christ fell short due to apostasy.

You might say that Peter said a day to God is as a thousand years. Hey, Peter, an eon to God is as a day. The prophecies are written for men, and a millennium is not short time to men who live fourscore years. The prophecies failed because of you and Paul and the others. But God ultimately destroyed Nineveh and we must believe will spare the world from its grief in spite of your stinking corpse polluting the church of that evil false religion whose existence is due to you and Paul.

Time will tell on how God’s plan works out. He knows it all. We merely look and try to stay clear of the devastation, plots and corruption of satanic influences upon human history.

End of Vision 22


(The Evil of the Nations.)

The British Israelites say the Celts and Germans are somehow the ten lost tribes, minus certain other Celts and Germans. They claim Turkey is Edom. The rabbis think Edom is Rome along with others. We have blacks who think all the twelve tribes are black people from Africa, Amerindians in Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Mexico, America. One might ask why these people have so little racial characteristics in common, other than not fair skinned Europeans. And the actual Jews of today are not Jews at all, we read. No, how could they be? Some tribe will have his toe dipped in oil from Genesis, so these people are Venezuelan Indians, because Venezuela has Petroleum (oil.) You might think Jacob had in mind olive oil so abundant that both the mouth of the eater and toe of the eater would partake. We know early people and people of today still use olive oil for cleanliness and anointing to keep the skin healthy. But Jacob was prophesying, so it must be Venezuelan crude oil.

The Mormons have Jews among the Indians. We note the Mormons were headed for Utah before it was American territory. Indian alliances would have been helpful to a people who were considered seditionists and traitors back in the Midwest. This charlatan invented his religion as he went. His own wife and followers quarrel over whether he had many wives. He does not seem to have even believed in the spirit, all being matter as in the case of Buddhism. Some spiritual Christianity! I do not even care to read Smith’s works to find out what he really (sic) believed. As for the Buddha, scratch ten Buddhists and you will get ten answers. What utter fraud!

Let us look at Americans, these destroyers of their own home. The Latino extremists hate the Gringos, the Gringo language. America stole the Southwest from Mexico. Yes, and the Spanish stole it from the Indians who mixed with the Indians to steal it from the Indians not mixed with, again. Then the Gringos stole it from them. If English is the Gringo language, Spanish is the Gringo language of the South. These people had no unified (Latino) identity as such other than that foisted upon them by Europeans. Latino is European. The Indians subjugated by the Aztecs sided with Cortes to no advantage in the end. The United States named its capital city after Columbus: a thief, rapist, murderer, pagan, fraud, flim-flam man. How so? Even a promised silver coat to the first man who saw the land of the West was a ripoff. When sighted, Columbus claimed he saw it the night before and failed to tell the watch to keep it in sight. Ha. His crew were murderers and thieves who were rewarded by Columbus with the rape of Indian women. A pimp. One Indian steals from a thieving crew mate in Hispaniola, and the whole island is subjugated and enslaved as just recompense. Ptolemy did not believe the distance was 3,000 miles across the sea from Spain, that the world was 18,000 miles around. He thought it about 22,000 or so. Columbus believed what he wanted to believe, picking out any straw to support his position. Get rich or die, and who cares if his crews perish with him and his investors are defrauded. And of course do it all in the name of the Lord, the evil Papist filth, pagan vermin.

Moreover, all learned men in Europe knew the world was 25,000 miles around. The Arabs, Persians, Indians of Asia, the Chinese knew it. The Persians figured it out for themselves, as did the Indians and Chinese, The Greeks figured it out. Ptolemy knew the right figure, but someone made a follow-on incorrect recalculation, and that is how Ptolemy came to accept a figure about 3,000 miles or so short of the mark. This is why nobody but a gullible and greedy queen wanted anything to do with him. The Portuguese got to Asia before Spain. All wanted spices and silks from that area without Arab middlemen.

Was Columbus Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Jewish, a half Jew or other? He was such a scoundrel that his son’s biography is untrustworthy. The son’s reputation depended upon the father’s. What is certain is that he was a greedy, lying fraud. And this man is painted in our Capitol building as a heroic representation of the spirit of America, a devout man of faith bringing the message of the Prince of Peace to a New World. What an outrage! This man was so lacking in the precepts of Christ that one famous speech by an Indian about other such people led to his lament that he was glad Jesus was crucified, if this was the fruit of his children. We are reminded of the Old Testament complaint of God that because of the Israelites, God’s name was held in disrepute among the Gentiles. How much more apt to the advent of European adherents (sic) to Christ in the Third World areas. We can see why blacks, Latinos and Amerindians are furious at this outrage.

But these Mexicans lie about the evil of their own peoples. The American Indians were fighting and pushing each other from neighboring lands in the recorded history after the arrival of the Europeans. Some of this may have been due to pressure from European colonization. This still does not justify it from the point of view of their so called sacred bond with the mother earth. As soon as the European horse reached the Plains Indians, they were all over the place, paying no heed to sacred ancestral lands. Why the Navajos speak languages present in Alaska and the Yukon. Their oral records indicate a migration about the time of Columbus, and archaeology supports this. Sacred Alaskan, Yukon land? How about sunshine and warmth, the original migration impetus to Arizona, New Mexico long before White flight from Yankee Land? Only in the present time with the advent of neo-paganism is the crap about mother earth being used to give the White man a guilty conscience. Mother Earth is evil crap. The only land that matters is the land that walks, and men walk as necessity demands. Vampires carry their native soil with them in the legends of witchcraft. The pagan Egyptians held to this nonsense, but never failed to raid, murder and rob neighboring countries close enough to get back to the so called sacred (in fact satanic) soil. We might surmise the mummy and sacred soil bunk is in some way associated with the vampire legend.

The blacks of America should hate the African tribes that regularly raided each other to get guns, rum and goods for slaves. Granted that the Europeans played them off each other as is still the case today in Africa. What does skin color have to do with injustice? Nothing. It is simply a convenient excuse to steal. And it is racist for blacks to talk about white racism, and they cannot play the same game themselves, even from the vantage of underdog. The rich and poor should be judged alike in impartiality. The poor man who steals, murders is a thief and murderer. The same for the rich man and for all the colors of skin tone in humanity.

If the Europeans were so enamored of their historical roots, what are they doing here? Because the only soil that matters is the land that walks. Jews claim that the reason why Jews never went back to Israel for so long was due to lack of income flow (Chaim Potok, for example). Most agree that it was not pogroms that drove Jews from the Pale in Russia, but the streets of gold in America, and that is why so many still remain in America. Let America sink into a third world sewer, and watch the migration to Israel if things are better there. What obnoxious drivel!

Ethics, intellectual integrity, decency, nobility of soul are immaterial and cannot be derived from any so called nobility of blood. It is true that the psychic influences of evil parents corrupt children, but only due to their immaterial psychic influence corrupting their own carnal behavior and that of their children.

The Ku Klux Klan are of the same fraudulent characteristics, and these idiots are hellbent on destroying this country with detestable civil war, to the delight of Satan and evil men everywhere. If wisdom will not straighten out their twisted souls, or God’s grace, let them all be consigned to perdition so that decent men can exist in this country.

End of Vision 23


(The end of Babylon the Great and the middleman stranglehold on trade and money.)

Solomon of 666 talents of gold tribute fame married gentile princesses to keep a tight hold on commerce across the land conquered by his warrior father, David. He charged tribute for transit and protection of trade. Inconvenient to circumvent, and brigands all around, the merchants coughed up the loot. No matter, the greedy scumbag bankrupted his own people anyway. Told not to keep large formations of cavalry, marry many wives, worship strange gods, he did all these anyway, that great and wise king.

The evil Genghis Khan with his great thieving army, held the trade routes of Asia in bondage. This facilitated trade in silks, spices and the like. We are supposed to be supremely thankful to this evil mass murderer for this. Seeking solace in his old age, he dabbled in religion, maybe became a Buddhist of the half assed sort. The world of matter, maya was far from the greedy murderer. This did not stop him from making a big deal about hiding his body from robbers, tales stating that anyone who happened across the funeral train was murdered. I am inclined to believe it. How otherworldly to care so much about his carcass. Why did he not burn it to ashes outside of his tent or palace, and leave it at that?

The stranglehold of trade is a hallmark of satanism. Ships are the major vector of this. Phoenicians, Greeks, later Romans, Portuguese, etc. were all evil and cruel slave traders and thieving pirates and villains.

Now God ordered us to increase in numbers and subdue the earth. The devils of Whore Babylon plot to exterminate billions because we do not have enough to go around. Why? Because they keep people unemployed, underemployed, underpaid, hungry to stay weak and stupid, and refuse to subdue the earth, only to plunder it, leaving it more wild than found. They then reinvent paganism to protect mother earth.

We must control the weather, earthquakes, pests, erosion and other calamities to obey God’s edict. We must plummet the depths of the sea to do this. In so doing, the wealth of the sea will be open to all people. We create factories far from our homes, with skeleton crews who will monitor the work of untold millions of people linked by modern communications and servo-mechanisms to those on land. Power plants out at sea will do the dirty work over the great depths of lifeless barren seabed, far from currents, to keep these great inverted pyramids more easily in place. We will mine the seabed. We will use thermal energy to make hydrogen and oxygen below to breathe, power our seabed industry. Nuclear power is safer at sea.

Coal from land burned at sea can be mixed with sea spray to neutralize the acid forming smoke by spraying seawater into the stack exhaust fumes. The alkaline sea will neutralize acid rain. The dust will mingle with the sea spray to drop the dust into the depths before it reaches land. All this dust will speed up reabsorption of carbon dioxide back into the sea and down to the sediment. The air of Shanghai, Tokyo, New York and London, Warsaw will be cleaner without moving dirty industry to poorer countries.

In this way, all countries can derive wealth from the sea without many middlemen. Bankers should be deprived of compound interest on loans (only simple interest as cost of business) and be encouraged to back up as partners with entrepreneurs to create wealth. To a private citizen in microeconomic terms, money and wealth are the same. In macroeconomics only wealth generation matters. Money without wealth is worthless. That banks investing in other assets is promoting economic instability is utter rubbish. It is the crooks, moron. And compound interest is a plague on justice in society, an incentive to waste capital on bad investments in kickback schemes, stealing collateral after receiving money on interest already accrued. Morons! It is the crooks, morons, the crooks. Crooks are crooks are crooks are crooks. If the bankers cannot suck up profits from compound interest, they must turn to lucrative returns on industry.

The modern attack submarine helps create the technology to support this. These ships that no longer use gases, but liquids to ply the seas will destroy the fleets of old style sea commerce, protect the new national commerce of pulling wealth from the seas into each country. This increase in knowledge of the earth will improve weather, protection from earthquakes, etc. Wealth is a key component to honest government. Poverty encourages theft and vice.

We must develop new ways to get water to where it is needed. For example, the runoff of rivers in California and the West Coast can be funneled into fresh water lakes under the ocean waves. Large reservoirs consisting of balloons as the balloons in dirigibles will be filled with water from runoff and stored underwater for use by thirsty cities. In like manner, floating lakes can come down from Alaska, Canada and the Northwest to give water to drier regions. These can float down on currents. Some can be speeded by sails attached to the lakes of plastic reservoirs. Some can be below the depths of ship propellers. Some can float near the surface with or without sails. The same can bring water to Korea and China from up north in that area, or to Pakistan and so on in that area. This will entail some trade as needed between the countries in fresh water. This is much better than hauling icebergs up from Antarctica. These balloon lakes can surely be built. Contamination from plastic will be minimal as the volume to surface area is low; the plastic will be in cold seawater for the most part. We sell water in plastic anyway. This is a minimal problem.

The silt should be removed and then flushed by seawater into the ocean to maintain ecological balance. We should monitor the effects of saltiness to ensure that effects of damming rivers into sea reservoirs is minimal. Moreover, once the water is used, the waste water can be filtered and put into the ocean as needed for ecological balance. This will all help to minimize the use of dams in the future.

We must have siphon springs over mountains as in natural siphon springs such as Gihon in Jerusalem. You shift water sideways and down on the rainy sides of mountains. You create bands of siphons over the mountains to a lower elevation than the mountain reservoirs on the windward side. Water flows from damp Washington State to dry Washington State areas and so on.

We can also do this with aqueducts drilled through mountains. Here we have the problems of earthquakes cutting off aqueducts and volcanoes such as in Hawaii. But siphons should work on Hawaii and arranging to replace damaged siphon sections, or protecting them from lava flow. The arid leeward side can then be well watered.

We should create mud worms and mud worm trains for rivers. During flood, we create mud worms out of hemp plastic or regular plastic supported by hemp rope. These suck up mud into them. The mud can then be used to prop up dikes with natural barriers. The mud can be used to fertilize deltas and river bottom land in a controlled manner. Taking mud from river water will speed flow to the sea, making unwanted flooding less likely, make water purer for reservoirs and aquifer table water.

By creating shredders to remove branches and such at the mouths of mud worms, the mud and chip builds up. We can create trains of these upstream and deposit them in the Mississippi or Nile Delta to buffer them and build up the deltas. If hemp plastic and rope is used, this ensures biodegradability.

By using a mixer and siphon system, mud from the upriver side of the Aswan Dam can be slurried down to mud worms below the dam. These mud worms in trains can be floated down the Nile to be used in fertilizing projects along the way or to shores of the delta. It will also speed up the water flow, slowing evaporation from heat thereby, improving the ease of making pure drinking water as well. Floats can raise the mud worms to prevent scraping the riverbed attached to straps around the worms.

We should build Archimedes screws to take advantage of floodwater flow to place water in oxbow lakes and reservoirs for intake into groundwater in a controlled manner. We can also pump excess water back up stream by underwater river aqueducts to where needed upstream. Something like this has been done in Syria for thousands of years.

Moving water to where it is needed will improve life and make people prosperous. Once people have wealth and healthy children, they will have fewer children and population will stabilize.

We must also build factories on the Moon to help use resources from there. We must monitor the earth from the moon to ensure that the magnetic fields in conjunction with our new knowledge of the earth from seabed exploration will maintain a healthy ozone layer and magnetic fields.

We must make sure that helium gases, other gases created by build up of heat from nuclear decay, tidal forces, do not catastrophically shrink or expand the crust of the earth. Extra heat also expands the crust and molten iron as well. Everything done with good order. Heat exchange must be controlled systematically and with wisdom. We must study the seabed intimately as well as probe the crust of continents for mining, discovery, to control our planet as God has commanded. We must not say: “There is a lion in the street.” to keep us from looking into these things, nor be the reckless sorcerers’ apprentice in trying to control our planet.

So we see how wealth generation, utilization of all the billions of pairs of hands on this planet will hurry the demise of this wicked world order that is closing its evil python coils around the human race.

End of Vision 24


(The demise of the quack.)

It is lamentable that our mentally disturbed humanity is in the clutches of witch doctors called psychiatrists. We started with Sigmund Freud whose theory of childhood sexual turgor was a great boon to pederasts everywhere. Woody Allen loves to milk his treatment for jokes. Doubtless, it is also a great comfort with charges of pederasty. They want it. Woody wanted it since he was one and a half. You see, the wise owl leads the young to the bliss of eroticism. Mama Mia is fine until she is dumped, and still wants to show up for production opposite the monster’s next art film.

We shovel out public and private funds for medications laced with potentially toxic fluorine, a known sedative, pacifier and dumb down application that the Nazis used in concentration camps. Other drugs simply suppress thought. If you have racing thoughts, hey, just stop thinking so much. Unfortunately, these drugs are difficult to kick due to the adverse withdrawal effects. These drugs also make patients’ fat, dry out their mouths to increase tooth rot, turn them into diabetics, further dumbing down the imagination damping, that is, until the final stages of diabetic shock bring back delusions and dementia in the death throws. In spite of the fact that good nutrition, healthy exercise regimens, quiet means to increase restful sleep, good posture, and finding ways to get patients into a healthy sex life are far better treatments than quack remedies, the profit and genocidal motivation prevails.

Psychiatrists were deemed quacks for decades and still are but more quietly by real doctors. What is wrong with psychiatry? Such things as depression, unreasonable well being, paranoia brought on by a sense of injustice, depression due to lack of beauty in life, the indefinable secrets of friendship, romance are outside of the medical field of this profession. Justice, beauty, mood are all indefinable attributes of human nature, not quantifiable by medical arts.

This is not to say that these things cannot be aided by good brain health. Let us get on with it. Can the subjective drivel of psychiatrists and their quack dystopic medical cabinet of remedies and fake diseases not be put aside? This quack profession should be outlawed. These doctors should be given choices of specialization that might actually contribute to science. We could have a doctor of the pineal gland, a doctor of the hippocampus, a doctor of the limbic, the adrenal brain interaction, and so on. The brain is so complex that you could get as many specialties as in all of medicine. These quacks do not know their ass from their elbows about their profession, and listen for a few minutes and prescribe worthless poison. This must stop.

And let us not forget the political ramifications. Totalitarian mind control uses psychiatric drivel to put dissenters in cruel clinics when prisons or murder are not suitable for the occasion. How convenient for public relations to torture enemies by helping them in the tradition of Torquemada and the corrupt inquisition of the past.

Look, guys, I do not want to deprive you of of living in medicine, but let us be doctors. Study the organ that you claim is the fount of human behavior. It is not, but memory and behavior operate through it. And the hormones and allergens and antibodies are also specializations in their brain interactions.

As for pharmaceutical companies, plenty of lab work and targeted nutrition could be obtained by carefully analyzing blood, urine, stool, hair clipping, nail clippings, dead skin dander, ear wax, snots and spit for the total spectrum of known nutrients, hormones and related organs. Good physical health is a good marker for a good mental disposition. We need to study nutrition in gestalt and across the individual spectrum of patients. Lab work and targeted nutritional shakes when problems arise will keep labs in business and actually keep people healthy. Higher living standards will demand absolutely tiptop health. Preventive medicine is a money maker in a healthy society. The herbalists just do not know enough though practicing for thousands of years, and hard nutritional data has its place.

End of Vision 25


(The music of the polis.)

Everyone suffers in fair proportion. All benefit in fair proportion to improvements in society. Taxes should not effect regions unfairly. If one tax hurts one area, the other areas must compensate to correct this until all equals out in benefits and deprivation. Remember, the fundamental law of economics is that: economics does not work, never has worked, is not working now and never will work. Are things being produced? It is in spite of economics. Political economy is a prescription for chaos. Wealth generation is the only answer. Wisdom requires wealth generation and fair distribution. The fair part is the hard part that is much ameliorated by wealth generation.

War is not the logical extension of politics. Politics is about harmony; war is about destroying. It is the logical extension of a threat. When harmony cannot be obtained due to obstinacy of one, both or more parties, irrespective of fairness, threats come then war. Impolitics is not politics. A straight line is the shortest distance between two points in politics. A crooked, bent, winding line is the way of political corruption, that is impolitics. Vice does not and never has produced social harmony, only resentment, sulking in silence, yelling in protest, or killing and beating in civil unrest.

The prince is the behemoth, the servant of the Most High and generally of the people. Parliaments are leviathans, multi-headed political fragmentation prone to corruption, incompetence and social distress. Can we not at least get our political monsters in their proper biblical perspective? How biblically stupid is Mr. Hobbes? About as corrupt and stupid as you can get. Was he corrupt or just stupid? In the end, what is the difference?

There are parliaments within (courts, courtiers) and parliaments without (legislators.) Get rid of the one by denying princes sovereignty or divine rights to rule. Get rid of the other by common sense. At best, let them oversee the budget as auditors. Why not throw in a branch of government to govern elections? Look at the charges in the Trump/Clinton election, the ballot stuffing accusations of Kennedy/Nixon, Gore/Bush. Nobody expects the people to trust mere mortals. As for God, what choice do you have? And who wants to distrust him as a matter of logic?

End of Vision 26


(Jerusalem, Temples and Satan.)

As my previous vision on Ezekiel points out, his temple is not in play. The Dome of the Rock is now firmly established as the Fortress Antonia, the Wailing Wall included. The Solomonic Temple was by the Spring of Gihon. So the Jews can build a temple without removing the Dome of the Rock. We have claims of finding the Ark of the Covenant, a thing Jeremiah said would be of no importance in our time.

The Christian speculators require a temple for Satan to enter to declare himself God. But what about the human body as God’s temple?

Did not Paul refer to the body as a temple of God not to be polluted by vice? Yes, he did. And this same Paul predicted Satan in the temple. Did not Jesus confuse the Jews with his reference to destroying the temple and raising it up in three days? Yes, he did, and was referring to his human body. Paul mentioned nothing about rebuilding any temple at the citation mentioned. Is not the Man of Sin a man possessed by Satan? It would seems so, and so in God’s temple? You can see how apt this is, so it does not follow that a temple of stone, even if rebuilt by the Jews will be what Paul had in mind. But why was he not more specific? Why is not God more specific? And as for Paul, that applies to a great deal of his comments. Read Peter on how he confused so many in his day. Let us at least keep this in mind.

As for a temple, it may fulfill the prophecies of Isaiah about choral and prayer worship. Recall how God disdains animal sacrifice, and prefers upright behavior (last several chapters of Isaiah, and elsewhere in scripture.) And Old Jerusalem is not New Jerusalem, so the ‘no temple’ in New Jerusalem comment in Revelation can be reconciled by distinguishing between the two.

End of Vision 27


(Seinfeld vision.)

Wisdom says that 27 is not a good number. Now 28 is OK. This is the four week month of 13 months. Four and 7 are great numbers. It is a moon number: 27 days sidereal, 29 days phases, 28 in between.

The full moon is very soothing to the psyche. Lunatics are sane people. Mad dogs and Englishmen in the tropical sun are the crazy people. Sunstroke, sure. Moonstruck? Give me a break. The idiots in the bars are punching each other out because they are not up on the roof soberly enjoying a beautiful full moon. The folks in asylums are going crazy because the psychotic staff will not let them in the aviary to watch the beautiful and calming full moon.

Enough of witchcraft propaganda!

Other than that, this vision is about nothing, because 27 is a bad number for Bible believing people. Back to Table of Content

End of Vision 28




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