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Virtually Time Machine



The train began to progress slowly. Its own rustling noisiness gradually filled the wagon, first with a light, then with an increasing tempo. He stared his eyes on the train window. As the train accelerated, the outside objects started to pass faster.

He thought he had a normal life until a few months ago. He knew why these events started. Now he had to flee. At least he had to go through a period of follow-up. Such things would always be in movies, or on news channels. It could also be in real life.

The train was going to Ankara. H moved from Adana. Adana to Ankara trains have been selling tickets without numbers in recent years. The train would return to the suburban train, not the express train until Pozantı.

The passengers who had received the ticket without the hallway number were filled with anticrean. Bags in his hands, luggage; Little children’s moms on the left and right in their laps. They were looking for empty seats looking at passengers seated with sharp eyes. Naturally, no one intended to give you a seat in the voyage-worthy voyages, which was a long way. It was not the municipal bus. I had to ask the authorities to turn the express train into a suburban train so that it would not hurt. Or even the passengers who get tickets without a number. There was nothing to do. A few hours later the train would return to normal when it reached Pozantı.

Suddenly he wanted to smoke a cigarette. Now when you came out of the wagon, probably someone would be seated. He closed her tired eyes tightly.

He left Istanbul a while ago. They were easily found in Adana. What will happen after that? What kind of life did he expect? There was a truth that nothing would be like the old one anymore. Who was followed him? He was no idea. Are They a native or a stranger? Intelligence officers? A member of a private company or interest group? Is an organization a sect or a similar group of elements? But he knew what they were after.

He had worked hard on what he was working on. He had read a lot, had tried so much, he had already fed the most beautiful years of his life. It was finally about to end. Maybe he would change the world’s destiny. Where did these guys come from? How did they realize what they were working on? ‘Shit,’ he whispered in his own tone of voice. He felt a deep tribulation in him. How would he deal with all this? I was an electronic engineer in his own after all. He did not know what to fight or had an adventurous history. All life researching has gone by developing computer programs. He felt himself weak and inadequate. The world is growing; However, how weak he was.

‘I must do something,’ he thought.

He could not be willing to be used by someone else for a dream he has been working on for so many years. It was not so simple life.

He first noticed the men fifteen days ago. Every morning, he left the house and went to the company that was working on the shuttle bus. He was working on imported electronic devices. At least the domestic manufacturing was also done at the firm where Cevat worked. When he left the house, he felt like he was being watched when he went to lunch at the firm. After a while he realized that the same guys were always watching him from a certain distance. His clothes were strange. It was like a long coat, a pair of shovels, and a stylish suitcase, maybe an agent or something like that.

Cevat could not decide what to do first. He spent all his time outside his unused job, working on his own dream. It was the idea to take the sanctuary and go to another city. He came to Adana as he jumped. He knew Adana well for his job, and his job had gone there before for the dealership meetings.

When he came to Adana after the rage of Istanbul, he found peace. The Seyhan river that passed through the middle of the city, the kebabs that smelled like this and covered the whole city, the warm weather reminiscent of spring in winter, the fact that it was a flat city, all roads connected to each other at intersections, bike-motorcycle traffic liked Cevat. The dark, tall, full-titted girls, the people who speak their own language … There was a different culture in this city.

1970’s 1980’s have been the golden years of Adana. Cotton at that time would have been good money. Sabancı Group had big factories. Thousands of people were employed in these factories. Adana is rich and rich in land. People were happy and prosperous. According to rumor; the way of becoming a famous model, singer or movie star in those years passed from Adana.

Adana was the first city in Anatolia to meet western cultures by nature. In recent years, the demographic structure has deteriorated due to considerable immigration from the South. Adanals were not very happy with this situation. Unemployment has increased and the rate of crime has increased along with the newly formed suburbs. After years of 1980s, with the incentives of the Prime Minister of the time, the Sabancı Group shifted its investments to the west and big factories were closed. Cotton also did not have money.

He loved Adana. He felt better in Adana. After take a leave, he came to Adana without thinking to get past his followers. He listens a little, maybe the guys are off. Could not he have begun to dream because he had been working too hard in recent times? It could be, of course.

Shortly after arriving in Adana, the followers had found him again. They were very real. They never looked like dreams. Cevat could not understand how he found himself in such a short time. He understood that the work was very serious. Somehow they had learned what Cevat was dealing with and they were after him. Desperate, Cevat got on the first train to Ankara. The idea was not a better idea at the moment. More precisely, no idea. He instinctively decided to go to Ankara. There was no idea that they would be thereafter.

He was a little sleepy. he has been sleeping properly for days. He did not know what would happen tomorrow. All he knew was that he would be in the crown of another city when he woke up.


Cevat Gokcek has been a very curious person since his early ages. He had a big curiosity about science and technology when he went to elementary school. He tried to learn everything. His mother, his father, his relatives, and his close neighbors were overwhelmed by the endless questions of Cevat, and sometimes they were looking for holes to escape. ‘How do the cars move?’, ‘How the diesel engine works’,’ How do planes fly? ‘,’ How do submarines float? How do you get back to the surface of the water? “, How, why, why …

They were looking forward to seeing a new issue of the monthly ‘Scientific and Technical Jurnal’ published by TÜBİTAK. He never missed the ‘Milliyet Children’s Magazine’ published in those years. Especially also added a level to the understanding of the children given to the addition of the magazine ‘How to work’ had the addition of fascicule fascucile accumulate them with their own possibilities.

There would be films and serials in the kind of sci-fi which TRT, which is the only channel of television, published from time to time. They looked forward to series films such as ‘Space Track’ and ‘Space 1999’. When he was watching, the excitement caught on his tongue.

Thank goodness the present children did not have such problems. There were arcades, computers, internet. There was no need for the children to investigate or wait for a movie for a week. The indefinite cartoons, the magical movies, the films with the water from the water, the ease tv series were all in pill form. Even students who did not even have to do homework. You could enter the homework sites on the Internet, select a homework assignment, write your own name on it, take the printout on the printer and take it to your teacher. There are even more advanced sites, for example, internet sites where you can print a fee for a graduate or doctoral thesis.

Cevat was definitely a different kid. Despite the limited opportunities of his time, he lived in a different world than his other peers. He perceived the world with a different eye. In your own case, turn in a little. The most prominent feature was the bright sparkle in his eyes.

The end of high school years was the first lightning strike in his head after Robert Zemeckis’ NEXT TO THE FUTURE at the beginning of his college years watching film. A crazy professor develops a vehicle that travels at a time, travels back and forth with a crazy young man, breaks down some events before they know it, then he straightens them up and gives them a better life. Later on, Films continued to feature two more films, and the movie became a trumpet-shaped film and became very popular.

Cevat had studied the lives and works of scientists who changed the fate of human beings from Galileo to Einstein in this process. It was now obsessive for him to travel the time. Could such a thing be possible? He said there could be a voice inside. It had to have a meaning for human life. People who used the talents of God to change things. It could have been better, but better. What did the unused mind do? Did not people think they were different from animals?

Cevat’s college years began in the 1980’s with the year 1990’s. The 1990s were heralded as a new era began. Giant steps have been taken in electronic technologies, and parallel developments in communications and computer technology have begun. The age of modern age or the era of the era of modern age has begun. Primitive computers, which are very cumbersome and very expensive, have begun to take the place of smaller, cheaper, more capable computers with integrated circuit technology. Computers started to enter the houses with the cheap computer prices. Society was now acquainted with computers. This is a union that will last forever.

In the ongoing process, technologies that will communicate with each other on computers began to develop and a gigantic network was established with the computers connected to each other. It was called the Internet. Now the world was getting smaller. Along with the Internet, radical changes in the life of the society also took place. The world was globalizing. It was the sharpest end of Internet technology.

What kind of age this age of information age is now taking place in the textbooks of precaution, benefits, and benefits. In this age, who or what societies have more knowledge and who use this knowledge faster, those people or society will be superior to others.

Citizens in the past, long time-in the public offices, in the banks – were simply able to do business at home, often with computer and internet technology. You’re not going to the bank. You do not go to cinema, you can download and watch the movie on your computer. If you are going to travel, you can easily get your ticket via internet, you do not even have to go shopping. You order, your order comes from the internet. But of course for human beings all this had a price. Less social contact, more loneliness, more individualism, more introspection, less art, less humanity …

Cevat was an intelligent student. Mathematics had a natural ability. He did not study much in high school years. He actually lived in another world at another time. But it’s time for college. He had to study at a university. He decided to become an electronic engineer to realize his dreams. It was like that. He was now a student at Middle East Technical University Electronics Engineering department, one of the favorite universities of the country.


When you opened your eyes, the day started to build up. The train Kirikkale had approached past Ankara. The car’s air was heavier. What do you think he’s gonna do? Where should he go in Ankara? These guys knew their exact family address and they were watching. It was very likely to wait for Cevat in Ankara.

‘These guys must be part of a big organization’ he thought.

He tried to remove this thought from his head. The best was to go to one of his childhood friends. They did not even know what to do with them, either. He stayed for a couple of days, gathered his head, could reevaluate the situation.

The train made a deep whistle and entered Ankara Station. It slowed down. Metallic brakes filled the entire train. It finally stopped with a slight jolt. Started a mobility in the wagon . The passengers who took their baggage, their bags, were trying to throw themselves out as soon as possible. That’s what it always was. The people sitting in the quiet calm of the journey suddenly rushed, they tried to land as soon as possible. The journey is thought to be psychology, Cevat.

As the crowd mingled, the trending station landed on the concrete floor. The cold autumn weather of Ankara faded his eyes for a moment. The people of Ankara were well aware of the morning sickness. It’s the person who donned the ears. Cevat looked at the passenger platforms. At the exit of the station, he noticed two types immediately. ‘Shit!’ They found it again. These guys were not doing anything else. They were following the shadow. He could not get out of the main gate. It started to walk towards the end of the station. He stepped up his steps. He gently turned his head and looked back. The men were still studying the passengers carefully so they noticed Cevat. He just chased it. Cevat has been accelerated. His adrenalin rose. The heart threw quickly. It was at the end of the station. He went down the Tandoğan bridge passing through the wire braids. It was a taxi cab in the direction of the Kizilay. Now he’s a little relieved. The guys did not want to catch him exactly, he sensed it, Cevat. They were just watching. They felt their presence.

The taxi driver was chunky, one in his late 50s. Probably a retired worker or officer from a state circle. He was still working as a cab driver because he could not possibly get a pension. He asked with dignity unique to Ankara:

‘What are we going to do, sir?’

Cevat thought like this. There was not much alternative. Hüseyin Eğri was the best friend of his childhood who lived in Cebeci. Single Hüseyin never married. He could have stayed there for a few days without bothering anyone.‘Cebeci,’ he said.He wanted Hussein to be a guest for a few days. Huseyin would have welcomed it. It’s been a while now. Maybe they could produce a common solution.

Hüseyin’s apartment was often visited in the past years, Cevat. He came down from the neighborhood behind the Ankara University Faculty of Law. He’s in the apartment. He was sitting on the second floor, Hussein. He had no idea of his future, of course Hussein.

‘I hope it is at home and I have come at a convenient time.’

The stairway went up two floors and the pace accelerated a little. Not like the old man, of course. After 30, he was starting to show the cigarette damage. The bell rang. He waited a while. There was no sound from inside. He struck again.

‘I do not think he’s at home, damn you,’ he thought.But he did not think. Footsteps came from inside. Door opened. Joyfully with Cevat think ‘You are my old, not your old friend’.Door opened. Hüseyin was looking at Cevat with sleepy eyes. Cevat was unable to perceive it first as a sleepwalk. Then his face was enlightened with joy.

‘What a nice surprise this is my Cevat ? Did you see me in the dream? ‘

They embraced with zeal. Cevat;

‘My brother’

said. Indeed they are very old friends. They lived in the first years of youth. What they shared in those tough years. It’s not always money, first youth love, class days, college entrance exam …

‘No, you see me in the morning, what a nice surprise.’ Cevat,

‘No … It’s not as you know. Tell me you do not believe. ‘It must be important. Are you standing pale? I hope there is nothing bad,’said Hussein. He’s still not happy to see his favorite friend.

That was how friendships were. The slightest point of view, the slightest smack of face, would tell a lot. It did not even need to talk, unexpected, real friendships. Such friendships were founded only in their time. Friendships have already done more. Friendships in the consumer society were quickly vanquished. Now friends are friends. What benefit do I have if I make friends with this guy? Who introduces me to whom? Which groups do I enter? What do I get? What are you selling? When people were friendly, they were calculating them. Mathematics was a good one, but it was not mathematics when used in calculations like this.


For Cevat, the high school and college years were troubled. The officer was the greatest of three children of a family. Mother house lady, father was a state official. The biggest strain in his education life in Ankara was the limited economic conditions of his family. Even now he was suffering from time to time. Money was not always there. He was not even a child, he was not in his first years of youth, he did not come to middle age in his youth. Like most people in the country, poverty and low incomes were a destiny for him.

He had a grudge against two things; ‘Poverty’ and ‘oldness.’ His grandfather always said:

‘You will not enter the two things from the door of poverty and old age.’

Cevat has never forgotten it.

Lessons did not strain, Cevat. He had an innate ability to mathematics. It was like a game for him mathematics. He loved to play with numbers. Sometimes he played hide-and-seek with them, sometimes with a badie, sometimes with a burning ball, sometimes a long, but he always won. As soon as the new school year begins, he reads the book of mathematics literally, all the book moments, the theorems. Mathematics teachers were uneasy when they grabbed a finger.

The mathematics lessons were more intense because of the chapter he studied in college years. Courses such as engineering mathematics, differential equations, system analysis were very enjoyable for Cevat. While his friends were being forced, he would feel the excitement of the child playing with a new toy.

His lessons lived with a never-ending science-fiction hunger. Famous sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov read books like ‘Ben Robot’, ‘Foundation Series’. H.G. Wells “Time Machine ‘’ novel flew Cevat.

Albert Enistein discovered in the later years of his college education Cevat. Famous physicist ‘General Relativity’, ‘Special Relativity’; Reading the ‘Unified Fields Theory’, which he did not afford to complete the installation, he felt himself as the leading actor of an adventure film. Then he wondered about quantum physics and had studied all the writings from the past to the present day.

Einstein’s theories of general relativity and special relativity theories scientifically reveal the idea of journey when later physicists have dreamed since the childhood of the ‘Wolf’s Halls’, ‘String Theory’ about travel. In practice, although it is impossible to realize at this point, the theoretically suggested thinkers might point out that it may be possible to travel on time.

Dealing with lessons and sci-fi topics kept him away from real life. He was actually handsome. When he started her university, Cevat Gökçek, who had a long thin wheat skin, green eyes, broad shoulders, strong appearance, contrary to the first years of youth. There were girls who were always interested in him because of his good physics and his success in class. But he thought that love was a disease. Once caught in high school years and paid a heavy price.

Women … Oh, are not those women? Because of the irresistible force of nature, they would be together with men to survive their species, they would want to find a safe and peaceful environment like all the fellow in the nature and breed.

The cruel reproductive task that nature carries is a heavy and laborious process. Every females is affected negatively. Therefore, the females hostile to men. This animosity is more evident in primordial sexual reproduction. For example, while the female prophet is mating, she has eat the head of her man. The spider species, called Black Widow, kills the man after mating. In more advanced organisms, such as mammals, the females can not make killing action directly, they do it slowly, as in humans. Thus, they lighten the heavy burden they place on the backs of nature.

It was like that, Cevat. You will love it, but from a distance. You will never enter a long-term relationship with a woman. You will not hunt.


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Virtually Time Machine

The train began to progress slowly. Its own rustling noisiness gradually filled the wagon, first with a light, then with an increasing tempo. He stared his eyes on the train window. As the train accelerated, the outside objects started to pass faster. He thought he had a normal life until a few months ago. He knew why these events started. Now he had to flee. At least he had to go through a period of follow-up. Such things would always be in movies, or on news channels. It could also be in real life.

  • Author: Ercan Celik
  • Published: 2017-08-02 21:05:08
  • Words: 24992
Virtually Time Machine Virtually Time Machine