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By: Julio Mario Espinosa Jiménez

Based on an original idea of: Carlos Luna Jiménez.


Copyright 2017

Shakespir EDITION.





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Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

John 8:32.




Mark always hated bithdays parties. When he was a child this type of meetings were the perfect excuse for his parents to let out all the hatred they had toward each other. A children meeting ended up becoming an endless war.

An awckward smile was seen through Mark´s beard when his friends and acquaintances give him the gifts, some of them know his cloudy past, so they deliver the gift traying not to violate the unseen Mark’s personal space, which is delimited by his eyes.

The hug of an ignorant acquaintance erased Mark´s shy smile, his friends feared the worst; the holy wrath! But, he he replied with a sarcastic and humorous comment; Take it easy, man! Mark said, Your hug will make me burp!. And then Mark went back to submerge in his solitary world like a solipsist.

From a corner of the room, Teal sees the reaction of his boyfriend, she knows him very well that she can read his facial expressions like he were an open book. Man and women make eye contact, she smiles, he looks down.

Mark’s friends don’t like Teal; they smile at her from afar with false courtesy, her witchy goth look scares them, “hipsters don´t like goths” think some of them. Her black lips like oil, her long nails decotared with curious esoteric forms, her tattoos and that dark and strange sexuality, is too much for them. For Mark’s friends, Teal is some kind of alien who coaxed Mark, and drove him away. Mark’s girlfriends form a group away from Teal to “talk” about her.

Teal Tiphereth Swan sees the “coven” of the girls with lasciviuos curiosity, she is accustumed to see others speaking behind her back, her father used to tell her “ Your beauty is going to intimidate some people, get used to it, that’s why a gave you the name Tiphereth in honor of the sixth sefirot of the tree of life of the Jewish mysticism of the Kabbalah, Tiphereth means beauty, but when you see some one talking crap about you, remember, the universe is dual, so use your qliphah Thagirion that means pain, and get back at them!”

-Look, The way she crosses her legs! She doesn’t care if her black underwear is seen by anyone! Look the way she smokes, it’s looks like she was doing a blow job!- Said one of the girls in the “coven”.

Some how, Teal heard the comment. Furiuos, Teal puts out the cigarette and walk toward the girls. Mark’s girlfriends watch her approaching, “Oh, No! She heard!” Murmured one of them.

-Girls, Do you want something else? – Asked to them Teal sarcastically.

-No, thanks! – Answered Laura; the girl who made the negative comment.

-If you need something, please tell me, I’ll be sitting right there listening and waiting for you all, ok…? – She said a with false smile.

-Ok, ok, thanks, you are very kind! – Laura said.

Teal returned to her chair and lit another cigar. The girls looked at each other ashamed.

Mark noticed the misunderstanding between Teal and his girlfriends, Teals look at her boyfriend in recriminatory way, he inmmediately knew that thanks to Teal’s rage he would spend the night on the full house bed. “What did I do?” He murmured to himself.

The gift delivery session ended, there´s a pile of gift paper destroyed in the middle of the room, and a pile of black sweaters size M next to Mark. “We don’t know what to give you” Said his best friend “You are a complicated man, Mark!” he finished.

-Don´t worry, I like black clothes – Mark replied politely.

-We know that you love the black colour! – Chales said while he points at Teal, who is picking up the paper from the floor.

-Black is eternal – Teal said.

Charles answered something to Teal, but Mark didn’t hear it, because something caught his attention; one last gift forgotten on the floor, it seemed to be an old vinyl wrapped in an old newspaper from june 1966. Charles and Teal kept arguing while Mark picked up the object.

-Who gave me this? – He asked at loud, but everyone ignored him.

Ignored by everyone, Mark looks for an empty room to analyze the strange object. He went to his room, then, he rips off the paper from the vinyl. “It’s old!” He said “Smells like the 60”. The cover of the album was white but yellowed by the passage of the decades, in the middle of it there’s a hole, through which he can see the center of the vinyl; there’s an inverted pentagram with the head of a red goat.

-Oh, no! I don’t like any kind of heavy metal! – He said – I am a computer security technician! What I supposed to do with an old heavy metal vinyl? – He said while he takes out the vinyl of its sheath. There’s only one song recorded in the album – This have to be a joke! Mark left his room, and shout at loud again: Who gave me this?! – No one seemed to know the origin of the gift, including Teal. – Great! He said.












The meeting is over. Mark picks up the empty dishes and takes them to the kitchen. While he is cleaning up the apartment, his attention is cought by the vinyl with devilish aspect. He walks toward it, the vinyl is on a table next to an empty pitcher of beer, Mark takes the vinyl and analyzes it with his eyes half closed. A shadow passes quickly in front of Mark, He looks up but does not see anyone, his eyes return to the vinyl, then Mark feels like some one is watching at him as a predator sees its prey.

-I’m Leaving! – Teal said.

Mark turns to see Teal, who is standing by the door.

- Where? – Mark answered.

-To my house!

-What do you mean? This is your house!

-No, Mark, it’s yours!

-For god’s sake, Teal! You’ve been living in “my apartment” for months! This is your home!

-Must go to feed my cat!

-I’ve told you thousands of times: bring that thing to live her with us!

-My cat is not a “thing”

-Ok, ok, I’m sorry – Mark apologized

-Besides, we have not formalized anything.

-What do you mean!

-I mean, what the hell are we?

-C’Mon! Not again! You are my woman, and I’m you man! that’s all! – He puts the vinyl on the table – Don’t go, stay, please!

-You lied to me!

-No! I didin’t!

-Yes, you did, you told me that she would not come… but, she came! And she said horrible things about me!

-She means nothing to me! Teal, she is the past! You are my present!

-Is she?! Is she?! – Teal asked.

.She is! She is!

-Tell me the truth! And I’ll forgive you! I just aking for the truth!

-There is not truth to say! She and I are just friends!

Teal looks disappointed, I’m leaving! She said.

-You are being irrational!

Teal leaves the apartment without looking back.

-Teal! – Mark screams.




















Mark have to work on some important algorithms for a an application for a well known bank, but his mind is stuck on Teal. She doesn’t answer the phone or the text massages. Frustrated for non being able to concentrate on his job, Mark turns off the computer. He needs to get her out of his thoughts, so he thinks on the vinyl, “well, I have nothing else to do” Mark said as he shrugged.

Mark puts the vinyl on an old turntable that belonged to his father, old melodies burts into his mind, he remembered when as child he sat on his father’s lap to hear the classics of the Rock music; Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Stones, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, among others. “Oh, The old times…!” he said while he pushes Play.

However, the melody that cames out of the vinyl was a clumsy riff, not one of the rock masterpieces that he was used to hear in his father’s lap as a child, not guitar solo, no bass, no drums, no vocals, just, C sharp, D major, D sharp, C major, G minor, C major, D sharp, C major, D sharp, G minor, over and over again. “What the hell is this?!” Mark said when the song ends “This is the dumbest song I’ve ever heard in my life!”. Mark stands up and walks to the door, but then he realized that the song was imprented in his mind, because he was unconsciously humming it. So, he go back and heard the song again and again for half an hour. In the umpteenth hearing he noticed a low noise with the riff, it was a lament, a male lament. “What is this?” Mark asked. He puts his ear next to the speaker but he didn’t listen the male voice, “the male voice seems to come directly from the vinyl” He said, then Mark puts his ear near to the disc, a murmur reached his ear… “What do you said?” Mark asked to the vinyl as it was alive. Bang! Something hits the window, it was the branch of a nearby tree, Mark breathed relief. He curled besides the vinyl with his eyes wide open fixed on the tree. The branch moves by the beat of the riff; C sharp, D major, D sharp, C major, G minor, C major, D sharp, C major, D sharp, G minor,. But suddenly, music and branch stopped, Mark’s beard was touching the vinyl, his pupils dilated, the branch began to turn in to a hand, for the corner of his eye, Mark saw a dark shadow without form approaching to him, “You…” the shadow said… Mark stands up like a scared teenage girl and runs to his room.















The cat looked at him deeply, so deep that he felt as if the feline were scrutinzing out his soul; his inner demons flushed. “Stop staring at me, you pulpy smelly cat!” Mark demanded to the cat. The animal, who was looking at him form the other side of the room, ignored him. The cat sitting like the sphinx saw something on Mark’s head; it caught its attention. “What are you looking at? There’s nothing above me!” Mark said. The pupils of the animal dilated, the cat curled up, hiss and then ran to the kitchen. “Crazy animal!” Mark said.

Teal came out from the kitchen with two coupes of coffee. “What did you do to Belfegor?!” She said. “He is scared!”

- I did nothing to that smelly black hairball! – Mark answered while he recieved the coup of coffee.

- Please, don’t talk like this about him!

- Ok, I’m sorry…

- What’s wrong with you, Mark? You look emaciated!

- What do you mean? – Mark asked.

- your skin, your eyes… Have you slept well? Are you working without rest?

- Yes, yes, yes… I’ve working a lot… that’s all! And I really miss you!!

Teal looks at her boyfriend in disbelief. You know – She said – I called to your work yesterday, they said that you did not go to work yesterday!

-I’ve been working on this new app on my place, that’s all! I feel more confortable there. You know how a love privicy.

- You are lying to me again, Mark! – She screamed.

- No, No! I am not!

- Yes, you are!! To work on the new bank’s app, you must connect your computer to the server of your company, and you have not done that! They told me! They are worried, because you are late…!

- but, but…

- You have been with her!

- No, I swear!

- Then, tell me the truth!

- I told you the other night; there’s no truth to say…

Teal stands up – Get out of my apartment! – She demanded to him.

- No, please, come with me!

-No, I don’t want to see you any more… unless you tell me the truth…

- There’s no truth to…

- Go Away!!! – Teal screamed.




Mark climbs the tree near to his window, under the suprised look of his neighbors. He is carrying a saw on his left hand. “What the hell are you trying to do?!” Asked a man on a window.

- It’s not your bussines! – Mark answered arrogantly without stopping.

- It is our bussines! – Screamed an old lady from below.

Mark began to cut the branch that hits his window with the saw.

- Hey! Stop! – Shouted at laud the old lady as she tried to climb the tree.

Mark smiled at the old lady’s attemps to clim the tree. Lady stay down! Mark said.

- No! That tree belongs to us! You are vandalizing it!

Mark finished his work, the branch crashed near the old lady. “Hey! Are you tying to kill me!” she said.

- I told you! I warned you!

Mark get off of the tree. “The board is going to know about this!” The old lady threatened him.

- I don’t give a damn, lady! That branch almost broke my window yestarday! I’m trying to protect my property! – Mark answered to her as he entered to the building.

- You are inconsiderate and rude, Mr, Passio! – Said the old woman.



Mark hasn’t enter to the room since the event of two nights before, but tonight the scientist who lives inside him is forcing him to repeat the experience to make sure that all that hapenned that night was a product of his imagination mixed with the alcohol.

Still with the saw on his hands, Mark walks slowly toward the Vinyl, he’s shaking. “It was my imagination, it was, it was…” Mark repeated to himself as he sat down. The goat, in the middle of the vinyl, seems to look at him with morbid curiosity. Mark pushes the play bottom; C sharp, D major, D sharp, C major, G minor, C major, D sharp, C major, D sharp, G minor. Mark looks the window, there’s no tree, there’s no branch, he breathed in relief.

The song ended. “See, nothing hapenned” He said to himself, suddenly an idea crossed his mind; “What will happen if I play th evinyl in reverse?”. Mark pushes the bottom and he puts his ear near to the turntable, he immediately noticed a bass accompananying the guitar riff and a male voice, a male lament.

-What…? What are you trying to say me?¨- He asked to the vinyl as it was alive.

-You… – Said a voice without gender – Have…

Shadows began to emerge from the eyes of the goat, they surrounded him as a bunch of hungry predators. “Leave me alone!” He begged at them, but they didn’t care. And closed the siege.

-You have to do… – Said the voice again.

Mark didn’t want to hear the end of the sentence, He got a up and ran to his room as a scared child, once there, he hid under the bed. The lights of the apartment went on a nd off by themselves. Footsteps rumbled on the floor, someone enter to the room, the person is wearing texans boots, “Those shoes seem to be from the 60’s or 70’s” He thought, the person sat on the bed, it creaked.

-Please stop! – The man said. – Don’t listen to the vinyl again, I want to protect you from the others and from… IT, but if you don’t obey me, I can not protect you anymore… I fell into the trap, please, you don’t… – The boots disappeared.

Slowly, Mark came out from under the bed. Everything look calm, but suddenly, he felt how someone; an entity stare at him from behind. He got paralyzed.

-Use C language to program – Said the voice without gender – It will be easier…

As a midless golem Mark nodded. A dark shadow appears in front of him, the thing takes Mark’s hand like mother, “You have to change the source code to make the bank’s app more friendly with all the operating systems” It said. Mark nodded again, and then he walks to his computer.

The man works on the bank’s app all the night with the music rumbling at loud, the beeps on his computer resambled the melody of the damn vinyl; C sharp, D major, D sharp, C major, G minor, C major, D sharp, C major, D sharp, G minor. “You must do what I tell you” said the shadow with a familiarity that he didn’t recognized. “#include“”Mark typed on the computer…


main() {

char Name15, surnameM [15], surnameP15, Adress200

int Age:

printf (“¿What is your name?”)

scanf (“%s”, &Name) ;


“They don’t know…” Said the shadow while Mark types “ But the computers mimic the human mind, their brains are programable, with your work I will be able to possess every mind that use your app, I will live for ever! Their greed will feed me!” Mark nodded while his fingers performed a complicated choreography on the keyboard, on the computer screen appeared and disappeared windows with programming language.

-I’m Done! – Mark said.

-Good boy… good boy…



As soon Teal puts one of her feet off the elevator, Miss Mayim; the old lady that fought with Mark over the branch, approached to her, “Why you and your boyfriend haven’t turned down the volume of that horrible song? Thanks to you two, no one has been able to sleep in the building, last night!” The old lady said.

-I’ll do my best… – Teal said without stop.

-“I’ll do my best?!” What the hell that suppose to mean, miss Swan??

-Leave us alone old lady, we have work to do!

Teal opens the door of the apartment; a stale smell came to her nose, something like sweat combined with rotten eggs. “Mark!” she screamed as she closed the door. “Where are you?” Teal went into the apartment with an expression on her face that did not indicate surprise. The stinky smell took her to her boyfriend’s office. “Here you are!” She said.

-I’m working – Mark said without taking his eyes off the computer’s screen.

-I see, did you finished?

-Yes, ma’am, I did… – He said like a zombie.

-So, give me the app… I need to take it to your Company, they are worried. They call me!

Mark extended his hand and gave an USB memory to Teal “I changed the sourse code, now it will be more friendly to all operating systems; Windows, Android…”

-I see… – Teal said while she crossed her hands in front Mark’s eyes, there was no reaction; he seems to be spleeping. –Try to sleep, Mark.

-No! – Mark stands up – DON’T TOUCH HER!

-What?! What?!

-He wants to hurt you… – Mark said.

-Who? Who?

-The man in the texan boots – Mark said while he points the door.

-There’s no one there, Mark… – Teal said while she opened the curtains to let the light into the room. The walls are full with satanic pentagrams drawn in red.

-Go, Teal, Go away! He wants to hurt you…!!! – Mark screamed.

Teal runs to the door “If he touches me, Mark, it will be your fault, you summoned him…!”

-Don’t worry, he won’t touch you.

Teal leaves the apartment leaving the door open.








Slowly, Mark opens his eyes; the first thing he sees is her neighbor; Miss Mayim. “W-w-w-what the hell are you doing here?!” He asked muttering.

-I saw the door open, and I entered to turn off that horrible song! – She said –But I couldn’t becuase I found you here laying down on the floor… what happened to you?

-I don’t remember… I, I, I just was listening the…

-The what?!

Mark stands up and runs to the vinyl, Miss Mayim follows him. “Mr. Passio, wait for me!”

Mark took the vinyl on his hands, he throws it to the floor and steps on it.

-What is this?! – Miss Mayim asked surprising by the satanic pentragams on the walls.

Mark looks the walls: “Who did those things?!” He asked.

-If you don’t know… – Miss Mayim answered.

Mark destroys the vinyl with his feet. “This thing is doomed!”

-Mr. Passio I think you have got a big problem here!


-I think you’ve been haunted! – She said with a sad expression on her face.

-How do you know that?!

-Believe me! I am expert on this kind of… “Works”

-A-a-a-are you a witch?

-Just call me a “light worker” – She answered – But, you have been attacked by a black witch or sorcerer… or something worse…

-What do you mean with “something worse”?!

-A demon Mr. Passio, A demon from hell!

-I don’t believe on this kind of nonsenses!

-It doesn’t matter if you believe or not in the truth, it still the truth!

-Ok, ok, ok…- Mark said as he sat down – You got me! What do I do, now?!

-the sorcerer, or the witch, forced you to do something, you have to figured it out what! And why…

-I don’t understand!

-Who gave you that Vinyl? – She asked.

-I don’t know! – He screamed.

-What do you remember about last night?

-Nothing… I don’t remember anything… I remember the vinyl and then… it’s all gone…

-I fell a lot of activity in this house – She said while she walking the room. Miss Mayim touches one of the pentagrams – It’s looks like blood… – She closes her eyes – There’s a lot of entities stalking… but there’s one of them that is trying to protect you… from… from – Mayim kneels – They want to hurt him…

Mark walks toward his neighbor – From what? – H e asked.

-Oh, no! – She screamed – They are hitting at him… they are going to destroy him…

-H-h-how?! Can a spirit be destroyed?

-Sure – She said, opening her eyes.

-Can we help him?

-Oh, no! – She screamed again.


-They are coming for us!! Run, Mister Passio, run!

-What? What?

-Run away!

Miss Mayim is lifted up by an unseen force, Mark tried to help her, but he couldn’t. – Go away! – She urged him – She is shaken against the walls – Go…

Mark runs to the door of his apartment, but he stoped when he can hear Miss Mayim’s cries for help. Miss Mayim, are you ok?! – He asked. From the room emerged six shadows with red eyes.

-Oh, no! – He said.

-They need your App for something! – Screamed Miss Mayim from inside the room – Your girlfriend have it…

-They want to hurt Teal!

-She… She… – Said the old lady.

One of the shadows returned to the room to silence her. The Shadow returned with Miss Mayim head on its hand.

Horrified, he runs toward the door, forniture flies to block him the way, the shadows are behind him, Mark can smell their rotten breath, one of them scratches his arm. “Leave alone!” He begged. At last, Mark leaves the apartment, the shadows stop in the door theshhold.

-they can’t go outside with out the permission of the succubus – Said a male voice.

-Are you the one who wants to protect me?

-Yes! Do not let the Bank’s app be published! That was done to infect human minds like my song!

The Shadows go back inside the apartment.

-Go! Now! – Screamed the man on the Texan boots.












The guitar riff has left Mark’s mind, now, “Sympathy for the Devil” sounds inside his brain over and over again without stopping; “Ah, What’s puzzling you is the nature of my game, Oh yeah… woo…woo… woo” Mark Hummed. He knows that the devil wants something from him, but Mark hasn’t still figure it out what.

The taxi finally arrived to Mark’s office, hastily he got off, but before he gave a fifty dollar bill to the driver. “Thank you” said the man with arabic accent. With surprising rapidity, Mark went up all the 5 floors, and without greeting to anyone he entered to Charles´ office.

-Where is it?! –He asked.

-Where is what! – Charles answered.

-You know what!

-No, I don’t!!

-The App! – He shouted at loud.


Mark pounced on his friend like a madman: “Where the hell is the app!!!”

-Take it easy! What’s wrong with you?!

-Where is it?!!

-I already gave the app to the people of the bank, Teal gave to me this morning.

-You have to take it back!! – Mark screamed as he took Charle from his neck.

-A-a-a-are y-y-ou trying to hang me!!!

-Call to the bank and take the app back, right now!

-No! – He said as he realising his neck from Mark’s hands – That would cost us a lot of money! Are you insane?!

-That App is a danger for society… – Mark said and then he hits Charles on his face.

Mark left Charles’ office, a crowd was waiting for him. “His grilfriend was right!” Said a man. “Yeah! He’s acting like a madman!” Answered a girl.

-Let me pass! – Mark demanded.

The crowd allowed him to pass, He crossed the path without make any eye contact. “No!” said a man “You can’t go… you just assaulted an employee, I have to call the pólice!” Mark turned around to see this man. It’s a man from security.

-No, you won’t – Mark Answered.

-Oh, yes I will – The man turned on his radio, but he couldn’t do the call because Mark pounced on him as a predator.

Mark snatched the gun from the security guard, and fired into the air. “If someone follows me or dare to call the police… I swear to god…” he screamed. Mark left the Office.

“Use your all well-learned politesse or I lay your soul to waste… woo, woo, woo” Mark hummed.



Mark doesn’t not know where to go, he wanders through the streets by hours with the gun on his hands, people run away from him on terror. Suddenly, he realizes that he must go back to your home, he needs to fight back the demons and the succubus. Mark doesn’t know how to fight against that threat, but he need to stop them from whatever they have plan with the App he made. I must go back, he decided.

When he entered to his apartment, the first thing the saw was Teal dressed in black like a bride.

-What are you doing here? – He asked pointing the gun at her.

-I’m worried about you… – She answered.

-What is a succubus?


.You Heard me!! –He screamed.

-Relax, put he gun down! – She said – It’s like a demon, a female demon…

-You are a succubus! Are you a Succubus?! You haunted me with that vinyl! Do you?! Atre you?!

-You are delusional, Mark… no one is a succubus here… Put he gun down! You already killed someone, I saw the corpse… the old lady’s corpse

-I didn’t do that! You and your shadows… killed her…

-No, no, listen to me very carefully… why I would bewitch you? I’m your girlfriend, and I love you… If someone did something on you that was Laura… Putt he gun down!

-No, no… she is not… – He screamed pointing the gun on her.

-Yes, she was… she gave to you that vinyl…

-No, no… no… Don’t play mind games on me!! You did it!

-No, Calm down! I am not playing anything on you… I came here because your friends told me what you did on the office… they are worried, they called the police, they want you to surrender peacefully…

-No, I won’t until I stop the App…

-It’s too late for that… They already published the App on the virtual store…

“Help me…” Said a Female voice.

-What is that?! – Mark asked.

-I don’t know, this is your house, Mark… I just entered…

-NO, you are a liar!

-The only liar here is you, Mark…

-Don’t star with that again… I already told you; there’s not truth to confess.

“Somebody help me…”

-What did you do? – Mark asked to Teal.

-No, what did you do, Mark? – She answered.

Mark looks in every room of his apartment trying to find the girl who is asking for help. Finally, on the kitchen, Mark founds Laura crucified on an inverted cross. “Please help me…” She begged.

-What the hell did you do, Teal?! – He screamed.

Laura looks to Teal in terror. “She did this to me!” She said while spits some blood on the ground.

-Do not untie her – Said Teal.

-Why the hell don’t, I must help her…

Mark, in his desperation, does not see that the knot and the way in which Laura is tied to the cross, probably causes that if her hands are released her head will be cut off. “I’m going to help you…” He said in tears. Laura is trying to tell him something but she can’t, because the rope is squeezing her throat.

-Don’t talk! Please don’t talk… – He begged.

-Mark… do not untie her – Said Teal again.

-NO, I’m done listen to you! – He unties her, Luara’s head falls out near to Mark’s feet. – Oh, no!!! Oh, no!!! -Mark slips with the blood.

-Told you… – Teal said.

Laura’s blood splashes al over Mark’s body.

-Now, your fingerprints are on the rope, on the cross, and on her body… you are in trouble… – Teal said singing.

-You bitch! –He said while he stands up.

-How pathetic is the human race?! Hu?! – Teal said while she walks toward Mark – You all live on a world full of lies, you lie to each others every day, while you’re turning your back on mother earth, you idolize false idols, flags, governments and politicians, but you haven’t find it out that among you live a predator race that is hunting you down like animals for centuries. Egocentrics, self centered, solipsists dumbasses! “The truth will set you free!” said someone once, and what happened?! You killed him! And you know why?! Because you… all humans, live scared of the truth! I know that you and her have been fucking on our bed for three months! But every time that I demanded the truth from you, you always said: There’s no truth to confess…

-That’s not true!

-STOP LIYING TO ME! – She screamed, the building trembled.

-Ok, ok… you are right! You are right! I’m sorry!!

-“I’m sorry!” It’s to late for “I’m sorry!” – She said.

Mark shoot at Teal right in the middle of her chest, She fell.

-I’m sorry… Laura… I shouldn’t drag you into this mess. – He said to Laura’s corpse.

Teal stands up. “ Did you really think this is the first time I do this?” She said while she rise her blouse to show him that she is wearing a bulletproof vest.

-I’m going to call the pólice! – He said.

-Do it, that’s what I want… it is part of my plan…

-You are insane…

-No, I am not. You know… – She said – I’ve been doing this for 350 years, I’m older than America! –Teal laughed – You knew my slaves, right? They used to be seven… one of them tried to help you, but I took care of him… his soul is no longer exists… the shadows that you saw, they were my boyfriends; artists, writers, musicians… and now you… I made them work to me; they used their talents to create things in which I put my spells… the clumsy song that you heard was made for a hippie on the 60’s… 1966, That dumb song feed my youth for almost 60 years, but your App, oh my God! It will be much better, because with that thing I will be able to feed me with thousands of young minds at the same time, and not one at the time… I will absord the youth of the people that download the Application, I will be live for a million of years! Maybe more… isn’t this a great time to be alive or what? Thier souls will be feed me! Belgefor daughter will live for ever!!

-No, if I can stop you!

-You won’t… – she said, while she make a call from his cell phone to 911 – Police!! Please help me! – She said in tears – My boyfriend went crazy! He killed our neighbor, his exgirlfriend and tried to kill me too… but… I’m using a Bulletproof vest…

-No! That’s not true! – Mark Screamed.

Teal extended her hand to calm him down, like a zombie Mark obeyed.

“Where is he now?” asked a female voice on the phone.

-I just killed him… – Teal said.

-No one is going to believe you… – Mark said.

-Oh… yeah… they will… – She said, the gun flew from Mark’s hand to Teal’s. She hang up the phone, she shot at Mark. – I did it in self defense…

Teal turns on Mark’s computer. “Oh wow!” She said smiling “Look all the people that have download your App, it’s amazing!” Green rays of light came out from the device and enter on Teal’s body… “This feels great! It’s better than sex! It’s a shame that you betrayed me, or other wise you would be here with me, but you picked her…” She said.

Mark died.

The End.



On his birthday Mark is going to receive a gift that is going to change his life forever; an old vinyl with a single song that summons a powerful devil that will turn him into its slave.

  • ISBN: 9781370103775
  • Author: Julio Mario Espinosa Jimenez
  • Published: 2017-02-15 22:35:10
  • Words: 5736
Vinyl Vinyl