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In Search of Secular Ethics

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Stanisław Kapuściński




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The Self and the Ego

The Likeness of God?

The Real Purpose

You can end World Starvation

Fragility of YOUR Life

Science, Religion, Hawking and I

Hawking, the Universe, and YOU

You and the Big Brother

You can make the World Richer

The Genius is within YOU

Land of the Free

More about the Many and the Few

The Problem with Ethics

The Shortest Route to indescribable Wealth

Casting Pearls before Swine?

An Eye for a Camel

Some of us got it All Wrong

The Purpose of Life

The Power of ONE


Permanent Peace in the World

Thou shalt NOT kill?


Democracy is Dead

Strange Mathematics

Yes, you can take it with You

We DO take it with us

Givers and Takers


Kindergarten of the Earth

A Lot of Hot Air

Instinct for Self-Preservation?

The Hidden Mirror

All Debts are ALWAYS paid

The Enigma of Peter & Paul

Mysteries are OURS to Solve

Wonder Children

Wisdom of the American Forefathers

Hidden Wealth

Gods: Work in Progress

Absurd Abundance


Defining the Indefinable

Power over the Opposites

Intolerable Evil

Our True Nature?

The Real Heaven



Of Animals and Men

On Evolution and Devolution

Dominion and Jurisdiction

Creating True Reality

An Aspect of the Expanding Universe

The Mystery of Dualism

The Two-edged Sword

Buddha’s Secret

We are both, more and less than we imagine

Now you see me, now you don’t

Equal Opportunity Employer

Animal Kingdom

The Beginning of the End


The Medical Profession

Of Gods and Men

Aquarius Trilogy

Semblance of Truth

In Search of Freedom


True Freedom

On Love and Hate

Within and Without




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We need a ‘global system of secular ethics’

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Once again, my weekly blogs are in continuation of my Essays, which I began publishing in March 2010. While, since, I’ve written more books that illustrate the subjects discussed, please, don’t feel obliged to buy any of them. The bogs may suffice to indicate the progress in my search of secular ethics.


PETER & PAUL, the title adopted for my blogs, represent two divergent methods leading to enlightenment. Peter caters to the Few, Paul to the Many. It is reasonable to assume that only when many are listening, a few might emerge that can and will fathom the depth of Peter’s message. Thereafter, Paul deals principally with the ‘result’, i.e. with the phenomenal Universe, while Peter concerns himself exclusively with the message he received from Yeshûa, which deals with the Cause. Under Peter’s guidance the Being turns into Becoming, under Paul’s guidance, it gets organized. Unfortunately, the process of organization dilutes the essence of Peter’s teaching. It is up to each one of us, individually, to discern the difference between the two.


The important thing is to accept that Peter never had the slightest intention of creating a new religion. This cannot be said, with any certainty, of Paul, but his contribution was a necessary one, to make people of his day aware that there is more to us than flesh and blood. Although he appears to have done so unwittingly, he also realized this in his final day. I hope we all do, before it becomes too late for us in this reincarnation, and we shall be forced, by Universal Laws, to repeat the process again.




June 1, 2013

The Self and the Ego

The Question of Immortality



If you think you’re immortal, think again. Before we can make that claim, we must define very, very clearly, what we mean by who or what we are. We must define how we identify ourselves.

We must differentiate between Self and Ego.

From the day we are born we begin to accumulate little quirks of character, which make us different from all other people we meet. Good or bad, no matter, but different. The more we drift away from the essence of our being, the stronger our ego becomes. Yet, we need ego for our survival in the physical reality. We must retain, indeed develop, sufficient egotism to maintain our transient, and to a great extend illusory body, while our consciousness spends an equally illusory time here, on Earth. Or in any material environment.

But we must never confuse our ego with our self.

Ego, like religions, is what sets us apart. Self, like faith, brings us together. Within the entity of self we accumulate and store forever the traits of character, which by definition are immortal. The components of our ego, which also by definition, we need for our survival in material reality, we discard together with our physical bodies when we vacate them. They are unnecessary or superfluous in the ‘real’ world; in the world in which we spend most of our existence. Just in case anyone is sorry to leave them behind, be assured that they consist of atoms which are 99.9999999999999% empty space.


Imagine running out of money in one of your dreams. There is no ‘my’ or ‘yours’ in the true reality. The higher we rise on the evolutionary scale the harder it is for us to differentiate between ‘you’ and ‘me’. Between “us and them”.

Hence, faith and religion.

We all believe in something. We all claim to have some sort of ethics and, until distorted by our egos, those ethics are very similar to each other.

When religions step in, people who can benefit materially from exacerbating differences between us, build up mountains of rules and regulations that serve to set us apart.

“If you prick us, do we not bleed?” asks Shylock, in the Merchant of Venice.

The same question can be asked of any member of any religion on earth and expect the same answer. Yet… religions continue to set us apart. Perhaps in this oncoming Age of Aquarius we shall derive knowledge from all great men of the past. And we shall concentrate on what joins us together. After all, once we get rid of our egos, we become essentially one, even if we regard this oneness from diverse points of view.


In my novel WALL—Love, Sex, and Immortality, I suggest that even in the process of quantum tunneling, our ego (though not our individualization, i.e. awareness of Self) stays behind. Perhaps, one day, we shall learn to cleanse our consciousness in such a fashion. What do you think?



A reminder that anyone wishing to write a review, particularly on the Amazon, for any of my books, can ask for a free PDF copy.




June 5, 2013

The Likeness of God?


Ignorance is no longer bliss…



Ignorance is no longer bliss. When others had been paid to think for us, paid handsomely, we obeyed. Alas, all good things come to an end. Nothing lasts forever. No organization has been created unto the likeness of god, hence be immortal. We have. You and I. And sooner of later we must begin to act like gods. Independent. Thinking for ourselves. Accept responsibility for our actions. Blame no one for our misfortunes.

It won’t be easy.

Yet, all power always comes to an end. Political, economical, military, hereditary, and yes, even religious powerhouses—will fall. Every single one of them. They ALWAYS do. Nothing, nothing at all, in this reality is permanent. Nothing endures forever except for that which is within us. The intangible. The seemingly ethereal. Yet, the only reality that sustains us—a reality which many of us don’t even accept that it exists.

And so, all giants will fall—individual and corporate. For quite a while there will be chaos. Anarchy. This too will pass.

Many will find this truth inconvenient. Yet it is quite unavoidable. And the change, no matter how painful, is implicit in our reality. Rather like a toothache that results from a rotten root. It must be pulled out. Our only anesthetic is knowledge. Only the truth will set us free. We can avoid the pain by being prepared.


We shall witness the destruction of the old to make room for the new. This is called the Pluto Effect. It makes room for a better world, as different from the world today as ours is from the world of 2000 years ago.

Most think that we have evolved. I’m not so sure. Our technology enables us to stop thinking; to stop working. Soon robots will do the work for us, many already do. Imagine, the previous pope said that work is our punishment for the original sin. For me work is the most ennobling activity I can think of. It is the reward for biting into Eve’s apple.

Yet, our world is crumbling.

All who have eyes and the courage to face the truth can see that. Every spring, Arab or otherwise, will be followed by the doldrums of summer, and go on to wither and die, eventually, under a blanket of snow.

Only then we shall rise again. We shall rise to a new and glorious world in which we shall begin to act like adults. So you see, we have nothing to worry about. Our future is a bright as the spring, the real spring, which will sprout new consciousness throughout the whole world. And gradually we shall all contribute to a new Earth, and new Heaven. Soon you’ll be able to read about it in Pluto Effect. But until it’s published try the Headless World. It’s yet another way that the world can change for the better.

Or… we shall screw things up. Again.

But, as always, it will be up to us.




June 9, 2013

The Real Purpose


You own your own Universe



Ultimately, we are here but for one purpose. We must learn to make this reality as malleable as the reality of our dreams. If physical realization can only take place through the intercession of a conscious mind, then we hadn’t created the world (reality) we live in. According so some, it had been imagined by Elohim, better known as gods, or intelligent entities who are perhaps millions, possibly billions of years ahead of us in the evolution of their consciousness.

At our present stage of evolution we are still in a destructive mode of existence. We don’t create our world, it’s mostly already there, or here, but we tend to destroy it. If enough people put their minds to it, we can kill 60 million in a single war. We’ve done it in WWII. We blame Hitler for it, but without participations of many he couldn’t have done it. We have the power to do so again. And with the nukes we are hiding from public opinion, we can put an end to the human kind at a press of a button.

Until recently, science of astrophysics claimed that we live in an expanding universe resulting from a “big bang”. Everything, they said, must have its beginning and its end. Only they’ve run out of matter to give the universe sufficient gravitational pull to, ultimately, cause a “big crunch”. Did they give up? No! They began making up black matter, then black energy, all invisible and very much like the stuff we hear from any pulpit in any church, equally as lost in search of reality we live in. Did they find it?


The concept of beginning and end holds true as regards the illusory universe we make up with our imagination. In other words, it is true only of the material, or physical reality. It is not true of our true selves, of our consciousness, indeed of any consciousness that precedes ours. In a way, there is only One Consciousness, and we, past and present, are merely individualizations of it. All great masters and mystics knew that.

Regardless of any of the above, even more recently, our illustrious scientists decided that there are more dimensions than the original three + time (quantum mechanics lately talk of eleven) and, lo and behold, there are many universes. In fact, possibly they say, an infinite number of them. They now call it the Multiverse.

Boys will be boys.


If you really want to know how universes are created read my Elohim—Masters & Minions, Book Two of the Winston Trilogy. There may be other ways, but, well, to each his own. You might think of a better way of course. If you do, let me know. So when your time comes, you’ll be ready to create your universe. That alone is your purpose—it is the only universe you’ll ever live in. In fact, it already is, only few of us seem aware of it.




June 12, 2013

You can end World Starvation


A Way out of our Problems



It might take a little while, but starting today we can cut the global starvation figures in half, and it would not cost anyone a single penny. We can accomplish this by watching TV. Or by going for a walk. Or reading a book. Or by having a chat with our friends. Or by doing anything at all other than having sex. Sex alone is the culprit—sex, and the total inability of the vast majority of the human kind to use their brains.

Imagine—such magnificent evolutionary achievement as brain, yet hardly used. Perhaps most of us save it for a better day, in case we might ever need it. Except for you and me, of course. I assume that in a world, which is running out of potable water, you have not spawned any children. If you have, then you’re just as guilty. Just as guilty as my parents were. Behold my gratitude.

Yes. The world is running out of water we can drink. And without water we shall all die. We shall not need any wars, or plagues, or other viral infestations. We’ll just dry up. Wither. Like a plant in the desert. A brainless plant.

We have brains.

Actually, if people restrained themselves from having more than two children, then by natural attrition we’d gradually return to a balanced population. We wouldn’t have to kill each other for the want of a drink of water. If we don’t soon, we’ll have to.


There is another alternative.

If we’d rather act like animals, we can merely react to our hormonal drives to restore the balance. When there are too many of us around, we can just eat each other. Young and old alike. The younger are tastier, of course. Alas, it is illegal to eat children—as is murder, rape, stealing, gluttony, sloth and a dozen other peccadilloes, which we ignore with equal perspicacity.

On the other hand we could eat our old. I believe I am old enough, and if you marinate me long enough I might be palatable. If not, you could try your own family. I’d suggest you do it before we run out of water on a global scale. If we wait too long, our bodies will dry up and not be tasty at all. On the other hand, what do I know? I’ve never tried human flesh. In fact the very idea repels me. Speaking for myself, I’d rather starve. This might be your option, too.

Or we could stop having children, just for a generation or two—to restore balance. It would be a decent thing to do. And we wouldn’t have to eat people, although there was a time when cannibalism was in vogue.

Anyway, in no time at all, there would be enough water for everybody.

PS. I’m a vegetarian. Well, almost.

Just an occasional bird or fish. Just sometimes…



SACHA, Alexander’s son in the ALEXANDER TRILOGY, didn’t have any children. You can find out why in my novel. Don’t worry, he didn’t eat people, either.






June 15, 2013

Fragility of YOUR Life

Just how important are you?


You are the sole creator of your heaven. You do so in your life here, on earth. Without life there is only stasis. Life means constant, unrelenting change. Life in a dualistic reality is the ongoing workshop in which we build our permanent abode. In which we build what the religions refer to as heaven.

We must accept, once and for all, that this life is short, illusory, fragile but also necessary, valuable, and indispensible to enhance our true reality. Without it we would tread water.

The moment we fail to advance the purpose of our physical life—we are terminated. Each time we vacate our physical body we erase memories of the mistakes we made in our immediate past, which enables us to start again with a clean slate. Hence, ‘death’ is equally important as life.

However, the errors we’d made in the physical reality remain in our subconscious.


Contrary to religious teaching, we are never punished by anyone for our mistakes. On the other hand, our actions carry consequences. This is the whole purpose of physical existence—to learn what are the consequences. We are the masters of our destiny. We just have to live with the choices we’ve made in the reality we’ve created. Without physical life we would forever remain in a kindergarten, and never receive even a slightest slap on the wrist.

Thus in heaven, in other words in the reality we’ve created on Earth, we abide in the consequences of our behaviour. There, nothing new ever happens. While all of our past experiences are at our disposal, we cannot add to them. Quite simply, in heaven, we are immortal, that means there is neither beginning nor end. There are just… ‘are’. To help you imagine this, think of being shot dead by a bullet in your dream. It just doesn’t happen, does it? Nor can it happen.

Dreams are our foretaste of heaven. And, as you very well know, some dreams are nicer than others. Some are… nightmares—of our creation.

Here, on the other hand, we suffer from the fragility of life. If we don’t obey the rules, we die. We die in this reality, and return to our permanent home. If our life has been wasted, we return to the stasis with empty hands. If it was positive, if it contributed to the storehouse of our memories, then we’ve enhanced our heaven. Perhaps, in the fullness of time, we’ll decide that we no longer have to go out to enrich our consciousness still more. If so, we shall dissolve our riches and spread them within the infinity of the Single Consciousness, from which we have once emerged to make our contribution. We don’t have to do that, of course. We can continue learning. There is no end to the ideas stored in the Unconscious, where everything already exists in its potential form.

You and I can make it real.


You can find the development and illustration of the idea in my novel Elohim—Masters & Minions .





June 18, 2013

Science, Religion, Hawking and I

Without You the Universe would not exist



In a descending order. Yes, I dare to question all three. In fact I question myself more often than the first three—and as often with unsatisfying results.

Stephen Hawking and science are almost synonymous. I stand apart from both science and religion. The problem is that all of us perceive reality in a completely different way. Yet there are also narrow bridges where, sometimes, we can meet. For instant, Hawking states that:

“We are so insignificant that I can’t believe the whole universe exists for our benefit.”

Of course. What Hawking fails to note is that we, you and I, and all intelligent beings, exist for the benefit of the universe. A subtle yet extremely important difference. Ultimately, if it weren’t for us, the universe wouldn’t exist.

Next is the problem of religion. Again, Hawking says:

“I’m not religious in the normal sense. I believe the universe is governed by the laws of science. The laws may have been decreed by God, but God does not intervene to break the laws.”

Of course not. He/She/It would deny Him/Her/Itself, hence He/etc, would not exist. On the other hand, if we change the word ‘science’ for ‘god’, we immediately have a fully-fledged religion. Ergo, science and god are synonymous in Hawking’s mind.

And yet Hawking’s god, I mean science, is not reliable, or perhaps it is the religion that fails him. He states: “Any physical theory is always provisional, in the sense that it is only a hypothesis: you an never prove it…” I suppose one cannot really prove the existence of god either. We observe and admire what already happened… a while back. And this is precisely what science does. It observes what happened a while back. A billion years ago? Or at least a few milliseconds.

Back to god, er… to science.

Hawking: “The boundary condition of the universe is that it has no boundary.” Isn’t this how some of us think of god—as having no boundary? Of being infinite? Surely, even Spinoza would accept such a concept. In fact he did, I believe. That’s why the religious kicked him out. Hawking goes on: “The universe would be completely self-contained and not affected by anything outside itself. I would neither be created nor destroyed. I would jus BE.”

Sound pretty divine to me.


And finally, at long last, Dr. Stephen and little moi come to total, unreserved agreement. When asked what does he (Hawking) think about most during the day, he replied, “Women. They are a complete mystery.”

Aren’t we, men, lucky? We can never get bored!



You’ll find another way of looking at almost anything in my novel, NOW—Being and Becoming. It denies neither Hawking nor religion, yet it offers something completely different. Just for you.






June 21, 2013

Hawking, the Universe and YOU

Why does Your Universe bother to exist?



The actual question posed by Stephen Hawking was, “Why does the universe go to all the bother of existing.” Certainly it is not a question to which a scientist could possibly have a response. Ergo, if we want to know the answer, we must resort to metaphysics. After all, metaphysics are head and shoulders above physics? In Greek “meta” means “after” or “beyond”. (Like my “Beyond Religion” Series). Hence the answer is simple.

The universe exists because you are in it.

You and I. All of us.


The universe is the means, not the end in itself. It only serves to illustrate the development of individualized thought processes, or better still, the evolution of consciousness, the only ‘thing’ that is both, the observer and the observed. You, the unit of discernment observes that which you’ve created, including your individualized self.

Since scientists continue to repeat themselves in all matters of science, proclaiming that the “near void” of the physical universe is the only reality, they leave me no choice but to counter them with repeating what is true reality. The answer is:




Your consciousness is the ONLY reality. Everything you see, hear, perceive, imagine, think, create or feel is an expression of your consciousness. Your and my consciousness persists after we vacate our physical bodies. While you and I are here, the Universe is little more than a figment of your and my imagination. As stated so many times before, scientists have proven without a shadow of doubt that whatever we see, touch, taste and experience with any of our physical senses is subjective. It has no objective existence. That physical universe is overwhelmingly empty space. Void. Unless we choose to agree, of course; then, for an instant of eternity, for you and me, it becomes objective. Hence, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Life is not a biological infestation. Life is the presence within you, and me, that which is indestructible. It is an expression of that which is inseparable; of that that cannot be torn apart.


Perhaps a little poem I once wrote expresses it better.


When I shall go away, surely––I will remain. Moving, yet keeping still, on my eternal way.

I shall traverse, lonesome, eons of space and time, Though they don’t really exist, in the heavenly clime.


When I shall go away, I’ll keep you by my side, Watching over your own, foolish illusion of life. Imprisoned in a folly, a sheath of flesh and blood. Searching for me, within you––my love at a divine flood.


When you grow old and wise you’ll learn that you and I,

Though divided by strange, absurd perception of time,

we were never apart. That since the world began, Your and my divine essence were always, truly One.



You might also enjoy

DELUSIONS—Pragmatic Realism

which I wrote sometime later.




June 24, 2013

You and the Big Brother


Was George Orwell a prophet?



We are lucky. It took longer that George Orwell imagined. Almost 30 years longer! Orwell was the original squealer. Or betrayer? Traitor? Blabbermouth? Double-crosser? Pigeon? Stoolie? Tattler? Tattletale?

If Orwell were to have written the book today, in the UK or the USA, would have been arrested as traitor. Since Orwell, people in the USA have decided to terrorize themselves. I’m told that in America more than a hundred people die in car crashes every day. That’s more than all road-deaths in the whole of Europe in 24 hours.


In Boston marathon… 4 died. Once. Four too many.


As for the Big Brother, this is the story of Peter and Paul all over again. The Governments look after the physical welfare of their citizen, leaving Peter to fend for himself. They look for evil coming from outside, ignoring the evil within. Obviously, they hope to protect the physical lives of many. Peter can fend for himself. What they don’t know is that Peter would rather be crucified upside down than give up the freedoms upon which the greatest country on Earth had been built.

Today, the government’s concern is the illusory reality wherein everybody spies on everybody else. They have no idea that we are immortal and don’t need their protection. They look after the many, who, like themselves are ignorant of Truth.


Just to bring us up to date, Big Brother is the enigmatic dictator of Oceania, an imaginary totalitarian State wherein the ruling Party wields absolute power over its inhabitants.

Guess which State, today, has more people in jail than any other on Earth? Which State spies on its own citizen more than any other? Which State manufactures more arms than the next dozen States put together? Would that be what George Orwell meant by totalitarian?

A great American, William James Duran, said: “It may be true that you can’t fool all the people all the time, but you can fool enough of them to rule a large country.”


George Orwell wrote his SF book, “Nineteen Eighty-Four”, in 1949 in the hope that such a dystopian State could never happen on the face of our planet. He was anti extremes of either left or right. He didn’t like the direction in which we were going.

Did we listen?

It seems that even now there are those amongst us who don’t understand that some of us would rather die free, than live, safely, under the protection of a multibillion-dollar spying umbrella. That it is our spirit that must remain free, not our body.

The meaning of freedom is elusive.



The struggle of what is good for some and good for many is as old as the story of Peter and Paul. You can see for yourself, and let me know what you think.




June 27, 2013

You can make the World Richer

You can only give that which you have



In my previous blog I stressed the importance of freedom. We need certain rules and regulations but only such as are necessary to assure that our freedom is not at the expense of our neighbour.

The protection of our physical lives is also important. After all, our bodies serve as evidence of how well we conduct our affairs at mental and emotional level in this and our previous lives. The physicians call this genetic predisposition—I call it Karma, as Karma also affects our mental and emotional wellbeing.

This said, let us never forget that the magnificent biological robots we inhabit are still and ONLY our means to an end. We can break Olympic records, develop magnificent physiques, and none of this will help us if our mindset is not right.

What we must never forget is that it is here, on Earth, we are building our heaven. Here we spend say… a 100 years. On the other side of the great divide we often remain for more than, what we’d call on Earth, a 1000 years. Here we are constrained by rules and regulations, there our freedom is absolute—to enjoy or suffer fully the reality we continuously create on Earth. There, in ‘heaven’, we enjoy the results of our thoughts and emotions we indulged in here. Hence, we are gods, the creators of our heaven and earth. Whether it’s heaven or hell on the other side is up to us. We are the sole creators of our states of consciousness—our only reality.


For those who wish to play safe, I offer a suggestion made by Phil Libin, cofounder or Evernote, on Charlie Rose Show. “Make the whole world smarter—one person at a time,” he’d said.

One person at a time.

Few of us are intended to become saviours of the world. Few to become world leaders. Most of us are lucky. All we need do is try to make the world smarter “one person at a time”.

We can offer only that which is unique within us. We can share it with the world in the hope that our unique gift will fall on fertile ground. We don’t even have to stay behind and check if it bore fruit. If we offer to the world that which only we can share, we make the world a richer place. And surely, no more is expected of anyone.

When we accomplish our purpose, we shall enjoy the fruit of our labour for a thousand years or more. And then we shall come back to enrich the world by our presence once more. And again… and again…





Things happen in our lives that lead us towards the fulfillment of our purpose. One such story is the story of Anne, in the Avatar Syndrome. It wasn’t easy for Anne, but she overcame. So can you.




July 1, 2013

The Genius is within YOU

And to discover who you are,

all you need do is look Inside!



Just think. Science tells us that the universe is governed by Universal Laws. If it weren’t, it would be mess. And if those Laws were not creative, then the Universe wouldn’t be here to begin with. Right? Let us never forget that the Universe is a material expression of the Universal Consciousness of which we all are indivisible parts.

The Creative Law, (some call it God), is omnipresent. This being so, it is also within you. To be more precise, it is within every single atom of your being, and all the spaces in-between. Omnipresent, right? Ubiquitous?

So which part of you do you consider imperfect?

If any, I presume you must be referring to your physical constrains. You cannot fly, perhaps? Or stay for a long time under water? Or walk though walls?

That last one you would be able to do if your body were to be made up of neutrinos, like some people in my novel WALL—Love, Sex, and Immortality. They really do.

But even if you cannot do some of those things, there must be something at which you excel. Why would the creative Law have created you otherwise? To waste time? Doesn’t ‘God’ have anything better to do than to create duds?

I don’t think so.

So the only thing you have to do, the only thing you must do, is to discover what is your personal, individual purpose. Since perfection is within you, and it most certainly does not apply to the physical or material you, then it must apply to something else. It might take you a little while to discover what it might be, but once you do, you’ll be off to the races. And you can never blame physical limitations for not meeting your destiny.

Stephen Hawking’s family couldn’t afford his school fees, and since 1967 he is confined to a wheelchair. He can’t even talk. Now, Stephen Hawking, CH, CBE, FRS, FRSA, is a celebrated theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author, and Director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology within the University of Cambridge.

Just to be different, Ludwig van Beethoven was already deaf when he composed the 9th Symphony. That’s right, the Symphony No. 9 in D minor, one of the most played symphonies in the world. It is universally considered to be among his greatest works. And BTW, it is a choral symphony and the words he’d taken were from Schiller’s “Ode to Joy”. That sounds pretty happy to me. Joyful?

Now, what was your problem?

Are you happy? In a wheelchair? Or just deaf?

Or are you well on the way to contribute to the matrix of the universe with the talent that is within you. That’s right. Within you and within no one else. Utterly unique. We all are. Otherwise, the Creative Law, God if you prefer, would be wasting His, or is it Her, or Its time. Not to mention your life.

PS. The Law created the whole Universe without spending a single penny!




July 6, 2013

Land of the Free


Freewill and the Fundamental Flaw.



This is not the title of a historical novel. It most certainly is what once made America so great. Anyone who tried really hard could make it. There was always room at the top. Was it always worth it?


Anyone who concentrated on the tangible, on money and material goods, would ultimately grow up to be a loser. One day they’d have to leave it all behind.

Is there a way out?


We take with us only our state of consciousness—our emotions, thoughts, our ideas. The shelf life of all three is much longer than that of anything physical. Amassing material goods would keep up on the Wheel of Awagawan, or walking in circles. Round and round and round… always repeating the same mistakes.

And yet the answer is so easy.

Once we realize that we’re immortal we begin to collect only that which lasts forever, or at least longer then our physical stint on Earth.

That’s what the Great Masters have taught. Lao Tzu, Buddha, Socrates, Yeshûa… They’d all reached the same conclusion that “Truth would set us free.”


None of them advocated poverty but all advocated establishment of priorities. If we could derive pleasure and happiness from things that are not physical, we’d have it made. Or, at the very least, have a great deal to fall back on. We’d also stop being dependant on others.

We’d become passers by. We’d love what we see, we’d enjoy the pleasures the world offers us, but we wouldn’t strive for them. We’d rejoice in whatever we were given. We’d work for the pleasure that work gives us, we’d create for the pleasure of creating. We’d need little to sate our physical needs, yet we never run short: magnanimity of the Universe looks after its own.

This truth would make us independent. It would free us from the rat race, from greed, from keeping up with the Joneses.

That’s real freedom! After all, we do have freewill!


On the other hand, the Universe is still evolving. If so, then there may still be some Fundamental Flows in the Universal Laws…


When first I filled the glory of My heaven

With say… a billion, perhaps a trillion stars,

I never thought, to My great disdain,

You’d fill your streets with just as many cars.


Just to enchant you; you my favourite children,

I gave you love’n beauty, above and below,

only to find, to my further chagrin

that even I can make a fundamental flaw.


I thought I’d made you, truly in My likeness.

Hoping love’n beauty will give you a great thrill.

Alas even I, Almighty as I AM,

have erred, well… divinely, by giving you free will.



See what Anne did in the Headless World, the sequel to the Avatar Syndrome. On the other hand, we each have our own, individual paths. Yours may be even better.




July 10, 2013

More about the Many and the Few

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly



On average, 300 million sperm are called upon to impregnate one soul, ah… I mean one egg. Actually, one egg will host a single soul, so my first assumption is acceptable. Indeed, many are called, only one is chosen.

Regrettably, the same is true of people.

And even from the very few people that are chosen only a small number choose to fulfill their purpose—to make the world a better place. There was Buddha, Christ, Mozart, Beethoven, Leonardo da Vinci… and a few dozen of Lesser Knowns. The number is still insignificant. Like a single sperm.


Being counted among the Few does not make anyone good. Neither does it make them bad, nor ugly. It simply means that some have chosen to become aware of their potential, which fact alone gives them access to incredible power. Suddenly we become aware of being able to achieve things we’ve only dreamt of before. We become aware of the divine potential within us, which, until this moment of self-realization, has lain dormant within us.


Isaiah put it rather well.

F[or unto us a child is born. Unto us a son is given;
_] [_And the government will be upon his shoulder.
_] [_And his name will be called
_] _Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, [Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace…
_] _Of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end.

The above quotation is taken from scriptures, but any student of reality could have written it. The ‘child’ is, of course, our new state of consciousness; the rest describes its incredible potential. This incipient realization expands to take over our whole being. For full exegesis of this Chapter of Isaiah see my Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism. Believe me, it has nothing to do with any religion—just with the pursuit of Truth.




There is a problem, however. Remember the myth of Lucifer? He was the Shining One, the Morning Star, and then he took the wrong turn. Power corrupts. The greater the power the greater the fall.

So what of the good, bad or the ugly?

‘Good’ is all that is true, and thus it cannot be anything physical, which we know to be an illusion. Good is also all that enhances the perception and development of our potential.

‘Bad’ is everything that is unreal. That is false. Yet the physical world is also the manifestation of the intangible traits of life, love, learning, and beauty. Nothing embodying those traits can be ‘all-bad’ yet it remains only a mere reflection of its real nature that cannot be manifested fully in the physical reality.

So what of the Ugly?

‘Ugly’ are they who are neither hot nor cold. Who play it safe. The cowards. All those who do not try. All those who do not wish to make an effort to join the small circle of the Few. The lazy ones.


Another book might help to explain. The Key to Immortality. It is an exegesis of the Gnostic gospel of Thomas. Try it and let me know. Please.




July 14, 2013

The Problem with Ethics

Killing, Snooping, and Lying



I have no desire to enter into a polemic regarding the righteousness of decisions made by any duly elected government. I’m sure they all do the best they can. I only question their insistence of calling themselves Christians.

Their actions speak otherwise.

Their persistent determination to ignore Thou shalt not kill Commandment is the best evidence how they have absolutely no regard for any teaching associated with Judeo-Christian Ethic.

None at all.

Recently, another inconvenient truth became exposed. Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbour is ignored as diligently as the first example. Those in power, claim that they lie to protect us. This appears to be true of most if not all of the western governments. They lie even when they don’t have to lie. Perhaps “politics” is just a euphemism for prevarication?


Why is it that our illustrious rulers are supposedly so concerned with the preservation our physical lives, yet have absolutely no interest in protecting our souls? And if so, why do they continue to call themselves Christians? Or Jews?


According to Wikipedia, George W. Bush, this paragon of Christian Ethic who called himself a “new born Christian”, with the avid assistance and vigorous abetting from his Western Allies, has been directly responsible for the death of between 176,000 and 1,033,000 people—predominantly civilians. The Lancet, one of the oldest scientific medical journals in the world, puts the figure of violent deaths in Iraq, just between March 2003 and June 2006, at 601,027. Take your pick. Apparently one death is a tragedy; a million—just a statistic.

Actually, the whole Western Coalition can be proud of their homicidal achievements. Only… why do they continues call themselves Christians? How do they reconcile their actions with: “Love thy enemy”?


I refuse to sit in judgment over any authorities, which deem it necessary to kill hundreds of thousands in order to, seemingly, protect their own citizen. Observing three wars, killing is their business.

What I object to are the lies that accompany both snooping and killing. A substitute MC on Charlie Rose’s TV program began the discussion with words: “The Age of Terror”.

9/11 cost in lives (including the hijackers’) was less then 3000. The number of traffic fatalities on US roads alone in 2011, the lowest in 62 years, was 32,367. Will snooping on all of us diminish this horrendous number?

Isn’t that what makes this “The Age of Horror”?

Do the governments really care about the lives of their citizen? Or is their pseudo-humanitarian stance also a pack of lies. Will the authorities snooping on their people really reduce these fatalities?

Killing our bodies will only accelerate our reincarnation. The constant lies tend to kill peoples’ psyche. Their souls.




Perhaps we needn’t fight, kills, or eavesdrop on each other. Perhaps we are all intended to manifest higher aspirations. Like Winston and the people he inspired. Let me know. It’s worth a try. Remember Winston? He created his own kingdom. You can read about it in Winston’s Kingdom. It’s book three of the WINSTON TRILOGY. Enjoy!


(Pssst… there a free download for reviewers. Ask at [email protected] and enjoy!)




July 18, 2013

The Shortest Route to indescribable Wealth

Everything is always as it should be



We are told not to worry about tomorrow. For people who are not aware that the author of this avocation was not speaking about our temporary, brief, stay on Earth, his statement may sound a little misleading. Yeshûa when sharing with us his perceptions was, I suspect, invariably thinking of us as indestructible units of consciousness, and not as animals who think that they are smarter than any other animals.

As a matter of fact, there are dozens of animals who can do a great deal more then we, humans, can. We can’t fly (like every bird, fly or a bee), swim deep under the water (like every fish) get to a tree a thousand miles away without a GPS (a butterfly can), ‘see’ at night without eyes (like bats can) and dozens of other traits at which we cannot compete with animals developed for that purpose.

If we are so inferior to most of fauna, perhaps there are other traits we have been intended to develop. Other than drinking beer, eating chips and attending baseball matches. Writing? It depends what we write about.


Perhaps we are intended to be concerned with that within us that is immortal, and in some respects omnipresent. Nature disposed us with a great brain, yet our memory is inferior to an elephant. It can’t be that either then. A mind is a means, not an end.


So what is there that’s left?

Think of the state of your mind, your being, when you sleep. Most of the time is used by our body to repair damage we’ve done to it during the day. But then, there are usually up to six phases of sleep, which are characterized by rapid eye movement, usually referred to as RIM. During those periods we dream.

With practice, we can all learn to become aware that we are dreaming. Yes, while we actually dream. This is referred to by aficionados as lucid dreaming. What it means is that the total freedom of movement, which we all experienced at one time or another while dreaming, we can actually command with our will.

This is the life of our subconscious. When we dream we have the totality of our memories at our disposal. Wherever we place our attention, there we are. While dreaming we can fly better than a bird, fly or a bee, swim under water better than a fish, be stronger than a lion, remember better than an elephant, and cover incredible distances in a twinkle of an eye, arriving precisely where we want to be, without a GPS. Yet, that is our real realm. And with a little effort we can add more and more experiences to our dream world, to our subconscious, and then replay all our experiences while dreaming in full consciousness.

That is our future. Our private, individual Kingdom.

So don’t worry about tomorrow. Just enjoy the present!

Ah yes. We can also see at night, better than a bat!




July 23, 2013

Casting Pearls before Swine?

Make sure your generosity is not wasted



I’d given away thousands of books, both paperback and ebooks, though the latter were in the majority. I placed no conditions on the beneficiaries, yet, I must admit, I’d hoped that at least some of them would have succumbed to writing a brief note of “Thanks”? Don’t get me wrong. No one was obliged to write a review. They might give the free copy to a library, a hospital, a school, or to people in need of literary diet. Perhaps that would discharge their debts.

Not all books are pearls, and I am lucky. I don’t have to rely on income from my thirty titles to make the ends meet. You might say writing is my passion and a finished manuscript is a reward in itself.

This blog is not about me.

But there are others who share my passion yet do not have other means of support? Every reader knows that a decent review helps to market a book. What they don’t seem to know is that people who continuously take things for free incur a karmic debt that, sooner of later, will have to be repaid. Giving makes us richer, taking—invariably makes us poorer. That’s what debts do. They impoverish us.

And what of the real pearls?

We all are in danger of risking the wealth stored in our consciousness? How does one repay ones debt to Shakespeare, or Keats, or Shelley, or any of the great writers of so the past?

For writers there is a way. We entertain.

I believe we must also do our very best to try and emulate them. To have as much poetry, as much love of truth or philosophy, as much honesty and wisdom in our writing as our great predecessor passed on to us. After all, truth must be continuously rediscovered. Perhaps we might not create pearls, but at least we shall do our best to repay our debt. One day writers will stop giving books away. Surely, they’ll think, one ought to not throw pearls before swine. No matter how tiny, imperfect pearls. The best they could create.

I felt such debt towards one man in particular. His name was Jalaluddin Rumi. He was a Persian poet, and he taught me a great deal. You might enjoy my attempt to thank him.


Your glory reflected in oceans of time

Amongst the stars of your Universe

Spanning millennia, eons of elusive might

Suspended, expansive, omnipresent light.


Your wisdom immanent in every paltry atom

Tangible expression of your ephemeral presence

As you look through my eyes, unblemished by desire

Your life pulsating love’s consuming fire.


I taste euphoria, mysterious ambrosia,

As I inhale your enduring, intoxicating zest.

Though in my becoming, I am all I’ll ever be:

You and I are one––You and paltry me.



There was another man to whom I owe even more. His name was Yeshûa. I described his quest in a novel. When I was writing it, it felt like a personal memoir. Perhaps it was: Yeshûa—Personal Memoir of the Missing Years of Jesus






July 27, 2013

An Eye for a Camel


The Price of Happiness



I always regarded the USA as the arbiter of successful living. Hence the USA was the indomitable goal to be emulated by everyone. What they’d accomplished since 1776 is admirable beyond compare.

Presumably we search for riches with the explicit purpose of giving ourselves pleasure. We wish to live in full knowledge that life that we are creating for ourselves will satisfy all needs that define our happiness. And yet, it seems, that most of us recognize heaven as the ultimate state of happiness. A paradox? Nevertheless, most people I know equate contentment with money. I must assume that there must be an amount of money which they would define a happiness.

I wonder.

The latest figures published in Wikipedia are as follows:

In the USA there are 425 billionaires, and 3,104,000 millionaires. During the reign of Barak Obama, the number of millionaires has swollen by 1.1 million, bringing to total to about 0.977098% of the populations. That, according to money-chasers, leaves a little more then 99%, of people miserable.


At the same time, 73% of polled Americans identify themselves as Christians, down from 86% in 1990. They must know that: “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.”

This means that only a tiny percentage are likely to miss the bliss of heaven—a little less than 1%.


That’s what I call a real Christian success. Only the rich will stew in their greed, or in the cauldron of burning oil, while the rest of us can rejoice in a state consciousness that cannot be denied by IRS or by any other authority.


Actually, the fat cats don’t have to worry. I believe that only the love of money stands in their way, not money itself. So… even the rich have a way out. Let’s watch them and see how many of them will find it.

Still, I’ll miss those 3+ million. On the other hand, perhaps, just perhaps, with only 73% being Christian, none of them are rich! Not even one! No harm in hoping.

But I’m worried. As I observed the continuous race after the almighty dollar, it led me to compose this Sad Soliloquy:


Am I better off, superior?

For having been divine

in my origin—rather than

emerging from primeval slime?


Am I any better, wiser?

Am I kinder, more sweet,

[knowing, which end is up
my head or my feet?
Judging by the way
we, the humans, act,
we are still all apes
They say the Lord in heaven
had a momentous plot:
He’d made us in His image.
And now I say: So what?]


This little soliloquy is for the 73% only. For others there is also one of my books. It’s called DELUSIONS — Pragmatic realism. See if you agree…






July 31, 2013

Some of us got it All Wrong

Strictly for Christians.



I keep hearing countless (TV) preachers advocating countless masses of their faithful, to do things in “Jesus’ name.” Assuming they listen to the preachers’ preaching, how come their prayers do not appear to be heard?

What is the magic in “Jesus name”? What does it mean? His name, I mean. Why do they invoke Jesus’ name seemingly in vain?

There may be a number of reasons.


Sometime ago I found it strange that having typed the word Yeshûa with or without the û, the spellchecker instantly underlined the word in red, denoting a spelling mistake. Few of us seem to know, (and this includes the billionaire, Mr. Gates, whose Word 98 I was using), that Yeshûa is an abbreviated form of Yehoshûa, the original name under which Jesus walked the earth. Nowadays we spell it with a J, as in Jeshua, although the Hebrew letter Yod has a soft sound to it. 
Most Hebrew names have an etymological, or symbolic meaning, and Yehoshûa is no exception. Yehoshûa (or Jehoshua, which gave the Greeks a head start to changing it to Jesus) means “Jah is help”, “Jah is salvation”, or “deliverance through Jah”. Jah is, of course, short for Jehova, literally, The Existing One. I capitalize it though the Hebrews only had capital letters, making them all the same. You can read all about it in my Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism. It’s quite fun. It sort of changes your way of looking at things. It certainly changed my thinking. That’s why I wrote the historical novel, Yeshûa––A Personal Memoir… it’s a long title.


To get to the point, invoking Jesus’ name is meaningless unless the invokers know what it is that they are invoking. And that is, or should be, the presence of The Existing One, within them. Within the invoker. In biblical symbolism “in his name”, means “by his nature”, or in this case, by your TRUE nature which is, to use biblical terminology, “spiritual”.

And where does Jesus, I mean Yeshûa come in? He answered it himself. His words were: “…just as you and I are one—as you are in me, Father, and I am in you.” The invoker is to invoke the divine presence within him or her.

That’s all folks!


As the Existing One, (or the ‘Father’, as Yeshûa liked to call Him/It) is omnipresent, it could hardly be otherwise. The two books mentioned above may reaffirm this thesis. If not… keep searching. We all have individual paths. We all are unique.

PS. Both books are available in paperback or as downloads. Enjoy!




August 5, 2013

The Purpose of Life


Why do we live?



Life is the process of discovery of our true potential. It has been said, that we ought to leave our world in a batter shape than we’ve found it. If not, our life was wasted.

We must never forget that we are ONE. The individual people are unique expressions of the Whole. And even as our physical body cannot function well when too many of our cells, organs and/or our systems are diseased or malfunctioning, so the universe suffers when we, the universal cells, do not perform the way we had been intended to act. Whatever happens, sooner or later the balance will be restored; if not in this embodiment then in the next. It really doesn’t matter. Every single unit of the individualized consciousness is fully and completely responsible for its performance.

You and I are just such unites. Good luck.

This is the difference between the manifested and the un-manifested universe. The un-manifested universe is perfect and its potential is infinite. To manifest this potential in a tangible form we and countless other species in all the endless assemblies of planets in endless multi-universes are needed to create a tangible image of this Infinite Potential that, in its equally as infinite benevolence strives to share with us its perfection.

The greatest gift that is bestowed on us is the ability to become aware of our indivisibility from the perfection of the whole. That makes us, at least in part, as perfect as the Whole is. And then, sooner or later the moment comes… and unto us a child is born… Unto us a new awareness is born, first rudimentary, then greater, and finally it swells to the realization that we are indivisible components of that that is immortal, infinite, perfect.


I mentioned before that in my view, the subconscious is the mental plateau which religions call heaven. Just the first plane of heaven, to be true, in which we still maintain our individuality, though which greater awareness of indivisibility. The words are virtually synonymous. We build this reality while here, on Earth, in the dualistic reality.

Later, “higher up”, we become expressions of mental matrices, that are even more integrated into the single matrix of the universe, then universes, then multiverse.

Ultimately we spread our wings and enrich to whole of the manifested reality.


Infinity does not recognize time. For some it is now. For other in a billion years, or so. But it will happen.

And then?

And then we might choose to start again. And again. We’re immortal, remember?



An image of the process is suggested in Winston’s Kingdom. To really enjoy it you might choose to read the whole of the Winston Trilogy: One Just Man, Elohim—Masters and Minions, and finally Winston’s Kingdom. Who knows, you might come up with an even more exciting future.




August 15, 2013

The Power of ONE

Why love is so important.



We’ve learned to equate the word love with closeness of relationship between two or more people. Sometimes we also apply it to our powerful attraction towards and object or a specific function, such as playing an instrument or even playing tennis. Yet, love is none of these.

Most women, even mothers, do not realize that even their feelings towards their own child are generated at hormonal level. Sometimes those slip and the opposite effect takes place. Hence, PPD, the postpartum depression , which affects up to 20% of all women giving birth.

As for mother’s seeming need to look after her child, the same is true, of course, of all the other animals. The maternal and paternal emotions are characteristic of the vast majority of animal kingdom. They are necessary for the survival of the species. Attachment is not love. Love is free.

So what of love?


Love is a byproduct of our intuitive though subliminal awareness that we are all ONE. That is the only reason why we are implored to “love our enemies.” By killing them we kill part of our own self. We diminish ourselves. We become less than what we could be. Ultimately veterans coming back from the front lines for many years suffer post traumatic stress disorder. In a way, they’d committed partial suicides over a number of years.

One cannot kill another without killing parts of who we are.

And what might that be?

We cannot kill that which is immortal, but we can terminate its manifestation. Such problems reach beyond any religion that man created trying to understand the teaching of a number of Great Masters. Lao Tzu, Krishna, Buddha, Socrates, Yeshûa… they all tried to convey this concept to us. Until today, they have not succeeded.

Why? Because we think that our life is more important than somebody else’s. We continue to kill, which is the antithesis of love.


Ultimately the power of One is the realization that at the depth of our consciousness we are all a Single Entity. This alone is love—the expression of Singularity. A single Soul, a single Mind, a single universe with multiplicity of expressions. With all the past and all the future. In that instant of realization we are immortal, and our power is also infinite, though, strangely enough, it only seems to work for the good of All. In that instant of eternity, we cannot tell the difference between “us and them”. In that moment we are ONE.



If we take anyone’s life, one day, sooner or later, the balance will be restored. Such enigmas are discussed in my Beyond Religion series of essays. If they interest you, you’ll find them on Kindle, or Shakespir, or at any number of other distributors. Let me now what you think. A review would be nice, too.




August 21, 2013


The Middle Path



There are two ways of looking at politics. One is defined by a man who can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you are looking forward to the trip. The other is to inspire others to tread gently along the precarious, difficult, unforgiving and often unpopular middle path. The first is responsible for political parties who look only after their own interests; the second by the few for whom the good of many takes priority.

Regrettably there are very few politicians of the second category. Very few indeed. We can easily guess which ‘method’ the vast majority of the governments of the world practices.

And yet the middle path had been advocated by Siddhartha Gautama. Most of us know of him as Buddha. He taught the concept of the Middle Path some 2500 years ago. Most politicians still haven’t heard about him.

Dalai Lama’s approach to restore stability and co-existence between Tibetan and the Chinese people is based on mutual co-operation—also known as the Middle Path.

The scholars tell us that Islam is a perfect balance and a middle way between any kind of extremism, between extreme harshness and extreme laxness. Unfortunately not many Muslims are scholars.

The Proverbs of the Torah advocate that we “Do not turn to the right nor to the left.” Sounds like the Middle Path to me. And Yeshûa referred to the “Straight and narrow path.” For the most part, the governments to which we are all encouraged to swear allegiance ignore all the Great Masters of the past.

Every Head of State, MUST always run as INDEPENDENT in order to serve everyone and not just a political party. ALWAYS.


So why are so many politician so determined to ignore the teaching of human heritage? Why do we have extremes in politics? There Conservatives and Liberals. Republicans and Democrats. Capitalists and Socialists. Communists and Dictators. The list goes on… Did none of them hear that divinity is what the opposites have in common?

There is no limit to the ignorance of the vast majority of politicians, which is now spreading to general population. And yet, Middle Path does work. Gandhi took it. No wonder they called him Mahatma, the Great Soul.


Surely, if people as far back and 2500 years ago knew it as the only way to live, why are our politicians so incredibly ignorant? If our leaders do not advocate and follow the middle path, why should anyone follow them?

Shouldn’t we all blow our whistles? Every single one of us? If we don’t we remain part of the many. Part of those still lost in the wilderness… We must remember that power is the opposite of love. (Power, Beyond Religion I)


There are many other delusions under which our worldview seems to operate. Some of these Delusions are outlined in my book. Read it and let me knew. I’d really like to hear from you. Or better still write me a review then other can benefit from it also. Thanks.




August 26, 2013

Permanent Peace in the World

A Simple Solution to World Problems



Since the days of Isaac Newton, we know that every single one of us must bear the consequences of our actions. It is the law of physics with which all of us are already familiar.

Yeshûa, also known as Jesus, made similar claims. He added to Newton’s Law that: “all those who take the sword will perish by the sword.” Surely, this sentiment would apply to manufacturers of all objects that are intended to be used for killing. The manufactures seem to forget that they will also perish, if not in this life than the next.

But they will perish.

I have a proposal that would save the lives of all world arms manufacturers.


The only action that would terminate mass killings in ALL parts of the world would be if ALL arms manufacturers were placed permanently in jail and their fortunes confiscated. It would help if the leaders had the convictions to make the armaments illegal. Then, perhaps, we could also use the confiscated money to build schools in the areas destroyed by those very arms, to teach children Newton’s Laws. Evidently Moses and Yeshûa’s lessons did not reach the arms manufacturers’ ears.


I defy anyone in the countries listed below to deny that should my proposal be adopted, the number of killings (murder) in the world would diminish by a factor of millions. There would be an occasional stabbing, strangulation or a stray arrow from a primitive bow. Those who’d indulge in such actions would join the ex-arms manufacturers. The list below shows the billions of dollars spent by the offending culprits for the purpose of killing other human being.


Wikipedia provides us with an illustration of the degree of human perversion in the article, “Wikipedia, Arms Industry”. They list the billions of dollars spent by first ten offending countries. The same source claims that: “It is estimated that yearly, over 1.5 trillion dollars are spent on military expenditures worldwide”.


table<>. <>. |<>.
p<>{color:#000080;}. Rank |<>.
p<>{color:#000080;}. Country |<>.
p<>{color:#000080;}. Spending ($ b.) | <>. |<>.
p<>{color:#000080;}. 1 |<>.
p<>{color:#000080;}.  United States |<>.
p>{color:#000080;}. 711.0 | <>. |<>.
p<>{color:#000080;}. 2 |<>.
p<>{color:#000080;}.  Chinaa |<>.
p>{color:#000080;}. 143.0 | <>. |<>.
p<>{color:#000080;}. 3 |<>.
p<>{color:#000080;}.  Russiaa |<>.
p>{color:#000080;}. 71.9 | <>. |<>.
p<>{color:#000080;}. 4 |<>.
p<>{color:#000080;}.  United Kingdom |<>.
p>{color:#000080;}. 62.7 | <>. |<>.
p<>{color:#000080;}. 5 |<>.
p<>{color:#000080;}.  France |<>.
p>{color:#000080;}. 62.5 | <>. |<>.
p<>{color:#000080;}. 6 |<>.
p<>{color:#000080;}.  Japan |<>.
p>{color:#000080;}. 59.3 | <>. |<>.
p<>{color:#000080;}. 7 |<>.
p<>{color:#000080;}.  India |<>.
p>{color:#000080;}. 48.9 | <>. |<>.
p<>{color:#000080;}. 8 |<>.
p<>{color:#000080;}.  Saudi Arabiab |<>.
p>{color:#000080;}. 48.5 | <>. |<>.
p<>{color:#000080;}. 9 |<>.
p<>{color:#000080;}.  Germanya |<>.
p>{color:#000080;}. 46.7 | <>. |<>.
p<>{color:#000080;}. 10 |<>.
p<>{color:#000080;}.  Brazil |<>.
p>{color:#000080;}. 35.4 | <>. |<>.

p<>{color:#000080;}. World Total
p>{color:#000080;}. 1735


Does anyone have any idea how much poverty could be eliminated with 1.5 trillions dollars annually? Plus the money saved by not having to rebuild the damage the manufacturers have done?

Of course, with such unexpected affluence and millions of lives saved every year, we’d have to control our sexual urges. No problem… Pentagon alone could provide the whole world with contraceptives and still have billions left over to feed the starving.

Will people ever learn?



An international group of scholars provided a translation of the Coptic text discovered in Nag Hammadi. They go even further back than Newton. I offer my exegesis that might make the text more understandable. In contrast to mass killing, I call it the Key to Immortality.

Let me know what you think.




September 3, 2013

Thou shalt NOT kill?


“Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord.”



“None are so deaf as those who have ears yet cannot hear.” It is as though our leaders spoke a different language. They call themselves Christians or followers of the Judeo-Christian tradition. I don’t mean just those in London or Washington or even Vatican. None of them seem to be able to hear.

“Thou shalt not kill” is not a polite request. It is not a gentle suggestion. It doesn’t say, “Please, don’t kill unless someone or something threatens your life.” Or “unless I need your oil;” or… your gold, or anything that will feed my insatiable greed.

The Commandment is NOT conditional.



This holds true regardless of what any pope, or any prime minister or any president, or boss, or teacher or even our parents command us to do. Their opinions do not matter. Unless… unless they are NOT Christians, or adherents to the Jewish faith. Then and only then they can murder in the name of any god they chose to believe in… or not to believe in.

It seems that most people, the “ordinary people”, of most countries know that; only their leaders don’t. Are there no Christian or Jewish leaders in the world? Are they all masquerading under some strange guise their citizens don’t know about?

Yet, I repeat: most people know the Commandment. Why are their leaders pretending to be of Judeo-Christian persuasion? Can’t they tell us who they really are? Shouldn’t we tell them that if they must kill, then at least they shouldn’t call themselves Christian or Jewish?

Obviously, they can’t be either—nor Buddhists nor Hindu for that matter.


Again, this is the question of the “Few that are chosen” and the “Many that are called” as in my historical novel Peter and Paul, only this time the Many seem to be so much closer to the truth. Perhaps this, too, is the sign of the Age of Aquarius.


Although it appears that we are facing another murderous spree, this blog has nothing to do with politics. Some people never learn. Although all the recent wars, regardless of who initiated them, brought absolutely no good to either side, some people want to kill other people in order to save them from a fate worse than death. Perhaps it is up to us, the “Many that are called,” to set the record straight. Perhaps we must demand that no one kills in our name. Perhaps we ought to refuse to kill for others, the multimillionaires, those sitting in comfortable armchairs, sipping Martinis and giving orders.

We cannot kill that which is immortal but we can erase our own soul from the annals of Eternity by even wanting to kill others. Don’t they know that, those Chosen Few?





September 9, 2013


In Whole or in Part



Do I do things—OR—am I an instrument through which things are done? In other words, am I an animal at the top of the food chain, which or who controls the fate of the world I live in, or am I an instrument the Whole which is responsible for the total Universe and not just the tiny portion of it which represents my life.

Whether we recognize the Whole as the Universe, or as Humanity, or as the Benevolence permeating the whole reality of which we are aware, or even as an omnipresent all-powerful God—is of no consequence. Likewise, it is of no consequence if we regard the above thesis as a matter of faith or intuition.

What does matter is that if we sublimate our ego for the good of ALL, and the wider, the greater, the more inclusive ALL we recognize as our reality, the greater our contribution to it is likely to be.

Most of us appear to forget that not so long ago we were all amoebae bathing in primeval slime. It took millions of years before we advanced to the status of a monkey, let alone an ape, during which time we had absolutely nothing to do with the evolution of the transient species we inhabited. At best, we have been commissioned by power or powers unknown to aid in our survival.

There are some poets who suggest that extraterrestrials, or Elohim, meaning “objects of worship”, (that’s right, in the Bible Elohim—credited with the creation of the world—is plural), fashioned us from clay and then breathed a soul into our inert ceramic body.

Your choice.

The fact remains that be it evolution which I must assume is a built-in Attribute of the world we live in, (or as some religious people would suggest of the whole universe with the exception of our Earth), or some other Agencies which accelerated our advancement, I prefer to identify with that incredibly magnificent Agency than with my puny, frequently erroneous, puerile, ego-driven brain.


If we all did that, we would achieve unity. Unity of thought, of purpose, of progress, that surely, would translate into love. Perhaps Universal Love?

On the other hand, it seems that we are empowered to use what we consider “free will” to negate the Laws of the Universe. We can die in the process—as we are doing at present by polluting the Earth to within the last breath of it being able to support life. That is our choice, of course. We can cooperate of die.

Let us remember that we are individuals. And individual in Latin means indivisible.

Good Luck.




September 15, 2013

Democracy is Dead

The Chosen Few…



Socialism has taken over what used to be called the Land of the Free. Well, perhaps not quite. The rich continue to be free. But only the rich. The not so rich are not even allowed to speak the truth.

Now the rich, the “Chosen Few”, are bailed out, their mistakes hidden, forgiven, paid for by the “Many that are Called”. Called by the government that serves the few. Exactly as it used to be under communism. All the errors committed by the ‘regime’, by the Communist Party had been quickly hidden and the losses covered by the national treasury. Remind you of anything? Of anyone? Of England, or the USA, or France, or Germany… of the today?

Now this policy continues to apply in the West, but only towards the rich. The Chosen Few. Much, much less then 15. Only their mistakes are hidden, paid for by the masses. By the Many that are Called…

Yes, this is true socialism.

Socialism of the rich.


Few people seem to realize that loving one’s neighbrour is a prerequisite to democracy. Unless we are willing to share our wealth with those who have less, for which, surely, love is required, democracy will remain dead. People will remain unequal. And the collateral of this sentiment is that in a two-class society the word democracy is a misnomer. The rich and the poor cannot coexist for long. Look at the past. The laws of the universe which demand of us to love our neighbor, to identify with his or her plight, will not permit this.

There is still time, but we are quickly running out of Universal tolerance. Even stars explode, that have used up their usefulness. Other suns become red dwarfs. Communism also died. Dictatorships and oligarchies have dissolved into forgotten past. The few rich are destroying the Earth at an alarming rate—the Earth that evolution has designed to sustain the Many. For the Many live in comfort in which we could all cultivate our true nature. Our spiritual nature. Our creativity—our love of beauty and each other. Now the Few are destroying it. Shall the Many tolerate it for long?

I doubt it.

You will see the possible consequences of the present trend in my next novel, The Pluto Effect. In the meantime read how the Chosen Few and the Many that are Called were supposed to function.




September 19, 2013

Strange Mathematics


Some children are more dead than others.



There is a strange twist that the governments of Western Powers impose on those that are weaker than they are. It seems to be fuelled by two principle considerations.

One—is that killing thousands of children by missiles, by tearing them apart limb from limb, is a lesser crime than killing hundreds in their sleep.

And two—is that the weaker must do as the stronger say, not as they do.

This type of behaviour is variously called bullying, psychopathic, or just plain stupid, particularly when those practicing this sort of behaviour accuse their weaker opponents of just those traits.

But… perhaps that’s just my opinion.

Evidently, the leaders of our great Western Powers never heard the expression, “Judge not lest you also be judged.” They, the blind and deaf ones, are too busy criticizing others to see the errors of their own ways. For some reason completely unknown to me, they consider themselves to be on a higher moral ground. A moral ground some 30,000 feet up in the air from which height they recently bombed hundreds of thousands of innocent people; people who have never done them any harm. When they did it, they had the effrontery to call it collateral damage. It wouldn’t be so pathetic if only they wouldn’t call themselves Christians. “My peace I give unto you….” Remember?


It doesn’t have to be like this.

We, the people, have the power to unseat the deranged psychopaths from their thrones. We the people, the Many that are Called, must, and will, come to change this course. But contrary to our leaders, we shall not murder them. But we would protect the rest of humanity from their perversions. Perhaps we’d send them to a distant desert island, in the middle of nowhere, where they could bomb each other to their little hearts’ content.

We might also remind them that we are in this world but not of this world. This is NOT a religious dogma. In fact, few if any statements in the Bible are. Try my Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism. They are merely suggestions how we can all lead a much, much happier life. Here and now. You and I. All of us. In perfect unison. Yes, also in Perfect Union. And we can leave the dead to bury the dead.





In my “Winston Trilogy”, I describe possible courses that humanity might take to free itself from the cataclysmic descent into oblivion. In my novels there are no wars. No mass murders. Yet they all illustrate human potential. The Winston Trilogy consists of O, Elohim—Masters & Minions, and Winston’s Kingdom. I’ve given away more then 10,000 free downloads of Part One. I hope that people who took advantage of my giveaway will follow up with Parts Two and Three. You might like what you read a lot more than the world you live in today. Let me know. Please.




September 24, 2013

Yes, you can take it with You


We have been told, again and again, that we can’t take it with us. Not even if we invest in a fireproof belt. Well, the scaremongers have been and continue to be wrong. As so often, the blind were leading the blind. We not only can but WILL take ‘it’ with us, even if ‘it’ is something we dearly want to forget and leave behind.

What we take with us is our state of consciousness.

People, particularly the so-called scientists, tend to confuse the mind with the brain. They think that brain generates thoughts. It is like saying that if you sit in front of a computer, it will eventually ‘generate’ a book.

Alas, no such luck. The brain is what our mind uses to think, to translate ideas into symbols which we call words. By combining many words together, we manage, sometimes, to recreate the original ideas, which our minds “picked up” from our unconscious. Unconscious, in turn, is the omnipresent, inexhaustible Source of everything that was, is, or ever will be. It is what some people call God. And if you must use this term, then we must never forget that God is what the opposite have in common. Only such conceptualization enables us to think of God, or the Unconscious, as the Single source. Duality comes later. It is the characteristic of becoming—not of being.

Now let us return to that which we do take with us, i.e.: back to our subconscious.

The problem with the subconscious is not only that doesn’t forget but that it records every thought we generate thus admitting it into our awareness. We can observe ‘things’ with relative immunity, providing we maintain total and absolute indifference to the object of our scrutiny. The moment, however, that we accept an idea and make it our own, it remains in our subconscious forever.

Hence, we take it with us.

We, the immortal individualized consciousness, the indivisible fragment of the omnipresent, eternal, indestructible consciousness permeating all realities, are enriched by the act of thought.

Some of us may not like the idea that we are little more than minute particles of the universe through which consciousness gather new experiences through the process of becoming. But let me put it another way. The moment we identify our true nature, with our Selves, with being indivisible elements of Whole, from that moment on we become immortal. Forever and ever.

This is the real nature of I AM.

Hence, let us enjoy our process of becoming. It is our life.




September 29, 2013

We DO take it with us

Eternity and Einstein



Religions tell us that our future holds for us either heaven or hell. The Catholic Church throws in Purgatory, which is little more than euphemistic admission that we shall continue to reincarnate until we get it right.

Well, they didn’t get it right—not completely.

The problem with Purgatory is that our consciousness is immortal and it cannot be destroyed. It goes on and on, until we decide that we no longer wish to identify ourselves as individuals and choose to merge with the Whole, with All, thus enriching Reality with our contribution. We can only do so at complete and irrepressible loss of Self.

To be or not to be… perchance to dream no more… Perchance to awaken to true reality?

Well, for that we must cease becoming. We must allow our immortal I AM to be absorbed, even as a drop of water is absorbed in and by a mighty ocean. We cannot cease being, but we can stop identifying with I AM. It is more like WE ARE.

In a few billion years it may happen to some of us.


The only physical reality we are aware of is that which is projected by our mind. Reality in not real unless supported by our mind. We must accept it as real before it becomes integrated into our concept of reality.

Even the scientists who dismiss everything that they cannot measure with their senses, or gadgetry that is little more than extension of their senses, admit that physical reality is 99.9999999999999% empty space. To create the minute fragments that have mass takes an absurd amount of energy. Einstein had it right. Energy, he said, is equal to mass times the square of the velocity of light. Since nothing solid, no mass, can travel at the velocity of light without becoming infinite, the equation is no more than a philosophical conundrum.

Einstein’s greatness lay in philosophy, not in science, though scientists would never admit it!

Enough said that the world we recognize as solid is little more than projection of our minds. As a matter of fact, it seems that the latest observations of quasars indicate that the Big Bang theory has also gone up in flames—or sunk in the abysmal depth of universality, if you prefer.




Some years ago, I tried to analyze the reality of Becoming. While religionists, with the exception of Buddhists, will assure us that there is some sort of heaven, what really matters for us is not the destination, but the trip. What matters is the process of becoming. Why? Because we alone are the architects of our heaven. That is why the psalmist of yesteryear called us gods. Surely, we shall all agree, that only gods can create heaven, let alone the visible universe. My book might help you with the latter. The heaven part will be the unavoidable consequence of what we do here and now.

Above, you can see the cover of one of my bestsellers. In it, you can find out more, much more, on the subject discussed. Try it and, please, let me know. I need your thoughts. Visualization—Creating Your Own Universe .



October 4, 2013

Givers and Takers


I must express my gratitude. Many accuse the USA of many things. Not the Americans—just their leaders. Like all empires past their zenith, the leaders want to prolong their hegemony. They are extremely bellicose; they spy on people they call their friends; they manufacture more weapons of mass destruction than any other ten nations on Earth put together. It all seems so futile. Don’t they know that those who kill will come back to be killed?

But there is one trait that that sets the Americans apart.

The Americans are givers.

Amazon Kindle, an American Company, is now selling ebooks in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, India, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico. And you don’t have to be an American citizen to benefit from their prolific services.

And that’s not all.

All the countries put together, including the 1.2 billion citizens of India, does NOT buy as many of my books as my unknown friends do in the United States. Yes, I do consider the buyers of my books to be my friends. They give me pleasure. In a way, it’s a tit for tat proposition. Like a bunch of hedonists, we both give pleasure to each other. For this alone I shall always remain grateful for as long as I live.

True that with my particular interests, those of Human Potential, I shall never compete with the millions of ladies wrapped, or is it enwrapped, in raptures of erotica. Nor do I sate the desires for blood of all the vampire and werewolf aficionados. As mentioned, I deal in Human Potential. I explore the lands that are ours to discover, pinnacles to achieve, challenges to conquer. Not everybody’s cup of tea, nor perhaps, cup of ambrosia?

But there is more.

With the exception of three countries, the remaining eight have taken a good number of my free downloads.

Strangely, only the buyers tend to give 5 stars.

Returning to my original sentiment, I wish to thank all my American friends for supporting my literary aspirations. Without them I’d be writing just for my wife and… myself. It is so much more fun sharing my pleasure with others. Thank you, Americans. I’m so glad you are my friends.


In return, I make this pledge to you.

This month many hundreds of you benefited from three of my books being offered as a free download. Henceforth, every month I shall make an effort to place at least one of my books on Kindle as a FREE download. I thank you again. (At the time I offered):


Gift of Gamman





October 9, 2013


You and I are ONE



As promised, a new blog for all who feel the need of being neither alone nor lonely.


We often tend to forget that we all originated from a single Source. The scientists call it the Big Bang, perhaps at the center of a gargantuan black hole, others “in the beginning God”. Only there was no beginning. There are only eternal cycles. That’s what infinity is all about. It has neither beginning nor end. It IS, even as I AM.

Even as WE ARE—expressions in infinite diversity of a Single Source—individualizations, yet never apart. Always One.

And then came fragmentation.

Even as later, much later, our physical bodies were made up from elements that originated in various stars, which went Nova in our and neighbouring galaxies. Cycles. Eternal cycles. No beginning. No end.

Those of us who enjoy the emotions of our pets, particularly of cat and dogs, know that given a choice they, those cats and dogs, invariably prefer to be close to the members of their clan. To us. To their family. It’s not much but at least, for them, it is a feeling of being a part of a greater whole.

We all feel that, at times. Not just family but our neighbourhood, our town, city, nation… some of us even aspire to be part of humanity. Just a few of us feel kinship with all nature. Flora and fauna. With a wild flower and a tree, and a deer ruminating nearby. We are tired of fragmentation, of being apart. Of not being complete.

Some of us continue to delude ourselves that we are separate from the rest of the universe, of Earth, of the human race. Not so. By emitting negative thoughts (vibrations) towards any of those, we hurt only ourselves.

It is time to stop deluding ourselves. We are all co-builders of the physical reality.


In truth, we are never apart. When we manage to still the whirlwind of thoughts and emotions within and without us, when we retire into the depth of our psyche, our soul, there and only there we find Oneness that is beyond human understanding. A serenity within which we are never alone. Within which we were never, nor even could ever be apart. A serenity in which we experience the euphoric realization of being ONE.



Sooner or later, we all embark on a search for this elusive realm that embraces all the universes. One such man searched and found it in the depth of his heart. His name was Yeshûa. It was then that he said, “I and my father are one”. “The created and the creator are one.” Euphoric state of consciousness? This domain is yours to find. I wish you luck and success on your journey.




October 13, 2013

Kindergarten of the Earth


Are we babes in arms of the Universe?



With our solar system being no more than 5 of some 13.8 billion years old that scientists claim the universe exists, it is hard to imagine that there wouldn’t be countless beings greatly more advanced than we are. If Darwin was right, and even if evolution advances at a snail’s pace, imagine how evolved we shall be in another 5 billion years.

Assuming, of course, that some bellicose maniac doesn’t press the red button that would blow us all up into smithereens first…

But assuming that we do survive the egos of our leaders, even such an evolutionary leap would still place us well behind others who had a billion-year start ahead of us.


Welcome to Universal Kindergarten.

That’s where we are—babes in arms of a benevolent universe. On occasion we display our tantrums. We indulge in World Wars, kill off some 20 million people, while other, more advanced races gaze at us and wonder…

We needn’t worry. We are not alone.

Such Kindergartens are spread throughout countless galaxies. Amongst the near infinite number of stars supporting habitable planets, the Universal Consciousness is continuously looking for means through which to express Itself and gather new experience. This is accomplished through the unique and as often-misunderstood concept of freewill. We, humans, do not enjoy freewill in the absolute sense. We are only capable of putting sufficient spanners in the works (more tantrums) to delay the inevitable that might, on occasion, result in unexpected consequences. The ultimate, or better-said lasting, results are always in the esoteric hands of the Infinite.

The cheering thought is that the Infinite and we are one. We are indivisible parts of the Single Consciousness, even of a single mind, which always did and always will search for new forms of expression. Even as a single drop is indivisible part of a mighty ocean yet can gather characteristics of its surroundings—it may splash on a nearby rock, or evaporate into the wild blue yonder—yet, sooner or later, it will return to its source.

Aren’t we lucky?


As for what happens to that which was already experienced, well, it’s anybody’s guess. One man found out while lying down in a coma. Not all comas are… bad? In a review of my book on Amazon, C.J. Good wrote that: NOW—Being & Becoming is an invaluable piece of literature.” You might think so too. Try it.




October 16, 2013

A Lot of Hot Air

Final word on Global-warming and American Debt. (I beg your indulgence).



And now—to use Monty Python’s famous expression—for something completely different.

There are more or less 7,000,000,000 people polluting the atmosphere. Yes, polluting. Also we are a contributory and persistent factor in the rise of global temperature. Every single one of us. EVERY ONE!!!

No. Not by driving automobiles when we could walk. Nor even by flying to faraway places to satisfy our curiosity, or lie, belly-up to bronze our over-fed torsos. That too, of course. And also by over-heating and over-cooling our habitats. All these are true. But there is one factor that seems to have been studiously ignored by our illustrious scientists.


Yes, farting.

Wikipedia insists that the English word fart is one of the oldest words in the English vocabulary. Considered vulgar, society substituted the word flatulence, which made it OK, although the odor remained.

“Facts on Farts” by Brenna Lorenz assure us that: “On average, a person produces about half a liter of fart gas per day, distributed over an average of fourteen daily farts.”

Doesn’t sound like much, but… multiplied by seven billion, even if divided by half, comes to 3,500,000,000 liters per day. Now if we multiply this by 365 days (in a year, although most people fart more on Thanksgiving and their birthdays, mostly due to overeating), and a thirteen-year period, then in this present century alone we have expelled some 3,500,000,000 × 356 × 13 liters of hot air into the atmosphere. As the internal temperature of our body is warmer than external, we can safely assume that some 16,607,700,000,000 liters of hot air, around 400C or say 1040F, had been released into our atmosphere during this century alone.

Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is global warming.


16,607,700,000,000 liters of hot air!!!

Sixteen-point-six trillion liters. Enough to melt all the icebergs? Why, that about equals the USA national debt. Or is that also just a lot of hot air?





Since, for once, we are in a jocular mood, I offer you stories I overheard over the years from my favourite friends: my cats and dogs. They may not fart as much as we do, but they also have their problems. Find out for yourself. Read my short-stories, Cats and Dogs Series .




October 20, 2013

Instinct for Self-Preservation?

The physical reality is set on automatic



We don’t have souls. Soul has us. Soul is the attribute of the infinite Consciousness to individualize Itself. Physically we are not really alive—unless we define life as biological constructs designed for a prolonged suicide, leading towards and unavoidable and inevitable demise. Termination. Whatever we are by this definition, we shall be no more. Ever.


What gives us awareness of life is individualized consciousness, which exploits the abilities of the bodies which it developed over millions (elsewhere billions) of years, to manifest the infinite potential within Itself. If we identify with our physical body that is destined for early corruption, we identify with a dying corpse. Arrigo Boito, using Iago’s monologue in Verdi’s Otello said it best:


Dalla viltà d’un germe o d’un atòmo, vile son nato,

Son scellerato….


[From the cowardice of a seed or of a vile atom I was born… …I feel the primitive mud in me.]


Iago identified with that that is corruptible. From dust to dust… We can do better. If we identify with life within us, we are immortal. What some of us find hard to accept is that physical universe is only a means to an end. It has no meaning in itself. Nevertheless, the means are extremely important. They serve to enrich the consciousness that dwells within us.


Perhaps in a few million years we shall no longer be quite as vile, as evil, as corruptible as all matter is. Perhaps we shall progress to identify with energy that holds the dust together, rather than with dust itself. Perhaps even with the life within and not with the skin it wears?

We spend billions of dollars to sustain and prolong our physical envelope’s ‘life’ only to spend the last few years in the throngs of Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Is it really worth it? Hasn’t Mozart done more with 35 years than most of us with 90 or a 100? We all know that he identified with his life within. When I listen to his Requiem, I am absolutely convinced of it.

And Yeshûa? He needed but 33 years to fulfill his mission. Perhaps long life is not an award, but punishment for us not doing our job we were intended to do. And thus we are sentenced to aches and pains and sicknesses of old age.

Or, perhaps, it is just our ignorance?

Deep, ingrained, abysmal ignorance?


It is not death we should fear. We should fear not fulfilling the purpose for which we have entered a human form and wasted all it has to offer. Then we might indeed live long and… suffer?


I did not invent this philosophy. Socrates drank hemlock rather that give up his beliefs. There were others. There is one book that attempts to explain life better than most others I’d read. It is the Gospel of Thomas from the Nag Hammadi Library. My exegesis is called Key to Immortality. It really is—for me. See if you agree.




October 24, 2013

The Hidden Mirror


I suggest the Roman Church dismisses apocrypha because no one within its ranks can understand them. Officially, according to Wikipedia, “Apocrypha are statements or claims that are of dubious authenticity”. The word comes from Latin, meaning “secret or non-canonical”. In Greek the word comes from verb “to hide away”. The Greek meaning is not only the most original but also sounds to me by far the most true. Namely, it means “secret knowledge”, not open to the “masses” and kept only for the “few”.

In Gnostic Scriptures the mystery of reality is explained in Acts of John in a single sentence:


“A lamp am I to him that searches for me, a mirror to him that finds me”.

Many mystics had hinted at this sentiment before the scribes put their quill to Gnostic Scriptures. Statements such as “The perceiver and the perceived are one”. Or “I and my father are one,” speak for themselves.

We search for our true identity.

The problem with religions is that, by externalizing divinity, they separate us from true reality. We’ve been told that truth will set us free. The realization of unity with indomitable inseparability from the Whole is so overwhelming that most people cannot contain it within their consciousness.

And yet…

And yet this is the only truth that will set us free. Now, that the Age of Aquarius is upon us, that we are well into the throngs of the Pluto Effect that will destroy all old concepts, misdirection, twists, convolutions, lies, that our predecessors have introduced into a road that is, and always was, straight and narrow, are about to collapse. In this new Age, every man, every woman, will have to learn to rely on their own cognizance.

We shall have no one to blame but ourselves.

No more will TV preachers bamboozle us with childish interpretations of various scriptures.

All the accumulated knowledge of mankind was always intended to help us to serve as channels for the Single Consciousness that wants to enrich its own domain. The domain of heaven. The eternal state of being that we and we alone can create. Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap” is a simple statement of fact, which reiterates the Law of the Universe.


These Universal Laws are identical in Russia, China, USA, or the darkest Africa. They are identical everywhere. Action equals an equal and opposite reaction. “Whatsoever we do to another, that also shall be done to us.” Plus accrued interest. Physically, emotionally, or mentally. No matter how rich, powerful or exceptional we think we are. Sooner or later. We’re immortal, and ignorance of law is no excuse for breaking it.

When we shall learn this simple truth we shall overcome death itself. We shall no longer identify with our biological construct, magnificent though it is, but with the essence of life itself.

Good luck.




October 28, 2013

All Debts are ALWAYS paid

Killing offers no immunity


Sometime ago I ‘pontificated’ (for which I apologize) about “Thou shalt not kill”. It is true that our glorious leaders—Fühers, Prime Ministers, and Presidents alike, had and continue to studiously ignore this commandment. Well, in one way, they are right.


That’s easy. We cannot kill the immortals. Thus, ‘killing’ a million men’s bodies is a statistic. After all, a good tsunami or a particularly exuberant volcanic eruption could do just as well. As I mentioned before, the physical reality is set on automatic, and we are to fend within its laws as best we can.

The world is an imperfect place, hence the need for evolution. Within the confines of physical reality we must always allow the dead to bury the dead. After all, those who kill others are still dead. Not yet awakened to their true nature. When the killers vacate their bodies, it is as though they hadn’t ‘lived’. They have wasted the only means by which they can build their own heaven: their own indestructible reality—their subconscious. No one can do it for them. “As we sow, so we shall reap”.

Here and forever.

That’s the problem with being immortal. When we finally vacate our physical bodies we look back at what we’ve accomplished. Not in terms of physical achievements, but how we’ve enriched whatever is incorruptible. Those traits that we take with us.

Some of us will just take corpses.

If we were individuals who are independent of each other it wouldn’t matter much. We’d ‘kill’, we’d ‘die’, no harm done. But we are all interconnected. Killing others we kill part of ourselves. Part of what we really are.

The killers—be they brave soldiers, the generals, prime ministers or presidents—don’t realize that we really are immortal. What they accomplish by killing, or giving orders to kill for whatever reason, is to take away from their victims the opportunity to build their own heaven.

However, the Universal Law states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Hence the killers, or those who give orders to kill, will lose their own opportunities to build their own heaven. It will be as though they haven’t lived. From the annals of immortality, their names will be erased.

By ‘killing’ others, we can destroy our own future for millions of years to come. And this is not a religious superstition. This is pure science. Why do you think so may of us are born in such dismal circumstances? Just look at millions living for a dollar a day. Look into their past, into past thousands of years… And the worst thing of all is that, in essence, we are all One.


I hint at the consequences of the Universal Law of Karma in my novel titled Sacha. It is Book Three of my Alexander Trilogy. In fact, you might enjoy all three of them. Alec, Alexander, and Sacha. Downloads are free for reviewers. Let me know. You can also buy Sacha as an individual book. Enjoy!






November 01, 2013

The Enigma of Peter & Paul

Why the Immortals are having fun. If you’re one of us, please, share this.



We might forget that once we realize that we are immortal there is virtually nothing that can stop us from having fun. True, we have to pay for our mistakes, but, well, so do all children, don’t they? And in the context of immortality we are all… children. Aren’t we?

As for the transient stay in the physical reality, we have an abundance of choices. Lately, thanks to some scientists, more alternatives are likely to be developed. Who can tell what marvelous biological robots we might be able to choose for our future incarnations?

We often forget that the two functions, which the biblical characters, Peter and Paul, performed more than two thousand years ago, continue to this day. Only today, there is one fundamental difference.

During the Age of Aquarius, the functions take on a very different form. Part of the job that Paul did is now taken over by science, with or without the establishment’s blessing. We are on the verge of creating new means through which the Universal Consciousness can function and experiment.

Let us never forget that you and I, and every animal and every plant or ‘living’ biological and/or zoological construct is only here for this single purpose: to diversify the experiences of the Universal Consciousness. The more different we are, the greater the diversity. The more fun? The more we participate in this eternal experiment, the greater our personal experience and thus happiness. After all, essentially, we are all One—intelligent drops in an endless ocean.

E pluribus unum, states the Seal of the United States. One out of many. They got that right!


Yet again, in this Age of Aquarius, our participation has taken on a greater form of expression. The man John Craig Venter comes to mind. He is an American biologist and entrepreneur. He works on providing new elements, perhaps evolutionary mutants, which will lend themselves, in time, to become embodiments for consciousness within the physical realm.

Although our reality is essentially imaginary, after all, we are mostly empty space, nevertheless this reality which is so real to most of us serves to try out new ideas that originate in the Unconscious. Only let us never forget to have fun. After all, we are here, on Earth, only as visitors. Our true realm is elsewhere.

As for Peter’s role, once again, in this new Age, for the first time in human history, the search for the true reality is entrusted to individual men and women. Symbolically, we are to water our own gardens. We are to enrich our own consciousness. On our own.

It sounds as though we are finally Coming of Age.



Some of us knew this a little while ago. All my books deal with Human Potential (http://stanlaw.ca) but the book below might help you to become masters of your own destiny. To plant the seeds of success and then sit back and watch them grow. To watch beauty and success grow all around you. To write a review on Amazon and elsewhere of Visualization—Creating Your Own Universe you can ask for a free copy at mailto:[email protected] . Enjoy!




November 05, 2013

Mysteries are OURS to Solve

There is only ONE life. If you want to live forever, don’t wait. You’d better prepare right now. Forever is a very, very long time.



I am convinced that there is only ONE life regardless of reality in which it manifests itself. It seems that it is up to us to solve the mystery of how it manifests through our consciousness. It appears that reality has its own rules, even new dimensions—in the next reality we enter on leaving our physical bodies it is imagination. Whatever we imagine becomes instantly real. Likewise, the moment we remove our attention from it, it ceases to be. It takes some getting used to. We’ve all experienced it in our dreams. With practice, we can dream in full consciousness.

In one of my blogs I mentioned two vital items. One—that the subconscious NEVER forgets; and two—that as a direct consequence of ‘one’, the subconscious is the basis on which we build our ‘heaven’, i.e. our permanent abode.

To date, no scientist, or mystic, has disproven this theory. It will remain a working hypothesis until someone discovers a new theory that makes more sense.

What is more vital is that if my theory IS right, then by not taking advantage of it we risk our future for, perhaps, millions of years. Time in other realities is measured on a different scale. Remember dreams? I for one am not prepared to take that risk.

Are you?


There are consequences.

If our ‘heaven’ is made up of our thoughts and experiences while in the physical embodiment, we might be wise to assure that the reality we are creating is the sort of reality in which we’d want to spend a long time, let alone eternity.

Two thousand years ago a wise man said, “Whatever we fasten on earth will be fastened in heaven.” Hence I find it extremely important that whatsoever I fasten here is replete with fun. Yes, mostly fun. I fully intend to build a heaven for myself that will be full of joy, of fun, of laughter. Hence I’m careful what friends I choose, here, on Earth. On this valley of laughter. We’re given a hint how to do it.





In his gospel, Thomas, of the Nag Hammadi Library, attempted to explain it further. I’d written an exegesis of the gospel in Key to Immortality. If you’d like to write a review on Amazon, it’s yours for free.



It seems that we have no right to expect anyone else to build a heaven for us. After all, no one on Earth knows better than we do what we really like. I feel we must be very careful what thoughts we commit to memory, to our permanent memory storage. To our subconscious.

Hopefully, in each next incarnation, we shall be able to add to it, even if we’ll be unable to erase the past. It’s a one-way trip. In that sense, and that sense only, it seems to be forever and ever.

And that is a very, very long time…




November 11, 2013

Wonder Children


Did you ever wonder how come Mozart was able to compose classical, perhaps immortal, music at such an early age? There are others like him. We know them as child or infant prodigies. They are children who have knowledge and proficiencies which they could not have acquired since they were born.

Wikipedia lists hundreds of them. I suspect there are thousands more, unknown. They graced our species with their presence over many years, in many different fields. Did you ever wonder how could such genius let alone such an incredible diversity be possible?

They come under many names. Wunderkind. Enfant prodige. Prodigio. Cudowne dziecko. Csodagyerek… Every nation seems to have a special name for the unique, wonderful, incredible, inexplicable occurrence or talent.

A wonder child. It really sounds great, doesn’t it?

There have to be a lot more of them than we imagine.

Ever wondered why?

Or how, for that matter?

Incomprehensible… unless we accept the concept of reincarnation.


I want to tell you secret which you must promise to keep to yourself. It is incredible but… true. Ready? We are all wonder children. Every single one of us, only… later, somewhere along the way, the wonder seems to dissipate into the ethers… Conformity is forced upon us from day one.

Pity. Great pity

First our parents. Then teachers. Then priests and other religious leaders. Then professors at ‘higher’ institution of ‘learning’, bosses, political leaders and other dubious paragons of virtue…

Did you know that Einstein said that: “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”? I might add, that we must forget even what we have learned before school, and keep only that magnificent storehouse of knowledge with which we were born. Then, and only then, we can develop it further.

After all, if our genes carry evolutionary knowledge going back millions of years, should we expect any less of our minds?


Some of us do remember. Vaguely. Perhaps not at conscious level, but the knowledge, the experience of past lives lingers at the periphery of our subconscious at that tremulous border between the conscious and the subconscious mind. If we sublimate our ego and admit the full potential developed over thousand of years to manifest itself, we begin to wonder at our own true heritage.

I feel it is within the power of every one of us to try it. To try it soon. Before the mists of “learning” imposed on us by our “superiors” obfuscate what is truly ours.

Please, please, don’t delay.



The story of one such child is told in the life of Sacha, a novel I wrote some time ago: Sacha—The Way Back. Perhaps the story was seeded in my consciousness before my own learning became hidden by the input from schools and institutions of higher learning. You might even enjoy the whole Alexander Trilogy.

Please, let me know what you think.




November 16, 2013

Wisdom of the American Forefathers


The wonderful thing is that in spite of the fact that the whole universe (of which we are aware) exists only within our consciousness, we all benefit from the contribution of all other individualizations of the omnipresent Single Consciousness. I spell It in capital letters to accord it equal importance to that which people usually assign only to their chosen divinity. Since each religion stipulates its own God, I prefer a “nondenominational” term.

And this brings me to today’s theme, to the American Forefathers. In their wisdom they incorporated the phrase E Pluribus Unum [Out of Many—One] into the seal of the United. A truly inspired decision.

But it’s more complicated.

There is a fundamental difference between the subjective and objective reality. Every concept of reality is born within. It may be stimulated by the input from our senses, but it must grow within our consciousness, until we are ready to share it with others. When many share the same idea, it becomes objective. E pluribus Unum, out of many a singular reality. That is how the USA was born.

The first chapter of Genesis in the Jewish masterpiece the Torah, describes how the divine spark within us brought ideas (the word) into our awareness. How the subjective idea that is born within, manifests itself without, by sharing itself with others.



That is the act of creation. I will NOT tell you how it happens, although you’ll find essays on the subject in my Beyond Religion Series that may help.


But I can suggest to you how the ancients thought it might happen. They created a magnificent compendium of symbolic ideas to share the idea with us. After all, life is change—and thus truth must be continually rediscovered in its infinite manifestations. You’ll have to decipher it yourself. My Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism will make it possible for you. You’ll find YOUR understanding, NOT somebody else’s. It’s up to you. The knowledge lies within each one of us. While truth may be one, it manifests differently through every one of us. Why else would the universe exhibit such astounding diversity?

Once again, enjoy!




November 21, 2013

Hidden Wealth

I know that I know nothing



Did you ever stop to wonder why is it that the wisest man said that he knows nothing? 2500 years ago, Socrates, recognized as perhaps the wisest man ever, and most certainly of his day, made a very strange statement. He said: “I know that I know nothing”.

Almost 500 years later, a man called Yeshûa, known to most as Jesus, expressed the same sentiment. He’d said, “Blessed are the meek at heart for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”. To an unsuspecting onlooker those two statements do not appear to be saying the same thing.

Yet, they are. Surely, Socrates must have been very meek at heart to have asserted his ignorance.

Both men state that unless we are willing to admit that we are meek, unless we admit in all humility that we know nothing, the knowledge deeply embedded within our subconscious, let alone our unconscious, cannot penetrate the ramparts of pseudo knowledge we have accumulated in our physical form.


There is a fundamental difference between the knowledge acquired from books and that which reaches our awareness from within. The first deals only with exigencies of the illusion of reality which most of us recognize as our world. We are invariably forgetting that the physical or material reality is in constant ferment. Countless quadrillions of atoms continuously spinning in wild abandon, time shooting past our awareness, invariably leaving us behind the latest discoveries. Even stars and galaxies are receding from us at near the velocity of light, while those closer by are threatening to explode into novas, or collapse into the unknown mystery of black holes. And most of all, when we look at the very building blocks of what we regard as reality, when we look at atoms, we forget that they consists, essentially, of empty space.

Behold our reality.

Empty space.

An illusion.




Many mystics attempted to point our attention in the direction of truth. We pretend to listen, only to revert to our old ways. Living an illusion seems the choice of Homo sapiens. Paradoxically, the Latin name, Homo sapiens, means “wise man”. It is the name we have accorded ourselves, the presumptuous apes, who think they know almost everything. Actually ape means: “the imitator”. Not creator of new—but imitating what’s already there. We specialize in illusion. In imitating.

We delude ourselves.


The mystics went ignored.

In the meantime, the scientists are actively looking for the Theory of Everything. They want to know absolutely everything about absolutely nothing. About empty space.

A wise man once asked what would the physicists do if one of them discovered the theory of everything? There would be nothing for them to do. Would the world end?

Or would they finally discover that for the last few thousand years they had been all travelling assiduously in the wrong direction.

Travelling without, rather then… within.

Vanity, vanity, all is vanity, said the son of David. And I submit to you, delusions, delusions, they are all delusions.



In Delusions—Pragmatic Realism I share some thoughts on the subject of knowledge and delusions. I need your input—your thoughts from within. You can also share them with others with a brief review. Thanks.

You can ask for a free reviewers’ download at mailto:[email protected]






November 25, 2013

Gods: Work in Progress

The Potential and the Fulfillment.



Sometime ago, the protagonist in one of my novels , made this comment:

“When the prophet of yore said that ‘ye are gods’, he forgot to add that to be gods you must act like gods. And gods don’t make mistakes. We do.”

There is a fundamental difference between the potential and its fulfillment. We, humans, are particularly spoiled.

Our genome carries hereditary information that spans millions of years. Even before we became bipeds our bodies went through evolutionary cycle accumulating primary knowledge, which enabled us to climb the evolutionary ladder. In case anyone thinks that they’ve reached an evolutionary apex, then let me assure them that we have a few billion years to go, before we are likely to be able to understand what evolution is all about.

Before we shall be gods even by today’s standards.

Of course, by then, a billion years hence, our expectations will have risen.

Yet, even today nature spoils us beyond reason. According to “Live Science”, Jan 24, 2013 report – “The average male will produce about 525 billion sperm cells over a lifetime...”

By contrast, women are born with an average 2 million egg follicles, yet by puberty, ‘only’ about 450 follicles will ever release mature eggs for fertilization. Luckily, this puts man’s absurd abundance in check.


Why such abundance? Such unmitigated waste? Such seeming ridiculous potential?

Ah, yes, it must have to do with our potential. Somebody else is controlling our bodies; the use of our mind is obviously lagging behind.


Given enough follicles, 25 billion sperm cells represents the potential each man has to populate not just the whole planet, but a habitable planetary system, or even a goodly segment of a galaxy—on by himself. Women do not have to worry. Many wise men told us that we all take turns, in alternate reincarnations, in the sexual orientation. And if worst came to worst, we would be limited, together, to 450 follicles each. A lot better than “Adam and Eve”! No wonder some of us, men, expect a minimum of 72 virgins.

Never mind…

This may sound like science fiction, but if you have a better reason for the absurd abundance of our physical body then I’d like to hear it.

But let us take a step further.

If our physical potential represents a potential many billions of times greater than we can utilize today, could our mental potential be any less? Would we not need an equal abundance in mind-power to rule and/or administer our galactic segment even as… perhaps, our elder god-brothers do today?

Just think. You and I might be 25 billion times smarter than we are now.


If we take our present condition seriously, the status of gods-in-waiting, then we might think again how to conduct ourselves here and now—even if we are, at present, no more than babes in arms. Winston thought so. Let me know what you think. Try my Winston Trilogy. Or at least, the last part.




December 1, 2013

Absurd Abundance


Shouldn’t we protect nature that feeds us?



I vaguely recall the American (since defamed) comic Bill Cosby telling his son that he can erase him, and make other one like him only better. My quotations may not be exact, but the sentiment is there. Mr. Cosby seems to be saying: “Son, behave. I don’t need you. You need me.”

Perhaps it is time for us to start behaving. Nature provides us with free food, drink and other appurtenances of comfortable living. We waste them. All of us. Well, the vast majority.

In my last blog I wrote about the absurd abundance that nature built into our biological system. Yet nature did not stop there. It continued its extraordinary generosity throughout flora and fauna.

Did you ever wonder why does nature work on the principle of almost inexhaustible affluence? Think of the seeds and spores it produces from a single tree, a single rose, even grain from a stalk of wheat, apples in a single orchard.

Surplus. Overabundance. Generosity.

Almost inexhaustible.

Almost. Not quite.


Could it be that nature, in her wisdom, or out of the benevolence of the universe, wants to protect us, humans, from ever running out of nourishment? Or from other materials we need to build shelter, keep us warm?


We define financial independence by living from interest (including dividends and suchlike) from the riches we have accumulated during our, so-called, productive years. Nature keeps producing, presumably in the benevolent hope that we can live in perfect comfort and affluence while we inhabit our physical bodies.

And yet…

And yet we abuse her gifts. We no longer live from the absurdly generous interest that nature provides. We grow fat, obese; many of us accumulate much, much more that we need. More than one car, more than one dwelling, millions in our bank accounts—the list goes on. We wallow in our greed, and will continue to do so until we run out not only of nature’s interest, but of the capital itself.

Perhaps it doesn’t matter.

After all, we create our own universes, our realities in which we abide for short stints: our reincarnations. Hopefully learning. After all, none of what we can perceive with our senses is real. Remember? Have you read my Delusions—Pragmatic Realism? You don’t have to, of course. You can find it all out for yourself, by yourself. After all, we all travel different paths, and hence we all pay the piper according to our understanding. But be sure, sooner or later, we all pay the piper. Nature is our bank and we all live on borrowed money.

Isn’t it fun?


We have a new pope who seems aware of the depth of depravity towards which humanity is careening. I once wrote a novel in which, likewise, a newly elected pope did what was necessary to save us from our greed. It is the sequel to The Avatar Syndrome. You might enjoy both stories. Let me know.




December 6, 2013


A Blessing or a Curse?



They say that only the good die young. If we examine the immediate past of some 2000 years, then this adage sounds a little too close for comfort.

Some of us want to live longer, although BBC reports that: “Alzheimer’s Disease International says 44 million people live with the disease, but that figure will increase to 135 million by 2050.”

Live long and prosper?

Not any more, Mr. Spock


But there is hope. If we don’t live TOO long, we are much less likely to become a mental vegetable. I speak from experience. Both, dementia and Alzheimer’s affected members of my immediate family. It is not pretty. Not if you watch them from close by. When you do, they are no longer a statistic. They are real, bright, intelligent people loosing their mental, emotional integrity. Long life is not all it’s deemed to be. There are exceptions. I prefer not to count on being one of them.


Why do we insist on living longer? No matter how decrepit our bodies become, no matter how useless we become to the society, we seem to hold on to our bodies with broken nails. Don’t we know that we are immortal? That our bodies are little more than the means through which we add experiences to the real life that is beyond the ravages that physical reality offers?

Dozens of great prophets, mystics, philosophers, wise men and women tried to persuade us of this indomitable truth. And yet…

Every single night we leave our bodies… and dream, usually 4-6 times each night. We perform marvelous feats in our dreams, well beyond anything we could possibly do when lumbered with our physical enclosures. True, once we shed our material skin, our envelopes, we can no longer add to the storehouse of our memories, the storehouse of our subconscious, but, considering we are very likely to reincarnate again and again, surely, we shall have plenty of chances to do so in the future.

Why do we continue to hold on so tight to that which we no longer need?


There are hundreds, perhaps thousands—over the years probably millions—of people who accomplished more in a 35- or 40-year lifespan than most centenarians. Isn’t it time we thought of letting go when the time comes? Isn’t quality more important than quantity?

My suggestion is simple. For as long as we contribute to society we have duty to do so. When we become a burden… shouldn’t we let go? I don’t want to accumulate a debt I’ll only have to repay in my future incarnations.


As I mentioned above, I witnessed the ravages of dementia and Alzheimer’s in my own family. Don’t get me wrong. There is also love and laughter, yet… If you read The Gate you might decide if you really want to live long. Too long.






December 11, 2013

Defining the Indefinable

Was Baruch Spinoza right?



Baruch Spinoza was born in Amsterdam. His thoughts on the Divine were both controversial and unacceptable to the Jewish community that raised him. They kicked him out. Later, the Catholic Church put his book on the Index of Forbidden Books. The poor guy couldn’t win. By the time he turned 23 he became homeless. Nevertheless Hegel said later that: “You are either a Spinozist or not a philosopher at all.”

Spinoza came into the orbit of my thoughts when I read his words that: “To define God, is to deny God”. There goes the Sistine Chapel…

Of course, he was right. To define means to “bring to an end”. To limit. And, surely, one can neither terminate nor limit the Infinite. For many years I agreed with Baruch. Still do. Yet now it seems that the influence of the anthropomorphic divinity on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is so powerful that something has to be said about the nature of the Absolute.


Think of poetry. It does not define but suggests, implies, alludes, nudges one into a direction wherein an image of that that has no image is gradually taking on an idea of an illusive presence. Perhaps while we cannot define the Infinite, we can postulate some of Its attributes.

We can think of a concept that is omnipresent yet expressing singularity, omniscient, outside any restrictions, and thus outside the confines of space or time, hence outside our concept of the Universe or even Multiverse.

To my mind there is only one option left.

‘God’ can be thought of as Infinite Potential. Once that potential is manifested in any tangible form—be it material, emotional or mental—it becomes definable. It may not be outside the Infinite, but it qualifies as only a tiny fraction of the Infinite, which, by having been created, by having had a beginning must also have its end. It is no longer indefinable.

Ergo, we are back to the Potential.

Goodbye Sistine Chapel.


Times change. With the exception of my fundamentalist friends, I don’t expect to have a cherem issued against me. In Hebrew cherem means a banning, shunning, ostracism, expulsion or excommunication. That’s what happened to Spinoza.

I am neither the first nor the last to speculate on what is really beyond speculation. The fun, however, is in the journey, in that brief moment before we revert back to the Potential. Perhaps a few billion years, at most?


There was a man who also speculated on the nature of reality and, perhaps, on its Source. It seems that he got closer to the truth than most of us, although we are, according to him, all “children of the same Source”. He didn’t fare any better than Spinoza. In fact, a lot worse.

The wonderful thing is that we, humans, have the equipment that allows us to speculate. To reach beyond the limits set by the material Universe. Some of us even use this ability. For me, this alone, is reward in itself.



One more thing. It took Yeshûa eighteen years of study to reach his conclusions. If you start now, and do nothing else but study, in eighteen years you might, just might be as smart as he was. Want to try? The novel is called: Yeshûa—Personal Memoir of the Missing Years of Jesus.




December 17, 2013

Power over the Opposites


Divinity is NOT all it’s reputed to be



There is no good and evil. They both exist only in our transient, ego generated, state of mind. We tend to decide what’s good for us; and what isn’t—we tend to define as evil.

Not so.

Basically we can only define as ‘good’ that which lies in the middle, or serves the totality of the manifested Universe. Or that that our concepts of good and evil have in common. The reason for this is simple. All, absolutely everything that exists, originates from a single Source. Some call it God, others the centre of a gargantuan Black Hole—the mother of all Big Bangs? It is interesting that a black hole is also called a “Singularity”. Like One/Single God? We are the instruments of the single Source through which everything, material, emotional or mental evolves.

By ‘we’ I don’t mean just humans, of course, but everything that can serve to enhance, multiply, enrich or act in any way to advance the manifested Universe. Everything that coverts the potential into manifestation.


Some of us, the few that are (choose to be) chosen out of many (all) that are called, participate in this process consciously. We can do so at different levels, in all walks of life. Nobody is excluded from the process, yet very, very few participate in it at conscious level. When we do, we are likened to gods. At least, that’s what the Old and New Testaments claim.

I suspect that they are both right. The moment we accept our place in the Universal scheme of things, our power grows exponentially to serve the fulfillment of our purpose. Such purpose can be great or small, although all are indispensible. No one is excluded from this process, even if very few fulfill it in each and every incarnation.

Nevertheless, we mustn’t worry. We, the fractal components of the Universal Potential are immortal. No matter how many times we fail in our assigned task, we are given another, and yet another, chance to make it right. This is what the adherents of various religions refer to as “divine mercy”.

And such it is.

As inseparable units of Universal Consciousness we cannot die, or “go to hell”. We can, however, waste our life, and the resulting pangs of conscience would be akin to hell.

Yet this is where the “infinite (or divine) mercy” steps in again. Sooner or later we realize that even a long ‘life’, is but an insignificant fraction of eternity. We shake off the darkness that clouded our vision, and direct our steps, our states of mind, towards light. And then…

And then, once again, we become aware of being an indivisible part of the Universal Consciousness. And that’s as close to heaven on Earth as we can get.

It’s worth the effort.


In my historical novel based essentially on the Acts of the Apostles, Peter and Paul went through a lifelong struggle to reach this state of consciousness. It hadn’t been an easy road. Not in their days. It isn’t easy now. It never will be as the Amorphous Energy of Life will continue to find new means of self-expression.

Find out for yourself.




December 21, 2013

Intolerable Evil

Love and Power



We all heard about power tending to corrupt and Lord Acton’s dictum, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. I’d written a blog about it earlier this year (February 5, 2013). Perhaps, there is one exception—the President of Uruguay? On the other hand, we all know which country is the most powerful in the world and, if we can trust Lord Acton’s reasoning often repeated by both president Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger, we can draw our own conclusions, which country is, per force, the most corrupt.


Here, however, we are not concerned with corruption. Here we are concerned with the diametrically diverse forces pulling in opposite directions. In my essay (Beyond Religion I) I reached the conclusion that power is the opposite of love. Love is, or at least is detectable only among individuals, while governments are elected to wield power. Those heading the governments erase the concept of ‘love’ from the equation of their administration in order to ‘protect’ their citizens (read, “big business”). One never hears the word love in any speeches, or legislation. And yet “we the people”, keep electing governments. Allow me to quote a great English-American, Thomas Paine (1737–1809). Some centuries ago he proclaimed that:


Society in every state is a blessing,

but government in its best state is but a necessary evil,

in its worst state, an intolerable one.


Could it be that Paine detected a conspicuous absence of love in the government’s behaviour? Imagine governments whose actions are motivated by love towards their citizen, let alone towards their purported enemies. They could call themselves Christians then. Yet nothing is as absent from government policies, let alone their power base—the military, as love.

“What does love have to do with governance?” they’d ask.

In government, love is a dirty world.

“We look after our citizens’ bodies, not their souls. Souls are the business to TV preachers or other proselytizers. We just kill our enemies. Fast. Preferably using machines that don’t give us any stupid posttraumatic disorders after wholesale murder. And most certainly, before they can kill us…”


“…we call it prophylactic killing. Killing just in case. You can love your enemies all you want. We have the power to kill them. It’s just collateral damage. We don’t mean them any harm…”


“…government in its best state is but a necessary evil,

in its worst state, an intolerable one.”


Thank you Mr. Paine. We need more people like you around: in America, and Europe, and in other centers of power. Just to restore sanity. Until we do, I’ll repeat to all who care to listen that Power Is The Opposite Of Love. And absolute power is the opposite of Divine Love.


You can find other essays in similar vein in my Beyond Religion Series. I did my best NOT to be preachy, just to share some thoughts. There are 3 volumes of 50 essays each. One per day. Enjoy.






December 25, 2013

The Secret Within


The Great Awakening



As yet again December 25th is drawing to a close, allow me to offer you a little reminder of the reason for our festivities. It is a tradition that began thousands of years ago.


In 8th century BC, man named Isaiah, reputed to have been a prophet, made a strange discovery. He discovered the secret underlying our state of consciousness. Isaiah also discovered that we were not born with this ‘superego’, but if we were lucky, then such a state of consciousness might emerge on the fringes of our awareness at any time when we open ourselves, our minds, to whatever it is that lies dormant within us.

Some 300 years later, around 5th century BC, another man called Siddhartha Gautama, who became known as Buddha, made the same discovery. Until we become aware of this inner state of consciousness, Buddha claimed, we were not really awake. We remain dormant.

Later still, some 2000 years ago, a man called Yeshûa said that unless we become aware of that inner life within us, we remain still dead. “Let the dead bury the dead,” he once said, equating a physical body to a dead condition until we become alive by discovering the life within us.

The only life Yeshûa recognized was a state of consciousness aware of its true nature. It had nothing whatsoever to do with any religion. Just a simple truth of which, it seems, the vast majority, the ‘many’, are not aware of. When they become aware of it, they become the ‘chosen’ few. Strange how few choose to be among the chosen. After all, it is up to us. All we need do is to sublimate our ego and recognize that we are more than our physical bodies.

Some 2800+ years after Isaiah, a man called Sigmund Freud, an uncompromising atheist, came close. He named this, or very similar state of consciousness, “superego”. No one knows why it took almost 3000 years to discover that Isaiah was not preaching any form of religion, or what scientists call superstition, but a deep analysis of human nature. There were no churches, not even temples in the days of Isaiah. He had to make do with conveying his knowledge directly to the people, in the hope that some of it might sink in and help people to find purpose in their lives.

Not much has changed.



All four men referred to the same condition.

It takes years to understand the mental acrobatics that Freud indulged in to explain his method. Volumes have been writer about it. It takes just about as long to comprehend the inner teaching of Buddha. As for the Yeshûa’s teaching, to this day it is twisted beyond recognition.


Only Isaiah managed to encapsulate the whole discovery into just a few lines. In Chapter 8:22 & 9:1–8, he explained, precisely, the whole process of awakening. You may have to read my Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism to grasp the consequences of the discovery, but the wisdom still remains expressed in 9 simple verses. If you want to know the secret, read for yourself. It will take you a few minutes to discover who you really are.

Today we celebrate the birth of New Consciousness.

Merry Xmas.




January 2, 2014

Our True Nature?

Farewell to the Past



In the beginning…

Hence the problems started in earnest. Not only priests but also scientists began to make up stories how the world came to be. The Bible gave us one version. Other religions contributed their stories. Scientists, not to be left behind, came up with equally fascinating versions of what might have happened. All parties insisted that they, and only they, are right, but only the scientists have the decency to change their minds every so often.

Recently scientists decided that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate: that galaxies which are far away from us are receding faster than those closer to us.

Then problems started in earnest.

Some very wise men decided that not only religions have principles. Thus, scientists came up with the “Cosmological Principle”.

Astronomer William Keel explains:

“Viewed on a sufficiently large scale, the properties of the Universe are the same for all observers.” Or as Andrew Liddle, Professor of astrophysics, puts it: “The cosmological principle [means that] the universe looks the same whoever and wherever you are.” (v. Wikipedia).


So… wherever you are, the galaxies far from you recede faster from you than those close by. If you live on a planet a million light-years away from Earth, then Earth on which Keel and Liddle live, recedes from you faster than all those galaxies that are within a few light years of you?

Right. That’s what the scientists say.

I just love the stories they make up.

First they expected the big bang to end in a big crunch. Then they needed extra gravitational pull for this to happen, so they invented “black (invisible) matter”. When that wasn’t enough, in a wink and a tickle they threw in “black energy”, equally as invisible, but pushing the universe away from us to make their theories work.

Frankly, religions make more sense. They always had invisible forces doing this that and the other, to make the universe work. With all the due respects, it all sounds like universal poop. No, I don’t mean the aftermost and highest deck at the stern of a sailing ship, but poop that you find in a WC if someone forgets to flash your toilet.

Trust me. Wherever your ship sails, it will not get you there under the guidance of most religions or, regrettably, of any scientists, who only observe the poop as it once was and call it the big bang. Wow! Talk of Big Poop!


I propose to you that the opposite is true. The natural state of the universe is light. As the enormity of photons unavoidably collide, their vibrations slow down, acquire mass, and collapse into matter, which continues to contract. Eventually matter collapses into black holes, which collapse into bigger black holes, which eventually explode into light.

We are here just for the ride. It’s called life.

Aren’t we lucky? We, the real we, are individualized states of the omnipresent consciousness. We join the procession of photons, observe — and continue as passers by. What do you think?



The matter is further discussed in most of my books, both fiction and non-fiction. You might want to clear you mind first, by erasing accumulated delusions. The book that might help you most is:


Delusions—Pragmatic Realism





January 7, 2014

The Real Heaven

We all go to heaven of our own making



As always, the Truth hovers in the no-man’s land, suspended between science and religion. We have brains with which to think and hearts with which to listen.

Actually, there is no “real you”. There is only I. I AM, to be precise. If you read the book offered below, you’d get an idea how it works. As I also mentioned, the real I AM has Its being outside time or space. And yet we have developed the ability to have endless fun. If we’re lucky, on both sides of the Great Divide.

The problem with heaven is that is IS. It is not a state of becoming but a state of being. A permanent, eternal, euphoric state of being. Why euphoric? Because from the moment that time began in the hoary annals of eternity, we accumulated the memories of our excursions into the state of becoming and kept them for our pleasure in the unchangeable state of heaven.

Hence, whatever we have ever been, in whatever form; whatever experiences we have accumulated in our eternal spiral of life, we can enjoy in heaven. The difference is that we are no longer held liable for our mistakes. The only way we can eradicate things we don’t like is by re-entering the state of becoming and doing the opposite.

Hence reincarnations. The Wheel of Awagawan.

Theoretically we could stop at any moment. We could remain in heaven and abide in a state of fulminating stasis, eternally, enjoying all we’ve accomplished in the past.

Why stasis? Because nothing new can ever happen in a state of being. Why fulminating? Because everything we ever experienced is simultaneously available for us to re-experience again and again. Why simultaneously? Because there is no time in heaven. It is a state of being, remember?


We can choose “to go out” no more. But… why miss the fun? Eternity is such a long time and we can, literally forever, continue to enhance our storage of experiences, which would and will add to our heavenly reality. Remember, heaven IS. In my innermost nature I AM. Within the consciousness of heaven I cannot change.

That’s what life is for. Life is the condition of change. Of becoming. Eternal becoming? I hope so. After all, everything already exists in its potential form. That’s another facet of heaven. To convert the potential into an experience we need the act of living.

That’s how it works.

You can get a foretaste of heaven in your dreams. Aren’t they fun? But don’t forget the nightmares. Luckily, we can eradicate those. It is up to us. And once we “clean up” all our memories, get rid of the unpleasant ones, we can stop. Well, you can stop. I’d rather continue. For as long as it takes me to experience everything that has its inter being in the heavenly potential. Luckily, the potential is infinite.

Aren’t we lucky?

What do you think?




January 13, 2014



There is a tendency within the human species to throw everything we cannot understand into the realm of religion. The invisible, the demonic, divine, immortal, endless, and any other extreme must be of religious nature, we say. How else could such things happen?

The same happened to Satan.

Since wars, murders, corruption, rape, diseases, and a dozen other horrid depravities begun sweeping the world in ever increasing numbers, it seems that Satan is a lot more powerful than God. Unless our concepts of God and Satan, or good and evil, are all wrong.

I often wondered how absurd we are to act this way. We create an almighty God in our image and likeness and then balance him (God seems to be invariably “Him” not “Her”) with an equally powerful Satan. It seems that the human race is quite incapable of imagining anything or anyone who is not steeped in duality.

Well, it seems, that the human race is wrong. And always has been. God and Satan are not good and/or evil. There is only a Single Source that is Infinite.

As far back as King David of the Old Testament, the wise men tried hard to dissuade us from this nonsense. YE ARE GODS, the Psalmist claimed. And ye shall have no other gods before ye, assures us Moses even further back in the hoary past.

Did we listen?

No. Perhaps there is no money in such a philosophy.

No. We ALL have the potential of being gods. The Potential which few, very few of us will attain. And those who do might find it very hard to refrain from the characterizations of Satan. The problem is that gods are extremely powerful, and—as we all know—extreme power leads to extreme corruption. Is there a way out?

Not if we do not discover the truth before we live up to our potential. Otherwise we shall all gravitate towards Satan. And the first, the very first step towards the truth is to discover the true reality. For as long as we think of the material world as the ‘real’ world, we are bound to sink to its bottom. Call it gravitation.


We are NOT flesh and blood. We never were, we never shall be. We are states of consciousness that choose to embody a dualistic mode of becoming in order to become aware of the consequences of our potential, which, is infinite in BOTH directions.

There is only a singular source of Power. It is up to us how we shall channel it. Those who have no awareness of the power are not yet awake. Not yet alive.

Divinity remains in the middle, hence, it is the source of all. We decide if we shall gravitate to the left or right. Towards Godhood or Satanism. It’s our choice.

Good luck.

Do you agree?




Sacha—The Way Back

[Book one of Alexander Trilogy]


Sacha, was a young man who couldn’t quite find his way. He couldn’t fully understand human psyche, yet never lost track of his true nature. It might give you ideas how to find your own.




January 19/21, 2014



Not everyone is into unveiling the secrets of the universe. For those few who are, and missed my previous postings, this might help to raise the hem of the veil.


Why is god He and not She? Surely an androgynous god would be more creative? I know that people like to have an anthropomorphic god, but why must it be a Man? Or is it a HE/SHE/IT Combined? The last being the Holy Spirit. Yet another mystery?

I don’t like mysteries.

Sometime ago I’d written an essay on the subject of Trinity. You can read it in Beyond Religion III. I discovered that it probably all originated with the sacred syllable AUM, the Medic Trimurti. The secret sound conceals the unrevealed Deity, the Swayambhouva, That which is That. That which has Its Being in and of Itself. Emanating from this ineffable Deity, the initial Source, the germ of the universe, are the three-in-one trinities forming a Supreme Whole. From AUM thus emanate the Nara, Nari and Viradyi, the initial triad. The Agni, Vaya and Sourya, the manifested triad that follows is still secret, intangible, esoteric.

The next Trimurti gave birth to religions.

Modern Hindûism offers us their Trinity as represented by the Brahma, the Vishnu and Siva (or Shiva), the creative triad. The Veda (the Brahmanas and the Bhagavad-Gita) proffers an elaborate commentary on the Trinity.

Brahma, a distant, inaccessible deity, is often equated with the universe He has created. Brahma in no way differs from God the Father of the Old Testament. In the first book of the Old Testament, the Genesis, He ‘single-handedly’ created the universe. As, the Vedas have now been proved by scholars to antedate the Jewish Bible by many ages, one can but wonder where the Hebrews got their idea. Where the New Testament differs from the Old and the Hindû versions is that in the later rendering, Brahma/Father needs a means, an instrument, through which the act of creation takes place.

Vishnu is the Preserver and Siva (or Shiva), the destroyer. Though Siva is referred to as the destroyer, I would suggest that, as in Buddhism, the only destruction that takes place is of one’s ego. Indeed, the final, or complete, return to the heavenly state of consciousness is impossible while we retain any vestiges of ego. After all, heaven is a ‘virtual’ state of consciousness, and there is nothing virtual about ego. More about this in my essay.


And now we have modern Trinities.

In the UK, we have a She, a they and a Them, i.e. the queen, the parliament and the House of Lords. In the US we prefer a president, the Congress and the Judiciary. In Canada the Governor General, the parliament, and the Senate. Always a Triad. It seems there is power the in the Power of Three. We all struggle with reality. Always…



Alex Baldwin, the hero of one of my Trilogies, also wrestled with the conflicting realities. The Freudian id, ego and superego. Always a triad. The novel carrying his name might help to illustrate the problems we all face. (You might benefit from reading Alec first. Alec just picked up some 5 star reviews.) I wonder what you think. _]




January 25, 2014

Of Animals and Men

Some evolve, some regress.



We, humans, are born with the benefit of billions of years of evolution. Trial and error, which seems to be the only proven method of advancement, led nature to equip us with near-miraculous immunological system that can protect us against almost anything, short of willful sabotage.

And this is where our illusory semblance of freewill comes in.

By the time we turn forty, we already consumed an abundance of destructive elements, which have little or no nutritional value. We grow fat, then obese, overtax our immune system, and complain that although we are so clever, much smarter than all the healthy animals, the world has turned against us. Actually, it is we who have turned against the world. Our immune system can no longer cope with the abuse to which we subject it.

Enter pharmaceutical/chemical industry.

“Keep eating,” they say, “we’ll take care of your aches and pains.”

We keep eating, and the chemical industrial complex absolves us by feeding us with a mass of poisonous substances, which while reducing momentarily our aches and pains, serve to further destroy our immune system. No matter, all we need do is to swallow more chemicals.

To our disbelieving eyes we find that what took nature billions of years to evolve we manage to destroy within a single generation by indulging in gluttony. Not only that, but by eating the wrong stuff.

Animals don’t do that. They are protected by inherent knowledge that some things should not be eaten, at least, not in excess. We, humans, have lost this ability. We eat sugar, vast amounts of carbohydrates that are immediately converted to sugars, excessive amount of salt and other chemical compounds that help us to develop a list of ailments. And if that weren’t enough, we poison our livestock we intend to eat with chemicals, which help to destroy our immune system.

We, humans, are sinking into the depth of depravity and stupidity. Our bodies are biological robots that nature developed to help us advance the evolution of our consciousness. We wouldn’t dream of putting the wrong substance into the gas-tanks of our cars, but we think nothing of destroying the engines that sustain our becoming.

Fancy that…


It doesn’t have to be like that. We destroy ourselves by a willful choice. There are books on the market, which show us how to overcome a whole gamut of ailments just by eating the right stuff. Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book is just one of them. He presents massive of evidence. Will it help?

As always, it is up to us.

We live in a world of illusions. We are fooling ourselves that nature or some illusive Being sitting up upon a cloud, will take care of us.

We forget the admonition: “ye are gods”.

Good luck.


[PS. Last time I looked, my BMI (body mass index) was 9 lbs over. We are all in this together!]




January 29, 2014

On Evolution and Devolution


On swimming, and creeping and flying…



We talked about this before. Of course, the Truth resides within us, deep within our unconscious, and thus it needs to be continuously rediscovered. At least I find it so. So, if you are anything like me, let us reexamine the concept of evolution together.

Physically, all animals evolve, as does everything in nature. However, sometime ago a naughty girl picked up an apple and with an inviting gesture offered it to her boyfriend. And that is when problems began.

The girl’s name was Eve; his Adam. The story is obviously symbolic since the primates were plentiful and great many of them enjoyed apples in abundance. After all, they are tasty and nonfattening. In the actual fact, Eve symbolizes man’s ‘soul’—man being a generic term for human. The subconscious, translated from Hebrew ‘nephesh’, meaning animal-soul, was a concept unknown at the time.

The biblical story proposes that at a certain time in man’s evolution, man became aware of his subconscious. As the subconscious is the sum-total of all memories stored from time immemorial, it was high time to start experimenting. Only then man could become consciously aware what works and what doesn’t, and commit his experiences to his permanent memory storage, his subconscious, for further use. Poetically, the ancients called this selective process the knowledge of good and evil.

There was, however, a problem. Knowledge is power and power…. that’s right. Power tends to corrupt. Man’s new awareness was presumably intended to advance the scope of his consciousness, not the girth of his stomach. In other words it was intended to advance his higher aspirations and not physical control over physical reality. Why? Because, as we all know, physical reality is NOT real. It is 99,9999999999999% empty space, remember?

So the next time we eat a delicious apple, perhaps we ought to think about this. Adam and Eve didn’t sin, not in any moral or ethical sense. In the New Testament the word translated as ‘sin’, comes the Greek word ‘hamartia’ or ‘hamartano’ and it originates from the sport of archery. Its literal meaning is “missing the mark”. (Try my Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism).

We forgot what the story of Adam and Eve stands for. If you want to learn more about it, you’ll find some essays that might attempt to unveil the secrets veiled in symbolism. Try my Beyond Religion I and BR Series. You might actually enjoy them. And if not, let’s talk. Your thoughts are important to me.


As for evolution versus devolution, you might be interested what my friends think about it. Contrary to some of us, they really are still evolving. I know. I speak to my friends daily. They don’t eat apples. They are in no danger of corruption. Not yet… you might egree with them, once you get to know them better. They really are wonderful friends. Cats & Dogs .




February 5, 2014

Dominion and Jurisdiction

More on swimming, and creeping and flying…



A word from the Bible: “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.”

According to two billion Christians, almost a thirteen million Jews, and another two billion Moslem who also recognize the Bible (referred to in the Koran as The Book), seem to have been created in the image and likeness of God. Hence, one can only presume, that we’d want to treat the world and everything and everyone in it, as we’d want to be treated by our Maker. If so, it then seems to me that well over four billion people ignore the faith they claim to confess.



So much for religions.

And yet the myths on which all religions are based, from which they are derived, are as noble and as true today as they were thousands of years ago.

We are NOT supposed kill, devour and destroy everything in sight, but look after it, administer it, protect it from any harm as best we can — the way the WE would like to be looked after by a “Higher Authority” that has jurisdiction over us. And our responsibility applies to “the fish of the sea, and the fowl of the air, and the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.”

It seems to me that none of the avowed ‘followers’ of the three major faith of the world have carried out, or are carrying out, this admonition. So why call ourselves Christians, or Jews, or Moslem?

Beats me.


Just imagine a world in which we, humans, don’t kill everything that moves to distend even more our obesity, in which we really care about our jurisdiction with the sort of love that we assign to higher beings, reputedly created in the image of god. Just imagine…

And then try to visualize it.

And then? And then watch it—as it slowly, inexorably, unavoidably, becomes reality. Glorious, loving, reality.

It seems that we have been intended to build a completely different world from that in which we all participate today. There are ways and means of doing so. For each and every one of us. You might care to look at the book below. I wrote it some time ago but it still seems to be up to date. Perhaps the truth is immortal?


Visualization—Creating Your Own Universe





February 10, 2014

Creating True Reality

The Phenomenal Universe.



The truth about creating reality is stranger than fiction. Unless we accept that the phenomenal world is not real, it doesn’t make sense. And yet…

For many years I practiced architecture. After some years as design architect, I realized that well before I transferred my thoughts and images onto paper (later a computer screen), the building already took shape in my mind. The drawings, let alone the actual construction of the building, (though hard work) were little more than “phenomenal” after-thoughts. The real building, the actual creative act, had already taken place in my mind, my imagination.

Sometimes I saw, with my mind’s eye, the building already populated, a busy beehive, where fragments of my imagination went about their daily business. Such is the beauty of being an architect. The same is true of sculptors, composers, all artists.


Thus the reality of the building had not been the eventual “brick and mortar” but the image that took place in my mind. One day, in another fragment of the Eternal Now I shall create planets, galaxies, perhaps universes—all the intangible, ephemeral yet indestructible realities of my consciousness. Halfway through the Winston Trilogy, my heroes do just that.


The point I am making is that everything that is real, that is indestructible, is created and remains forever within our consciousness. There lies the source, the creation and the fulfillment. It is the only reality that is indestructible, that remains forever real. Imaginary years will pass, the buildings will crumble, yet the image created in our minds remains forever.

This is how heaven is made.

We start with an idea. Then light of our knowledge shines upon it. Our mind begins its peregrinations and is finally ignited by the wonder of our imagination. This, and this alone is the creative act. The rest is just a means of sharing our thoughts with others, that they may also use them, derive pleasure from them, become enriched by them. The true sharing could only take place at telepathic level wherein you and I could become reunited in a single mind.

For this to happen we need to accept that at some level of perception we are all One, united in the Eternal Now. That You and I, and everyone else are a single organism made up not of rarefied atoms of mostly empty space, not even fields of energy… but ideas that enhance each other to form ever grater union of our endless diversity. Yes, even time is imaginary, as are the planets, the stars the galaxies. They are all thoughts projected for our enchantment.

In true reality, you and I are ever-projecting, ever-changing holographic image on the screen of our perceptions—all within the Eternal Now. Eventually, the phenomenal worlds will all crumble into ever-receding horizon. But we remain. Forever. If you accept this premise, you’ll never be sad or lonely again. And it not, not yet, then read NOW—Being and Becoming. It might help.




February 24, 2014

The Centripetal Force


E pluribus unum



People regard love as an emotion. It is true that love can be expressed in emotional terms, but it reaches deep within the essence that is often ignored by many.

When our (present phenomenal) world began, it was no more than an idea. Gradually it took shape and increased in diversity. After billions of years we have achieved relative complexity, which we measure in atoms and subatomic particles. Lately, scientists are talking in terms of quantum computers that, thanks to their vastly increased complexity and thus the apparently inevitable miniaturization, will be able to perform countless calculations simultaneously, millions of times faster than our present Turing model.

Due to this shrinking of the components, complexity increases as we drift farther and farther apart from the original Singularity.


This is where love comes in. In phenomenal universe love is the centripetal force that holds us together. Even as it binds men with women, with children, sometimes nations or even species to each other, so the Earth would fly off into the coldness of outer space without it. Likewise we, creatures of mind and emotions, would drift away from our original purpose.

We must never forget that the physical, phenomenal world is little more than a stopping station for us, people aware of their purpose, to experience the thrill of becoming, and add our experiences to the infinite storehouse of the Universal Mind. We, of course, are the atoms, endowed with self-awareness, which combine to create this Mind that reaches above and beyond the limitations of the material universe.

Not one of us is redundant, unnecessary or superfluous. If we do not meet our obligations and add our assigned tasks to the totality of the Mind, we shall continue to return and inhabit physical bodies, until our unique purpose is done. Only then we shall have a choice to remain a conscious part of the Whole, or to return to the phenomenal universe to help others meet their tasks.

We can choose to do so forever, or for a few billion earthly years until the centripetal force pulls us back to the place of our origin.

All this concerns our consciousness, our mind. It has nothing to do with our physical bodies, with the phenomenal universe. And It, the Universe of our thoughts, continues to expand at ever increasing velocity.


For now, and in the foreseeable future, we shall continue to expand our awareness of the true reality. Yet, it seems, the farther we drift from the Original Source, the stronger will be the pull of the centripetal force. Our “phenomenal” scientists, unable to accept anything that cannot be perceived with their physical senses, call it the “big bang”. They forget that before the “big bang” there was no space, no time, no matter, not even energy. Only Oneness.

And the inherent force of Love.

If interested, there is more on the subject in my Beyond Religion Series. You might enjoy them.




February 28, 2014

An Aspect of the Expanding Universe

On Mind and Matter



As mentioned in my previous blog, scientists tell us that the Universe is expanding. We now know that this concept only makes sense in the metaphysical sense. If they define all reality as Consciousness, then they are right. Our consciousness is expanding, probably at the speed of light, and more likely much, much faster.

Even then, this is not true of all of us. Some of us still regard that the Universe is solid; as moving around in circles. They regard atoms as solid particles—rather than bundles of energy that occupy mostly empty space. See my other blogs on this subject.

There are two ways to define the universe: real and imaginary. If you rely on your senses, then the imaginary universe will sate your need for reality. If you prefer the truth, no matter how inconvenient, then the Real Universe is nothing more than a State of Consciousness. This state, or condition, continues to expand. Although the imaginary or phenomenal universe might collapse upon itself, it would not be due to black matter, black energy, or any other nonsense invented by scientists to make their equations work. It would happen due to the fluctuations in our consciousness.

The Real Universe, the universe that finds its expression through the sum total of our individualizations of awareness, cannot collapse. To do so would be to deny the concept of infinity. As the purpose of individualization is self-knowledge, and that which we pursue is infinite, we shall never reach the end of our quest. Consciousness is characterized by an ever-receding horizon.

In that sense, Universe is, and always will be—infinite.

For the imaginary, or phenomenal, universe to collapse we’d all have to withdraw our individuality and merge with the Original Source, that some people call God. Until then, those few who choose to do so, periodically, will enrich the eternal fabric of omnipresent Consciousness and help other units of consciousness advance on their eternal journey.

Yes, this may happen to some of us.

But to imagine that within the infinite phenomenal universe, populated with near-infinite number of intelligent species, all of us (and ‘them’) would reach the awareness of totality of our potential hovering in the near-infinity of space… well, to me this would be absurd.

What do you think?

Single Consciousness will continue on our endless exploration of our Infinite Potential. No wonder the ancient prophets called us gods. Enjoy the trip!

Isn’t it fun?



The journey we call life. I examine some of the steps on this endless trek in my Winston Trilogy. You might enjoy all of it. Or in part. It’s up to you. Let me know.




March 7, 2014

The Mystery of Dualism


The Good within the Bad



It took us almost three days to get here, to Naples, in South Florida. There was one particular thing that struck me. The landscaping on most of the highways in the Good Old US of A displayed more beauty, indeed more love and affection towards nature, than I saw in most of the parks I visited in Canada.

For most of the way, it seemed like heaven on earth.

And yet there is a mystery to our phenomenal reality. It is built and sustained only on and by the state of balance. Every beauty is balanced by its absence, every achievement by apparent failure. It seems unfair yet…

Such is the reality of those who choose to live in a world that is perceived by senses. Nothing can be bitter unless it is related to sweetness. Nothing is tall unless compared to short, nothing good unless there is some bad to juxtapose it with a gentle touch of karma. The consolation is that there is no evil without some good hidden behind it vacant face, yet nothing is so good and not exhibiting some weakness as compared to what it could be.

We live in a world of contrasts, of opposing forces, or judgmental dictates of our senses. Indeed, we should not judge as the truth is usually hidden.


This apparent discomfort of duality permeates all walks of life, all fields of endeavour, all professions, trades, aspirations of individual people. This has been known for thousands of years. Two millennia ago a man called Yeshûa said, “Don’t call me good, only my father is good and he is in heaven.” If a man, whom many recognize as Son of God, had said that, how can we assign such a quality to anything in our reality? We can all put our own interpretation on Yeshûa’s words, though the essence of the statement is evident. One cannot be only good or only bad in a reality that is characterized by inherent duality. Without even a nominal balance, the duality would collapse upon itself. A state of balance, alone, can give us an impression of goodness.

The Middle Path.

The Straight and Narrow.

Yes, the inherent sate of balance. That’s what divinity is all about. Men of great power are almost invariably balanced by an equal and opposite condition of corruption. Unless they are filled with compassion. After all, the opposite of power is love. Without love to balance power, corruption is bound to set in.

Sadly, only non-physical reality can be incorruptible. Only that which is not of flesh and bones. The consolation is that we are all, here, on Earth, no more than passers by.

Whatever we perceive by our senses is obscured by delusions. In fact, we must often close our eyes to see more clearly. I discussed the inevitable dilemmas in a little book offered below. I also try to show how we can remove the veil of illusion from our eyes. Let me know what you think.




March 12, 2014

Status Quo


The Many and the Few



Every government, every authority, every coalition that holds power is concerned with one thing only: with the protection of Status Quo.

Change, the essence of life, is the anathema to all people who hold power. This applies to civil, military and ecclesiastic governments, scientific bodies, and any group whose welfare is defined not by what they do, but by what has already been done.

In spite of that, there is something in the universe that calls for change. This is, of course, the attribute of phenomenal reality only.

We can observe the desire for the state of balance in political formations. Democrats, (in England Socialists) originating for the Greek demos, meaning people, want change in order to improve their lot. Republicans, (elsewhere are called Conservatives), wish to conserve that which they have, usually earned by their forefathers. They hate change as a harbinger of the unknown. They recognize only status quo as good as it protects their gains. While this is by no means a sine qua non condition, in general terms members of the two virtually opposing groups adhere to those general principles. Hence, in an ideal world, the president as well as the judiciary, must always be independent of any party influences.

Alas, we do not live in an ideal world.

Nevertheless, all groups consist of individuals, aspiring to power. Yet we should not regard gods as sources of all good, but merely as sources from which ALL originates. Once we, humans, or any other intelligent creatures, rise to the status of gods, this illustrious height will not make us good or bad. Remember the story of Satan? Which way we sway will forever remain up to us. The one consolation is that the inimitable Law of Karma will invariably tend to restore the condition of balance. Hence we shall all pay the piper at our appointed time. Good or bad, the balance will be restored. The dictators will be executed, gods crucified. And we, as always will remain to fend for ourselves.


There is a misconception about what is regarded as God or godly. Divinity is power and nothing but power. Power to maintain what is which translates into the ability to maintain balance. People don’t wield power. Power uses people to maintain Status Quo.

In practical terms, for many years the US maintained balance between the two opposing forces. The dark force led them to wars, and the force of light inspired them to extend their extreme generosity to others. If they lose the capacity to maintain this balance, their world hegemony will collapse like a house of cards. There are signs on the horizon that danger is lurking.



One man managed to balance great power with great compassion. He was quite unique. Yet he, too, died to restore the balance—that his joy might remain within us, and that it might be complete. His name was Yeshûa. You probably know his as Jesus. I wrote a novel about him. Yeshûa—Personal Memoir of the Missing Years of Jesus





March 17th, 2014

The Two-edged Sword

The Many and the Few



In am in the States. I love the States. I have more friends in the States than in my native Canada. My friends hurt. They cry on my shoulder. They see the signs on the horizon. That is why I’m writing this soliloquy. Perhaps it is not too late?


We are sitting on the grass, watching a filigree of light and shadow flirting with the treetops. It was nearing sunset.

“Who fights with the sword, dies by the sword,” said my friend.

Aye… They didn’t have weapons of mass destruction in biblical days. The phrase is only a symbolic expression of the complexities of cause and effect. Of the long, endless, arm of the universal Law of Karma.

“We spend as much on the swords than the next 13 nations put together,” George wailed. “Soon those 13 nations will turn against us…”

I had to cheer them up.

“That’s not how it works,” I began, “otherwise such action would be a paramount cause to committing suicide. No, that’s not how it works…”

They were all looking at me.

“No one is going to outspend you, or even turn their arms in your direction. You and you alone will bear the burden of your karma. It cannot be otherwise.”

I looked at my friends. They all looked worried but more so, they looked lost. How could I tell them the truth?

“Not a shot will be fired, at least not against you.” I could add that they will continue to do most of the firing but they were sufficiently depressed already.

“No,” I began again.

How could I tell them that by spending all the money on weapons of mass destruction there would be no money left for the infrastructure? For the roads and bridges that were beginning to crumble? For the education was already beginning lag behind the rest of the world? The killing of others would simply result in their next incarnation being on the receiving end, but the mass, the national Karma would be taken care of within the country. Within this glorious, incredible country build with such incredible effort by their fathers and grandfathers. How could I tell them that?

“Don’t worry,” I told them. Worry…”

“…gets you nowhere at all?” George quipped.

“Worry will not solve the problems. Do the best you can and, I assure you, not one of you will suffer the consequences that you haven’t earned.” I looked around at the small gathering. “Now that doesn’t worry you, does it?”

The faces facing me were only partially reassured. They were all good people. Like their fathers and grandfathers. And mothers and grandmas. Pity about the others, I thought. Those few who thought they were gods. It is not easy being a god. Large or small. Divinity is hard. Hard on your present and hard on your future. Sometimes it is better to be among the many than among the few. And to live in the present.

And just then the sun dipped behind the trees and we were all surrounded with darkness. Except for the light within.



Sometimes we have to walk through walls to find our way. So did the protagonists in my novel, book one of the Aquarius Trilogy. We might have to do so also. You can learn how to do it in WALL—Love, Sex, and Immortality . Remember, it’s fiction. Or… is it?




22 March 2014

Buddha’s Secret



When we say that God is good, we must ask, “good for you or for me?” Will He provide me with good more so than you? Or perhaps He/She is good only for my sworn enemy? His God or my God?

Or is a good God, an Entity created out of our need?


Those of us who pray do not ask for blessings for our enemies in preference to our own. And anyway, the prayer is academic. God being ubiquitous, He/She is within us. Within you and me. And also being ubiquitous, we, all of us, are by definition within God. It seems like an equitable arrangement. But, of course, there are consequences.

And this is Buddha’s secret.

Ubiquity precludes separation of us from god. The two are one. We are little more than instruments though which the Omnipresent Consciousness, God if you like, experiences the process of becoming. It is the means through which that which IS partakes in Becoming. Becoming is the process of change, of translating the potential into the manifested, which we know as life. Being is static, eternal, unchangeable, omnipresent and omniscient. Everything already exists in its potential form. We are the means through which it becomes manifested, and then preserved in the storehouse of memories. That storehouse we call heaven.

Think of a book that exists, in all its details and development within your head. One day you sit down and start writing. And then, some day later, lo and behold, a book is born. You are the creator that translated elusive ideas—which became thoughts—into words, which in turn became electronic impulses or little squiggles on paper. You converted the individual potential into manifestation that can be shared with others. That which was subjective became objective.


Being and Becoming—the two faces of God.

We are the indivisible components of God’s nature. We are the Becoming.

Within or without, nothing exists outside those two forms. Nothing exists outside “God”, which henceforth is neither good nor bad by human standards. It is only perfect in its potential form. In becoming it can always improve. Forever.


Hence the secret of Buddha.

It must have flooded his consciousness with peace beyond human understanding. Yeshûa discovered it too. He discovered the complete and utter inseparability of “man” from “God”. In fact, Yeshûa realized that he and his father are one. In different forms, but inseparable, One. As are we all.

Now, if we could only stop thinking of God as a glorified human being, an entity displaying our image and likeness, and accept the concept as omnipresent Consciousness endowed with infinite potential, in which we can participate by an act of our will, we’d have it made. We’d become filled with peace, with joy, with utter faith in the true indestructibility of our real Self; of that aspect of our consciousness that is immortal, eternal, inseparable from the Source of all life.

It is a very, very good feeling. 




27 March 2014

We are both, more and less than we imagine


Man, in his infinite pride, is exemplified by the myth of Satan. He dared to personify Universal Consciousness in their own image and likeness.

Not so. Physically, we are no more than instruments through which the process of Becoming is experienced by the singularity of Being.


Every man/woman “is given” according to his or her ability to receive. The statement that all men are born equal is total nonsense. The equipment we inherit at birth may be similar, but the tasks set by Consciousness that incarnates within us is always completely different. It is this very diversity that adds up to the gamut of Universal Consciousness. And that only if we include in this equation every living entity, human or otherwise, equipped with self-awareness. This includes all living creatures, including countless ‘aliens’, experiencing their becoming on countless planets, or other planes, or perhaps other rarified habitats.

However, it is only when the recipient of the ‘workings’ of Universal Consciousness becomes aware of this astounding gift, that such an entity, as you or I, can, in time, exercise virtually all the attributes, or characteristics, of the totality of Consciousness. In other words, a fraction of The Whole carries and is capable of manifesting the totality of The Whole.


What this means is that the Creative Force appears to choose everything, every means, through which It can experience the Process of Becoming, which we call life. This includes every entity capable of manifesting change. The awareness of this process is a different story. As mentioned, everyone “is given” according to his or her capacity to receive. And this is where ‘freewill’ comes in.

Actually, our concept of freewill is a misnomer.

We can cooperate with the Universal Consciousness, or oppose it. We can endeavor to become one with IT, or separate ourselves from IT and lose all. Our choice.

Echoes of “thy will be done…”


But we must never forget that life is defined by constant, ongoing change. Nothing static ever qualifies to be called life. On the other hand even rocks, solid stone, manifests half-life. It is constantly in some sort of movement, even as the electrons whirling within its atomic, seemingly vacuous, structure. If we try to hold on to anything, anything at all that is transient, we are destined to be disappointed. In fact, it is not possible. We, the real we, the I AM, are only visitors on Earth. We are hobos on an infinite trek across countless universes. ‘Death’ only occurs when we vacate our bodies. It is simply a gradual reversal to stasis, dissolution, regrouping, while the consciousness continues forever. But only if we think of ourselves as immortals I AMs. As states of consciousness.

Hence, immortality is really our choice…



Long ago, two men struggled between their immortal and their transient nature. Their names were Peter and Paul. Ultimately, they both succeeded in discovering the truth. I hope, we all shall, too. 




April 3, 2014

Now you see me, now you don’t


Hide and seek



As previously reported, according to physicists, atoms of which we are made consist of 99.9999999999999% (that’s right: 13 nines after the decimal point) empty space. One can but speculate how much more would we have to be rarified in order to become invisible? It seems evident that it is not the ‘mass’ that we see, but the light, or electrons reflected from other electrons. Likewise the reason we cannot walk through each other, or solid walls for that matter, is not the mass of the wall, which is likewise 99.999 etc% empty space, but the negative charge of the electrons in the wall repelling the negative charge of the electrons, which are gyrating around the atoms of which both the wall and our physical bodies are made.

So how would we make ourselves invisible?

Just switch of the light and you’ve got it made. No reflection. Like the best among vampires. No reflection at all.

But there is another way.

If we could construct our bodies without using a negative charge, for instance out of neutrinos, we would not only NOT reflect any light, but consequently we would be invisible, and, as an added bonus, we could walk through walls, or the planet Earth, or any solid object regardless of size, without even slowing down. What are neutrinos? According to Google they are:


“Neutral subatomic particles with a mass close to zero and half-integral spin, rarely reacting with normal matter.”


[“Normal matter” being, it seems, almost completely empty space…]

So even though they do have, albeit negligible, mass, they do not interact adversely with the electrical charges in the atomic structure.

In my novel, “Wall—Love, Sex, and Immortality”, I examine the concept of quantum tunneling. I shall not repeat all the science involved in it, but would like to add that the process or method of “walking through walls” is already used in science. Not us folks, as yet, but the eggheads succeeded in overcoming the repulsion of the electrons.

Now if they also succeed in constructing anything out of neurons, we’ll have it made. Not only Yeshûa, but all of us could walk through walls. Please let me know if you have any latest work in this field. Perhaps I should add, that ALL events, which we regard, today, as miracles, are only laws of nature that we do not as yet understand. Luckily, since we are immortal, we have lots of time to study them.




April 7, 2014

Equal Opportunity Employer


I know that I know nothing



The realization: “I know that I know nothing,” came to Socrates between 4th and 5th century BC. It took me a bit longer. I only realized it some weeks ago. Well, I keep learning.

The Universe, or better said the Potential Multiverse, is, or are, equal opportunity employers. It is, as we discussed, Omnipresent Consciousness endowed with an infinite number of attributes, which can be manifested in a tangible form by and through us, and countless other intelligent beings.

There is a difference between ignorance, and ignoring the lessons that experience brings. There is also a difference between lack of intelligence and… stupidity. Intelligence represents the ability to survive in the phenomenal reality—usually through the use of our intellect. Stupidity means the slow pace at which we learn, or at which we acquire this ability. It also refers to the strange, irrational ability most of us seem to possess to repeat the same errors again and again, and expect different results. Yet we do so. We eat too much, we smoke cigarettes, we conduct wars, we indulge in greed, selfishness, again and again and again. And, most of us insist that we are right when doing so.

Stupidity is, inter alia, any act that limits the optimal gathering of experience through the magnificent biological robots with which evolutions has endowed us—the robots that serve to accumulate the experience through becoming.

That slowness to acquire knowledge in the dualistic reality, created for this very purpose, is, according to Einstein and any reasonable person, a sign of abject stupidity. In fact, according to Einstein, the only infinity that is amply observable is human stupidity.


Yet… that is not the only conclusion I’ve reached.

I always thought that one begins one’s life in dismal ignorance and, as one grows, one attains a degree of wisdom. Wisdom, of course, is the perfect amalgam of knowledge and love.

Not so. I discovered that the ability to act in a perversely stupid manner is not limited to the uneducated amongst us. One can observe stupid street urchins, stupid teachers, stupid parents, medical doctors, engineers, architects and yes, professors at institutions of ‘higher’ learning, as well as at the helm of both small and the most powerful nations.

Look for yourself.


The dichotomy of applying stupidity to almost any subject is greatly exacerbated by a seemingly incurable disease known as fundamentalism. If interested, you can read about some aspects of it in my little treatise titled DELUSIONS—Pragmatic Realism.

Let me know what you think.




April 12, 2014

Animal Kingdom


How we differ from other Animals



Various religious authorities tell us that we, humans, contrary to other members of the animal kingdom, have soul. A convenient subterfuge. In the Bible, the Hebrew word ‘nephesh’, that means “animal soul”, or the subconscious, is invariably translated by Christian scholars as ‘soul’. Since, as mentioned, the word actually means “animal soul”, it is more than evident that all animals are endowed with the subconscious. Merely observing the REM in animals is enough to prove my point.

If, on the other hand, we refer to “immortal soul”, then we do NOT have souls, but Soul has us. Soul is the attribute of Infinite Consciousness to individualize Itself through all entities capable of recognizing Its presence. It is the state of consciousness.


Yet there is one single trait that makes us different from virtually all species in this earthly kingdom. All animals kill to eat. Hence the food chain. Soul is using transient phenomenal creations though which to experience the process of becoming, normally referred to as life.

And this is where we differ.

We do not kill to eat. More often than not we kill for the sheer, unmitigated, pleasure of killing. We killed more than 60,000,000 in World War Two, and to make sure no one forget what fun it was to kill in large numbers, the West (and some other parts of the world) indulges in almost continuous wars, or “armed conflicts” since then. In the murky past, many wars had been conducted in the name of God. Today, we prefer to murder in the name of democracy.

Let’s face it. We, humans, are animals that love to kill. To justify killing hundreds of thousand (millions at times) of innocent people we coined a disgusting, perverted phrase. We call it “collateral damage”. There is one other phrase that we, the inveterate killers have long forgotten.

“Thou shalt not kill”.

Those who ignore this last phrase, will pay dearly. With interest. For generations to come. This is NOT a threat. It is a promise that every scientist advocates: every action is balanced by an equal and opposite reaction.


We think we are smart, just because we positioned ourselves, temporarily, at the top of the food chain. Well, in case of a nuclear holocaust, I’d put my money on cockroaches.

There is one other problem. Animals cannot act in direct opposition to their nature. In this sense, they’ll continue to abide in Eden, until evolution raises them to a higher degree of self-awareness. Until they eat of the tree of knowledge. Not so with us, humans. If our contribution does not enrich the fabric of the Universe, we shall not gain access to paradise. As we did nothing to contribute to its richness, there is no reason why we should benefit from it. Whatsoever we saw, that we shall also reap.

Oh, we shall not disappear from true reality. Our consciousness is indestructible. But we shall abide in a reality that we, ourselves, have created—where brother kills brother just for fun or, as collateral damage.



You might want to know what animals think about us. You can find out, just a little, in the book below. I called it Cats and Dogs.





April 16, 2014

The Beginning of the End

Hammurabi’s Code



Hammurabi, the sixth king of Babylon, must have thought that he was doing the right thing. People, particularly those in power, praised him ever since. Yet, until the ancient lawmaker ordered his scribes to engrave his laws on eight-foot tall stone tablets, perhaps slabs is a better word, people’s conscience was the only guide in their behaviour. As of now, however, now being around 1750 BC, people were guided by a set of laws that carried penalties for misdeeds.

It’s been downhill ever since.

No longer conscience but fear of being caught became their, as well as our, guardian angel. This destructive method is used to this day. We, those in power, control people’s behaviour by fear, not by persuasion. Not even the ecclesiastic method of “carrot and the stick” holds sway any more—that of heaven and hell. And most certainly not by any inspired code of ethics, let alone by teaching love and compassion. The carrot is gone. All governments of the world control their people by instilling fear.

However, as we know, action is equal by equal though opposite reaction.

This insidious bug is now infecting billions of people, who, together with their corrupt governments, instill fear in each other, by relegating those who oppose them to the status of terrorists. Ultimately this method will fail, even as our governments are failing. People will see through the invalid warmongering platitudes. After all, governments are no longer elected by people only by money of the few.

And there is more.

Perhaps thanks to Hammurabi, the world of today has become the most legislative and/or litigious civilization in the history of mankind. Had that been Hammurabi’s intent?

There are some benefits… to some of us. The lawyers have become rich beyond all measure. We make them rich. And as Hammurabi carries the reputation of being the father of all lawgivers, his portrait adorns great-many government buildings throughout the world.

Furthermore, the activities of the lawgivers are guided not by their conscience but by what they can get away with. Surely, the most pernicious prescription for corruption.



I once wrote some essays, which I collected into three volumes entitled “Beyond Religion”. The subtitle of the collections is “An Inquiry into the Nature of Being”. In BEYOND RELIGION I, in the essay “Cycles”, I discuss the problem of Hammurabi. I also discuss the seeming human predisposition to walk in circles.

I’d used the word Cycles and not Circle only because I’m an incurable optimist. Even as I am deeply convinced that now, during the present Age of Aquarius, we shall turn over a new leaf. Good luck to all of us.

Those who would enjoy my essay will be pleased to hear that there are 156 of them, on subjects as varied as “Birds of Paradise”, “Phenomenology”, “Recumbent Evolution”, and pretty much everything in-between. At one essay per week, the collections might amuse you for 3 years. Let me know…




April 22, 2014


An Exercise in Futility



Democracy only exists, only can exist, among equals. Yet some people will always be more equal than others. Also, once money comes into the electoral picture any semblance of equality disappears. We no longer elect our representatives to speak in our name, but we permit the rich amongst us to do so, supposedly in our name.

Since money took over the electoral process, as it has in all “democracies” of the West, democratic system has become a sham for controlling the masses. To keep them, us, quiet and extract money from us by insidious system of taxation. Don’t get me wrong. Democracy still exists but only among the very, very rich.

At least in other systems of government, such as in China, they do not lie to their people. Their democracy is officially limited to 2,987 members (as of 2013) of the National People’s Congress, the largest parliamentary body in the world.


We pride ourselves on having inherited our “democratic” system from ancient Greece. Thence the problem. There never was a democratic system in Greece. Not a system wherein ‘demos’, or the ‘people’, actually ruled. What they had was exactly what we have now: a system wherein the very few held sway over the many.

During the 4th century BC, the Athenian population added up to between 250,000 and 300,000 people. This included the whole of Attica, the peninsula governed by Athens. The citizens’ families came to about a third of that number, and of these about a third again, about 30,000 people, all male adult population, was entitled to vote in the Assembly. That comes to about 10% of the population. It is on this completely disproportionate number that we, the enlightened citizen of the 21st century base our democratic principles.

From a system of government in which the supreme power was vested in about 10% of the people, we have sunk to a system in which this same power is vested in a less then 1%, or very rich. The rest of us are just fooling ourselves that we live in a ‘democracy’. “The Many and the Few”, remember Peter and Paul?

An exercise in futility?

Even as during the millennia preceding our ‘enlightened’ age our predecessors have murdered masses in the name of ‘god’—under the guise of religion, so now, today, we murder masses with equal alacrity in the name of ‘democracy’.


Is there a way out?

Of course!

In the present Age of Aquarius we shall Come of Age. We shall no longer blame others for our fortune. Nor shall we look to teachers, preachers, or members of any governing body to tell us what to do. We shall stand up on our own two feet and cope with any adversity that life can place before us.

And if some of us fail that, too, will be just temporary. Their time will come—if not in this life than in the next, but it will come. After all, aren’t we all immortal?




April 28, 2014

The Medical Profession

“All men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repairs the evil. The only crime is pride.”— Sophocles.



“I swear by Apollo, the healer, Asclepius, Hygieia, and Panacea… to keep according to my ability and my judgment, the following Oath and agreement:

…I will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone.”


An article published in the September issue of the Journal of Patient Safety estimates that there are between 210,000 and 400,000 deaths per year associated with medical errors in hospitals. That would make medical errors the third-leading cause of death in the United States, behind heart disease and cancer.”


We’ve come a long way from the Hippocratic Oath which dates back to late 5th century BC. Nowadays, we no longer heal people. We eliminate symptoms, no matter what side effects this process might entail. Were we to heal them, surely, we’d lose clients. Wouldn’t be good for business, would it?

No. Not all physicians are like that, and not all bankers, politicians and lawyers are crooks. Some are the nicest people you’d hope to meet. Kind, generous, magnanimous…

Nice people—like you and me…

But “the Many”, the vast majority do not seem bound by any code of ethics.

For many years I’d practiced architecture. If the building I designed fell down, or the roof leaked, or insulation was insufficient, I just wouldn’t get paid. And surely, that is as it should be.


We seem preoccupied with the effect, while studiously avoiding delving into the cause. It started with the Big Bang. There was nothing, not even space, and then nothing exploded and continues to explode. Scientists seem bent on pushing such nonsense to their adherents, while admitting what, if anything, nothings consists or consisted of nothing. Yet should someone dare to say God, they rise up in arms, claiming that god is not science. How would they know? Perhaps god has a string of Ph.D.s, dozens and dozens of them, and knows precisely how to explode nothing. The scientists obviously have no idea how.

The medical profession perpetrates a very similar sham. Most of the time they seem preoccupied with the effects. They say little or nothing about how to avoid acquiring various diseases, and then get busy fighting, often ineptly, the effects. They seem to forget that nature has disposed our organism to survive millions of years without their interference. The system nature invented is called the immune system. On occasion the medical profession try to emulate nature by inventing some sera, which, on occasion, do some good. The rest of the time they deal with effects.

Admittedly, this is good for business.

Should everyone live in a manner that reduced various diseases (and we all can), the learned MDs would be out of a job, let alone out of money. The same goes, of course, for the pharmaceutical conglomerates.

Their maxim seems to be:

“Help them, enough to survive, but for heaven’s sake don’t cure them. What would we do with all the chemicals we’ve already produced?” Perhaps it’s time we stopped deluding ourselves. If you agree, try my DELUSIONS—Pragmatic Realism. What do you think?




May 2, 2014

Of Gods and Men

Infinite Potential and Cycles



That is the (sub) title of my next novel, Book Three of the Aquarius Trilogy. Wish me luck, because even as I sit here, I have no idea what is going to happen to the characters that populate Book One and Two of the Trilogy. As I am about to embark on the journey of Book Three, I wanted to share with you some thoughts that motivate me to write it. The most I can say that I know, or think I know, where I am going. I know the destination. The place we all want to be—one day.

On my journey, I had a most horrid realization.

It came to me that in our reality, there is no good or evil. That nothing we achieve can be considered as perfect. “Why doest thou call me good?” Remember this question? Luke, the evangelist, had reached the same conclusion. Or had it been Yeshûa? Nothing in this reality can achieve completeness—wholeness, which is the ultimate definition of ‘good’. The most we can hope for is to achieve a reasonably state of equilibrium. Of balance.

Hence my new book.


Yet there is more.

What stands in the way of peaceful serenity of equilibrium is power. Power that we can ALL use for “good or evil”. That’s what makes us gods. We can oppose all dictates of the universe, all the Universal Laws, murder millions of people and have monuments build to our glory.

Look at history.

And, surely, it is not just us, humans, who define our ‘divinity’ with power. Imagine the explosion of a Super Nova. Or even ‘ordinary’ Nova. Sheer, unadulterated, unrestrained, incomprehensible power. Divine power? Surely well above any power we can dream of. And now imagine a Black Hole exploding. Power such as no human mind can think of or imagine. Multiverse is peppered with black holes, all Big Bangs in the making? Can gods be that powerful?

Who causes Novas. Gods or Devils.

Or is divinity what the opposites have in common?


Here, on Earth, everything carries the stigma of duality. Up and down. Left and right. Hot and cold. Good and evil. And what of true reality? Surely, in the upper realms, in the infinite strata of ultimate heavens, there is no good or evil. There is only Oneness maintained by the inevitable attribute of singularity. Oneness is the irrepressible force manifesting in all realities as love. As the force binding us all, forever, into a singularity of Being.

And… becoming.


And now I have to sit down and write the novel in which all this will be made clear. Can I? Will the secrets be revealed to me in the process of writing?

We shall see. At the moment I’m just a little nervous. And yet, each morning, I wake up with new inklings of what my fingers must write.

Perhaps Omar Khayyam had it right. “The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, moves on…” I’ll just have to wait and see.

PS. The full title of book three of the Aquarius Trilogy is Olympus—Of God and Men. You might enjoy it. Please, let me know.






May 7, 2014

Aquarius Trilogy

Unveiling all Mysteries



So you might wonder what compelled me to write Of Gods and Men. Well, It was a long journey. My studies of comparative religion, ancient myth of many nations, even races, particle physics, and most of all my inner need to make sense of the repeated assurances of Matthew, Mark and Luke that:

There is nothing covered that shall not be revealed and hid, that shall not be known… neither anything hid, that shall not be known and come abroad…*


Hence, for those who call themselves Christians, there can be NO mysteries. What there is in great amplitude is research. I got down to work.

Now you know what most of the Aquarius Trilogy is intended to be about. Not what is the books are about, but what motivated me to write them. In a way, it is an iconoclastic elimination of imagined mysteries. Of course, at the moment, I only have Books One and Two, but as you know from the last blog, Book Three is in the oven.


As you might have gathered from my many blogs, I do not recognize the reality in which we have our becoming as real. I mean, not really real. A reality built up from atoms which, according to the best scientists around consist of almost exclusively empty space (99.9999999999999% of it), can hardly be regarded as real. Hence, whatever I detect with my physical senses I know that it is only a means to an end, and the end is most certainly NOT the perception of truth.

If the various ancient writings were to make any sense, and not be just ravings of a derange mind, or minds, then I set myself up to unravel those supposed mysteries. At least, what various religions, particularly the Christians like to call mysteries. I could either believe the sacerdotal society, which positioned itself between us and the Infinite, or reach out to the original myths and, as best I could, solve them.

Book One and Two of the Aquarius Trilogy attempts to explain some of them. The last book of the trilogy will, hopefully, do the rest. I am not presumptuous enough to offer my own ramblings as theological or scientific dissertations. Au contraire. I offer my findings in the form of three novels, which will serve, I hope, to stimulate your own minds to delve, indeed to dive deep, into the endless ocean of true reality.

As for references, which made me question the ramblings of the learned theologians, you can refer to my essay #15, Mystery, in my Beyond Religion II collection of essays.

Let me know what you think.

*(Matthew 10:26, Mark 4:22, Luke 12:2 and 8:17)




May 12, 2014

Semblance of Truth

Pursuit of Happiness



My family originates from Poland, from that unfortunate location, in Europe, which my forefathers had chosen to abide, between Russia and Germany, the two nations not known for their particularly pacifistic convictions. History offers ample evidence that the choice of the location was not wise. It’s like being between the rock and the hard place. Still, my forefathers and subsequent generations, survived.

Nevertheless, there is a reality, obvious to everyone with the exception of the few abiding in Washington DC, which they, the Washingtonians, seem completely unable to understand. There is one country that suffered more under the Soviet occupation than the country of my origin. With exception of senior party members, (as are the senators and members of parliament in the West today), the most oppressed, and oppressed for the longest time, were the Russian people themselves.

And now, after they finally liberated themselves from long history of autocratic Tsars, then the demagogical First Secretaries of the Communist Party, they began the long journey towards individual freedoms.

And Washingtonians, rather then help them, they, in abject fear of economical let alone military competition, impose reputedly ineffective sanctions, which make sense only to people obsessed with greed and the pursuit of more money and/or power.


I am NOT a politician. After all, a politician is a man/women who can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you are looking forward to the trip. I don’t believe in hell—except for hell of your own making. Except for hell in which you imagine that the whole world is against you; that you must dominate the world or die; that you have the sole monopoly on truth, even the worldly, dualistic sort of truth.

That, indeed, would be hell.

This is not what Thomas Jefferson had in mind when he asserted individual right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. He did not limit this illustrious trio of rights only to the American people. “We, the People,” were to serve as a shining example for whole world to emulate. Perhaps to reach their own similar aspirations. Not to impose their, by now heavily distorted, ideas on others by military might. Such behaviour is no longer acceptable even in Russia. Perhaps we should help those in Washington, to remember their original dream? And help those in Russia in their pursuits and in the fulfillment of their dreams?

I love the principles on which the American Dream was built. I hope everyone will work to preserve it—even those in Washington.



There is more on the subject in my collection of essays, Beyond Religion III. You’ll find it in Essay . You might find other essays interesting, too.




May 17, 2014

In Search of Freedom

The Play of Opposites



There is an easily discernible universal law, which demands of us, as indeed of all nature, to balance the opposites in order to maintain at least a semblance of peace. A wise man once said that God is what the opposites have in common.

Strong medicine that.

The reason why I call my blog Human Potential Series is that I believe that we have reached the evolutionary level of being capable of consciously participating in the maintenance of this state of balance. Even as the centripetal and centrifugal forces maintain the cosmic equilibrium, so we must restore the balance between our primitive bellicose characteristics and inner predisposition of the awareness of unity. Unity is an expression of universal love inherent at some level in every human being.

This has nothing to do with any religion, but everything with what the great Masters of the past have taught.

We are finally coming of age. The days of empires attempting to conquer the world in order to bolster their coffers is over. Our inner Potential will be directed towards sharing different abilities to complement each other, each nation, each race, towards a social equilibrium in which all people can reach their individual Potential.



The title of today’s blog is taken from the subtitle of a book I wrote many years ago, “MARVIN CLARK—In Search of Freedom”. I feel the book is a ‘literary’ example of how a man and a woman can complement each other. NOT become same, not go after the same job, serve in the same army, or compete in any field of life, but find freedom by complementing each other. While both men and women share many characteristics, many attributes, we both have predispositions necessary to make “two” greater than the sum of its parts.

Isn’t it wonderful?

Ultimately, we are all ONE.


BTW. I do not expect anyone to buy the book to which I am referring—nor any other of my books. But I do hope that, while retaining relative anonymity for myself, my books will become reasonably well read. It is the only way I can do my share of restoring balance between what used to be called literature and what is now hiding under the title of romance, being for the most part erotica, suspense or wholesale murder stories. I enjoy making love as much as anyone, but I believe it should be practiced, not read about. Nor do I get my kicks from reading about people being murdered, with or without suspense.

Also, it is my way of complementing the true and the phenomenal reality into the inadvertent yet unavoidable marriage of Being and Becoming.

If I am presumptuous, I beg your forgiveness. And if you can prove me wrong regarding my literary assumptions, than you’ll make me the happiest man on earth.

PS. I’d just given away the first 5000 copies (downloads) of my Key to Immortality. I believe it is still free on Amazon.com. (It was on May 17, 2014!)




May 23, 2014


An evolutionary trait.



To quote Wikipedia” “in mammalian oral anatomy, the canine teeth, also called fangs… those relatively long pointed teeth… are developed and are used primarily for firmly holding food in order to tear it apart…”

To cut the story short, they are necessary for the survival of the carnivores, better known as “meat-eater”. We human, by being omnivores are unavoidably also carnivores, but… lo and behold, unless we have warewolfish or draculian blood cursing in our veins, we do NOT have fangs, those long pointed teeth. There is a reason for that, and Linus Pauling, the twice Nobel Prize winner, found what it was.

For millions of years, man was happy, as were his devoted wives and children, to keep themselves alive by masticating fruit, seeds, and whatever he or she could extract as free gift from the soil, which did not require teeth other than (8) incisors and (12) molars. For millions of years we have cut our food with those sharp frontal teeth, then ground them with the molars to initiate the digestive process that kept us alive, yes, for millions of years.

We had no need for fangs. There are herbivores and carnivores populating this ball of dust, and we, mammalians, evolved on the herbal side. Perhaps we had no desire to tear fresh meat apart from the bone.

And then man got greedy.

We wanted to get fat, then obese to impress our neighbour. We wanted to show off our rotund stomach to show, publicly, how well-off we were. Until that moment in history, we put our teeth to good use. In addition to chewing on whatever could be handled by our fangless dentures, we used them for love bites, sucking on (primitive) lollipops, or just using them to display wide, probably brown, smiles.

As a side issue, by replacing micronutrients, which are only found in abundance in vegetables and fruit, with fats from meat products, we lost the only food that is imperative for developing and sustaining our immune system. Hence, cancer, arthritis, rheumatism and other autoimmune diseases slowly but truly came into their own. And our immunological system, which nature developed for us over millions of years, fell into disrepute.

And the funniest thing of all is that we only have our voracious, insatiable, unquenchable, unappeasable, prodigious, uncontrollable, compulsive, gluttonous, rapacious greed for food to blame. Well, that, and perhaps just a mental aberration?


Heroes in my books http//stanlaw.ca do not bite each other, nor do they tear other people/animals apart with their fangs. I leave that to aficionados of vampire books, who dedicate their talents to more carnivorous minds. More about Linus Pauling and other wise men in my book below.




May 29, 2014

True Freedom


The Question of Equality



We’ve been through all this before. In spite of abounding evidence to the contrary, many people still think that we are all born equal. Nothing can be further from the truth. What is true is that we are all born equipped to overcome our particular and completely particular shortcomings. But this applies only to individuals. Let us remember ‘individual’, in Latin, mean ‘indivisible’. The moment we lose our connection with the Intangible Infinite Potential—some call it God—we can no longer draw on our birthright. We become the rulers or the ruled. The rulers judge others to be inferior to them. Not just in potential, but, well, altogether.

And this is true the world over.

There is only one way to free oneself from being subjugated to the will of dictatorial plutocrats of whatever hue or persuasion. And those masters of manipulation exist with equal abundance in the so-called western “democracies” as they did in eastern “communism” or other dictatorial or semi-dictatorial systems of government. Those who diminish the freedom of any individual who is trying to find his or her true place in the phenomenal reality are guilty of the most vile act that can be committed against the true nature of man. Whether they are the tsars of old Russia, the Roman Emperors, or the modern day presidents, prime-ministers, or their henchmen the senators or members of various parliaments, if they indulge in diminishing the freedom of growth they are guilty of treason against the nature of man.

Against humanity.

The plutocrats of all nations abuse their power in meting out unwarranted justice to maintain their position of power.

We were given a hint it the distant past. “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” Yet this is exactly what is happening, right NOW, in a most countries around the world. Given time, ALL men and women who diminish freedom of their subjects will pay the same price.

On a cheerful note, we are all given a chance to stop—to stop in time. Unfortunately, as we all know—power corrupts. The plutocrats think themselves invincible until they use up their credit. Only then it is already too late. Then Universal justice takes over from Universal benevolence. It seems that, rightly or wrongly, the consequences of Wikileaks have only just began.


Nevertheless, not only men are subject to development known as the evolutionary process. And the sooner we realize it, the sooner we shall extend our generosity to other species. Yes, they too are growing. Many of them are already more advanced than we were some millions of years ago. Let us hope that, in time, they will rise mature to a higher level then we did so far. At present, I am convinced that cats and dogs understand us a lot better then we understand them. So… who is smarter? Read Cats and Dogs .




June 4, 2014

On Love and Hate


The Past and the Present



I fell in love with the United States of America around 1946, when I learned as a young boy that it was the American army that liberated my father, who’d spent most of the war in the German prisoner of war camp, in Murnau, Germany. They, the Americans, became my instant heroes, even before I was old enough to learn that they helped the whole of Europe to fight back the Nazi scourge of the Second World War.

As I said, I loved the Americans.

Ultimately, I imagined as a natural consequence, Poland, which had spent long years under German occupation, then even longer under the Communist regime, finally liberated herself. For the next number of years Poland was well on the way of regaining her international status as free, democratic and independent nation.

And today I’ve learned that Barak Obama is visiting Poland, to celebrate the arrival of the first 150 American soldiers on Polish soil. They didn’t come when Germany attacked Poland from the west, nor when Soviet Union did the same from the east, but now, that Poland is free and independent, they came with great fanfare.

Contrary to my initial impression of America around 1947, when the incredibly generous ERP Marshall Plan gave Europe $13 billion (that’s close to $13 trillion in today’s dollars), and which put Europe on its wobbly feet, I have very great misgivings about this belated and incomprehensible military mini-invasion. Weren’t the Germans and the Soviets enough? Why must we have American soldiers on Polish soil now?

Ah yes, they came as friends.

They also came as friends to Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and possibly to some Central American countries. God save us from the help that they brought to those nations. And those countries weren’t even free and independent. Surely, there is no Al Qaeda in Poland threatening American soil? Poland has vital economic relations with Russia, which also managed to throw off the scourge of communism.

I wouldn’t be surprised if, under only a little pressure from the Big Brother, the present Polish political oligarchs didn’t invite them. As did, under similar circumstances some other nations. But let us not forget that neither in Poland nor in Washington, none of today’s oligarchs were around, when Poland liberated herself. The old heroes are long gone and buried.

So what is the American excuse, or reason? Ego? Economical advantage? World domination?

A friendly gesture with a loaded gun?

I do hope that Washington will not help Poland the way they helped the other countries listed above. Have not Polish people suffered enough? And I want to continue to love and admire the Americans. I really do.





Yet, I couldn’t resist writing Headless World—Vatican Incident. It seemed a natural, if disastrous, consequence of American assault of Iraq, which was based on false information, shared by equally as corrupt allies, who, at one time, were also my heroes. It seems that we, the world, or at least a large part of the world, are devolving into a primitive state of murder and mayhem. I hope I am wrong.




June 22, 2014

Within and Without

The Creative process



Nothing ever happens on its own. Whatever you see, or smell, or touch, or perceive with any of your senses, must have arrived at the doorstep of your consciousness after it was brought into the phenomenal reality from Within. Within lies the Infinite Potential that, over the infinity of time will become manifest, and we, individual expression of Omnipresent Consciousness are instruments, one might say indispensible instruments in this creative process.

It happens at two level of consciousness. The Unconscious offers ideas to a receptive mind. Then we take over. We draw on the experience we have stored in our subconscious and, though conscious manipulation bring it out into the phenomenal reality.

This is not to be confused with the evolutionary processes, of which there are many. The creative process concerns itself exclusively with bringing the potential into the manifested. Some of this process has been automated. The knowledge has been stored in the subconscious as well as at phenomenal level, over millions of years. Perhaps billions in other galaxies, and conveyed to us through, what became known as the 100th monkey method.

This is how a single sperm puncturing a single egg carries all the information necessary to grown a human being. This is the evolutionary process, but initially embedded the information in the sperm and the egg arrive in the phenomenal reality through the process of creation. Since, the process became fully automated.

Perhaps, as we develop our ability to listen to our unconscious, we shall partake in the creation of other objects, perhaps even life forms, which are heretofore absent in the world of our senses. Later we might proceed to greater objects, planetoids, planets, planetary systems, galaxies, worlds?

Let us never forget that we are immortal. A few million years may do marvels to our abilities. Indeed, Buddha claimed that most of us are still not even as yet awakened to our true potential, never mind using it. We are gods in waiting—often waiting a very, very long time. You can get some idea of what might our future bring in Elohim—Masters & Minions. If not…?




Aren’t you glad that you are immortal?

No, not your body. The YOU which uses your body. That which dreams, and hopes, and never gives up. Your body might, but you don’t have to. Ever.

(PS. Elohim—Masters & Minions is Book Two of the Winston Trilogy. Enjoy all three!)




June 29, 2014


Our Multiverse Connection



“This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I AM has sent me to you.”* And since that day on Mt. Sinai, burning bush notwithstanding, people tried countless interpretations of I AM. Yet to this day, most of us have no idea what Moses was talking about. Perhaps Charles Fillmore came closest, by advocating his students to substitute “I AM” each time the Scriptures use the word “Lord”.

Close, but no cake.

Luckily, these days, we have Internet. It helps to explain.

I must stress here that I am (small ‘am’) neither theologian nor biblical scholar, but I have learned a few things about the Internet. I know that by pressing a button or two on my laptop, I gain immediate connection with an ocean of information spanning the globe. I can even preset it so that a single button will connect me with, e.g. Wikipedia, which, once again, is practically a bottomless well of information and knowledge. When I first discovered it, I found it flabbergasting. I felt a surge of power cursing through me. “I shall never be ignorant again,” I proudly assured myself. Whatever human mind ever produced is mine to hold, to use, to apply, to cherish, to enjoy. I did—ever since that first day.

And… so it is with I AM.

I AM is not god, with or without a capital G. Nor is the Lord, again capitalized or not. In modern language I AM is the indispensible means through which we can connect not only with the global heritage of man but with both, the potential and the manifested multiverse. With our subconscious (our heritage) and our unconscious (the universal un-manifested potential).

There is no other way.

The connection lies within us, within our consciousness, and has the property of giving us access to Universal Consciousness, which is inexhaustible, indestructible, omnipresent, all-powerful, infinitely benevolent, creative, and ours to draw on in case of need.


On the day anyone discovers I AM, he or she become invincible. Gradually we transfer our identity from our ego to I AM within, and we begin a new life, as though we were only just born to a new reality. Of course, I AM is in a state of being. We strive to continue becoming.

How to discover the connection? Try alpha waves. They are the straight and narrow path at the end of which flows a mighty river that will sweep you with irresistible power. It is yours to drink from, to use for better or worse, yes, both lie in your power. Only, remember, there are universal laws, and one of them is that of Karma. The greater the power you draw from that River, the grater danger you hold in your hands.

But, lets face it, heaven is for the brave, the intrepid. It is for men and women who dare. “Ye are gods”, and that’s what gods do. They dare.

Some 2000 year ago a man tried to explain it all. Some, very Few, heard him. Others? See what you think. My novel is an attempt to capture the truth. The real truth, which has nothing to do with religion. Read Yeshûa—Personal Memoir of the Missing Years of Jesus and let me know. Your thoughts are important to me.

*Exodus 3:24

*Psalm 82:6








“Essays” sound too serious, almost pompous, certainly scholarly. I have no desire to fit into any of these categories. Hence, BLOGS, namely logs, or a journal, kept almost daily, later arranged into a form more comprehensible to other immortal mortals.


These, by definition, are things, ideas or concepts that are final. Not in my case. I draw conclusions daily. They enable me to function in a conscious manner, to be proactive rather than reactive to the often misleading input from my senses. Since I am convinced that I am immortal, and that I am destined to draw conclusions for “ever-after”, I shall henceforth call them “Intermediate Conclusions”. And this leads me directly to:


The Amorphous Energy

There is no matter, there is only energy, said Einstein, Feynman, and many others. All scientists. Do we believe them, or do we think they all joined some new, fangled dangle mysterious cult with quasi-religious overtones.

Well, they all claim to be bona fide scientists. Are we to believe them as our forefathers believed the learned priesthood of the hoary past? Do we have a choice?

Let us assume that this time they are on the right track. That all IS ENERGY. And, and this is important, that there is nothing that isn’t. To help us along, this new theory was born in the heart of the Quantum Theory, which led directly to String Theory. String theory purports that everything that we recognize as matter, when reduced to a quantum state, consists of incredibly tiny bits of vibrating energy known as stings. Vivek Keshore, a contributor to Quara, suggests that:

“…if the size of an electron is equal to the size of earth, then the string responsible for that electron would be not bigger than a three or four storey building.”

Michael Price, M.Sc. adds,

if you blew a proton up to the size of our galaxy than a loop of string would be about a meter across.”

I wouldn’t try to imagine this, unless you want to drive yourself a little mad. Well, perhaps more than a little… all these comparisons could enhance the reality of Alice in the Wonderland (which really is our world).

Let us break down the energy in a manner that is effects us. The faster the rate of vibration, the faster the wave moves away from its source, in all directions simultaneously. Hence quanta of sound are slower then those of light (photons), which in turn are slower than the quanta of emotions, which in turn are slower than the quanta of thought. All is energy, remember?

And here we come to the crux of the matter.

At a certain point we arrive at the energy of Consciousness. Its rate of vibration is so fast that it mimics infinity. Correspondingly it moves from its source at a infinite velocity. Hence, wherever it moves, it is already there. Hence, infinity like Consciousness is omnipresent, and it its characteristic include both, Being and Becoming.

Since velocity is an aspect of time, then infinite velocity is beyond time. When you are already omnipresent, you don’t need to move from one place to another, hence time is redundant. While we continuously experience the mode of Becoming, we also continue in the condition of Being. Being and Becoming are the two aspects of our reality. No wonder the ancient prophets called us gods.



Beyond Religion

“To define God is to deny God,” said Baruch Spinoza. Definitions set limitations. And yet definition can also stipulate their absence. So what of the Essence of Being?

Some people call it God. Others use the term “King of Kings”, or “Lord of Lords”, or “Lord of the Hosts”. It or He, perhaps She, assuming the concept is not androgynous although I’m told YHWH stands for male and female principles underscoring the reality we live in, has also been referred to as Father or Abba. Others refer to It as the Most High, and by Hebrew names such as Jehovah, Adonai, Elohim, El-Shaddai, and Yahweh. The Hindus have a whole array of divinities. Some Quakers refer to God as The Light. In Hinduism Brahman is the ultimate authority. Indeed, there are countless names dating back to the times of Levantine, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Elamite and other ancient religions.

To transliterate Shakespeare:

“Is God not a God by any other name?” Would God, by any other name, not be just as divine?

There are at least as many gods as there are, ever had been, or ever will be people on Earth. Or on other planets. Or other solar systems, universes. Yeshûa, later known as Jesus, referred to God as Father, assuring everyone that He and the Father were one. Furthermore, he insisted that the Father is in Heaven and that Heaven is within you. Within him and everyone of us. That Heaven is a state of consciousness deep within our psyche.

So much for atheists.

They simply do not accept that the potential within them is infinite. They impose limitations on their own I AM. On their own essence, the unchangeable, ever residing in ephemeral Present, beyond and above the vicissitudes of time and/or space. The elusive yet seemingly all powerful, I AM. Changes are attributes of the eternal Becoming, of Life—not of the Being in the eternal Now.

People assign characteristics to the names, to the Concept of God, according to their will, or their need at the particular moment of their transient awareness. Their transient awareness of their presence in the Phenomenal Universe. At higher planes of awareness (higher rate of vibration) people feel a greater affinity with the energies which eventually coalesced to form the physical bodies, which we have created in order to experience the consequences of our creative impulses.

Life is an eternal process of creation. Of converting the Infinite Potential into transient manifestation.

It is a game.

It’s a game gods play at the rarified heights of the Olympus.

“Ye are gods” has been said thousands of years ago, yet to this day people search for divinity beyond their own being. Not finding God within themselves they’ll continue their search during their next stint of the eternal becoming. But they’ll never find God in a church, or in the azure hovering over the Vatican, or Mecca, or Olympus, or mingling amongst the starry firmament of heaven. Our Father resides within our hearts, and from there I AM radiates His/Her/Its timeless omnipresence. Moses knew that. So did Yeshûa. Most of us are still looking.

When you want to communicate with God don’t look up or down. Look within.




A Word about the Author

Stan I.S. Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski), architect, sculptor, and prolific writer, was educated in Poland and England. Since 1965 he has resided in Canada. His special interests cover a broad spectrum of arts, sciences and philosophy. His fiction and non-fiction attest to his particular passion for the scope and the development of Human Potential. He authored more than thirty books, twenty of them novels.


Under his real name he published nine non-fiction books sharing his vision of reality. He also composed two collections of poems in his original native tongue in which he satirizes his view of the world while paying homage to Bozena Happach’s sculptures.


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