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Velerio: The Uncomfortable Truth


Velerio: The Uncomfortable Truth

Copyright © 2016 by Kevin Focke. All rights reserved.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

The opinions expressed in this book are not those of the author.

Table of Contents


Lost & Found

Means of Research

On the Validity of Necranicum Research

A Peek into the Enigma

Sanity, a Sleight of Mind

On Time

The Loudest Thought

A Fond Farewell

About the Author


Hello Leonard, after all these years of lies and half-truths you finally get to know the real me.

I wish from the bottom of my heart that I could have told you earlier; I waited for a time to come where the time would be right. Presumably, that time is now.

So who am I precisely? Like my parents I was born Omexian and am one of the few that acknowledges, or is even aware of, the existence of the Necranicum energy. My gift is that I can be a lighthouse in the middle of an endless sea. A sea where every thought that was ever conjured drifts into its corresponding mind channel. In other words I can bring the past into present and be a herald of the future, a power very beneficial to society, not so much for the individual that holds it. Discovering the truth proved dangerous to those who reign on putrid grounds of fear and slander. Hence why I was hunted and remained in a shroud of secrecy.

Your generation may withstand, and to a degree, accept this oppression. Yet a mind is not meant to be manipulated; it is meant to make up its own mind.

In the following pages I give society the wings to soar free. Use the knowledge wisely and buckle up for chaos in an ever-changing world of conflict and hope.

“So much to love, so much to hate. So much joy, so much pain. So much to live for, so much to die for. So much is life.” – Hingu Airan

Lost & Found

Understanding the crystals and their accompanying essences is imperative to a deeper understanding of our world. The majority of my scientific predecessors have carried out research with tainted samples of crystals. How anyone could give any credibility to their findings is beyond me. Conversely I must admit, pure crystals are exceptionally rare, yet one should never give up an honourable quest no matter the toils.

To aide in my research, I was granted an ancient scroll from Girillio by the ever-generous Tayubushi. In exuberating lack of detail it depicted the crystals’ whereabouts.

Obtaining the Bru energy was the easiest: “On the bottom of pure lakes they lay camouflaged, perfectly blending in with the water.”

Led by the effulgence I travelled to Narra Gracio. In merely a flash I towered up the frost-fanged glacier, stood near the water, put my hand in the crystal clear brilliance and found, by irony of word, a lake full of crystals.

For the second energy, Vex, I needed a Rubinnium crystal. The scroll’s instructions weren’t exactly enlightening: “Rubinnium crystals are the withers’ blessing; they pop up like weeds and leave like the wind.”

Initially I theorised they grew naturally in the Mire, but a visit proved the opposite to be true. Not in the continent Elano nor in Médar could I find these crystals. I had to venture beyond my own safe harbours, to where the light dares not follow. I had to cross the haunted Gulf of Qoomar.

“He who cross the Qoomar’s deep
Must heed the waves where giants sleep”

According to Aztranian mythology, Dinorum, God of the Wild, blocked the crater of a magnanimous submerged volcano with the bodies of hypnotized sea giants. If and when the giants are awoken, or so the myth goes, the volcano will unleash damnation upon our good soil.

“Grey will be the sky and grey will be its people. Smog that shrouds, clog the clouds, suns that shone begone. A mourning starts the next mourn.”

Throughout many ages this occult fear has persisted; records have been found antedating the myth to the Hulimun Shift. I could understand their fear back then; having the earth crack and crumble underneath you must truly be frightening. But why, in these modern times, are we still refusing to explore this fruitful land? We cope with a population problem yet aren’t remorseful about leaving a whole continent bare. Doesn’t make sense to me, but it does to many.

However, I think we can all agree on one thing: there will always be a better land over the horizon, it’s called the future. Maybe we will be wiser then.

My apologies for getting side-tracked; the issue is near and dear to my heart. The crystal itself was frankly easy to obtain. Before embarking on my grand journey, I took a stroll around the docks, inspecting the ships. To my complete surprise I discovered the red crystals grew on the wooden mast of the Excelsius, a war-tested ship reduced to a pitiful decrepitude. It is a shame the precious things of yesteryear wither by the gnaw of time.

In later experiments I could replicate the exact conditions for optimal Rubbinium growth:
The crystals require a salty humid air, acidic rain, and a bed of aged wood to grow.

Next up: the Exallium crystal. Knowing the Tayubushi are literally made of the stuff, you would assume the crystals were easy to come by. False. Have you ever tried to hold a conversation with sentient objects who lack any kind of social skills? Let me tell you, they don’t bulge. People call me headstrong, but I pale in comparison to the obstinate Tayubushi. Even still, when setting my gripes aside, proper communication remains of utmost difficulty. The shapeshifting creatures only express themselves using gestures of “yes” and “no.” Discerning the movements the biggest challenge; moving up then down means “no.” Moving down then up means “yes.” Everything in-between means they’re doubting.

For the record, to all whom it concerns, and let me state this clearly, I cannot see movements in the 4th dimension; the subtle nuances of more advanced languages go unnoticed to me. I wish it were different, but it’s an impediment bestowed upon my birth, one which I cannot conceivably overcome or otherwise cope with. Just this once you have to adapt to me, not the other way around.

Long story short, after arduous days of unfruitful discussion the coveted Exallium crystal finally joined my collection.

Now my focus shifted to the Necranicum crystals. What makes them so fickle to work with is that Necranicum crystals quickly decay in cadavers; the optimal circumstances for extensive experimentation thus require a living host.

Luckily, in a wretched twist of fate, the Troyma plague struck me as the perfect opportunity. People infected with Troyma rest in a semi-conscious state for long stretches of time until they either die of dehydration or starvation, whichever comes first.

My trips to and fro the local mortuary largely went unnoticed; families hardly visit their relatives when they reside in such sorry states. Gazing upon a pile of destiny-bereft individuals is a rather disheartening sight. I could no longer bear witness to the sheer pointlessness of their silent anguish. As such I have volunteered their bodies to serve science, so their torment may ultimately not be in vain.

I am fully aware of the lasting repercussions the following will have on my reputation and credibility. Despite owning several Gelléamun crystals I outright refuse to experiment on them. Hum is the most potent energy and I am wary that inadvertent mismanagement would mark the end of our world.

However, like previously mentioned, I did obtain several Gelléamun crystals and will layout the process for future reference. Inevitably, overzealous scientists will carry out experiments on Gelléamun. It would be prudent to have them work on pure samples in order to minimize the risk.

I obtained my crystals during an expedition to the Ogada jungle where I found the culprit of the Dom Dom tribe’s health issues: poisonous mushrooms. As a gift of gratitude I received an array of pure Gelléamun crystals plucked from the stalagmites under Aero, the flying island.

Last on my list: the Vanadium crystal. Again, I could have taken the easy route by uprooting a Mamani tree, but the mere suggestion thereof would be an outrageous, morally reprehensible, and sacrilegious notion. I obtained them the old-fashioned hard way by practicing the ancient Valad art form of Qinuw. Qinuw extracts Vanadium crystals by meticulously sifting the soil in small gradations through various filtration filaments. This led me to another, more personal, discovery: patience is the biggest foe of determination, and achievements it’s prize.

To Leonard: You can access my collection by moving the cupboard next to my bed. There is a hatch under it that leads directly to a hidden section of our cellar. Don’t get daunted by the rank of the place; the corpses have already been buried in a proper fashion.


Means of Research

I researched the unique characteristics of the crystals with a device of my own making. It is inspired by the Engalomian Grammakron and the infamous extractor “the Pincer.” My machine is able to both imbue and drain energies on a small scale. The process thereof promptly led me to another new discovery: I observed the crystals growing and shrinking logarithmically relative to the energy therein.


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Velerio: The Uncomfortable Truth

The anonymous Omexian, a pioneer of science, shares his findings with his son.

  • ISBN: 9781311580153
  • Author: Kevin Focke
  • Published: 2016-03-22 20:50:06
  • Words: 4302
Velerio: The Uncomfortable Truth Velerio: The Uncomfortable Truth