Valentine's Day Love: Cute Valentine's Day Stories and Jokes for Kids!


Valentine’s Day Love

By Arnie Lightning

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Table of Contents


The Perfect Day

The Story of Valentine’s Day

What Does it Mean to be a Valentine?


John Cupid

Valentine’s Day Jokes

About the Author


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[] The Perfect Day

Elaine sat up and checked her alarm clock for the 13th time that morning. “When will it go off?” She asked the empty room. She had planned a very special day for her mother and she could not wait to get it started. Her father was away and he had put Elaine in charge of the festivities. The young woman was turning seven in two weeks and she was actually more excited about today than about her upcoming birthday. “EHH! EHH!” The alarm clock blasted and Elaine leapt out of bed.

In three gigantic steps, she reached her window and threw open the curtains. The dim sunlight of a February morning filled her room, as Elaine smiled at her own reflection and then bounded off to wake her brothers. Jeff, Will, were older than Elaine, and Chad was a year younger. They had all agreed to listen to their sister, when Dad was on the phone, but this morning Elaine was greeted by groans and flying pillows as she tried to get the boys out of bed.

Once she had them all in the kitchen, Elaine set about making their mother’s favorite breakfast. Jeff got the bowl, Will got the cereal and milk, Chad went to the garden to pick some flowers. They all helped to get the tray up to their Mother’s bed. They woke their mother and said, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” Cathy Barker could not believe how lucky she was to have such wonderful children. Elaine told her mother to eat and get ready for a busy day.

Elaine and her mother spent the day together shopping at the mall and then they went for massages and facials. Elaine was having such a great time and she knew that the boys were taking care of everything for the surprise at home. As she lay back to enjoy her facial Elaine heard her mother answer her phone, “Yes, she is right here.” Elaine took the phone and Jeff started to explain the problem. Will was caught in the blender and Chad had spilled fruit smoothies all over the living room carpet. Jeff himself had his head stuck in a metal pot and Elaine could hear the sounds ringing as they talked.

The surprise was ruined, but Elaine knew what she had to do. Excusing herself to make the call, Elaine whispered, “Grandma, get to my house, the boys will explain.” Before there was even a response on the other end of the phone Elaine hung up knowing that the problem would be solved.

As they pulled up that night Elaine caught a glimpse of Grandma as she snuck away from the house. Mom was greeted by three well dressed, and no longer stuck in a pot, young men and a spaghetti dinner. As Mrs. Barker sat down Jeff turned around a computer screen and there was Sgt. Tom Barker all the way from Afghanistan, there to have a romantic dinner with his wife on Valentine’s Day.

[] The Story of Valentine’s Day

“It is a made up girl holiday!” Mark yelled at his sister. He needed her to stop talking about Valentine’s Day, she had been going on and on for their whole shopping trip and Mark had finally had enough. It was bad enough that he had lost his whole day to dress shopping. The least they could have done was visit a sports store or the comic book shop. It had been nothing but frills and flowers all day.

Sharon scowled at her brother’s comment. She could not understand why he had been so miserable all day. They had been having a wonderful time. “No, it is the celebration of the first time a prince ever kissed a princess.” Sharon stated confidently, Valentine’s Day was her favorite holiday and if anyone knew the reason for it, it was her.

“It has been around since the times of knights and castles.” Sharon stuck out her tongue as Mark pretended to gag. He was sticking his finger into his mouth and staggering about all bent over.

“It was started because women like getting presents.” Mark fired back. “It is just about flowers and chocolate.” Their mother was trying on a dress and she came out of the dressing room half into a blue dress with her coat over her shoulders to break up the argument. Their mother was moving so fast and waving her arms so frantically that both kids froze with fear. Mark and Sharon knew they were in trouble when Mom’s arms started to wave.

“You two need to get along.” She pushed them gently back onto a couch that was directly behind the kids and wagged a stern finger and then said, “No more.” Mark waited for the dressing room door to close before he pulled out his video game. He was four years older than his little sister and he knew it was pointless to argue with a three year old. Mark had lost every argument that they had ever had. Not because he was wrong of course, he was just never going to convince her that she was wrong.

As he focused on his video game, Mark heard a little whimpering beside him. He knew his little sister was upset. She was very emotional and Mark knew that this was a very important holiday to his sister. Mark paused his game and put his arm around his little sister. Sharon snuggled into her brother’s arms. Mark felt horrible, because he did not mean to make his sister cry. He just didn’t want to hear any more about kissing and princesses. He loved his sister, she was just a little hard to be around some days, but she just got so excited about things. Mark knew that he had to make this right for his sister.

“Do you really think it is made up?” Sharon asked her big brother.

“No, I was just messing with you.” Mark said sheepishly, “It’s a princess thing.”

[] What Does it Mean to be a Valentine?

Jenny was so nervous as she passed Tim the tape. They had been hanging up posters for the Valentine’s Day dance at their school for the past 20 minutes and she had yet to even say a single word. She had purposely waited for Tim to raise his hand before she volunteered for the job. Jenny just wanted to be noticed, and she had gotten her wish, but now what was she supposed to do.

“What does it mean?” Tim asked breaking the silence, “Be my Valentine.” Tim read from the top of the poster as he finished taping it to the wall and backed away to look at his work. “It is crooked.”

“Love isn’t crooked, it is very nice…” Jenny started to say but she was cut off by Tim’s laughter.

“Not love, the poster is crooked.” Tim said still chuckling, “Although, I think love is a little crooked.” Tim started to take the tape off of the top left corner. “My dad told me love is just a money pit.”

“That is horrible,” Jenny did not want to argue with Tim. She did not know how to be noticed, but she was sure that fighting with him was not what she wanted. However, she was too much of a romantic to not stand up for love.

“Love isn’t about buying things, it is about putting the needs of someone else before your own.” Jenny was trying to think of more good points about love, but nothing was coming. She had watched every romantic movie that had ever been made, and she felt like she knew a lot about the subject. “It is about feelings,” she said, but she could tell that Tim was not buying it.

“Yeah, I get that part, but why can’t it ever be about a girl who buys something for a guy.” Tim said not taking his eyes off the poster as he tried to straighten everything out. “Women love romance because we have to do all the work.” Tim finally had the poster the way he wanted it and he just walked away down the hall. Jenny trailed behind carrying the posters and the supplies.

Tim found another space for the new poster. “Romance is a lot of work for women too.” Jenny said as she separated out a new poster. “You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to get a guy to notice you,” Jenny said as she rolled her eyes at her own statement. Why was she trying to be noticed anyway? Tim clearly was not interested.

“I think being a Valentine is just a way to let people know that you like them. It doesn’t mean you have to buy them anything.” Jenny was almost pouting as she handed Tim the poster and started getting the little pieces of tape ready.

“Would you go with me to the dance?” Tim blurted out at the wall. Jenny could not believe what she had heard and she turned to see the side of Tim’s face bright red. He was not looking away from the wall. Jenny was thrilled!

[] Katie

I have been crazy about my neighbor Katie for as long as I can remember. Right before I started Kindergarten my family moved into the house beside hers. We have always hung out and played together. I talk to her almost every day, but all of a sudden today I can’t. I have given out a million Valentines. I mean I am in the sixth grade, and every year I give out tons of store bought valentines. The ones with the super hero on them and they always say something silly like, “I super love you!”

The one I have in my pocket for Katie is a little different. I made it myself and I am going to give it to her and then she will know how I really feel. I am definitely going to give it to her. I know that I will, but right now I am hiding inside of my locker because I thought I saw her coming down the hallway and I am just not ready for this yet. This is a big commitment.

I was talking yesterday with Buddy, he’s a grade ahead of me, and he said that a kid in his class had to get married after giving away a special Valentine. Buddy has always got a story to tell and I am never sure if I believe him, but I don’t know how these things work. I didn’t even really know that girls were all that different from us until last year. It was the first time in a while that I had gone to play in Katie’s room. My eyes started to go blurry from all the neon pink and purple. There were posters everywhere. Her walls were covered with pictures of boys and bands. I have super heroes and movie posters on my walls, but nothing like this. Katie had a picture of one boy’s face, which was made out of smaller pictures of that boy’s face that she had glued together. Girls are a mystery.

I tried to control my breathing, I needed to relax. Someone was going to hear me in this locker. The tiny metal space seemed to make every sound louder and I could hear people coming down the hall. It was Katie and a few of her friends and they were going through their baskets of Valentines. Katie was going to realize that she had gotten a Valentine from everyone in the class, but me. I needed to act fast but I didn’t know what to do. I needed a way to get out of the locker and not have any one think or ask questions about why I was in the locker. I do not know much about Valentines, but I do know that nobody wants a Valentine that is scared of them.

Then I got any idea, it was now or never. I jumped out of the locker and yelled “surprise!” The girls threw their baskets into the air. In the fluttering of Valentine’s Day cards I dropped my Valentine into Katie’s basket and quickly slipped away like a Valentine’s Day ninja. I am not even sure if they saw me.

[] John Cupid

Hi my name is John Cupid. No I am not the “Cupid”, but I am a Cupid. I am a part of a special team of immortal beings that keep the feelings of love and caring alive and well. I am always on the lookout for ways to make the world a better place through love. Like the other day.

I was patrolling through the halls of Eastwatch Middle School when I heard a noise. It was not necessarily a whimper, maybe a whine. I followed the sound to a locker and I released Herman a young boy from the advanced program. He was very smart but he was starting to hate school because he was always being picked on. I knew that there had to be a way to use love to solve his problem.

I helped Herman out of the locker and I walked with him to his class. You see, I roam the halls taking on the form that I need. This time I was disguised as the school’s janitor, Mr. Wilson. I headed off down the hall and I heard another weird sound coming out of the girl’s bathroom. I turned myself into Mrs. O’Keefe, the guidance counselor, and went to investigate. Some people think that I am a boy, but like all Cupids, I am not a boy or a girl. I am neither. I choose the name John, because I like it.

Inside the bathroom I saw Trudy. She was a bigger girl for her age. She was very tall and athletic. She was crying. She told Mrs. O’Keefe everything was fine, but as a cupid I knew that she was upset because no boys ever talked to her, except about sports. She just wanted to be a girl, but everyone treated her like a boy. Right then and there I knew what I had to do. Trudy was bigger than most of the boys who picked on Herman and Herman already thought Trudy was cute. Now I just need to get the two lined up for my famous arrows to do their work. As the guidance counselor, I walked Trudy back to her class and went to prepare myself.

There are so things that the myths of cupid are right about. I can look like anything that I want to most of the time, but I need to appear as a Cherub in a diaper in order for my arrows to work. I nearly killed a man one time because I forgot to put on my diaper. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong and I just kept shooting him, when I don’t wear the diaper they are just real arrows.

I got to the roof at recess time and I waited for my shot to line up. I just need to hit one of them and then the magic of the arrow transfers through the eyes of the one I have shot into the eyes of the one they are looking at. I spotted Herman coming out of the building. To help things along I had dropped a note in his locker that said, “Look for me at recess, Trudy.” I like fate and all that stuff, but there is nothing wrong with helping it along. He started to walk right for her and as their eyes met I shot my arrow. Bulls eye! The rest is up to them.

[] Valentine’s Day Jokes

Q: What did the painter say to her boyfriend?
A: I love you with all my art!

Q: What does a man who loves his car do on February 14?
A: He gives it a valenshine!

Q: What did the elephant say to his girlfriend?
A: I love you a ton!

Q: What did one bell say to the other?
A: Be my valenchime!

Q: What happened when the monster kissed his one true love?
A: He left lip prints on the mirror!

Q: Why did the kangaroo love the little Australian bear?
A: Because the bear had many fine koala-ties!

Q: Did you hear the one about the phony Cupid?
A: He was totally bow-gus!

Q: What is the most romantic city in England?
A: Loverpool!

Q: What does a farmer give his wife for Valentine’s Day?
A: Hogs and kisses!

Q: What is the difference between a calendar and lonely lovers?
A: A calendar has a date on Valentine’s Day!

Q: What’s the best part about Valentine’s Day?
A: The next day when the chocolates go on sale!

Q: What did the paper clip say to the strong magnet?
A: I’m attracted to you!

Q: What did the pickle say to his sweetheart on Valentine’s Day?
A: You mean a great dill to me!

Q: Do skunks celebrate Valentine’s Day?
A: Yes! They are very scent-imental.

Q: Why did the pig give his sweetheart a box of chocolate?
A: It was Valenswine’s Day!

Q: What do you call two birds in love?
A: Tweethearts!

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[] About the Author

Arnie Lightning is a dreamer. He believes that everyone should dream big and not be afraid to take chances to make their dreams come true. Arnie enjoys writing, reading, doodling, and traveling. In his free time, he likes to play video games and run. Arnie lives in Mississippi where he graduated from The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, MS.

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Valentine's Day Love: Cute Valentine's Day Stories and Jokes for Kids!

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Valentine's Day Love: Cute Valentine's Day Stories and Jokes for Kids! Valentine's Day Love: Cute Valentine's Day Stories and Jokes for Kids!