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Ursadae For One

Ursadae For One

Copyright © 2016 by Mixy Boothroyd

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We tailed our little limey iguana homeboy over to a rather disheveled

looking and rundown version of the Columbia Landings apartment

projects over on the north side of town; whose rich history still played

and repeated itself like an old timey style film strip in my brain of the

many good and happy memories I spent here with my mom on

weekends and such as a cub, watching Jason X, Along Came A Spider,

Emergency, and a host of many, many more nothing but classic old and

gold movies and television series, all while graciously leaving with a full

stomach each and every time munching on the more than various array

of blackberries and other snacks and candies all before that disgusting

Koala, Rodney Jay blew in there like a Texas dust cloud from

Baltimore’s Cherry Hill and nearly left her now ignorant sellout ass for

as good as dead right there on the living room floor. Three years later,

her sister, Sharon was thankfully a proven match for a kidney transplant

she received; which in turn cured her noxious condition, but never could

repair the high level of ungratefulness and deadlier delusional antics that

would soon follow not far at all afterwards and would unfortunately

break full on ties permanently, not just with me, but with more than all

of a majority of the planet indeed as well; with all bullshit and bigotry

around me to the far side. Donna crept the car as silently as she could by

the nearby dumpster at the beginning of the complex and pretended to

dispose of trash for a bit before drawing our weapons silently and

practically on our very tiptoes through our sandals as we padded up the

long staircase of good old 8941 to the very top floor; in which my

mother’s very exact apartment room was originally located. “Damn.”

Donna panted, placing her paws on her knees in desperation of breath. “I

sure as hell gotta more than lay off the Krispy Kreams.” “Want me to

ask Wendy to put you on that liquid and broth diet again?” I inquired

with a soft chuckle. “Fuck off.” Donna laughed heartily in reply. I raised

my right foot and forcefully sandaled open the door nearly off of its

rusty old metal hinges before filing in slowly with Donna inside to find

the place oddly almost completely barren and empty. We both raised our

muzzles briefly to sniff the air and instead of the rank scent of stinking

wharf rat iguana, I was mortified and a little somewhat confused to

discover the vaguely familiar scent of yet another Ursadae culminating

from somewhere in the rear bedroom on the near right. I placed my

slightly shaking paw on the door and hesitantly began to turn the knob as

I was suddenly bum rushed by the humungous plump form of a female

black bear, wrapping her solid brick arms tighter than Wendy’s python

grip around the both of us in what used to be known as typical loving

bear affection before erratically blurting out, “Finally! Free at last, free

at last! Thank Sekhmet almighty, I’m free at last!”

Ursadae For One

  • ISBN: 9781370300815
  • Author: Mixy Boothroyd
  • Published: 2016-08-01 18:20:05
  • Words: 581
Ursadae For One Ursadae For One