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"Up From Unda" - Up & The Great Magician Moon


Book 2: UP and The Great Magician Moon

by Mac Dyson

Copyright 2016 Mac Dyson

Shakespir Edition

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Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Excerpts – from other books in the UP from Unda series

Te Reo Maori – useful words in the Maori Language

An Afterword – what was originally the Foreword in Book 1





Chapter 1

UP, the little brown Weka, stood stock still like a stunned mullet on the end of the Rakiura Island wharf. She didn’t even have the energy to tend to her dripping, dishevelled feathers and she looked like someone who’d been pulled backwards through a very wet gorse bush. To be fair, the trip on Rewi’s boat “Rawhiti” (Dawn) from UP’s home on Unda Island had been rough enough to make a dolphin feel a bit green about the gills.

UP had laughed very loudly and very briefly at the Eco-Tourists emptying their gullets over the side of the boat, before joining them. Only The Rev. Dyson seemed untroubled, chomping on a Granny Smith, cheerfully riding out the wildly wallowing waves, up on the bow.

“Silly duffer! You shouldn’t’ve gone for the sausage rolls” she laughed at UP, “Apples settle your tum every time!”

Now, gratefully back on land, UP watched The Rev. bustle off through the bush on her way to the Christian Allsorts Church. After a moment to gather her raddled wits, UP shook out her damp plumage, and feeling a lot worse for wear began to trundle up the path behind her. Halfway there, she turned aside to fill the yawning gap in her turmoiled tum from the fern bed outside the Church Hall. But she’d managed no more than a single mouthful when the front door of the Hall suddenly burst open and the largest, most outlandish bird she’d ever seen in her life stormed out!

UP reckoned it wasn’t a native bird, because it tottered over the gravel on very unstable and extremely unsuitable feet – one long pointed toe up front and one very high spiky heel behind. It also was very tall, and its feathers were fire red. UP was frozen to the spot with wonder when the ‘bird’ saw her and hissed,

“Never go into showbiz, Luv! All those stories of fame and fortune are pure illusion!” The ‘bird’ collapsed to the ground, with a bitter laugh,

“Hah, illusion! Geddit? Illusion!!”

Now that she was down at Weka level, UP could see that the strange bird was in fact a girl human. She was wearing a long feather cape over a matching red evening dress, which to UP’s delight, sparkled and flashed with sequins all over. UP was about to potter over for a closer nosy when she was stopped in her tracks by a lot of thunderous rumbling sounds from inside the Church Hall. They were followed by a very violent and cacophonous crash, much like the sound of a woodpigeon flying into a closed window – something they did with monotonous regularity. UP was about to laugh at the thought when a frightening figure stumbled out onto the Hall porch.

UP peeked out from where she had hidden, under the wings of the Bird-girl’s cape, to study the fiendish creature as it stood catching its breath. The fiercesome being was wearing a black evening tail-suit, under a huge whirling cape lined in flames of red and gold. Sticking out its forehead, through a shock of white blond hair, were two sparkling red horns. It was quite clearly a Devil of some kind, and it was holding what looked like a flat, black plate in its white gloved hand.

“Viv, darling, if you are going to throw a tantrum about the agonies and adversities of Life upon the Wicked Stage, could you please let me out of the trunk first!” The Devil tapped the plate lightly on its knee and it sprung at once into being a black Top Hat,


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"Up From Unda" - Up & The Great Magician Moon

Up - the little flightless weka - likes to visit his human friends on the remote southern isle of Rakiura. However they can’t figure out each other’s language, so there is always an adventure to had in the misunderstanding. Book 1: Up makes his very first human acquaintance - the Rev Dyson. Book 2: Up gets caught up in some very devilish dangers. Book 3: Up restores the sparkle to Xmas. Book 4: Up has a most discombobulating interaction with music. Book 5: Up tries to look after the sick and becomes an accidental fashion stylist.

  • ISBN: 9781370073870
  • Author: Mac Dyson
  • Published: 2016-09-08 05:40:09
  • Words: 4055