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Unspoken Words

That Moment

That moment which comes quickly without signs
Like the rain down sunny skies
Is that which quickens your heartbeat
Like the shock upon a sudden fall;
That moment which leaves you breathless
Like the minutes after a playful chase
Is that which seems to linger on forever;
That fleeting but fiery moment through love’s eye…

Her Love Is Always New

One whose joy is evergreen
Like the pastures upon distant hills;
One whose smile is always bright
Like the sun over cloudless skies;
One whose laughter pleasures my heart ever so sweetly
Like the soft rhythm from a piano’s keys;
Is one whose love is always new

And though you might think her imperfect in some ways,
Her every flaw is formed into uniqueness
For the heart of a child she does own;
Wherefore, sadness only lives in the moment it comes
And grudges die in the days they are born…

And her love is always new
Like the break of day;
And its presence more peaceful than the morning dew…


Greater is no other joy in the world;
Nor kinder its touch;
Nor sweeter its taste;
Than that which fills your heart
When the love that has found you
Is the one you seek…

Her Smile

Her smile is finer than a model’s grin
Its joyous curve round my heart a love’s frame;
Her smile is warmer than a hug’s ever been;
Its tender touch in my chest kindles a flame.

‘I love you’ never has sounded so sweet
In their silence even more beautiful though
Louder in the rhythm of her heartbeat,
It’s but her lovely smile that tells me so.

And to have come by such a priceless gem
When tired spades have fallen in defeat;
Is like all to have come by a well when
Thirsty weeks have walked the desert’s heat.

And so, her smile again I wish to see
Everyday although this might never be…

A Little Dream

My heart is restless in the company of a single thought
A little dream that might never be
They come and go quickly
These little dreams of mine
Everyday like sunrise and sunset
And like the stars in the night sky
Not one is held by my gaze but all
And all is never minded to sleep with the night
So, why then is my heart restless about a little dream
And if it might never be?

Green Leaves

The green leaves on thin grey branches
Moved by the touch of a presence
Swayed and whirled round and round
And across my face it moved swiftly
But light and smooth like silk upon skin

The odour of earth in every breath
Spun the moments in February’s air
And although the least of a whisper
It filtered a message through
Into the mind and out the poet’s lines

Old leaves crash to the ground and break their fray bones
But not an eye focused
Nor an ear picked
For what is what, is what is
Just another fallen thing to litter
To be pushed into piles and burnt into the wind
Or abandoned to rot in the earth

But once upon a time
In the days sunnier than Sundays
Faces had been raised with cheerful smile
Under shady canopies of green leaves
And words could never have altered such dearly thanks

So shouldn’t remembrance come so easily?
Or forgetfulness go ever quickly?
Has time flawed us both?
Are our days of friendship gone with their colours
And what is what, is what is?


Happiness runs hastily from a selfish man
But comes with open arms to a contented heart
He who thinks not about the things he wants from life
But of the things life has willingly given
Lives each day as though it were his last
Doing only the things that matter the most…

My Love and Pain

One who broke my heart once and again
One who watered my eyes with tears like rain upon leaves
One that left me but never leaves my mind
I would call my love and pain

Last November

Last November
In every laughter sounded your voice
Last November
For every selection I made your choice
Last November
In every song I heard your name
Last November
On every smile I saw you face
Last November
In every heartbeat I missed your presence
Last November
In every second I felt your absence…

Your Pain

To say that your suffering saddens my heart
Is to say it plainly
To say again that your loss brings me tears
Is to say it simply

And how could life require my happiness
Or ask about my smile
When sorrow and pain are the only beds you lie…
Well, who is to blame when ignorance is the common claim

But I swear to you
Even in the ambiance of my greatest triumph
The slightest crack of a laughter will break my heart
And yet to say that – is to say it lightly

Unspoken Words

  • Author: DAVID ODE
  • Published: 2016-03-17 23:35:06
  • Words: 739
Unspoken Words Unspoken Words