United Nations, India and the American guns: How Americans can prevent gunfire i

[United Nations, India and the American Guns
How Americans can prevent gunfire incidents
Give up your guns movement
By Yogesh Vyas
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Dedicated to all those people who believe in one world, one family.

This is a part of an upcoming series “United nations & India”. This free book is an effort to help the American citizens understand the reasons and logic behind the gunfire incidents that has taken place in the educational institutions and at the public places several times. There are two big reasons I am writing on this topic that you will come to know later when you read it.

All n all this literature has two parts the first two pages are dedicated to the Americans and then our Indian issues will join in the literature. So Americans must read the first two pages at least, because it is just for them.

I want to clear one thing that the satire, arguments and jokes that you may find in this literature or any other literature of mine will only be related to the government policies. So American or any other citizens should not take it personally. When I am presenting a satirical cartoon, I am just raising the issues against the government policies only; it has nothing to do with the citizens of that particular country.

about the gunfire incidents: these incidents are saddeningly fascinating me and many others(developing countries) to think that how come a country like United states is facing such situations where the citizens are holding the weapons and going for such massacres. Many people have this image of United States in their mind that United States is like heaven. Well, in heaven also you might get everything but peace, I guess.

[How Americans can prevent the gunfire incidents
**]firstly, there are two reasons I am writing on this issue.

1. Your gun lobby is affecting my nation also (American citizens have nothing to do with this and I don’t blame any American for this. Since first two pages are for Americans, you will find more on this after this segment gets over.)

2. I am an introvert and have been through this situation of depression. (We will focus on the psychology of all these perpetrators of gunfire incidents).

So let’s just start with some of the reasons that I believe that may have led certain individuals to become the perpetrators of such massacres.

1. Loneliness.
2. Videogames + your guns
3. You become impatient when you find that your life has no meaning. (Are you people searching for eternal peace? Why don’t you come here?)

Let’s start with loneliness:

I don’t know how much interesting you find it but I found it very interesting to know that all your school gunfire perpetrators were male. You know what it suggests? It suggests that men are more prone to depression when they are lonely. In fact, men are prone to be aggressive when they are depressed, isn’t it? You will never find a female opening gunfire blindly unless she is brain washed.

I heard a news from your country I think 2 years ago that a guy just opened gunfire and killed many because he was a virgin (guys cannot lose virginity at all because it is a girl thing). Anyways for all the males who are saddened that they don’t have a girl friend I would like to say to them that dream big.

All singles should dream big. Your big dreams can help you tackle loneliness. Just check what I say to myself when I realize that I don’t have girlfriend. “So what if I don’t have a girl friend… I don’t have a Wimbledon championship also; I don’t have a French open championship also by my side… I am also not a footballer that I always wanted to become… So what if I don’t have a girl friend… I don’t have my own jetliner also… I don’t have many things in my life… not having a girl friend is a very tiny little thing, isn’t it?

I just want to say to you people that it is okay being lonely. Now let’s get back to the psychology of gunfire perpetrators. They all were men (if I am not wrong), and most of them were lonely but I would rather say lonely and depressed. We have talked enough about how to treat your loneliness (just check the quotes above) but the most important thing is that the perpetrators were also introvert and most of them were shy.

You will say that all introverts are shy and loners. No, not all are shy. There are introverts who are not shy of talking but they are not talking because they just don’t want to talk. These kinds of people I think are not prone to be depressed. Shy introverts are more prone to depression and then become more aggressive along with their mental state. Shy introverts are those who want to talk a lot but they cannot initiate talking or just can’t communicate. Shy introverts are exactly those who you people call a loner. These are the people who get disturbed in crowd and get nervous when someone calls them by their name in the middle of class or group of people. Although these people (shy people) do not seem to be dangerous to society but any social issue like an experience of racism or any other kind of discrimination or any failure in life or any misbehavior may easily lead them to become a perpetrator of such massacre. These people are more sensitive and take every act of yours seriously. They can’t forget bad incidents easily. I would say that they can’t move on and believe me it is very hard to move on for an introvert, because you don’t have anyone around you.

I have heard that people should try to communicate to each other, talk to each other so that you will make more friends and no one would feel depressed eventually. Well, you will only talk to the people who you know or who are your friends isn’t it? You cannot expect from people to just talk. What are they going to talk about, Mr. Donald trump? 

What about those people who are remaining away from group of people. So, your talks may not reach to a person who really needs it, as he is a loner. Well, your talks cannot reach but your smile definitely can reach to a person who needs it.

People talking to each-other might not be possible but people smiling to each other, definitely possible.

If you just can give a smile to a shy introvert, it may make him feel comfortable. If you try talking on the first attempt, there are chances of “no interaction” because who knows whether he really feels comfortable or not? In short smiling at your office employees and sharing a smile with your colleagues and peers can eventually form an atmosphere of trust, isn’t it?

Believe me; with your one smile you may someday prevent a big massacre. Who knows may be your good smile this morning to a stranger, might have just moved him out of [depression and bad thoughts.
Believe me; I have been through depression and I know how much a smile matters to me.]

[Video games + your guns:
**]Let’s talk about your guns first; I am not an irresponsible person from any other country who is just making fun of any given topic regardless of its seriousness. So I am not going to say that you people keep guns because you like it. We Indians do not like to make fun of things which are directly affecting the citizens’ pride. Although there are few morons who are making fun of my farmers (anyways, this segment is regarding gunfire only).

Now let’s seriously think on this: Why do you keep guns. You people have the strongest forces in the world. You people have the smartest police in the world. There are no threats on you at all. Then what is the thing that makes you feel insecure? Do not you believe in god? Even if you don’t believe in god, you should at least believe your forces (army, navy & air force).

If you say that you keep guns for the sake of protection. Then what you have police for? I am sorry but if you are gathering weapons for self protection then it clearly suggests that you are insecure. Just look at your country, it is the safest place on earth. There is no meaning of keeping guns for protection. Although, some of your movies are really negative and keep showing that aliens are going to attack your country (since other countries will not attack so they have brought aliens to attack your nation). Some movies are showing that earth is going to end. Well, each and everything around you is affecting you subconsciously, I think that is why you feel insecure maybe.

I want to say to the American parents that if you are making your children learn how to handle weapons then you are preparing for massacres and wars. If you are really worried about the security of your children then make sure that you don’t buy weapons. Parents’ role doesn’t end here; if you are a good parent then you will communicate to the schools and educational institutions.

Opposing government policies cannot work on earth because politicians are just the same everywhere. If you really want gun control then communicate with educational institutes and make sure that each and every child or student is out of range of the guns. Make sure that not only you but your neighbors also give up their guns. Why don’t you people just start a project named [“give up your guns”.
Project give up your guns:
**]you can start it like a social media challenge. You just need a start. You just need a person who can set an example by giving up his guns. Give up your guns and announce on social media that you will not use weapons anymore. You will be treated like a hero, for sure. Then others will join the movement.

Better way is that it should be started from a street and be spread in all over the country. Americans really can set an example for other nations. After all every nation should be gun free. [

Project give up your guns will join you as a society. It is possible when everyone is putting an effort. Efforts from educational institutes, efforts from parents and efforts from neighbors can make you a gun free country. Just collect the guns from every house and dispose it wherever you want or you can give it back to the place from where you purchased it.

Role of your children in this: it would be great if children can join this movement of giving up guns. Children may come forward and tell their dear ones not to use guns.

Didn’t think that I will write this long….

let’ talk about [your video games:
I have no problem with video games but football and other sports are better than videogames. I am glad that I am from a middle class family and could never have even thought of playing such virtual games.
You know what it does to you? It makes you feel comfortable to kill by using a gun. American parents will have to choose between guns and violent video games. I suggest you better leave guns and keep violent video games.

When you are performing a killing on your virtual video game, you are half consciously performing this task. You know that you are not killing anyone in reality though you are not fully conscious. How are you not fully conscious? I just want to check that how would you feel if you are performing a killing in your virtual world only but not with a gun, this time you try it with a knife instead. I am just assuming that you will not enjoy it for the first time when you are performing it with a knife. So I can state that using a gun in a virtual world and using a gun in reality is not much different. You are being half conscious when you are killing people with a gun, it doesn’t matter whether you are in reality or in a virtual world. To kill someone with knife will take a conscious effort, you actually come to know about the reactions of your victim. When you are trying to kill with knife you will have to make extra efforts and more than one conscious effort to finish your task isn’t it?

Now just think about the perpetrators. They were depressed, they were frustrated and they had guns. They were not criminals, but they were definitely half conscious. A depressed and frustrated person also might not choose to go for killing with knife, because when he thinks of killing with knife he just realizes that how painful it can be for the victim. This is the biggest difference between a depressed person and an ill minded person. An ill minded person will choose to go for killing even with knife also. Here in most gunfire incidents a depressed person is doing all these things with a half conscious effort and killing people. He just wants to earn some sympathy after his death that he could never earn. It is a wrong perception that he is killing people to be remembered as a hero or as a revolutionary. Just look at it like this, “he is already depressed, half conscious and gets a gun, makes all plans in his mind and implementing it half consciously.” When he is making these plans to kill people he just cannot realize what pain he is going to bring to the victims because he is using guns (read this video game segment again if you don’t understand).

A question might be raised here that, if he is frustrated and depressed then why is not he committing suicide alone? Why is he killing people? The answer is clear: your guns are easily available. If the guns are not easily available then he may not even kill himself. Believe me; your guns are even easily available for the terrorists in our neighboring country also. Anyways let’s concentrate on your gunfire problems. So, why is he killing others? First reason is guns and the second reason is that he feels that he was expecting something from all of us but no one ever offered it to him. He was expecting help to conquer his mental state, who knows may be he was just expecting a healthy smile from you. So he did not kill to make news, he actually killed half consciously because he had complaints. When he was shooting or opening gunfire at public places, he was sub consciously complaining to you (to the society).

Think on this and then move on to read further…


So, all n all the problem is not that big isn’t it. You people just have to learn how to face loneliness, tackle depression and make sure that you offer a good smile. Don’t forget about “project give up your guns” also. You just have to take care of few people who can be treated with a smile.

Now let’s just talk about life. I had developed this myth that you people are not emotional, since you work with great professionalism and you have your life fully filled with luxury. In short you people live luxurious life. My myth got shattered when I read about one of the shooting incidents that took place in mid sixties I think. I don’t know the name but it was like, he killed his loved ones just because he was expecting that he will eventually bring peace to his loved ones. I was crying while reading it.

My dear Americans you need “Buddha”. I am not talking about the laughing Buddha statue. I am talking about the “Buddhism” (I am not a Buddhist). I know you people are mad about i-phone; you people are always trying to know about the next i-phone isn’t it? Then, I would rather suggest that you should develop some madness to know about Steve jobs also. Do you know that he was also being lonely? I would rather use the word “alone” but one can easily transform his loneliness into aloneness if he/she is willing to.

I don’t know much about the Americans but I would just like to say that please don’t consider loneliness as a disease. According to my observation, Loneliness is not a part of depression and do not go for medicines just to treat your loneliness. Try to transform your loneliness into aloneness. If you are trying to be happy then definitely you are trying too much I would say. Happiness cannot be attained, isn’t it? You don’t have to party all the time to become happy. You are happy (pleased) just because you are. Stop finding the reasons to be happy and everything will be fine.

I suggest these following things you should definitely choose to do once in your life:

1. you can come to India and join some good and known spiritual gurus and societies.

2. Just Google some well known spiritual societies and join them. There are many spiritual societies have already reached your place.

3. Just like Steve Jobs you should take some interest in learning about various religions. (I have heard that Steve learnt about Buddhism and was giving time to himself to do meditation.)

4. Do participate in “Vipassana” and other spiritual processes. Just Google it, if you want to know more.

5. You can take a world citizenship also.

6. Read about “Buddha”

Don’t make this misconception about me that I am only talking about my religion. I was born Hindu and you can see that I am putting more emphasis on “Buddhism” although I am not a Buddhist either. In India we have this advantage of learning about many religions. Why am I emphasizing on “Buddhism” or “Bhagavan Buddha”? Here is the answer: I think that you people are searching for something, maybe you people want to know what your life is all about or about the eternal peace or something like that. There is a connection between the Americans and the “Buddha” as a person. The only difference I can see as if now is that “Bhagavana Buddha” got his answers and Americans are still searching for answers.

I see the great similarity between the Americans’ life style and “Siddhartha” (known as Buddha) life style. Do you know that Buddha was also living a luxurious life? He was a prince of a kingdom (you Americans are also living a king’s life aren’t you). So, I just want to say that if you are searching for something or looking for something but you are not able to find that what it is, then you should refer “Buddha”. Because he also lived a luxurious life and he was also looking for something, he was also searching for the meaning of life; he was also raising questions in his mind and wandering around to look for answers. Then one day he got his query solved. One day he just solved out all his confusions. He got all his answers. He got eternal peace and he was enlightened (he did not die he was still living).
Just start reading about the life of “Buddha”. Start to know more about “Buddha”. Who knows you might get the eternal happiness and peace or something that you are looking for

I hope that it was helpful.
Best wishes to build a healthy atmosphere for [all.
**]Thanks for reading.

[How American guns are affecting India.
(*]All the arguments are against government policies and [*not against citizens of any nation)]

I am from India and I can proudly say that if you are an Indian then you are already a citizen of earth, because we are taught to think of others. We are taught to respect others and we treat everyone as our family members.

India and America are the two largest democracies and I think as if now the only two places where people can really speak and do anything they want. Americans, you are the oldest democracy in the open era and India is the largest democracy today. Still I don’t understand that how come this be possible that the oldest democracy (America) never supported the largest democracy (India) when we were under threat.

Just check the records:

1965 war: you supported extremists and provided aircrafts and guns to the extremists.

1971 war: you supported the extremists.

1962 war: if you really care about democracy then why did not you take your stands? You were expected to at least oppose China in United Nations since you were the most mature and oldest democracy back then.

It is a shame that the member nations of United Nations Security Council are spreading insecurity all over the world. That is why I call it “the most insecure Security Council” on earth.

I am just wondering that America speaks about equality and justice but when it comes to justice for India, you just don’t move at all.

Anyways, I am talking about your American guns. So I just want to ask Mr. President that what you have achieved in last 60 years with your gun policies. You have been just donating billions and billions dollar worth artilleries to the extremist elements.

You (Mr. President) say that they are fighting terrorism and you are helping them with your guns. Well, then we are also fighting terrorism for last 40 years. Why don’t just help our forces by providing them your precious guns.

if you (to American president) really want peaceful atmosphere in south Asia, then why don’t you just send some of your troops and go for a joint operation with Indian and Pakistan army to just finish terrorism. You know the exact areas and locations of terrorists also, don’t you? If you don’t, then the Indian army will help you locate the terrorists’ places.

Sending a troop here will not cost you that much also because if you can spend billions of your tax payers after guns then you can spend some after your troops also. Anyways, you have troops all around the world isn’t it? Just tell some of your troops that when they are returning back home, they should visit the places that the Indian army suggest to them.

See, I have just saved your precious oil. 

Just check the given image below to figure out the exact difference between India and other countries:

while we feel blessed to donate grains to others, your gun policies and 60 year tradition of keep donating guns to extremist evils only increases our challenges and it becomes more difficult for us to fight terrorism.

Sometimes it becomes difficult for me to digest and accept that back in 1965-66 the American politicians had chosen not to supply grains to our country (India) when we were facing drought but on the other hand the American politicians were happily supplying weapons and artilleries to the extremist countries back then. We had to fight extremists and drought conditions both back then in 1965-66. How come the oldest democracy and mature country like America can take such decisions of stopping the supply of grains to the nation who are facing drought and war both at the same time?

I just want to say to the American politicians that do not give words that you cannot stand for. On the one hand you just say that we want to fight terrorism and on the other hand you are just giving away millions dollar worth artilleries to the most irresponsible and extremist countries on earth.

My dear American politicians your moves are not only disappointing for the other democracies but you are just letting your people down when you are helping extremist elements in form of so called “help” that you provide to the irresponsible countries. Why are you wasting so much amount of worth of your citizens’ earnings into all these kinds of rubbish “helps”? If you really want to help then help Indians, help us fight terrorism instead of making it more difficult to fight against terrorism. Stop supplying artilleries to the irresponsible countries which are the habitats of [extremists and terrorists.
I hope that I have cleared the Indian point of view and everyone will understand India in a better way.

At the end I would also like to differentiate the “American gunfire perpetrators” from the terrorists. Because there might be many fake secularists who will just take the advantage of this theory and start defending the terrorists by saying that terrorists are also “half conscious”, they are also depressed, so they cannot be punished.

First of all, I am not defending anyone here. I just want to say that “gunfire incidents” are preventable by a good, healthy social effort. The biggest difference between the “gunfire perpetrators” and terrorists is that the terrorists are brain washed. The terrorists are those extremist people who have this wrong belief that their religion is superior to other religions. Terrorists are killing others because they are ill minded criminals (remember this word?), where on the other hand the gunfire perpetrators were definitely not the extremists but they were depressed. The perpetrators had their own personal, psychological and social problems.

In case of “gunfire perpetrators” the elements of religion and brain washing and the subjects’ religious extremist mindset are not seen. Anyways, the American society and lifestyle is far too different than any other country. I just want to say to the American citizens that you are living in the safest nation, then why are you making it unsafe by keeping guns? Just look at us, the extremists and terrorists are killing us using your governments’ aids still we are living here without guns and without any fear. So just give up your guns because only insecure people will keep guns.

I hope that you find this literature worth enough and helpful to all those who are putting an effort or at least wish that their society and nations can be a better place for everyone.

Before you leave just read the last thing that is very important for everyone and shows why democracy is the future of earth and why every nation should [embrace democracy:
Why everyone needs democracy:

Check out this satirical conversation: (it is not against any citizen but it is a satire on government policy)

Indian to an American: why your government just keeps donating guns to the extremists here and there, you should start donating [grains instead.
The American answered:] actually we produce guns in better numbers than grains, pal…!!

Indian to a Chinese: why is your government helping the extremist elements? The extremists are using your weapons against us; do you want to destabilize us?

Chinese answered: okay, you will have to wait for 5 years to get your answer.

Indian: what? Why?

Chinese: I will first have to take the American citizenship to answer your question.

I am glad that the American answered my question and the Chinese will get the American citizenship.

Best wishes;
keep smiling to make your society a better place,
thank you for reading.
Yogesh Vyas

United Nations, India and the American guns: How Americans can prevent gunfire i

This literature will be useful to prevent the gunfire incidents. the literature contains some specific reasons and theories about the psychology of the gunfire perpetrators. so, i just hope that readers will think on the reasons and logic about the gunfire incidents and will definitely act towards making their society a healthier place. America will become heaven in true meaning if you just remove the gunfire incidents. the literature also contains some ways to tackle the feelings of loneliness and sadness. i hope that everyone finds my suggestions worth and start living their life in a better manner. since i am from India i will make some effort to make people understand that how we Indians are fighting the terrorism without guns and how the international community should help us fight terrorism. We Indians are fighting terrorism for 40 years and seek help from the Americans on gun issues specially. this literature satirically shows how big nations and permanent members of united nations security council are making the whole world insecure. i hope everyone will see the satires positively and will start working positively.

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  • Author: Yogesh Vyas
  • Published: 2016-02-22 14:40:08
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United Nations, India and the American guns: How Americans can prevent gunfire i United Nations, India and the American guns: How Americans can prevent gunfire i